Beat by two celebsbyhandluvaIm not much for intros so ill just get started in the story. Twoweeks ago i was working for the famous pop singer britney spears. iwas her servant i guess you can say. but i love her. she was alwaysnice to me, and treated me like a person. that was until i became 3feet tall.

Here i am looking at the waist of my favorite person britney,"get on your knees" she yells and start rubbing my feet. myoriginal height was 6'2 but now i am down to 3 feet 2 inches tall.

(im not going to go back in detail, im just going to let you knowthat she shrunk me on accident with a shrink ray she was going to useon a dog in a commerical. and now im hers) i start rubbing her feet.

she bends down and picks me up under the armpits like im a 4 year oldboy. she raises me to her face and says, "its time for yourbathy" in a baby voice. "britney i can walk my self!, i saywith hands on her sholders. "oh you hush up" she says asshe pushes my head into her breasts. we enter the bathroom and sheputs me on the counter. "you stay put or ill spank you" shesays. She goes to turn on the bath, and as she bends down i cant helpto admirie her beautiful ass. she walk back over to me and picks meup. "we have to get you out of these clothes, as she starts toundress me. Whe!n i completly naked she then sets me in the warm bath and beginswashing my privates. that, of couse makes me grow(if you know what imena) "well looks like some one is excited" she giggles asi turn red. even know she has done this to me before. whenim allwashed up she plucks me back up and wraps a towel around me. i have asurprise guest for you coming tonight. later on that night whilebritney is whatching tv with me on her lap, the door beel rings.

ooohh! thats her" brit yell with excitment . she runs to doorwith me on her hip. when she opens the door i cant believ who i amstraring at....

to be contiued