AnnettebyMiniMaxiI entered into the Ice-cream parlor down at the beach and as I waited in line toorder, I noticed the blond girl taking the orders on the other side of thecounter, seemed to be unusually big, for a girl.

I couldn't see her face or how tall she was as of yet, since she was currentlybending down and trying to get something out of the shelves below the counter.

But by judging by how high her ass was in comparison to the counter, I instantlynew that this had to be a really tall chic.

Then suddenly another girl broke my concentration and asked me if she could takemy order. And as I got distracted selecting what flavors I preferred , I didn'tnotice that the tall blond left to the back room behind the counter, where Icould no longer see her.

When I finally discovered that she was no longer visible to me, I somewhatirritated settled for a waffle cone, with chocolate and vanilla. And went to sitdown by the window at a table, to enjoy my feast as I lazily scanned the peoplepassing by outside.

From time to time I kept looking back at the counter, hoping to catch anotherglance at the blond. But to no avail. As I finished my Ice-cream and stood up toturn to go and throw away the napkin, I almost RAN INTO HER. I stopped in thelast second and stared straight ahead into what looked to be two, huge, round,silicone enhanced mega-tits straining under som hot pink thin knitted materialthat was tied to a knot underneath pushing them even higher, creating twoswelling orbs that seemed to overflow the low-cut top that she wore. And as Iraised my eyes higher and higher I got a thick lump in my throat as I finallyway up, met her sexy gaze as she giggled in a seductive fashion and uttered“ooops” without leaving my eyes and smiled a big sexy candy pink smile on herlight pink impeccable heavily painted lips.

I couldn't believe it, I had to crane my head way up to meet her gaze. She hadto be at least a foot taller than me. She looked down at me with a smirk on herpretty face. I quickly looked down at her feet and discovered that she were inflats. It was amazing. She looked to be no more than about 17-21 years of ageand yet, she completely dwarfed my 5'5”. She completely towered over me.

Immediately I felt a stirring in my pants as we kept eye-contact and froze forjust a few seconds. I finally broke down and stammered “I, IIIm ssoorry!” Andbroke her gaze as I looked to the side and tried to find space to walk past her.

And as I moved to the side, she misinterpreted my intentions and moved to thesame side as if she wanted to let me pass by her, with the resulting effect thatwe bumped into each other.

Her tit hit the bottom of my face. I turned beet red as I looked up to see herholding her well manicured hand over her mouth as she once again giggled sexilyas in faked surprise saying “OOOHH Im sooo sorry!”In an attempt to save my composure, I rapidly stammered “Its s s my fffault,forgive me miss!” She asked me if I was alright or needed any help, because shenoticed that our little ordeal caused me to smear ice-cream from my stickynapkin onto my shirt.

“Let me get you some new napkins to help you clean that mess” she offered andwalked graciously past me to fetch some new ones. As she did so, I couldn't helpbut notice that she wore low-cut jeans that finished low on her rear and exposeda little tattoo above the start of the crease of her round sexy looking ass.

Then she spun around with a wet napkin in her hand and bent down so that shecould reach to clean my shirt at my mid-section.

As she did so, I couldn't help but notice how BIG and beautiful she was. She wasextremely tall, but seemed perfectly proportioned for her size. With long wavyblond hair that was cut in layers and cascaded around her pretty face and downher back to about her shoulder-blades.

Then I noticed that her hands seemed bigger than mine, but extremely femininewith long light candy pink colored nails that seemed to extend about an inchpast her fingertips. As she scrubbed of the sticky ice-cream her huge titswobbled in pace with her rapid movements and presented quite an erotic displayof rippling flesh right in front of my face.

Due to her close proximity to me, she generated a halo of sweet heady perfumethat seemed to envelop my whole being. This was too much for me. I was startingto really get turned on by this erotic display. Talk about sensory overload. Hersexy presence caused my pants to stir to life and produced a tent thatthreatened to rip my shorts soon, if I didn't get some relief.

After she finished, she said “There you go Honey” and stood up to her fullheight and flashed a big sexy smile down at me. I recovered from my eroticfantasies and woke up to reality in an instant, and while I consciously tried tohide my big erection that she caused, I thanked her and tried to smile back upto her.

