5'Louise came to me to tell me the news. She had finally been able to get aposition at the firm and the pay was excellent. It would solve a great deal ofour financial worries. I was glad. The rest of the facts were not going to be tomy liking.

Louise looked in at me in the dollhouse obviously unsure as to how to break thenews. She just didnt get it! I could hear and smell and feel her presence allthe time. Did she honestly think someone her size would be able to approach meand not have me be aware of her?'scott can you come out please honey?' Her voice was defeaning now to my tinyears. I wanted to hold her mouth shut to stop the rumbling as the sound waspainful as each word was spoken.

I popped out the little door and she beant down on her knees next to me. Ilooked up at her like a mouse would. She held out her hand as if I would climbonto it. I refused.

'Scott. I got the job but there is a problem. Beth. She needs some one to lookafter her while I am away and... 'She was trying to be quiet but the sound was overwhelming. I put my hands on myears to protect myself.

She apologized for the loudness but she continued to speak in her giantessvoice, only slightly quieter and just as piercing to me at my doll size. 'ScottI dont know what to do. I cant speak any quieter. I am afraid you are going tohave to get used to the sound of normal voices.'I tried to talk to her but she could barely hear me as I said 'what were yousaying about a problem with the new job lou?'She could not hear me at my size. This had become a real issue in the lastcouple of days- communication was getting harder and harder. She startled me asher tremendous hand reached down to lift my miniaturized body closer to her earso that she could hear me. She had no idea what it felt like to be lifted soeasily by the giant hand of your wife. I screamed for her to be careful but shecouldnt comprehend the impact being lifted by a giantess had on my puny 5', letalone the embarrassing way it felt.

'what were you asking me scott? About the problem with beth?'I nodded silently which was becoming my simplest way of communcating with mygiant wife.

'Well. You see the new job is going to keep me at work for ten to tweleve hoursa day and someone needs to look after beth. So I errr talked with terri andmarty and... scott you wont like this.'I was not happy. It was bad enough having to live in a dollhouse with my wifeseeing me like this. I couldnt handle my brother and his wife being involved andtaking an active role in my protection. I frowned at louise and yelled up at herso that she could hear me clearly. 'no way lou. I wont have terri and marty inthe house taking care of beth and looking after me, not like this. Lou its justtoo much. You cant do that to me.'Lousie tried to smile. 'Scott no, thats not it. you dont get it. Terri and Martycant look after Beth. They work. And I have to take this job, there are noalternatives. Besides, at your height, you need more assistance then Beth does.

I wont feel safe leaving you alone all day. Anything could happen at your smallsize.'I was confused. I shrugged my shoulders. Then louise let the hammer fall. 'Terrisuggested that jenna would be home from boarding school for the summer and thatshe could take care of Beth and you for the next few months.' I was livid andLouise could tell. ' Now scott, Jenna is family and when we explain to her yoursituation, she will protect you and help you the same way I do. You dont have tobe scared of her anymore than you are of me. I promise it will be just fine.'I would not have it. I simply would not permit jenna, Terri's 15 year olddaughter, to be in my house, looking after my child and totally in control ofme. It was preposterous! Jenna was nothing more than a little girl and I wouldnot be left in her care as if I were nothing more than a doll! A teenaged girl,barely 5 feet tall and I would be helpless to resist anything she commanded. Iwas realistic and understood my position far too well but this was just toomuch!I wanted to run away from louise in disgust but she held me in the air and I hadnowhere to run. At 5' tall, you are very much held captive by any normal sizedperson that holds you in their hand.

'Im sorry scott but the decision has been made. Jenna is coming over in a fewminutes so that we can talk to her. We will work it out so that you arecomfortable with the situation. You will see. Besides, you alwys got along wellwith jenna in the past- I am sure that you two will get along really wellagain.'She placed me back in the dollhouse to let me ponder my future existence. It wasa horrible fate. Louise had been right. Jenna and I had gotten along great inthe past. That had been when jenna was 13 and I was 6'1'. Now I was smaller thana gerbil and I could fit into the young woman's hand. I feared that our newrelationship would not be so friendly. Louise had put me in an awful spot and Iknew that I was stuck and had no way to resist.

I awaited jenna and knew that my life was about to take an even more miserableturn for the worse....

 When you are 5' tall, everything that used to benormal becomes accentuated. What was quiet is now defeaning. What was small isnow monstrous. What had always been harmless and unassuming, now becomesmenacing and frightening. Never had that been more clear than when I met jennaagain, this time as a shrunken doll sized man.

The doorbell rang and I was filled with dread. It was a loud powerful ringmaking the dollhouse vibrate. It felt that way to me anywys from my perspective.

Louise stuck her head in the door to to tell me that jenna was here and that shewould bring her in to see me in just a few minutes. Louise thought it would bebest for jenna to find out face to face about my situation so she had no ideathat I had shrunk rather knew that I had been sick for the last year and thather assistance was needed. Louise told me she had been only too happy tovolunteer her services. Boy was she in for the surprise of her life. I hadmisgivings about telling the teenager in this way but Louise told me that shehad thought it out and that this was for the best. I had no voice in my own homeanymore. I suppose at 5' tall, you really dont get to express much of an opinionaround the giants. I would get used to that soon I surmised.

The door to the room opened and in walked jenna and louise. From my perspective,the two women looked pretty normal from the other end of the room. The dollhousewas high enough up so that I would be away from any dangerous menaces like thecat or a mouse or insects that would be oversized to me in my diminished state.

