Anna's Rampageby EuclidInspired by Kiler's cool stories, I had to post one of my own. Istarted it a couple of months ago but never finished it . . . Hope youlike the beginning, at least!*****Josh was getting busy with his hot girlfriend Anna. He was deepbetweenher smooth thighs, his head buried in her crotch as he gave her thebestcunnilingus she'd ever had. She was going wild, gyrating and buckingall over as her orgasm swelled. Then something happened . . .

There was a full moon, the planets were all aligned, and some kind ofweird cosmic convergence was happening. Who knows what caused it, butsuddenly Anna started to grow in the midst of her wild orgasm. Herbodystretched and pushed, smashing the bed beneath her. She had to duckherhead to avoid the ceiling, but pretty soon it was pushing up theceilinganyway! Anna outgrew the room in seconds. The walls buckled and fellas her legs - now more than ten feet long - pushed them apart. Herheadburst through the ceiling of the house, sending the shinglessplinteringapart.

"What the hell is happening to me?" wondered Anna as herglorious, nakedfigure began to demolish the house.

Anna grew to 20, 30, 40 feet in height. This whole time Josh was sopreoccupied with licking her pussy that he was oblivious to thedestruction taking place around him. He thought it was weird that hecould almost stick his head into Anna, but it seemed kinda coolanyway.

He finally knew something was wrong when the lumber started crackingandbreaking.

"Huh?" Josh said dumbly as he briefly pulled away to seethe spectacleof Anna's growth.

Anna had stopped growing for the time being. She was seated on herbuttwith her knees bent upward slightly, her giant naked body sittingwherethe house used to be. There was a brief moment of panic in her heart,but then she realized that she could actually control her size if shesodesired.

"Why go back to normal already? Why not grow bigger?" Annathought witha wicked grin. She'd always had a bad girl streak, and now seemedlikethe perfect time to indulge it!Anna willed herself to grow more. She surpassed 50 feet. Now herenormous legs and hands were stretched so far that they toppled theneighbor's houses. Anna heard something squeaking; it was Josh, whowasstill huddled between her legs.

"Oh! There you are! I was wondering what happened to you!"Josh seemed bewildered and dazed, unable to recognize his nowgiantess-goddess girlfriend. He knew it was Anna, but this was toomuchof a good thing! Anna scooted forward on her butt and leaned over tolook at Josh. She didn't want him to stop pleasuring her, it had beenso awesome! But Josh had other concerns on his mind.

"Don't stop, Josh!" Anna pleaded. Then she thought: Whyam I begginghim? HE should be begging ME! I'm twenty times his size!Anna reached down and gave a playful push to Josh . . . which to hispuny frame felt like a car crash! He stumbled and face planted intoAnna's still-wet pussy, clinging to her pubic hairs as his headslippedinto her gaping snatch.

"Ooooh!" Anna cooed. "You hit a good spot!"Anna wanted to grow again. She mentally focused and soon began toexpand. Her body grew proportionately and maintained her curvy,hourglass figure. On the ground at a nearby park a bunch of guys wereplaying football. They stopped when they heard all the crashingnoises.

They turned to look and gawked at what they saw: a gorgeous, nakedgiantess blowing up before their eyes! They were dumbstruck anddidn'tknow what to do. As they stood there, they saw Anna's massive feetscrape through a row of houses and turn them to dust. Like a big,fleshy bulldozer with toes, her feet skidded across the street andtoward the park. It churned up the asphalt and grass and plowedstraight for the football guys. They started to run in terror, buttheywere too late: Anna's feet rolled over them, grinding them into apastemixed with dirt as she continued to grow.

Anna decided to stand up now. She was already more than 200 feettall,and still getting larger. She wiped off the vestiges of the housefromher bare butt, shaking large chunks of to the ground. She looked downat the swath of destruction she'd caused in the residentialneighborhood.

"Wow, I razed a few homes!" she remarked with guiltypleasure.

Anna stood and looked at her surroundings. She had a great vantagepoint of the entire city and the ocean nearby. She was thinking abouther next move when she felt a faint tickling between her legs.

"Josh!"Anna bent over and looked, spreading her legs a little to get a betterview. Josh was still there, only now he looked no more than an inchortwo tall! His arms were embedded in her curly pubic hairs and he wasdangling far above the ground. To keep him from falling to hiscertaindeath, Anna opened her labia a little and gently slid Josh into herpussy. He slipped inside her wet snatch about halfway, his tiny legsstill sticking out below.

"Stay in there while I check things out," Anna said to herlittleboyfriend.

Anna casually sauntered toward the beach. She went down a widehighwayas she continued to grow. Her giant steps inevitably crushed carspacked with beachgoers headed for a day of fun in the sun . . . whoinstead found themselves flattened like pancakes under Anna's hugefeet!"Oh, well!" Anna sighed as she continued to crush autos andtheiroccupants under her tons of weight. "What's a giantess todo?"By now Anna had settled on a good 1000-foot height. She stood at theedge of the beach, casting a menacing shadow over the coastline.

Littlesunbathers cowered in fear at the monstrous sight before them. A fewofthe men, however, took a look at Anna and realized that she wasn'tsucha monster after all - in fact, she was quite a looker, if you couldmakeout her face way up in the sky!Anna was impressed by the panic she instilled in everyone at herfeet.

They dashed and darted for safety, reeling at the unbelievablephenomenon of a 1000-foot woman. Anna looked around and noticed asmallbanner waving next to a group of beachgoers. It bore the Greeklettersof the sorority house that had rejected her pledge last year incollege!"Those bitches are having a picnic at the beach!" Annasnarled.

