All that Glitters…by MagnusI arrived at Paramount studios in a sprint, just in time for rehearsal,‘cause I had been at the mall shopping and lost track of time.  You know howthat is…“Pam, you're here at last; nice of you to join us!” a chilly voice greetedme.  It was Anita Mann, our choreographer; she'd seen me sneaking in.

“Sorry I'm late, had a few things that needed to be taken care of”, It was alame excuse, but I didn't really care about it enough to make up a better one.

“You missed the meeting.” Anita scolded me,  “There are  going to be a fewchanges in the show next season that you might care about; one of the otherswill have to fill you in. Brad has a few things he wants to go over with me nowfor this week's show.”  With that comment, she scurried off.  Anyone not knowingher would have thought that very rude.

I didn't know about any meeting today; must have been some spur of the momentthing.

Changes?  Made me wonder what changes they made in the show.  Did I still have ajob?I've been with the Solid Gold program for six seasons now.  Darcel and I are theonly two original cast members left.  It just seemed kinda strange, they usuallynotify us about any meetings the week before.

I made it to the dressing room to find the red light on above the door –busy.  I was glad they put that light there, you don't know how many people havebusted in while we were naked as jaybirds.  Strangely, the intruders usuallywere young men...

Knock! Knock! I rapped on the door, several amused voices inside sang out agiggling “Who – IS – it??”“It's me, Pam,” I replied.

“Pam?  Pam's not here,” was the deadpan reply.

Sounded like Nicole who'd said that; she always liked to play jokes on us.

“Come on guys – let me in!” I retorted, knocking again, only to be greeted byanother giggled round of “Who is it?” I was starting to get peeved by the timethe door finally opened; it was Beverly who had let me in.  She was always alevel-headed one.

“Look who's late, again,” she chided me as she gave me a hug.

“Thanks; Bev.”  I waved at the other dancers, getting a smattering of wavesand “Hi's” in return.  Nicole just grinned at me smugly; the prankster.  After Ihad finished with the greetings, I made my way to my dressing table next toEileen who was carefully pulling on her pantyhose.

Eileen's a very beautiful blonde with gorgeously tanned legs that werealready tall and slim; the pantyhose only added to their muscular beauty.

“Those don't look like the brand we normally use? what's the deal?” I askedas I picked a different-looking package up off my table.  Sure enough, insidewas a folded pair of fresh flesh-toned hose, but with no brand name orinstructions.  Only a sticker with an ‘M' (medium) adhered to the bare unprintedplastic pouch.

“I don't know but I kind of like them,” Eileen said, “they are a lot silkierthan our usual!”  She held them up close on her cheek, savoring their smoothcool slipperiness.  “Ummm; nice!!”“What brand are they, I don't see a label on the package”?“I know,” said Nicole who was sitting on the other side of me; “they werepassed out at the meeting you missed.  Maybe it's a gimmick; like an invisiblecondom my boyfriend told me about.”Nicole is blonde like Eileen, with a ‘hard body' athletic build along with agorgeous face.  She's usually pretty clever to come up with some of the pranksshe plays, but sometimes her blondness shows through.

Eileen was smoothing out her pantyhose with long stretching caresses of hermuscular legs, then stood upright and pulled the panty part up tightly, rollingthe top over so there would be no line showing outside her body-huggingcostume.  I noticed they had no seam or cotton panel at the crotch; the nylonsheath simply flowed over her body like a coat of very slippery paint.

“Hey, where's the seam and gusset on those?” I said, amazed.  I'd never seenpantyhose that weren't sewn together, somewhere. I've worn pairs that had nocrotch panel, some that were stitched up the back, but never any that weretotally seamless.  Now right in front of me stood Eileen, adjusting the waistband of hers and there was not a ridge or line or blemish to mar herappearance.  In a way it was a miracle.

“They must be a new design,” she said, “I've never seen or felt anything likethem; they're so luxurious!”  Eileen continued to stroke herself, delighting inthe feel of the new hose.

“I love them, too,” said Beverly, standing up. “So smooth.  No more having toworry about your panel peeking out when you're dancing or doing those highkicks…”  She walked around the room, stretching a little now that she was fullycostumed.

“I know,” said Darcel, “Especially with those thong leotards we've beenwearing this season..”Everyone – some more overtly than others – was admiring Beverly's well tonedlegs in her new pantyhose. Beverly is a classically trained dancer; she's a verysleek and well-proportioned brunette whom everyone admired but secretly kindadespised; she had the perfect look, and I think a few of the others were jealousof it.  Even myself, sometimes.

I don't know why anyone should be self-conscious; we're the Solid Golddancers, the best there is, and every guy in the country wants to fuck us.

I quickly stripped out of my street clothes while Eileen was filling me in onthe details of the missed meeting.

“They want to make some changes to the show, get rid of the whole countdown,generally reformat the show almost completely.  Said something about ‘new targetdemographics' or something like that.”  Her words trailed off as she tried toremember the next part of it.

“What about us?”  That sounded kind of suspicious to me that the wouldn'tmention us at all.

“I asked that too, afterward, but Brad refused to say anything.”This was the final week of taping for Solid Gold; Saturday's show would bethe last for this season.  I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomachthat wasn't just hunger.  Eileen went over a few other things that werediscussed, like a switching of hosts and more; maybe even Anita might be gone. Those were big changes; Brad had not really said anything about any of thedetails, he had sounded evasive, which made the meeting even more mysterious.  Itried to put my worries out of my thoughts, for whatever the next season couldbring, we still had to put this one in the can.  Time was a-wasting and I stillhad not gotten into costume.

I bunched up the new pantyhose and began putting them on, cautiously so asnot to catch a run.  The material felt thick and heavy in my fingers, but lookedvery sheer as soon as I pulled them up over my legs.  Woven in the mesh weretiny sparklies that caught the light like teeny diamonds.  I could feel howtightly the pantyhose hugged my body, especially around my thighs.  We havenever worn any underwear before under the support hose we use, but this timewhen I had pulled this new pair up secure around my hips I felt a unusual littletingle as the smooth-bulky nylon – or whatever it was – touched my naked sex. The sensation was surprising, but kind of pleasant.  Especially since itcontinued as I moved around.

