BeachballBy HedinThe two boys looked over the sunny beach. It was already quite warm but there were only about ten people on the four mile long beach. They boys were pleased with so few people here because they had planned to be the first on the beach. It was 7 o'clock in the morning. Everyone else was still sleeping. The two boys walked towards the water. The sand was already very warm almost hot until they reached the place sand where four hours ago the tide had wetted the sand. They made a few more steps towards the water until Herb stopped and simply said "That's the right place." So Joey dropped the large bag and the towels. He turned and examined the area. Quietly he nodded, the place was good. In two hours it was the lowest tide. Then the water would return. So most of the people that would arive within the next hours would place their towels or beach tents more towards the land. No one wanted to be surprised by the cold waves while sleeping in the sun. The two boys knew that the arriving people would smile at them and wait for the moment when they had to flee from the waves.

But the boys didn't care. They knew that this was the best place. Carefully they placed their bags and their towels. Herb was pushing hands of sand under his bag until it was adjusted. Then the boys laid down for a first test. Joey laid on his belly facing towards the land. His back was on the left of his towel and right next to his head. On his right was Herb in the same position but with his bag on his right. Each of the boys dragged another towel from the bags and hid his head beneath the cloth. With careful moves and adjusting Joey aimed his camera. The lens of a 70-300mm-Zoom was perfectly hidden in the dark folds of a blue towel. The thin legs of a mini tripod were pushed through holes in his bag into the sand to provide enough support. With the tripod he adjusted the camera angle until it was perfect. The camera was aimed left-forward in a 45 degree angle. Herb was already finished. They sat up and Joey took one of his books while Herb was (agaiin!) fumbling with his rubricks cube. He had solved it two days ago but only because he simply broke it up and reassembled the pieces in the right order. Now they had to kill time until the beach was filled and a little more until the first people were hot enough for a bath.

The two boys were hunters. They were hunting beach bunnys. And they were professionals. Any girl passing within a range of three hundred feet was worth one or more shots. And because they had the perfect position between the waves and the dry sand they were sure that everyone had to pass them. When they were covered under their towels they looked like sleeping and sometimes Joey left one of his books half open to pretend having fallen asleep over the book. Herb was hoping that the nicer girls wouldn't pass too close. Sometimes the girls would step right next to the bags and more than once they pushed some handful of sand over the towel with the hidden lense. Right after the costs for films and processing came the price for pressurized air to blow out the sand. Joey liked these opportunities. Even though his camera could be heard well on such a short distance he had dared to make the shots. When at home he would sort out these pictures. He didn't like the thought of Herb's laughter if he realized the Joey was into feet and especially into beach sandals.

It was fourty minutes since the boys had arrived at the beach when the stream of people started. At first it was only a trickle but at 8.30 the good weather had torn the sunbathers from their beds. At 9.00 the beach was covered with blankets and fathers cursing with the strings and fiber-glass supports of their beach tents. Children where crying and it was only minutes until the first couple would raise to play beach ball.

Right then Herb whispered "I can't believe it. I solved the rubricks cube!" and he twisted the last line of colored pieces in place.

***Joey abruptly raised his head. Startlet he looked into the sun. He had simply slept. How long? Why?"Herb! Herb, I fell asleep. What's the time? Why couldn't you wake me up."Groaning Herb looked at him. He was sitting in the same position that Joey remembered from when he had solved the cube.

"The cube! It's gone!" Herb shouted. "What?" Joey asked wondering about the horrified expression in Herb's face.

"The cube. It dissolved in my Hands. And then you are mumbling about waking you up while you never fell asleep."Joey looked around. The beach was gone. They were sitting on a large field that consisted of rubble. White rubble. Millions of small and smaller white stones with an occasional black or grey one in between. A few feet away the rubble was piled into large hills that blocked their view. It was like the magic carbet ride. Only this time it was their towels. Everything was there. They still sat on their towels and had their bags next to the towels with the cameras still ready to shoot and still rests of sand in their bags.

"Where are we?""This all has just happened when I finished the magic cube. What does it mean. It must be magic."Joey wanted to say somethin but he was interrupted when suddenly a small avalanche of stones slid down the hill next to them. The sudden noise reminded them of something they had not yet noticed. They could still hear the waves and the cries of the gulls and before they could tell each other new masses of stones started sliding down the hills wherever they looked. And this time they felt the earth shaking.

Then the blonde mane rose above the hill.

"We are shrunk!" Herb shouted and Joey realized the earthquakes as the tread of the woman that rapidly neared their position. The next moment they saw the woman's tits swaying in a blue bikini top. The mountains of flesh were unbelievably high above them.

