"Attack of the B List Celebrity"byNewmonHighlights from a new series on the E! Network“Hi, this is Troy Yates”. “And I'm Anna Nicole Smith and we're comingto you from the BioTronics lab in Winclot, North Dakota”. “That'sright Anna and we're here to see what new gizmos the people atBioTronics are cooking up”.

Blah, blah, blah. With the introductions out of the way Anna couldstand back and feign an interest in whatever the BioTronics'sscientists were talking about. This was the fourth episode of a newseries on E! called, ‘I Don't bElieve it!'. Each week Anna and hernerdy co-host, Troy, traveled around the country with a live audienceand listened to losers talk about UFOs, crappy inventions, and otherlame ass topics. To the former fashion model it was true torture.

“God I hate this job”, Anna muttered to herself, while watching thepresentation. Unfortunately, she was under contract with the networkand forced to be a part of whatever lousy show they tossed her way.

Besides being seen with all these geeks, what really pissed Anna offwas how the script called for her to be the target of a multitude ofcorny jokes about dumb blonds and fat girls. Even worse, though, washow she was required to be a good sport about it all, while theaudience laughed at her. Oh well, she thought, at least she was stillin television and maybe this job would set her up for a better gig .

After what seemed like an eternity, the scientist finally stoppedyakking and pointed toward two large machines. “I give you the SizeChanger!”, he declared proudly. Continuing, he said, “I will nowplace this apple on the target platform and show you what the SizeChanger can do”. Once the apple was in position, one of the machinesfired a pink laser at it. Everybody watched in amazement (even Anna)as the apple rapidly grew to the size of a minivan. For severalseconds the gathered audience and E! employees stood speechless.

Finally, breaking the silence, Troy joked, “Wow Anna, I bet you wishthey had a Size Changer at your neighborhood KFC”. The audiencelaughed, while Anna forced herself to chuckle bubbly and say, “OhTroy”“Say Doc, this really has been unbElievable, but do you think yourmachine can work on an even Larrrrrrrrger target”? , Troy asked whilemotioning with his head toward Anna. The scientist thought about iffor a second and replied that he would be happy to demonstrate thepower of his invention again. Anna, on the other hand, wasn't soeager to get shot by the crazy machine. Troy wouldn't give up,though, and he called out to the audience, “who here wants to seeAnna pack on a few more pounds”? The crowd cheered and startedchanting, “Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!”. Looking off to the side, Annasaw the show's producer glaring at her and pointing toward theplatform.

Defeated, Anna reluctantly walked up next to the enlarged apple,while the scientists prepared to fire the Size Changer again. Oncethe device was ready and Anna was in place, the technicians zappedher with the pink laser that had caused the apple to grow earlier.

Once again, the Size Changer did it's magic and Anna's body quicklyexpanded taller and wider until she reached 60 feet tall-a full tentimes or normal size!The crowd looked up at Anna in stunned awe. Their eyes started at hergiant black stilettos. Then swept up her long, long legs andgargantuan sized ass, that were all covered in super tight fittingblue jeans. Next, they took in Anna's cheast. She was wearing asleeveless white top with a plunging neckline that perfectlyshowcased her massive, and now ten times bigger, breasts. The shockedcrowd took another peep at Anna's eye-popping cleavage before lookingup to her beautiful face.

Anna's luscious bright red lips were agape and her big blue eyeslooked slightly dazed. The giant woman was dizzy from her suddentransformation and stumbled forward a few steps, before catchingherself. To Anna it was just a slight stumble, but to the crowd belowher, it easily could have been a life-ending avalanche, if she hadfallen on them. Never one to pass up an easy one liner, Troy laughed,“Now that could have been a real…Anna-lanche”! The crowd regainedit's composure and laughed at the dumb joke, while Anna rubbed hertemple and mumbled, “oh Troy”.

As usual, her co-host, wouldn't let up when he found a thread of goodmaterial and his Anna jokes continued. He climbed up onto theplatform and patted Anna's seven and half foot long stiletto boot andguffawed, “Better alert all the Dunkin Doughnuts in the state, causeAnna's gonna be reeeeeeeeal hungry”! On cue, the audience laughedagain, but this time Anna didn't respond.

Listening to the trashy audience laugh at her caused something to gooff in Anna. She was tired of being a national joke. She was fed upwith people calling her a gold digger, a slut, and a big blond ditz.

And most importantly, she had had more than enough of Troy and hismean spirited jokes. The giantess looked down at her tiny tormentorsand roared, “Stop it! Stop laughing at me!”. Some prudent peoplepaused, but most everybody else continued laughing all the harderafter Anna's outburst.

A large tear rolled down Anna's smooth rouged cheek, but she quicklyregained her composure. Furious now, she wiped another tear away fromher big blue eyes and then slammed her foot down and screamed, “ISAID SHUT UP”! Silence immediately fell over the gathered crowd asthey looked up nervously at the angry giantess. Even Troy, who hadbeen knocked to the ground following the impact of Anna's giant boot,realized that he had better keep his mouth shut.

The program's producer quickly rushed over to the scientists andsuggested, “maybe we should bring her back down to normal”. Thetechnicians agreed whole-heartedly and started warming up theshrinking device on the Size Changer. Anna heard the exchange andwith a smirk asked, “WHAT'S THE HURRY? YOU WANTED TO SEE ME LIKE THISDIDN'T YOU”? Then she playfully twirled around so that everybodycould get a good look at all of her assets. As she turned around,Anna couldn't help but notice Troy frantically dodging her giantstilettos.