I slipped into my tight-fitting dance shoes quickly; the others werecompletely costumed and already starting to head out to the stage.  Normally,getting ready was a kind of ritual for me; almost like preparing for battle. Hurrying, trying to catch up, I pulled an old purple leotard with a low-cutbodice out of my kit bag and stepped into it while thinking these pantyhose areso tight, I feel as if I wasn't wearing any at all.   That was a strangefeeling, different than the way the leotard hugged my torso and cupped mybreasts.  Dancing is going to be different, for sure.  Little did I guess howmuch.

Entering the studio just a moment after the others, not enough to benoticeably late, I went out and started warming up.  From the first stretch thedifferent touch of the new pantyhose was amazing!  Every time I touched my legs,I could feel them vibrate and tingle a little, yet the fabric was almostinvisible.  They're so soft and yet so very tight, I could dance all night… Moving seemed effortless, as if energy was flowing into my legs with every stepI took.  Time seemed to fly by; before we knew it rehearsal was over.  Theyalmost had to drag us all out of the studio.  I still wanted to dance, by thelooks of it so did my friends.  I didn't know really what it was, but there wasthis – vigor – driving my actions.  After this kind of rehearsal usually I'd befeeling the burn in my legs.  Instead, I felt great; every step, every move, wasexhilarating like the first one.

Once back in the dressing room I decided on the spur of the moment not totake the new hose off.  As much as I like the feel of pantyhose, I've never wornthose that I dance in after rehearsal.  This new style was another kind ofhappening entirely.  They felt wonderfully delicious caressing my legs, evenbetter then earlier when I first slipped into them;  I could actually feel themcontinue to stimulate me with every action I made; so much so that I keptstretching and walking idly around just to keep the stimulus going for just alittle while longer.  They make you feel like dancing all the time, massagingyour every move; it's almost erotic.  It was incredible!I noticed that the other girls didn't want to take theirs off either, mostput their street clothes back on over them as I did.  Beverly even showeredwhile wearing the new hose.  For some reason, I felt like I was wired.

“Pam, you want to go out with us tonight?” asked Nicole, “Eileen and Beverlyand I are going to Bruno's, whaddya say?”“Sure, I'd love to, just gotta swing by the house for a minute and freshenup…”“Great, we'll see ya there!” Eileen beamed.

“Jamilah are you going too?” I asked.

“Why not?” she said with a toothy grin, “I feel absolutely great; let's partyon!”I made it to the club around 8pm, all I needed to do was to shower up andpick a flingy dress to wear with my new hose.  I even wore them in the shower,like Bev had; part of me wanted to take them off, but I didn't listen to thatpart and I was glad that I didn't too.  Toweling off was so pleasurablydistracting I did not notice how the hose were changing as I continued to wearthem.

After the shower and drying off they didn't feel as tight as before, but Icould see no wrinkles or looseness.  The sparkles had disappeared too, leaving asmooth silky sheath from my toes up to my waist which seemed narrower than I hadremembered.  My calves felt so firm and my thighs more supple than ever beforeso I knew the hose were still there.  If anything it was if they were becomingeven more invisible, like they were becoming a part of me.  I feel soinvigorated by them that I didn't notice not taking them down to pee.  Thatteensy skirt barely hid any of my gorgeously nylon-coated legs.  Though Iusually avoid spikes because of the chance of a sprain, I put on a pair ofmatching black three-inch heels.  It took a while getting ready, but the effectwould be worth it.

As I entered the club I saw Eileen and Nicole standing behind me. Jamilah andBeverly were already at the bar, sipping tall drinks with little paper umbrellasin them.  Not the kind of beverage they'd buy on their own.

“Hey, look who's here – finally,” said Jamilah.

I ignored the comment. “Where's D? “ I asked, glancing around.  The place wasreally hopping tonight.

“She had a date,” said Beverly, taking a sip from her drink.

“Good, that means there's more guys for me!” smirked Eileen as she perched ona high barstool and let her legs stretch out.  You could almost hear the murmurof turning heads over the music as seemingly everyone focused on her.

“Like you ever had a problem with that…” I replied, taking my own perch andresting my feet on the rail.  Even so my tiny skirt rode up, exposing an expanseof silky thigh that reached almost to my crotch and panties.  That is, if I hadbeen wearing any; in the rush to get ready I'd managed to forget them somehow.

Everyone was wearing an outfit that showed off their legs, and why not –aren't we The Dancers?There wasn't a man in the place that wasn't drooling at us, especiallyEileen.  She looked great dressed in a oversized royal blue sweater andfour-inch black heels, she had to be real careful of the hemline too, it leftnothing for the imagination.

Nicole was a close second in a red leather mini with a see through blouse andred ankle boots.

Beverly was stunning too in a black tube dress with cutouts at the shouldersand bra line,Jamilah and I were dressed a little more conservatively.  I was wearing a blackleather mini and a green satin blouse and Jamilah had chosen a floral printsundress.  Without being so obvious, we were no less attractive.

Finding a table took a few minutes in the crowd, the only open one ended upbeing one of those bar-height stand-ups that just happened to showcase us almostas if we had been on stage.  Not long afterwards the first of many worked up thecourage to ask us to dance.

A few men I wouldn't have minded spending some more time with if not for thestrict morals clause in our contracts.  The show watched our relationships, ithad an image to protect, and it didn't want it's bread winners in the tabloids. One dancer had been dismissed last year, though I had no idea how the show hadfound out.

We were all still charged up like energizer bunnies; between the frequentchange of partners and the kicky disco-pop-revox music it seemed we just dancedthe night away ‘cause before  I knew it, it was one a.m and people were startingto drift homeward.  I wanted to keep dancing, wasn't tired at all, but the clubwas dying down and we did have rehearsals again tomorrow.