Anna saw the sorority girls in their skimpy little bikinis andflip-flops shivering in her shade. They had no idea that they'dpissedoff this very girl one year ago. If they'd known that fact, theywould've been even more frightened than they already were. Anna boxedin the sorority girls with her feet, trapping them all in a littleringof sand. The girls skittered and screamed - at least, Anna thoughttheywere screams, although to her they sounded like little yips - tryingtobreak out of the foot-prison Anna had made.

"You girls weren't very nice to me," Anna said to thetrapped sororitysisters. "So I'm not gonna be nice to you!"Anna playfully kicked sand on top of the girls, just a few pinches atatime. Like getting buried alive in quicksand, the women waved theirarms and yelled for help at the top of their bitty lungs. Annacontinued to kick sand on them, piling it up into a low dune thatbeganto cover their micro bodies. Soon the sorority babes were buried inthesand dune. Some of them were upside down, upended by the kicking sandwith their heads buried. Their little legs stuck out of the ground,kicking madly in a fight for survival. Anna laughed as theiritty-bittyflip-flops flew off their feet from all the kicking.

"Keep squirming, girls!" said Anna mockingly. "You'llnever get out!"Anna waited for the sorority babes to bite the dust - literally andfiguratively! - as they suffocated in the sand dune she'd made on topoftheir picnic. When their legs stopped kicking, Anna moved on andstepped into the waves. The water only came up to her ankles, but itwas deep enough for pleasure craft to sail. Anna waded through thesea,splashing and making tsunami-sized waves as she passed. She gleefullywatched swimmers and surfer dudes get sucked under the waves, theirminiature bodies only rising back to the surface much later, afterthey'd drowned in the wake of the giantess. Ant-sized men in wetsuitswashed up dead on the shore behind Anna.

"I have such power!" Anna exclaimed at the wrath she wasinflicting.

"It's such a rush!"Up the coastline Anna spotted a brightly colored speck flying throughthe air. It was someone parasailing; he was in a parachute canopybeingpulled by a speedboat. It looked like a cute, littleremote-controlledtoy to Anna. She stood in its path with legs spread wide.

"Come to me!"The speedboat, seeing the unheard-of creature in front, immediatelyturned and tried to race away. With one step Anna easily cut it off.

The boat turned again, yanking the parasailing man around in circles.

"You're making him dizzy!" Anna laughed.

Finally Anna placed her hand in the path of the speedboat. She keptitunderwater until it got close. Then, when it was right above her, shesnapped upwards like a shark attack, squeezing the speedboat betweenherthumb and forefinger. The boat immediately squished like a hardbeetle.

Anna rubbed it between her fingers until it was nothing more thanflakes of nothing. She looked up and saw the parasailing man, nowuntethered, beginning to float toward the water. Anna grabbed thesevered line at the end and began pulling the man through the air.

Shewaved him around like a little girl waving a flag, swishing him to andfro. His parasail filled with air and the man probably thought thatthegiant girl was just going to have fun with him awhile and then drophimin the water. But no such luck . . .

Anna grew bored of her little parasail man. So she tossed him intotheair high above her head. The bright parachute canopy spread in thesunlight as it began to float back toward the earth. Anna positionedherself directly beneath the descending chute and opened her mouthwide.

The man in the harness must've seen the cave-like mouth of Annagapingopen beneath him, because he let out a high-pitched, warbling cry.

Annagiggled when she heard the sound; it seemed so tiny!"How could anything that small possibly matter?" Annathought.

The parasailing man knew he was doomed. He was about to get gobbledupby a beautiful but dreadful goddess from a science fiction fantasy.

Hegrew hard in his Speedos as he thought about his unique fate; it washorrific, yes, but it also had an arousing quality to it because itwasso bizarre. He let go of his harness straps and placed both handsoverhis bulging manhood as he tried to jack himself to ecstasy before thewoman swallowed him alive. He never made it . . .

. . . As the parasailing man glided onto Anna's tongue, she snappedshuther jaws and took a big gulp. In one motion, he was sliding down herthroat and into the dark pit of her belly, where he became food forthegoddess.

Anna felt the silky parachute slide down her throat. Didn't tastelikemuch, but at least it was something to eat!Next Anna noticed a long, wooden pier. She saw all kinds of peoplegathered on it and staring at the big freak in the ocean.

"Don't you know it's not polite to stare?" Anna's voiceboomed at thepeople.

She strode to the pier. With a little tap of her foot, she dislodgedthe wooden structure from its pylons. The people on top teetered andscreamed. Anna reached down and picked up the pier, shearing it offcompletely from its foundation. She lifted it to her eye level andstared at all the little men and women shocked with fright. With adeliberate tilt, Anna tipped the pier vertically, shaking the peopleoff. They slipped and plunged. Many of them hit Anna's big breasts,bouncing off the fleshy orbs and then plummeting to the waves below.

Others just headed straight down, diving into the water with asplash.

Anna laughed at their predicament. A few strong men still clung totherailing of the pier. Anna solved that problem by hurling the piermilesinto the distance onshore.

Anna walked inland from the beach. She suddenly remembered herboyfriend, Josh. She looked down and saw his minuscule legs danglingfrom her pussy, but they weren't kicking anymore. Havingabsent-mindedly stuffed her lover into her cavernous pussy, she'dforgotten about him and he'd suffocated inside.

