She loved being a giantess. Crushing, Eating, Killing men. Even the thought ofit made her crave the blood of people. And Baby Spice is a girl who acts onimpulse…Emma was playing deadly training exercises with some soldiers. They were intheir main building, and had to run past her to the gates of their camp, about100 metres. If they didn't, she would kill them all anyway. To her, theyappeared about 6in in height. A small, secluded camp, it was just nice for herafternoon snack.

She was laid down, legs stretched out behind her. Blood already dripped from herlips and she spat out a human bone. 3 had already tried it and failed, all beingcaught in her mouth and sickeningly executed infront of their comrades. Theirhalf-eaten bodies lay on the grass.

Emma's hair, done up in cute bunches, flicked the side of her face as she lickedher lips and waited for the next runner. The soldiers watching could not believesomeone who looked so sweet and innocent could be a savage killer who fed hersick fantasies by eating men and boys. She thinks men were put on the Earth asfood for giantesses.

One young cadet tried his luck as Emma yawned, thinking the blonde Spice Girlwould not see him. But he was wrong. Still yawning, Emma's teeth closed aroundhis body and he was violently jerked off his feet, and dropped on his back. Hesat up and raised his hands to protect himself as Emma's mouth came down again,but against a hungry Spice Girl, it was no good. A pure, horrifying feeling cameover him as her teeth closed gently around his neck, and her hot breath sent achill down his spine...

She turned to the other soldiers, lifting the cadet to his feet. He wasstruggling to push away her teeth around his neck, his legs kicking at her. Shesmiled and crunched down, with her lips closed so they wouldn't see. Sheswallowed what she had bitten off - his head - and let him slip out of her lips.

She stripped his uniform off. The headless corpse gave the men a chillingreminder of Emma's power over them.

They stared as Emma licked the blood off her lips and began to eat the body ofthe cadet, tearing off chunks of flesh and bone, chewing and swallowing. Inabout a minute, all that was left was the bloodstained grass and his uniform. Itwas sickening.

"OK boys... is one of you going to try to get past, or shall I jsut rip off theroof and devour you at my leisure? If you run, you have a chance to escape. Ifnot, you'll die! Oh, and to make it more interesting..."She grew taller, so they soldiers appeared only 2in tall.

"Now we can have some fun,” she said, flashing her cutest smile, and running hertongue across her teeth. She looked down on them sweetly. “I'm hungry…want to bemy Babyfood?"One man gave himself up, losing all the will to fight, hoping that she wouldaccept his surrender and let him go. He stepped out and approached the SpiceGirl, who looked at him puzzled, playing with her hair.

“I surrender. Please don't kill me. I'll do anything.”“OK. Tell me the sort of way I could eat you, that you'd be most terrified of.”“Having my body ripped and bitten and partially eaten. It's horrific, I-“Emma tore him apart in delight, swallowing parts of him.

They felt even more desperation. The feeling of being trapped, like canned foodfor her, was enough to make 2 men make a run for it together. With 2, they hopedEmma would be confused and miss them…But no. Quick as lightning she ducked down and opened her mouth wide infront ofone. He couldn't stop and skidded into her mouth, onto her tongue. She left hermouth open as hetried to jump for freedom, but she closed her lips and he hit her teeth, fallingonto her tongue. She smiled and sexily swallowed him whole. The other was makingsome good progress, though. He was halfway there and thought he was free,running for his life, not daring to look back.

Suddenly out of nowhere he was knocked to the ground and he felt himself beingkissed by Emma, and she scooped him up easily in her mouth. She closed her teethbut not her lips, so he could see out through the small gaps, but was trapped.

She teased him with her tongue, poking him and licking him, before laughing toherself and laying back down facing the other soldiers. She swallowed him alive,and, feeling his body slip into her stomach, closed her eyes and sighed happily.

Another cadet, only a boy, ran for it. He had no chance. Emma blocked his wayand he tried to run back to the building, but her teeth closed on his foot. Hewas feet from the building, and Emma looked at the soldiers inside. Her latestvictim was crying, begging the others to help him. One ran out and tried to pullhim free.

Emma was amused, and sucked the cadet deep into her mouth quickly. Unable toreact quick enough, the would-be hero soldier was dragged out into the open.

With the little cadet in her mouth, Emma couldn't grab him. So she used aspecial trick she acquired with her giantess powers…Strands of her lovely blonde hair started wrapping around his legs. Emma lazilyswallowed the poor cadet, and watched as her hair trapped him. A clump ofstrands wrapped around his waist and the others released him. He was pulledtowards her mouth. Emma cutely opened her mouth, as if someone was feeding herwith a spoon. The man screamed like a child as Emma licked her lips. He wasdragged into her mouth and the hair released him. Emma swallowed.

Only 12 men were left. Emma was still hungry. She smiled at them and waited fora few minutes.

3 of them ran for it. 2 were savaged instantly, their bodies torn by cruelbites. The other was followed until he was within reach of the gates. Itsuddenly went black and he felt his body being lifted high into the air. Hescreamed and panicked, but Emma wasn't going to let him go. She slowly cockedher hair back and let him slide along her tongue and then fall down her throat.

It was when one of the soldiers started crying in the base and saying he wantedto go home that Emma showed her other side. An even more sickening, sexy side.

She grabbed him out of the doorway and sat with her legs apart. She had nothingunderneath her minidress. She toyed with him, rubbing him against her clit,before pushing him deep inside herself, using a single finger. A small, innocentsmile crept across her lips as she moved him with the finger, before leaving himstruggling up there. She saw another soldier out of the corner of her eye,running. He was also grabbed and inserted. She was obviously very horny.

The remaining seven just ran. But Emma gathered them all and put them betweenher legs. She smiled, and pulled out the two dead men, and threw them away.

“OK boys. Playtime over. Now for my real fun. You have to push each other up mypussy. Last one left gets to feel all my juices coming out on them as I orgasm.

The other six of you will die, suffocated, while giving me intense pleasure.

Now… GO!”One turned and ran. Emma pushed him back into the fight, giggling as they allganged up on him and he tickled her clit. She sighed as he was pushed inside,screaming and begging, followed by another who slipped and got his arm insideher. Five left. Emma smiled at them, trying to push each other in.

“Room for four more, boys. Come on… FILL ME!” Emma was by now overwhelmed withlust for them. All she wanted was for them to be squirming inside her pussy, andto orgasm as they drove her crazy. Another two were quickly pushed to theirdeaths, both inserted head first. The remaining three carried on for a while.

Emma got tired and pushed one deep inside herself. The last two also foughtdesperately.

She got bored, and snatched both. One was slowly inserted as she looked at theother. She then moved him to that area, but dropped him inches from her as herbody began to tingle in pleasure…She came four times on him, and took out the dead bodies. She then turned tohim, picked him up, and teased him with cruel threats. He started crying.

Perfect, she thought. As he cried, she shrunk so he would seem 4 inches. Shecomfortably positioned him inside herself, after putting an aqualung on him. Hisstruggles would keep her going for hours…