BigLittle Sister Redux                                                                                       or                                                                             Eclipse Revisited                                                  Comments (appreciated) to [email protected]                                                      Original by Dreamtales,reworking by greapos Note: Much of thefirst, oh, about one-quarter of this appeared as a wonderful story by Dreamtales.

I have taken the liberty of messing around with it a little bit, adding on toit, and making it a sequel of sorts to my previous story “Eclipse”. My apologiesto any I've offended, perturbed or otherwise pissed off.    -g  Disclaimer: TheAuthor of this piece is woefully undereducated in the medical sciences. Anysimilarity to anything approaching actual scientific knowledge, or literature ingeneral, is purely coincidental. Also, things might get a little weird…no kids.

                  Ihadn't expected Becky to be here, but that really looked like her walking rightup ahead of me at the carnival. "Hey kiddo!" I said as I tapped her on the back.

She spun around to face me. "Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you were my girlfriend..."                "HiMike! How are you?" I blinked in confusion. "Don't you recognize me?" The girlwas smiling, a big grin on her face, looking right into my eyes. She reallylooked familiar, so much like Becky, couldn't be...

               "Laurie? Is that you?"                "Mmmmhmmm…Why?Have I changed much?" Laurie grinned, stepping back and putting her hands on herhips, inviting me to look her over. She sure had changed! In a few short monthsshe had grown into a very pretty girl - almost the same size as her oldersister. It was really mind boggling to see cute little childish Laurie suddenlyso grown up, especially when she was so giggly and immature before. I guessLaurie could see from my expression that I was really surprised. She giggled andoffered an explanation. "Yeah, I've been on these special...hormone injections.

I've been taking 'em for the last few months and they're really working!"               "Boy, I'll say. You look great, Laurie." It really was incredible, the thingsmodern science can do these days. I should know, with all the medical stuff I'dbeen going through myself lately. But more on that later. Anyway, she and Iended up walking around together for a while, but soon I had to leave. Laurieasked if I could give her a ride home, and we found ourselves sitting alonetogether in the front seat of my car. Laurie had been constantly smiling at methe whole time since we had met, a big grin on her face and this kind of goofylook in her eyes. I guess she still had a little crush on me.                "Mike, do you think I'm pretty?" Laurie's high lilting voice had a teasing toneto it.

               "Sure Laurie. You're very pretty for a girl. Why, don't you have a boyfriend atschool?" She didn't seem to acknowledge my question.

                Aminute's pause, then, "Mike, do you think I'm... sexy?" Hmmm... we were treadingon dangerous ground here. This was the sister of my girlfriend, and a kid, toboot.

               "Well, Laurie, I think you're a little young for me to answer that..."               "But, do you think Becky's sexy?"               "Well, umm... yeah, sure. Becky's my girlfriend. She's also older than you are."I didn't like where this was going and wanted to try to cut it off before it gotout of hand.

               "Well, I'm wearing Becky's dress and it fits me just right. So, if you thinkBecky's sexy, then you must think I'm sexy, too, right?"                "NowLaurie, that's enough of that..."                But,as I tried to concentrate on driving, Laurie sat up on her knees and leaned inclose, whispering into my ear and giggling. "And I'm wearing Becky's bra...itfits me just right, too!"               "Okay, Laurie, enough already." That whisper in my ear actually got me aroused,to my chagrin. Luckily, we were just arriving at her house, so I pulled the carover and turned to give Laurie what I hoped was an appropriately stern look.

"Now, look, Laurie...You're just a fourteen year old girl..."               "Fifteen!" corrected Laurie, giggling, her big smiling eyes locked on mine.

                "OK,anyway, you're much too young to be acting like this with me. Now you are a verynice, pretty, young girl and you should be with a boy your own age."               Laurie pouted, her big wide eyes showing her frustration. "But why can't we - "                Ijumped out of the car, raced around to Laurie's side and yanked open the doorfor her. "That's enough, Laurie. Now if you don't mind I have to get going..."Laurie giggled and hopped out, standing next to me, still looking up at me withthose big, love sick eyes.

               "Thanks, Mike," She said breathlessly, "I know you're doing this to be nice.."She stood before me on her tiptoes and closed her eyes, puckering her lips, Iguess hoping for a kiss good-bye. I gave her a little peck on her forehead, andshe frowned in disappointment.

               "Goodbye, Laurie. You're a great girl. Take my advice and get a boyfriend yourown age." I remember long after I drove off I could still see her in the rearview mirror standing on the sidewalk watching after me and waving good-bye.

                Well, anyway, back to what I had mentioned earlier. Last year in college I hadsomehow contracted this rare African virus that had popped up first in thestates several years ago. My doctor wasn't real clear about it, but it basicallywould kill me - or, I guess, put me in a coma - unless I started receivingfrequent vaccinations of another form of the weakened virus. I guess they try tobuild your immune system up to a point where your body neutralizes the virus. Idon't know, I'm not really the science type. This would all be fine and good, Iguess - I felt fine - but the vaccine, over time, makes you smaller. Barelynoticeable at first, but the longer it takes your body to build up theantibodies, the smaller you get. Though it was pretty rare, I had seen some newsclips of some guys around the country who shrank to, like, less than a foot.

Freaky to watch. Most patients, my doctor says, get better far before that. Ijust hoped I'd get better quickly. So, I went to school again in the fall,trying to act like everything was normal, more or less at my own size. But, Ihad begun to notice a change throughout the semester. By the time I had shrunkfrom my normal height of six feet to five-foot nine, I thought it a good idea toreturn home and not return for the following semester.