"Shit," said Anna. "He was really good in bed! Toobad. I'll have tofind another someday when I'm small again!"Anna crouched down over a car dealership that had sold her a lemon acouple of years ago. The salesmen were all astonished to see the sunblotted out by this beauty. The earth shook around them as shesteppedinto position and crouched over them. Her massive womanhood hoveredover their heads like a dewy cloud; they could barely make out a pairoflegs sticking out from it. The car salesmen panicked and ran. Annasmiled.

"I gotta take a leak," she said mischievously.

Then, with a gentle push, Anna relieved herself right there above thecar dealership. Josh's wasted body shot out like a cannon in thethick,golden stream. A yellow torrent bombed the car lot. Sleazy carsalesmen dove for cover, but they had no chance. Anna's piss washedover them like a tidal wave, carrying them and their crappy cars awayinits flooding currents. They drowned amid the ammonia-scented deluge,suffering a horrible and humiliating demise at Anna's cruel hands.

Anna stood up again. There was a lot of activity in the city now;carsseemed to be fleeing everywhere. Police cars raced to the scenes ofdestruction, one at each footprint where Anna had smashed thebuildingsin her path.

"This is fun!" Anna remarked. "I wonder what I shoulddo now?"*****(So, what should Anna do now???)Anna's Rampage, Part 2 - Cop KillerAnna stood for a moment and surveyed the destruction she'd caused. Itwas significant, but not total. Most of the city was still standing.

The places where her feet had smashed the landscape looked like bombhits, but everything else was normal. Well, except for everyonefleeingthe city in panic.

Nothing in Anna's past had hinted at her reign as a cold-bloodedkiller.

Sure, she'd been called a bitch before - mostly by girls jealous ofherlooks or guys who couldn't score with her - but she'd rarely gottenviolent about anything. Still, people had pissed her off on numerousoccasions, and she secretly had fantasies of exacting her revenge onthem in cruel and heartless ways. Now that she stood taller thananything on Earth, she felt a power she'd never felt before. It wassupremely satisfying, and it intoxicated her with lust and violence.

She couldn't believe that she held the power of life and death in herhands, lording it over all the little ant-like people beneath her.

Shewas a goddess in this world, and nothing could stop her.

The city seemed distant and removed from Anna's vantage point. Shedidn't know how tall she was now, but she had subconsciously madeherself grow a bit more in the interim - maybe as much as 1000 feetmore. Walking through its streets and crushing city blocks with eachstep, she had to bend over to get a clearer picture of what washappening below. Straining her eyes, she could actually see theterrified faces of people staring back at her as she loomed overhead.

Anna laughed and blew puffs of her breath over them, sending themrolling away like tumbleweeds.

The shrill sound of sirens blared. Anna watched miniature policecars,lights flashing, racing to some part of town. Curious, she followedthem to a large parking lot. Dozens of police cars were congregatingthere, swarming near a couple of RVs with antennae and satellitedishesbristling from their roofs. Then Anna figured it out.

"This must be their 'disaster command center,'" Annareasoned.

It seemed like the authorities were always setting up a 'commandcenter'any time a crisis struck. It sounded very official and important, butwhat did it really mean? Did anyone actually DO anything at thesecommand centers? To Anna, it seemed like a pompous way for the copsandbureaucrats to make it sound like something useful was being done.

Annawatched as more emergency vehicles crowded into the parking lot andpeople huddled in worried clusters. It didn't take them long tonoticethe 2000-foot girl standing nearby; she was hard to miss!The police pointed and stared at Anna, nervously backing away as theycraned their necks to see her face. Anna couldn't hear what they weresaying, but she was sure it wasn't friendly. She had a mild distastefor cops; they'd pulled her over for speeding a bunch of times in thistown, and they were always rude to her about it. Her car insurancewassky-high because of all the violations they'd given her. The more shethought about it, the more indignant she became. Maybe she needed toteach them a lesson.

Anna dropped to her knees, causing two earth-shaking temblors. Shethenslid onto her belly, stretching out her naked body behind her andsweeping aside almost a half-mile of houses and buildings. She didn'tcare.

Anna lay flat with her chin resting on her folded hands. She gazeddownabsent-mindedly at all the commotion taking place at the commandcenter.

Cops skittered to and fro, trying to figure out what to do whenconfronted by a giant, nude college girl. Partly they wanted toadmireher beauty - her beaming smile was arresting, no doubt - but thebetterpart of them wanted to run in fear. Anna watched them awhile, pleasedto have such a disturbing effect on the little men and women. Hermerepresence was enough to scare the pants off people! They had nooptions,no response to this unprecedented menace. A giant female was stalkingtheir city, and there was nothing they could do. Anna let out a bellylaugh that made the ground shake with thunder. It shook so hard thatmany of the cops were knocked off their feet. This only made Annalaughharder. Giggling and snickering at their pathetic scrambling, shethrilled at the way she could torment them to her heart's content.

"There's a new sheriff in town, boys!" Anna called down tothem. "Andshe's cleaning up this place!"The puny cops were petrified. Some of them jumped into their policecars. As they tried to escape, Anna placed her arms in a circlearoundthe command center, reigning in the fleeing cars. Seeing a fleshy armseveral stories high in front of them, the police cars made u-turnsandraced in the other direction. There they ran into another dead end,asAnna's arms boxed them in.

"What's the matter?" Anna said petulantly, "Don't youwant to stay andplay with me?"Anna noticed a line of heavily armed men emerge from one of the RVs.