I bounced back to our table, where the others had joined our elevated legshow.  “It's getting late guys,” I said, “Even though I could do another set orthree, I'm going home.  Nicole, you and Eileen need a ride?”“Yeah sure, just help me beat the guys off Eileen,” she bubbled.  Nicoledidn't look very tired either.

Sure enough, Eileen was sandwiched between two guys, both of which wanted totake her home.  A third was standing directly behind her, and another fewhovered close, casting lustful glances.  She was instinctively playing themagainst one another, mostly for sport it seemed.  “All right, come on Eileen”,said Nicole, snickering.  “Pam's going to give us a ride home, so lets go… Now?”Nicole dragged Eileen away from her admirers and after I had disappointed afew of my own would-be companions, we were at last on our way.  In the car wetalked excitedly, full of energy despite the lateness of the hour.

“I can't believe I'm not tired,” Eileen declared, sitting in the front seatnext to me fidgeting with the hemline of her dress.  It looked like it hadshrunk somehow; probably from all the steam she had been generating with herappearance.

“I know,” said Nicole, “me too!  Ever since I put these pantyhose on I'vefelt so great”.

“Do you think the pantyhose is causing this”? Eileen went on.

“Could be; don't know for sure.  Could be something else, too.” Nicole mused.

“I don't know about you but that something else is making me horny.”  Eileenstarted squirming around in her seat, her right hand on her sex, pettingherself.  “Mmmmm,” she purrred.

“Hey, can't you wait till we get home?” I said.  Not that I had ever beenagainst a little fooling around on the road, but this was getting to bedistracting.  Trying to pay attention to the erratic late-night traffic, Iwanted to pretend she wasn't there.

“OHHHH! NOOOO! it feels sooo gooooood!”  Eileen was really starting to workat it squirming and stroking.

“Aren't you afraid someone might see you?”  If I could not ignore her, maybeI could get her to stop for now.

Just then I heard a cooing from the back seat, apparently Nicole was beginningto feel the same way Eileen did and had started pleasuring herself too.

“OOHHHH! HOOOOT –  HEEEAAT – Can't take much more!”  Nicole gasped.

Eileen chimed in with “Umm Yaa,” deep into her masturbation; luckily we livenear each other in the same complex.  I decided to park closer to their condo sothat we wouldn't attract too much attention this late.

Eileen and Nicole were so heavy into it I had to make two trips helping them totheir condo, Eileen leaning on my shoulder while she continued to fondleherself.  I got her inside and she flopped down on the couch.

I was helping Nicole in through the door when I felt a flush and an intenseerotic heat begin to build in my own sex.  I barely got the door closed beforeit overwhelmed me and my hand sought my crotch.

“OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! UUUHHHHH!!!!!”  Eileen grunted from the couch.

“I-i s-s-ee w-what y-y-ou m-m-ean,” was all I could say as I stroked myselfvigorously, almost hopping up and down with the effort.  A new intense throbbingfelled me to my knees; I was so horny I couldn't control myself.  I begantearing off my clothes as Eileen and Nicole had; they were already stripped downto their pantyhose.

I quickly stripped to my pantyhose, flinging clothes any which way.  My pussyfelt so hot, so much unsatiable desire down there, wanting – NEEDING – to besatisfied.  I wanted to take the pantyhose off but could not find thewaistband.  They were so sheer they did not slow me down at all.  I've neverseen my hands work so fast, fingering my pussy through the nylon, working on thesmall knob that had protruded.

Nicole and Eileen had found each other on the couch and were busy grindingtheir hot pussies into each other. The zzzip-ing sound of pantyhose swishingfilled the room, along with our cries of ecstasy.

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!”  first Nicole gasped, then Eileen.  “OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”The heat in my own sex would not die down and could not be stopped; thefaster I stroked the hotter I got.

I needed a release so bad.  I imagined another lover's hands exciting me in thebest possible way, but it was only my other hand.  I was so heavy into my ownmasturbation that I almost didn't notice Nicole and Eileen orgasm together.

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They shrieked in erotic harmony.

Hearing their climax and the swishing sound their pantyhose made pushed me tomy own at last.  I came, with a great sigh of pleasure.  I could feel my cumdripping off my hand onto their rug, but I couldn't care.

I was about to taste it when I discovered I had company.  Rolling off thecouch, Nicole grabbed the warm juices and  greedily plunged them into hermouth.  Then I felt a different kind of sensation as Eileen began a furiouslapping of my cum from between my legs.

“OH MY!!!” I blurted, then surrendered to the moment. “Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!” Feeling Eileen's hot tongue darting in and out of my pantyhosed pussy made meheat up once more. I wanted to....wanted again…Seeing that Eileen had beaten her to my pussy, Nicole slid forward and sat onmy face, putting her own moist crotch in my face.  She had plenty of cum to goaround.  Instantly I began eating her through the sheer nylon.  Her warm juicestasted so good, I couldn't get enough, but I sure tried.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”    “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”I came for a second time, followed soon after by Nicole, we did not manage todo it in harmony (will have to work on my timing, I made a mental note).  Hercum smeared all over my face as her soaking wet pussy ground into my mouth whileI tried vigorously to lick it up.

Eileen seemed drunk on my cum and lay squirming on the floor. Nicole and Imoved on to her, with Nicole eating her fruits while I stimulated her areolaswith my tongue.  It didn't take long before we had her bucking, hips flying inthe air, as Nicole furiously fingered her to climax.

We watched in amazement as Eileens eyes rolled back in her head and whatseemed like an endless flow of cum came steaming out of her sex, drenchingNicole.

“OH OH  IIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  she managed, then only murmured,“Ahhhhhhh……..”  Eileen just laid there cooing while Nicole cleaned herself off,then started licking the cum from her roommate.

“I've never seen anything like that;” said Nicole, “it tastes sweet though,”she commented,  licking her fingers.