Anna's attention was diverted from Troy to the Size Changer, though,when she heard it start to hum and point directly at her. Knockingthe device aside, she growled, “I'M NOT READY YET”. The leadscientist called up to her, “Ma'am you must stand still. The longeryou remain in this state, the harder it will be for us to reduce youback to normal”. Then the impatient producer walked up to the giantwoman and yelled, “Anna, this segment is costing us a ton of money,so you just do what your told and we'll wrap this up”.

The giantess was furious now. How dare this little speck of a mantell her what to do, she thought? Again the Size Changer was directedin Anna's direction, but this time she wrapped her giant hand aroundthe machine and pointed it away from herself. “MAYBE YOU DIDN'TUNDERSTAND ME. I SAID I'M NOT READY YET”, she hissed. The littleproducer stammered nervously for a second and then said, “Really Ms.

Smith we're just doing this for your own good, so please just standstill and we'll take care of everything”. Anna threw back her headand laughed. “SO IT'S MS. SMITH NOW? AND DID I JUST HEAR YOU JUST SAYPLEASE DONNY”? Nobody dared call the producer Donny, but he waswilling to let it slide until he got his star back down to size.

Much to everyone's relief, Anna smiled and said, “OK, OK, I'M READYTO GO BACK TO NORMAL”. She paused for a second and then smiled again,“HERE, I'LL EVEN POINT THIS SHRIK-AMA-THINGY AT ME . Annasqueezed her fist around the device and crushed the fragile metalinto a piece of scrap. Then she tore the 3000-pound machine from itsmount and casually tossed it aside. “WHOOPS, IS THAT BAD?”, she askedsmiling evilly, while looking into the eyes of the tiny people at herfeet.

Every person in the research facility looked at the ruined shrinkingmachine with horror. Judging from the angry expression on Anna'sface, they knew that they were in serious need of someway to bringthis giantess back down to size. The audience stood nervously lookingup at Anna, while also trying to scope out the nearest exit.

Meanwhile, at the insistence the producer, E! cameramen continued tofilm the amazing spectacle before them. Even now Don planned onexploiting Anna Nicole Smith for his own gain.

Anna was also looking at the ruined shrinking machine, but withdrastically different feelings. She knew that the massive metalconstruction should have been heavy, but she had been able to rip itapart as if it were nothing! Tearing her attention away from thedestroyed machine, Anna looked back down at the audience. They wereso small, she thought. And the looks on their face's…she saw fear…shesaw respect. “Priceless”, Anna said to herself.

A loud rumble erupted from Anna's stomach, effectively breaking thetense silence. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment for a splitsecond, but then she thought to herself, “why should I really carewhat these bugs think of me”. Pleased with her newfound sense ofconfidence, Anna looked into the crowd and then down at little Troy,still paralyzed with fear at her feet. “MMMMMMMMM, I'M SOOOOOOOSOOOOOOOO HUNGRYYYY”, she moaned sensually, while intently looking atthe bite sized people all around her.

The frightened crowd gasped when Anna bent down and grabbed Troy. Shebrought him up to her face and licked her lips hungrily. This was toomuch for little Troy and he thrashed about in his captor's fist. Troyscreamed with terror and punched at Anna's giant hand, but there wasno way that he could break away from such a powerful grip. The tinyman's pathetic display amused Anna greatly and soon she her delightedgiggles boomed throughout the building.

“OH TROY”, Anna mocked. “DID YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD EAT A SCRAWNYLITTLE SH*T LIKE YOU”? She then placed her helpless captive on acatwalk that was at face level and warned him, “NOW DON'T EVEN THINKABOUT TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM ME”. With Troy secured, Anna bent downand grabbed the giant apple that had been enlarged several minutesbefore. Standing back up, Anna sunk her giant pearly white teeth intothe fruit and began chewing deliberately, all the while staringmenacingly at Troy.

As Anna chewed, Juice and saliva squirted from her giant snack andsplashed onto Troy, but he didn't dare move out of fear of angeringthe unpredictable titaness. Even worse, from his tiny perspective,every bite she took sounded like a miniature thunderclap. Finally,Anna finished her apple and tossed the core onto the ground. Shecouldn't help but smile as tiny people scurried away like ants as thegiant apple hit the ground with a loud ‘SMOOSH'.

“THERE NOW, I FEEL MUCH BETTER”, Anna announced, while rubbing hertummy. Looking back at Troy, she smirked, “WHAT'S WRONG TROY? IHAVEN'T HEARD ANY JOKES LATELY”. Not surprisingly, the little mandidn't respond. Shrugging, Anna sneered and purposely looked down ather cleavage, “OH WELL, IT'S NOT LIKE ANYBODY WATCHES THIS CRAPPYSHOW TO HEAR YOU ANYWAY”. Continuing with her monologue, Annaannounced, “MAYBE EVERYONE HERE WOULD LIKE TO SEE ME PACK ON EVENMORE POUNDS. HOW BOUT IT EVERYBODY”? Anna paused for a second andthen said, “OH WAIT… I DON'T GIVE A FU*K WHAT YOU WORMS WANT”.