***They stood terrified and frozen while two more steps shattered the earth even harder. The blue bikinibottoms the giantess was wearing rose quickly over the horizon as the boys finally started to scream helpless. Herb peed in his pants and Joey fell onto his knees. While the terriffying large woman had no eye for the ground because it was only warm and soft sand she could carelessly step on the boys saw the sole of her right barefoot moving towards them. They cries got still louder as it got dark around them.

Everything was thunder and heaving ground with the boys just realizing that the young beach beauty had just smashed the titanic heel of her foot into the sand. And the toes were still above them and they had only time for the blink of an eye before the titanic toes came down.

The two boys were blinded by the sun and irresistably flung into the air as her big toe crushed itself into the mountain of sand in front of them.

Easily the weight of the giantess forced the toe into the sand and the unleashed powers made the sand flow and squirt out from under her toe as it seperated the mountain of sand into two halves.

Joey had no time to start another cry of horror as the shadow of the giantess' body came over him and her big toe buried his helpless body beneath an avalanche of fist sized sandcorns.

The gust of displaced air from the toes had catched Herb and pushed him away before he was hit by the wave of sand that came over Joey. But at the same time the careless giantess above had finished the step and transferred her weight onto her left foot. With another blast of grinding and thundering noises the titanic foot was raised from the sand. Before Herb could think about something like luck the hailstorm of stones that had been the sand her toenails had dragged upward smashed the poor boy down and buried him.

***Joey was still conscious despite tons of rubble around him. There was air that he could suck from between the rocks but he wasn't powerful enough to dig at least a small cave under the avalanche of sand. Herb needed more than a minute to come to his senses. His head was covered with blood as well as the rest of his body. But his bones felt alright and the wounds seemed to be nothing more than large scratches from the sandcorns. Without thinking of the irony to be badly bruised and knocked out by sandcorns Herb started to dig. The sand that had fallen from her foot had buried him but it was not as densely packed as the rest of the ground. Herb could dig through the sand and found that only one and a foot above him was freedom.

But even this loosely and thin layer of sand was enough to take him five minutes before he got out. Then he stood in the surroundings that had been brutally changed by the step of this heedless beachgirl. Anger about this uncaring slut and his total helplessness against her overwhelming power was cutting his throat. To his right he saw a little bit of blue where their towels were buried under the outer parts of the avalanche. The towel was torn and ground into pieces by the stones of sand. $3000 of Cameras and equipment simply ground to dust by the step of a stupid bitch.

And no Joey around he suddenly found out. He shouted his name. Quietness except for the loud sound of the waves. Again he shouted. Then between the distant thunder of two breaking waves he heard him.

Herb realized he was buried in the sand. He couldn't estimate how deep he was but he knew that he could easily lay on the ground beneath the more than thirty feet high heap that had been pushed out of the way of the mighty toe.

He laid on the ground and shouted again. Joey answered. Herb climbed the hill until he estimated that he was above Joey who had desperately brought out his eighth shout.

Then herb walked a few steps down the slope and started digging. It was a bloody work. His body was bruised all over and he had to move thousands of stones. From time to time the stones from above slipped down into the whole again. Herb had to be quick to get away before he was hit. Herb asked Joey to shout again and then after about twenty minutes Joey's muffled shouts said that the air was getting better. Herb was working faster as he saw hope again. But then he felt another earthquake.

"Nooooo!" came Joey's shout from the dephts and Herb stumbled backwards as the next tread caused more sand to slide into the whole that was nothing mor than a tiny dent in a tiny heap of sand for the human eye.

"LET'S PLAY OVER HERE!" a female voice thundered over the beach while two more earthquakes made the rescue whole disappear completely. Herb scrambled towards the top of the sandheap because this was the only place that wouldn't be buried again. Until he reached the top the steps had stopped. But as he was on top and could see the two human giantesses his heart sank. The nearest monster was three of her bodylenghts from him while the other one was more than seven bodylengths away and just turning around. The nearest giantess was a young blonde who wore a silvery string bikini. The other one was a redhead wearing a black swimsuit. Both titanic women had beachball raquets and the blonde was just hitting the ball. They seemed miles high to Herb who was howling in pain as the woodden surface hit the hard ball. He thought his ears must start bleeding. Then the ball reached it's aim and another clap thundered. Then the ball came back and the blonde had to make a step to reach the ball.

Herb had never considered the difference between a walking step and a quick step during a forehand return could be that much more energy. The mighty tread that rocked the earth and the dull thundering sound. Covering his ears he couldn't find his balance. Then he found himself tumbling and rolling down the slope. He heard a crunch like a crumbling building.

"OOOOUUUCH! DAMN SHELLS!"His hands were not enough protection against this high pitched shriek from the distant giantess.

