AlienBy Hedin It was 12 clicks 62, 4 semis as Brulind Meghahr felt the soft vibrations ofthe installation she was lying on. For any human being it would have beendifficult to determine if this installation was a bed or if she had accidentallyfallen asleep on this strange but soft piece of furniture. However, for Brulind,it was just a standard bed with a low price clock that caused vibrations insteadof a loud beep. She had surely used it on purpose as she was tired after sevenrotation periods of flight, a time span that was similar to three months ofhuman time.

The spaceship was preparing for the jump back into normal space. The powerstation delivered unimaginable amounts energy into large condensers as would beneeded for the jump back. It was easy to enter hyperspace but many ships nevercame back as they could not build up enough energy to jump back. But these timeswere long gone. Brulind walked over to the console of the navcom and registeredthe purple signal - no problems and no objects heavier than twelve klom whichwould mean about five tons in human measures in the re-entering space. With thatshe went for a shower. As she left the wet room she felt the short vibration ofthe reentering pulse. Carelessly, she walked over to the wall and opened thehatch that contained her clothes.

Today she opted for a short red skirt and a white top. On a whim she decidednot to put any underwear on today. Barefoot, she entered the cockpit of her shipand looked at the incoming data. The first interstellar flight of the Cigryanswas only seventy rotation periods ago. Now they scouted their home galaxy forvaluable planets. Brulind was one of the scouts assigned to a twenty-onerotation period flight that would bring her to 51 star systems in one of theouter sectors. After that she would gain a small amount of money and thespaceship. She planned a career as a merchant or a tourist line. The Cigrangovernment was only interested in planets containing larger amounts of ore andrare kinds of gas but they should be uninhabited. Every other planets positionwould be Brulinds private secret and she could buy it if there was nointelligent life forms on it. But Brulind didn´t care much about her government.

She needed the data to determine what kind of shoes she would put on or if shewould need a space suit again. The system she entered had 53 larger objects andthousands of smaller objects in it. At first she wondered about that many smallobjects as the yellow star was old enough so its planets had had enough time topick up all the debris but then she saw that most of the small rocks could beassigned to the orbit of a broken planet.

Then she looked at the planetary data. There were nine of them. The outerones were uninteresting as they were gas planets as usual. They were filled withHydrogen and a little Carbon with an amount of different gas lower than onepercent. Too expensive to use as long as there were better planets. The fourthplanet was a little better but after some time the computer determined that itsiron resources were concentrated in the very upper part of the surface. Notenough for mining. The third planet had just enough gold on it to form a pair ofearrings. Not interesting. The first planet was even more uninteresting. Itcontained less iron than her whole ship. So there was only the second planetleft but it was too close to the sun at the moment so she had to fly a littlenearer. As she saw the readout she was bored to find so much useless planets inone system. The atmosphere was acidic and therefore mining there would be tooexpensive.

She had just entered the sequence for the next jump when suddenly the displayfor planet three changed. A little activity of life forms was detected.

Everything changed within a moment. Brulind set her course toward the thirdplanet when she saw the facts: matching temperature, water, oxygen, nitrogen anda small amount of life forms. This was a day for heels. After seven semis thereadout got clearer. All life forms were plant like and the ground was supposedto be soft and sandy with much water in it. Well not too good but suitable forplatform heels. She picked a pair of red sandals that matched the color of hertoenails.

Then she felt the soft impact as the ship lowered onto a continent. Again shelooked at the controls. No animal life. She smiled. No animals meant there wasno microscopic life forms that could harm animals - or Cygrians. The airpressure was ok and the temperature almost too warm. Quickly, she steppedoutside. The atmosphere smelled a little different but the computer had analyzedit as healthy. She looked around. A carpet of different greenish colors coveredthe land. Some small puddles had built up and thin traces of fog were driftingknee high over the ground.

As her left foot touched the ground, she felt a surprise. In fact the surfacewas soft but unlike a typical swamp planet, the ground was able to take herweight after it had been compressed under her sole. She made two careful stepsand turned back. The footprints she had left were no deeper than her littlefinger was broad. Only her spiked heels had sunk three times deeper. Astonished,she squatted over her footprints to examine them. Under her foot the greencarpet had completely lost its color and changed into a light brown surface thathad been completely adapted to her sole. Even the smallest scratch underneathher shoe could be found in the imprints. She had never seen sand that had beenfine enough to deliver such exquisite prints. Anything comparable had been mudthat stuck to her sole afterwards but her shoes were perfectly clean and despitethe many puddles, there was no wetness at all.

As she rose again and looked around, she realized something. She was going tobe rich. This was the ideal holiday planet. No animals that could harm anyoneand a ground that was soft beyond imagination which allowed barefoot walkingwithout messy soles afterwards. The temperature was fine, no clouds in the darkblue sky except for the small traces of fog on the ground. She did not have muchtime left but she decided to take a few steps forward. After ten steps shestopped and looked down. There was something new. Some kind of mineral grewhere. There were small crystals on the ground in different colors, some evensparkling but mostly gray. The largest crystals just reached the instep of herplatform heels. Too bad if someone would cut his foot stepping on some. Thatneeded to be proved and so she carefully stepped on some of the crystals.

Once again she was astonished. At the slightest touch of her platform solethe mineral crumbled to the ground and dissolved as she compressed the stillsoft ground under her weight. Even as she poked her index finger at one lonecrystal, she could hardly feel it as it turned into dust and a little smoke.

With that, she turned and entered the ship. It was almost too much luck for her.

Before she made the next jump she had signed the contract and as the transmitterreturned the blue sheet with the presidents seal she felt good for the firsttime since she left Cygria.

Earth awoke in only two hours. Never had the UN thought it possible to haveevery president, Prime Minister or king of every nation at a meeting. Even moreimpossible seemed the fact that this meeting had been organized within twohours. Not everyone was physically there (they were all connected via visiphone).

