Anniversaryby alexbobayThe day was like any other or so I thoughr. I was 18, my life sucked. I had, nojob, no car, no money, no anything. Except for of course my girlfriend Melanie.

I've alaways had a thing for the GTS fantasy, but I hid it from her for obviousreasons. She'd flip. Well thats besides the point. That day as I walked into theappartment, something caught my eye. A small bottle on the entertainment system.

What happend next stole my attention from the bottle in no time. Melanie, drapedin a sexy black teddy, walked into the room. Her feet were painted with shinyblue polish, and her lips were crimson red. Her blonde hair flown to hershoulders, there it ended in blue tips. As I stood with my mouth gaping open,she said "How do you like sexy?" All I could do was nod, and thats all sheneeded. She walked to me flexing her toes with every step, and shaking herbreasts with every upward motion. I was completely speachless. "Care for somewine?" She asked. I complied and took a sip from the glass she handed me.

Something was wrong, something was really wrong! All of a sudden I felt reallywoosey. I had fainted. When I awoke I roled over in bed. Wait I wasn't in bed, Iwas on the floor, hey... when did the carpeting get so thick. And whered thatpink wall..come..from...? As I lifted my head upward everything became clear, iwas shorter than Melanies big toe, quite shorter. "I SEE YOU WOKE UP HUNNY, SOHOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR ANIVERSARY PREASENT?" She boomed. I was to busy being inawe of her toe to move. "IVE HEARD YOU IN YOUR SLEEP WISHING YOU COULD BESHRUNK, WELL NOW YOU 1/4" TALL!" I was soo happy, just then something happendthe floor moved, and the big toe that had just been my wall, became the ceiling.

"HERE COMES THE BIG TOE LITTLE MAN BETTER WATCH OUT!" *boom* it came crashingdown on me like the forse of 10 busses. But it didnt hurt, it felt good. "YOULIKE THAT?" She began roling me around under her toe pressing harder, andlighter when called on. I was in heaven. She lifted her foor, and slamed theball of it down on my body, the whole while fingering herself. This continuedfor a good amount of time. "I THINK YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH FOR NOW BUG BOY"Part 2As I lay there on the floor speant, I stare up at her towering form. "I THINKYOU HAD A LITTLE TO MUCH FUN HEHE" With that said she bent down and pinched mebetween her thumb and forefinger. I was raised up past her luscious thighs,stomach, breasts, and finally she brough me to rest infront of her beutifuleyes. "SO ARE YOU ENJOYING YOUR PREASENT SHNOOKIE?" All I could do was nod incompliance."WELL LETS GET YOU CLEANED UP HUNNY" With that her building sizedlips opend, showing the sexiest softest tounge ever. Her finger slowly depositedme onto it, and I was hard already. With that she pulled her finger out, with mylying on her tounge, and closed her lips. She began lulling me around all overher mouth, sending me on a trip against her teeth, pressing me to the roof ofher mouth running her tounge all over my body. "MMM SWEET PEA YOU TASTE SOOOGOOD" I was then pressed to the back of her front teeth as her tounge flicked atmy body. I couldnt help it and i shot my tiny load onto her tounge. She moanedjust them either from her own pleasure, or maybe she could taste my littlepreasent. As her moaning peaked and I felt her lie down, the lips spread as iwas deposited from her tounge to her palm, and covered in kisses.