The Appearance of Giant Chibi(?) Moonby DeathworksWAMMM!The demon crashed into the gate of one of the great warehouses with such a greatforce so as to leave a clearly visible dent. With its long and slender limbs, itwas remniscient of a spider as it collapsed powerlessly into a heap.

"It's over! Give up, Eudial!" Sailormoon stepped forward, an unusualdetermination on her face. The other Inner Senshi and Chibi-Moon were at herside as she pointed her Moon Rod at the member of the Witches 5. The fightinghas been going on too long. Would there be no peace for them?Looking down, Eudial began chuckling. Seemingly oblivious to her - once again -hopeless situation, she raised her head, smiling broadly at the victoriousSenshi. The wind from the sea picked up and whirled her braids around, carryingthe smell of salty water and fish with it.

"You are right, Sailormoon. It's all gonna end here and now. But it is you whohas lost." Producing from seemingly nowhere a small crystal vial with a thick,green liquid, Eudial continued, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Uncertain what tomake of all of this, the Senshi hesitated.

"I have come here well prepared. Even an idiot would have realized by now that asimple demon couldn't stop you. But the contents of this vial will. Staff!"Surprisingly, the beaten up demon still had enough strength to get back on itsfeet. Although quite shaky, it began to race towards Eudial -Sailormoon and the Senshi turned around - Eudial opened the vial - a Moon Rodwas raised - the green liquid transformed into a sticky fog pouring out of itscontainer.

+++"Hohohoho! Behold the awesome powers of my - heh? Ooops" Eudial stopped in hervictory speech as she realized what was going on in front of her. Staff wasthere, just a few meters away from her, as was to be expected, covered by thegreen fluid that had returned to its liquid shape. However, between her and thedemon stood Chibi- Moon, her Moon Rod ready for her attack, sticky and greenwith even more of the green stuff. Everyone stood there silent, in shock, theonly sound for a moment being the waves rolling in the harbor and the calls ofthe sea gulls high above.

Then, with a thud, Chibi- Moon collapsed, the stick falling from her hands. Themovement shook Usagi out of her trance, and seeing nothing but her fallendaughter, she ran forward and cradled the girl in her arms, calling her name.

The other Senshi gathered around them, worried about her friend. No one paidattention to Staff who had staggered two steps away before falling down as well.

No one paid attention to Eudial, who was clearly unhappy about all this aswell:"This ... is bad. Well, see you next time.""Hot ... Burning ..." Breathing heavily with sweat covering her face, Chibi- Usaclinged to Sailormoon's arm. Suddenly, she shrieked in pain as her body twistedin a seizure. Her mother-to-be looked down at her, helpless with tears in hereyes. Mercury was typing data into her computer like a madman, sweat showing onher brow, while Jupiter turned around to face Eudial, anger twisting herfeatures. But the spot where Eudial had been but moments before was vacant, andno trace betrayed where she had gone.

A moan mad Rei turn around. Not far away from the group, there was Staff itslimbs twisting in a bizarre mockery of the seizures that held Chibi- Usacaptive.

"This can't be." Ami was looking at the displays in utter disbelief. The othersturned around to face her, confusion in their faces as no one but Mercury couldpossibly make any sense of all the numbers and letters filling the display ofher goggles and her notebook computer.

"If I am correct, then ..." Mercury's explanation was cut short as Chibi- Moonstood up in a jerky movement, uttering a painful cry at the top of her lung.

Then, her form began to change. In bulging movements, her arms and legs grewlonger and thicker. Her head began to enlarge.

"Quick! Hold onto her!" Not even beginning to realize what Mercury's command wasabout, the Senshi complied. And not a moment too soon. Instead of increasing insize relatively slowly and in jerks, Chibi- Usa now zoomed up in size, makingthe others clinging to her hair feel like in an elevator.

+++Suddenly, the movement stopped with a jerk. Surprised by the sudden change,Sailormoon lost her grip and would have fallen if there hadn't been Mars whoseright hand closed around Usagi's wrist in the last second. Sailormoon thankfullyreturned her friends affirming smile, which the turned into a frown as Reilooked past her friend. Puzzled, Usagi turned around as well. As she lookeddown, goose bumps ran down her spine. It was a drop of more than 20m to Chibi-Moon's chest. The ground was certainly 100m below them now. As she realized howdangerous the situation was, she grabed as many strands of Chibi- Moon's hair aspossible in an iron- like grip.

While Ami was typing away at the computer once again, stress clearly showing onher face, Venus and Jupiter looked around in amazement. While Rei and Usagi wereclinging to the cheeky hair hanging down above Chibi- Usa's right eye, the threeof them were securely resting atop her head, sitting on her soft hair. Whensitting down, they couldn't see much more than the hair surrounding them andmaybe some mountain peaks in the distance. When standing up, they were able toget a nearly unobscured view of the skyline of Tokyo.

