The Best Vacation Ever part Iby willieIt was Saturday morning, almost noon. I was still tired, sleeping in untilalmost eleven. I had staid up very late the previous night partying alone and Itook the opportunity to sleep in. I made myself an egg and toast and left thepan in the sink for my lovely but equally bitchy wife Donna to deal with. "Oh,I'll get that," Donna said sarcastically as she entered the kitchen. "I'm onvacation," I answered defensively; and I was. Saturday was the first day of mytwo weeks off, and I figured I deserved it. I planned on doing absolutelynothing but lie around and drink beer. This was going to be the best vacationever. I cashed my vacation time in for money the first six years of my job as acomputer programmer. Donna and I had just bought a house and we really neededthe money. Besides, I was right out of college then with my masters degree inhand. I didn't need time off. I was younger and full of enthusiasm. Last month Iturned thirty and yes this vacation I truly deserved, whether Donna agreed ornot. "So you really won't go shopping with me today?" Donna pleaded with herlarge but soft brown eyes. She already knew the answer, but I offered her oneanyway.

"No way," I whined. "I'm on ...""Vacation," Donna interrupted. "I know. I heard you the first fourteen times."I knew Donna was disappointed in me, but I didn't care. She had offered to takea week off herself so we could "be together." My response was that if she didn'twant to be with me under normal conditions, she certainly didn't need to be withme during MY VACATION. She was mad as hell for a while, but I think sheeventually saw my point and got over it. It's not like we were setting fire toour queen sized mattress. We were going on seven years of marriage and thepassion was waning. I knew she was somewhere on the other side of the bed everynight but I didn't care enough to roll over and find her. Between my computercareer and the law firm she worked, or I should say lived for, we were movingsteadily apart.

"Did you at least finish the shoes you were fixing for me?" Donna asked. "Youpromised you'd have them ready yesterday. I need them Monday.""Relax," I answered, stopping Donna before she went into a tirade. "I finishedthem last night.""While you were drinking? Oh great. How do I know you didn't mess them up?""Don't worry," I said reassuringly. "They are true works of art. The criminalsthat are assigned to you will fit quite nicely.""They're not criminals," Donna protested. "They are misguided souls we aregiving help to before they become criminals.""Whatever," I answered. "Would you like to see the final product?""Hurry up and get them. I'm meeting Sandy at one."I went down to the basement to fetch the shoes I made. I hadn't actually madethem. What I did was modify an existing pair. I'll get into that later. Myattention moved from my two masterpieces to the sound of dishes and pansclanging in the kitchen. All of a sudden Donna didn't seem to mind cleaning upafter me.

"Fickle women," I said out loud. As I looked at my creations and made sure allthe glue had dried, I heard Donna's voice. She was rambling away on thetelephone. Although I really didn't care, it sounded like she was in a betterhumor.

"Soon I'll feel like a new woman," I heard her say. I knew, or thought I did,why she'd soon feel like a knew woman. I felt an urge of anger. How could shetake pleasure from another's suffering? For a split second I did care about hersudden change of spirit, but I quickly pushed the feeling aside. It was myvacation and "DAMN IT" no broad, not even one I was married to, was going toruin it for me. By the time I had reached the top of the cellar steps, Donna wasoff the phone. It seemed to me that she hung it up just a little too quicklywhen I popped through the door.

"Here you go," I said as I dropped the shoes on the kitchen table.

"They don't look much different," Donna said bluntly. "What exactly did you do?""I did exactly what you wanted me to do," I answered defensively. "Stopattacking me and look inside."Donna then spent the next several minutes examining the shoes. "I don't know,"she said. "How do I know they'll work.""I guess you'll just have to trust me," I answered arrogantly.

"How about we try them out on you," Donna asked innocently enough. "Give me fiveminutes of your time and I'll let you have your peaceful vacation alone. I won'teven say your name.""Yeah right," I said mockingly. Ninety percent of me wasn't worried, but theother ten percent was concerned. I still didn't really believe any of it.

"You still don't believe me, do you?" Donna asked shaking her head. "It's true.

It's all true. They just gave me the power yesterday. Wanna see?""No way," I answered too quickly. The look in Donna's eyes had the level ofconcern in me at fifty percent and rising rapidly. "Go shopping," I saiddesperately as I backed myself into a corner. I tried to sound cool and composedbut I think my voice was giving me away.

"Relax," Donna said softly. "It's just me. I won't hurt you.""But it's my vacation," I pleaded. I didn't know what else to say. "Please justleave me alone."Donna took two steps forward. Her eyes narrowed. They weren't the full brightshiny orbs I had years ago learned to love. They had transformed before me toglobes of power and destruction. I found myself sitting on the floor in thecorner hugging my knees; my tired eyes locked with Donna's overwhelming stare. Ifelt my will giving in to the power that was overtaking me. Donna stood over me;her five foot six form seemed to tower over my once six foot frame as if my sizewas diminishing drastically. I grew light headed. I felt as though myconsciousness was alluding me. Despite the desire for rest, I knew I wanted tosurvive. I had to somehow stay awake to see what this vixen I had called my wifefor years was doing to me. I knew I was losing the battle. I made one lastattempt to fight off the hot brown suns sucking the life out of me, but I didn'tstand a chance. Despite my efforts, I gave into her increasingly omniscientglare and fell into a deep and timeless sleep.

Minutes, that felt like hours later I awoke. I immediately knew where I was.

Terror bit into me and took control of my emotions like the jaws of a madpitbull. I reacted violently, throwing my arms and kicking my legs. I twistedfrom side to side, but the two straps binding me didn't budge. I felt as thoughI was overloading with adrenaline when I heard a deep but soft female voice thatI knew belonged to my wife.

"Calm down," she whispered so not to frighten me further. "You'll hurtyourself."It took some effort, but I was able to still my supercharged body. I looked outthe heart shaped whole before me and saw the same giant brown eyes I had seenbefore I fell asleep. Two weeks earlier, Donna had asked me if I could take oneof her shoes and modify it to allow a living five inch tall person to fit insideit.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. "A five inch tall person, if one existed,could easily fit inside any of your shoes.""Not if I was wearing it," Donna countered. I was befuddled.

