The Big Visitlittle1This is a gentle story...

Dawn and I worked steady together for the past 4 months. Dawn is a 27 year oldgirl who had fallen in and out of love throughout her life. She is an attractiveyoung lady, a little short almost 5'5, she had a petite build, beaming browneyes, soft brown hair and a smile that would brighten the dark desert sky. Man,I thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life!!! Whatmade her more beautiful was her free-spirit and very friendly personality. Ireally liked her. The fact that Dawn is my steady partner at work helped usbuild a strong frienship with each other. Then one day, Dawn finally said"Larry, I've been thinking about you for a while now, I mean, not about work,but you've always treated me differently than most other men have. Would youlike to come over to my place and have dinner with me and enjoy the evening? Iwould really love you to come and visit, I promise to give you a big suprise!!!"I couldn't believe it!!! Finally, dinner with the most beautiful woman I know!!The day seemed to drag on for hours which seemed like an eternity. Finally afterwaiting for what seemed like a lifetime, I was walking to her apartment. As Dawnopened the door to greet me I was totally awestruck. I've never seen any womanlook as beautiful as Dawn. She was standing infront of me wearing a classylittle dress, it was black with white sleeves. She had natural nylons on with apair of black pumps with about a 3 inch heel. She was gorgeous. As I stood inher doorway just staring at her beauty, she finally spoke " you can come in now"she said with pleasant smile. Obeying her command I walked into her apartment. Acozy little place, you could tell she was an organized woman, everything hadit's own little place. The aroma in her apartment was pleasing as well. The PoloSport she was wearing was very noticable as well as what smelled like pastacooking. "Your just in time for dinner" she said. As we sat down to eat, Dawnhad my plate fixed already. "I know how much you love pasta" she said, "I madeyou some with a special recipie of my mother's" Dawn said with a beaming smile.

As we finished eating dinner and a conversation that was very enjoyable, Istarted to feel a little dizzy. "I see it really works!!" Dawn said with herlovely smile. "What works I said"...and then everything went black. As I waswaking up, I felt kinda strange, I felt like there was a cold breeze blowing allacross my body, but yet there was some warm, moist, and sweet smelling airblowing across me, almost in a perfect cadance. As my eyes became clear, Ijumped straight to my feet, "what happend? where am I?" Then the same warm,moist breath came even stronger and it carried Dawn's soft voice. When I turnedaround to see where it came from, all I could see was bright white. "Look upsweetie" she said, as I looked up, I could see Dawn smiling down on me. "Whathappend?" I asked again. "This is my 'big' suprise I told you about!!!" "I'mgoing to give you a time you'll never forget!" she said smiling down on me withher sweet innocent smile. All of the sudden I felt something knockedme to my but as I noticed I landed on something soft. I looked it was herhand!!! I was laying down in the palm of her hand!!! I had to be 3 inches tall.

As I looked infront of me, I was even with her lucious painted lips. Dawn alwayswore her makeup in a very tasteful manner. "Are you ready for a differentexeperience?" I was nervous!!! Here I am, naked as a jay-bird, laying in thepalm of a giantess's hand speechless. " I promise, I'll be gentle, I won'tbite!!" she said with a giggle. "She won't bite?" I thought to myself. Then,with the index finger and thumb of her right hand, she gently wrapped themaround my torso and lifted me towards her mouth. I wanted to kick and scream butI couldn't, I was too scared and excited at the same time. As she inserted mefeet first into her mouth, she gently closed her lips around my waist while shestill held me with her finger and thumb. "Mmmmm" I could hear her coo. Thevibrations felt so good against my swelling manhood. I started to feel hertounge gently massage my legs and feet, finding it's way to my stiff shaft. I'venever felt anything so amazing in my life!!!! she gently pulled my in with hertounge. Feeling the muscles of her mouth gently massaging the rest of my body, Iwas nearly inside her whole mouth. My arms and my head were still on theoutside, I was feeling her lips with my hands, they felt so warm, so wet, sosexual. She started working me in and out gently and slowly as if she weresucking on a lollipop. Then I couldn't take it anymore, I felt myself wanting tocumm. As she circled her tounge on my shaft, I launched the biggest load of mylife. As I was finishing, Dawn slowly pulled my tired and limp body out of hermouth and asked " well, what do you think?" Barely finding the strength to standup, I stood on Dawn's palm and kissed her on her bottom lip. It was awkwardtrying to kiss someone 130 feet tall. "I think I'm in love with you" I said. "Ihave a confession to make" Dawn said. "After I've gotten to know who you are,after seeing you're not like other guys who want nothing but someone to have sexwith and not appreciate, I fell in love with you." I didn't know what to say. Iwas speechless. "Dawn, could I ask you a question?" "Sure" she said. "How didyou know I had a fantasy about giantesses?" (I know I never mentioned it in thebeginning of the story, but I figured you guys knew "Well, you see, Ican see dreams as well, and I seen the dreams of you being loved by me as agiantess." I again was speechless. I felt the her move her hand down to theground. "I want to show you something" she said. As her hand came close to theground, she tilted her palm as a que to climb off. When I looked up, Dawn stoodup to her full height. She was magnificint. I've never seen anything more breathtaking in my life. I looked infront of me and I noticed her feet. Her pumps hada big chunky heel, but not to chunky, they had a black strap that had a shinysilver buckle on the outstep of her foot. Kind of like the shoes a young girlwould wear, they were cute. "What do you think of your big suprise now?" shesaid. Not sure if she had plans of stepping on me I said "you are a truegoddess." Okay, that was the only thing I could think of saying at the time.

"Don't worry Larry, I'm not going to step on you, relax I'll be gentle. Bringingher right foot forward, she gently tapped me with the toe of her shoe as if itwere a que to lay down cause it knocked me to my butt. "Sorry!!" she said with aconcerned look on her face" It's okay, I'm not hurt" Smiling, Dawn gentlylowered her foot ontop of me. I could see the chunky heel fade away as herwooden soul gently rested on my naked and cold body. She left my head stickingout so she could watch the expressions on my face as she sat down on her coffeetable. She started rubbing me with her the sole of her shoe. This was a veryunique feeling. All she had to do was just press down and she could end my life.

But somehow, someway, she was being so gentle. I lost control of myself again, Ifelt my cumm all over my midsection and it kinda made me stick a little to thebottom of her shoe. She lifted her foot off of me she gently closed me in herfist and lifted me to about midlevel. "Let's go clean you off." The feeling ofher standing up was too neat. She took the palm of her right had and held itunder her left fist in which she was carrying me and held her hand there toensure I don't accidently slip out. I could hear her shoes hit the floor as shewalked. The ride was better than any amusement park ride. I felt safe and warmwrapped inside her hand. She set me down on the side of her bathroom sink.

Turning the water on, she made sure that is was not too hot or too cold for meto put me in. She lowered me into the water. It felt like a swimming pool. Shecleaned me off with a tiny drop of Dove bodywash and a teeny tiny drop ofPantene shampoo. I rinsed my self off and she lifted my out and dried me with awash cloth. It was enormous to me. Raising me to her lips, she kissed me andsaid "Would you mind stayin this size for the weekend and let me take care ofyou?" " I would love that" I said as she gave me another kiss. "It's time forbed now, you can do some 'body' exploring when we get into my room" she said asshe carried me off in her palm.