Dressed in helmets and commando gear, they looked like a SWAT team.

With detached interest, Anna saw them race to a spot not far from herface. They gathered in a group and started joggling their weapons.

"Oh, I'm terrified!" Anna said in mockery. "You guyslook so bad-ass!"The SWAT team aimed their rifles at Anna. She saw little flashes fromthe muzzles of their guns; she flinched in reflex. It felt like dustpelting her in the face and eyes.

"Ouch! That wasn't very nice!"The SWAT guys kept shooting at Anna, pissing her off even more. She'dhad enough. Anna lifted her hand and balled it into a fist. Raisingitover the SWAT team so that a black shadow covered them, Anna frownedandsnapped a last remark.

"Say goodbye, little boys with little toys!"The SWAT guys dropped their guns, placed their arms over their heads,and screamed right as Anna lowered her fist onto them. There wereterrible sounds of crackling and popping as Anna rotated her fist andground the men and their guns into sludge. When she lifted her handaway, there was a red, circular swirl on the ground where the men hadbeen. That was all that was left of them.

"Ha!" Anna rejoiced. "I guess you can say I 'swatted'them down! Goodthing they were wearing those bulletproof vests, huh? That reallysavedtheir lives!"Having witnessed the destruction of their entire SWAT team, the othercops stood dumbfounded. Some of them raced into action: a male copandhis female partner ran forward and started firing their handguns atAnna.

"Didn't you just learn anything?" Anna said, exasperated.

Anna turned her face away from the pinprick gunfire. Casting asidewaysglance at the two cops, she carefully lowered her chest. Herpendulous,naked breasts dangled in the air above, eclipsing the sunlight. Liketwin mountains, Anna's tits quivered as she placed them over herassailants. The two cops shooting at her backed away, sensing whatwasabout to happen. The man ran one way, the woman ran the other. Annashifted her body a little and positioned her left nipple directly overthe male cop. He ran for his life, but Anna had him. She deftlydropped her boob onto the ground, its convex, gelatinous formenvelopingthe little cop in mid-stride. Anna pressed her bosom more tightlyagainst the ground, making sure to crush him to death like an insect.

Then she shifted in the other direction, lowering her nipple towardthefemale cop. The woman screamed a tinny shriek, falling and rollingontoher back. She looked up in time to see a nipple the size of aCadillaczooming down on her. It was the last thing she'd ever see - Annaplopped her tit onto the cop girl and smashed her into oblivion.

Anna pulled back from the ground and inspected her nipples. At theendof each jutting, pink knob was the bloody, mangled mess of a tinycop.

They were unrecognizable except for a tiny tatter of their uniforms.

The cops sensed their impending doom. Some of them tried to run away,making a dash for the arch formed by Anna's armpits. Anna reacheddownand pushed them back into the center of the ring she'd made with herarms.

"No one gets to leave until I say so! I'm the boss!"Anna smiled wickedly at the people below trapped in her view. Shelikedwatching them squirm, imagining what must be going through their headsas she toyed with them. Without any warning, Anna leaned forwardquickly and began blotting the ground with her naked breasts.

Boom! Boom! Boom!Her nipples plunged in quick succession on the large complement ofcopsgathered at the command center. They began to run and shout in terroras the massive, fleshy orbs fell on them. Anna dabbed her big tits oncops left and right, splattering them against her dark areolas. Copsran for safety, only to have a soft, plump breast stop them in theirtracks and smear them dead across the parking lot. Some jumped intopolice cars, only to have the giantess crumple the vehicles with easeusing the mass of her well-endowed chest. Anna continued to giggle asshe tit-squished everyone she could see. She noticed a number of thecops running for protection inside the two RVs. That wasn't a smartmove.

Anna got up. She crouched over one of the RVs, glancing over hershoulder once to see if it was beneath her. She saw the faces of someof the cops peering fretfully through the windows, wondering what wasgoing to happen next.

"You shouldn't have gotten into that RV," said Anna darkly.

"Now you'rescrewed, coppers!"Anna began to lower herself toward the RV. Her broad ass shone withsweaty beads in the sunlight. Its perfect curve grew closer andcloserto the long vehicle. The cops inside began to run for the doors . . .

but it was too late! Placing the RV expertly between her butt cheeks,Anna sat down on the RV. She sighed as she gracefully inserted thevehicle. The RV began to buckle almost immediately, but Anna wascareful not to crush it just yet. Standing upright, Anna lifted theRVabove the city - almost 1000 feet above the rooftops. If they faced awindow that wasn't pressed against Anna's skin, they could've seen aspectacular view of the city. Jammed into Anna's butt, they didn'treally pay attention to such things. There were more . . . uh,pressing. . . matters at hand!Anna could feel the rigid RV ensconced in her rear end. She couldalmost feel it vibrating, as if the people inside were trying to breakout. It gave her chills, it was so exciting! Placing her hands ontheround slope of her firm, tanned ass, Anna jiggled her buns a littlejustto upset the hopeless cops inside the RV.

"I'm wiggling my caboose for you!" Anna said gleefully asshe shook theRV. "J-Lo ain't got nothin' on me!"With the capriciousness of a bored teen, Anna suddenly clenched herasscheeks tightly together, pancaking the RV and everyone inside it.

Annaspread apart her cheeks and let the ruined vehicle fall to earthbelow.

It landed with a clanking boom, splitting apart on impact and oozingredslime. Kicking the remnants of the RV with her big toe, Anna smirked.