"OOOUUUUH!" He heard as his body came to rest in the valley with the giantesses out of his view.

"LET'S GO ELSEWHERE. THERE ARE TOO MUCH SHELLS HERE.""Please don't," whispered Herb as he felt the earthquakes of the walking women. For a moment the ground heaved more and he saw a blond ponytail on the horizon but then the giantesses tread moved away.

Herb locked at the sandheap. Had the mighty steps of the titanesses moved the sand and finally crushed Joey deep down in the sand. Some stones that showed his blood showed the place were he had started to dig for Joey. Quickly he started again. But there was no answer from beneath the sand.

Again thirty minutes passed and Herbs tears wetted the stones while the blood had stopped running. Then he heart a muffled moan. Five minutes later he found Joey's leg. He could hear his voice crackled by the tears of his luck. Another three minutes later Joey was free. Without saying a word Herb climbed out of the whole and up onto the hill. 'Not again' he thought.

Joey had given up his life as the quake of the steps had increased the crushing pressure on his body. With the eyes of one who had seen death standing next to his head he remembered the last hour.

Then he looked up again. Herb suddenly told him to stay there and warn him. Then he stumbled down the hill and started to dig for their towels. Minutes later he found their bags. Their towels had been torn apart by the tearing and grinding stones. Both cameras had been smashed into pieces of glass and crumbled casings. But Herb was completely uninterested. Triumphantly he climbed the hill and presented three packs of juice and his plastic box. The juice meant enough to drink for at least a day in the hot desert that surrounded them. But Joey didn't know what they should do with the box.

Without a word Herb opened the box and spilled the remaining films on the ground.

"We might catch some dew!""We will never catch a drop of dew!""Don't give up. We will watch out and I am sure we won't get stepped on again.""We've never been stepped on, Herb! We have been stepped next to and barely survived the experience. And this is completely irrelevant to us because you forgot the most important thing. The tide!It will wash over us dwarfing tsunamis into a kiddyplay.""But we have to do something!""Yes, we will. WALK!""Where?" Herb looked helpless.

The surrounding mountains of sand blocked their view. Joey listened to the waves and turned away from the sound. Then he started to walk.

***Joey found his way around the valley that was the footprint of the first giantess they had seen. Were her toes had dug down into the dry sand she had brought wet sand from below to the surface. Joey realized that he would be dead now if the giantess had forced a load of wet sand to bury his fragile body. He doubted that Herb or he himself would be able to tear a single on of the sticky stones from the mountaineous fragments of wet ground.

***Out of the background of noise a shout rang in their ears. Herb suddenly clutched Joeys ragged T-shirt. "Joey! Www- we are coming towards people. The beach is filling. I don't wan't to be stepped on!""We will look for a save path""NO! We can't see anything. With two steps they are upon us and they are so fast. We can't get out of the way!""We will climb a large hill and look for the safest path.""NOOOO! We will die! DIE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"Herb started to run. He simply ran forward. Joey was too weak to follow. Herb was mad. He knew it. Soon Herb disappeared behind the next hill. At least he was running away from the sea.

Five minutes later Herb appeared on another mountain. He was still running. Joey waved at him but he didn't even turn back.

Joey had to go on alone. But he lost his hope. He had two packs of Juice but Herb had the filmbox. Without Herb his life would be over within the next 40 hours. If he could outrun the tide.

He still had his watch. And it was working under a shattered glass. Not more than three hours until high tide. But it would reach his position much earlier. Maybe in two hours. He started a slow run.

***Herb was running for his live. He feared the tide. he feared the giants. He feared the heat. He feared everything. He was mad. He was running with closed eyes. He was running through the deep valleys left behind by titanic feet. He fell and he got up to go on. Human shadows as large as Manhattan passed over him. He didn't see it. He didn't realize that the quakes of human steps made him fall. He got up and continued his run of madness.

Then a huge orange object fell from the sky. The giant cylinder slammed into the sand and miraculously decided not to roll over Herb. Instead it didn't move or budge as Herb slammed into it. Knocked unconscious the insignificant dot fell down in the shadow of the object. He came to rest on his back but his eyes remained closed while a mountaineous female face appeared above and looked at the object. After a moment of hesitation the titanic woman decided not to care about it and she leaned back onto her bedchair.

***Joey had climbed one of the larger hills. It was possible to look over a large part of the beach. Far behind him he could sometimes see a wave. Looking around Joey felt even more tiny. The beach had filled and everywhere were giant people. Two miles to his left was a woman stretched out on her towel. Every part of her stretched body was way above his head. He felt like climbing the mount everest to see that next to it rose a mountain of five times its height.

