Big BusinessBy ZZZInto the darkness, so it begins...

Atomic industries had just made what they believed to be the greatest discoverysince plastic surgery. Their dedicated and high paid scientists had created apowerful hormonal catalyst, allowing the human body to develop beyond its normalpotential. The head of the company, Diane Atkins, was completely confident thather product would make millions, and that she would soon be a powerful andwealthy woman. Her dream of fame and fortune soon came to an end however, whenreality began to set in.

None of the usual buyers were interested in the product. Most of the businesswas done over the phone, and not one believed the results the Ms. Atkins wasboasting.

"Diane you must take us for idiots if you think some miracle product exists thatcan instantly make a woman beautiful.""Mr. Walters, I am not kidding you. Not only does it make one more beautiful, iteven adds strength!"Walters could be heard laughing on the other end of the line, obviously notbelieving a word Diane said. "Sure Diane, and I have a tree that grows money inmy backyard."Days went by and Diane could not find a single buyer. She herself began to doubtthe product. The "Burst Drink" (as the scientists called it) hadn't even beentried on a human subject yet. Diane figured the amazing results with apes andchimpanzees would be enough to motivate the other companies to buy the productand research it themselves. She was wrong. She would have to give them some sortof demonstration, and she knew she would have to use something other than anape.

After a great deal of coaxing Diane convinced three of the prospective buyers toat least come and see a demonstration. Diane wasn't sure who she would get totry out the product, and had even less idea how effective it would be. Thescientists were appalled at Diane's request for someone to test out theexperimental serum. The scientists believed they needed at least another year ofanimal studies before they could try it on a human being. They began regrettinghaving told Ms. Atkins of their great discovery so soon.

Diane could not wait another year. Her company was running low on business, andshe knew this product would put them back on the map. She arranged the meeting,and offered $20,000 to one of her scientists to try out the serum in front ofthe business men. Dr. Rachael Thomas couldn't refuse. She desperately needed themoney, and was curious to see how the formula would work on a human, speciallyon herself. Rachael was 5'3" and weighed 120 lbs. She had an OK build, but wasnothing compared to Ms. Atkins. Diane was 5'9", had a great athletic body, andwas very beautiful.

The evening came at last when Diane would present the new serum to theunbelieving buyers. This would have to be a definite sale, and in order to doso, Diane made arrangements for the product to be presented in a TV commercialfashion. Since no one else would help them, Diane and Rachael would both have torun the "advertisement" themselves. Diane dressed herself in a sexy blackleather skirt, with a light blue sleeveless blouse which contained no zippers orbuttons, and hugged her well developed chest very tightly. She also wore highheeled leather boots that reached up to her knees. Each boot had two straps andblack laces that ran from her knee to slightly above her toes. Diane had Rebeccawear a loose plaid skirt, which came down to halfway between her shins. She worethe black and white typical school girl shoes, with short white socks. On topshe wore a loose brown sweater, with an oversized white blouse underneath. Shealso made her not wear any make©up, and had her hair tied up in a bun. Theylooked like total opposites, which was exactly what Diane needed.

Finally the time came to present their new product. The buisness men sat infront of Diane and Rachael, and the look of scepticism could be seen clearly intheir faces. Diane looked at Rachael to begin the script which they hadrehearsed a couple times.

"Women everywhere want a body like this..." and Diane began to stretch her bodyand turn around, giving the men a pleasureful view of her great body.

But unfortunately many women look more like this(she winked at Rachael, sinceshe had asked Rachael earlier if that line was OK, and Rachael had agreed).

Rachael hunched down and lowered her head as the script asked. "Well now anywoman can have this body, with the help of our new invention...The Burst Drink!"The buisness men began to laugh, but Diane ignored them. She reached to a smallbox behingd her and pulled out a small three inch vial which contained an orangeliquid within. She then proceeded to hand it to Rachael.

"Goodbye scrawny body!" Stated Rachael, and she uncorked the vial. She began toturn the vial in her hand, but then she began to think of all her scientifictraining. This was wrong. There was no information on what this formula could doto people, and even less on the side effects. Rachael handed the vial back toDiane.

"I'm really sorry's much too dangerous."An outburst of laughter came from the buisnessmen, and Diane became furious.

"NO!!!!We have to make this deal one way or another!!!!"With that Diane raised the vial to her mouth and drank down the entire bottle.

"Ms. Atkins!!!! You've made a horrid mistake!!!! You were only supposed to takea small drop on your hand from that's extremely potent!"The buisnessmen continued laughing, and Diane suddenly felt a great deal of painin her stomach. She bent over grabbing her stomach, and moaned in pain.

