Ashlee's guide on how to shrink a manByAsukafan2001              Talk about the worst date ever I mumbled tomyself as I pulled my car down the gravel road leading to my house. The road wasdark as rocks kept flying up and hitting my car while a trail of dust was leftin my wake. The road was old and narrow which made traversing the road at nighta big hassle.

 I pulled into the driveway of myparent's farmhouse. All the lights were off, but it does not surprise me thatthey are asleep as it is almost two in the morning. I pulled the keys out of thecar and went in the house through the garage. I kept telling myself this is thelast year I would have to live with my parents, as I would be going to collegenext year.

 I grabbed a soda from the fridgeand continued my way up the stairs. As soon as I made it into my room, I flickedon my computer. As it booted up I stripped down to my boxers. It was shortlythere after I heard the all too familiar messenger ping.

            Astroboy2044: how wasyour blind date man? I bet she was dynamite like              all the girls fromMarshall are.

             Handyman56: Veryfunny, she was a little young, I had never been so embarrassed in my life. Shewas pretty do not get me wrong but sixteen will get ya twenty.

            Astroboy2044: I amguessing no second date for you two.

            Handyman2044: youguessed that right. She is still in high school. TTYL, sleep time.

 I had felt just fine when I camehome but as soon as I opened that coke, I felt so tired. I could barely keep myeyes open long enough to make it over to my bed. I crashed face first onto mybed and then rolled off onto the floor. I tried to shift my weight but I couldnot move. I struggled to get up but nothing would function but my eyelids keptgetting heavier and heavier until they shut completely.

  The floor felt itchy andcompletely flat. I felt almost sick in my stomach. I forced my eyes open and satup. It was pitch black in every direction but I knew there was something orsomeone around me. I called out to whoever was there but they did not respond atfirst. It was not until I called out a second time that a rather large fellowstepped into view.

            I looked up at the man as he looked down at me.

He tossed me a blanket and disappeared into darkness. I sat there not moving fora few minutes. I could swear that there were others around me. It is like Icould feel it but I chalked it up to this dream starting to get to me anddecided to just go to sleep so I could wake up in my own bed.

            I awoke to a bright light shining down on me. Irolled over pulling the blanket over my head. As I rolled over, I noticed I wasnot lying on my bed. I immediately thought back to last night. I kept thinkingthat it had to be a dream. It just had to be.

            I shoved the blanket off me and sat up. Thewalls were tan in color and rose up several feet into the air. There were a fewpeople spread about the room all beginning to stir, beside me is a reddish patchsoaked into the floor. I ran my hand across the floor noticing its seeminglysmooth yet imperfect feel upon touching it. However, what bothered me more wasthe reddish tint to it. This was the only place with the reddish mark but thosethoughts were quickly pushed to the back of my mind as a shadow loomed over usall. I thought a cloud had just passed by at first but I soon noticed everyonestaring up at the sky. I nervously tilted my head up. I gulped as I eyed agigantic structure, it almost looked human but it was simply to big. The massjust seemed to go up and up higher and higher. I struggled to comprehend whyanyone would want to build such a large structure. What possibly could be itspurpose?                     The entire structure began to move. The greywall began to move like waves crashing up against the beach. Two tan coloredshafts began to pull away from the main base. What kind of structure is this Iattempt to sputter out but the words never escape my lips, the tan shafts fallpast the wall and latch onto the base of the building I am in. We all begin torise up. I watch the grey walls speed past all in a blur, the grey walls turninto white. I crane my neck up a bit more not even paying attention to thesoreness in it.

            I tumble on to my butt as my jaw drops to thefloor as I find myself looking up at my blind date from last night. Our eyeslock onto each other for a moment before she averts them onto someone else.

            “How are my little pets? I brought you all a newfriend.” She smiles so innocently as she stares down at us. I find myself onlyable to look up at her in complete awe. Just hours ago I was looking down ather; I was looking at her as just another 16 year old girl. A girl that I didn'twant to get mixed up with because of age and maturity. Now, now this is simplyunbelievable.

            “What do you think of me now Josh? I know youits probably a little much for you right now but as all of you know. The rule ofseven is in effect.”            “ASHLEE GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW” blurts a voicefrom seemingly beyond my realm of comprehension. She just looked down at us allwith a smirk. As I at all of them they had a look of fear mixed with sadness onthere face.