The incredible heat between my legs subsided and my head started to clear abit, I had enough presence of mind to glance over to the wall.  “Oh my god, lookat the time!”  The clock said three o'clock;  if I wanted to get any sleep atall I had better get going.  Quickly I got dressed and told Nicole and a stillquivering Eileen that I'd give them a lift to rehearsal tomorrow.  My legs feltwobbly, but I got to my feet and found the door.

Tired, finally, I made it home and went straight to bed, thinking what astrange day it has been.

  * * *It was morning, arriving way too soon for my weary body.  I awoke feelingkind of stiff, I didn't drink any last night so I had no hangover, but I knew afew that would.

As I got out of bed my legs felt cool and airy, I looked down at them to findI wasn't wearing those wonderful pantyhose anymore.  I didn't remember takingthem off and started looking around the room, a search that proved fruitless,though I did find a missing leg warmer behind the dresser.

Oh well, I thought, maybe there'll be another pair waiting for me at thestudio.

I showered, dressed in a leotard top and wrap skirt, and did my make up allkind of in a daze.  It had been a while since I'd felt pleasure like lastnight.  The sun seemed too bright as I found my car and left for Nicole andEileen's place to pick them up.  I was also curious to see if they had recoveredfrom last night's orgy.

Knocked on the door to their condo, waited.  After what seemed longer thantypical, Nicole answered.

“Oh, Pam; Hi, come on in!”  she muttered kind of sleepily, then went to thekitchen for some coffee.

I entered to see Eileen coming down the stairs in her sweats, ready to go torehearsal.

“Hi Pam, good to see you made it home ok, we passed out on the couch soon afteryou left…”“Yeah, I felt sooo tired afterward, I've never been so utterly horny in allmy life.”  Eileen said in amazement.

“I've never seen a woman spout so much cum, either, especially throughpantyhose.” I declared.

“You guys didn't know I'm a squirter?”, said Eileen with a sly smile.  Nicolereturned, bringing us all cups of steaming French Blend with a little swirl ofwhipped cream on top.  It felt like a celebration, somehow.

“I think what you did last night was more like drenching than squirting,” Ireplied, pointing at the huge mess still on the floor of their living room. Maybe a throw rug would cover it up….

“Huh, that's impossible,” Eileen said, “I've never came that much.”“Heh, last night you did.” Nicole affirmed.

“Hey you all wanna hear something strange?” I began, “When I woke up thismorning the pantyhose we got yesterday were – gone – I don't remember takingthem off…”“Wow,” chimed in Nicole, “The exact same thing happened to us!”“I looked all over the place and I couldn't find mine anywhere,” Eileenadded, “I even looked in the Jacuzzi.”“Do you think someone was in here; someone's stalking us?”“Don't know; could be Nicole, you never know. I didn't see any signs thatanyone broke into my place.”“I gave up trying to find them eventually; I figured there would be more atthe studio” Nicole concluded.

“I hope so,” said Eileen, “those were the best pantyhose I've ever worn.”“Me, too!” Nicole chimed in.  I merely smiled, savoring the memory of theyway they felt on my legs.

Nicole and Eileen got their stuff together and we headed for the studio, whenwe got there we found that the others had also slept in their pantyhose and hadawoken to find them missing.  Surely there was no stalker following all of us,but I still could not understand what had happened.  All concern was forgottenwhen we entered the dressing room to find each of us had a new pair waiting forus at our mirrors.

I tried not to let the others know how excited I was as I walked over to mynook and started changing.  A few of the others where a bit less conservative, Ithought; Beverly, Nicole, and Eileen were racing to see who could get theirs onfirst.

“Only two more rehearsals till taping,” said Jamilah, already in costume andwalking around stretching.

“I can't wait for vacation; I'm going to Bermuda after the wrap party,” saidBeverly, smoothing her legs.  Nicole came in a close second, while Eileen seemedto be lost in the sensation of sliding the hose leisurely over her legs.  Shemay have lost the contest, though I think she won the pleasure sweepstakes.

Anxious, but not obviously rushing, I had my pantyhose on in a flash;instantly the feeling of vibrant energy returned, making me feel even better. The short night seemed to vanish in that moment.  I was ready to fly.

“I've got to ask Rickie where she got these, I'd love to have some for theoff season,” said Darcel, “I'd also like to know if they come in any othershades”.

“I'll bet'cha they do,” said Eileen, who had chosen a red leotard with adeeply cut cleavage.

“Who wouldn't want to have a pair of pantyhose like these?  I've never seenanything like them!” said Jamilah.

“Hey has anyone heard anything more about next year's roster?” asked Beverly,kind of out of the blue.

“No; Brad wouldn't say boo about it and Anita says she won't know anything‘til sometime after the taping.” Darcel answered.  “So we're all in the dark,then.”“I hope they don't change the show too much.  What would Solid Gold bewithout the countdown?”“I think it would be a lame ass show, Nicole,” I replied.  “I remember whenDeborah and Gayle left; there was a loss, but we just had to deal with it. We'll deal with whatever changes they make this time, too.”“Deborah and Gayle were such good dancers, why were they let go?” Bev askedas she stretched one leg high up to the top of a dresser.  She seemed to have alot of energy as well.

“So you could have a job, Beverly,” said Darcel, with a bit of mockery in hervoice.

“No, I don't know why,” I continued, ignoring the jibe.  “There's been otherstoo, like Janeen, who was here for only a few shows this season and then – poof– she's not around anymore.  There are always changes.”“Yeah, then what about Chelsea and Lezlie and Leslie?” said Nicole. ”Iremember watching them on the show, too, but Gayle was the reason I wanted to behere.”“I was sad the day I heard about her accident,” Darcel said quietly.  It wassomething none of us talked about.

“Yeah, so was I…”  She had been a good friend of mine…Soon everyone had their hose and dancewear on. The tingly sensationsincreased when I moved, even more so than yesterday, but they felt great.  Everystep I took, every move, every kick I made, my legs were energized anew.  I wasso gratified by having them.  It's too bad Mark and Cooley couldn't wear these,they would enjoy them I'd bet, even as guys.