She kept her stare on my face for a little longer than normal which made me feela little uneasy. And then she told me that she thought that I looked familiarfor some reason. She asked me my name. And when I told me my name was Pete, shetook a step back as if in surprise and just stared at me with her mouth open. Ibursted out “what's the matter?”And she asked me if I knew her brother Mike? “Mike who?” I asked. Mike Calhounshe said with an impatient look on her face. Suddenly, I felt faint as my headwas spinning as it finally dawned on me, this was one of my old friends LITTLESISTER whom I've known for years. But how? It would be impossible, wouldn't it?It couldn't be. She's Annette, Mike's little sister.

If this was true, it would make her only about 19 year's old.12 years youngerthan me. This 19 year old was once way shorter than me. I couldn't believe this.

How this before, seemingly tiny girl, in only a few years, had been transformedinto this blond Amazonian bomb-shell, towering way above me. I felt inadequateand dizzy for a moment as this realization hit me.

I know remember her as my old friends little sister years ago. I remember when Iused to come over and hang out with my friend and this scrawny, shy little girl,kept peeking in on us through the crack in the door as we went about ourbusiness. She couldn't had been more than 4'2” back then but with big feet andleggy for her small, young size.

And now as I raised my eyes up and looked way up into these intense blue poolsof her beautiful made up eyes, I could hardly believe that this was indeed thevery same girl that now literally dwarfed my 5'6” stature. She had to be atleast 6'5” I estimated.

I felt very uneasy at this fact. Especially when she told me that I hardly hadchanged at all except that I now looked a lot shorter to her than she rememberedme. “I can't say the same about you” I said. “What happened to you?” “You havereally changed a lot”. “To the better I hope”. She said hopefully, as shestretched her body up in a sexy pose and smiled seductively down at me. “Youcould say that” I said with a faint voice as I was now getting aroused again, asI took in the sexy display in front of me. “I don't understand, how did you getso tall?” I asked remembering that neither Mike nor his parents was anywherenear this girls height.

“I'm not sure, but I think it had something to do with the injections that mydoctor kept giving me as I was about 12 years of age, due to the fact that I wasso skinny and seemed under nourished and wouldn't grow correctly for my age asthe doctor explained, if he didn't help it out a bit by giving me specialhormone injections that would stimulate my glands to produce more growthhormone.

And about 3 months after the injections began I started to change drastically. Ikept getting rapid growth spurts every now and then. Very often at first butthen it slowed when I hit 18 years of age.

And now It only seems to hit me then and then. “Which means that: YES? I amstill a growing girl”, she said with a teasing but sexy expression on her face.

I felt faint for a moment. I couldn't take anymore of this. I had to get reliefor I would embarrass myself right in front of her and everybody else in thestore. “ I I hhave tto to go to the restroom for a, a moment, wwould you excuseme please?” I uttered with a coarse voice. “Of course” she said and pointed theway to the rest-rooms with her long finger.

Then I stood up, and almost ran over there and slammed the door behind me, andlocked it. I had barely sat down and started to frenetically “jack off” with herfresh in my memory and her heady smell of her sweet perfume still in my nostrilsas the sensory overload took the overhand and I exploded with such a force, thatI can't ever remember having such an orgasm before.

This girl was incredible. I could hardly believe it. This was my friends littlesister that used to be tiny next to me. And now I was tiny next to her. Thisgirl was 12 years younger than me (a teenager still) and I, now an adult grownman must seem tiny to this young Amazon of a girl.

This seemingly impossible fact seemed to arouse me to no end. I felt so helplessyet so incredibly turned on, at the thought of her now being so much bigger andmaybe even stronger than me. I couldn't explain it. But for some reason I justknew that I had to get it on somehow with this Amazon of a girl. It would be thechance of a lifetime. I considered my chances and decided that I thought thatdespite the size difference there would be a good chance that she liked me.

I wiped myself off, washed my hands and inspected myself in the mirror. “sharp”I said out low to myself, and exited the restroom. As I entered back into theIce-cream store I noticed that she was now helping other customers. As shenoticed me, she winked at me with her eyes and smiled and said she would be offher shift soon and we could talk. She told me to wait for her outside at astairwell in the back of the building that led up to a upper level parkinggarage, and she would be out in about 10 minutes.