The ground beneath them shook violently as Chibi- Moon fought to keep herbalance. Sweat was flowing down her face and tears were glinting in her eyes asher torso bent forward. Rei and Usagi had to hold on tight so as to keep fromgetting shaken lose and tumbling to their doom.

Recovering from her initial amazement, Venus had started looking for Sailormoonand Mars. As she found them she waved Jupiter to help her get them up onto thehead. Jupiter made a few steps then stopped cold, looking at something beyondMinako. Turning around, Minako froze. There, only a short distance away stoodStaff. The demon was obviously in a very bad shape, still exhausted from theprevious battle and shaking to and fro, seemingly pushed around by the gentlebreeze. It had enlarged as well, but even with Chibi- Usa standing slightly bentover, her guests were looking down onto Staff who couldn't have stood more than30m tall.

Chibi- Moon had now recovered enough to at least recognize her enemy. Obliviousto the real situation and her friends clinging onto her for dear life, shelooked around and picked up the Moon Rod which had enlarged alongside her. Hermind was still too much in shambles to have her worry why Staff was now muchsmaller than her while it had previously looked down upon her like all the otheradults. She didn't worry about her not seeing the harbor buildings either.

Thus, it was more reflex than real thought that made her aim the stick and speakthe command. "PINK SUGAR HEART ATTACK!" Usually, the stream of neon pink heartssurmounted to little more than a nuisance to the enemy, but now, with her beingat least five times as big, things were different. Staff had just recovered fromthe transformation and turned to face the enemy. It barely had time to scream.

Then it seemingly vanished.

"It ... vanished." Jupiter and the others looked aghast at the spot where thedemon had been but moments before.

"No. As usual, it has reverted to its original shape - and size." Ami nodded atthe results on her screen.

"If that's so, then Chibi- Usa might also ..." Jupiter's thoughts were cut shortas Chibi- Usa turned this way and that way. "WHERE IS EVERYBODY? REI? USAGI? -WHY ... IS EVERYTHING SO SMALL?" Finally realizing her size, Chibi- Usa beganlooking for the others, who without her knowing were thrown about by themovements of her search.

"Give me a hand, Makoto!" Although they had a difficult time keeping their ownbalance, Venus and Jupiter began to build a human chain to fetch Rei and Usagiwho were still hanging from Chibi- Moon's hair.

"OH!" While widening her search, Chibi- Usa had lifted the top of a water tankstanding on a building. Without hesitating, she plucked it from the roof andtook a sip. "TASTY.""You brat, put ... aaah" Usagi immediately got mad at her daughter, her facegetting red and her shaking a fist. However, one hand was not enough to safelysupport her, which she realized too late as her grip slipped. Rei's hand cametoo late this time, grabbing only thin air.

"Usagiiiiiii!" Sailormoon looked up at her best friend, smiling her last smile.

SPLOSH! But instead of falling to a gruesome death on the pavement below, shehit water, diving into its depths in a burst of bubbles. Befuddled, sheresurfaced, coughing up what water had entered her lungs. Although far fromfeeling pleasant, there wasn't the sting of salt water to it. As she looked upand saw the giant closed eyes above her and the yawning hole of a giganticmouth, she realized where she was.

Having checked the water's quality in the initial sip, Chibi- Usa downed thewater tank's contents in a single gulp. "THIS WAS GOOD." Satisfied, she returnedthe now empty tank to the building's roof top.

Makoto had watched in terror as Usagi had disappeared. Now, she raced to theside of Chibi- Usa's head and began climbing as fast as she could.

Reaching the girl's ear, she jumped in and yelled at the top of her lungs:"Chibi-Usa!"Chibi- Moon stopped in her search and turned her head around, forcing Makoto tofall down onto her bottom. "WHERE ARE YOU? WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME ALONE?"Obviously, the giantess was still confused.

"I am in your ear. The other's are in your hair. But YOU JUST SWALLOWEDSAILORMOON!"Chibi- Usa relaxed a bit, hearing the others were on her head. Then, she tensedagain. All color left her face. Not paying attention to the complaints of herlittle guests, she turned around and bent over the bay. She put her finger inher throat and forced herself to throw up. Quickly, the salty smell of the seawas replaced by the acidic stench of vomit.

As nothing more would come out of her body, Chibi- Usa fell onto her knees,exhausted. Ami checked her computer and turned a pale face to Venus and Rei whowere standing beside her. "She is still inside. Usagi hasn't come out." Speakinginto her watch communicator, she informed Makoto. Then, she called Sailormoon'sname into the machine, but no answer.