Anna then turned to face the undamaged growth ray and struck a posewaiting to be enlarged again. When the expected ray didn't come, Annaglowered down at the ground and roared, “I'M GONNA COUNT TO FIVE, ANDIF I DON'T START GETTING BIGGER, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET SQUASHED”!Anna's threat prompted the scientists into immediate action andwithin seconds the Size Changer started warming back up. The giantesspractically glowed with pleasure at seeing what effect her words hadon people now. “THAT'S RIGHT, WHEN ANNA NICOLE SMITH WANTS SOMETHINGSHE BETTER DAMN WELL GET IT”, she boasted.

Even though the growth ray was obviously being prepared to fire, Annacouldn't help but have a little fun with her audience. Assuming hermost pissed off expression, Anna folded her arms across her massivecheast and began to count. “ONE”, she boomed. As she expected, thelittle people started panicking. “TWO”. Anna watched as they startedbegging for mercy. Begging…begging to me, she thought triumphantly toherself. Before she could get to three, the pink laser hit her on thethigh and pumped massive amounts of energy into her.

Anna's body exploded with growth. To Anna the feeling was pureecstasy. She watched everything around her become tinier and morehelpless, while she grew bigger, stronger, and more powerful witheach passing second. At this point, pandemonium broke out near Anna'sgrowing feet. People pushed and trampled each other in their franticattempts to escape from the doomed building. Anna watched them go androared, “THAT'S RIGHT RUN! RUN FROM GIANT ANNA!” Her expandingstilettos quickly bulldozed those unlucky people closest to her feet,but many others were able to escape from the building.

It took mere minutes for Anna's rapidly expanding body to explodethrough the roof and only seconds after that for her to completelyoverwhelm and destroy what was left of the BioTronics facility. Whenthe transformation finally ended, Anna stood close to 3000 feet tall.

On this flat countryside her voluptuous frame could be seen for milesaround.

With her platinum blond hair waving slightly in the wind, Annastretched her mighty arms into the sky and took a deep breath of air.

The air seemed so much sweeter now she thought. Then, she looked downat the ground as the survivors of her destructive growth fled away.

Let them run, she thought, there was no place on earth safe from hernow. Speeding away in their cars, even a quarter of a mile away fromher, the tiny escapees could hear Anna's triumphant laughter echo allaround them.

From her lofty perspective, Anna could see the town of Winclottspread out before her. Even though it was nearly three miles away,the giantess knew that it would take only a dozen or so strides toreach it. Anna savored that first step. The mighty, earth shakingboom of her footfall illustrated just how powerful she had become.

Knowing that she possessed such unequaled might, caused her ego andconceit to grow even larger than her body had become.

Before Anna could take another step, though, a blue beam of light,originating from the remains of the BioTronics building, hit her onthe calf. The giant blond turned around and regarded this developmentwith some confusion. The laser didn't hurt; in fact, it didn't seemto be doing anything to her…until she realized that she was slowlygetting closer to the ground. She was shrinking! “How dare they”,Anna fumed to herself. She had finally achieved the power and respectthat she had craved for so long and there was no way that she wouldallow these dolls to take it away from her.

Seething, Anna's body shook with fury. Even though she was gettingsmaller, the enormous super model still towered high above hersurroundings and in three powerful strides; she was upon the shrinkray. The scientists operating the device saw their doom comescreaming down at them in the form of a giant black stiletto boot.

Not wanting to get any smaller, Anna desperately stomped the machineunder her foot and ground it into the dirt. The machine had onlyreduced her down to a “petit” 1,500 feet tall, and while still quitelarge, Anna was furious.

She focused her murderous rage on what was left of the BioTronicscomplex. In a temper tantrum whose ferocity had never before beenseen on Earth, Anna stomped, punched, and threw everything in herimmediate area and in minutes BioTronics was completely leveled,along with any other shrinking or enlarging machines inside. A fewmiles away, Anna's personal assistant, Joy, watched the giantess'soutburst with fascinated horror. Joy had witnessed normal sized AnnaNicole Smith tantrums in the past and shuddered to think whatnightmares the world would soon experience. With a quick estimate,Joy figured that Anna's fists had to be at least sixty feet tall andher foot probably reached 200 feet in length. “Yes”, Joy said toherself, “we are so f*cked.

In a much better mood now, Anna sauntered toward Winclott. Because ofher titanic weight, each of the blond bombshell's steps caused theground to shake and threatened to topple over Winclott's smallfragile buildings. The townspeople all saw and felt Anna stalkingtoward them and foolishly ran into their homes in an attempt toescape her. From high above a giant playful voice boomed over thetown and shook the foundations of every building, “COME OUT, COME OUTWHEREVER YOU ARE!”.

Unable to resist the powerful voice, every man, woman, and childtimidly stepped outside and beheld the goddess above them. Thrilledwith how quickly the populace obeyed her command, Anna squealed withglee and clapped her hands. “OH YOU'RE ALL SO ADORABLE…I COULD JUSTEAT YOU UP”, she cooed.

Anna started to bend down to grab a handful of people, when shepaused for a second. Originally she had planned on crushing them alland stomping their town flat, but now she had an even better idea.

Standing back up and with a mischievous grin on her beautiful face,Anna chuckled to herself. For so long her life had been one big jokefor the world to laugh at, but now it was Anna's turn to do thelaughing.