"What are you talking about?" I asked again. I was loosing my patience. Donnathen went on to explain how her firm was working with the state to test a newand more drastic method of punishment. It was proposed, by a leadingpsychologist, that if a first time offender was shrunken and worn inside theshoe a another person, the first time offender would be cured. The state agreedwith the findings and chose Donna's law firm to implement the trial period ofthe program. Of course I thought it was all a pile of nonsense. Donna assured meit was all true. What she told me next would have floored me; that is if Ibelieved one word of it. Donna went on to say that she and two other younglawyers were chosen to inflict the punishment. She said she would only punishwomen. The eminent psychologist also stated that putting certain men under awoman's foot could be enjoyable for the man, so rather than open another can ofworms, only women would be given to women. Now I really didn't believe a word ofit. Still Donna went on.

"I really need you to take me seriously," Donna demanded. "This is reallyimportant to my career.""All right already," I said cutting her off. Donna could really go off verballyif one let her. "What exactly do want in this shoe?""I want you to make a shoe I can put a five inch tall person into, then wear theshoe without killing her.""Whatever you want," I said. I was having a hard time believing the entireconversation was actually happening. I wanted it to end. "I'll get right on it."A week later, I hadn't even looked at her shoe collection. She had asked medaily how it was coming, and I answered "I'm working on it" each time she asked.

I thought she was loosing her marbles, believing all this nonsense, until one ofthe partners of her firm called me personally. Mr. Peters assured me that whatmy wife told me was the truth and he was counting on me to make the modificationto not one, but both shoes in a pair. I still thought my leg was being pulled,but I went to work immediately. Searching through my wife's shoes for theperfect pair left me feeling like an idiot, but I quickly settled on a pair ofthick rubber soled open toed shoes that looked like clogs, but weren't open atthe heel like clogs. The pair was actually one of my favorites. Donna's longpainted toes looked kinda cute wiggling out the end of the leather shoes. Thefirst thing I did was draw an outline of a body on the soles of the both shoes.

I drew the head where the base of Donna's first two toes would be just like shespecified. I then draw the rest of the body. I marked the beginning and end ofwhere the crushing balls of Donna's feet would be. The drawing's chest fell inbetween these two marks, so I carved a cavity that the person's chest could fitinto. The rest of the drawing would be under Donna's soft arched sole, so noother carving was needed. Donna had said that she wanted to be able to see theperson's face in the shoe. When I looked down upon the clogs, I only saw thevery top of the drawing's head. That wasn't enough, so I cut a heart shape intothe top of the shoe over the figure's face. The heart, which looked like anextension of the open toe area, worked extremely well with the overall look ofthe shoe. The next thing I did was find a piece of soft beige colored velvet. Icut the velvet to cover the entire rubber sole of each shoe and glued it in. Atleast the person under my wife's feet would be lying on something soft. I addedan additional strip of the velvet under where the inhabitant's head would be fora little additional padding. I had only one more thing to add to the clogs. Theyneeded straps to hold the criminals down. Velcro was the answer for the straps.

I found some very thin, very soft Velcro straps and glued them into the shoes. Icould still make out the chalk figure under the velvet, and I glued one stripover the chalk figure's neck. The other held down it's two dimensional waste. Ihad to hold back a chuckle thinking if the woman under my wife's foot wouldbecome two dimensional like my chalk drawing. When I was finished, the nightbefore I showed them to Donna, I looked with pride at my completed project. SureI was drunk and everything looks good when you're drunk, but Donna's refurbishedclogs really looked good. As I sat at my work bench in my basement admiring myhandiwork, I never imagined I'd be the guinea pig when it came time to try themout. "What are you doing to me?" my voice squeaked. I could barely hear myself.

I knew there was no way Donna could hear me. "Just relax and try to enjoyyourself," Donna's deep dark and sexy voice whispered. "This should only take aminute or so. Then I'll make you big again." I wasn't feeling any better. I wasstaring like a deer in headlights about to get sent to animal heaven at theglowing brown eyes burning down on me through the heart shaped opening I myselfhad hand crafted. Then the eyes weren't in the opening any more. I readjusted ona nose. Donna's cute little nose wasn't a cute little nose anymore. It was aliving furnace that my whole head and probably half my body could easily besnorted into. I watched the nose, imagining my legs dangling from one of itsnostrils, until it moved out of site. What my eyes focused on next made mytesticles want to climb back into my abdominal cavity. I saw Donna's lips from anew perspective and I instantly realized I'd been taking them for granted foryears. They were the size of a building and were magnificent; thick full andcalling my life force to be between them. I had to have them. My arms extendedoutward toward them, but my longing fingers weren't even close. They didn't evenreach the heart shaped opening at the top of the shoe. The lips I wanted sodesperately were a universe away. My arms were still extended when the downwardmotion began. The lips became lips and a nose, then lips and a whole face. ThenI saw nothing but white. I felt like I was in an elevator free-falling from the98th floor. I knew I'd hit bottom soon. I closed my eyes and waited for theimpact that might put me out of my misery, if indeed I was experiencing misery.