The woman was laying on her back and unwantedly his eyes searched the mountainrage of tits that lay uncovered in the hot sun.

***Now that she was lying the tit rose 200 feet high and the nipple witch was soft at the moment rose another 60 feet into the sky. And what if she raised and her tits would graciously swing forward? If she was excited by a breeze of wind? Nipples of 150 feet. Tits that stand out a full four hundred feet. And he had to admit that her tits were comparably small!A shiver of terror came over him. He had climbed so high but when she stood next to him he would be way below her ankle. Even with her foot sinking into the sand it wouldn't be much different.

Before madness took complete control he turned away from the topless beachbabe. Looking forward he found his way blocked by a titanic bedchair that rose more than a mile into the sky. A pair of barefeet was visible and prooved his recent calculations about ankleheight. He couldn't pass that close to a human.

Joey decided to go more to the left. There was a large gap that was covered with the giant wrecks of shells. No one wanted to lay down there and he estimated that no one would like to cut his feet. A glance backward showed the advancing sea but the field of shells marked the high tide on the beach. If he could pass through he would be save from the floods.

***Herb was still laying unconsciously in the shadow of the large object. In the shadow the sand got cooler and his body lost the heat caused by his mad run. Unconsciousness turned into a sleep of exhaustion.

***Joey had estimated the shellfield to be in a distance of two miles. But it turned out to be much farther and the waves were advancing. He started to run. Finally he reached the shells. The waves only two miles behind him. Then he gasped in fear and shock. The ground heaved and the thunder of a nearby step rolled over him. The force of the vibrations made him fall and instinctively he managed to turn towards the source of the catastrophy in his tiny world. A titanic barefoot passed over him with unthinkable speed. He saw wet sand and glistening water between the large wrinkles of the sole. Then it was gone but not without causing a stormlike gust of wind that turned him around so he could see the other monstrous barefoot that had caused his mishap. The heel had already risen from a deep footprint and he saw red toenails crushing even deeper into the sand and tearing large chunks of compacted sand into the air as the foot left.

He knew how close he had been. He had misjudged everything. He should've been running much earlier. Because the two miles in front of the waves were the area where people would walk along the shore sometimes wetting their feet in the waves. But this would not be the only miscalculation. He started to run faster.

***Herb was suddenly awake. Thinking about it he realized that the waves were now much louder. He stood and looked for the waves. Some of the waves rolled up the beach until they came as near as a mile. The fear returned. But luckily not the madness. He turned around to run away from the waves. But there was this huge thing. It was higher than a house. Fourty feet at least. And it was round and stretched out for one hundred and fifty feet. He didn't care what it was. He just wanted to get away from the waves.

"JULIE! THE TIDE'S COMING. LET'S MOVE A LITTLE UP ON THE BEACH BEFORE WE GET WET FEET."Herb sunk on his knees and futily tried to cover his ears from the onslought of this thunderous female voice. Once again he felt anger about these giant sluts who dared to hurt him while he was completely powerless against them.

After the "OK!" thundered back over his head he raised and continued to run. Quickly he surrounded the orange cylinder and hurried forward.

Then suddenly he turned back. Realization hurt. The cylindrical object was nothing else but a filter. A cigarette butt. But he couldn't cling to his fear. He had to run.

THUMB! He turned around and stumbled backwards. Right in front of him was another cylinder. And this one was spilling smoke. Luckily it was blown away from him. But then he felt the heavy quakes. He looked up to see this large giantess. She was a brunette about seventeen years old and she was only wearing a black bikini bottom. Now she was bending over her bedchair and with the unbearable noise of a steelrail factory she folded the titanic chair and raised it. Her breasts were swaying like a thousand feet high bells and as she raised the chair and stood upright the collossal masses smashed into each other witch another thunderclap and then with the grinding noise of caterpillar turning on the spot the heavy boobs came to rest on the surface of her body. He felt that his cock was peeking out of his torn pants and felt a wave of humiliation as the giantess looked at him.

"OH. STILL SMOKING." He didn't understand. For a moment. For another. Then he did. The cigarette butt. She couldn't see him. He wanted to turn around. The right foot came towards him. The heel raised into the air. The toes descended towards him. He wasn't faster than her. He couldn't even turn.

"aaaaaaaargh!" his tiny voice shouted and a 150 x 110 feet large big toe aimed for the glowing part of the cigarette butt came down. The tip of the big toe covered everything. For a moment he was surrounded and hit by hundreds of glowing pieces that were squished out of the cigarette but then the rough and hard skin of the toe's sole crumpled his body into the ground, crushed his bones and flattened his body with a deliberately slow and grinding twist.