Looking down pompously at the small people near her feet, Annaroared, “TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES”. Once again everybody followed herorder without delay. “GOOD, NOW GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES”. Wheneverybody was in place Anna smirked and looked at the rain soaked,muddy streets…oh yes, she was going to enjoy this! Then high above,the giantess called down to her subjects as if she was reading averdict. “YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL PIGS…NOTHING BUT DISGUSTING, PATHETICPIGS.” After letting her words sink in, Anna continued, “AND SINCEYOU'RE ALL PIGS, I WANT YOU TO START ACTING LIKE PIGS…LET ME HEAR YOUALL OINK”. Too scared to disobey, over 300 naked people startedoinking, just as Anna had commanded. “VERY GOOD, BUT PIGS DON'T JUSTOINK, THEY ROLL IN THE MUD”. When the townspeople looked dumbly up atthe giantess, Anna roared, “DO IT!!!”. In no time the entire town wasrolling and rooting in the mud, much to giant Anna's delight.

Watching everybody humiliate themselves, the titaness!doubled over with laughter. “THAT'S RIGHT LITTLE PIGGIES, KEEP ITUP.”, Anna called out between laughs.

After nearly thirty minutes, Anna finally started to get bored withher little game. Looking at her boots she noticed that mud hadsplattered onto them. Scowling she bellowed, “LOOK AT THIS…LOOK AT MYBOOTS!!” YOU'RE DISGUSTING LITTLE PIG TOWN HAS GOTTEN MY BOOTSMUDDY”. Anna moved her giant foot just inches above the mud coveredtowns people and held it their for what seemed like an eternity tothem. Feeling that she had everybody's attention, Anna placed herfoot near their frightened crowd and removed her slightly muddyboots. “I THINK THAT CLEANING MY BOOTS IS TOO BIG A JOB FOR YOUINSECTS, SO BECAUSE I'M FEELING MERCIFUL…I'LL FIND MORE SLAVES TOHELP YOU”. Then she placed her boot on its side and roared,“EVERYBODY IN”.

The helpless citizens of Winclott quickly filed into the 270-footlong boot until they reached its soul. Inside the boot, theoverwhelming smell of leather and Anna's feet caused several peopleto gag and a couple of others even passed out. The next severalminutes were pure hell for the tiny boot prisoners. The overpoweringmusk from Anna's foot made eyes water and burn. Anna decided to walkbarefoot and carry her boots and so she purposely shook her bootsevery now and then. People were tossed back and forth across thedamp, sweaty insole of the giantess's boot and soon were covered infoot sweat and mud.

Anna stocked toward the next town, looking for more toys to playwith. Her lovely face broke into a devilish grin as she contemplatedwhat was in store for the world…her world, now that she was callingthe shots. “YES, YOU PEOPLE ARE SO F*CKED”, she said, unintentionallyrepeating the words of her personal assistant, Joy.

In this rural part of the country, it took Anna nearly a half hour tofind another town to play with. By this time, word had spreadthroughout the media of her miraculous transformation. Dozens of newshelicopters buzzed around her voluptuous body like annoying littleflies. It would have been child's play for Anna to swat the tinylittle machines away, and indeed, she struggled to hold back thetempting impulse.

Instead, she was content to let the media film her. The attentionstarved woman craved to be in the spotlight and she knew that rightnow her image was being transmitted to every television and computerin the world. It all made Anna shiver with joy, but knowing that shehad a new image to uphold, she put her head and shoulders back, stuckour her chest, and glided across the terrain, looking much like aqueen would walk amongst her subjects.

Still, though, Anna couldn't help but ham it up a little, especiallywhen she noticed several helicopters paying extra attention to herchest region. Playfully the giantess shook her gargantuan boobs,giving the television viewers quite an eyeful. Another helicopterflew within a few feet of Anna's face and through a loudspeakerattempted to interview her. The colossal woman chose to ignore theignorant questions and instead blew a kiss at the helicopter and thengiggled bubbly. Wind from Anna's kiss blew the helicopter backseveral feet, but it quickly regained control and attempted to askthe giant model another tasteless question.

This time slightly annoyed Anna huffed, “NO COMMENT”. Unfortunately,the tiny news crew wouldn't be deterred and asked the question again.

Anna's eyes flared with anger and her lovely face scrunched up into ascowl. The pissed off giant smashed the tiny flying machine with theback of hand and roared, “I SAID NO COMMENT”. The helicopter burstinto flame upon impact with Anna's hand and it's debris fell to theground. Wisely, because of this incident, all of the mediahelicopters flew outside of Anna's arm length for the remainder ofher walk.

Minutes later and still in a sour mood, Anna Nicole came upon thenext town. She didn't know the name of the place, and frankly, shedidn't care. From the look of things it seemed to be about the samesize as Winclott. Sighing Anna grumbled, “ISN'T THERE ANY REAL CITIESIN THIS LOUSY ASS STATE?”. While the giantess eagerly looked forwardto finding a city filled with millions of potential toys, she waswilling to settle for what she could find for now.

Anna placed her boots in the middle of town, forcing hundreds ofpeople to flee away from the monstrous footwear. The former Playboycenterfold looked over the crowds gathered around her and with aconceited smirk announced, “YOUR QUEEN…NO YOUR EMPRESS COMANDS ALL OFYOU TO LINE UP AND PAY TRIBUTE TO HER GREATNESS”. When the peopleformed into a line, Anna wiggled her great toes and commanded, “NOW,ONE AT A TIME, EACH OF YOU COME FORWARD AND KISS MY FEET”. The firstof Anna's slaves came up to her big toe and gave it a quick peck andattempted to move on, but the giant woman wouldn't settle for suchshoddy shows of respect. “NO, NO, NO”, she said, shaking her head.