"I can kill people with my ass! What a trip!"The second RV was still there, rocking slightly from all the terrifiedcops trying to crowd inside it. Some of them were still trying to fitthrough the door, but it was obviously overcrowded already. Annareached down and plucked away two of the cops trying to jam inside theRV. She lifted them into the air, pressed between her thumb andforefinger, until they were at eye level with her. It took great carenot to accidentally smash the men. They were so tiny, Anna couldn'treally tell what their expressions were. She figured they werescared,probably. Their little forms wiggled in despair between her fingers.

"You guys didn't get aboard the RV in time for the ride,"said Anna.

"You lose!"With an unceremonious squeeze of her fingers, Anna crushed the cops.

The two men popped like ripe berries, little jets of red shooting fromher thumbs. Anna wiped them off on her thighs and then bent forwardtothe RV.

Anna gently lifted the RV off the ground, hoisting it to waist level.

She could feel the whole vehicle jostling with distressed cops. Shebegan to brush the RV along the thatch of her pussy, slowly guiding itthrough the dewy forest of hairs. Anna could only wonder what thecopsmust be thinking - the scent, plus the sight of her rope-like pubichairs just outside their windows. What kind of feminine heaven andhellwas this?Anna took her time, easing the RV closer and closer to her ever-wetterlabia. The wheels of the RV rolled rhythmically across her sensitivezones. She caressed her slick slit with its shiny aluminum exterior,gradually slipping the RV lengthwise into her cunt. She bumped thewindshield against her clit, tapping in quick, rhythmic bursts. TheRVwasn't very big compared to her mound, so she slid her fingers indeeperand used them as well as the entire RV. Anna was swaying and swooningnow in ecstasy; the fact that the trapped cops were still making theRVvibrate made her even hotter. She dripped with juices. Her kneesfeltweak; everything was beginning to peak now. Anna threw her head backand let her long, dark hair tumble down her shoulders as she cried infits of exquisite pleasure.

"Oh, YEAHHHHHH!"As Anna came, she thrust the RV-dildo violently against her clit,crunching it harder and harder each time. The RV shattered intopieces.

The cops inside were dashed against the giant, throbbing hill ofAnna'sclit. Mixed in a slimy soup of Anna's love sauce, the cops were stuckto Anna's most erogenous point. As her fingers and the wreckage oftheRV bashed into them, they were ripped apart, killed in a filthy bathofAnna's fluids. The thought of all those tiny cops dying so miserablyjust for her pleasure drove Anna wild. Her panting, sobbing cum-criesechoed for miles. Her toes curled. She felt unsteady. Wobbling andunbalanced, Anna collapsed. She toppled with the force of a hydrogenbomb. The city beneath her shuddered as her form annihilated it. Theunlucky people standing beneath her - perhaps numbering more than10,000- saw the sky go dark just before her titanic body hit and terminatedtheir existence.

Lying in a haze of smoke and dust, Anna continued to enjoy thepost-masturbatory spasms of her climax. Sprawled on her back, shekicked languidly as she pressed her fingers into the tacky surface ofher quivering pussy. As she writhed like that, her heels dug a50-footfurrow with each pass. Cars on a highway trying to escape townsuddenlyfound themselves tumbling into the crater formed by one of Anna's slowkicks. A hundred cars spilled down the embankment into the deep pit.

Some of the drivers were dead when they hit the bottom; the ones whosurvived the initial fall were quickly snuffed as Anna's foot kickedthrough the groove again, this time shredding all the cars and peopleinits path.

"Wow, that was nice," the horny giantess sighed.

"Glad those cops couldbe of service to me for once!"Anna relaxed on her bed of destroyed buildings and cars, staring atthesky and thinking. In the back of her head, she wondered if she couldshrink back to her normal size. It might be useful one of these daystoSTOP being a giantess; after all, it was difficult to find enough toeatat that size!Anna concentrated very hard. She closed her eyes. When she openedthemagain, she found herself lying in a churned bed of soil, with debrisallaround her. She stood up and looked around. No longer did she havethevantage point she enjoyed before. In fact, when she looked down shesawa cell phone. She picked it up in her hand; it was exactly the sizeitshould be for a normal-sized person.

"Wow," thought Anna. "I'm back!"Everything around Anna was leveled. The remnants of the city werestrewn everywhere. She was shocked to see just how badly she'ddamagedeverything; it didn't seem quite so destructive from 2000 feet in thesky! Anna began to trek over the flattened metropolis, hiking forsignsof life. It was difficult to climb over the rough terrain, which hadbeen ripped apart from the giantess's rampage. Tiring quickly, Annadecided to grow a little so that she could make better progress. Sheclosed her eyes. Slowly the growth process began again. She couldfeelher limbs stretching, her trunk elongating. When she opened her eyesagain, she was about 20 feet tall.

"Perfect!" said Anna, and she stepped more quickly now,taking long,loping strides over the desolate landscape.

After an hour of walking, Anna came to a portion of the city that shehadn't wrecked. She walked down the street. It was a ghost town;everyone had either left town or been trampled under her feet. Annaspotted a department store at the corner. She saw televisionsflashingin the windows; the electricity was still working, at least!Anna knelt to get a better view of the TVs. She could barely hear thesound coming from them, so with a jab of her fist she shattered thewindow. Listening intently, Anna watched the live news reports of thedestruction. She smiled as the broadcasters recounted the horrors ofthe rampaging giantess - how funny it was to be on the news likethat!But then something made Anna stop in surprise as she watched thescreen.

. .