Furthermore, Beth could cause me serious harm now if I she were to run into theroom and not see me. It was safer this way, louise had assured me. I went alongwith her decision after all what else could I do?So as the two women walked in slowly, I observed that they looked fairly averagein height, not any different from across the room. Jenna was adorbale. She'dalways been a pretty kid. She was terri's girl from a previous relationship,before she married my brother. Jenna must have been about 5-6' shorter thanLouise making her stand no more 5'2'. Clearly, jenna had grown up a great dealsince the last time I saw her. She had been a little girl in ponytails, justturned 13, before she had been sent away to finishing school. Now the brunettewas anything but a little girl. I noticed her shapely figure instantly. Jennahad always had sparkling shiny brown eyes and I could tell from my dollhouse,her pretty face had matured into a beautiful young woman. This made me somehoweven more nervous. It was bad enough that a child would be looking after me buthaving to obey a sensuous young woman? I wanted to crawl into a cave anddissapear. I could see jenna'a entire body as she and lou approached the cornerwhere my dollhouse was kept. Her legs were long and slender and tanned,vanishing into a pretty light blue skirt that she wore a little bit short,probably to make the boys at school go crazy. To me the legs seemed to go onforever.

Closer and closer they came to the dollhouse and bigger and bigger the womenbecome in my vantage point till I heard lou's thundering voice ringing in myears again. 'scottie? scottie? Will you please come out and see jenna? Its okhun. dont be affraid.'I hated the way she spoke to me. It was partly like a mother that was trying toencourage a scared little boy. Worse though, it felt exactly like I was- anormal sized woman demanding the presence of her miniature ex-husband/currentpet.

I wanted to die. This incredibly attractive 16- year old woman awaited thearrival of her new job, the man she would be protecting, babysitting,responsible for the summer. When I imagined the look on her pretty teen face, Ihid my face against the dollhouse wall, praying that the women would go awaybefore I would be humiliated further. I knew this would not be the case.

'scott please come out. Its ok. Jenna has to meet her girlfriend in a half hourso she doesnt have a lot of time.' I could hear louise's hands on the dollhouseand I feared she would open it, exposing me hiding in the corner. I needed tofind some strength, I told myself. I could not escape this situation no matterwhat I tried so I better make the best of it right?I could hear jenna's surprised voice ask her aunt a ridiculous question in thenormal non shrinking world. 'Aunt louise? I dont understand. Why are you callinguncle scott to come out of a dollhouse?'I knew I had better make my appearance as much as I dreaded the look from jennaand the certain being held in the palm of her hand that would follow secondslater, I was sure would come next. When Louise's voice came again 'SCOTT COMEOUT NOW. JENNA NEEDS TO SEE YOU SO THAT SHE CAN UNDERSTAND,' this time louderand more demanding, I knew I had to go out.

I walked out the door to see jenna's sandaled feet in front of me. She toweredwhat seemed to be a mile above me. I could see in her expression both amazementand amusement. She tried to look sympathetic as soon as she composed herself butit was a long couple of minutes in coming. Even still, I could see in her prettybrown eyes that she found the whole idea of a 5' tall man to be delightful.

'Uncle scottie? That can't be you?' Jenna backed away from me to get a betterview. 'I mean how is this possible? You are the smaller than a doll. I dont getit, Aunt lousie, what happened?'Jenna could not take her eyes off of me and I felt ridiculous as I stood therestaring up her, unable to speak. I stutteres as I finally found words- 'Uhhhhhjenna, I errrr was errrr out on a boat and errrr uhhhh some sort of radiation oruhhhh....'She could barely hear my tiny voice. So louise told jenna the words I feared,'Its ok honey, you can hold him. He is comfortable with that arent you scottie?'I sure as hell was not. I wanted back in my dollhouse and I backed up as if Iwere going to try to make my escape. I fell down as I shook at the sight of mygiantess neice contemplating holding me for the first time.

'ohhh maybe I shouldnt aunt louise, he's frightened of me.' Her face was gentlebut I could tell she longed to lift me in her enormous pretty hands and hold meclose to her adorbale teen face.

'its allright jenna. He has to get used to it. You are going to be taking careof him for awhile so its time for the two of you to get used to each other.'Louise walked towards the door. then to me she said 'Scott, jenna doesnt have alot of time today so I want you to answer her questions and begin to talk aboutyour relationship this summer.' She smiled at me and as she left she tried toquietly be reassuring to me 'It's not going to be so bad honey, you will see.

Dont be so scared. Jenna won't hurt you, shes just here to take care of you andbeth.' With that she closed the door leaving me with my gigantic teen neicetowring over me and looking perplexed but enchanted.

I looked at jenna standing there and I started to shake again. Shesympathetically tried to be gentle and quiet but I was terrified. I stutteredagain, 'I uhhhhhh errrrr uhhhh jenna...''Please dont be scared of me uncle scottie, I wont hurt you. Dont be afraid.'That was easy for the teenage beauty to say. She towered over me like I was hergerbil. 'Would you like to go back into your dollhouse?' She was trying to be askind as possible.

I nodded that I did. I couldnt get up the nerve to talk to her withoutstuttering and I knew for her to understand me, she was going to need to pick meup. I was so thankful to the giantess that she knew I wasn't ready yet. For 16years old, I surmised she was pretty smart and that maybe in time, we couldforge some relationship. That sounds silly now considering what has happenedsince.

For the time being, I stumbled back to the dollhouse and jenna gently knelt downnext to it and opened up the removable roof. 'I have to go see my friendstephanie now little one but I promise to come back later and we can get to knoweach other better tommorow. Is that okay uncle?'I wanted to to tell the cute teen not to bother. I wanted no more of thisgiantess neice looking after me but I knew I had no choice so I noddedagreement.

'Dont worry little fella. I have a good feeling about this. You and I are gonnabe real close this summer, you'll see! I am sure you are frightened of me nowbut you dont have to be! I cant wait for us to become friends.' She closed thedollhouse door and skipped off singing some little dity. She was adorable. I amsure the boys found her charming and endearing. I did not want to be left alonewith anyone who could overpower me with their pinky as my neice could. I felt ahelpless as a lab mouse in the hand of a scientist. I prayed that myrelationship with jenna would go well but I feared the worst...