As I waited for her, I contemplated on how lucky I had been to run into thisamazing Amazon of a girl and the fact that she actually recognized me from along time ago.

I thought about how tall she was and the fact that she is actually stillgrowing. Just how tall could she actually get, I wondered, as my fantasies tookthe overhand again and I started to feel the familiar stirring in my groinagain.

I don't know what it was, but I have never felt this erotic rush before, over agirl being so much taller and bigger than me. But one thing was for sure. I wasreally starting to like it a lot. Suddenly, the door swung open and there shewas waving goodbye to the other employees and smiled up at me as she approachedthe stairwell.

As she started to climb the steps towards the top where I was at, she just keptgrowing and growing in my vision as she kept coming closer. As she took the stepthat made her eye-level with me she stopped for a moment and whispered a breathy“Hi” while flashing me a huge smile that made me feel weak in my knees. Ireturned the greeting nervously and could do nothing but stare in disbelief asshe started to grow again, taller and taller as she started to approach meagain.

As she reached the top she came within two feet of me and I had to crane my headway up to meet her big eyes. I felt uneasy again and she seemed to notice mydiscomfort and asked me if her height bothered me? “ No way” I blurted out andthen nervously explained that it had been something of a shock for me to realizeher incredible transformation as it dawned on me who she was.

“I get that a lot” she explained to me but said that by now she was used to itand actually liked to be bigger than everybody else and said that it had itsbenefits to be tall she had discovered. And could hardly wait, to be eventaller.

At this I took the freedom to ask her “just how tall she is?” And when sheresponded 6'7” and an half inches at the moment but expected to hit 6'8” withina few months, my head started to spin and I suddenly felt faint again. She wasalmost 15 inches taller than me already and she wanted to get even taller. I wasgetting so aroused at this that I sported a massive boner again in my shorts.

And she seemed to take notice and looked down at my face with a grin on her sexylips.

Then she stopped right in front of me and stood in a very close proximity of mewith her huge tits jutting way out and almost touching my chin. And as I lookedway up at her, she rested her arms on my shoulders and played with my hair withthe fingers of one hand. And she said:” I've got a confession to make”. Do youremember when you used to come over and visit Mike? And when I used to peek atyou, from the crack in the door.

“Yeah! I think so” I said. “Well”….she started. “I kept peeking at you, becauseI used to have a huge crush on you then”, she said. “Really?” I said in surpriseat this.” Really”, she responded back and stared deeply down into my eyes fromher elevated position but now with a somewhat serious look on her beautifulface. And it grew silent as she suddenly pulled on my shoulders slowly, so thather tits crushed into my shoulders and sides of my neck without taking her eyesoff of mine. I could feel my own heartbeat pounding in my chest as my breathingwas constricted of excitement and anticipation. And my boner, now ready toburst, was almost touching her leg through my shorts.

As she couldn't get any closer now, she pushed me slowly a few steps backwardsin her advances until I touched a cement wall behind me. Then she pushed my bodyagainst the wall with hers and bent slowly way down, until her eyes were levelwith mine. She kept staring at me with her face just inches from mine and slowlyshe closed the distance while breathing heavily in anticipation until shefinally embraced my smaller body in a hug and engulfed my lips completely in herbigger ones and kissed me so deep that I almost gagged on her tongue as shealmost took my breath away.

AnnetteChapter 2Then she stood back up straight to her full height, looking down at my eyes witha satisfied smile on her face and I took the opportunity to study her more indetail. She had big blue eyes with long eyelashes and used a lot of make-upwhich gave her a face that was sexy like a blond stripper but with a childishinnocence due to her young age that showed through her beautiful eyes and gigglypersonality in a sexy innocent way.

Her nose was straight but slightly up-turned that gave her a cute look. And herlips looks full and soft and extremely sexy with her light candy-pink creamylip-stick which made my shorts stir again as I studied them. Then suddenly shesaid in an almost whispering tone of voice” You have no idea how many times, Ifantasized about kissing you”. “I used to cry silently sometimes at nightthinking, that because of my underdeveloped, scrawny body, you would nevernotice me”.