"Hey! That's not this city!"Aerial footage of a wrecked urban area filled the TV screen. Itwasn'tfamiliar; it looked foreign. The news people called it somethingelse.

Anna listened further. She could hear them reading off a list ofnames;it was a list of countries.

". . . and reports of giant women in Canada, Mexico, Brazil,India,Italy, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere are beginning to come in . .

."Could it be true? Were there other giantesses like Anna runningrampantin other cities across the globe? Her mind reeled at the possibility.

. . Suddenly Anna didn't feel so lonely! She had to find out if therewere women like her; she just had to know!(TO BE CONTINUED)(OK, guys - here's another episode. I've got a lot of ideas brewing,but it takes awhile for them to get on the page. Please bear withme!)Anna's Rampage, Part 3 - Big Things Are AfootAt 2000 feet tall, it didn't take Anna long to walk anywhere. Sheheaded north; she wasn't sure why, but something told her to go thatdirection. Thoughts raced through her head after hearing the newsthatthere were other giant women like her, roaming the nations of theearth.

What happened to her must've happened to them at the very sameinstant.

Who were they, and what were they like? So distracted with hermusings, Anna never noticed all the towns she trampled as she walked.

Regular earthquakes preceded each step she took, jostling the littlepeople in her path. Those who knew what was coming ran for theirlives;those who didn't paid with their lives.

A hot, flat desert lay before Anna. She traversed the terrain easily,but the landscape still seemed endless. She was getting hot andtired.

She thought about shrinking again just to get out of the sun, butsomething on the horizon caught her attention. Just beyond a lowrangeof mountains something was moving. Anna watched the object bob in thedistance. She headed toward it, not taking her eyes away.

"What is that?"As she got closer, Anna finally could make out what was moving beyondthe hills.

"It's another woman, and she's my size!"Anna rushed forward. Her running steps made deep craters in thedesertsoil at regular intervals. When she reached the mountains, she stoodonher tiptoes to get a better view.

A young woman about Anna's age stood tall over the earth. She wasalmost Anna's height, and she dwarfed everything around her. She wasblonde and curvy - her figure naked just like Anna's. The giant womandidn't notice Anna at first, so Anna called to her.

"Hey!"The woman's head spun around. A broad smile crossed her face.

"No way! Don't tell me it happened to you, too!"Anna clambered over the mountains like she was hopping a garden wall.

Landslides followed her vaulting leap. She approached the blondewomanand held out her hand.

"I'm Anna.""Kate. Nice to meet you. Hey, you're about a head taller thanme!""You can control your growth, you know," Anna told her.

"I know," said Kate. "Watch me!"Kate closed her eyes and folded her hands. Within seconds she begantostretch. Her biceps bulged and her shoulders heaved. Kate's legstrembled and shook the ground below. Her trunk seemed to expand likeputty. Even Kate's breasts ballooned as she grew. It took verylittletime to complete the process, but when it was over, Kate was lookingAnna in the eye.

"There! I did it."Anna nodded. "And did you know you can shrink back to yournormal size,too?""I haven't tried that yet," said Kate. "I was afraidI wouldn't be ableto return to this size.""Oh, no, you can! I already did it.""When did it happen to you?""A few hours ago.""Me, too! Tell me: where you in the middle of something . . .

uh,intimate when it happened?""Yes! Yes, I was! You, too?"Kate blushed. "Yeah. I was cheating on my boyfriend . . . withhisbest friend!""Really? Where is he now?""Oh!" Kate looked embarrassed again. "He's dead.

Yeah, I accidentallysucked him into my you-know-what and forgot about him! When Iremembered where he was . . . well, let's just say he wasn't havingfunanymore.""Same thing happened to me," admitted Anna. "It wasthe best oral sexhe'd ever given me. That's when I grew. I couldn't bear to take himaway, even though he was too small to do anything else for me at thatpoint."Kate leaned closer to Anna's ear, as if she needed to whisper asecret.

"Can you tell me something? Did you kill anyone? Other thanyourlover, I mean?"Anna covered her mouth and giggled girlishly. "Hell, yeah! Ijustabout wiped out my hometown! Let's see; first I ran across somesorority girls at the beach having a picnic. They'd turned me downformembership last year.""Bitches!" said Kate.

"I know; aren't they all? I buried them alive in the sand!""Cruel!""Then I saw a guy parasailing in the ocean. So I ate him!""You ATE him? What did he taste like?""Nothing," declared Anna. "He was so small, all Icould feel was hisparachute sliding down my throat! What happened next? Oh, yeah! Ipeed all over the car dealership that sold me a shitty car. Drowned abunch of car salesmen, I think. Then I ran into a bunch of teensycops.

They got all freaky on me and started shooting at me and stuff.""Ugh!" said Kate. "They did that to me, too! Whatdid you do to them?"Anna couldn't fight back the laughter as she recalled her encounterwiththe police. "I wiped them out, girl! Smashed a whole Winnebagofull ofthem between my butt cheeks! Then I took a second RV and used it 'forher pleasure,' as they say in the condom ads!""You're kidding me!" Kate said, slapping Anna on the arm.

"Get out!You diddled yourself with an RV full of cops?"Anna stomped her feet rapidly like an excited schoolgirl.