I awoke to find my dollhouse shaking. I must haveoverslept. I yelled 'Lou, not so loud! I've told you what that sounds like fromin here.' I was pissed at her waking me up that way. For some reason, I stillfelt like I had the power to take out my frustrations on my wife. Dont ask mehow I felt I could get away with it at my height, but I continued to takeadvantage of my giantess wife. That was about to end, very soon.

I got up and the house continued to shake. I slept in the nude because it wasmore comfortable than the cloth rags I wore during the day. As I shrunk smallerand smaller each day, I could not ever stay in any clothes that lou made me forvery long so it made sense to just wrap myself in a piece of cloth, ahandkerchief or a tissue paper. It would be tough for me to go around this waynow that Jenna was taking care of me. I needed to be more appropriately dressedfor my neice when she arrived.

I didnt realize it yet but I would not get the chance to dress for my teenagedneice's arrival. The dollhouse all of a sudden opened up and I stood looking upat jenna, towering over the roof like a skyscaper. She was smiling down on me. Icould see she was amused and then I realized I was naked.

'Its ok uncle. I dont mind.' She giggled as I tried to hide my nakedness. 'Youdont have to be be bashfull. You've seen me wearing nothing before right?' Shefound my embarrassment to be very funny.

'Jenna, you were a little girl at the time! this is completely different. Get mesomething to wear will you?' I demanded frantically trying to cover myselfbefore my gigantic babysitter's eyes.

'Calm down uncle. Dont be in such a panic. I told you its no big deal. Then fromher pocket she dropped a feminine see through scarf. it landed on top of me andsmelled of bubble gum or something sweet and teen like. 'there is that better?'She stood over me watching me try to wear the enormous scarf.

'Jenna that wont do at all. You shouldnt see me like this.' I tried to soundauthoritative but from the look on her face, I could see she viewed me like anadorable little doll who was fussing needlessly over a silly sense of humility.

'Uncle. Be reasonable. Its fine.' With that, her gigantic hand reached down andlifted me effortlessly so that she could get a closer look at her littleplaything. 'wow you weigh practically nothing!' she sounded thrilled at how easyit was to pick me up.

I struggled effortlessly, now in the position that I had dreaded just a dayearlier. I was helpless in her hand. As I tried to get loose, her pretty handheld me without any trouble, firmly but gently examining her little man.

'You are so cute uncle scottie. By the way, I think it makes more sense for meto call you scott from now on, dont you? It would be kinda silly to be so formalconsidering the circumstances.'I wanted to object but she held me in a way that made reluctant to disagree.

Besides, I was blown away by her pretty cinnamon breath. It was like anincredible powerful wave that hit my tiny form all at once like a strong oceanmist or wind gust during a thunderstorm.

She continued looking at me with an expression that combined pleasure andwonderment. 'good then we are in agreement scottie!' I felt really puny wheneverthe teen called me this. It was like I was her baby brother or her pet.

'Aunt Louise left for the day so that you and I could spend some tiem togetherand work out the groundrules. After all, you and I will be spending a whole lotof time together for the next few months.' She looked far too excited as shesaid all this. I wanted to tell her to put me down but she was in charge and Ihad no choice but to wait for her to give me a chance to speak.

'I hope you dont mind scottie but I thought from yesterday that it would be agood idea to pick you right up cause after all you are doll size now and itmakes sense that I get comfortable carrying you around. So I hope you can usedto it pretty quick.' then I saw her smile to herself in a way that told me shereally liked it and would be doing it often.

She continued, 'I can tell you are really scared of me scottie but you have noreason to be. I am going to treat you so well and all I expect of you is thatyou listen to what I say and trust that whatever I ask of you is in your bestinterest little man. I know it must be tough to be that size but we have verylittle choice in the matter so lets make the most of it kay?'I could tell she was taking the job of looking after her new pet very seriously.

I was in for a long summer, totally under the control of my teen neice.

Just like that, she poppe me in her blouse pocket and carried me with her to theother room. 'And scottie,' she continued, 'I dont like to leave you when its myresponsiblity to look after you so you are going to have to get used to beingheld, worn, and carried most of the time, no matter where I have to go.' Andwith that she buttoned her blouse pocket and proceeded to the bathroom to takecare of her business with me in tow. This would not do. I would tell her so assoon as I got out of her pocket.

After she finished, She took me out to tell me what she expected from me. When itried to tell her that I didnt want to have her carry me around all the time,she didnt want to hear of it. She had many things to get off her chest and itwas my job as a 5' man to listen and obey.

'First and most importantly, I am the one in charge here right? You know that Imsure. If i have to run out for a few minutes, I might leave you with a friend orworst case with beth. If that happens, of course you will obey them as you willme. Its for your safety little one. Us big people know whats best for you.' Shegiggled again. I could tell already that jenna found herself on a power trip andI couldnt for the life of me figure out what I could do to make the giantessgirl see reason.

Like hell I would obey her and beth or any of her teenaged friends. I had somepride even if I were 5' tall. She placed me on the floor where I got a glimpseof the young giantess from foot to head. She was tremendous and all powerfulfrom my perspective. She was also so very lovely and clearly a sensuous youngwoman. She placed me on the floor, no doubt to accentuate our size discrepencybut unfortunately for me, I was aroused by the site of such an enormous womantowering over me. I hoped that she wouldnt notice. I suppose she was too busygoing over her rules to notice. I couldnt help but observe the giant girl fromher pretty sandaled feet (She seemed to really like wearing sandals so I wouldntneed to get used to that) up her long tanned legs that vanished in the air underher red sexy miniskirt. Despite being horrified by her rules on behavior, I mustadmit I got lost in her beauty and decided if I had to have someone lookingafter me, this adorable teen jenna certainly would offer me some distractions tomy predicament.