“Thanks for modern science”. She said almost with tears in her beautiful eyes,as she thought about how things changed to her favor lately and how lucky shehad been.

At this, I thought about what she had said for a moment. And concluded that“Yeah!” Modern science had really worked miracles on this girl all right! Andwas I ever happy over that fact or what? As I looked back up into her big eyes,she smiled a warm loving smile back at me. And said: “You can't even begin tounderstand how happy I am over that we met again”.” And I was thinking, that nowwhen I finally got you here with me, I want to make up for lost time “What doyou say?” “Interested?” Feeling up for a date with thisnot-so-little-Annette-anymore?”Before I could answer she quickly said; “I know, How about dinner at my place at8 tonight?” “I'm renting an apartment not to far away from here, what do you sayok? I promise that you will not be disappointed”. I could barely believe my luckand nervously stammered trying to contain my happiness in response replied that”Yeah! That would be absolutely perfect”At this response she hugged me hard to her big body and gave me anotherbreath-taking kiss that completely took me by surprise. And due to the force ofher hug, almost swept me off of my feet, as I was taken by the force of herpowerful hug. And as I tried to keep my balance, I put my hands on top of herarms and to my surprise her arms felt hard and toned to my touch, even thoughher skin was smooth as silk. She quickly released me and giggled mischievouslydown at my surprised look and asked: “I hope you're not too scared, of datingsomeone bigger than you? Especially so much younger as well?”“Nnoo, not at all”, I blurted out, On the contrary I feel somehow very attractedto you and there is something about your height that really starts to turn myengine A LOT “, I added, still recovering from her forceful advances.

She flashed me a big smile down at me and said” I am VERY glad to hear that, yoube surprised how many men find me intimidating and afraid to get to know me,because of my size”. Then It hit me that, I now suspected that she was not onlybigger than me, but most likely quite stronger as well, since her body felt likeit was in a very good shape.

After I answered her that she didn't have to worry about me being scared of her,she took out a paper from her purse and wrote her address and number on it andheld it out between her thumb and forefinger and said,” Here, take this and Isee you at 8 sharp Honey” and as I took it from her I realized just how muchbigger she was than me as I stared at her hand. It looked strong but yetincredibly feminine and easily bigger than my hand with long sexy fingers thatlooked even longer due to her long pink fingernails that she sported.

After I took it from her hand, I nodded my head as she blew me a kiss andstarted to walk away to her car. But before she went away she yelled, “I hopeyou like surprises”, and left with a big smile on her lips and sashayed awaywith a sexy teasing wiggle in her hips.

And I went my way. My head still woozy after the encounter, with this incrediblysexy being. I found my car and went back to my apartment, while still thinkingof all these amazing things that had happen to me this day. I jumped in my carand quickly glanced at my watch as I sped through traffic. I had about 3 hoursto get ready for the date of my life.

As soon as I got home I almost ran up the stairs to my apartment and slammed thedoor shut behind me as I entered in. Immediately I went to shave and showerwhile feverishly thinking about what possible, fantastic things that may layahead of me this evening. I brushed my teeth and went into the closet to selectwhat to wear.

After deciding on dark forest green slacks with a white shirt and a burgundytie, I jumped in the shoes, sprinkled some after-shave and ran down to theflower-shop around the corner and settled for a dozen red roses and wrote on thetag;” For an amazing and Tall Beauty with Love….Pete!” and paid and left thestore. As I got back I double-checked myself in the mirror, grabbed my keys andthe flowers and almost ran down to my car in anticipation to later events.

As I drove to her place I was speeding, swearing at other slower Traficant'sthat didn't seem to have anything better to do than to slow my pace by being inmy way.

As I got close I glanced at the time, and noticed it was 4 minutes to 8.

“Perfect” I said for myself. I parked my car and walked up the walkway with myheart banging in my chest, a big lump in my throat and erotic feelings in mypants in anticipation as I searched for her apartment number. As I found it, myheart almost did a double take.

I noticed that she seemed to live in a nice area. And even more nervous with abigger lump in my throat and my heart hammering hard in my chest in excruciatinganticipation. I kept thinking and wondering about what she meant when she toldme that “she hoped that I liked surprises”.

