Amy the women-eater,I am Amy, I'm 20 years old with black hair to my back. I'm medianbuild with pale white skin , I'm 7ft 11inch's in my words I am agiantess. Which bring me to my story, when I was 16 my mother toldme that I came form a long bloodline of giantess and shrinker's.

(people who could shrink people to 3 inch's) That goes to oldIreland when they were goddess to the people. At first I did notbelieve her so i asked her how. She said it was with my will. So Iwent to try it, now first I did not plan what that night. I justwanted to play with it. I played with cars shoes and every tryworked.Then for the first time in my life I did a human. It was noshock it was a women I'have been loving women for years. It was thispetty Gothic girl my age I did not get her name. But let me go onand say that what I felt for her was not any about sex. Anyway shelet me in her apartment. We wa lked in and my will lost it, shestarted to shrink to 3 inch's right down to her earrings were inher scale now. As for what to do now I truly did not plane for thisto work, I was in panic of what to do. But then I saw what woulddrive me to this day. A book of dark fairy-tales on a coffee tablethat was open to a very eye opening story, about this giant who hadthe fair lady with her and he had just killed the knight that was tosave and then ate her. That story gave me a very raw feeling ofpower. Their was no knight to save, yet their was a giantess thathad not had lunch or dinner, and their was the fair lady with nohelp. Well they say that life plays of art so why not eat her. Igrab her legs first I force her down my mouth I felt her kicking inmy throat and it felt very good. It was hard but after a few I sawface go in my mouth. Then I swallowed then after that I felt herinside my belly it was great. I was 16 and for me I was a damn foolbecause after that my hunger for women got very very bad. To thepoint were I would have 20 or even 50 little women for lunch,dinner, and even in the Morin. My mother saw nothing evil about myfather know nothing. Both states of minds would haunt me to thisday. Now it might help to know that it is very hard to found my evenhard to find five in the same place and damn harder for them to befriends but I'm skipping ahead. Now I know Liz for a long time andI really love her like she was my own sister and like I said was ahungry fool I thought how lovely it would be for her to be inside ofme. But she was the keeper of a sicken soul of a brother namedhunter. He had every mantel sickness who could think of 5 in alland all to do with rage and the fact he could not control it. Whatscared me the most about him was that they (his mother and dad) lethim have an mid-evil sword that he had since he was 8 no w he was 13and could cut in to the air and making it scream in the air(also hewas in to black magic). But Liz and I were the only ones in thehouse. Then like clock work I shrunk her down I put her in my mouthmore gently then normal, but yet it was not normal. She just let meto this to her and she just smiled at me. Maybe she like it, maybesome how she what would happen I may never know, I just know she waseasy even to the point of helping me swallow her by sliding down mythroat like slide. then she hit my stomach with a splash (which isweird because I never heard them hit my belly) it was done I feltgood until I saw Hunter outside looking in the window with anger inhis eyes that I have never seen no human before or after have. Hehit glass with inhuman force. I ran for the door. But he was theirwith his 33 inch sword ready to cut me. I ran for the back door andran like hell. With Hunter swinging that sword over my h ead. I knowthat I was going to die,but in a twist of fate Somebody call thecops and they just got their when he hit my head with the blade.

They pined him down and took him away to my dad who is the topmantel heath doctors in the state. No One believe him that I ateLiz they thought he killed her even my mother did don't believethat I would hurt her. (I let her down on that one) So he got to goin the local mad house, and I was able to live my teen life.(I don'tknow who I hurt most Liz or hunter) So me and my friends Ashley,Sam, Alex, and Storm.(all women) ate are share of women to school,on spring break, and yes in the summertime . But I ways thinking ofhunter, who was still in the mad house. Not only that but he wasbeat and tortured. Then one night he killed his keepers stole aBruiser, black rain coat, white shoes, and black Jens, he got hissword form storages. Then ran for my father, hunter cut my dad'seyes then killed him self with his sword. My father could have lethim rest in peace. But he took his sword and put him in side awall in the mad house. As for me who eat 3 inch women for beak fasts,lunch, dinner, and snacks. With good friends and family, life ifcan't great any better.-Amy 2003Late that Amy's father was found dead in his office. He had been cutin half, Hunter's sword was taking. The only thing was left was anote in blood that said.

Amy the knight is back, time to die