Rehearsal was again over before it started, it seemed, my energy level wasincredible.  Everyone was going through their routines almost flawlessly. But ifwe are too good, I had thought, they might cancel the next rehearsal.  Whetherit was because I was not paying attention or unconsciously trying to, I flubbedthe sweep and almost tripped over Nicole.  Instead of a catty remark, sheflashed a knowing smile back at me.  She must have been thinking of the samething!  I realized at that moment.  My goof earned me a scowl from Anita but noother comments.

Like yesterday, we all went to Bruno's afterwards, dressed to the nines,where again we danced the night away.  Well, less of the night than last night;at around 10:30 p.m. I decided to head home.  My energy hadn't run out, buttomorrow was dress rehearsal day and I wanted to look and perform my best. There might have been something else, too; something I did not expect but waskind of hoping for.

I took Eileen and Nicole home again since we lived so close, the others wereleaving as well.  We made it to our complex without any more fooling around thistime.  After I dropped them off we went our separate ways.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, the sensual heat I had felt lastnight returned in a flood of desire.  Seized by the need for pleasure I almostcollapsed in the entryway, a yelp of  “UUUNHHHHHH!” escaping from my lips.  Oncemore I would have to satisfy my own needs myself, but not here on the Persiancarpet.

I barely made it upstairs, the heat and my clit pushing down against thepantyhose making it hard to walk.

In my bedroom I quickly disrobed in front of the mirror, watching myself as Iplayed my hands over my body.  My sex was very wet as I worked my fingers intoit, grinding my pelvis back and forth in rhythm. Strange; my bush looks a bitsmaller, I observed.  I don't recall trimming it yesterday.

Then the erotic heat really overtook me; I wanted – no, NEEDED – somethinginside me sooo bad.  Making it over to the nightstand, I pulled my vibrator fromthe drawer and fell into the bed.  A familiar, friendly, buzzing could be heardas I made it come to life in my hand.  Seconds later it was dancing across myclit; driving me nearly insane with its pulses.  The pleasure was intense,greater than I recalled.  Still, I wanted more...

Fumbling with the waist band, I slid my free hand down inside my marvelousnylons, trying to make a hole so my little friend could go in and play. Amazingly, the pantyhose wouldn't rip!  They seemed as strong as steel springsand almost as tight, so I had to push-pull the vibrator in under the hose andhelp it find the goal; when my hand slipped on my juices as I was repositioningthe dildo, the tightness of the hose quickly plunged it in.  Deep!“UuuuuuAHHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!”Immediately I came, my hips rocking up and down, side to side, while grabbingwads of bed sheets with my fists as the orgasm intensified.

“AAAAAOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”  My climax seemed to last forever, thenthere was immmediately another.  “UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”  The heatcouldn't be quenched by normal orgasms, it seemed.  I needed more...

I got up off the bed and made for an old antique rocking chair I had in myroom, the vibrator shifting and pulsing merrily along, sealed in by thepantyhose, as I moved.  My whole body glistened with perspiration.

I mounted one of the sensuously curved arms of the chair and began rubbing andrubbing as if my clit had a mind of its own.  The heat intensified and my skinbegan to feel very sensitive all over as I rocked back and forth, grinding mypussy into the arm of the chair burying the vibrator deeper inside of me. Seconds later, my whole body arched up and rocked as I came again.  “OOMMHHIIIIUUuugggghhhh!” I tried to be quiet, lest the neighbors complain.  At last, the heat seemed tofade slightly, but now I was becoming exhausted.

Spent, I headed back towards the bed; passing in front of the mirror, Ididn't recognize myself.  I froze in my tracks and did a double-take to findthat my silky pantyhose now seemed to cover me from head to toe; I could hardlymake out my normal features save for my hair.  It looked as if my whole skinwere now smooth nylon; every part of me was now very shiny, especially betweenmy legs which was still wet from cum.

This wasn't just sweat; I wanted to freak out, but instead my hands beganexploring my body without asking me first.  Of course I would have let them, butthis was a matter of principle. Then I was lost in the sensation of pantyhosecovered fingers slipping over my pantyhose covered breasts and tummy.  It feelssooo good...

I lost myself for a moment – well, several moments – till my silky hand slippeddown to fondle my sex; it was  then I remembered the vibrator sealed inside meand felt its pulsing once more.  Carnal heat nearly consumed me again as itdawned on me that I… couldn't… get… it… out…!I tucked my pubic bone up to get a better look at my pussy in the mirror; Icould just barely see the shaft of the vibrator peeking through the moist foldsof my labia. The thought of the vibrator being stuck there forever made the heateven hotter.  And I just changed the batteries to Ultra!I furiously began rubbing my clit, which was now engorged into a throbbingknob, desperately wanting to release pleasure into my body.  Poking and pushingthe end of the vibrator only increased the movement a little; I needed more,much more...

The bed posts!  flashed through my sex-addled mind and I knew in an instantthey'd be perfect.  The four posts of my bed were topped with egg shaped woodenknobs.  The ones at the foot of my bed should give me what I need, quickest!  Imoved over to the end of the bed and eased my hungry sex down over the closestone of them, feeling the pressure of the hard oak on the vibrator.  The buzzingsensation itself nearly drove me over the edge as the bed knob transmitted it tothe whole bed, then the floor.  The room itself was now a turn-on!My movements became rapidly quicker and deeper, I could even feel the bedknob poking deeper inside me!“AWE!  NAWNN!  NUAHHHHEEE!”  My hands slipped all over me as the third orgasmtook me to a level of ecstatic joy I'd never known; never believed was evenpossible.  Gripped by its power, I could feel my entire body tensing as Iprolonged the orgasm for seconds that seemed like an eternity to me.  Anyoneentering the room would have thought there was an ornately carved figure perchedon the bedpost, I remained so still.

Eventually, I fell back into the bed, totally exhausted, part of me wonderinghow I'm going to get the pantyhose off, the rest of me not caring as I quicklyslipped into a slumber populated by pungent dreams of erotic acrobatics andunusual companions.