                 So,it was around Christmas, a Saturday night and Becky and I were planning to goout to dinner and the movies. I arrived at her house a little early, and knockedat the door. I was a little surprised to see an unfamiliar young woman open thedoor, and I greeted her nervously. Maybe it was one of Becky's friends from highschool? Did Becky hang out with such hotties? "Oh, hi, I'm here to see Becky..."The girl giggled coquettishly, holding her hand over her mouth and smiledbrightly. There was an awkward silence, so I continued. "My name's Mike. I'm afriend of hers..." just then the seed of recognition popped into my head...

                Shestarted laughing, and then spoke, "Mike! Now don't tell me you've forgottenabout me again?" My mouth dropped open. It couldn't be. "Duh! It's me, Laurie! Iguess I must've grown some more since I saw you!" She had a flirty smile and wasleaning languorously against the door frame. My God, did she grow. Little Lauriehad somehow been transformed into this...this...What had happened to the cutelittle girl I knew? Standing in the doorway was a sexy young woman, full breastsstraining against a fuzzy pink sweater, graceful curves of her hips and long,coltish legs poured into a skin tight pair of white pants. And staring at me wasno longer a cute little pixie face, but the face of a mature young woman, herhigh cheekbones and full lips giving her an air of sophistication. I guess I wassort of in a state of shock, because I didn't say much before she laughed andinvited me inside. As she walked ahead of me I found it hard not to getdistracted by her rolling hips. "Becky's still getting ready. Why don't you comein to the living room and wait a while?" My heart was still beating fast and Iwas taking deep breaths to try to calm down. Suddenly Laurie stopped and turnedtowards me. I had been walking right behind her and had almost bumped into her,so we ended up standing almost toe to toe with each other, her face inches frommine. As she smiled and looked into my eyes I noticed she had grown taller, too- by now she must've been five foot six or so. "Know where we are now?" sheasked, giggling.

                "Uh,what do you mean? In your house?"                "No,silly!" She smiled and signaled with her eyes above our heads, where a greensprig of leaves was hanging. "We're under the mistletoe!" My objections weresuddenly cut off as Laurie leaned in and planted a kiss full on my lips,pressing her body to mine. At first I was too shocked to react, but I quicklycame to my senses and started to try to push her away. It was a bit of astruggle - but I succeeded in fending her off and stood holding her at arms'length.

               "Laurie! What's come over you?" But whatever I said didn't seem to register asshe just stood there smiling directly into my eyes, a grin on her face. Yikes.

She was hot, and I wasn't a guy who usually got a lot of attention from girls,but I didn't need this. Becky would be pissed - at me, at her, just pissed.

               Becky was coming down the stairs, ready for our date. I must have seemed alittle breathless as I greeted her, but if she noticed she didn't say anything.

Laurie for her part was smooth - she acted like nothing had happened, smilingand wishing us both a nice evening. It wasn't until after we had driven awaythat my thumping heart started to return to normal. I even got up the nerve tosteer Becky into conversation about her little sister, though she didn't seemtoo keen on talking about her. Maybe a little jealous of Laurie's bloomingfigure. No real boyfriend, Becky said, because her doctors were concerned thather hormonal condition may be transmissible. "Yeah, but she's a little flirt.

But she knows she can't do anything with these guys. She's just turning into amajor tease." And how, I thought. If I had had a girl that looked like that tolust after in high school...well, I wouldn't have gotten much homework done.

               After the movie Becky and I had our usual heavy petting session in the car. Nosex - not that we ever had, because my doctor assured me that intercourse wasthe way this virus thing was transmitted between men and women. But, Becky wasusually up for other activities. Good thing for me – because another effect ofthis virus was an increased libido. And I still had Laurie on my brain. And so,as we made out, I couldn't help but compare Becky to her voluptuous littlesister. I had to confess that, well, Becky's breasts seemed a bit on the smallside, and her hair didn't tumble and flow like Laurie's as we had walked throughthe house. While I kissed Becky, all I could think about were Laurie's big,bright eyes sparkling with that confidence that came with those hips, thoselegs, that beautiful body of hers. And, as Becky's hand went to my member,stroking it, I saw her little sister's smile, imagined my hands on her thinwaist, cupping her full, soft breasts. I came with visions of Laurie's radiantface gazing into mine. Did I feel guilty, thinking about my girlfriend's sisteras she beat me off? Well, yeah, I did. And, hey, Becky's my girl. I wasdetermined to put the little incident with Laurie behind me. Within a few days Ihad pretty much forgotten about it.                 Athome, my shrinking began to accelerate. A lot. My mom was cool, taking good careof me but not making me feel like a helpless freak. By the beginning of thesummer, I had shrank to three feet tall, and was able to do less and less bymyself, but we had set my room up to give me a good deal of independence. Shewas also a decent seamstress, so she was able to put together some makeshiftclothes for me so I didn't have to buy kid's stuff.

               While loathing to be in public in this state, I finally began to get antsy andone day had my mom drop me off at the Mall to get something to read. It wasreally strange walking around as a little guy with all these giants toweringover me. I pretty much kept my head down and headed for the bookstore - I suredidn't want to see anyone who recognized me. While looking through themagazines, the most beautiful pair of legs appeared next to me. Impossibly long,shapely and lovely, and those feet! Wrapped in beautiful sandals with big highheels. My head was below hip height - so without looking up I could only see herfrom her legs down. As I stole a quick look up at the rest of her my heartcaught in my throat...Laurie! My god! Look at the body on her! I immediately hidmy head, hoping she wouldn't notice me in this diminished state; I would bemortified.

                Myheart was pounding like mad, I was shaking all over as I continued to sneaksideways glances at those shapely legs. I knew I should slip away before she sawme, but I was paralyzed by the sight of her. So I just stood there frozen,hardly able to breathe, consumed by my raging libido and waiting helplesslyuntil she decided to move on.