"Uh-huh! Itfelt GOOD!""I wish I'd thought of that!" said Kate. "I wasn'tnearly as creativeas you! I just started trampling all of them like bugs. They squishreally well!""You should try using them for your own ends!" said Anna,an eviltwinkle in her eye. "They're there for the taking!"Kate scratched her head. "Anna, do you think that being thisbig hasmade you totally evil?""Not totally evil," said Anna. "But something hasdefinitely changedinside me! I never would've thought of causing so much destructionbefore! But now, I can't seem to stop myself. I just feel these . .


URGES to do something! Something big, loud, and nasty!""Me, too!" squealed Kate. "I feel really impatient!Like I just wantto burst out and smash something! What's happened to us? I used tobea pretty nice girl! Now I can't wait to get my hands on all thosecute,little people and their pretty, little things! The power trip isincredible!""Does it make you, um," said Anna, biting her lip, ".

. . horny?"Kate threw her hands over her eyes and nodded vigorously.

"I knew it!" exclaimed Anna. "Whatever made us growthis big also madeus sex-starved! I feel like a bitch in heat these days!""I just want to screw someone or something!" said Kate.

"It's like wewere 'zapped' or something right in the middle of orgasm, and nowwe'rein a permanent state of arousal! Weird!""Yeah, it's bizarre," said Anna. "Hey, did you hearthat there areothers out there like us?""No!""Yeah; apparently all around the world there are giant womenstompingthrough the cities. I heard it on TV when I was normal sized.""I wonder what that means?" said Kate. "How many ofus can there be?""I don't know."Anna was about to consult Kate on strategies when she noticed a largecloud of dust rising in the desert. It seemed to be coming fromsomething low to the ground, and it seemed to be moving.

"What's that?" said Kate, pointing to the dust cloud.

"Let's go take a look!"Anna and Kate shuffled toward the curtain of dust rising into theair.

They stopped short and bent over to get a better view of what wascausing all the turmoil. Tiny vehicles smaller than toys were rollingin a line toward the two women; they seemed to be painted drab oliveandsandy brown colors. It was the military!"Looks like they called the marines on us!" said Kate asshe bent downto pick up one of the tanks. "I guess I'm not surprised."Anna watched a swarm of attack helicopters circle her waist. Sheswatted her hand at one of them, and it exploded in a bright fireball.

"Here," said Kate. "Catch!"Kate tossed a tank to Anna. Anna caught it and rolled it around inherpalm. It was smaller than a fingernail to her. She prodded it andinspected it. Then, she lifted it back behind her head and coiled herarm to throw. "Catch, Kate!"Anna hurled the tank . . . a little too strongly. Kate reached aboveher head to grab it, but the war machine whizzed by. Kate spun aroundand saw a little puff of dust behind her where it landed. Sheshruggedher shoulders. "More where that came from!""Hey!" Anna reached down and scratched her calf.

"Feels like mosquitoesbiting my legs!""Those aren't mosquitoes," said Kate. "Those tanksare shooting at us!""Little bastards!"The soft report of artillery and tank fire wafted to the girls' ears.

They watched in amusement as the battalion unleashed its heavy weaponson them. It must've seemed futile even to the marines and army guysfiring at them, but Anna and Kate thought it was particularly silly.

"How the heck do they think they can get us with those?"said Anna.

She reached down and focused her attention on one of the tiny tanks.

Its turret swiveled, as if preparing to fire at Anna. She gentlyplacedher thumb in front of the tank's main gun. It fired. The tankeruptedin a little explosion of fire, smoke, and shrapnel as the round wentoffinside its gun.

"Hee!" snickered Anna. "He blew himself up!""Let me try that!" said Kate.

Kate found two tanks getting ready to fire. She knelt and waited.

Then, at the last second, she put her fingertips in front of theirguns,plugging them at the instant they fired. Both tanks were obliteratedinstantly. Kate rocked back on her knees and clapped her hands.

"That was cool! Those dumb guys are killing themselves!"As Anna stood there, something pricked her in her bare ass.

"Ow!" Anna yelped, rubbing her butt and looking around forthe source ofthe pain.

Two attack choppers rolled away, little contrails from their missilesproviding evidence of the culprits. Angry Anna gritted her teeth andchased after the choppers. She zeroed in on the first one, which wasdiving toward the terrain to hide from the irate giantess. It didn'thelp him. Anna plucked him by his tail rotor and yanked him backwardstoward her face. She dangled the chopper close to her eye to get alookat the guys who'd blasted her butt.

Inside the chopper, the pilot and his copilot were trembling withfear.

They could see the massive, hazel iris of Anna's eye filling theirvision. In the center, the black pupil of her eye looked like thedarkvoid of death. Her long eyebrow arched in a fiery frown.

"Mayday, mayday!" the pilot yelled into his radio.

"We're caught onsomething! She's right next to us! Help!"The copilot was seated directly behind the pilot. He wanted to get upand jump out of his seat, but that was impossible. He stared ahead atthe giant eye of the goddess who'd snatched them out of the sky,wondering what she was planning to do. He saw something moving towardthe cockpit; he couldn't tell exactly what it was, but if he had toguess, it looked like the cross-section of a massive fingernail! Thegiantess was going to puncture the cockpit with her candy-apple rednail!The pilot didn't see it coming; he was too busy sending a distresscallon the radio. Suddenly the fiberglass canopy shattered above him.

Thethick edge of Anna's fingernail pierced through and sliced into thecockpit. The copilot watched in horror as the plate-like nail droveinto the pilot and crushed him in the midsection. The pilot gurgledasthe giantess cut him in half.

"Guuugghhhkkkk!"The nail withdrew, leaving the copilot to tear off his helmet andscreamin dismay. The fingernail plunged forward again, slowly pushingforwardinto the cockpit.