I missed a few of the rules that followed as I was lost in my crazy thoughts.

However, I heard the last rule because she made it quite clear: PUNISHMENT fordisobeying her would be quite severe. It would be for my own good, she remindedme. She pulled out a safety pin and attached me to her red skirt so i could seewhat she was doing. I dangled there helplessly attached to jenna's skirt as shewalked across the room to the closet. Jenna took out a small hamster cagecovered with hay on the floor and a water bottle in the corner.

I looked up at jenna from her skirt completely confused. 'If you dont do whatyour supposed to scottie, the cage is just one of the unpleasant situations aman your size might find yourself in, so my advice to you is just do what bethand I tell you and you will not have to worry about them!'The rules were in place. I was spending the summer with a teenaged girl whowanted to control her dollie sized uncle. I was helpless to resist her and Iknew that i was in for some humiliating days ahead.

Jenna took me off her skirt and the safety pin and brought me back to thedollhouse. 'You dont have to worry about that though scottie. I am sure you wantto stay in your luxury dollhouse and be a good obediant little fella.' She meantpet. I was sure of it. 'Right?' she questioed with a sweet but authoritativelook on her face that I could tell had only one acceptable answer to it.

I nodded my head. My life as jenna's doll began there and then. I knew what wasexpected of me and the consequences of disobediance.

 Jenna finally had her fun with me and left mealone in the dollhouse. That girl was going to make me miserable. After one dayin her care, I knew I couldn't take anymore of her in charge of me. I wasexhausted and completely overwhelmed by the teenager's antics. Jenna was alreadybringing out the very worst in me. I was terrified of seeing her again andhaving to obey the pretty GTS. I didnt like being scared even though I knew acreature my size had good reason to fear someone of my neice's stature. It justwasnt right for an adult male to be forced to quiver at the presence of anadorable little 16 year old girl. And jenna planned to make my life unbearablefrom my perspective- I could tell the way she talked to me, the way she held meand the way she enjoyed holding total power over a man that used to be her 6foot uncle. To the rest of the world, my neice was a cute kid, no threat at all.

Maybe thats why to me she was an all powerful controlling menace, intent onhaving a good time at my expense.

I was scared. More than I had ever been in my life. I imagined the things thatthis girl could and would do to me in the coming months and some of them werehorrific. I had visions of being made to do tricks for her and her teenagedgirlfriends. I imagined her keeping me in the cage, naked like I was a pet toplay with and tease. And I thought about the punishments. What she could do tome made me cringe. I was totally helpless to stop her and we both knew it. Thisput me at her mercy.

Besides being scared, I have to admit I was also very excited by my beautifulyoung owner. I hadnt had any relations lou in some time and I pictured beingwith jenna, the adorable giant 5 footer. It was silly, I know. I was not even 5inches tall but what if I could find my way inside her? She would not have anyinterest in me of course but hell, her legs and her body were magnificent. Ipictured myself climbing around this giant girl's body, exploring all thesensuous regions of this pretty thing that once was just a pretty little highschool girl to me in another life. I fought hard to hide my feelings but it wasno use. I knew it would get worse. Looking up at jenna, feeling her fingers wraparound me, being placed in her pocket or against her body, I was sure it wasgoing to get worse for me. And what if jenna enjoyed teasing me that way? I knewshe had many girlfriends too and I was sure that at some point, I would have toface the fact that teenaged girls had very active imaginations and even though Icould not provide them with a great deal of physical satisfaction, I was surethey would try there best to enjoy having a man for a pet.

I was torn. Frightened of jenna and her domination over me, I had no choice butto obey her and yet I wanted her all at the same time. I didnt like being thisscared of a little girl and aroused at the same time. I had to talk to lou andkeep jenna from doing this to me anymore. Afterall, she had treated me like apet. I was held in her hand without permission. I was mistreated. I wasthreatened. Louise would understand. I was sure of it.

But she didnt. Not at all. I tried talking to her nicely about it. I trieddemanding. I tried explaining all the reasons why I was uncomfortable (well notall of them- she wouldnt understand my attraction for the teenage beauty).

Louise had reasons of her own and she wasnt budging.

'scott, listen. It was your first day together. I knew it would be rough foryou. She's really a delightfull girl and I am sure in time you two will getalong very well, you'll see' she lectured me.

'lou, shes not a nice girl. She wants me to obey her and her teenagedgirlfriends or else she will punish me like I was her puny little pet orsomething! She even wants me to obey beth when she goes out for a break! Come onhun, you cant expect me to be at the mercy of a woman like that! God I am not atoy for them to do whatever they want to with!' I pleaded as hard as I could butI could see from louise's expression that she wasnt giving an inch.

'scott, I am sure you misunderstood jenna. She would never hurt you. And I cantimagine she'd ever leave beth in charge of you, unless there was an emergency orsomething.'I was horrified that my wife could ever see my 8 year old daughter take care ofme like I was her after school chore. But the bigger picture was jenna and Ineeded to make lou aware of my danger and fear of being left with this powerhungry giantess.

'lou please. Listen. Jenna will torment me. I can see it in her eyes. the wayshe holds me. the way she talks to me. the way she looks at me. lou, she enjoyshaving a man at her control and I know I cant do anything to stop her if shedecided to mistreat me. Please sweetie. jenna scares me. Imagine it from mysize. I swear to you lou, this girl will cause me pain if you let her take careof me.'Lou was not going to relent. The decision had been made and I was going to haveto learn to live with it. 'Scott, it will be fine, please believe me. I know youare scared of her and I will talk to her, I promise. She will take good care ofyou, just listen to her and do what she asks of you. You'll see, she's familyand she only wants whats best for you. Next month, we can discuss how things aregoing but in the meantime I have no other choices. I cant leave you and bethalone and jenna is the perfect answer. Now the matter is settled right scott?'Lou lifted to her face. I could hardly breath. Was it my imagination or did shedo that to end arguements with me now? I had a tough time debating her as sheheld me in her enormous hand as if I were a tiny bird. Nevertheless, i tried onemore time.