               Unable to stand it any more, I was just turning to put my magazine away andignominiously slink to the back of the store when I heard a familiar voice fromabove. "Mike is that you? Ohmigod! It can't be... " Jeeeez. "Mike! It IS you!Wow!" The girl had to bend over almost double to look down at me. I lookedsheepishly up at the huge smiling face towering over me.

               "Oh...hi Laurie.." Laurie, grinning from ear to ear, crouched down to bring herface close to mine. Even so, she was still taller than me - I had to tilt myneck to look at her.

               "Wow, Mike! Just look at you! I mean, Becky told me all about what's happened,but - wow! I just can't get over how you look!" She unabashedly looked me up anddown several times.

                "Er,um... yeah. (cough) It's really something, huh?" I was never so embarrassed inmy life. Of all people to run into, why did it have to be her?               "What magazine are you reading? Maxim, huh? For the articles…right?" she teased.

I tried to avoid her gaze, looking down at the floor. " was the only oneI could reach, besides the kid's magazines..."                "Oh,okayyy..." Laurie, wearing a tight, short dress, was still grinning and lookingdown at me with that huge lovely face and those big eyes. I think she could tellI was really embarrassed. "Hey, Mike, it's okay! Don't be shy… It's just me!Besides..." she reached her big hand out to touch my face. "I think you lookreally cute!"                Ineeded to get out of there – fast. "Er, thanks, Laurie, but, look, I really haveto get going. I need to catch the bus so I can get back home..."               "Hey, wait! Don't go running away! Can't we walk around together? I'm all bymyself."                "Er,Laurie, I'd love to, but, um... like I said the bus will be leaving soon. I-it'sthe last one today, so I can't afford to miss it. I can't drive a-anymore'cause, well, you know..."               Laurie frowned, her face scrunching up as her eyebrows furrowed. Suddenly, shebroke out into a big smile. "Hey!  I can give you a ride home - I've got my carhere!"                "Um,n-no, thanks, Laurie. I don't want you to go through so much trouble for me.

I'll be OK."                "No!It's no trouble at all. In fact, it's perfect - I only have my learner's permitso I need a driver to sit with me."               "Yeah, but still, I..."               "Pleeease, Mike? It'd really be a big help. And I'd LOVE to give you a ride!Becky should be home, you can visit her."               "Well..."               "Great! Thanks Mike! This'll be such fun! Did you ever think I'd be driving youaround?" I really don't know how I let myself get talked into these things. Ifelt I was in a daze as I found myself trailing after Laurie through the Mall,her beautiful long legs and sexy rear leading me out to her car. I was toolittle to open the door to her SUV, so she opened it for me, waiting patientlywhile I laboriously climbed up into the front seat. I was pretty quiet the wholeway back as she gaily prattled on, talking non-stop about her friends at school,or whatever. The whole time I was desperately wrestling to suppress my thoughtsand keep my gaze straight ahead. Nonetheless, I couldn't keep myself fromstealing sidelong glances of her curvy profile.

               Though Laurie had said Becky was back at her house, when we got there nobody wasaround. I really wanted to get back home, but Laurie convinced me to wait aroundat her place for Becky. She called Becky's cell phone, leaving a message that wewere here.

               "Want to hear the new CD's I bought?"                "Um,sure, Laurie." Who knows how long we had to wait? It was a lot better than thetwo of us just sitting there in awkward silence.

               "Great! C'mon up to my room - we can hear it on my stereo." Laurie turned andstarted bounding up the stairs.

               "Uhh, Couldn't we listen to it down here?"               Laurie turned and grinned down at me. "Are you kidding. My Dad's stereo isancient. C'mon up."  She could see from my expression I still needed convincing.

"Don't worry, Mike. There's nothing to be afraid of, I don't bite!"                As Islowly clambered up the big steps one by one after the towering teen, I startedto get this feeling that I was sliding down a slippery slope, that events weresomehow overtaking me and I was just a pawn in the grip of fate. I knew Ishouldn't be doing this, going alone into this girl's bedroom, but I couldn'tstop myself. I was a bit out of breath when I finally reached the top of thestairs, with Laurie waiting for me. She showed me into her room and, I noticed,closed the door after herself. She kneeled down on the floor, putting a CD inthe stereo, the big heart-shaped mound of her firm rear beckoning. The sighttook what little breath I had left away and made me even more dizzy.

                Shespun around to face me as she stood up and grinned "Wanna see what else I got atthe Mall?"               "Umm.. sure. What is it?"               "It's a surprise. I think you'll really like it!" Laurie bounced in a singlemotion to her bed where her purchases lay. "Just wait right here and I'll beback out in just a second." She reached into her shopping bag and took out asmall package, then disappeared into her bathroom, closing the door behind her.

               Somehow I wasn't getting a good feeling about this. What if Becky returned andfound us together, as innocent as it was? I had a brief panic attack and decidedto try to escape while I still could. Like walking though molasses, I made myway towards the bedroom door. Suddenly the bathroom door opened, "Well, what doyou think?"                Mythroat went dry and my breathing stopped. I can't recall - I may have cried out,or issued a pitiful squeak, but I was completely riveted by the vision beforeme. Laurie was standing in the doorway wearing a bikini, a bright yellow numberthat barely covered her astounding charms. The skimpy suit left nothing to theimagination - her long legs, sexy hips, wasp waist, flat stomach, and fullbreasts were looming before me, topped off by her beautiful face with that samegrin, and those same big eyes smiling down right at me.