Julie raised her big toe and used the ball of her foot to step on both cigarette butts at the same time just to be sure. Then she raised her foot again, moved it aside, lowered it again and shoved a large heap of sand over the place. Finally she flattened Herbs grave with some patting of her big toe.

***Joey saw the movement that was relatively near to him. In a distance of three miles two giantesses rose. He had heard the voice of the older one as she had warned the sweet and topless brunette. She had called her Julie and now they were gathering their chairs and things because the waves were advancing. He saw Julie putting out her cigarette and thought how stupid she was to put out the cigarette when the waves would do the job inless then ten minutes.

Then Julie bend over displaying her gorgeous breasts hanging free and swaying lovely. Joey felt excitement inside his pant rests. Then Julie grabbed something large from the sand and raised again.

"SARAH? HERE SARAH!" With that Julie gave a titanic pair of wooden platform mules to the other Brunette. At first Joey examined Sarah's beauty as she turned around and displayed another pair of bare tits. These were definitly smaller than Julies but the more proud and firm theese boobs stood out. Maybe normal sized people wouldn't have called these ones real booobs but at his present size every possible tit was at least booob sized and now as Sarah bend over to drop her mules in front of her feet the pendulous boobs added to Joey's state of arousal. But then the giantess who looked slightly older than Julie raised her foot. For a moment he had to look up despite the large distance but then he tore away his eyes as cold fear went down his spine.

He hadn't thought about shoes as he considered himself safe between the shells. And now Julie raised her foot to mock his thoughts with a white patent leather platform sandal. It was a pure platform without any raise towards the heel. Even more sole to be squished under. And as he had feared Julie made her first step into his direction. Joey darted around between the shells. He was granted a few seconds because Julie had to wait for Sarah who was brushing some sand from her bare tits.

"ALLRIGHT, JULIE!"Joey found an undamaged half of a shell that rose above him like Sidneys well known opera. A small gap allowed him to slip under it as the heavy tread of the nearby women become that of a determined movement. Then he heard the terriffic sound of hundreds of shells beeing cracked, crushed and flattened under the hard soles of the giantesses shoes while a careless gir-chitchat mocked his fear. Now the quaking ground bounced him around under the hopefully protective cover of the shell and suddenly the last light of the sun that shone through the shell was gone. Joey had no time to say a prayer. He could only think it and the thought was as short as "please!".

KERRUNCHCRACKLE!Splinters of the shell hit his body and tore wounds everywhere. Something large and dark came from above and crushed im into the sand. Then another cacophony of crunches and bursting shell pieces and the feeling of the ground tilting. Another thundering and crushing step. Another one, and some more but less brute. Finally the realization: Joey was alive.

"JULIE, WAIT. THIS IS FAR ENOUGH. SEE THE SHELLS? THE WATER WON'T RISE ANY FURTHER. LET'S STAY HERE."He couldn't move. Everything was hurting. He realized the irony. He had wanted to hunt girls with his camera. Now his flight had ended with beeing caught by the girls. "Unfair!" he thought. A picture wouldn't hurt and he kept those away from other eyes than his. But her stepping on him did hurt. He felt a strange kind of pain in his chest. His rips were broken. With luck his lungs had not been speared. But what matter did this? He couldn't free himself. The waves would wash him away if he survived the next minutes.

"I don't want to die!" he shouted. And with his shout he saw a crack above his head. The piece of shell that had protected him as he was crushed into the ground had a crack. And as he tried with his shoulder it opened. It was so terriffically heavy but with a last effort it fell over to the side And he could squeeze himself out of the tiny hole. Then he stood on the remains of the shell.

"Julie," he whispered as he realized the form of the shoeprint that surrounded him. One large imprint of a flat sole. Just as he had felt it he stood on a slope in the front part of the imprint where her toes had crushed down with all her weight as she had raised her heel. He felt so insignificant with the realisation that his life could be deleted within the small amount of time between the moment when the heel of the shoe touchds the ground to the moments her toes came down.

His shell. Five foot thick walls. Carelessly defeated by a beachgirls shoe. The proud shell. Formerly one hundred feet in length and fourty foot high. Now crushed in twenty three pieces. Like so many other shells. At least seven with the very same footstep.

Over there! Once again two miles from him. The shoes that had caused the desaster. Now it was clear that a shell was no match. 250 feet high platform sole. 300 feet high leather arches above. And all this coming down with the weight of a giantess. 9000 foot. Almost two miles. And just about seventeen.

Tears started to run. But the churning sound of the waves tore him out of this state. His bruised body started running. Running in the compacted sand of the footprint was easier. Faster! Running around another crushed shell. But then the wall. The ring of sand that surrounded the footprint. A gap where sand had crumbled down and made a walkable slope.