At that moment in time I didn't know what I was experiencing. The impact of theshoe hitting the floor wasn't as bad as I would have guessed, had I enough timeto put any thought into the matter. As the shoe fell, it rolled so the top ofthe shoe hit first. The Velcro straps held firm or I would have been plasteredto the top inside of Donna's shoe. The shoe took one forward bounce and came torest on its side where it remained for only about two seconds. My dungeon wasrolled back upright by what I assumed was Donna's foot. "Sorry about that dear,"came Donna's deep voice from up above. I looked way up through my heart shapedhole and saw Donna's face looming down on me. That's when the truth of mycurrent situation really hit home. It was then that I was sure I wasn't dreamingand what Donna was planning to do to her criminals, and to me very briefly, wasactually going to happen. But did she have to drop the shoe with me in it fromso high? It was a mean thing to do and it had me very concerned. "I just had tomake sure the Velcro held," Donna continued. "We wouldn't want you to move outof position and become a stain in my shoe now would we?" Donna smiled a smile Ididn't care for and said one more thing. "Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Thiswill only take a few seconds." Then I felt the clog I was in begin to move. Iripped my eyes from the face of my towering wife and looked past my cold andnaked body. What I saw made me scream. Donna's foot, led by her huge big toe,was entering the shoe. I thought I knew what real fear was. I was wrong. Beingafraid of the monster in the closet, or the hairy spider crawling up your arm,or the sickness in your stomach before your first job interview were all nothingcompared to the feeling of being overtaken by a foot twice your length and fourtimes your width while you lie helpless on your back. Donna's foot descendedupon me like a black cloud of death - my death. I watched the big toe, twice thesize of my head, pass over my feet then my knees then my waist. The othersmaller toes wiggled ever so slightly to my right. My heart raced, but I wasunable to move or even breathe as I followed Donna's big toe across my chest. Isaw the edge of her toenail peering down over the tip of her plump big toe. Thenthe toe nail was out of sight as the giant big toe moved directly over top of myhead all the while dropping closer and closer to my face. I remembered a dream Ihad as a child; a dream that came to me whenever I was sick and feverish. In it,a giant ball of rock, bigger than a city was falling on the Earth. All I coulddo was wait for the inevitable. In my dream, the boulder would block out the sunas it fell, growing larger and larger as it reached the ground. Before it hit,total blackness took its ugly hold of the land. Then each time I had the dreamI'd wake, screaming for my mother. As Donna's foot overtook me, I tried to wakefrom the dream but I couldn't. I was already awake and the dream was reality. Myneck bent backwards as I watched the meat of Donna's big toe cover up the heartshaped opening I had innocently cut into the top of Donna's shoe. My eyes thenlanded on the soft fold at the base of my wife's big toe as it settled upon myface. The ball of Donna's foot simultaneously landed on my chest as did Donna'ssole on the rest of my body. The first thing I noticed when Donna's foot landedon me was how soft the bottom of her foot was. The smooth skin actually feltnice against my naked body. I felt the fear in me begin to dissolve, absorbed bythe warm feeling flowing out from my wife's sole. Donna's foot rested on megently for a couple of seconds giving me a false sense of security. My fears haddissipated. I even felt foolish. I decided I'd be an idiot if I didn't at leasttry to enjoy the few seconds of pleasure I was being given under my wife's giantfoot. How many men could say the same? Even if it turned out to be lesspleasurable, although at the time it didn't seem possible, it would only last afew seconds. Donna had said so herself. As I lied motionless under Donna's foot,I realized I hadn't taken a breath since Donna's awesome ped entered the shoe. Idecided it was time. Keeping my mouth closed, I inhaled through my nose. My facewas pressed fairly tightly against the underside of Donna's toe, but I was ableto breathe in a chest full. The smell of Donna's foot sent me reeling. Thatfirst whiff was heaven. I had smelled Donna's feet in the past, but not thisclose and personal. The aroma was breathtaking. I exhaled and quickly inhaledagain. I didn't wanted to hyperventilate, but I did want to get enough of thesmell in me to last a few days. Again I exhaled. Again I inhaled, this timeslowly. I felt a hard-on come to life against Donna's warm sole. For the firsttime in my life I was experiencing total bliss. Then Donna began to step downand apply some weight I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't immediatelyrealize the pressure on my body was increasing. When I did realize, the feelingof euphoria left me instantly and was replaced by uncertainty. I wasn't exactlysure what was happening until I fully regained my senses. As the weight on meincreased, the reality of my situation came down on me like the wrecking ball ofmy childhood nightmares. My chest was forced by the ball of Donna's foot intothe cavity I had carved. My torso, along with the velvet material I had gluedinside the shoe, was pushed into the rubber. My face was planted in the base ofDonna's big toe so my head remained in place. This caused my neck to be bentpainfully backwards. The further my back sank into the crevice in the shoe, themore unnaturally my neck was bent. And the further my chest was pressed into theshoe, the more my face was left exposed like a lame sitting duck to theunderside of Donna's big toe. Long before the full extent of Donna's weight wason me did my back bottom out in the cavity I had carved. It didn't take long forme to realize I was in trouble. I hadn't carved the cavity deep enough. My chesthad nowhere else to go and the weight from Donna's foot was increasing. I neededto fix the shoes, but I really didn't think I'd get the chance. I was seriouslyworried that the breath being forced from my chest had been the last one I'dever take. Although my ribs felt like they were crumbling, the pain wasn'toverwhelming. It was like my chest was already numb, like I was three quartersdead already. I waited for the end to come, the time to meet my maker, but itdidn't happen. Instead, the level of force applied to my body leveled off. Irealized Donna was standing with all her weight on me and I was still alive. Mychest hurt and my lungs burned, but I was still alive. After a couple of longseconds, I felt the weight on me roll from my chest to my face. Donna was takinga step. Now it was my face's turn to be crushed. My nose felt like it wasobliterated and my cheekbones felt like they were pulverized, but I survivedDonna's first step. Soon all the weight on me was gone and I felt motion. I knewI didn't have a whole lot of time to refill my burning lungs with air beforeDonna's foot hit the ground again, so I tried to inhale deeply. When I did, thepain receptors in my lungs came back to life and I began wheezing and coughingbadly. I tried to calm my spasming diaphragm quickly but it was no use. I feltthe floor hitting the bottom of Donna's shoe before I was able to get onemouthful of oxygen into my blood stream. I survived the next few seconds thesame way I survived Donna's first step, barely. The pressure on my chest, thenmy face was equally as destructive, but afterward as I was hurled forward towardyet another grueling pounding, I realized I'd somehow survived a second step.

Although I didn't come close to satisfying my desire for air, the second attemptwasn't as bad as the first. I was at least able to inhale a little between gags.

Three steps later I was on the verge of passing out. I figured my blood had tobe blue from lack of oxygen. I just wasn't able to breathe calmly in the timeperiod it took Donna's foot to move forward. Fortunately, Donna stopped walking.

After five quick steps, Donna stood full weight on me for a couple seconds, thenshe removed her foot from the shoe just like she said she'd do. Finally I wasable to breathe. My taxed lungs were pumping a little closer to normal but I wasstill having trouble catching my breath. My lungs just wouldn't let themselvesfill up. I was concentrating so much on my breathing I hardly felt Donna's bigtoe rub the length of my body as it left the shoe. I barely felt Donna'sfingernails grasp the Velcro straps and pull them loose. I was just beginning tojoin reality as Donna's fingers grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of the shoe.