Finally, I pushed the bell to her door. A loud “Ding Dong” Sounded from within.

And I could hear heavy clic-clacs from within, as someone approached the door. Isaw a distorted image of something BIG approach the door through the art-glassin the upper half of the door. And the door clicked and suddenly swung open.

When I saw her, my eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Almost in shock Inoticed that “SHE WAS EVEN TALLER”. She would need to duck to get through thedoor-frame. I felt faint of shock. She was a living vision of sex and beautyright in front of my face. Her hair was a blond shimmering “Halo” that envelopedher head and cascaded down her back. And her face was heavily made up with thickfalse eye-lashes that made her eyes look very dramatic and OH-SO-SEXY, with theheavy eyeliner and blush. Her lips looked like, as they were wet and belonged toa porn-star with layers of impeccable applied creamy pastel pink lip-stickframed by a darker tone lip-liner.

She had big glimmering silver colored ear-rings dangling from her ears and shewas dressed in a light blue pastel-colored dress that was hugging her everycurve and left a curve-shaped opening at her mid-riff to expose her piercedbelly-button. And continuing up in a criss-cross fashion was two palm-widestraps of the same material that seemed to frenetically fight to contain herimmense mammaries that seemed to overflow their tiny confinements.

As my gaze went down I noticed through the high slit in the side of her dress,that she was wearing white stockings that encased her endless columns in a sheershimmer from the lights. And as I looked at her feet I felt weak in my knees.

She was wearing what looked like the tallest set of silver colored plat-formsandals that I have ever seen. And as she noticed my surprise, she said:” theymake me 8” taller honey”.

“How do you like the new me?” I told you that I hoped you likedsurprises…Well…Surprised?”“Your date for tonight is almost 7'4” tall. Am I tall enough for you honey?” sheadded in sexy breathy sounding words and then she giggled like an innocentlittle child, while she with her hands on her hips, looked way down at meintently, waiting for my reaction.

I couldn't form words. I was so shocked I just stood there and had to crane myneck up so high it started to hurt. I felt puny next to her. My knees started toget weak and I started to feel faint for a moment. She was absolutely”stunning”.

And enormous. I did a disoriented attempt to give her the flowers. But couldn'tform words with my mouth. Just blabber came out. As she saw my predication sheducked through the door jamb and took a step out towards me and stopped about afoot and a half away from me.

And immediately I lost vision of her face as her now incredible mammaries, nowabove my head, threatened to land on top of my head, as they barely bruised meon top, as they jiggled by her movements. Suddenly I noticed her hands comingout from nowhere and she proceeded to rest one of her forearms on top of myshoulder, and the other one grabbed the flowers from my hand.

And as she did so, I noticed how big and sexy her hands were which now seemed tobe sporting silver colored, slightly longer nails than before. It looked likeher nails now extended about 1 1/2” past the tips of her fingers. And it madeher fingers even longer looking and her hands even bigger in comparison to mynow small looking hands. Then she stepped back slightly and looked way down atme from above with a sexy expression on her face.

She said,” Oh! Thank you! How sweet of you Honey!” And with that I suddenly felther long fingernails tickle my hand as she grabbed it and pulled me with herinside.

As soon as she closed the door, she turned around on her tall heels and put onehand on the wall behind my head, and proceeded to bend way down at the waist tobe at my eye-level and with the other hand she grabbed me by my shirt-collar andpulled me into her large face and proceeded to give me a sexy peck on my lips.

And stood back up to her full height and said: “you look absolutely adorabletonight. And with that she went to put the flowers in a vase in the kitchen.

I swallowed hard, completely enveloped in her perfume, with the taste of hercreamy sweet tasting lip-stick on my mouth, trying to compose myself. By now, Ifelt dizzy of lust for her.

Then she motioned for me to step into the living room and make myselfcomfortable. And as I entered in I noticed that she followed right behind me.

Again, she had to duck to enter and as she did so she supported herselftemporarily with one hand on my shoulder. And as we entered she suddenly spun mearound and looked intently way down at my face from way above.