It was on the news within forty minutes. Only a few had seen the bright flashbehind Pluto's orbit but any nation had it on its radar. It was even visible onradar installed in planes. The spaceship was using powerful radar on the earth'ssurface but it had not answered any greeting message. They had tried anyfrequency up to several GHz but nothing. The ship itself was a large ball aboutsixteen kilometers in diameter and it neared earth.

The presidents talked and nervousness spread. Fear had united humanity withintwo hours. Then the time was over. They decided to use nuclear weapons but theirmissiles simply splattered on the massive bulk before their nuclear loads hadexploded. Something was blocking every nuclear reaction around the ship as theyfound out when the nearing presence of the ship blackened every city withnuclear plants for energy production.

Then the ship landed in Canada. The police and everyone else watched as largelegs extended from the round bulk and finally each of the seven legs flattened asquare mile of land as it touched the ground causing an earthquake in theregions near the Ottawa River. Nervousness left the politicians as they realizedthat the destroyed areas had been completely uninhabited. These aliens seemedharmless as they avoided the destruction of helpless towns near the ship. Thenthey started to wait. But not for long as only five minutes later a large hangaropened facing towards the Atlantic. Their minds changed quickly as they saw whatkind of alien appeared in the hangar.

Hundreds of TV-Cams moved across the body of a titanic female figure standingat the height of three miles or nearly 5 km for the European stations. Then mostpeople gasped in shock at the image of an uncovered crotch more than a mileabove their heads while others shrieked at the sight of a descending platformsole not realizing the TV-teams fate before the picture blackened with a crash.

One of the most spectacular shots was the sight of a skyscraper-sized heelcrushing deeply into the ground before the team was buried under tons of splayeddebris.

The UN in New York felt the earthquake resulting from the heavy impact of twounimaginably large platform heels and the representatives nearly got mad aseveryone shouted senseless thoughts across the room. Some saw doomsday in formof slavery. Others warned that she had surely stepped on the cam-teams byaccident. Some woman pronounced the end of the male era while a news speakerwhispered "she would need a skyscraper to fill her twat," and no one cared thathis microphone was on.

The red, high-heeled death on the right lifted back into the air but only tolower itself over another handful of reporters that were crushed an instantlater. Then the left leg followed and with four quick steps, she turned on thespot, which crushed out two hundred tv-teams, as she flattened a hill that hadbeen kept for the best lookout place. The thoughts of the politicians changed asshe squatted over her footprints. "There, she's looking to see if she hasaccidentally squashed anyone," shouted some while others repeated "No, sheexamines how funny it is to flatten people, let's stop her!" The women were notsure if she had flattened only TV-teams consisting of males or if it had reallybeen an accident while the news speaker enjoyed the now even larger view of thelargest cunt on or above earth.

Then all shouting stopped as she rose and another fourteen heavy footfallsshook the earth. Three larger towns had ceased to exist on the impact of one ofher feet. As the terrifying giantess stood before the buildings of Quebec andlooked down the whole world held its breath. People in the streets were shoutingupwards in fear of death, others tried to draw her attention to the helplesslife at her feet by waving blankets out of their windows while a few women onthe roofs of skyscrapers shouted, "Yeah! End the era of men! Put women incontrol!" But all of their efforts were just too tiny and insignificant to thetowering giantess. With an interested look, she lifted her right foot from theground and let the 300-foot high platform sole hover above the city.

Everything was quiet in the doomed city below. Very few could look up at heruncovered crotch and none of them could see past the red skirt in the sky. Alltraffic had stopped and the people stared up at the black sole that darkened thesky. Scratches could be seen on the surface of the sole but everyone was surethat not a single scratch had been caused by anything human. Some of themavoided the sight by looking at her other shoe that rested on top of the suburbswith thousands of hapless people and all their possessions reduced to acompressed pulp. No one could know that she would never recognize the humanbuildings and skyscrapers as a city. On her planet they used to build housesinto small hills or under the surface to save energy.

Then muscles started to work in the leg. To the ones under the tip of hersole her face appeared above the skirt-horizon and they cried in vain. At thatsame moment, she stepped down. Skyscrapers literally exploded under herdescending sole before smaller houses collapsed and finally everything andeveryone was squashed into the ground as she stood in the center of Quebec.

Those who survived the inferno at the edge of her sole were then killed by thehundreds as the sole lifted out of the forty foot deep imprint and they fellinto the pit or were smeared to its walls by the moving shoe. The seven peoplethat survived looked into the crater and five of them ended their lives bysuicide in a sanitarium a few days later. But for the remaining parts of thecity, the show wasn't over yet. One lone standing skyscraper suddenly explodedunder the tip of a five hundred-foot finger. Then the giantess suddenly turned,leaving three footprints of quick death in the suburbs and twelve impacts on theway to her ship. Minutes later she and her ship were gone.

People climbed down into her footprints and stood on woods and ground thatwas compressed into a concrete like material and some of them were unhappy asthey realized that the diamonds the pressure had produced out of Carbon in theformer wood were too dirty to be sold. No woman ever admitted that she belongedto the group who pronounced the end of the era of men and every politicianannounced that he had always warned this giantess to be very evil. Only one newsspeaker was blanked off the screen but he got a new job as a writer for a famousmen's magazine.

Two years later...

For several months there had been hope. Hope for a united world without war.

But the spaceship never returned and the Earth's population started to forget.

Only a few remembered the words from the different political leaders of nearlyevery country. "We are not alone in space!" Most scientists believed that thegiantess had never detected any trace of life other than the large woods. Andthose woods had been nothing more than thin mossy films on the planet´s surfaceto her. So they had declared that Earth had been just a useless planet to her.

Apparently no intelligent life forms so there was no trade and compared to herenormous size the earth´s reserves of ore were uninteresting.