Donna then lifted me up even with her face. She held me dangling up-side-down bymy feet while she looked at me. My eyes were even with her magnificent lips andI watched them move as she spoke. "You don't look too bad dear," she whisperedin her deep voice. "Besides being out of breath, you look just fine. You need tolearn to breathe while we try the other shoe." That reminded me. I pulled myattention away from the magnificent moving works of humanity before me and triedto muster up a sentence. I had to tell Donna the cavities in the shoes weren'tdeep enough. She needed to know I wouldn't survive another round, but when Itried to talk, only coughing came out. "If only you knew how good you feltinside my shoe," Donna continued with her large smiling lips. She then gentlyplaced me inside her other shoe. I began to struggle again, but Donna ignored myfit and held me down with her forefinger. That's when I realized her fingernailpolish matched her toenail polish. The forefinger of Donna's other hand enteredthe shoe from the toe opening and secured my neck. The other forefinger, the onethat had me pinned, took care of the waist strap. I looked through the heartshaped opening and saw Donna's soft brown eyes looking back. I tried tocommunicate my distress to them, but the connection failed. My second shoeprison turned and I was on my way back down. Again the shoe hit the floor and Ifelt my restraints hold tightly. Again the shoe was uprighted and a giant barefoot entered the shoe. This foot landed on me just like the other one had. Andlike before, my chest was crushed, the air was pumped out of my lungs, my headwas bent backward and my face was plastered into the flesh at the base ofDonna's big toe. I prepared myself for round two, this time at the mercy ofDonna's left foot. Donna took her first step and I realized this shoe was nobetter than the first. She took her second step and I still hadn't refilled mylungs. Four more torturous steps later I still hadn't learned the knack ofbreathing. I was on the verge of passing out again, but I knew the test of thisshoe would be over momentarily. Any second Donna's foot would lift off me and mystay under her feet would be over. That's not what happened. After about eightsteps, I think, Donna sat down and lifted the foot I was under off the floor.

She had it in the air long enough for me to catch my breath. It was then that Irealized her foot odor was starting to get to me. The aroma that minutes ago wassending me to the edge of euphoria was now making me nauseous. It didn't matter.

It would soon be over. I waited patently for Donna to remove her foot, but shedidn't. Instead she stood back up and the air that had my lungs feeling betterwas once again gone. Donna took one step but didn't put the foot I was underback down until I had inhaled. She then took a second step and once againhesitated until I breathed. She took a dozen more steps, each time waiting forme to breathe before crushing the air back out of me. After a few minutes, Donnahad taught me how to breathe while she walked. She also taught me that she hadno intention of letting me out right away. It seemed I was unwillingly goingshopping with her after all. It was when I felt the hum of the car motorvibrating me and my new home that I knew for sure Donna was not letting me go. Ididn't know how long I was inside Donna's shoe. I do know I was awake andconscious the entire time. I had to be. Breathing wasn't easy. With each stepDonna took, I was winded. I had to force my lungs to open each time the pressureof Donna's foot lifted off of me. Breathing was no longer an autonomic response.

I knew when Donna wasn't walking. Each time she sat down or lifted her foot forany amount of time, I felt a glimmer of hope. I prayed she'd remove her footfrom her shoe and free me from my prison. Each time she stood back up or beganwalking again, I cried. It wasn't long before I knew the new punishment her firmwas trying out would work. It was working on me. I saw the error in myneglectful ways and I was ready to change. Donna had made her point. What sheneeded to do now was let me go; but she didn't. At one point in the afternoonDonna did remove her foot. At first I felt renewed hope, but when I saw hergiant face looming down at me through that dastardly heart shaped hole I had sostupidly carved, I realized it was only to check on me and gloat. She saw mypained eyes looking back at her and quickly reinserted her foot. Again, I cried.

I knew I still had a ways to go. I remember thinking the punishment I wasgetting was way too extreme. Never had I hurt Donna physically. Sure I neglectedher, but she was the one that was cold in bed. I did not deserve what Donna wasdoing to me. I just wanted her to realize enough was enough. The problem wasthat she didn't know I hadn't carved the chest cavity deep enough. Donna didn'tknow the extent of my suffering. Finally Donna's foot did leave the shoe. I'msure it was many hours after I entered it. I had gotten quite good at breathingbetween chest crushing steps. In fact, I was so good at it I actually fellasleep. I didn't fall asleep while Donna was walking around the mall. Not evenRip Van Winkle would have gotten any shut-eye through that. I fell asleep duringthe drive home. The gentle hum of the engine along with the soft pressure ofDonna's foot on the accelerator was more than I could muster, especially afterthe day I had been through. I fell asleep. I even think I was on the verge of awet dream. Donna's soft arch manipulating my male organ as it moved from the gasto the brake and back was stimulating my unconscious mind. I would have creamedthe underside of Donna's foot had we not arrived home when we did. The walk fromthe car to the house, not only woke me from my orgasmic dream, it re-taught mehow to breathe. I found myself in culture shot trying to rethink my predicament.

It didn't take me long to remember where I was. It also didn't take me long toturn the tears back on. I didn't cry long. I hadn't had anything to drink buttoe sweat for hours, so I was borderline dehydrated. My throat was dry and Iwanted to die, at the mercy of my wife. I think the only thing that kept metrying to stay alive was the remembrance of Donna's gargantuan lips and thepossibility of meeting them up close before I was returned to normal size.

Finally Donna removed her foot from the shoe and freed me from the Velcro withher slender fingers. Again she lifted me upside down to her face where I wasgiven another panoramic view of her lips. "I'm sorry," she offered. "I didn'tmean to keep you in my shoe all day. It's just that you felt so good in there Icouldn't bring myself to letting you out." She giggled. "You look thirsty." Iwas thirsty. I nodded vehemently and Donna lowered me to the bathroom sink. Sheplaced me gently in the bowl and turned on the water. "Do your business and getyourself a drink," she said. "I'll be right back." I didn't remember our tapwater ever tasting so good. I had my fill and wanted to shower the smell ofDonna's foot off me but the water was too cold. I stood away from the stream,getting colder and colder until Donna came back into the bathroom and saw meshivering. "Oh I'm sorry dear," she said as she turned the hot water knob. Ithen watched her hands enter the stream. Once her hands were wet, Donna grabbedthe bar of soap and lathered her hands. I imagined I was the bar of soapspinning and rolling in her soft hands. I wasn't imagining lone before Donnagrabbed me and I became the bar of soap. Donna's warm wet soapy hands rubbed upand down my body. Her fingers cleaned under my armpits. Her fingernails rubbedup and down the insides of my legs. She even took care of the underside of myballs nearly bringing me to the point of no return. When I was thoroughly clean,Donna rinsed me off and dried me in a wash cloth. She then wrapped me in atissue and carried me into the kitchen where she placed me on the kitchen table.