Then she said something that completely shocked me in surprise:” You know whatsweetie…..I am finding it incredibly sexy to have to look way down at you likethis.” “I feel so big and powerful. And so in control of things.”” It's anincredible high that I feel when I can completely overwhelm you like this.” “Andjudging by your expression when you saw me in the door, it really looked likeyou got overwhelmed”.

My head was racing thinking: She liked to overwhelm me. To be taller, bigger andstronger than me. To completely be able to overpower and have her way with me. Iguess that must be a side-effect that escalated from her feeling so incrediblyinferior and scrawny before. And now looking like this…It has just escalated tosome sorts of kinky fantasy in her mind to compensate for her unfortunatechild-years.

I said to her:” You look absolutely amazing to me. You are breath-taking(literally) sexy and unbelievably beautiful. I have never met anyone like youbefore”. “Well, Thank you Honey”. “Then I am happy to announce, that I think youare a very handsome little man, and a very cute one at that”. When she said thatI blushed and she took my shin in one of her big hands and bent waaayyy down andkissed me full on the lips, with her larger sexy mouth and completely envelopedmy lips within hers. I started to feel really weak in my legs as my hormoneswere going wild to the point I thought I would explode.

Then she stood up to her full height again and told me to climb up and stand ontop of the armrest of the couch, so that it would be a little more comfortablefor the both of us and gave me a sexy wink.

I immediately hurried to comply after that I took off my shoes. And as I stoodthere balancing on top, she came over and it seemed that we were at similarheights now. She proceeded to wrap her long arms around my body and I wrappedmine around her long neck. And we started to kiss passionately like twolove-starved people in heat.

Her enormous mammaries were almost crushing my rib-cage like big warmbasket-balls that flexed when we moved. And I could feel her nipples gettinghard through the flimsy material of her sexy dress.

My heart-rate kept increasing as our arousal grew as we kept feeling each otherup feverishly. My senses was now reeling with her sweet perfume in my nostrilsand the feel of her giant sexy body squished against mine as I was rubbing myhands all over everything that I could possible reach from my position. It feltlike her nipples were big and very hard against my chest. And I could feel herlong nails scratch me lightly as she kept roaming her hands over me.

I almost gagged at times when she probed her larger tongue into the deeprecesses of my smaller mouth. I was screaming for relief now and I guess that,so was she. Because suddenly she whispered hoarsely into my ear that lets go tothe bed-room right now. Dinner can wait. And with that she put her large handsunder my ass-cheeks and lifted me bodily off the couch with ease as it seemed. Ifelt weird and bewildered at the same time. How could this “teen-ager”man-handle me this easy I thought to myself as my mind was reeling in awe andmixed emotions.

She took two steps backwards and proceeded to let me slide down against her tallsexy body very slowly, with me still in her embrace. My head landed in her titsand got surrounded by her fleshy hills and as I looked up in wonder, she brokeout in a hysteric giggle at this sight, and teasingly said;” what's the problemsweetie? Do you feel lost in my silicon valley?”As I proceeded to slide down further my chin got stuck in the criss-crossdesigned material that barely could contain her huge orbs and threatened to ripit off her tits. I looked up at her beautiful face and saw how she seemed to begrowing taller and taller as I kept sliding down her magnificent body until Isuddenly felt the floor beneath my feet.

Woahhh! I felt tiny next to her. As I looked straight ahead I was eyelevel withher upper abs and the “V” of her rib-cage as her tits jiggling above me barelytouched the top of my head. I have never experienced something like this in myentire life. This Amazonian “Bomb-shell” used to be a tiny, scrawny kid that wasnothing next to me. And now I felt like the scrawny kid, next to this now“teen-aged super Amazon of a girl.

It all felt like a dream…Unreal because of the never before experiencedseemingly impossible role-reversal, but yet extremely real, erotic and sexy in away I never thought possible before. And I could feel that this feeling keptgetting me more and more aroused by the minute. I had to have relief and thatNOW.

 AnnetteChapter 3As I stood on the floor, still with her hands draped around my neck, looking upat her tall being with the bottom of my chin now touching the V of her ribcagein front of me, I marveled at the sight. I couldn't see her face clearly becauseof her huge tits obscured the view.