               "Well, Mike? Aren't you gonna say something?"                Ithink I cleared my throat two or three times before I was able to croak out aresponse. "Umm... g-gosh, Laurie. (cough) T-that's quite a b-bathing suit."               "Yeah," she giggled, as she looked in the mirror with a proud smile, "Cool,huh?" She turned around, giving me first a magnificent profile view of her bigbreasts, then a gut wrenching display of her round rear end. As she stood withher lovely backside towards me, she tugged at the little string holding thebikini bottom, "God, I have such a bubble butt. It feels a little tight. Do youthink it fits me okay?"This couldn't go on - I had to do somethingbefore I lost it completely. With a supreme effort, I tried to banish anythoughts of my sexual fantasies and struggled to get back to sobriety. Taking adeep breath, I attempted to make my small voice sound as deep and adult aspossible. "Now look, Laurie. You're a very pretty young girl, but I just don'tthink that bathing suit is appropriate for you. It's just too revealing! NowLaurie, you're only fiftee...""I'm sixteen now." Laurie corrected.

"Okay, sixteen. Anyhow, that's still tooyoung! Now, you look very nice, but - and I think your mom and dad would agreewith me - you're just not old enough to wear something like that.""Something like what? Something that showsoff my body?" Laurie pouted coyly and batted her big eyelashes at me. "Don't youlike it? Don't I look nice in it?""Y-you look great, Laurie. It's just - well,you're a very nice girl and I think you should wait until you're older beforeyou wear this kind of thing..."               Laurie burst into a huge grin and dropped to her knees, her big face loomingbefore me.

"Oh, Mike! You're so sweet! You always saythe nicest things! I just love it how you're always looking out for me!" Sheleaned over and gave me a kiss on my forehead, treating me to an incredible viewof her cleavage, her breasts barely contained by her bikini top. She jumped backto her feet and wiggled off back into the bathroom, leaving me to practice mydeep breathing in an effort to calm my heart. As the door closed behind her Ifelt like I had survived some kind of trial by fire. After a minute the bathroomdoor cracked open, and Laurie's pretty face peeked out. "Mike? Could you help mewith something?"Uh oh. "Umm.. sure, I guess, Laurie. W-whatis it?""It's this top. It seems kinda stuck. Ican't get it off. Could you help me untie it?" Still clad in her bikini, Lauriecame out and sat down on her bed, turning her back to me and looking down at thestrap behind her. "I think it's all knotted up. Can you come up here and see ifyou can get it undone?"Once again feeling myself caught helplesslyin the grip of some nefarious fate, I struggled to climb up onto the bed next toher. Even sitting on the bed with her sitting next to me, she still was a goodcouple heads taller than me. Her lovely back was completely bare save for thethin strap. I struggled to keep from trembling again as I gingerly approachedher, and reached out with my small hands to try to unravel the knot. It reallywas stuck, horribly so, as if she had done it on purpose. As I worked on thedifficult task I had to lean in close to her huge warm bare back, her long,graceful neck.

As I stood close to her, wrestling with thebikini top, my erotic fantasies again started to bubble to the surface. I foundmyself sweating, my breathing shallow as I feverishly worked so close to her. Tomy horror, I found I had developed a raging erection which was now straining atmy pants. I prayed Laurie wouldn't look back at me, and desperately fought tokeep from getting further aroused.

"Mike? Can I ask you a question?""Umm... sure." My voice squeaked as I spoke.

"Do you ever have, like, fantasies?""Uh.. (cough) Ummm.. what?""Well, now that you're so small. Do youimagine being with girls? And having them be…bigger than you? Like, what wouldhappen. I know you see my sister every once in a while, but I know you two don'tmess around too much anymore - and she's kinda small and scrawny to begin with.

Do you ever think about really big girls?""G-gosh, Laurie. (cough, cough) W-what makesyou ask that?"She turned around to look at me and I movedquickly to hide my hard on. "Well, sometimes when I see something on TV with,like a big girl and a little guy, and I think about how Becky said you've beenshrinking, I think about you."  Was she serious? Or was she saying this just tosee my reaction? I tried to keep my composure.

"(cough) Y-you d-don't say.""Yeah, like the other night I was watching IDream of Jeannie - y'know the reruns they show at night - and Jeannie took MajorNelson and shrank him down to doll size. Did you ever see that one?""Ummm.. I d-don't kn-""Well, anyway after I saw that show, I keptday dreaming about what it would be like to be Jeannie, and to, like, have a guythat was little. What you could do with him." She turned and looked at me,raising her eyebrows questioningly. "You don't mind me talking about this, doyou?""N-no, Laurie. It's o-okay.." God I was soturned on.

"So, what does stuff like that make youthink about?" She was curious, and obviously figuring out she was pushing mybuttons.

I took a deep breath, then (against mybetter judgment) decided to plunge ahead. "Look, Laurie. I do. I mean…I havethought about being with girls. And me being so small..."Laurie looked deeper into me, her beautifulface lighting up in a smile. "Really?? Oh, Mike, tell me about it!""Er, (cough) well..." I really wasn't surehow far I wanted to head in this direction...

"C'mon, Mike, Pleeease!" She was now turnedcompletely around towards me, her huge breasts hovering just below my face.

"Well, all right. I guess I'vehad...f-fantasies, too. Like, I'm a l-little guy with a big w-woman. Er, like, agiantess, I mean." I had lost all sense of reason, being so very aroused.

"But, she wouldn't be a giantess. It's justyou that's really small. She could be normal size, right?" Almost imperceptibly,she inched closer to me. I took in a waft of sweet perfume from her deepcleavage.

"Uhhh...yeah, I g-guess..""She could be just a normal sized girl. Butshe'd look really big to you, wouldn't she?" she said as she pushed back hershoulders, presenting a mind-numbing view of her breasts. I couldn't believewhat was happening.