But after those two years, fear quickly returned as a large spaceship wasdetected. Once again everyone gathered at the UN. Even politicians gothysterical as the "Hubble" transmitted a picture that revealed a much largercraft than the last one. "Invasion!" was the word that zigzagged through theheads of humanity - and no one knew how to stop them. How to stop an army of warrobots or even tanks. Minutes later, the bad news continued. A nuclear missilehad collided with the ship that had crossed the moon´s orbit seconds before -without explosion. Once again the nuclear weapons were disabled in the areaaround the ship. Without a nuclear explosion, it was impossible to use H-bombsas well. Once again, Earth was helpless.

But military command had other ideas. Any alien machine or an alien itselfwould soon move away from the ship. Then it could be possible to use the nuclearMissiles again. They had to wait but not for long as it took the ship onlyseconds to land several hundred miles west of Washington D.C. The ship wasgigantically large. About three times more in diameter than the first one andthis time they had no luck. Two of the landing legs went down in populatedareas. Each one crushed a whole town with no time for evacuation. The hatchopened and there she stood. Three miles of woman. A bikini clad goddess. Few ofEarth´s tiny humans recognized her as different from the last one. This one wasa brunette and she was indeed a little larger than the last one as she reachedher height without those heels.

Then one of the large bare feet moved out of the hatch and stepped down inthe center of a small town. With terrifying ignorance, she crushed two hundredhouses under the naked sole of her foot before the thunderous impact of herunimaginable weight made every remaining house leap into the air and fall backin ruin. The storm of displaced air tore out trees and blew debris more than twohundred feet across the land. The other foot came down in an unpopulated areaand people watching their TVs around the world looked at the giantess. There wasno naked crotch this time but a bikini that could be seen on any of the SouthAmerican beaches - but about 2700 times smaller than this one.

While everyone wondered about how this bikini-clad goddess would fit into theinvasion stories told by the news, she drew a deep breath and started to walk.

People learned quickly what it meant to them. A walking giantess of unimaginablesize. The whole East Coast was in a panic. Each one of the heavy footfallscaused an earthquake. Forty miles around her, the weaker houses collapsed.

Streets were crowded with fleeing people. It was the pure chaos. Mila Deniurrolooked happily at the alien planet. Quickly, she stepped out of the hatch andwalked a few steps towards the near coast. She watched the new planet carefully.

The unimaginable variety of different green shades on the surface looked softand friendly, and there was some of the strange mineral that had been reportedby the travel agency. She had already stepped on several of the crystals andnever felt the difference between them and the soft green ground.

"Dandra!" With her call she turned towards the ship. One moment later Dandraappeared in the hatch. Dandra Loachned was her partner. A beautiful blue-eyedblonde with luscious curves, she wore a light blue mini dress and matchingsandals with a wretched heel made of cork. Together they had chosen this planetfor a seven-day vacation. They were teachers and with them were ten girls fromthe first period on the cygrian space academy. It was the usual procedure thatthe first tourists on a newfound vacation planet were pupils from the academy.

They were to learn to be pioneers on a newfound planet.

While Mila watched, Dandra had stepped out of the hatch. Lazily she saunteredtowards the ocean. The coast was still the distance of a good walk but even fromthis distance the surface looked wonderfully smooth. The oceans on this planetsurely were not very deep which caused the effect. Once again she looked atDandra. Mila had tried to spare the interesting mineral where it was possible.

So she had never stepped onto more than a handful of crystals. But Dandra - shesimply didn´t care. Perhaps it was because she was wearing the sandals thatprotected her feet and made it unnecessary to watch her step. But then shewatched as Dandra lifted her right foot only to drop her sandal to the ground.

With a curious look, she lowered her foot onto a large area completely coveredwith crystals and wriggled her toes as she crushed them. With grinding motions,she dragged her toes over the crystals marveling at how easily they crumbledinto dust. They were mostly unfelt. Only the few that was higher than her bigtoe produced a little tickle when at least ten of them were flattened. She slidher foot back into the sandal and after several twists and steps she hadcompletely crushed the area into dust.

Mila shook her head. Dandra simply had no respect for nature. With a sigh shewalked back to the ship. As she neared the hatch, she looked at the imprints ofDandra´s shoes. Then she called the girls. The UN was not known for fastdecisions. Usually it took several hours to decide for or against something.

They were no match for a giantess covering a mile with each stride not evenknowing about the lives that was crushed out under her bare soles. But as thegiantess spoke some booming words that sounded deafening across the wholecontinent and the screens suddenly showed a second giantess stepping out of theship the UN decided really quick. After 5 seconds hands rose to agree with anuclear attack on the giantesses to prevent further destruction. The militaryorders were given even before there were voices to remind that both giantesseswere not guilty of mass murder as they didn't even know about the microscopiclive beneath their feet.

But even the fast military machinery was too slow. Humans died by thethousands as the second giantess thundered through populated areas, leavingimprints of her sandals more than 2000 feet in length. The dead and flattenedarea nearly 800 feet wide where the ball of her foot had lowered and got deepertowards her wedged heel where it was only 300 feet across. Each second broughtdeath over thousands. Before the missiles were programmed the giantess reachedthe suburbs of Washington D.C. and nothing could stop her. The President of theUS literally broke into tears as he heard the terrific sounds from the red phoneand realized that the nuclear missile command bunker had just been turned intocompacted mud under the foot of an inconsiderate giantess. Then one of hisbodyguards tore him towards the waiting helicopter.

The Russian ambassador smiled. It was an ironic smile as he had never thoughtthat the nuclear missiles of his country would be welcome in the US. But hismind turned half a second later as darkness engulfed the Russian embassy.

Without the time to change the expression on his face, the ambassador's body wasturned into squirting gore like everyone else under the sole of a titanicsandal. It made no difference to them that the sandal was empty but to theremaining millions in Washington it did. Everyone had thought she would simplywalk across the city leaving three or five footsteps and walk on towards theocean. So the police had used the few seconds they had to prepare themselves andthe population for a major earthquake since there was no preparation for analien shoe crushing several quarters of the US capital with each step. There wasat least the hope for survival as long as they didn't get stepped on. But theywere so wrong. They could see the towering giantess that moved with an unholyspeed towards them. Just as thousands of men tore their eyes from thosemountainous tits to look at the stadium-sized crotch of a blue thong thegiantess stopped.