NOW DO IT AGAIN!”, she commanded. This time the tiny man placed hislips against Anna's giant dust covered toe and kissed it for all hewas worth. Barely able to stifle a giggle, she called down, “MUCH,MUCH BETTER. NOW I WANT YOU TO GO TO THE !BACK OF THE LINE AND DO IT AGAIN.

For the next hour, every person in town kissed the beautiful woman'stoes. Never had Anna felt so pleased as she did now watching thesetiny ant sized people worship her feet. She felt as if she was thecenter of the entire universe, the sole reason for its existence; thefeeling was highly intoxicating. When all the people below finallyfinished kissing her feet, Anna sighed contently and looked at herstiletto boots.

She then herded the minuscule people towards the boots with her foot,enjoying the crowd's panicked little squeaks of alarm. Smiling, Annacalled down to her subjects, “YOU'VE DONE VERY WELL MY PETS, BUT NOWIT'S TIME TO PAY FOR THE PLEASURE OF LICKING MY FEET. MY BOOTS NEEDPOLISHED AND CLEANED”. Then she added menacingly, “YOU HAVE ONEHOUR…AND I'D BETTER BE ABLE TO SEE MY REFLECTION IN THOSE BOOTS WHENYOU'RE DONE”. OH, I ALMOST FORGOT…… HERE ARE SOME MORESLAVES TO HELP YOU”, Anna said lazily, as she dumped the people ofWinclott out of her left boot.

The frightened people of both towns immediately went to workpolishing and buffing Anna's giant footwear. Fire trucks were calledinto blast water at the dirty boots and hundreds of other people setabout buffing and polishing as if their lives depended on it.

Satisfied that her slaves were obeying their commands, Anna lied downon the eastern part of town and allowed the warm sun to wash over herbig, curvaceous body. Completely relaxed and content, Anna dozed off.

About two hours later, the titanic woman awoke with a start andinstantly looked over at her boots. Hovering nearby were dozens ofNational Guard helicopters attempting to airlift the tiny townspeopleto safety. Despite her great size, Anna leapt up from the ground withastonishing speed. The helicopters didn't stand a chance. With anearth-shaking screech, the woman swatted several of them out of thesky. She also took cruel delight in grabbing some of the flyingmachines with her fist and crushing them into scrap.

Once Anna had obliterated the military's rescue mission, she turnedher attention to the empty town below. Stomping down with bare feet,the angry supermodel wiped the small community off the map in thematter of seconds. Huffing from her tantrum, Anna picked up her bootsand examined them. “NICE JOB SLAVES”, she said while looking at herbeautiful reflection in the shiny black leather. Then she slid theboots onto her feet and over her calves and moved on to the nexttown.

Millions of people around the world watched the nightmarishimage of Anna Nicole Smith killing over a thousand people in mereminutes and then destroying a small town soon after. Televisioncameras caught the angry glare in her eyes, followed by the look ofcruel satisfaction on her face. At the same time, government andmilitary leaders began devising plans to either stop or control thegiant woman. Many in the military did indeed hope to bring thegiantess under control and use her as a true weapon of massdestruction.

Meanwhile, Anna was unaware of the plotting and scheming going on inWashington. She was far more interested in finding more ways ofexercising her seemingly unlimited strength. As she walked along anempty interstate highway, Anna contemplated the wondrous change inher life. She had already been quite wealthy, but her transformationinto a literal tower of power made all the money in the world seemsomewhat paltry. Now she could take whatever she wanted, whether itbe material possessions or the obedience and worship of millions oftiny people.

The National Guard had successfully managed to evacuate several townsand had closed down the highways, but one person had been able toevade their roadblocks and now waited along the road. Anna saw thelittle speck and was about to squash it under her massive foot, whenher curiosity made her pause. Bending down she saw that it was alittle man waving a banner in his hands. “WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE”, Annamused while trying to read the small words on the man's banner.

“WHY IT SAYS, ‘I LOVE YOU ANNA', she read aloud. Smiling in delightAnna purred, “HOW SWEET AND TO THINK, I WAS ABOUT TO STEP ON YOU”.

Then she lowered her massive hand and gently grasped a hold of herlittle admirer. “OH MY YES, IT WOULD BE A CRIME TO CRUSH A LITTLE MANWHO HAS SUCH GOOD TASTE”, Anna cooed. Still beaming, the giantessbrought her little prize up to her humongous lips and smothered himwith kisses. Feeling a little mischievous, Anna dropped the tiny man,now covered with red lipstick, on to her gargantuan left tit andgiggled.

Anna's laughter caused her chest to shake violently and the littleman fell down on to the warm smooth skin of Anna's breast. Helpfully,she held up the giant orb with her hand so that the man had a flatsurface to lie on. “I'M AFRAID THAT MY BOOBS ARE JUST TOO MUCH FORYOU LITTLE ONE”, Anna laughed as she watched the ant sized man try toget back to his feet. Once again the jiggling mound knocked the manoff his feet, which wasn't really such a bad position to be in hethought. After a few minutes, Anna picked up her doll man and broughthim back up to her face. “WELL, IT'S TIME TO GO SWEETY”, Anna saidand then placed him on to the ground. The little man rushed over tothe tip of Anna's boot and hugged it before scurrying away.