Then out of the footprint. A gurgling sound. The footprint filled with water. Another wave even nearer. Suddenly water all around him. Joey was washed away. He struggled and gurgled. Ten seconds. Twenty seconds. Then thirty seconds and his bruised lungs wanted to breathe heedless if water or air then a big wave and a painfull impact. Finally exhausted unconsciousness.

***Joey woke up. Desperated. He was nude. The water had taken everything away. No drinkable water and the many bruises that made him thirsty.

Looking up he saw a sky of blue, green and orange stripes. A beach chair. Julie's. From far below. A large rounded impression. Julie's ass. And there next to him: Her shoes. Her killing toys.

White and larger than cityblocks.

Joey was delirious from thirst pain and wounds. He had no clear thoughts as he stumbled towards the right shoe. He just wanted to know the mighty weapon that had defeated him.

Finally he was there. The heel of Julies shoe. An eight foot layer of black sole. Rough and torn from the many steps and the forward movement that had ripped off parts of the black stuff.

And above? The steep wall of white patent leather. 250 feet. He started to climb. The scratches in the black material made it easy. The patent leather was smooth. But he was small. Small enough to find handholds. He didn't feel the pain in his arms after one hour of climbing. He was still delirious. 12 foot of cushy insole rose behind the edge. He found a place where her heel had flattened the cushy material. He walked to the impression left by her heel. Remains of golden letters. The gold almost completely ground off, each letter more than 40 foot long. Unstoppable forces had worked here.

Above him high arches, made from leather but looking like white marble. An artwork, a museum.

But then a whiff of smell. Heavy foot odor. He had often photographed feet. But the photos didn't smell as disgusting as that. His head got clear. He wanted to leave.

150 feet towards the edge of the sole. His weak body needed 25 seconds to cover the distance. And then he stopped. Still 250 feet but looking down. His heart quivered in fear. It was like climbing down from a skyscraper.

He couldn't do it. He was too frightened. Exhausted he ran along the curve of the sandal's heel. But it was useless. The titaness had just dropped her shoe onto the sand. She had never applied enough weight to drive the shoe into the sand. Everywhere the edge of the platform sole was the same 250 feet above the ground.

Low rumbling and the creaking of metal made him look up in shock. The titaness above had moved. Would she stand up and put on her shoes. Would her mighty toes smash his fragile body when she shoved her foot under the straps of her giant mule?No. The giantess had just changed position. But the fear for the crushing foot was much stronger than the fear for the height. One moment later he dangled from the edge of the white sole. Two seconds of fear passed as he realized himself beeing too weak to get back up on the platform but then he found some footing in the steep wall.

Step by step he made his way down. But his body grew weaker and weaker. Then suddenly his foot slipped. His fingers could support his weight for the time of a second - then he fell.

Before he really knew that he was falling he smashed into the sand. Half an hour before he would've been to tired to realize that the 100 foot fall was nothing more than a one inch drop.

But it hurt badly. He was laying right next to the shoe and he had to look up the steep wall of the sole. It was a majestic view that demonstrated how unreachable the woman was to him.

After some minutes Joey realized that his life had to go on. At least he wanted to live on and he knew that he had to work for it. His first action was to jump up and quickly walk away from the shoe. Whatever the giantess would do to put on her shoe it would contain a little shifting and swaying of the monstrous footwear. How ignorable this little swaying would ever be to the giantess to him it meant to be squished under the sole or beeing buried under tons of stonesized sand.

While he moved away he thought about the next plans. When the giantesses would leave the giantess Julie would take the chair and fold it up. Then she would put on these platform mules. It meant that she would step next to the shoes. Joey closed his eyes. He needed to know exactly what would happen. The flick of a small toe could squish him so he needed to be know her movements exact enough to be safe of a casual toe movement. And he saw it before him. She would stand in front of the shoes facing the heels. She would most surely start with her right foot. Was she left handed? Would she start with her left? He would need to mirror it afterwards. She would raise her right foot and insert it into her right shoe. Mighty wriggles of her toes until the shoe was fitting. The struggles would put weight onto the shoe. It would be pressed into the sand. And then? She would raise her foot and move it backwards. Maybe she would drag her shoe over the sand until she could use it to support her body while she would put on the other foot. And then? would she simply turn around and go away. Would she turn left? Would she turn right? Would she do some testing steps to check the fit of the shoes first?Joel started to run. It was all hopeless. He couldn't predict Julie. All he could do was to get out of her way. Fast.

Panik drove Joel over the stonemasses that was sand. Three times the titanic body above moved until he got out from under the chair. And he continued to run. Crossing a hill he looked out. It was hopeless.