Millions cried out in sheer terror but unable to move as they saw her dropher shoe onto an area with the Pentagon near its center. Then they looked at thebarefoot that lowered slowly enough to allow the people under her foot to wettheir pants at the view of inescapable death. Those far enough from her foot sawher face in the sky above and they saw the same look that Quebec's people hadseen years ago. A look of curiosity. How it would feel to crush hundreds ofhouses and skyscrapers in one step along with a million of insignificant humans.

She stepped down. The earth sank beneath her foot. Skyscrapers got squishedbetween her toes and for a millisecond there was a slimy film of mud under hersole but one instant later all humanity was evaporated by the immense pressure.

A booming sigh came down from above and before the survivors in the debris onher toenails realized their luck she wriggled her toes with a smile. The debriswas thrown between the mighty toes and ground to dust on her skin. Then the bareheel rose and the foot made a sudden turn. Her toes smashed into the few housesthat had resisted the much softer impact of the foot. Hundreds of unconscioushumans were squashed as buildings collapsed and the grinding toes leveledanother three blocks.

Then she dragged her toes across the city. Each toe left a mile long valleyof crushed debris that revealed no trace of the millions that had died there.

Then just as another ten thousand of people wetted their pants in fear ofimmediate death, the toes lifted, leaving a storm wind as the whole foot raisedand lowered back into the shoe. Millions sighed in relief as the shoe rose froma flattened White House - but only to step down on the intact parts of the cityagain.

It was a disaster. There were no survivors. Crying and cursing ended withinseconds. Nine steps and a twist of her shoes leveled flattened and crushedWashington and its suburbs completely. Megatons of earth had been crushed ordragged up into hills surrounding the sole imprints of a playful giantess. Onesecond later but still to late to save at least their own ambassador the Russianmissiles arrived. The UN in New York looked out for the nuclear flash in thesouth but - it never came. The crews on the missile defense radar were the firstto break in tears of hopeless crying. Once again they saw hundreds of missilesraining unnoticed on the giantess' body without even a trace of explosion.

Instead the toxic plutonium rained down over the remaining parts of the country.

Seconds later the titaness crushed the beach under her feet.

Before the UN could realize that their situation was hopeless they got awareof the next disastrous happenings. Foot after foot left the spaceship. Bare feetand those clad with beach sandals. Toes painted in all colors and above young,laughing girls in swimsuits or bikinis. If the first two giantesses had shown aninterest in the ground below, the girls didn't even go that far. They simplydidn´t care. They spread out over the continent leaving hundreds of deadfootprints. Millions had as their last sight a stunning bikini clad ass beforeit got dark and they were squashed under a blonde sitting down on Miami Beach.

Hollywood fell under a beach sandal before legs and arms then belly and breastsof a smiling redhead squashed the city under megatons of girlflesh.

Tidal waves hit New Orleans as another blonde's feet splashed into the Gulfof Mexico while Frisco´s lights went out under the ass of a brunette. Earth lostits leaders as Dandra who had sauntered along the East Coast, flattened the UNheadquarters and the surrounding parts of New York under a sandled foot. Themilitary command was helpless as all the fighter pilots never engaged one of thegiantesses but decided to reach the polar regions in the hope that the bikiniclad giantesses wouldn't like to spend a holiday on ice. Ground forces hadformed but before the heavy guns could be aimed they were squashed under abarefoot and moments later the titaness was out of range. Five hours later therewere only small towns left. Each one of the large cities had been flattenedunder an uncaring or playful or even curious giantess. Most of the militarybases had been turned into a footprint and the ones that were left were filledwith panicking soldiers trying to get a car or a plane to escape. Tidal waveshad flooded the remaining coast cities as one girl after another took a bath inthe ocean that had only a few places to be deep enough to cover their swayingbreasts. Then in the evening the booming voice of Mila scattered any remainingwindows in north America as she called the girls back to the ship.

In the moonlit night the few survivors searched through the debris lookingfor food or remaining cars. Those who had a car looked for fuel to leave towardsAlaska. But mostly they found corpses or badly injured people. Some of themwould help the injured and some of them ignored even their close friends to savetheir own life. Others sat on the hardened surface of footprints or largevalleys left under tits and other body parts where their house and family wassupposed to be. But none of them found anything recognizable. Everything wasjust too flattened and compressed into a gray mass of rock hard material. Somethought that it was god's mercy that they would not recognize anything in theimprints while others declared god as dead.

The next day passed without any news. As millions had died yesterday therewere only thousands left to die under the beautiful giantesses that left theship to have fun again. Some people declared those men that were to die undertits luckier than those that were squashed under books, glasses or shoes anddropped underwear. Eurasia was mostly intact despite the damage caused by thetidal waves and heavy earthquakes after especially heavy jumps or stomping ofthe girls. But no one on the remaining continents was brave enough to help theSouth American cities as they were discovered by two of the girls. They had beenoff while the others were sleeping or playing at the beach and their only joywas to find the mineral and make a fun time of its destruction.

While they played it happened that Sul, a big boobed blonde in a tight redbikini lowered her head next to the skyscrapers of Rio crushing the slums underher cheek and ear while her lazy moving legs devastated the rain forest. Shelooked at Naracha the beautiful redhead that neared her position in a blackswimsuit and white hi heeled sandals. They were good friends since they had metat the academy. Naracha was envious for her muscular statue while Sul admiredher for those big boobs on a still slim body. Naracha smiled down at her thenshe made a theatrical face and lifted her right foot over the cubical crystals.

Sul watched in awe as the beautiful foot lowered and for the first time she sawhow easily the structures collapsed at the slightest touch of her sole. Thestiletto heel came down and sank deeply into the soft ground before Narachalowered her sole.