"y-y-yeah..""Kind of like how I look right now, hmm?Really…big."I was speechless. She drew up taller andmoved in towards me, brushing my cheek with her finger, putting her hand behindmy neck. My breath became quick, shallow as I now looked straight into her big,firm breasts. Would she do it, would she actually try? The moment was silent, apin could drop. A palpable energy filled the air between us - that of a girlslowly realizing the power of her developing body.

And then I felt it, the slow, gentlepressure of her hand urging me to her. At the same time, she began to lean intowards me. Was I actually this weak? Would I really let this girl, Becky'slittle sister, seduce me so easily? A fleeting wisp of willpower, a singlethought of resistance, ebbed into me but quickly wilted as I watched her young,overly ripe bosom approach.

Just as I decided to close my eyes, to givein to my own desire and the temptations of this beautiful girl, to meet her softflesh with my upturned face, a quick knock hit the bedroom door and the knobbegan to turn.

"Hellooo...? Mike? Laur? Are you guys inhere?" Becky!We bolted apart in a flash; I leapt to myfeet on the floor as Laurie leaned back onto the bed. "Hey guys, what have" Becky's voice was friendly but as she took in the situation -me quick of breath, probably flushed, Laurie dressed as she was with a thinsmile on her lips - her eyes narrowed ever so slightly. Laurie and I came upwith excuses which somehow seemed plausible to me at the time. Listening tomusic, a quick run up the stairs in my weakened condition, getting ready for thetanning salon. I don't know how much of it she actually bought, but any outwardsigns of suspicion soon evaporated as Becky and Laurie continued chatting overmy head, leaving me reeling and queasy with guilt. How could I have let myselfget into this situation?Soon, Becky decided it was time to take mehome and I waved a quick goodbye to Laurie, our eyes meeting for only a secondbefore I had to turn away. Our car ride back to my mother's house wasuncomfortable - for me, at least. I think I overcompensated for my nervousnessby talking too much.  Becky dropped me off with a quick peck on the cheek; as Ihad been shrinking, our relationship had begun to cool physically. She admittedshe felt "weird" being intimate with a guy who was looking more and more like alittle boy every day. We still hung out, though less and less often as shebecame busy with her summer job and preparing for her first year away atcollege. In the time that we did spend together, she (out of embarrassment forher boyfriend's dwindling stature, I guess) kept me away from her friends, herhouse, her family, and - notably - any chance of running into Laurie.

               Left, therefore, alone most days at home with no girlfriend around, no socialoutlets and no transportation (my mother away at work more often than not), Ifound myself with plenty of time to play on the computer and, I'm shamed toadmit, fantasize about Laurie. Never before had I been so close to intimacy witha body like hers. God, those breasts, those hips, those legs, that beautifulface. All of my girlfriends throughout my life had been like Becky - cute,sometimes, but smart and plain rather than Barbie Doll. Laurie, rather, was alllong, ripe, luscious curves, tanned and toned. I couldn't get the thoughts ofher out of my brain, and kept replaying the scene on the bed over and over againin my head.

Though I continued to slowly shrink, myobsession grew along with my virus-fueled libido; the several photos I had ofBecky that included her sister served as fuel for the fire. As did the storiesdownloaded from the GTS forums, all of which I read over and over with images ofLaurie in mind. Thus my days came and went, jerking off to thoughts of mygirlfriend's sister in between trips to the doctor, cordial visits from Beckyand games of Scrabble with my mother. Nice life, huh? I wasn't too proud ofmyself but didn't have the willpower to stop.

                Andthen, several weeks after I was last at her house, I got an e-mail from Laurie.

My throat caught upon seeing it in my inbox, and I immediately knew I needed toshow caution. Perhaps I had been obsessing over Laurie recently, but I couldn'tlet her know I'd been thinking about her at all.

"Hi, Mike!!" her note began "How R you??Becky hasn't mentioned u much so I thought I'd get in touch with u myself. I'vebeen at the beach a LOT, hanging outwith my friends, etc. etc. Hey!!! I got my license! Woooo! It's great 2 be able2 drive myself around! How have u been feeling? What have u been up to?" If sheonly knew; maybe she's guessed? "How tall are u now? Are u like Major Nelsonyet? If u ever get that small let me know - I've still got clothes frommy Ken & Barbie set u can have! Hugzzz- Laurie"I delayed my reply a day or so, so as not toappear eager or over-interested. It was friendly and short, though I admitted -for better or worse - that I was bored and lonely. With that, I gave her anopening, nearly an invitation, for our correspondence continuing. Probably amistake, but I was weak and obsessed and craved contact of any sort from her. Ithought I could keep cool and handle an innocent relationship with her throughe-mail, unbeknownst to Becky.

Her reply back to me came quickly, and begana series of daily correspondences which became - contrary to my originalintentions - increasingly playful and flirty, to my aroused, guilty thrill. Iwas, I think, emboldened by my solitude and disconnect and hinted, I'm sure, ata friendly interest in her. Though I'm shamed to admit it, my e-mails to Laurie- now signed "Major Nelson" - became the highpoint of my day.

I was not, however, bold enough to suggest ameeting or invite her over to my empty house for an innocent visit. Myconscience, I told myself, and respect for Becky, were still to strong. Or maybeI was just a freaking wimp, too weak to stop thinking about her and too timid todo something about it. All I know is that my growing sense of guilt began tomake the time Becky and I spent together less and less comfortable; I no longerlooked forward to her visits as I once had.

Laurie, for her part, kept me enthralledwith stories of her mundane, everyday life. I hung on her every inarticulateword describing her teenage comings and goings. Subtly, I like to think, Iencouraged her as she peppered our correspondence with news of her growth spurt("Five foot eight! I'm going to be taller than my dad if this doesn't stopsoon!!") and new lingerie collection ("I just outgrew my last 32DD. The only newbra I could find in a bigger size at the department store with my mom makes melook like somebody's grandma!")Let me give you some excerpts from a few ofour conversations. First, my response to her new height:"That's okay. If you keep growing you can bea basketball player. Just have to learn how to play. Or you can star in themovie version of 'She-Hulk'. But, I dunno how you'd look in green skin. :)"She replied: "Or, hey, I can be in moviesfor those guys on the internet who are all into giantesses. I'd have 2 getreally big!! Have u seen those websites?"I feigned ignorance, but she persisted.