"Shit this really hurts..."One of the business men looked over at Diane and laughed, "Now Ms. Atkins, Idon't think the censors would let that line slide." They laughed even more asDiane continued moaning with pain. Then they noticed something. Diane's armslooked somewhat more built, in fact they could see a bicep forming which theyhadn't noticed before.

Not only was Diane feeling pain from the effects of the Burst Drink, now shefelt her clothes squeezing her profusely. Her legs felt as though they werebeing squeezed by tightening walls as her legs filled the boots further andfurther, pushing the laces wider each passing second. Soon the straps gave way,and two powerful calves could be seen on her legs. The top section of her bootscould take no more pressure, and the laces began to snap open, revealing Diane'snew, incredibly powerful and muscular calves. The laces snapped all the way downto her toes as her legs continued to get bigger and wider. The lowest section ofher boots now began to burst open, and the sound of stretching leather could beheard from both her boots as well as her skirt. Her feet finally escaped her theremainder of her boots, leaving them as mere shreds. Her thighs had now doubledin girth as the muscles had become incredibly large and well defined. Her skirtnow looked much shorter than before, what with her legs becoming so much thickeras well as longer. She had to be at least a foot taller now. Her butt began tocurve out further and became increasingly tighter. Her leather skirt could takeno more, and a huge tear opened up on both sides of her now curvier hips. Moreand more of Diane's waist could now be seen, as it grew longer and firmer aswell. Her stomach muscles had become very well defined, and were enough to makemost bodybuilders jealous. Her arms doubled in girth and soon two massivebulging biceps appeared on her arms. Her shoulders widened out, and her backmuscles spread out further and further. Her breasts were now pressing harderthan ever on her blue blouse. They too had almost doubled in size, and werestill growing larger and rounder by the second. Diane stood up straight and tooka deep breath as she tried to cope with the incredible amount of pain she wasreceiving. It was too much for her blouse to take. Her huge breasts formed atear at the center of her blouse, which slowly opened upwards and downwardsunder the pressure of her developing body. Diane was now well over 8' tall. Herhair had filled out as well, and was now twice as full and reached down furtherand further on her back as her growth continued. Her enormous thighs destroyedthe remains of her skirt. She grew a few more inches and soon enough nothing ofher blouse was left on her. A few inches further and her pantyhose began totear. They were already very ineffective at covering her womanhood, which wasnow twice the length from the top to the bottom of her panties. She expanded acouple inches more and the tiny rag fell to her large powerful feet. Diane wasnow 10 feet tall, and still she grew larger. The business men sat shocked intheir chairs as they watched this titan sized amazon form before them. Rachaelwas shocked as well, and felt incredibly angry that she was not brave enough totry the serum. Finally Diane's head bumped the ceiling and began to push up onit, when the entire process ended. She was at least 13 feet tall. The painsubsided and was instantly replaced by a feeling of pleasure. It ran throughevery inch of her body, and made got her very stimulated. She began to run herhands down her new and powerful body, when she remembered the businessmen.

"SO YOU DIDN'T THINK MY PRODUCT WOULD WORK EH?"The businessmen were all incredibly stimulated and were trying to hide theirexcitement with their briefcases.

"Ms. Atkins...we...we didn't think...""YES, YOU DEFINITELY DID NOT THINK"Diane began to walk over to them as they craned back their heads to look up toher face.

"Ms. Atkins, I believe my associates will agree with me when I say that we areprepared to offer you any sum of money you desire for that formula""I'VE CHANGED MY MIND! YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT WHEN YOU HAD A CHANCE, BUTINSTEAD YOU LAUGHED AT ME. NOW YOU WILL FEEL THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOURACTIONS!!!"Diane reached down and picked up two of the men by their faces, one in eachhand. She felt so incredibly angry toward them, and so incredibly powerful thatshe couldn't resist using her super strength. With a slight squeeze from herhand both men's heads burst open, and their blood ran gushed everywhere. Diane'sarms were now so long that she managed to avoid getting any blood on her torso.

She now walked over to the other businessman, who was cowering on the floor.

"WITH THE BURST DRINK, I WILL CRUSH ANY COMPETITION!!!"She lifted up her foot and brought it down on his chest. Her foot covered mostof his chest, with her heel slightly above his crotch and her toes in his face.

"Please....spare me!!!!!" The man began to kiss her huge toes, and Diane smiled.

"SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU, THERE SOME SQUEAKING COMING FROM UNDER MY FOOT." Withthat she pressed down on the businessman and caused all his insides to burstfrom the pressure of her enormous foot, which was being backed by hertremendously muscular legs.

Diane now walked over to Rachael, who was also cowering in fear.