Then she saw it. Sul's eyes saw, as there were suddenly thousands ofmicroscopic dots streaming out of the lower section of the mineral. The smalltracks between the crystals were suddenly flooded with those moving dots andsome of the dots were big enough to reveal different colors. Then she realizedthe faster movement of the larger dots and once she saw a blue bigger dot hit asmaller one. While the blue dot moved on the smaller one stopped its movement.

Instead it turned red just before it got too dark and Naracha's red toenailscame into view, glistening as she pressed her foot down with ease. Sul rose fromthe ground. Carefully she placed her foot on the imprint of her body as she hadrealized something. Naracha saw her worried face looking down at her feet andmade a step towards her. But as her left foot touched the ground a shiver wentthrough Sul´s body and she slowly said, "Meet me in my cabin." The rest of theday passed without destruction of major cities. The girls played in the waterunaware of the few remaining ships that were buried under tons of splaying wateror simply sucked down and drowned in a raising décolleté. The next night wasmuch quieter than the last. On the old continent it was discussed if it waspossible to gain the giantesses' attention but the calls from the most powerfulradio stations remained unanswered.

It was quiet in the ship but two of the girls had a secret conversation. Daysago they had used a drill to make a small hole in the thin metal wall betweentheir cabins. They used a wire and headphones with a simple amplifier for theirsecret talking. Sul told Naracha about her observations and that she thought thedots to be intelligent life. Naracha didn't believe a word as the shipsinstrument had not detected any animal life forms but as Sul told her again andagain she was more and more doubtful about the instrument's readings. Especiallyinteresting was the fact that one of the dots had turned red after being hit bythe bigger one. Cygrians turned blood red after they had been hit bymining-trans. Naracha had seen it on the news that reported the probable suicideof a criminal weeks ago.

After an hour of talking Sul agreed to get samples from one of the intactmineral populations. If they were right this would mean that the mineral was nomineral at all. One hour later they were both sure. Each crystal was a housepopulated by several hundred if not thousand of sentients. It was so obvious.

Their houses were different but they too lived in cities across their planet.

They had developed machines for transportation, which were fast enough to killothers that got in the machine's way. They felt fear for their lives as they hadbroken in panic as Naracha´s shoe was going to flatten their city. And they hadprobably recognized Naracha´s sandal to be the shoe of an unimaginable largealien. As Naracha slept Sul was still thinking. Thinking of the hundreds ofcities that had been destroyed around their ship. She remembered that there hadbeen many of them on the first day. But as they had returned to the ship thistime there had only been a large area covered with footprints and only a fewplaces showing the friendly green of plants.

For Sul it was going to be a nervous night time after time she sat up in bedand each dream showed more and more details about the fear and death that hadoccurred unnoticed under Naracha's foot this morning. Then as the morning nearedshe started to dream about her own feet stomping into unnoticed cities andfinally she started to think against the dreams. The only way to escape theguilt and disgust opened one dream later. This time she woke up with a pleasanttingle in her crotch. She had suddenly found a sexual pleasure while crushing acity under her crotch. But before she could think any further she felt thevibration of her bed. Time to get up. The conference with the others was short.

There had been no surprises on this planet said Mira and Dandra added thereforethey would not stay the full time on the planet as there was nothing to learnfor the cadets here. Tonight they would lift off to another planet... Threehours off in the morning were just enough to enclose some specimen into anacceleration-protected force field. They had found one of the last remainingcities under the ship. The southern continent had been too far as it was alonger time to walk there. Then after a last conference they worked out thereport and finally the ship left the planet.

Earth's remaining population felt great relief. Death had finally turned awayfrom earth. Japan and Indonesia had been devastated by the tidal waves but therewere enough survivors. South America quickly recovered from the damage as theirbiggest creditor the US had been vanished from the earth. The few survivors hadleft towards Canada, as it was impossible to build up new towns on thefootprints that covered the continent. There were no roads and as the wrinklesof the giantesses´ feet had been imprinted into the stone even the footprintswere impassable. Perhaps they would've built a runway but it was much tooexpensive to get everything by plane. And then there was nothing to live from.

No plants grew on the concrete like surface of the deep footprints water fromthe rain gathered in the lower parts but the hot sun evaporated most of it. Asthe forests were missing the climate changed. America was a desert. Only therare imprints of high-heeled shoes were deep enough to save some rainwater butit was impossible to climb down the smooth walls and hard work to pull up abucket for a hundred feet. The people left. On the few parts that had remainedgreen there gathered some farmers who never wanted to give up their land but twoyears later they mostly had to give up as the desert dried up the little piecesthat were left. Many a farmer was found dead on the ground of a heel imprint.

Some had dropped to their death as they wanted to reach the last puddles on theground while others realized their fate and committed suicide.

After two hours in space two hypergraph messages left the spaceship. The girlwho had sent them was Sul. One of the messages went out to her father. The otherone was for the Meghahr-Trans& Travel. Some days later the two girls didn't knowwhat to think about their teachers especially Dandra as they were in factmass-murders. But then there was this erotic tingle under their feet and thatsensuous wetness in their pussies...

Her father was a little astonished about the newest kink of his daughter butfinally he thought that this was a nice idea for a birthday present. Meghahr-Trans&Travelwas happy to sell the planet when they heard his offer and only three periodslater he presented the certificate of ownership with Sul´s name on it to hisdaughter. But he never forgot the secret look on her face as she luckilyreceived the sheet with the president's seal.

She had made her patent and received the command for a cruiser in the homedefense line of Cygria with Naracha as her first officer. She had thought that aplanet was the biggest present she could expect from her rich daddy but thistime he had surprised her again.

"As you have been working hard for your own existence I think it is possibleto show a little generosity." And then she saw the brand-new space yacht on theport.

It was only three periods to the next vacation period for Sul and Naracha andafter their analysis of the secret specimen they were both sure that they wantedto return to this planet...

Sul handed the map over to Naracha. She had drawn up some red lines acrossthe continents. Each continent was divided into three parts that were numberedwith the strange cygrian symbols for 1, 2 and 3.