"You should. I think you'd like them , MajorNelson!! They're all about big girls. And little guys. And what the big girls doto the little guys. Some guys want to be squished. Some want to be eaten. Somewant to be cuddled. You can tell me what YOU'D like!! "In reply I lied, telling her sites like thatweren't for me and that "I don't think I'd want to be squished. I just want tobe normal size again.""Oooooh! Poor baby! I'll make sure I try notto squish you! :)"For me this thread was getting tooprovocative, so I ended it with a "thanks for the no-squish rule. No eating,either," and a change of subject, but not before I mentioned - a big mistake, Iknow, "but that doesn't mean I don't like to cuddle!" I hoped that it cameacross as a joke. Mostly. God, I'm an idiot.

I didn't do too much better in selfrestraint when she mentioned her new bra: "I'm sure you don't look likesomebody's grandma. Grandmas have wrinkles and livers spots everywhere and smelllike Noxema.""Well, maybe no wrinkles, but look at thisthing!" Her reply came with an attached file. "I used my dad's digital camerawith a timer 2 take this." The picture was a grainy frontal shot of her seatedat her computer with a white, satin, rather industrial looking bra covering herfull chest. My god, my jaw dropped. "Let me know if you want more pictures."Needless to say, I beat off to this pictureof this young girl in her big, womanly bra more times than I want to admitbefore I could muster a halfheartedly humorous reply, "Wow! You could carry yourschoolbooks in that thing!"Her response filled my sick little head withimages, "Or maybe I could carry YOU in it!! Would you fit yet??"Once again, this was getting too heated formy weak heart and battered conscience, so I assured her that I had no intentionof trying to fit inside her bra. Her response: " :( ".

I did, however, break down and told her,sure, it would be okay if she wanted to send me more pictures, that I didn't getto see many friendly human faces these days. What I got were not necessarilypictures of her face. More fuel for my erotic fantasies, a new attachment everyfew days ("I'd send more but itz kinda hard sneaking the camera out of my Dad'sbriefcase. He uses it at the lab.") Mostly pictures of her posing - innocently,I admit - in different outfits ("My new sweater from Old Navy." "My newone-piece. Too 'Baywatch'??" "My dress from our spring formal - boy! I don't fitin this anymore!!") Nonetheless, her body looked to be approaching utterlyfantastic, the sort of curves men drool over.

She asked me, at one point, what I did withthe photos. Again, I lied, saying I deleted them along with her notes. Truth is,I had started a pretty good sized "Laurie" folder of .jpgs and e-mail. Her nextreply was accompanied by a close-up shot of her smiling, eyes gleaming andbright with a hint of mischief. She was leaning towards the camera, her cleavageflowing from a now far-too-tiny yellow bikini top, over and around a hapless Kendoll, trapped between her breasts. "I don't think you'll throw this one away!!"                Itwas, at this point - floored as I was by this last photo - that I decided ourcorrespondence had gone beyond the point of healthy flirting. Not that anyflirting with your girlfriend's younger sister should be considered healthy. Ihad to find the resolve to end it. Though it was tempting to play along andfurther my obsessions, my fantasies, she couldn't be lead to believe that therewould ever be a real relationship between the two of us. I was in college!Older, more mature. And she was the little sister of my girlfriend. Too youngfor me. Wasn't that right? What would it look like if someone - friends, my mom,Becky, her family - suspected I had the hots for little Laurie? That poor littleMikey, so small, left to his own devices, had become infatuated with hisgirlfriend's overdeveloped little sister. Pathetic, that's what they'd think.

Pathetic little pervert. Didn't want that, did I?And so I stopped. Stopped replying to here-mail. Even as I continued to stare at her pictures. Even as I built andnurtured further fantasies of the two of us. Even as she continued to send mee-mail; try as I might, I was unable to discard them before reading, and becamedismayed, alarmed, and absolutely spellbound by the further photos. More shotsof her with the Ken doll: held to her bosom lovingly, or covered with kisses, orwrapped in her bra.

After nearly two weeks of unanswered mail,she became bold enough to call my house during the day when she knew my motherwas out at work. Caught off guard, I answered (still just big enough to manage anormal-size phone) and exchanged pleasantries for a bit. Immediately, however, Iwas aroused and pulled up a screen shot of her on my monitor to place a facewith the voice. Nervously explaining away my recent inattention to her e-mail as"just being busy", I finally admitted, with sweaty palm and cracking voice, thatI didn't think it was a good idea that we speak to one another.

Her tone remained bubbly but disappointed.

"Oh, why not Mike? I think you're so cute and funny. I really like talking toyou a lot." It was at this point that I realized that my hand was strokingmyself through my pants to the sound of her voice. I acquiesced for the momentand sat back, listening to her talk about me, talk about herself, and talk aboutBecky.

"She tells me about you, y'know. She tellsme she doesn't kiss you anymore, because you're so small. Because you're gettingto be like a little doll." A short, tense silence as I continued to masturbate,having lowered my pants.

"Uhhh...uh-huh.""That must really be hard, huh? Being sosmall. Being so small and not having a girlfriend to kiss you anymore.""Unhmm - well, Unh-huh." Oh god, I hoped shecouldn't hear me.

"Would you want me to kiss you? I could kissyou, Mike. I could kiss your little face. I could kiss your little body…I couldkiss you all over." Jesus. Christ.