Morning came, foggily, and I found myself lying flat on my back, staring at aceiling which still seemed to have nymphs and satyrs dancing on it. Or was thatpart of the dream?  There was something hard pressing against my ass; I reachedunder there and grasped a long and hard object.  It was my vibrator, quiet now.

I remembered last night, or at least most of it; especially the part where I gotthe dildo stuck inside me and how my nylon-coated body felt all over…  Was thatpart of the dream, too?Jumping out of bed I flew to the mirror to find my normal self looking backat me, pantyhose nowhere to be seen.  Like yesterday, they were just – gone. It's weird though, it feels like they're still covering me!  My skin felt sotaut and smooth, with fewer freckles than I recalled.  Looking down at my abs, Icould see they appeared rock hard; in fact my whole body looked tighter and feltbuffed like I had done twenty hours of aerobics a day for the past month.  Iliked the effect, but it was a mystery. Masturbation alone doesn't do this, Ithought to myself, even incredibly absolutely tremendously wonderful multipleorgasms.  What is going on?Something else was different though; the great glowing feeling I had when Iwore the magical pantyhose was gone too.  I felt empty inside, like I neededsomething.... Just don't know what it is, exactly. I wondered.

 While showering I found another thing that had changed overnight; all my pubichair; was gone, completely.  Not even any stubble or a pale patch of skin at mycrotch. It was like I never had any. Why didn't I notice that in the mirror? Upon closer examination, the fine hairs on my arms had vanished, too.

This is way beyond strange, I mused,  these last two days have been so veryweird and yet pleasurable; first the pantyhose, then the sex acts, and nowthis.  It's like someone was conditioning me...  For what?  Thinking of thedance troupe, I wondered if the same changes were happening to the others?I imagined that when I saw myself in the full-length mirror as I stepped outof the shower and toweled off (which felt very weird as I dried my denuded sex)that I could almost be one of the perfect bodies that win beauty contests andget put on display. But, I'm still a dancer, and the final rehearsal is today! Ijogged myself back to reality.  Finishing getting ready for the performance, Ileft to pick up Eileen and Nicole, curious what this day would bring.

Eileen answered the door when I arrived. “Pam, ah, hi!  We're almost ready,” she said to me, then shouted up the stairs “NICOLE, PAM'S HERE!!” With asheepish smile she said, “She's almost ready; really.”“You will not believe the dream I had last night,” I told her as I sat down,“only I don't know if it was a dream or real or what...”“It couldn't have been any weirder than the one we had!”  Eileen satcross-legged on the floor and related their experiences after I dropped themoff.  As she told me the details of what happened to them within their shareddreams, I could see it was not much different from my – dream.

“As soon as they got home it started,” Eileen said, “ I became mega horny,like the night before. Nicole and I used a double sided dildo and screwed eachother silly for hours and hours.”  She leaned closer to me, saying “But we nevertook the hose off!  It was like they were, like, glued onto us.  I couldn'tbelieve we never put a hole in them, with all that pressure.  They just seemedto stretch inside of us, and it felt sooo good!”I simply nodded knowingly; this was almost exactly what happened to me.

“Wait; it gets even stranger,” said Nicole, as she skipped down to meet usand picked up on the conversation.  “As we were grinding into each other ourpantyhose sort of spread, until they completely covered our bodies!”  Eileennodded her agreement as Nicole continued, “For quite a few minutes we lookedsmooth and shiny, just like some of those window mannequins you see at somedepartment stores.”  She shook her head, as if to clear her thoughts.  “It wasso weird; when we touched each other we were – slippery.  That part was reallyfun!”“Eventually we passed out,” said Eileen, “then when we woke up today, thepantyhose were gone; just like from yesterday.  Only this time I'm sure I didnot lose them.  I have no idea when we got to sleep, because I must have comenine times at least!”“Yeah, you should see the mess upstairs,” said Nicole with a smirk.

 â€œI've got to find out more about those pantyhose,” I stated, “I've got tosee what makes them what they are, behave the way they do; ‘cause ever since Iwoke up this morning, it feels like I still have them on, and not just on mylegs this time.”  I stood and did a little turn in front of my two friends. Today I was wearing a silvery skin-tight catsuit, ankle boots, and a wideleather belt.  It was an outfit I'd previously thought was too risqué andrevealing; now it just felt – right – for me.  “My whole body is more toned anddefined, with a tighter waist and fuller bosom.  It's like I've got the body I'dalways wanted.” And now I can show it off too!Eileen and Nicole's faces went white in unison as I told them this last part,then they gasped in recognition.

“I know totally what you mean Pam!  I noticed the same thing with Nicole andme this morning, and I almost freaked when I saw this…”  Eileen lifted her skirtup and pushed her panties to the side to show me her smooth hairless sex.

“Same thing with me; bald as a baby.” I said.  “So it seems these newpantyhose are really doing something to us; it's not only an intense dream we'veall been having.”  The other two nodded.  “Now, I don't know what, yet I don'twant to stop wearing them; they make me feel so good.”  I could hardly wait toput on the next pair.

“I just wonder if any of the other dancers are going through the same thing?”queried Nicole, while brushing her hands over the more pronounced curves of herenhanced body; she, too, had been changed for the better.

“Probably,” said Eileen, “they were on the first night. I just can't wait tosee what happens this evening.”“Let's go then, girls; I'm ready!” said Nicole.  “I've been dying to get intoanother pair of those pantyhose ever since I woke up.”  She didn't have to asktwice.

We headed for the studio; today was dress rehearsal, with full costumes,sets, and music.  Then, taping day.

On the way there I began to think  If I am given another pair of thesepantyhose, should I even put them on?So many strange things have been happening the last two days, it has to be thepantyhose that are causing it.

We arrived at the studio and met up with the other girls, who all seemed veryeager for another day of heavy rehearsals.  So keen, indeed, that we didn't havetime to talk about our dreams last night.