"All right", Naracha said, " one is for you, two is for me and three is forboth of us.""Right. Oh I can't wait until we land.""Where do you want to lower the ship?""Here between our sectors. Look - I marked the spot with a circle.""What will it be like?""They call that continent Europe or Asia, I am not sure. The data from ourprobe revealed that their communication is different depending on what place ofthe planet you are. The transmitted audio channel calls it ´languages´ and Ithink that each of these ´languages´ has different words which mean just thesame.""These aliens are really complicated, what do you think?""I don't know, after all size seemed to be the only difference to Cygrians.

2500 times smaller than we are. But back to the landscape. This Eurasia hasregions that are heavy populated. Areas as large as a small spaceport thatappear as one big ´city´ and other areas where the small villages will be reallydifficult to find.""What is a ´city´?""Well they have a different kind to build their houses. They build theirhomes above earth and they use stone, glass and metal structures. The Sizedepends on how many people want to live in the house. What our teacher andMeghar travel described as crystals were the largest of their houses filled withseveral thousand people and they call them something like buildings that reachthe sky. But the smallest are just as small as a needle's head. It's strange.

The normal humans live in the big houses along with so many others while therich ones buy these nearly invisible small houses for their own. It seems likethey don't like to be surrounded by their own kind - but then their cities aregrowing like nothing.""Ha ha, buildings that reach the sky! Cool, I would call them buildings thatreach my toe but not my ankles. I wonder what they think about us.""Oh they forgot. It's so fantastic, but as we landed on earth this was theworst and most deadly day in the history of their kind. The mayhem caused bythat single step of yours on the city would have been remembered for hundreds ofperiods if the same happened to Cygria. But they - they simply don't talk aboutit.""No, I don't believe that. They couldn't forget about so much death anddisaster.""Well as I said they don't talk about it. It's very much like they forgot it.

But they will remember very soon.""Oh yes, I can't wait. Go down right now. I give you five semis or I cum onyour controls." And that was a terrible threat as Sul kept her ship clean like amicrochip factory. She had even installed special filters in the air-refreshingunit that held back even the smallest particles.

Earth was shocked again. But this time there was no meeting of politicalleaders in New York. New York was a flattened desert with perhaps three or fivestrangers left over from the millions. Some of the politicians met in Londonwhile most of them decided to stay with their people. They announced that theywere still unable to stop the aliens and they had to admit that no one hadthought of another visit. Across the Ocean in the southern parts of Brazilhowever there was a man who cursed madly at his president. He had been in Rio inthe city's last minutes and he had been one of the dots that had frozen underthe stare of that blonde giantess. He had just crossed the street as thisfantastic body had lowered over the land before her hand came down on the slums.

And he had been willing to do everything to prevent further disasters. The onlyman running towards the giantess´ face instead of a fury flight. Minutes laterhe had realized what happened. Those three seconds and the few steps towardsthat gigantic face before everyone else had turned. At that time he had thoughtthat they wanted to help him with this nearly impossible task - gainingattention from a girl with eyes the size of a mountain. But then the earth shookon the impact of that foot. He had never seen it descending onto the city andnow the sounds of crush and mayhem deafened his ears just before he was knockedover by the quake and fell on his back to see the largest mountain of a toe hehad ever dreamt of. And he heard the sickening crunch of bodies, houses andearth being compressed under the sole of another giantess. Debris flew aroundand hit his weak body but he felt nothing at all as his attention focused on thelip of this gigantic sole descending on him. A terrified second later it wasover. The crunch blew his eardrums before the earth cracked and buckled as thesole settled. Suddenly he was rolling down the hill created by the ground thatliterally squashed out under her shoe.

An avalanche of debris hit him and he had passed out before he had beenburied under the stones. The giantesses had already disappeared as he had freedhimself from his stony grave and then he had seen it. There had been five footof space between him and the descending shoe. No one else had made it. Thecoming months he had used to write to politicians in Brazil and all over theworld. His idea was a chain of lights like the runway fires of an airportvisible from several miles height. He wanted them to build up some signs thatwould mark earth as populated - all he earned was laughter. At least now somepeople thought about his plan but as all the airports across the world had theorder to create flashes with their runway lights it was too late. The ship hadalready lowered in central Russia.

Both girls had dressed quickly which was not difficult as they wore onlysmall garments.

"Sul, I think we will part at first - I want to make my own experiences. Wecan meet in the ship when it gets dark.""Yes Naracha" Sul said and opened the hatch.

"At least in an unpopulated area" said the British premier as he scanned themap for towns or cities near the landing space. But these words meant nothing tothe hapless inhabitants of a small village. It was a village like thousands inRussia. Small with 50 or 100 inhabitants and only marked as nameless spots ondetailed charts. This special one was unlucky enough to be found under the hatchof the spaceship that had landed minutes before. The poor inhabitants neverthought of aliens as they were squashed unnoticed under a titanic mule thateasily covered the whole village beneath its sole. So much for the Britishpremier and his view of things. Two giantesses were back. Millions of terrifiedhumans felt their tread for hundreds of miles as they walked in differentdirections. Thousands were injured as the quake threw things from their shelvesor even toppled cupboards and then they died as their houses got stepped on orsimply collapsed as a nearby step sent ripples across the earth. Each second sawthe unstoppable descent of two black mules and two heeled slippers while thegiantesses saw nothing but a mostly green plain that felt very soft under theirshoes.

Sul found her first city easily. From her height it was a yellow and greyspot at the horizon as she spotted it. She stopped to look back. Some clicks agoshe had seen Naracha's clear plastic shoes between the ship's legs while herbody had already disappeared behind the bulk of the ship. Now she was completelyhidden behind the spaceship. The girl felt a pleasant tingle as she realizedthat she was undisturbed. They were very close friends but this time they knewthat they would do things of unspeakable weirdness. So she had worried about thefact that they could walk half a day and still see the other on the horizon.