'Louise, she says she will punish me if I dont obey her. Thats awful for me tothink about. Gosh hun, she is no more that a 16 year old. Its humiliating for meto have to do whatever she asks of me, please' I begged one last time.

'i know hun, I wish it could be different. Tell you what, I will have a longtalk with jenna and I am sure she will treat you just fine, knowing how scaredyou are and all. Maybe she doesnt realize that this is so embarrassing for you.

I will talk to her but I hate to have to say this but, you sorta need to acceptthe fact that jenna is in control. As tough as it is for you, when a normal sizeperson picks you up and asks you to obey, its probably a good idea for you toobey them. As tough as it is, I am not always around to protect you and jennamay ask her friends or beth to look after you sometimes. You need to remindyourself that you are soon going to be even smaller and when a man is able tofit in the teeny places that you can fit, all the people that used to be smallto you, will now tell you what to do. You probably need to try to make themhappy with you scottie.'I knew she was right but accepting a teenage owner was a hard pill to swallow.

Jenna was in charge and I had no choice but to live with and to try to pleaseher. or accept the consequences. The decision was final. I had no voice in thehouse. I was about to find out that my last debate with louise was going to havedire consequences for me. Jenna would be none to happy when aunt louise came toher and shared my fears and my request. I was in for the punishment of my lifeat the hands of the giantess jenna....

 Jenna was not a happy teenager. Most people couldlaugh off this small girl and say 'so what? Girls that age are always upset atsomething. She will get over it in a few hours! Besides, whats a girl like gooado about it anyways?' Thats what most peole would say and in almost all cases,it would be absolutely true. Girls that age are quite tempermental and moody.

They get annoyed at the slightest provocation and they pout. But in the normalworld, 16 year old girls have no control and they cant take out any of theirfrustrations because they are always too small and powerless.

Unfortuneately for me, Jenna is 5'6' and I am only 4 1/2' tall. This puts me ina very very uncomfortable position whenever jenna is unhappy. Especially whenshe is angry with me! gulp. I am in the unenviable position of being at hermercy, powerless to resist whatever the giantess girl decided to do with me. Ishould have known that I was going to be in for it. I should have never told louabout it but I had hope that I could make her see reason and remove jenna as mysitter. Lou decided that jenna simply needed to be spoken with and that therehad just been a misunderstanding between my neice and her pet. YEAH RIGHT. loufelt jenna was a rational adult. JENNA is a teenager! Totally arbitrary andunpredictable. And totally in charge of me and my tiny life.

From the second that louise left jenna and me together, I was certain there wasno misunderstanding. (except maybe by wife) I was at the mercy of the teenageragain and for at least the next 9 hours, whatever she wanted to do with me, shewould be able to do. The young pretty woman was going to make me pay forinforming her aunt louise about her. My owner would see to it that I never madethat foolish mistake again.

----------------------------------When jenna and lousie had come into the room earlier, jenna walked over to mydollhouse sweet and gentle. She smiled as she bent down on her knees. From myhouse, I could see the teens black panty hose that dissapeared up into the skirtabove that was too high for me to see from my perspective. I figured jenna wasprobably wearing another pretty colorful skirt again, which I dont know why butit always made me feel even more puny and helpless when I looked up at her. Whata field of vision. It still blurred my mind how enormous everything was to me.

This girl was humungous to me but she was still just a small young woman to therest of the world!Sure enough, after I stepped out of the dollhouse, jenna was peering down at mewearing her pretty red skirt towering above as if she was looking at a mouse.

She looked lovely up there and had a genuine smile on her face, very concernedabout the complaints I had levied against little her. She seemed bewildered athow I could have been afraid of her. Shed never do anything mean to me! Sheloved her little uncle.

'Uncle scottie? I feel so bad that you are scared of me.' jenna began. ' Idnever do anything to hurt you uncle. We are so in this together. Im sorry yougot the wrong idea. I promise you and I will have a nice long talk and work outall the misgivings you have allright?'As jenna shook her head in disbelief, laying it on pretty thick for lou, I triedto get my 2 cents in but jenna picked right back up and overwhelmed me with herpowerful voice and continued her performance. 'I guess I am not used to thissituation uncle. I mean Im pretty little and most people could never be scaredof me. I forget what it must be like for you down there.' Then for lou'sbenefit, she stood up ....

The way jenna stood there, Im sure lou must haveseen her as petite and young, the way most adults few teenagers. I was certainjenna was doing her utmost to make herself look nonthreatening to my wife. Tome, jenna was still massive. Lou was just about 3-4' taller then jenna but girlsthat age are still kinda slight in build and in that cute missy skirt she waswearing, Im sure jenna was getting her point across to lou- 'usually, no onesafraid of little ole me auntie!' Jenna probably weighed less then 100 ponds andcouldnt hurt anyone! of course, I was not like most people, I was less then 5'tall and jenna could squash me effortlessly between her little fingers.

Jenna bent back down so that i was looking at her collosal knees as she spoke,'Maybe I came on a bit strong uncle scottie but you must remember, this is allso new to me.' She shrugged her shoulders. 'I'm trying to figure this out as wego along and i'm still finding having my uncle the size of an action figurepretty overwhelming!' She giggled nervously again trying to impress on lou thatshe was a totally innocent kid, just trying to accept the weird situation shewas in. Lou bought it. Totally fooled by jennas antics. I knew better but prayedi was wrong.