In front of him rose another mountain. Not a chair but a mointain of flesh. The vicinity of Julie indicated that the unpassable body was Sarah. Each breath she took caused the upper part of her body to cover or uncover 20 feet of sand. And she stretched out so far that he would've needed hours to get away from her. Hours he wouldn't have. Ice-cream, swimming, leaving it was unimportant what would make her raise and crush him. A lazy turning around to tan the bare tits and he would squish under her ass.

He stood near her gigantic breasts that were pressed flat under her body. He didn't want to go back towards the water but he had no choice. He realized how futile it was to run. He decided to walk. He had lost his water. He was helpless. Years ago the people had just dropped papcans or empty bottles. But now with all the campaigns against pollution and the many "rubbish in" bags that had been spread over the beach he had no chance to find a little drinkable water. He knew that he was dead.

30 minutes later he could feel the mighty wind of Sarah's breath. She hadn't moved and now he was walking about 180 feet from her eyes. Sometimes a breath of the sleeping beauty was deeper and he had to cover himself with sand to prevent beeing blown away when she breathed out.

He had just dropped into the sand and covered his eyes from the flying rubble as he heard a mighty "GASP!" from the giantess. In fear he looked at her face to see if she would finally stand up and end his misery with the masses of her body.

But instead he saw that her eyes were opened. And both eyes were focused on him.

Joey dropped to his knees and raised his hands. "Please. Don't crush me, lady," he whispered. They eyes kept watching him. Then the size of her pupills changed. This was too much for Joel. He turned around and ran for his life.

"DON'T MOVE!"The force of the command caused enough wind to smash him into the sand. It had only been a whisper.

Joey curled into a ball. The giantess couldn't see the shivering and the sobs were just too weak for her ears. But Sarah saw that the tiny beeing had been heard. Obviously by her whisper.

"SORRY," she tried but couldn't manage to be more silent. Joey was still curled up and he couldn't see anything. So he didn't need to fear the terrifyingly large hand that passed over him. But the giantess didn't want to crush him. She needed her hand to support herself. Carefully she raised her head hoping that the distance would soften her voice.

"SORRY. I WON'T HURT YOU. SORRY."From this position the tiny human figure was nothing but a dot to Sarah. But the dot wasn't moving so she estimated that the creature was just too frightened.

"LET ME HELP YOU, TINY!" and after a while she added "I AM SARAH!"A movement, hardy more than a change of the dot's color. "CLIMB IN HERE SO YOU WILL BE SAVE."Joey was shivering but he had uncovered his face and looked at the titaness' face. It was too large to realize any emotional expressions. At least the thundering voice was bearable.

Then he watched has the giant hand moved. The titanic movement was threatening and he covered his face again. Then a rumbling sound indicated that the giantess had finished her movement.

But it took ten seconds before Joey found himself able to look what had happened.

A golden form had appeared in front of the giantess. It was about 80 feet long and 60 feet high. It was a round vessel and next to it two silvery objects had been dropped into the sand. The silver objects were about fifty feet long and had a strange form. Strange until Joey recognized a pair of small silver earrings. Small for the girl. Gigantic to him.

"IT IS A BOX FOR MY EARRINGS. I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE THEM HERE."Joey was still shivering in fear. Slowly he raised from the ground. He made fearful steps always ready to jump and run away. He didn't realize how futile it would've been.

"FINE." the thundering whisper commented his trust. Sarah didn't want to imagine his view but she could imagine what a large amount of trust was needed for this tiny beeing to walk towards her gigantic body.

Then Joey stood in front of the golden box. But of course the walls were too high.

"STEP BACK! I FORGOT" the thunder anounced. Quickly Joey moved away and as he turned and wanted to curl again he saw that the haqnd of the titaness was already above him. A long and fearful cry was all he could do to try to keep the giantess from squishing him. With his eyes staring at her hand he watched the casual demonstration of unimaginable power as she simply pressed the box into the ground. Sand squished out from under the box and made clear why he had to move away. Then the hand disappeared and a shivering Joey saw that he could now easily get into the box. The pleased giantess Sarah however could not see that poor Joey had lost his pee at that moment.

Now the dot moved towards the box again. The edge was not completely in the sand but she saw that the tiny creature could climb over it. Then it stood on the edge of the box and looked down.

"JUMP, LITTLE MAN!"Joey had seen boxes like these. He knew that the wool pad inside was soft. But it was thirty feet below. But then he rapid movement passed over him and the next he felt was a terrific explosion behind. The ground shook and a gust of wind pushed him over the edge. An amount of stonelike sandcorns rained down on him after he had made a relatively soft landing on the wool covered bottom of the box.