They were so damn big and with that thought the pleasant tingle moved from hertummy towards her crotch. She looked at the ground. More and more roads crossedthe woods and fields on the ground and then finally she saw the first flocks ofhouses. Sul stopped. From her height the houses remained small dirty spots onthe ground. She knew that the red or dirty brown colored spots were roofs and asshe looked at her black mules, which had a little platform, she was pleased tosee that the rooftops remained under the lip of her sole. Again she looked backtowards the ship. She was alone. She had to make her decision. There were onlybuildings. Small lifeless things. She could see no life. But then - she knewthere were people. They were innocent. They could neither flee her nor protecttheir life from her slightest movements. But then there were her feet. The toespolished deep blue and those sexy high-heeled mules. Those shoes were just madeto step around in a sexy way and then there was that damn tingling sensation.

And those innocent people. No! That nice tingling sensation. And these people.

Yes, innocent, but helpless. She lifted her right foot and stepped forward.

The population of Kiev was chaos. The small roads were in bad shape and manyold cars blocked the way after their panicked drivers had blown the engine. Ittook only fifteen minutes until Kiev had imprisoned itself completely. Anotherminute later the giantess arrived. Only few people calmed down as they realizedthat the situation was hopeless. And only a handful was calm enough to watchfrom the upper storage's of the skyscrapers. They and those people on the roofquickly found out that the flashing airports had been as useless as all thosenuclear weapons. They learned that this certain man in Brazil was very wrongconsidering the giantess as unaware of earth's population. They used binocularsto watch. Those red army binoculars were really good and the distance gave adubious feeling of safety. It was spectacular as this super skyscraper heellowered a sole of about 70-foot in diameter onto a fuel truck that just refueleda gas station. The truck, the road and most of the station disappeared under thedescending stiletto. Fuel splayed everywhere as the tank was flattened then allof it was crushed downwards as the heel settled some fifty feet into the ground.

As the heel was lifted out of the crater and the foot raised again some realizedthat the hospital was now a slightly darker spot inside of a shoe print. Theblinding flash of exploding gasoline drew their attention back to the crushedroad. Then every window vibrated as the girl's -they did not now how they coulduse the word girl- the girl's voice boomed over the city.

"BULORDA-TON" it sounded but the playful grin on her face and the moaningundertone made clear that she knew what she did. In a stuck car near thedevastated gas station a man turned to his friend and said "Wow, watch! Thefiremen have never been so fast."But the answer remained unheard as a titanic platform mule crushed the verynext city block. The car leapt into the air and fell back with splayed debris asthe foot settled and crushed itself deeply into the ground. Suddenly the groundbulged and large cracks appeared everywhere. Then the back of the car lost theground and it was nearly swallowed by a large crack. The walls of the crackblocked the doors. The men panicked. They looked through the windshield and sawthe black wall of the platform sole. And they saw the pink wall of her large toeabove. Suddenly the toe was slightly lifted from the platform sole. The groundrumbled again and they saw the black wall moving towards them. They tried topush out the windshield but before they had raised their legs the wall hadreached them. Their death cries were cut off abruptly as the girl ground them topaste under her shoe.

CRUNCH! That was nice. CRUNCH made her left foot. Again CRUNCH and thispowerful feeling of her settling feet crushing the outline of her shoes deeplyinto the carpet of homes. Another CRUNCH and she felt the hot wetness soakingher black thong. This tiny rounded vehicle was much too small to be impaled byher spiked heel so she was pleasantly surprised as it flattened with a SQUISHand she raised her heel out of a street covering pothole. As her finger caressedher lustful clit she admired the tiny flash of fire that rose as high as her bigtoe over the pothole and the surrounding houses and she simply moaned"FUEL...TRUCK...UUUH!" in response. Then after two grinding steps she saw theblue and red flashes. Quickly without removing her finger from her clit shesquatted over the scene and watched. Interesting. These vehicles have water inthem and they want to use them to extinguish the fire. She shifted her weightonto her left foot to rise her other foot into the air. Then she poked her rightheel into the ground as she realized that the additional space from spreadingher calves was desperately needed for a better stimulation of her pussy. Withher toes risen over the fire, she finally inserted a finger into her cunt andreaching a first miniature orgasm, she watched herself pressing her toes down,crushing out the fire as well as the firemen. She rose to her feet and pulled onher thong until it slid down her legs. Again she savored the crunching under herfeet as she stepped out of the garment. Then her microscopic triangles that wereher bra joined the thong and she walked on.

The town mayor was no hero. He had been one of the firsts who leapt intotheir car as the major part of the population had realized he had just left thedowntown areas. He had thought to be wise as he chose to ride towards thegiantess. He wanted to escape from the city and escape on the less used roadsoutside. But then the panic had reached him in the suburbs. Within a minute theroad was jammed. Around him the people abandoned their cars and tried to fleeback into the city. But before he could get out a car crashed into the cars nextto him. The speed was enough to push the cars against each other and he wastrapped inside, unable to open the door. He felt the ground shake under theheavy tread of the giantess. Panic driven he was too fat and too clumsy to freehis legs and push out the windshield. And even if he had managed to free hislegs he knew that he was in an armored car. The windshield would withstand abullet as well as his legs. Then he realized the shadow. Crying he looked up andsaw the giantess above him. Adrenaline and fear had a strange effect. As hesuddenly saw these straight legs and the swishing fingers in this stadium sizedcrotch he forgot about himself. He didn't notice his hard on and watched hermonstrous mountains of tits that were less than halfway covered by this strappybra. Above he saw her face filled with lust. Then he watched her left foot as itneared him. He didn't even realize his danger as the mule thundered down somehundred feet away. He could only watch in awe as the foot flattened everythingin its path. He had never been into feet but in his weird mind he adored thepower of that foot that was so carelessly lowered onto a place comfortable forthe girl above. And he adored her for knowing that nothing was mighty enough toprevent her from crushing anything below that foot. Without even touchinghimself he had an orgasm as the demonstration of power was repeated by her rightfoot. Then he watched her legs wriggle and suddenly he saw her naked crotch. Itwas so adorable and he would've given his life just for the pleasure of touchingthis sweet cunt. But then he saw her right foot lifting. The earth shook as theleft foot was dragged simultaneously. He and his car were thrust into the air asthe foot stomped down clumsily then he saw her right foot in the air. The footraised. He could only see the heel, the sole and the tip of her big toe.