Holding her hands together, Anna cooed, “AREN'T YOU JUST THE CUTESTLITTLE THING”. Then thinking about what she had planned for the nexttowns and cities she came across, the massive beauty called out,“MAYBE I SHOULD HOLD ON TO YOU AFTER ALL…SINCE I'D HATE TO CRUSH YOUBY ACCIDENT. She reached backed down and plucked her new friend offof the ground and placed him into the front pocket of her jeans.

“THERE NOW, NICE AND SAFE”, she giggled and then began walking downthe interstate again.

Inside Anna's pocket, the tiny man was held fast against her thigh bythe skintight denim jeans. Despite barely being able to move, it wasquite comfortable being pressed up against the luscious supermodel'swarm body. The warmth of Anna's thigh and the rhythmic shaking causedby her mighty footfalls soon caused the little man to fall asleep anddream about his beautiful new Goddess.

Outside, Anna continued her earth shaking march. In a delighted moodnow, she simply stepped over the few police cars, soldiers, and tanksthat attempted to block her path. The military hadn't yet agreed onhow to deal with the giantess and so no shots were fired as shewalked by. Also, because a large enough force wasn't in place, themilitary and police were ordered not to provoke the easily agitatedwoman, unless they had to.

Within a half an hour of putting her tiny subject in her pocket, Annasaw a city off in the distance. She quickly changed her course andstocked towards the metropolis. Anna Nicole's lovely delighted smileslowly transformed into an evil looking smirk as she beheld theskyscrapers and towers that barely reached her knees. She imaginedall the cruel jokes and laughs that she had heard when she was anormal sized woman, and the overwhelming urge to destroy andhumiliate again surfaced.

In the city, buildings shook and thousands of panicked citizensclogged the streets as Anna came closer and closer. High above, hergiant triumphant laughter washed over the city and signaled abeginning to the destruction.

Anna circled the city, absorbing the terror and panic of its hundredsof thousands of people. The toy-sized city seemed to practicallytremble with the populace's collective fear, and to the vindictivetitaness it was a truly satisfying vision. On the ground, each andevery person looked up and saw the terrible splendor that was AnnaNicole Smith. They knew that the 1500-foot tall woman could reducethem and their city into nothingness at any time she chose. Thatamazingly wasn't the most frightening image, though. Instead it wasthe look on her beautiful face that inspired the most fear. It wasthe knowing, twisted smirk on her lips that let everybody know thattheir doom was at hand. It was the amused glint in her eyes that madethem all realize that they were nothing more than disposableplaythings to her.

She walked around the city twice, never taking her eyes off of it,and then stopped near the largest highway that led into themetropolis. Anna took a deep breath and held it for several seconds,causing her gargantuan chest to practically burst through the sheermaterial of her top. Letting the tension continue to build, thestatuesque colossus slowly and deliberately ran her hands through herplatinum locks and sighed happily. And then she decided--it was timeto begin.

Anna lifted one long, impossibly powerful leg and slammed it down onthe nearby highway. A nearly ten foot deep crater was revealed whenshe removed her massive foot from the ground. Looking down andseemingly unimpressed with her mighty display, Anna shrugged herlovely shoulders and said, “ROADS OUT”. Then in two great strides,the unstoppable blond was standing among the downtown skyscrapers.

She wrapped her hand around one of the knee-high buildings andattempted to rip it out of the ground in one piece. Unfortunately,the structure couldn't hold together against such abuse andimmediately collapsed, leaving Anna holding its top portion. Thegiantess regarded the piece of building in her hand and laughed. “TOTHINK”, she taunted. “ IT TOOK YEARS FOR HUNDREDS OF YOU LITTLESPECKS TO BUILD THIS, AND WITH ONE HAND IT TOOK ME ONLY A SECOND TODESTROY IT”. Her chilling words and laughter echoed throughout thecity and on every television and radio on earth.

Looking closely at the building in her hand, Anna could see and heartiny people begging for her mercy. The giantess brought her free handto one ear and sneered, “WHATS THIS? I DON'T HEAR ANY LAUGHING”. Shepaused for a second and then continued, “C'MON, LAUGH AT THE BIGBLOND SLUT. TEAR ME DOWN, I'M A BIG GIRL I CAN TAKE IT”. A lumpcaught in the angry woman's throat and she felt her eyes mist up asshe remembered all the hurtful words spoken about her for so manyyears.

Self-pity was quickly replaced by rage again, though, and Anna turnedher attention back to her hand. She gradually closed her fist aroundthe building's top and transferred her pain onto the worthlessinsects in her palm. With ease, she ground the concrete and steelstructure to rubble. Pleased with the results of her destructivemight, Anna opened her hand and allowed the debris to fall throughher fingers like sand. Then she kicked a group of nearby towers withher giant boot. Anna's foot shattered the buildings and spread theirremains over several blocks.

While wiping out skyscrapers was truly enjoyable, Anna wanted to geta much closer glimpse of the minuscule people at her feet. Shedropped down on her hands and knees (wiping out several smallerbuildings in the process) and gazed over the crowded street belowher. Pleased with the chaotic scene, Anna grinned and then took in adeep breath. After a few seconds the giantess released the stored upair from her lungs onto the panicked throng below. Her warm, sweetsmelling breath blasted people off their feet and tossed vehiclesabout as if they were scraps of litter.