Before he had realized that the giantess had caused the explosion behind him by softly patting the sand with her flat palm Joey saw a black shape above. With an ear piercing noise the shape came down on the box and he realized that the giantess was closing it. Then just as the lid had completely closed he felt the crushing pressure of tons of wool that enclosed him. He was captured.

"JULIE?""YEAH?""JULIE, I WILL GO NOW.""WHAT? IS IT THAT LATE? WHAT'S WRONG?""HEY, NOTHING BUT I SLEPT AND NOW MY BACK IS BADLY BURNED. I CAN'T STAY.""UMM. BYE!"That had obviously been enough to convince Julie while she was half asleep. For some moments Joey heard the loud noises of grinding cloth and finally he felt himself beeing lifted with the box and shoved somewhere in Sarahs clothes.

***The way to Sarahs home was dark and terrifying for Joey. The movements were hurting his body. The sound of her steps was deafening thunder. Then he heard a lift and suddenly he felt the pressure of its acceleration. He couldn't breath for the next seconds. Then the lift stopped and he was badly shaken again. A few steps, the thunder of a door and he felt himself grabbed and dropped.

Everything shook and the metal was screeching as the box was opened. For a moment he stuck to the upper pad of wool that was now lifted out. He feared to be flung through somewhere and smashed by the rough moves of the titaness. But then he dropped down into the box again.

Sarahs face was above him. This time she didn't feel the need to whisper.

"YOU WHERE LUCKY, TINY MAN. I AM A LITTLE BIT SHORT EYED AND ON THE BEACH I DON'T WEAR GLASSES. OTHERWISE YOU WOULD'VE BEEN JUST A DOT TO ME."Joey realized the change. The friendly and careful whisper was gone. He had curled up under the onslaught of her voice. He had been betrayed. He should've run.



I HAD A NICE IDEA. I THINK IT IS NATURAL IF SOMEONE LIKE ME FINDS A TOTALLY HELPLESS MALE BEEING LIKE YOU: I WANT TO USE YOU!"And with that the unbelievably large index finger came towards him as fast as a jet. Without any further warnings she just toppled the box and smiled as he was thrown across the table. He was laying face down and stunned. Slowly he turned around but just as he could see something big above him he curled up under another thunderstorm of voice.

"CLIMB ON IT!" she commanded and he recognized the big thing as the end of a match that she held towards him. He slowly crawled towards the mighty trunk of wood. Too slow.

"DO IT! OR I'LL CRUSH YOU!"Somehow he managed to stand against the storm of her voice and could grab the end of the match. After some seconds he had used the many fibres like steps and reached the upper edge. Again without warning he was rapidly moved up and towards the face of the giantess. Within half a second he passed over the edge of the table and there was no hand or anything that protected him from a one mile drop towards the floor. The air was blowing into his face like a storm and he even bit into the wood to hold onto the giant match.

Then everything turned. The end of the match was held upwards and he could suddenly see her gigantic eye coming nearer. For two or three seconds she watched him. Then he was dragged downwards.

He froze in shock as he passed a mountaineous mass that he realized as a nude tit of the giantess. He hadn't been able to recognize it because everything happened too fast. And as he passed her nude tummy he was sure where he was headed. A quarter second later he arrived. The match was jolted upwards with a force that was so ridiculously mighty that he lost his grip and two teeth. He fell. A short fall and then- SPLAT. He landed in something wet.

He didn't need to think where he was. And as he opened his eyes one moment later he realized that she had aimed very well. He was laying on her fifteen foot clit.

"PLEASE ME, TINY!" she sighed. He tried to stand on the rough and already wet surface. A thin layer of pussyjuice was over her clit. He looked down at the massive clit then he sunk to his knees and started to rub his hands over the surface. The wetness was getting sticky.

"I CAN'T FEEL YOU, TINY. PLEEEEEASE MEEEE!"He layed on his stomach and tried to squeeze her pink flesh between his tighs but "NNNOOO! I CAN'T FEEL YOU. DO SOMETHING OR I WILL REMOVE MY HAND!"With starting horror he realized that two of her fingers had been spreading her pussy all the time since she had dropped him her. Now she wanted to tease him and started to release her grip. Thirty foot high walls of flesh neared from both sides and behind the walls he could see the even more massive walls of her outer lips. In fear he started to bite into her clit. Her tried to tear of her skin wih his hands and he kicked with his legs. But it was futile. "POOOOH! DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE THAT WEAK. DO YOU WANT ME TO GET OFF ON MYSELF? SEE HOW YOU GET ALONG DOWN THERE ON YOURSELF. I CAN ALWAYS FIND A PRICK THAT IS WILLING TO PLEASE ME!"With that the pussylips came over him.