Then when she suddenly leaned forward slightly and her pretty face appeared overher fleshy hills, I noticed an amused smirk on her face as she asked:” where didyou go? You seemingly disappeared beneath my breasts “SHORTY”, she teased andgiggled.

I was really feeling weird now. My boner trying to rip my pants and I had a lumpin my throat of excited confusion over the reality of the impossibility of thissituation, with this much younger than me, supposedly, teen-aged little girl,making me feel like I am a 5 year old little kid next to my much bigger, adultsexy stripper sister or something like that. My breathing became short andlabored of excitement.

And as she saw my expression she said,” Follow me sweetie”. And with that shewrapped her long fingers around my smaller hand and started to pull me towardsher bed-room. As we walked I noticed that her butt-cheeks came up to about mychest level as they moved sexily in front of me as we walked. As we entered intoher “Den”, I felt strange after what I saw.

She had a big wooden bed about queen-size with four bedposts sticking up in eachcorner. But what got me most was that she had a really thick mattress on itwhich made it a little higher than normal. The top of the bed came to about mygroin level, whereas normally, a bed only comes to about right above my knee tomid thigh. When se saw my surprise she stated,” Ohh…I just put two mattresses ontop of each other. After I got taller than 6' it just didn't feel right so I gotthis little thinner mattress and put it underneath my normal thick one. Andlook, now it's perfect height for me”. She said as she plopped herself easilydown and sat on top and patted her hand next to her, mentioned for me to comeand sit next to her on the bed.

It made me feel even “smaller' in comparison to her. She just sat down with suchan ease since to her; the top of the bed only came to behind her knees with herplat-forms on. Whereas I had to use my hands and do a little “hop” to plant myass next to her on the bed.

On one side of the bed against the wall next to her walk in closet, I noticedthat she had a multitude of sexy shoes lined up neatly pair by pair and all withat least 5” or higher heels. And also a whole lots of platforms as well with thetallest ones at least as tall as or even taller than the 8” ones she had on now.

I'd never seen that tall shoes before.

As I asked about them, she told me to my surprise, that she was going to schoolstudying to get her business degree so she could open her own beauty salon andneeded to know how to become successful. And to survive she worked as a stripperon the weekends to pay for her studies and her apartment etc. And then added,that's the reason why she got so many platforms, and explained further that sheonly worked part-time at the ice-cream parlor so people wouldn't find out abouther stripping, because she was conscious about her reputation with her tall sexybody that she now got.

“Wow” I thought to myself. Then, I looked over at her sitting next to me on thebed and noticed that my feet didn't touch the floor by almost a foot, but herlegs was on a slight angle and her tall shoes easily touched the floor like twofeet away from the bed. I felt even more belittled over this discovery. I wasnow feeling faint of wonder and weirdness mixed in with my seeminglyuncontrollable arousal that kept me on my very edge.

Aaannetteee…I whispered with difficulty due to my labored breathing. As I lookedat her I noticed that even sitting down, she still towered way above me by abouta foot. She looked down at me and as she moved a little closer, her heavy weightmade the mattress heave as she moved. Then she started to angle her body overmine and planted her left hand on my other side next to my thigh on the bed, asher pretty face came slowly closer and closer to mine as she slowly loweredherself on top of me.

First, I felt her seemingly big nipples on top of her heavy basketball-sizedbreast rub up against the top of my chest at my collarbone. Then as she loweredher self down further, now with one hand on each side of my body, I felt herbreasts squish up against my body which caused them to swell up even higher ontop of the restraints in her criss-cross designed dress.

She then looked me intently in my eyes and slowly lowered herself further downon top of my smaller frame. As she did so her breasts seemed to swell even moreand were now touching my chin as her heady sweet perfume emanated from them andenveloped my whole head. And she then teasingly asked me,” Well sweetie…how doyou like silicon valley now?” as she looked down from 45 degrees above andsmiled a sexy smile.

Then she added,” I had them surgically enhanced as I started to work as astripper because the other girls that was very well endowed, seemed to earn moretips than me, and I envied them and decided that I wont mine bigger as well.

They are now a whopping 48EE's Do you like them?” she teased.