Before jenna gave me the opportunity to speak, I was being lifted by my neice sothat I could see her angelic kind face looking gentle and sympathetic. Shestared at me like I was her gerbil that she had just dropped but couldntunderstand why I was disturbed by her carelessness. As I was held against mywill by the teen, I realized jenna knew just how to hold me so that I could notspeak as well as showing just me that I was totally at her mercy. I wasnt evenable to show lou my discomfort by squirming. This girl was good and I could tellshe really enjoyed demonstrating her total control over me. I was helpless inher pretty hand.

Lou looked at us both and smiled, confident that she had settled some sort ofdispute to everyones satisfaction. 'See scottie? I told you it was just amisunderstanding. Jenna is a wonderful girl and she wants you to be happy andsafe. You dont need to be scared honey. Shes going to take wonderful good careof both you and beth. You see that you are going to be just fine with her, rightscottie?I said nothing. I could feel jenna's grip tighten. 'Damn,' I thought, 'the painwas excruciating. This teenage girl was making no effort at all and she couldphysically hurt me with just a slight pressure from her finger? What could shedo if she wanted to cause me real harm? Of course I knew and thgought terrifiedme as I anticipated being alone with jenna shortly.

Louise looked at her watch and was noticeably concerned. Late for work, Im sure.

She looked at me again, now distracted so really not paying me any attention,'So you are good with this now right scott?' Like hell I was! I had to make heraware somehow that jenna was holding me hostage and as soon as lou left I wouldbe in for a terrible punishment at the teenagers hands. I could see from thelook in jennas face and from the way she held my tiny body in her hands that Ihad better nod acceptance. It killed me to do so but jenna practically pushed mybody into a nodding motion. I was almost like her marrionette, and I feared whatshe would make me do when louise was gone. With my tacit approval, lou smiledagain and took mr from jenna.

Here was my chance! I had to make her know quickly that I was not ok and I wasterrified. Lou gave me no chance as she cuddled me and kissed me gently,practically covering my entire body with her lips. She got lipstick on me, allover. 'whoops sorry scott!' She giggled at how I looked I suppose. 'jenna willwash it off as soon as I am done talking to her, right jenna?' I knew my chancewas gone. Lou looked away without even seeing my panic and my scared bodylanguage.

Jenna knowing that lou was preocupied, looked at me angrily as she responded 'ofcourse aunt lou.'As the two giant women left the room, my teen neice stared me down, making mytiny knees start to shake. Jenna saw how afraid I was and smiled, knowing thepower she had over me. I could tell from the way jenna walked out, that girl hadbig punishment plans for her teeny uncle.

 I could hear the women talking in the other room.

It seemed to be a slight disagreement. I couldnt tell what it was about but Iheard lou mention something about jenna's friends. I hoped lou had told jennathat she could not have any friends over here. All I needed was a few giantessteenagers teasing me and making me do whatever they wanted. As if jenna wasntenough of a threat. I heard the downstairs door close a few minutes later. Iknew it wouldnt be long now before jenna returned and I wanted to hide. I wantedto dissapear. I was terrified of this teeange girl. What a world I was livingin. Being scared for my safety from a 5' 6' girl! I knew there was nowhere forme to hide and I was certain jenna would be more furious if I tried to escapefrom her. Neverthless, like a trapped animal I had to try to find somewhere Iwould be safe from jenna. When I heard the doorknob turning, I knew it was toolate so I ran to the dollhouse to try to escape from my neice. Maybe I couldfind some place safe that jenna could not reach me. I knew I was helpless butfound a corner where I prayed she would not look for me.

From the fierce voice that verberated in the dollhouse, it was obvious jenna wasfurious at me. Then the door slammed and i shook in terror. Jenna came over tothe dollhouse and looked in to find me. I could smell her flowery perfume mixedwith a scent of sweat. I supose her emotions were running high at beingchallenged by her mouse sized uncle. Jenna demanded my presence imediately andwhen I didnt come running, she was livid! She yelled in a voice that made myears ring for an hour afterwords. 'Scottie now or else you will be even moresorry than you can imagine.' As I trembled in the dollhouse, I contemplatedgiving myself over to the 16 year old for my punishment but I could not allowmyself to give into her tryanny. After all, despite her size, this was still agirl and just cause I was helpless against her doesnt mean I should try toappease her just because she demanded it. Boy does that sound silly after theway I have been treated since that day!As the dollhose started to shake, I again was shaking. My whole body went into aconvulsion as I prepared to be puished by the giantess. I didnt realize it atfirst but it was not jenna that was shaking my house but my daughter beth. Bethwas under instruction from her cousin to get me out of the dollhouse and prepareme for my punishment. When I realized it was the voice of my 8 year old daughterwho was calling me now, I didnt know what to do. Beth had not had much contactwith me for awhile because she had been unable to really comprehend mypredicament so lou and I had agreed to keep her away for me. Now she was a 4foot giant too that could crush me in her little girl hands. What was I supposedto do? Beth called to me- 'daddy come out here right now. jenna says you werebad and that I need to get you so that you can be punished.'I was heart broken and scared. I tried to reason with the giantess, 'honey itsme, im scared in here and you are making my house shake. please stop.' I beggedher.

'I know daddy. But if you dont come out now jenna told me I should drag you outof there so that you can be given your punishment. I dont want to hurt you butif you dont obey, I may have to get mean'oh. I felt sick to my stomache. how could I ever reason with an impressionable 8year old who saw me more as a naughty doll then as her strong father? I did notwant to be controlled by my little girl. She demanded one more time- 'lastchance daddy. dont make me reach in and get you scottie. Jenna says you didntobey her and we need to teach you a lesson.'I decided that I had no choice and I left my hiding place. I walked outside mydollhouse and my daughter beth took me into her hands as if I were her dollie.