By the time Donna was finished with me, I was madly in love with her hands, butI still hadn't forgotten about her lips. From the microwave oven, Donna pulledout a steaming dish. She carried it over to the table and put it in front of herchair. She grabbed her fork that was longer than I was and began to eat. "Digin," she told me. The smell of heated up spaghetti hit me like a bowling ball. Iwas starving. I wanted to attack the giant sized noodles but the sight ofDonna's fork stabbing into the pile of spaghetti had me too concerned to move.

"Don't worry dear," Donna laughed. "I won't accidentally eat you." She lickedher lips with an orange tongue and smiled. I stepped forward toward the dish.

"If I eat you, it will be on purpose." I froze. I thought she was kidding, butwith what she had already done to me, I wasn't sure. "Relax and eat something.

After dinner we'll see about making you big again and you can get on with yourvacation, now that we know the shoes you made work." That reminded me. The shoesneeded to be fixed. I tried to tell Donna that I needed to work on the shoesmore. I didn't want anyone getting killed because I made a defective pair ofshoes. I stood up and yelled to Donna, but she couldn't hear my tiny voice, andshe didn't seem to care either. She just went on her merry way eating spaghetti.

When she was finished, She carried the plate back into the kitchen and cleanedup what little mess there was. I wasn't filled up, but I had eaten enough. Ifigured I'd eat a hearty snack, along with a stiff drink, when I was full sizeagain. Donna returned to the table and scooped me up. She held me softly in herpalm, pulled my security tissue off, and lifted me up even with her lips. AgainI marveled at their magnificence. "I owe you for the enjoyment you gave me todaymy little lover," she whispered. My heart began to pound as I wondered what thatmeant. I found out immediately. Donna ever so slowly moved her palm, with mynaked body in it, up to her lips. I watched her pink gleaming slabs of fleshslowly pucker as I drew near. Closer and closer I came. My aroused penis was thefirst to touch. It hit and was swallowed between Donna's warm lips. The rest ofmy body, from my waist on up to my face hit shortly thereafter. That's where Ispent what seemed like the rest of the evening. Donna seemed to be able to readthe level of my sexual enlightenment. Somehow she was able to, with her lips,keep me on the verge of an orgasm for hours. With the slightest lip movements,she was able to suck me into the throws of fireworks. Then, turning her softlips into powerful weapons of destruction, she would carefully bring me backdown to the world of the pathetic, only to reverse the cycle and work myenergies back up again. Finally, after two hour long TV dramas that I was ableto partially hear during my down times, Donna tired of the game and brought meto a climax unequalled by anything she had ever brought me to at equal size andstrength. I shook and spasmed while Donna's giant lips sucked the life out ofme. I shot wad after wad into her cavernous mouth. Long after I was bone dry,with my prostate still sending out dry loads, my consciousness succumbed to theenergy I had spent not only between Donna's lips riding wave after wave ofsexual pleasure, but also under her foot trying to stay alive. While stillbetween the lips of my wife, who at the moment, I was very much in love with, Ifell into a deep and dreamy sleep where I spent all night long between hergoddess-like lips. When I awoke , I had no idea where I was. I felt refreshed,like I had just slept for a full day, but my mind was still foggy. I lifted myarms up to my face and rubbed my eyes, but the odd lighting didn't change. Onlya small amount of light was entering my sleep chamber and was coming from anopening above my face shaped like a heart. I found that odd at first, but when Igathered my wits and tried to sit up, it all came rushing back at me like anAmtrak F-7A with me tied to the tracks. I was in one of Donna's shoes, probablythe left, strapped down by the Velcro. A flood of day old memories bombarded me,reminding me of my current plight. Donna had not restored my size like she hadpromised, probably because I had fallen asleep between her lips. It was my ownfault for falling asleep, but then again how was I supposed to not fall asleep.

She was the one who wore me in her shoe all day then sucked on me for hours. Iwas just a pawn and Donna was the giantess queen acting out her desires. I hopedshe would wake up with it all out of her system and grow me back. I was thinkingabout my plight when I heard Donna's deep soft voice enter the room. She wassinging a twenty year old "BLONDY" song. "One way or another I'm gonna getchagetcha getcha getcha. One way..." Despite everything, I chuckled. She had to besinging that particular song for my benefit. She definitely got me. "Goodmorning dear," Donna said to me as she looked at me through the heart. I couldtell by the distance between us that I had slept on a table, probably her nightstand. I wanted to ask her why I was still small strapped in her shoe, but Iknew I couldn't. Although it was early in the morning, the frustration of notbeing able to communicate was taking a hold of me. "Do you know how you neverwant to go to church with me?" Donna asked my vulnerable form. I really didn'tlike the sound of the question. "Well today we're going to church. Unfortunatelyyou're going in my shoe.""But I need to fix it," I yelled. Again it was no use. At this size, Donna justwasn't able to hear me. My emotions from the day before were renewed as my homewas lowered to the floor and Donna's foot began overtaking me again. It wasn'tany easier the second day. In fact, with the previous day's memory still fresh,the sinking feeling in my gut as I experienced Donna's giant bare footovertaking me was strong. It took a few steps for me to adjust to the crushingof my rib cage again. By the time Donna got into her car, I had relearned how tobreathe. I was back in her left shoe, and with her foot slamming into the clutchpedal every few seconds, there was no way I was sleeping on this trip. Isurvived the trip to church and the walk in, but the mass itself was brutal. Iwas forced to endure a long period of kneeling during which all my blood went tomy head, combining with the worsening smell of Donna's foot to make me feeldizzy and sick. Then came a some painful full weight standing where Donna didn'tallow me the chance to breathe. The worst time turned out to be during thesermon when Donna was sitting. The sermon was exceptionally long for theassembly of church goers that morning. It was even longer for me. While theywatched and listened to the priest talk about Jesus's teachings, I watched andfelt Donna's big toe slide up and down my naked body as she continuously slidher foot in and out of her shoe. It started out innocently enough. Donna simplyslid her foot out of her shoe. When she did, she felt me in her shoe. From myposition, it seemed she was paying attention to the mass and had forgotten I waseven there. When she felt me, she slid her big toe back up my body, then backdown, then back up again. It didn't take long before my manhood reacted. It tookeven less time for Donna to feel it. When she did, she began giving itpreferential treatment. As Donna's toe slid down my body, it made a heavycircular motion over my midsection, before it made its way down my legs. On itsway back up, it did the same. Dozens of times Donna repeated the toe massage,while I lied bound in her shoe helplessly squirming from the relentlessmanipulation. I was quickly approaching an orgasm. Donna, probably from thelevel of my squirming, knew of my approaching climax and simply inserted herfoot all the way into her shoe and applied pressure. The air quickly left mylungs, as did the blood from my entire groin area. Once Donna was satisfied thatI was calmed down, she let up and began another grueling session of arousal.