"We have to get her out now. She is gonna ..." Rei was losing her composture,shaking Mercury so strongly that Venus had to restrain her.

"Maybe, there is a way." Ami, looking faint and worried herself looked at herfriends.

"Ami?" Minako got worried by the strange determination in Ami's eyes.

"We might be able to save her, using teleportation.""But ... that would require us ... You don't want to ... ?""Oh yes, we would have to go in after her and then use teleportation to get outbefore we get digested. It's the only chance I see."Rei and Minako were shocked. They shivered at the thought of getting swallowedalive, but what other option was there? Solemnly, they nodded.

+++A minute later, Makoto had been informed and immediately agreed. ConvincingChibi- Usa had been a bit more difficult, as she wouldn't want to do somethingso dangerous. But then, they reminded her that Usagi would die if they didn'ttry. As Chibi- Usa picked up another water tank, Mercury tried once more toreach Sailormoon.

+++"gi ... Usagi .... Can you hear me? ... Usagi "Sailormoon woke up, hearing Ami's voice twisted as if through the communicator.

Her throat was feeling sore and she was feeling drunken, not really asleep, notreally awake. Around her, everything was pitch black and there was an acidicsmell in the humid air. In the distant, she heard the constant drumming of somemachine, low and regular. It was very hot.

Still not sure what to make of this, Usagi was standing up. The ground wasirregular and felt slimy and slippery. She even got the impression that it wasmoving, but this could very well have been the result of her confusion. Finally,she was standing, her knees wobbly and her balance rather uncertain.

"... Usagi""Yes? Where am I?""Usagi! You are okay?""Yes, but where am I?""Don't you remember? Well, Chibi- Usa ... swallowed you.""What!? You mean I am inside that BRAT!?""Don't worry, we are coming and rescuing you. Hang in there.""What? Ami? Ami?? AMI????"Usagi was confused. Okay, if Chibi- Usa had swallowed her, this would be herstomach. So the thumping would be her heart- beat. This was just too absurd! Andwhat was that about coming and rescuing her?+++Straining her eyes, Chibi- Usa was barely able to recognize the tiny beingsswimming in the water tank she was holding. She still had a bad feeling aboutthis but she knew she had to do it. A frown on her face, she lifted the tank andswallowed.

+++The sight of the gigantic maw was simply terrifying. Huge teeth formed a line ofboulders surrounding a dark cavern. Its floor was completely occupied by awriggling, fat worm which disappeared in a hole in the back. Then everythingtilted, and a wave carried the Senshi into that cavern. They had held hands, butas the current grew strong, they were torn apart. Water was everywhere anddirections like up, down, right, left, forward, backward lost their meaning.

There was only that elemental grip, that tightness, that irresistable movement.

Had it been seconds? Minutes? Hours? They couldn't tell. Just that suddenlythere was direction again, as they were falling.

SPLOSH! The short fall ended in what must have been a small lake. A regularthumping was to be heard in the background as their noses were stung by thestench of acid. It was hot and humid.

"Everyone alright?" Ami used her goggles to see the others standing up. As theothers said yes, Rei concentrated and said "Fire ...". A small sphere of flamesformed before her fingers, illuminating their surroundings.

They were in a titanic cave, its pink walls covered by clear slime. Bizarrepatterns were showing in it and it seemed to be in constant movement. Slime andliquid were oozing from holes concealed in the walls and small pools of liquidwere forming around them.

Not far away from them, Usagi appeared. She looked a bit wobbly, but as she sawher friends' faces, she lurged forward, tears filling her eyes as she embracedthem. Rei released her concentration and everything turned dark again as thefire ball dissipated.

"Usagi." Rei petted Usagi's somewhat sticky hair.

"Thank you all.""We have to hurry, it is too dangerous here." Ami's voice shook as she grabbedMinako's hand. Quickly, the Senshi formed a circle. As they concentrated, a weaklight surrounded them. Power was collected and released as they shouted as one:"Sailor Teleport!"Then, Chibi- Usa's empty stomach turned pitch- black again.

+++"This had certainly been a scary adventure." Ami was looking at Usagi.

"Fortunately, you all came and rescued me.""Well, we couldn't desert you, even if it was your fault for getting yourselfswallowed." Rei sticked out her tongue at Usagi, whose face turned red, angerburning in her eyes.

"Why you!"While Rei and Usagi began arguing, Makoto took another sip at her juice.

"But it really was fortunate that changing back from your Senshi form returnedyou to normal size, wasn't it?"Chibi- Usa looked across the table:"You are right. Not being the smallest allthe time was interesting. But everything was so strange, so scary. I felt sohelpless, awkward. I am sure glad it's over."End.