As soon as I got inside the dressing room I saw our show costumes waiting forus, hanging on the back wall, covered by thin transparent plastic bags. Theylooked super; I couldn't wait to see how mine looked on my new improved body. Getting more and more excited, I looked over at my nook, hoping, then whisperingYess! to myself as I saw another pair of magical pantyhose waiting for methere.  I was totally drawn to them.

Any doubts I had before about wearing them vanished in desire as I quicklygot undressed and flung the catsuit in a heap on the floor.  My sex was alreadymoistened; I had to hide my wetness from the others.  So I sat on a towel whilepretending to skim the call sheet.  Hmm; I'm in six numbers this show, notincluding the opening and closing numbers.  I remembered my moves and where Ihad to be careful and not foul up the timing.  Then, nonchalantly, I reached forthe package of hose.  Only I could see my hands trembling in anticipation.

The pantyhose seemed to glide on even more effortlessly than before, they'resmoothing up my legs almost on their own, I thought.  Once they were in place, Ilooked completely sexless with them on, not a shadow or a mound other than mypussy.  I resisted the temptation to feel myself up down there, but it took aneffort.  Slipping into my dance shoes, buckling them on, I started to thinkabout the performance and put any other distractions aside until it was over. Gingerly I went over and picked out my first costume, which was a dark tan,sequined mini with slits far up the sides.  It fit like a glove, for the firsttime ever.  Wow, talk about luck!The other dancers had their new hose on by now as well and were each claimingtheir costumes.  I took a glimpse at a few of them and could see they hadbenefited from the overnight workout program too.  They all looked great.

I slipped into the opaque tan briefs that came with the costume, which hidany glimpse of our sex. With these briefs on, you'd think I was a barbie doll! I thought as I checked my costume in the full-length mirror.  ButI have seen footage of us dancing in them, to the cameras it looks like we'renot wearing any at all.  I sighed;Anything for a ratings boost…I looked over at Nicole sitting next to me, she already looked completelysexless just as I did.  As she slipped on the briefs, I began to wonder wouldanyone notice if we didn't wear them?I couldn't wait to get into the practice studio.  After I quickly finisheddressing, my legs felt like dancing, so I stretched and did a few leaps simplyto feel the energy flowing into my legs and body once more.  There was just ahint of something else; a heat that simmered deep inside my pussy.  Not yet,Pam, but soon.  Patience!The others were just as quick to get ready and soon we were all in the practicestudio, warming up.

Anita was waiting for us as usual, clipboard in hand.  She noted the outfitswe were wearing would be used in both the opening and closing sequences so shewanted us to practice in them.  I had no problem with this; my bouncy legs werebegging to dance.   The costume fit me like a second skin, so I did not expectany binding or restriction of movement at all.  And there wasn't…As the music started and we began to move, I could feel the pantyhosecaressing me soothing me with every step; stretching and pulling, contractingand holding, enhancing my legs and my performance as one.  Never before have Ifelt so much ‘in the zone' as that day, one with the music and my moves and mydance troupe.

I couldn't believe how well I danced.  I began to wonder how it was thesepantyhose could inspire you to feel so good, so – right – but I couldn't quiteput a finger in it. It's almost like a euphoria drug; how they make you feel,especially later when they turn up your heat, making you horny and sensitivelike you never have before.

As the rehearsal wound down, I resolved to myself  Tonight, I'm sleeping inthem again, no matter what… not knowing how right I was.

The final number had started; after all our activity I was already halfexpecting the hose to turn up the heat.

In the middle of a bouncy high kick, they did.  My face flushed, but I did notskip a beat and glided into the next steps effortlessly.  Oooooohhh!!! Have tohurry!! I told myself, and also to focus on finishing the set.

Concentration came harder and harder as my heart began to race.  I sodesperately wanted to sneak off and satisfy myself.  I wonder if any of theothers feel the same way? I thought as I glanced around the studio.

I caught Beverly fingering herself in a turn while trying to pretend she wasadjusting her briefs; Darcel looked happier than she normally would be, too. It's getting hot in here – don't know how long I can keep it up.  My strutting,hip wagging canter around the stage was itself almost too much.  It won't belong, I told myself, and struggled to keep in step.

My pulse continued to race; I couldn't wait for this number to end.  I canfeel the heat building; I need release now.  Oh, now, please let me stop!  Ibumped and grinded my way through the complex choreography the same way I havedone each week, letting my legs carrying me by instinct and training, myincredible pantyhose pleasuring me as I gyrated.   It's getting harder to stayfocused on dancing; there's all this movement; I can feel  how swollen my clitis getting from these moves.  My mind was telling me to find release, but Idanced on.

The tempo of the music changed, that meant the number was ending;  time forus do our final prance to center stage and strike a pose grouped around Darcel. After a few seconds, Anita would say ‘Clear' and the dress rehearsal would befinished.  I knew that soon I would have the release I craved.

‘SO--LID G-O-L-D!!!' the singers announced and then fell silent; the musicpeaked and cut off into silence.

I struck my pose next to Mark with my hands at my hips.  Shoving my pelvisforward to shape my hips was a standard move, but this time my clit rubbed onthe pantyhose.  Like a match being struck, it sent the most powerful fire yetdirectly into my brain.  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It felt like amillion orgasms and lasted almost as long.  I knew I wasn't going to make it tothe dressing room, or any other room for that matter.  I felt a strangesensation pass through me and hoped I wasn't going to pass out.

I held the pose for a ten count, timing off the seconds silently, strugglingto keep my smile steady on my face.

‘6,7,8,9,10....10...10?'  Anita had not said a word, but I had to have somerelief.  I started to reach down to my pussy, then discovered…I can't move; what's going on?The others weren't moving either, not at all.  Everyone was stuck in theirfinal poses.  Like statues.

I... I... I can't move, no matter how hard I try; I can't move, I can'tbudge....Can't talk…. Why?Why can't I move?   My thoughts raced while my body stayed as stiff as a board. Straining as hard as I could, I tried to move something, maybe only to twitch mylittle finger, but nothing happened.  Even blinking was impossible as I staredblankly ahead.