"Unnhhh...Nuh-Nuh-No. No L-Laurie. Id-d-don't thu-think..." I trailed off weakly.

She thought in silence for a moment. "Why,Mike? Are you afraid of me?" Another silent moment as I neared the point ofclimax, "Hmmmm?"Oh god. "I-I h-have to g-go.." With that Idropped the receiver and came in a torrent onto my chest and stomach, pumpingmyself furiously as I looked at the picture of her face.

 Thereafter, I didn't receive another e-mailfrom her, and decided not to answer the phone while home alone. One evening twoweeks later, however, Becky's mom called and asked me to attend a littlegoing-away family lunch for Becky. She was leaving for Northwestern early thenext week; the family was taking a road trip to bring her to school. I acceptedthe invitation, in part out of duty and friendship for Becky, but also, I think,with nervous anticipation of an excuse to see Laurie - this time in a controlledenvironment, a gathering of others.

                Mymother dropped me off at Becky's aroundone o'clock,and was leaving straight from there to the airport for a business trip. Thefamily was finishing packing the minivan for their roadtrip to Chicago.

Immediately I noticed Laurie's absence; though certainly for the best in theend, my heart sank a bit silently.

                So,the four of us had a nice little lunch together in the early afternoon, Becky'smom and dad polite enough not to dwell on my size so much. I knew her parentsliked me, and seemed to think we'd end up together once I got over my "healthissues". I tended to be vague on details regarding my diagnosis, but I think herfather had an idea as to my condition.

As we were cleaning up (me doing what Icould at my now twelve-inch height), Becky's mother took me aside to thank mefor coming, to thank me for being a good friend to Becky. "And, honey," shesaid, as she was drying the last of the dishes, "we're headed straight to theinterstate from here. It's nearly four o'clock and we're so late already. Lauriesaid she'd be back from her doctor's appointment by now, so she should be homesoon - I just spoke to her on the cellphone. She's not coming with us - shepractically begged me to stay home this weekend on account of cheerleadertryouts. Aren't those usually after school starts? Anyway, do you mind if shedrives you home? I know she'd want to see you, she's always liked you so much."My heart skipped a beat and began toflutter, my palms sweating. ", that should be okay.""Good. I'll tell Becky, though, that ourneighbor will give you a ride. I don't think she trusts Laurie with you in thecar. Being a new driver, and all. She's so thoughtful of you.""Uhhh, sure, whatever."                And,so, after a brief, friendly goodbye between Becky and myself which ended in aquick kiss (more, I think, for her parents' benefit than mine), they left me onthe couch watching television as they set off for their long weekend trip toChicago. So I waited, absentmindedly surfing through channels with the family'sabsurd remote (why do they make these things so big?) trying to prepare myselffor Laurie's arrival. How should I behave? What could I expect out of her? Thesmartest thing, I figured, was to insist that I needed to get home right awayand keep conversation pleasant and short. What worried - and excited - me waswhat I would do if she had her mind made up for something else. She certainlywasn't rushing home to see her family off, or to keep me from waiting. I think Isat there, my heart thumping, running through the possibilities, for nearly anhour before I heard her car pull into the driveway. My throat went immediatelydry as I tried to settle down, to try to look comfortable and relax.

               "Hellooo?" she announced as she opened the front door, "Anybody home?" I turnedaround on the couch but, being so small, I couldn't see her as I called out ingreeting. Between my voice being so weak and the volume of the television, Idon't think she heard me. "Mike?" she called as she walked into the room, "areyou in here?" The sound of the TV brought her over.

      "Hi there," Isaid as she rounded the couch. I sat myself into a confident pose - or, asconfident a pose as one could mange at twelve inches tall.

      "Ooooo!" shesquealed as her widening eyes caught sight of me and her hand flew to cover hermouth in surprise. She stifled a giggle and stood erect. "Mike! Look at you!" Itried to keep myself from ogling her, tried to maintain eye contact, as she bentat the knees into a crouch to look at me. The sneakers at the end of her long,smooth, golden legs were bright white. A small pair of faded denim shorts rodetight on the curves of her shapely hips. A loose, white button down shirt wastied at her midriff, exposing a sliver of flat, tanned abdomen and a brief hintof cleavage. Below the shirt she had on, it appeared to quick glance, some typeof white tank top. "It's so nice to see you again!" she chirped, tucking astrand of hair behind her ear, "Did my parents leave?"                Ianswered her casually, describing our pleasant lunch and the plans that she wasto drive me home. She seemed not to acknowledge my last statement and asked meif I'd like anything to drink. Before I could reply, she had stood up and turnedaway, walking to the kitchen as she asked "Coke? Iced tea? Apple Juice?"                Herhips rolled and swayed as I called after her "...uhhh, water would be fine." Ihadn't really been eating much recently, and didn't think I could tolerate muchmore than water. She, however, made no sign that she had heard me, and began toundo the knot tying her shirt as she left the room. Crap. What was I in for? Shehad orchestrated this perfectly, and I didn't think my best option was puttingmy foot down and demanding a ride home. And, who was I trying to kid? Thethought of having some time with this knockout little sister of my girlfriendwas secretly thrilling.

                Whenshe returned with two glasses of iced tea, she had completely unbuttoned hershirt, which now hung open and revealed a white lycra tank top molded around thebulges of her chest and reaching nearly to her navel. She set the glasses on thetable, took the remote from where it lay beside me, and turned off thetelevision. Looking first down at me, then to the glasses, she gasped andgiggled again. "Oooh! I'm sorry! You'll never be able to drink all that!"               "," I replied, "that's a whole lot of tea."               "Here," she said, as she moved to sit beside me, "let me help." With one motionshe planted her round, firm rear on the cushion next to mine and began to removeher shirt - as if it might restrain her from the task at hand. I tried to lookstraight ahead at the drinks but was intent on her in my peripheral vision.