Then he realized the thing that was dangling from her shoe. The thong.

Dripping with wetness. The foot raced towards him but then suddenly it stopped.

His eyes watched the thong. Masses of black cloth wetted with thick and heavyjuice from her pussy. Then the thong burst through nearby houses and hit him. Henever heard it as she lowered her foot back on the ground. His body squirted outof his flattened car and mixed with the masses of her juices.

Her lust had made the decision. This demonstration of her power was puresatisfaction to her. Easy minded she commented each deadly crushing step with ahigh pitched moan. Like a cat she surrounded the city leveling each part of thesuburbs. She had been so inconsiderate periods ago as she had stepped on thiscity without thinking. What a waste of lust, that was. Now she did it on purposeand she thought about the people and their helpless death under her soles andheels. There were others that escaped being flattened for this time. Not knowingwhere she would place her next step. Then the city was completely surrounded bydestruction and footprints. It was finally time to care about the downtown area.

She squatted down again. Another orgasm was nearing. What would she do tohumiliate them? The ´houses that reach the sky´ were smaller in this town butthey were still high enough to reach over her toes. Her pussy needed stimulationand her final orgasm was near. The decision was easy. She spread her legs wideand dropped to her knees. Her legs built a giant arch over the city and shewatched with excitement as drops of cum tore big holes into the houses they hit.

Then she hunkered forward. Spreading her legs wider and wider she aimed herpussy. Now as she had to remove her hand from her crotch her forehead touchedthe ground of the former suburbs.

Without stimulation from herself her lust grew insatiable. She lowered herpussy. Pubic hair was bruising the buildings and then the first contact... No,way too weak. The house simply collapsed in a cloud of dust. Quickly her fingerswere back for help. She peeled her labia open and repositioned her pussy. "YES!"she moaned as she felt her clit crushing a building. "MORE!" she demanded andthen she moved her pussy back and forth over the doomed city. Lower and lowercame her wet twat and each grinding motion tore down several storages thatcrushed with a tingling sensation on her pussy lips. Then her protruding clithit the broadside of a house. "I`M CUMMING AH...YOU ANTS…I SQUASH!" With abursting orgasm she splayed pussy juice all over the city before she squashedher cunt onto the remaining houses grinding and crushing with the waves oforgasm. In a mere second the city had turned into juicy mud under her cunt.

Coming down from her high she used her beautiful breasts to smush somerunning survivors under megatons of titflesh. She was still grinding her pussyover the flattened city that had so nicely served for her orgasm. A car thatsomehow swerved the bumps in her footprint turned into a nice and rounded dollopof metal as her well aimed nipple came down on it and her sensuous aureoles madeher feel how it caved in and was crushed under the soft weight of her tits. Thesensation was enough for a sweet post-orgasmic tingle in her cunt. After aminute she raised. With a pleasant smile she looked down. The contours of herbody were pressed into the ground beneath her. The beautiful imprint wascompletely surrounded by her shoeprints. There were only a few spaces leftbetween the triangular outlines of he soles and the deep impressions left by herheels. Those small spots were covered with debris and crossed by cracks thatradiated out from the borders of the smooth imprints. She looked at the groundnext to her feet. There was a large wet spot that glistened with her pussyjuice. Carefully she peeled herself open again. As she had guessed there wasmuch debris stuck to her clit and her labia. Nonchalantly she wiped it off withher fingers and smeared the gore onto one of her shoeprints.

"YOU WERE A SATISFIYING CITY!" she thundered and worried if there were morethan ten survivors as she walked back to the ship.

Meanwhile Naracha had reached the outer parts of Moscow. She was by far notas playful as Sul so she placed her feet careless on the ground. The effect onthe city and its inhabitants however was the same. The roads were jammed. ButNaracha had other thoughts than aiming the heels of her elegant slippers atinteresting victims. Looking down she was disappointed. She had hoped to findanother city like the one on the other continent. But this one was different.

The houses looked mostly grey and the few large ones were gathered in a smallpart. All around were those areas crowded with small houses. She hardly felt thecrushing under her walking feet. This was no town for a longer play. A quickstrike and a small orgasm would do. Right now she flattened the area next to thelarger houses under her left foot.

"Skyscraper - what a dull name" she thought and stopped. A small explosionwas muffled and crushed out under her left foot.

Naracha stood and watched. Lazily her finger entered her blue bikini bottomsand found her clit. Watching the furious flight at her feet she used her toes tocrush one or another of the fugitives that had been pushed towards her by thecrowd that passed under her feet. Some steps behind she had caused an explosionand now the fire had spread which forced the mob to pass under her if theydidn't want to burn down with their houses. Quickly she leaned onto her heelsand raised her toes. A few crushing taps turned the mob into lovely squirtinggore. Her last session with this arousing vibrator that would've overpowered tenof their houses had been two days ago so she easily reached the level of sexualexcitement that admitted immediate orgasm.

The end of the city was quick. Suddenly the titaness changed her position. Agiant step easily covered the skyscraper areas and the other foot followedquickly. Then she squatted down on her heels and suddenly she exerted her armsbackwards. Each hand came down on a stadium-sized area, deleting houses andeverything and then the mob between the skyscrapers saw only one thing in thesky. The moment they realized it as her beautiful ass it was too late. Narachasimply raised her hands and with an earth shattering BOOOM her ass came down onthe city. She felt her ass cheeks crushing houses and shouted with her orgasm.

Then she felt the ground covered with the thin slime of a mob that quicklydis