Anna watched the scene with fascination. She already knew that shepossessed nearly unlimited strength, but seeing what effects thesimple act of her breathing had on these puny creatures wasincredible. Once most of the people got back up to their feet, Annaplaced her open hand on the street and slowly pushed forward. Herunstoppable palm was like a six story tall bulldozer as it swept overcars, buses, and people without any effort. Enjoying this new game,the cruel giant lifted her hand and pushed it down the street in theopposite direction until there was a small space sandwiched betweentwo 20-foot high piles of concrete and debris.

Over a hundred people were trapped in between the giant piles ofwreckage, just as Anna had planned. The gorgeous giant then lickedher middle finger and began carefully rubbing it against the helplesspeople below her. There was no escape from the massive wet finger andwithin seconds nearly three dozen people were stuck to it. Amused,Anna watched them all wiggle and struggle against her finger. Ahelicopter hovered several feet away filming the giantess'sdestructive fun. Enjoying the attention, Anna stuck her finger intoher mouth and began sucking away the trapped people. All the whileher big blue eyes stared into the cameras with mock innocence. Onceall the people were off her finger, Anna made a show of slowlyswallowing them all in one big gulp. “MMMMMMMMM”, she rumbled. “SOTASTY”.

Darkness began to fall and the beautiful giantess let out a longyawn. It had been a truly wonderful and entertaining day, but now shewas getting tired. There was still plenty of city left to destroy andit wasn't going to go anywhere, so Anna lied down on her back andlooked up into the early night sky. A satisfied smile formed on herface as she listened to the screams and sirens that surrounded her.

Before dozing off, Anna took her little admirer out of her pocket andmade sure that he was OK. Other than being obviously shaken andscared, he appeared fine. The gargantuan femme fatal kissed his bodyand then nestled him down between her breasts. Seconds later AnnaNicole fell into a blissful, dream filled sleep.

**Newest and final chapter**With the arrival of morning, the results of Anna's brutal rampagecould be fully seen. Over half of the city lay in ruin. Smoke andthe occasional column of flame rose above what was left of the skyline. Military and civilian authorities didn't bother trying to savethe burning and crumbling city, but instead focused on rescuing theinjured and evacuating those still alive. Those tasks were made allthe more difficult, though, after Anna had destroyed most of themajor highways and bridges that led into town. Also weighing heavilyon everybody's mind was the frightening prospect of the sleepinggiantess erupting from her slumber and once again raining destructionback down on them all.

Fortunately, “erupting” and early mornings weren't a common practiceof the sleeping beauty. On this day, she slept until noon and herslow, grumbling stirrings gave everybody ample time to flee. AnnaNicole's contented sighs and yawning echoed throughout the ruinedmetropolis signaling that she was ready to go again. Even though shecouldn't see herself, the image conscience beauty would have beenpleased to know that after sleeping on top of a dirty city, hermake-up was still set perfectly, not a platinum lock of hair was outof place, and her outfit was still spotless.

Propping herself up one elbow, Anna plucked the tiny man off of hercheast and looked him over carefully. He was still coated in herbright red lipstick and now soaked from her sweat after sleepingbetween her breasts all night. “SLEEP WELL BABY?”, she asked whilesmiling down at him sweetly. He responded by bowing down andreverently kissing her massive palm. The giant supermodel positivelybeamed at this show of voluntary worship and giggled, “WHY MY DARLINGLITTLE LOVE BUG, I THINK YOU ARE THE VERY FIRST CONVERT TO THE CHURCHOF ANNA”. Coincidentally, Anna happened to look beside her hip andnotice that a cathedral had miraculously survived the previous day'sattack. She stared at the structure for several seconds beforesuddenly slamming the open palm of her other hand down on top of it.

While smearing the building's remains into the turf, she growled,“SORRY, BUT THERE'S ONLY ROOM FOR ONE GOD ROUND HERE”.

With that show of power done, Anna was ready to strike out again.

She quickly placed her small lover back into the safety of her pocketand stood up. Seeing that the city was mostly empty now, the hugebeauty didn't waste any time, and quickly stomped away, stepping onand through every building that stood in her path. Once she wasoutside of the city, Anna decided to follow a four lane highway thatled to the south, figuring that would be the best way to find moreprey. Within a few minutes, Anna Nicole spied a large convoy ofbuses, trucks, and tanks speeding away from her. Once the convoy ofevacuees heard and saw the murderous woman behind them, they sped upall the more, but unfortunately there was just no way that they couldoutrun their pursuer.

“AH, AH, AH. NOBODY GETS TO LEAVE UNTIL PLAY TIME IS OVER”, Annapurred evilly, as she stepped over the vehicles and slammed her bootdown. Soldiers and tanks escorting the convoy opened fire, but ofcourse, they had no effect on Anna. She ignored the minusculeinfantry men and playfully flicked away a couple of tanks with herperfectly manicured, ruby red painted finger nail. Mocking the punydefenders, Anna pretended to pout, “NOW THAT WASN'T VERY NICE ANDLOOK, YOU'VE WENT AND HURT MY FEELINGS”. Then adding menacingly, shesaid, “AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT'S NOT VERY SMART”.

Down below the dozens of terrified people waited for Anna's othergiant boot to come down and crush the life out of them, but thegiantess had other plans. Winking and smirking naughtily, she slowlyundid the button on her jeans and lowered them down below her knees.