This cycle repeated itself over and over again until the long-winded father gottired of talking. By then, I was both physically and emotionally spent. Iwithstood another round of breath depriving standing before Donna was sittingagain and the pursuit of her big toe on my manhood continued. This time, adifferent ending resulted. I became so aroused so quickly, that despite the factthat Donna had stopped the grinding on my midsection and was trying to smotherthe arousal out of me, I came. I shot a load all over her sole, and she wasobviously not very happy about it. It was the first time in my life Iexperienced an orgasm while being, not only smothered, but crushed. I went fromthe throws of passion to the verge of unconsciousness in a second. My lungsburning like they were full of battery acid. I needed to refill my depletedblood stream with O2 but Donna decided to punish me further for cumming on herfoot. She continued to apply the force on me until I actually passed out. As itturned out, I not only slept through the rest of mass and the drive home, Islept through the entire morning. When I finally woke up, I ached from head totoe. I slowly sat up and looked around. My head pounded. My chest still burned.

I was sitting on a soft surface and I was still only five inches tall. "Are wefinally awake?" came that deep booming voice I knew all too well. I spun aroundand saw the entire giant form of my wife. She was sitting on our bed and I wasnext to her. "I thought I killed you," she said. "You came in my shoe and I hadno choice but to punish you. Are you alright?" I didn't attempt to answer. Ishrugged my shoulders. What I wanted to do was ask her if she would make me bigagain. I still had a two week vacation to enjoy. Donna read my mind and spoke.

"It seems I have some bad news for you Dear," she said softly. I wondered whatelse could go wrong. "It seems I won't be able to grow you back." I jumped to myfeet and fell back down. The pain in my head was fierce. "I'm so sorry," Donnawent on. "I can't grow you back. I don't have the power." Again I jumped up ontomy feet. This time I stayed up, although it wasn't easy. Each time Donna moved,the earth under me quaked. "My boss Jill will have to do it, tomorrow." Thethought of Donna's beautiful boss Jill seeing me in this position was down rightembarrassing. Jill always looked down her nose at me like she was better than Iwas. I started yelling obscenities, but Donna simply raised her huge pretty handand I quieted down. "I wouldn't overstep your bounds little fellow," shelectured. "I'm still not very happy about you getting your disgusting goo on myfoot." I wanted desperately to tell her it was her own God damned fault, inchurch no less. What kind of sacrilege was that? I decided I really didn't wantto go back in her shoe so I sat back down quietly and waited for whatever Donnawas going to do with me next. "So what should we do now?" she asked. I justlooked at her face. For years I had taken her good looks for granted. What was Ithinking? "I really need to go food shopping," she said. "Tomorrow is Monday. IfI don't go today, I won't be able to go until next Saturday." I was beginning toget scared again. "You eat so much," she went on. "We won't make it until nextSaturday. Why don't you do the food shopping this week?" she asked. I knew shewas toying with me, but to what end. I did not want to go back into her shoe soI sat there listening. "That's right you cant go," she said boldly. "You're onlyfive inches tall. But we can go together." She reached over the bed and grabbedsomething off the floor. I prayed it wasn't her shoe. I had spent the good partof mass earlier praying it would end and Donna would release me. I found myselfpraying again. Sure enough, Donna dropped a shoe on the bed in front of me. Iwanted to run but I held my ground. What would running accomplish? Donna thenreached over the side of the bed and grabbed the other shoe. She dropped thatone next to the first. This time I ran. What a mistake that was. Donna quicklyreached out and snagged me. She wrapped her hand around me and lifted me up tothat fat lower lip she had. "You just can't help but piss me off, can you?" Iturned on the puppy dog eyes that worked earlier in our relationship. Theyobviously weren't working then. She threw me back on the bed. I bounced and cameto rest between the two shoes. "Pick one," she demanded. "They both need to befixed," I yelled to her. "Good choice," she answered. A long red nail thenpushed me into the shoe on my right. Another one came from the opening and in amatter of ten seconds I was back under Donna's foot, this time the right one,where I remained the rest of the day. We went food shopping. Then we went backto the same mall we went to the day before. After that we went home where Donnadecided to keep me where I was. Why? I guess I just felt too good for her torelease me. It was horribly painful for me, but still I had to stay focused so Iwasn't crushed or smothered to death. As the day went on, the abuse on my bodyand my mind was taking its toll. Finally, when it was bedtime, Donna removed theshoe. By that time I was running on fumes, smelly ones. I just wanted to go tosleep. I wasn't given the opportunity all afternoon to take a cat nap. Donna hadseen to that. I barely remember being released and dragged out of the shoe. Ihardly remember being dropped into the sink to relieve myself again and get adrink. I didn't remember falling asleep or where I was put to spend the night. Ifound out at six AM sharp. I was on Donna's night stand, so when the alarm wentoff, I was woken abruptly. Not only did it scare the living shit out of me, itsent me into a panic. My heart raced violently as my extremities began moving.

Donna's finger entered the opening of the shoe probing for something. Herfingertip slid over my face roughly a few times pressing the back of my headinto the velvet before it withdrew and found its target. Moments later the alarmwas quiet. I lied awake, stilled by Donna's off target finger, for minuteswaiting for her to arise. It was a new day. She had to let me go, at least Ihoped so. My own eyes were re-closing when the blaring tone of the alarm wentoff again. This time, Donna didn't try to turn my face off. This time she hitthe end of the shoe and sent it flying. By the time it hit the floor, The alarmwas quiet again. Unfortunately the Velcro, holding me in place, held strong. Theshoe came to rest on its side. I looked straight ahead out of the heart shapedopening and found myself staring into the void beneath our bed. Now what, Ithought. I quickly found out. My eyes went out of focus as a giant objectappeared just past the opening. Upon refocusing, I saw it was Donna's big toe.