"No, no! I don't wanna die! AAAHHHHH!"Crunch!Anna let go of the tail rotor and watched the chopper plummet to thedesert floor.

"That's what you get for plinking me in the butt! Now where'sthe otherguy?"The second chopper was in a standoff position, hovering a few milesfromAnna. A few miles were nothing to her, and she soon located thechopperand darted toward it. The pilot and copilot saw Anna turn towardthem.

They had been smugly thinking that their missiles had severely injuredher; to reward themselves, they ogled Anna's beautiful naked bodyfrom adistance, both of them jacking off wildly in their flight suits.

"She's quite a hottie, especially for such a big chick!"said the pilotas he busily spanked himself.

"Hell, yeah!" agreed the copilot between panting gasps.

"Too bad we hadto shoot her. Hey, is she turning toward us?"The pilot stared in disbelief. "We fired a damn missile up herass!How can she still be standing?"The chopper guys' masturbation took on a new intensity as Anna chargedtoward them. The pilot didn't hesitate; with his free hand, he firedunguided rockets at the goddess. The explosions barely nicked Anna'sskin. The pilot flipped.

"Shit! Nothing's stopping her! We gotta get outta here rightnow!"The pilot sent the chopper into a hard turn. It flew in the oppositedirection, desperately trying to outrun the titanic woman. As thechopper sped away, the pilot swiveled his head around to look forsignsof trouble; there was no sign of Anna. The pilot breathed a sigh ofrelief and resumed his self-gratification.

"Whew! That was close!"With images of sexy, towering Anna burned in their heads, the chopperguys quickly drove themselves into an erotic frenzy. Sweaty and dizzywith lust, the two men worked their cocks like mad. Right as theyshottheir cum-loads into their flight suits, the view of the sky and earthdisappeared in front of them - the palm of Anna's hand and all itswrinkly creases spread out before their terrified eyes. It was toolateto maneuver out of the way.

"Fuck! It's her!""We're dead!"The pilots shouted a blood-curdling cry in unison as Anna's fivefingerscurled around her palm and enveloped the miniature chopper. Therewas atiny 'pop' as the shell of the bird crumpled under her grip, wastingthetwo, horny guys inside. If Anna had only known that she'd killed themright at the moment they pumped their juice, she would've gone nuts!Kate was dancing around the battlefield, nimbly stepping on army tanksand troop transports with her toes. Each time she came down, shesmashed a hole in the ground and took out another host of soldiers.

Many of the brave warriors were fleeing their vehicles in panic,runningacross the desert for some semblance of safety. Kate wasn't concernedabout them getting away. She lay down on her side and watched the seaof soldiers streaming away from the front line.

"There HAS to be a faster way than stepping on them with mytoe!" saidKate.

Like a light bulb going on, an idea popped into Kate's head. Shegiggled at the thought of it, then rolled back her blonde hair in atight knot. She straightened herself out. Still on her side, sherocked a little to gather momentum. Aiming carefully at the ranks ofretreating men, Kate began to roll, tucking her arms to her chest andspinning lengthwise across the desert.

The soldiers could feel a gathering rumble in the earth beneath theirfeet. They didn't stop running, but some of them looked over theirshoulders just long enough to see what was happening. They didn'tlikewhat they saw. Kate's massive form was rolling toward them like asteamroller, hurtling straight for them with the ferocity of athousandearthquakes. There was nowhere they could run in the face of suchawesome power. The men tripped and fell over each other as the earthshook mightily and knocked them off their feet. Soldiers rolled ontotheir backs just in time to see a wall of flesh hundreds of feet highbarreling down on them. They squirmed and kicked and flailed as theytried to get to their feet, but it was no use: cute Kate thegoddess-giant was on the warpath! Her 2000-foot long body began tobulldoze into the men. Some splattered immediately under the savagemass of the rolling giantess. Her naked flesh pressed others deepintothe dirt, squeezing the air out of them in the split second beforetheirpuny bodies exploded in a crimson splat.

Kate laughed at their suffering screams, the tiny, blurting cries ofbig, brawny army studs getting smothered and steamrolled by a youngwoman! Their cries stopped the moment she plowed into them, crushingentire brigades of the little guys all at once. Kate rolled androlled,leaving a trail of itty-bitty slaughter in her wake. Countless redsplotches marred the land. In a matter of moments, the militaryassaultwas finished.

Anna watched Kate rolling like a kid at a playground. She wasobviouslygetting a kick of out her fun way to stop the army attack. Annafollowed her to the point where Kate stopped rolling. She stood upanddusted herself off, wiping away a few, red remnants of little men atthesame time.

"That was fun!" cried Kate.

"You single-handedly wiped out the attack!" said Anna inamazement.

"Good work!""Thanks," said Kate cheerily. Then, as she looked back atthe carnage,she whistled in surprise. "Wow! I really smashed 'em, didn'tI?""You sure did!"Anna spotted a few survivors of Kate's steamroller attack. The poorbastards thought they'd won the lottery after avoiding Kate'sincrediblepath of destruction, when in reality they were just as dead aseveryoneelse. Anna quickly brought her heel down on the last guys standing,rotating her heel on top of them to grind them up into thin gunk.

"Now that we took care of that problem," said Anna,scraping the deadarmy guys off her foot, "we should talk about our plans. Whatkind ofworld domination would you like to see, Kate?"The two goddesses smiled at each other and imagined all the fun theywere going to have . . .