I can't move anything!!  Somebody do something!!  I cried without making asound.

We're standing here, no one else in the studio but Anita. I could see by herreflection in the mirrors of the room that she wasn't moving either.  It waslike time had stopped…  Everybody was totally frozen.

Everything was so quiet with the music finished, all I could hear was slowbreathing.

Mark, Cooley, Eileen, Nicole, Darcel, Jamilah, Beverly – myself – all lookedlike perfect statues in a tableaux.

My mind, half washed in orgasm, half in panic, wondered What's wrong with me?How can this happen to us?We stood there, still and mute, for what seemed like an hour when the dooropened at last. Rick Dees and a man who looked like a doctor, along with twonurses, entered the room.  I didn't know what to do; though there was nothing,really, I could do.  I still couldn't move a muscle.  The man in the lab coatI'd never seen before, but Rick Dees used to host the show last season.

There was something familiar looking about the nurses....  Oh My GOD – It'sDeborah and Gayle!!I hadn't seen them since they left the show and thought for a moment thatmaybe they were here to help us.  But help was not their intention.  They seemedto be oddly quiet as they stood there patiently. What are they doing with Rick,and dressed in those nurses uniforms?The man in the lab coat looked like he was from MIT or some think tank; hewas pale, balding, and greasy.  He wore black thick glasses and carried with himtwo brief cases that looked like they were very heavy from the amount he wassweating.  Or maybe that's just his normal complexion.  Ugh.  He seemedunperturbed.

Good, maybe he can find out why we can't move...

“Damn Ben, I didn't think you could do it again!” exclaimed Rick, as the manin the lab coat unfolded a stand out of the bottom of one of the brief cases andset it up.

“I told you I could.  It's just that I've never done so many all at once.” There was a trace of an accent in the reedy voice.

What? This many? What the hell are they talking about?  Us?Anita remained as unmoving as we all were.  The reflection in the mirrorshowed the expression of confusion and surprise affixed on her rigid face.

Aren't you going to do something?“The subjects appear to be prepared as I had expected,” Ben said as he walkedaround us, observing each of our motionless forms like we were exhibits in somewax museum. “The formula seems to have worked even better than last time,” hecontinued.

OoooH!I felt his stubby fingers on my ass, giving me a slight pinch and pat as hepassed behind me.  It felt surprisingly good.  What's he doing? what's going onhere; what does he mean ‘the formula seems to have worked better?'   Whatformula??“You've outdone yourself this time Ben,” Rick proclaimed.  “So when will theybe able to join the others?”“Soon, my impatient colleague; soon.  Once the controllers are in place,they'll become everything what I told you they would be.  And more.”Rick stood there ringing his hands with open glee, “I can't wait for them –to – to be mine!”What's going on here?  What's going to happen to us?I could just see Deborah and Gayle; they had blank looks on their faces andwere just standing there.  Waiting?“Heh heh – looks as if the formula conditioned them too well, Ben.” Rickchuckled.

“Why's that?” The ‘doctor' was fumbling with the locks on the brief cases andwas not looking at us.

“Eileens leaking,” Rick said pointing down at her rigid, unmoving figure asshe crouched stiffly in front of me. I could only imagine she had come in a bigway.

“I'll take care of that,” Ben said, motioning Deborah and Gayle to him as heremoved some items out of one of the open cases.  The unguarded door seemed tomake him uneasy as he had glanced at it several times already.  “Are you no onewill walk in on us?”“I'm quite certain. Anita always holds private, closed,  rehearsals; we won'tbe disturbed.”“Very well then; Deborah, Gayle?” They came closer, he turned and handed eachof them an object I could not see.  “Deborah, you go and take care of Eileen,Gayle you will please deal with Nicole,” Ben said nodding towards where we stoodor squatted like a bunch of wax figures.

What are they going to do?My jaw would have dropped if I could have moved as Deborah moved like she wasin a trance toward Eileen.  In her hand I could see a flesh-colored something,rodlike; a Dildo?Eileen was frozen in a half crouch directly in front of me. Deborah kneltdown slowly, carefully moved aside the wet portion of her briefs, and insertedthe dildo into her.

It had looked like it went right through the nylon covering her pussy; thenafter it vanished into her, it was gone without a trace!  OH MY GOD, WHAT ARETHEY DOING TO US?While this was happening Gayle did the same to Nicole, the other croucheddancer.

I couldn't believe what was happening; it was hard to figure if I wasthinking straight or not.  Everything was taking place as if in a dream.  Firstbeing frozen, now this scene!Deborah and Gayle rose slowly, walked back over to Ben, and stood quietlybehind him without saying a word.  Ben pressed a few buttons on a small box thathe held, then Eileen and Nicole moved!  There was something not right about howthey acted, something – mechanical?Stiff-jointed, like mimes or cartoon robots, the two dancers stood slowly toattention.  They both stared blankly into space.  I could see the damp stain atthe crotch of Eileen's leotard but this did not seem to bother her at all. Nothing did.  Nicole was also dazed.

After pressing more buttons, he motioned them over to him and he handed themeach another of the phallic controllers, as well as giving two more to Deborahand Gayle.  He spoke to them in turn, but I did not catch what he said.

Then Deborah and Gayle went to Darcel and Jamilah; Nicole stepped stifflytowards Beverly. Eileen came for… ME!I... no... don't...

Panic flooded though me; what was I going to do?  I'm going to have one ofthose thingie's shoved into my coochie – and then what?For a moment she faced me and looked directly into my eyes.  I was hoping fora bit of recognition, a sudden smile or some sign this wasn't happening.  Shestared through me as if I was not there.  Or Eileen wasn't Eileen anymore.

Eileen No Don't!  I screamed, but my lips did not even tremble.  She couldn'thear me, I couldn't even talk.

Slowly, deliberately, she knelt down in front of my frozen body.  I couldfeel cool air on my crotch as she pulled my own dampened briefs aside, thetic