She had gotten out of bed and was standing with her foot pointed at me insideher shoe. Her big toe looked menacing. The blunt tip of it's nail looked like itcould break me in half. I felt myself shuddering, thinking about spending anymore time beneath that thing. Then it moved. Donna's big toe shot at my facewith blinding speed. I flinched, banging the back of my head on the soft velvet.

The tip of the toe the hit the opening so hard that it actually squeezed throughit. The shoe jumped backward snapping my head, and all other parts of me notsecured, forward. The toe entered the opening and came surprisingly close to myface. Then the backward motion stopped instantly, bringing any part of me thathad flown forward, crashing back again into the sole of the shoe. Then for abrief instant I saw what I knew I'd never seen again. It lasted only a splitsecond, but the remembrance would last a lifetime. The fat meat of Donna's bigtoe was wedged in the heart shaped opening. Not a bit of light shown around it,not even at the lower point of the heart. The inward point at the top of theheart dug unyieldingly into one side of the toe. Seeing Donna's big toe stickingin at me almost sent me into hysterics. It would have laughed had I been givenmore time. The next few seconds were ugly as Donna tried to free her big toefrom the shoe. My internal organs move violently inside me as I was kicked toand fro. My extremities felt like they were leaving my torso. Through it, I wasable to see the progress of Donna's big toe out of the shoe. It was slow. Afterthe first few seconds, Donna's toe hadn't budged. Then she intensified herkicking and I no longer was able to follow the progress. I had to shut my eyestightly so they stayed inside my head. After a few more seconds of extremeviolence, it was over. Well, it was almost over. The worst of it was over. Thejerking back and forth, and side to side, was finished. The soaring through theair wasn't, not for about three more seconds. At least I didn't have to close myeyes in preparation of my impending impact. They were already closed. The shoehit the ground hard and bounced a few times, but it was actually anti-climaticcompared to what had just transpired. I couldn't tell how far the shoe and Ihurled until I opened my eyes and the stars cleared. I was in the bathroom.

Actually, I was against the far corner of the bathroom, probably twenty fivefeet away from the bed. The shoe landed with the underside propped at a fortyfive degree angle between the wall and the floor. I was miraculously offered aview of the entire bathroom, including the part of the bedroom that I justentered the bathroom from. I looked through the darkness and saw movement. Donnawas walking into the bathroom. At first I thought she was coming to retrieve hershoe and punish me some more for being there. As she got close, I saw she wasn'tlooking in my direction. It seamed I was safe for the time being. Perhaps Iwould even get the chance to see my giant wife nude. Finally I caught apotential break. Sure enough, donna entered the bathroom and turned on thelight. She looked horrible. Donna never was a morning person, but she only everlooked this bad after she drank the night before. Donna obviously had her ownlittle party with me no doubt under her foot as the main amusement. Then again,I had been in a dead sleep since she took me out of her shoe. I was beginning towonder what else she did with me while she was drunk. Up until that point intime, the morning had progressed extremely quickly. I hadn't had much time tothink. When I first awoke, after the alarm had nearly caused me to soil myself,I had thought I tasted a strong smell in my nose and my mouth. As I lied therewaiting for my giantess to stir, I figured it had to be the taste of foot odor.

I had been constantly sucking in Donna's foot sweat for two days now. I haddismissed it at that. Lying in the bathroom corner watching my hung-over wife, Iwasn't so sure. It seemed like the only time Donna ever got horny was when shewas drinking, which wasn't that often. As I watched her stand in front of themirror brushing her teeth, I started recognizing the taste in my mouth. I wasbeginning to think my drunken wife had used me to pleasure herself. By the timeshe had put her tooth brush away, I was sure of it. I was lucky the stupid bitchdidn't kill me. It all made sense. She kept me in her shoe because I wasarousing her. With no alcohol in her system, it probably took the ice queen twodays to get aroused enough to do something about. The alcohol she drank, loweredher inhibitions enough that she acted on her whim. Donna used me for sexualpleasure. At least at this size I was good for something. A scary thoughtentered my mind. What if she got used to the feeling and would keep meuncontrollably in her shoe forever, using me to satisfy her whenever her desirespeaked. Nah. Once every two weeks was Donna's limit regardless of the stimulus.

She was probably already tired of me. I'd be a free man as soon as she gotherself together, or so I thought. I had temporarily forgotten that she wasn'table to grow me back. Maybe I just hadn't believed her. Regardless, I wasfeeling some hope as I watched my wife walk over to the shower and let hernightgown fall to the floor. I was in for a short lived treat. After two days ofnot being able to buy a break, I found myself in the perfect position to watchmy giantess of a wife as she stepped out of her nightgown and turned on thewater in the shower. From my tiny perspective, propped up in her shoe in thecorner of the bathroom, she looked magnificent. Her long brown hair straggledits way over her shoulders and down half her back. Her breasts, still firm andround, stood proudly out before her. As she turned toward me and headed towardsthe toilet, I was amazed at how tight her stomach still was. The toilet was tomy left, almost in the corner I was adjacent to and it pointed towards the walljust to my right. That meant that when Donna sat on the toilet to pee, I got aview right between her thighs all the way to my promised land. Her thighs werestrong and muscular. I could only dream what they'd feel like squeezing me tooblivion. I doubted I'd find out. I looked a little farther and saw her furrymound. I couldn't see anything more than Donna's pubic hair, but oh how I couldimagine the sight of her giant pussy lips opening up to swallow me into herjuicy slit. I still wasn't sure I hadn't already met it while I was asleep, tooexhausted to reap the rewards my stay in Donna's shoe offered me. After peeing,Donna wiped herself and walked across the room to the sink, where I was offereda view of her luscious ass. Firm and round, Donna's bottom was perfect. Iwatched it shake from side to side as Donna brushed her teeth. Again I imaginedwhat it would be like to be buried between her cheeks. God knows I had buried myface into Donna's butt enough times not knowing I'd ever contemplate doing itwith my entire body. After brushing her teeth, Donna offered me another glimpseof her as she walked back to the shower and stepped inside. She pulled theshower curtain and my show was over, at least temporarily. I was left to waitfor another chance to see her giant naked body and ponder what was in store forme next. Donna acted like she didn't even remember I was in her shoe. If shedidn't, she'd remember as soon as the soaking shower water cracked the outershell of her hangover. Another thought struck me as I lied bound to the insideof my pretty wife's shoe. It was a thought that left me feeling extremelylonely. Ever since I've been married to Donna, she blamed me for her hangovers.