She patted me gently, 'thats a good dollie, errr daddy.' She handed me over tojenna who anticipated a long day of punishment....

The rest of the day was like a nightmare out ofalice in wonderland. I was trapped in a world where up was down, ordinary wasmonstrous and a teenage girl had the power to punish an adult man in horrificand humiliating ways. I was in hell. Jenna was in charge of my surreal world andI knew I had better try to get used to it. Unfortuneately, some of my oldfeelings of a normal world, where girls that age were just girls, and not incharge, filled my head. I was no longer a part of that old world. I was nowcomparable to an insect. Jenna was just 16! But to a man my size, 16 years oldand 5'6' is all powerful. My old mentality kept telling me that I couldntpossibly be in the predicament I was in. But I was. Helpless and in peril, witha pretty young woman calling all the shots. Oh my god, i was gonna be ill.

Jenna loved her new power. It was unfair. A girl that age should not have thatkind of control over an adult but she did and she was relishing the ease withwhich she could overwhelm me. She punished me that day with the sort of behaviorthat a master uses over a naughty pet but this was far worse. I was no pet andalthough jenna tried to act like I was, we both knew different. I was a man. Iwas a man that was now under 5 inches tall and because of this, I could behumiliated in ways no dog or cat or hamster could ever be. Jenna knew I stillsaw her as a teenage girl and I think this made her treatment of me all the morefun for her and unbearable for me. Girls never get to treat adults the way jennawas able to treat me so she ran with it and took it to the extreme. I prayedthat jenna would not use me in ways that were unconscionable but I knew if shechose to, I could not resist her. I feared she would become more and morearoused by her control over me and that anything was possible. I had to try toreason with my teen-age keeper but looking at it from her point of view, Irealized she might react negatively to the requests of a 4 1/2 inch uncle. Nowwas not the time to try my power of persuasion on the girl. I knew it instantly.

'OK Scottie, time to undress. You have a long day ahead of you and you betterstart off on the right foot got it?' Jenna demanded as she dropped me down ontoher lap expecting my immedaite obediance. I couldnt do what she asked. I meanshe was still my neice and I wouldnt undress so that she could punish me.

She was none too happy when I didnt comply instantly. 'Scottie, if you plan ondisobeying me, you are gonna be sooooo sorry little man! Dont you realize thepredicament you are in?' She smiled as she lifted me up towards her adorablebrown eyes. 'I mean, my god! I own you and if you dont obey, I can and will doanything I want to with you.'I tried to beg her to see my side of it. 'please jenna. Be reasonable. I want todo what you ask but I am not going to undress to be humiliated by my neice infront of my little girl.' Beth watched our discussion intently to see how jennawould respond to subordinance from a doll.

'OK scottie get this straight! You are not really a man anymore and beth is morelike your owner than you child. GET IT? You do exactly as I ask or you will besorry. I dont want to hurt you scottie but If I have to to make a point, I wonthesistate to use my enormous strength over you.' to this she laughed almost asif she still found herself in this position to be absurd but too priceles forwords.

I wanted to shrivel up in front of this girl who would not be denied. I saw fromher face that I was going to obey or she would hurt me. Nevertheless, I resistedone last time. One final error on my part. 'jenna honey, try to look at it frommy perspective...'She cut me off midstream. 'OK mister you arent getting this.' She pushed me downwith her finger and held me against her hand firmly so that I could see herangry expression. I felt like my bones were breaking in her vice grip. The painand the humiliation were unbelievable. 'Heres the way it goes. First you undressor I will have beth remove your clothes for you. And she wont be gentle. Second,no more calling me jenna or any of my frinnds by our grown up names. You are adoll and you need to show us respect. My friends you will call Miss ashleigh orMiss nicole or Miss kelly or whatever! My cousin beth is now YOUR HIGHNESS, orYOUR EXCELLENCE to you- got it? And me, I will be called MISTRESS or YOURMAJESTY, I will let you know what I like best when I make a final choice. Fornow, use either but do it with respect or else! Am I making myself quite clearlittle man?' She was making herself completely clear and from that moment on,jenna became MISTRESS to me.' To drum her point home Mistress jenna firmlypushed her pink finger nail into my tiny little body making me scream in pain.

BETH, now known as her highness to me came to my defense- 'jenna please donthurt the little fella. He will be good wont you dollie?'I didnt want to answer the little girl but I had no choice. Jenna told me to.

'Yes of course I will obey you Mistress. I am at your command.' Jenna lovedhearing that and I knew at that point I would never be able to reason with thegiantess again. She had no intention of listening to my ravings ever again.

'good' said the giantess. 'Then we are understood. Now obey me and take off yourclothes scottie. Its time for your punishment. Maybe afterwords, you will notneed to be reprimended as much when you realize just how awful the repurcussionsare for your impertanance.'I began to take off my clothes embarrassed and defeated. Knowing I had just losta war to this 16 year old girl. I was now truly at her mercy and we both knewit.

 So began my humiliation at the hands of my teenneice. MISTRESS jenna had big plans for her little man to learn a valuablelesson in obediance. She watched as I undressed for her and then picked up mynaked body as if I were a small animal. 'good little scottie. thats the way welike our pet to behave right beth?'Beth giggled. 'right jenna! you sure got daddie to do what you wanted finally.'Jenna smiled widely, 'Next time, he better not disobey at all or we girls willnot be happy with our little man will we sweetie?'She was teaching my daughter to treat me like she owned me. I suppose from theirperspectives, they did. beth wasnt sure, 'its better for everyone if he obeys usright jenna? I mean daddy has to get used to his new life so we are helping himby treating him this way arent we?'My daughter had her doubts GOOD I thought to myself as I looked up at the girlstowering above.