“I'M AFRAID THAT THE ONLY WAY YOU SPECKS CAN MAKE THIS UP TO ME...ISTO KISS MY ASS”!, Anna proclaimed and she started to squat down. Onthe ground, everybody watched as her huge, huge...huge posteriorapproached the ground. Anna sat poised just inches above her trappedplaythings waiting for them to honor her greatness. Not waiting forfurther prompting, the crowd immediately started worshiping AnnaNicole Smith's ass. They kissed and rubbed and licked the massive,smooth butt cheek with all that they had. Giant Anna could feel itall and laughed, “THAT'S RIGHT, KISS...KISS LIKE YOUR LIVES DEPEND ONIT”.

After squatting in such an uncomfortable position for about tenminutes, the titaness decided it was time to end this game. Despitethe best efforts of her new ass slaves, Anna had planned on crushingthem all along. Without warning, she sat down, full force onto theground. The massive tonnage of her body squashed those below herinto nothingness and the impact of her ass hitting the surfaceregistered as a small earthquake on the Richter Scales. “OOOPSEY”,Anna exclaimed innocently to the news helicopters that were filmingher latest act of cruelty.

In Washington, the nation's leadership watched in horror as the giantsuper model sat in the desert, giggling as if killing hundreds wasnothing more than a silly little game to her. The president brokethe stunned silence and declared, “I've seen enough. I'm not goingto sit by and watch this whore...this bimbo humiliate and murder thepeople of my country”. His top general stood up and asked, “What areyour orders Mr. President”. Without hesitating he said, “take herdown”.

Within ten minutes of that order, the might of the United Statesmilitary descended upon their target. Over three dozen B-1 and B-52bombers loaded with the most powerful conventional bombs struck her.

They hit their target with pinpoint accuracy and the world watchedexpectantly. Naturally, the attack hardly phased the giant woman.

Laughing as the bombs exploded on her, Anna moaned and arched herback, “OH YES...RIGHT THERE...YES, THAT'S THE SPOT”. Next came thefighter jets, hundreds of them, but their tiny weapons had even lessaffect on her. Unlike the bombers, though, the fighters came withinswatting distance and Anna took great delight in knocking the fragileaircraft out of the sky.

Finally, a group of five transports, each loaded with the highlytouted MOAB, approached the giant woman. Anna watched the lumberingaircraft approach; it would have been child's play for her to destroyeach one of them, but she was curious to see what they had were goingto do. On cue, each transport released its payload and thegrand total of 100,000 pounds of bombs burst all around the suddenlybewildered woman.

When the smoke cleared, Anna was still standing. The only sign ofdamage to her was a small gray smudge on the cheast area of her whitetop. Also, the massive explosions had caused her breasts to giggleever so slightly, but Anna placed her hands over top of them andstopped their mesmerizing movement. The unstoppable woman took anearth shaking step forward, and then paused to look down at the stainon her outfit. Anna licked her thumb and then rubbed the smudgeuntil it was barely noticeable. Satisfied, she resumed her march.

Back at the Pentagon, the nation's military and civilian leadershipwatched helplessly as the giant sexpot shrugged off what had been theworld's largest single air strike. The Secretary of Defense stood upand said confidently, “just give the word Mr President, and we'llcommence the ground offensive”. Looking at the man if he was animbecile, the president instead turned to another group of advisorsand asked, “how long will it take to get a team of negotiators outthere”?The first round of negotiations didn't last very long. Feeling as ifthe puny men weren't giving her the proper respect, Anna squashedthem within five minutes, but fortunately, follow up talks proved tobe more fruitful.

Six months later...

Anna Nicole Smith sat in a secluded harbor, which at her sizeresembled a nice sized Jacuzzi. She had discarded the giant bikinitop she had been wearing and was enjoying how her tiny lover caressedher massive nipple. Close at hand, was a structure that resembled anoil platform, but instead of drilling for oil, it simply held animmense glass of champaign. Nearby, two dozen supertankers filledwith the pricey beverage awaited orders to refill the glass. So farthis afternoon, the tippsy giantess had already polished off foursuper tankers.

The last few months had gone perfectly, Anna thought lazily. After aday of negotiations, the government had agreed to hand over all ofSouthern California to her, to rule as she saw fit. In return, Annapromised not to destroy any other parts of the country. Of course,the giant blond planned on breaking her promise whenever she pleased,but for now she was satisfied with lounging around and enjoying thebenefits of being treated as a deity by her little subjects.

Leaving Anna's little nation was forbidden and those who did escapewere promptly detained and returned by the US, as agreed upon. Inaddition, other countries paid hundreds of billions of dollars intribute to Anna Nicole each month. The money was used to purchasethe massive amounts of food and clothing that she required and tosatisfy her every other whim, which were quite extravagant. Forexample, she had recently commanded the nations of the world to buildher a life sized statue of herself, built from gold and platinum.

In the meantime, the United States looked for a way to bring AnnaNicole Smith back down to size and escape from underneath her giantthumb. Unfortunately, all the scientific and technological data hadbeen destroyed at the BioTronics facility and, to date, the processcould not be duplicated or reversed. After extensive investigations,it was determined that personnel at BioTronics had reportedly mailedcomplete information on their growth project to a Dr Corry Love inSeattle, Washington. Investigators immediately looked into this, butsomehow the data never reached Dr. Love and apparently had been lostin the mail.

One year later, a giant Courtney Love burst upon the scene...butthat's another story for another time.