She wasn't much of a drinker. When she did drink, it was from my prodding, and Iusually coaxed her into drinking more than she could handle. As I lied in waitfor Donna's long and soothing shower to end, I became more and more convincedthat Donna did remember where I was. By the time the sound of the water hittingthe fiberglass tub ended, I was sure Donna knew where I was. She undoubtedly wasblaming me for her hang-over and was planning to wear me again. I had spent thelast two days praying time would speed up so my stay in Donna's shoe would endquicker. I spent the time it took Donna to dress herself and put on her make-up,praying time would roll to a stop. I wanted to prolong the inevitable as long aspossible. I did not want another day of suffering under my wife's foot to begin,but it did. Donna never even looked at me. When she was ready to leave for work,she simply strode into the room rolled her shoe over and planted the ball of herfoot on my sore chest and the base of her big toe on my face. After that it wasoff to work we go. Donna had said she needed the help of her boss Jill torestore me to my normal size. She also said she'd have Jill do it Monday. It wasMonday and, though I desperately wanted out of this hell, I was nervous aboutJill getting a chance at me. There was no telling what that nasty bitch woulddo. Even though I was on my third day of being tortured by Donna, I had to holdfirm in the belief that she would see to it that Jill restored my size withouttaking advantage of my predicament. After all, Donna didn't really know I wassuffering. She had no idea the cavities I had stupidly carved were too small. Iguess it was around lunchtime when Donna finally sat down. I was amazed at howmuch walking around she did on a Monday morning. When she did sit down sheremoved her foot from the shoe. I quickly looked out the heart shaped opening tosee her face and to see if she was looking down at me. All I saw was theunderside of a desk. I waited for the shoe to elevate. I was hoping it was thetime for my release. It wasn't. I waited a few seconds, but nothing happened. Icould hear Donna conferring with another woman, but I couldn't make out whatthey were saying. I had a good and bad feeling the second voice belonged toJill. I didn't know what was going on but I was dying from the suspense. Finallythe shoe moved. It didn't rise like I expected. It shook slightly. It was amovement I had gotten to know all too well. My heart sank. Donna was reinsertingher foot. Once again, I looked past my naked tiny body at the toes entering theshoe. This time the feeling was worst than before, although I didn't think aworse panic was possible. This time the foot entering the shoe was not the footof my loving wife. This foot took its good old time overtaking me. The owner ofthis foot wanted me and herself to experience the fear and delight fully. Iscreamed long and not loud. I knew it would do no good. I couldn't controlmyself. For two days I was able to stay alive in my wife's shoe only because itwas my wife's foot I was sharing the space with. I honestly didn't think I hadthe will to remain alive having to fight the rib crushing pain in my chest andpulverizing wear on my face knowing it was the disgusting smelly foot of anotherwoman. I wrote myself off for dead. I didn't die. I survived the rest of thework day. Evidently I had more will to live than I ever gave myself credit for.

Or maybe it was the fact that deep down I knew I was in the final stretch of myunder-foot mile. Sure I spent the afternoon repulsed, forcing my diaphragm toforce my lungs to inhale fowl air only to have it pushed right out again overand over an infinite amount of times. But it wasn't infinite. There is no end toinfinity. There would sooner or later be an end to my suffering. Shortly beforethe end came, at precisely infinity minus one, The owner of the foot,undoubtedly and disgustingly Jill, decided to have a little fun with my manhood.

She decided to see if she could arouse me with her big toe into an orgasm.

Unlike Donna, Jill didn't bring me to the point of no return rapidly thensmother the life out of me. Jill took her good old time bringing me up. Jillmust have had a ton of work on her desk because she toyed with my manhood forabout two hours. Somehow I was getting good at keeping track of the time.

Despite being abused, already spent, and totally grossed out, I was slowlyworked to the point of eruption. I tried with every bit of wilpower I couldmuster to control myself, but in the end I had no chance. I exploded. I don'tthink much came out, but the amount didn't matter. I had cum under anotherwoman's foot. I was thoroughly humiliated and was at my wits end, but I knew mytime for freedom had come. Shortly after my orgasm, Jill slid her foot out ofthe shoe that days ago sat on my work bench. The shoe rose. An ugly, only in myeyes, finger pulled the Velcro free. And I fell out of the shoe. "Your littlepervert came on my foot," said Jill glaring down at me. Her evil eyes seemed toburn right through me. "He's had enough," came a voice from behind me. Irecognized my wife's voice and turned. There she stood in all her elegance. Iwanted to run towards her, away from the beast, but I knew I still needed thebeast. She alone could make me big. I turned back toward Jill and theembarrassment she bestowed on me. Her stare intensified. Her eyes turned intofire. That fire reached out and grabbed my soul. It enveloped my mind, my heart,my entire body. The last thing I remember was feeling the life force of my wife,protecting me from the devil who had a hold of me. It's Saturday morning. Istill have a week of vacation left and I'm in heaven. This is turning out to bethe best vacation ever. Evil Jill had restored my size. Donna had taken me home,fed me, and nursingly put me to bed. On Tuesday morning I woke to an empty houseand ate a hearty breakfast. Donna was at work. I spent all day reliving myexperience in Donna's shoe. I weighed the good feeling of Donna's soft footagainst the bad of my pain and suffering. Had the shoes been made right, the badwould not have been any where near where it was. In fact, in may not have beenbad at all. By the time it was bedtime, I had convinced myself that had I beenmore careful, and had my stay been for only a few seconds, I might have evenenjoyed myself a little . I went to sleep Tuesday night before Donna came home.

Wednesday morning I awoke and again Donna had already left for work. As usual,her stupid job had her putting in unreasonablre hours. It was just as well. Iwouldn't know what to say to her anyway. My body felt somewhat better, but myhead was still a mess. I simply could not clear my mind of the conflictingemotions that I had experienced. I knew it was time I climbed back onto thesaddle. I jumped out of bed and went straight into her closet to look for theshoes I had spent days suffering inside. At first I didn't see them. I feared Iwas too late. I didn't want the d