Narrow shoulders back, chest out, she pulled the shirt from her, demonstratingnicely the shape and size of the breasts below her top. She picked up one drinkfrom the table, saying, "Now then, let's give this a try," and approached mewith the huge glass. "I hope you're thirsty!" I glanced up quickly at her; shepeered down her nose at me over a mischievous smile.

Back to the drink, I tipped my head back tomeet its lip as she tilted it gently toward me. At first I thought this mightwork, as I began to gulp the liquid which lapped against my mouth. "There wego!" she chirped, "How does that taste?" My stomach turned, and quickly I couldtake no more. The tea began to overflow around my face and spill down my chest.

"Oh no!" she squealed, pulling the glass from me as she began to giggle again,"look at this!"I managed to laugh myself but was actuallyfeeling rather humiliated as this luscious teenage girl began to wipe my facewith her discarded shirt. I stole quick glances at the jiggles of soft fleshthrough her cleavage as she worked. "There," she cooed as she finished dryingme, "that's better. Are you still thirsty?""Uhh, no. I'm quite done, thanks." I triedto smile and laugh off the embarrassment, tried to look cool.

               â€œOkay, well, I'm glad you're here.” She bundled her shirt into a ball and set iton the couch beside her. It looked like she had something on her mind. “There'sstuff I wanted to talk to you about. Can you stay for a little while?”                Sayno. Say no. It's easy. No. I Have to get home. Say it. No no no. “Uhhh…sure.

What's up?” Idiot.

               â€œWell, it's about Becky.” Laurie sat demurely on the couch, one lean, coltishleg tucked beneath her, her hands folded in her lap. This might be innocentafter all. I turned to face her, sitting cross legged indian-style on thecushion. “I don't think she's been very nice to you recently,” she continuedthoughtfully, tucking a wave of honey brown hair behind her ear, “when you needall the support you can get.” Well, this surprisingly sounded like genuine,mature concern. Did it have another purpose?                Idecided to tread carefully, and assured Laurie that I realized Becky had beenvery busy recently, she was being very supportive, and that our relationshipremained strong. I had every hope, I said, that we could remain together even asshe was away at college.

               â€œHmmm. Mike,” Laurie pursed her lips and looked down at me, choosing her wordscarefully, “Becky's been seeing another guy.” My brow furrowed. “All summer.” Iwinced in disbelief. “A lot.” Uggh. “She had been going out with him a fewnights a week. You might know him – he's that guy who's also going toNorthwestern this year.”               Yeah, I knew him. Randy. Or was is Ricky? Rudy? Whatever. Some guy in her class.

               â€œShe's been talking to me about him for awhile now, and she didn't want myparents to know…'cuz they like you so much and…well, I knew she had plans totell you but…”  But what? Why was I hearing this from Laurie instead of Beckyherself? “She had a letter for you. She was going to mail it soon, next month,after she got to school.” Laurie paused hesitantly before continuing, “But Itook it. From her bag, this morning. I knew what it was going to say,” she saidsheepishly, “so I opened it.”                “Youopened it?” I was a little flabbergasted. “You opened the letter that Beckywrote to me? Jeez! Did you read it?”               â€œYes.”                Iwas actually not as mad, or upset, as one would expect. I think I had, at thispoint, just felt so helpless that I was getting apathetic, seeing my life runwithout my control by people in the normal-sized world. “Why wouldn't she giveit to me herself? What did it say?”                “Youwant to read it?” Her expression was one of girlish concern, but she hadanother, queer look on her face.

               â€œUhhh…sure. Do you have it?” I asked. With that she pulled a piece of notebookpaper from her pocket, unfolded it and lay it down on the cushion next to me. Ididn't need to read much to get the gist of it. Becky was breaking up with me.

Saying she met a guy at school, mentioning nothing of the summer. “Well, that'sthat,” I said, as chipper as I could manage, a catch in my throat. I was a bitupset, sad, I guess. Not only getting dumped by my girlfriend, but also what itrepresented. I was shrinking, and slowly losing my life, watching it all dropaway. My relationships. My future. Everything. “Sucks to be me.” I tried tosmile.

               “I'msoooo, so sorry, Mike. I opened the letter ‘cuz, well, I just thought, I guess,that this was a crappy way for Becky to break up with you. I thought it would bebetter if I told you. If you heard what really happened. If you found out nowrather than later.”                Iturned my face away from the letter and looked up at Laurie. Her smile was warmand compassionate, lighting up a face of fine cheekbones and delicate jaw. God,she really was a beautiful girl. I should be angry, but who can be mad atsomeone this pretty? Looking away, I muttered thanks.

               â€œSo,” she continued, “this way you can get on with your life. You can forgetabout Becky. You can start dating other girls.”                Whatdid she mean by that? I was, at that point, awash with enough self-pity that Ihad let my guard down. “Dating other girls? Who would ever want to date me now?I'm a twerp.”               â€œCome on now, Mike. You're a great guy. You're cute and funny and lots of girlswant to go out with you.”               â€œYeah? Like who?”               â€œWell,” she smiled, and batted her long eyelashes coquettishly, “me. I'd want togo out with you.”                Ohboy. I was on a slippery slope, and had probably said too much already. Yet, mysuffering self-esteem kept me from turning off this kid completely. Part of me –heck, maybe most of me by now – enjoyed this opportunity to flirt with a prettygirl. As I've said, I'm not generally much of a chick magnet. But, I had toremain careful. “Now, that wouldn't be fair to Bec-“                “ButBecky just dumped you, remember? Forget about Becky,” she shifted her weight andinched closer, “go out with me.”