My heart skipped a beat at this as I tried to respond with a stammering,” I IILLOVE THEM” and tried to give the closest one to my mouth a peck with my lips.

And quickly as I looked back up at her I saw that, her face shone with happinessas she smiled sexily back down at me. And slowly she started to slowly gyrateand slide her sexy body down on top of me until her face was level with mine.

And as she did so I noticed that her knees touched the floor, whereas my feetstill couldn't reach.

She lowered her face slowly down towards mine and intently stared at my eyes.

She shook her head and her blonde tresses enveloped my whole head like acurtain. Then as she neared, her face seemed to grow larger and larger as shewhispered hoarsely,” I dreamt of this moment for a long time” and suddenlyplanted her lips over my mouth, completely enveloping mine in the process. Thenas her larger tongue snaked its way inside my mouth, again I almost gagged. Iwrapped my arms around her larger frame and we started to kiss intensely as wecompletely lost it and rolled around in her bed exploring each others bodies.

Suddenly she raised herself and stood up on the floor to her full height andasked me to help her to peel of her dress. As I slid down beside her on thefloor, I couldn't reach, so I had to climb up on top of the bed again and standup, to be able to do it. As the dress cleared her huge tits they literallyflopped out and swung free, causing me to gasp at their sheer size. They stoodalmost straight out about a foot from her body, even if their heavy weight madethem sag just a little. I then noticed that she had to be very excited becauseher BIG nipples stood fully erect and were the size of the tip of my indexfinger.

As she stood there in only her white garter-belt, panties and silk stockings,elevated on her tall platforms in all of her glory with her stiff nipples, Ijust knew that I was falling madly in love with this much younger 19 year oldAmazon. I was certain, that never would there be any other girl that would evencome close to compare to this. Right here, staring me right in my face was allthat a man could ever wish for in a woman and that in abundance. There were justso much of her, I thought as I stammered,” You are sso beautiful Annette”. IIIthink that I'm in love.”As I said this, she took a step towards me and wrapped her long arms around meand told me that she had a crush on me for a long time as she was smaller anddreamt of how it would be if she ever met me again now, when she was so muchtaller than me after her amazing transformation. What would my reaction be, whenI saw her now? Then she to my surprise, admitted that she think she's even moreattracted to me now than before.

With that said she literally attacked me pushing me down on the bed with her.

And after stripping me of all of my clothes and me hers, she almost smothered meto death with her big tits. Then, she took her inch long nipple between her inchand a half long silvery nails between her thumb and index finger and pushed itin my mouth and told me to suck on it.

And I could feel her other hand as she reached down and scratched me lightlywith her long glamorous nails lightly as she stroked my now almost explodingpole, gyrating herself on top of me with my body between her thighs, pinning myarms to my sides and slowly sitting down guiding it inside of her nowoverflowing dripping pussy. She could easily dominate me in this position. Shewas in complete control.

I felt the warmth of her, as she slowly eased herself down and completelyenveloped my dick with her warm flesh. She moaned at first as she agonizing slowat first, raised and lowered herself on top of my stiff pole. My head was layingin the crook of her other arm as I felt her long sexy fingers of her other handsexily scratch me with the nails on my neck and the side of my face. She was soowet and it felt soo good. And with her big nipple in my mouth my vision wascompletely filled with her enormous tit-flesh with glints of her angelic facebehind, looking sexily down at me. It was all too much. I couldn't take it anylonger as I felt the stirring from below and I screamed in pleasure,” Annette…II lloooove you!”, as I came violently deep inside of her.

Then I completely collapsed in a heap beneath her, exhausted. And later, as Ifelt her planting light kisses all over my face and lightly stroking me with herother hand, I opened my eyes and looked up, and saw her face lovingly smile backdown at me. Then she kissed the tip of her long-nailed index finger and plantedit on my lips as she said,” You are so handsome sweetie, I think I am falling inlove with you too.” And then she lowered her face down and kissed me lovingly,and soo deep to the point, I had to make a brake for air so that I could recovermy breath.

At that moment I felt like the happiest man on Earth. I felt like I had my“Dream woman” And after that day we became an item, boyfriend and girlfriend tomy ecstatic pleasure.

to be continued…….