'hun, I wish it werent like this' Jenna manipulated, 'your dad is longer able todo what he used to and we need to help him realize that his behavior has tochange. Only if he learns how to act around the giants in the world, will littlescottie be able to have any satisfaction in his life. If he could be his oldsize, we would love it beth but this is the best thing for him considering hekeeps shrinking. Trust me. I know its not easy to treat him like this but we arehelping him in the end.' Jenna cuddled my daughter to act sympathic and caring.

To me, puny and naked in her hand, away from beth's sight, jenna smiled aknowing look. Jenna was a pretty good manipulator for a 16 year old. She wasable to play both lou and beth and at the same time, enjoy the pleasure ofhaving me know the truth. I could only look up at her sadly and know that I waspowerless to stop her. For now.

'Ok beth, we need to teach your little pet his lesson now right?'Beth agreed. 'yes dollie does need to realize we are doing this for his sake sohe will do as his told.' My heart sank again as I heard my little girls words.

'allright then. I want you to take scottie in your hand while I go prepare hisbath. Your mom got her lipstick all over him so its our job to clean him upbefore his lesson starts.' I was handed over to my daughter and she held metight in her hand.

'Now make sure you hold him very very firmly beth. He needs to know you are incharge and that you will protect him, okay?'Beth smiled to jenna. 'of course jenna. Id never let anything happen to mylittle man.' With that, her grip tightened and I almost gagged as her small handbecame like a steel vise overwhelming my powerless body.

'thats good beth. He needs to know he can depend on you and that you wont letanything hurt him like the cat or maybe someone that isnt as nice as us.''oh I dont want anyone to ever be mean to my little daddy.' Beth squealed andheld me tighter. I felt like I was going to explode but beth had no idea howpowerful she was or how much pain she was causing my tiny 4 1/2 inch frame. Shewas too busy with jenna. 'why would anyone hurt such a cute little man jenna?'As I felt like I was about to pass out, struggling for each little breath, Iheard jenna say something like some people like to have someone they cancontrol. she didnt understand that way of thinking. YEAH RIGHT, I thought.

Then beth looked and must have seen I was turning colors and let up on her hand.

I coughed wildly. When I finally got my breath back I told beth, 'honey I knowyou didnt mean to but you really hurt me. you almost choked the life out of mylittle body.' Beth was terrified.

'im so sorry daddy.' she cried 'I dint mean to''beth dont apologize to the doll. things like that happen. He needs to learn tolive with that from now on. When he meets my friends they may not treat him asgently as you and I do so its good practice for him. And little man, you showbeth respect and apologize to her right away for making her sad.'I saw jennas face and complied. 'Im sorry your highness. I dont want to hurtyour feelings. please forgive me?'Beth cuddled me against her pretty blonde hair and told mne she loved me andwould never hurt me intentionally.

'I know your highness.' I said to the little girl. I was getting trainedalready.

----------------------------------------------Jenna finished my bath and told beth to drop me into the big pot. It looked likea boiling pot for water and it was hot. Beth dropped me in and I screamed as thetemp must have been 110 degrees.

'dont be such a baby scottie.' jenna complained. Then jenna pulled out a tinybar of soap and started to lather me up for my cleaning. 'good thing Iremembered to bring the soap I have been using for my showers,' she smiled, 'anew bar of soap would be way too big to wash a man your size!' I could smell thesoap had been used by jenna and I did not want to imagine just how she had usedit over the last week. It was creating quite a lather and jenna was reallygetting into washing me good. I hate to admit it but eventually, I started toenjoy the way the vigorous soapy washdown felt againt my achy body. Jennanoticed and smiled some more. It was a look of a girl who understood that shehad a man at her mercy and she could control my pleasure as well as my pain.

'pretty good little fella huh? I suppose your owner isnt so awful about now, amI cutie pie?' I had to admit, jenna could be pretty darn appealing when shewanted to be. She was a beautifull young woman and she knew how to behave grownup, thats for sure. That made me all the more disgusted as I continued to enjoymy bath.

--------------------------------------------finally jenna stopped and took my little body out of the water. I was beginningto get all wrinkly from my bath. Jenna handed me a cloth and started to dry meoff with it. I noticed it was lingerie! She was using her old undies to clean meoff. She smiled again as if she knew that being dried by her old panties wouldmake me crazy, and it did.

Then she announced that the rest of the day was not going to be so much fun forme cause I needed to learn some lessons on obediance. I begged her, 'Mistress, Ipromise I have learned my lesson. I will do whatever you ask of me. please dontpunish me.' I was really scared. I could see from the look on her face that Iwas not going to change her mind. she handed my clean naked body back to bethand went to the closet.

'I think this will help you learn your lesson scottie. At least i hope so.'jenna took an old hamster cage out of the closet and placed it down in front ofme. 'this is your new home for the day scottie. when you behave you get to livein a nice dollhouse bit if you dont listen to me and my friends, we will have tokeep you like an unruly pet, naked and in the hamster cage.'NO I thought to myself wanting to cry. NO I cant believ that shed do this to me.

I was not a hamster. I would not put up with this. I couldnt be treated this wayby this 16 year old girl. Help me please, my mind wandered as I knew I could notresist her strength as she lifted me gently and dropped me into the cage thatwas covered with hay. I was to spend the day in a hamster cage naked beingforced to do tricks for my sixteen year old neice. Could it get any worse thanthis I wondered. I lay there motionless for a few minutes as I tried to get usedto my fate. I couldnt imagine ever accepting this life. Jenna reached in after Ihad a minute to get acclimated to my new world. She lifted me like a puppet.

'get up little one, its time to learn your lessons.' This really was wonderlandand jenna was going to make me sorry I was alive....