Billy wished more than anything that he hadn't treated Karen so badly. Thehitting, the humiliation, he'd give anything to have her forget aboutit all. Howdidhe get to be three inches tall? Billy wondered in horror as he was beingbounced around inside Karen's purse. He could hear her walking up steps; thesteps leading up to her apartment. The sound of her high heels against theconcrete stairs was deliberate and fast-paced. They were both going inside.

The purse opened to a view of Karen's towering face and red lips. She wasattractive with striking features and Auburn-colored hair. Her anger was evidentas Billy looked up at her. He then tried to bury himself in the purse when hesaw her giant hand come for him. Her hand pushed him around inside her purseuntil she was able to pin him against the leather wall, and then grabbed him.

As she lifted Billy up to her face, she could see his legs protruding fromthebottom. The rest of his body was wrapped in her flesh. She wriggled him up tothe point where his head was peeking from her clenched fist. Billy panicked andscreamed. He could breathe, but he could not move his arms.

"Please don't hurt me Karen", he pleaded. He said those words over andoveragain, hoping they would register. Then, Billy started to beg. "Why is thishappening to me," he cried. "STOP IT!" "PLEASE STOP KAREN, BEFORE THIS GOES TOFAR!""You've crushed my ego for the last time," Karen softly said to him.

"Now I'm going to do something I should have done a long time ago.""What are you talking about, Karen?""How did you get this power," Billy asked.

"That is none of your business Billy. And just in case you're interested, I'mgoing to crush your little body into gooey pulp. Would you like that?"Billy wasterrified. How could he stop this towering, vengeful woman, he thought.

"PLEASE DON'T CRUSH ME IN YOUR HAND!!!! THAT'S MURDER!"""Okay, Karen stated matter of factly, "I won't."Billy sighed with relief.

"I am going to crush you inside my high heel shoe," Karen said.

"NOOOO!!!! YOU'RE A MONSTER!!! YOU'RE INSANE!!! Billy was shouting andscreaming as loud as he could, hoping someone would hear him.

"Who is going to look for a three inch corpse,"Karen asked.

"Now watch me, Billy."Karen lowered him to the carpet and let him go. He tried to run but she swungher black pump around to meet him and pushed him down. Billy looked at her foot,the incredible size and power of it and shuddered. Then he looked up at herblack nylon-clad stockings rising up to meet the heam of her dress. He he hearda hard grating and sucking sound and turned his attention to what was in frontof him. Karen slowly lifted her foot out of her high heel shoe and set it nextto Billy. The floor shook as she did it, and it offered a musty, leathery smellthat permeated his nostrils.

He looked up in horror at her enormous size and tried to catch the expression onher face. She was slyly smiling at him. Billy tried to run away again, butagain, she caught him easily, this time with her hand. Then she lowered him intoher warm, musty high heel. Billy screamed for mercy. Karen wasn't interested.

She continued to smile at him as she raised her big, black nylon-clad foot upand over her shoe. Then she held it there.

"Any last requests," Karen asked.


Those were the last words to come out of Billy's mouth. He screamed continouslyas her foot descended upon its' target. The first thing Billy felt were her toeson top of her chest. Karen started to laugh as he screamed in panic. She slidher foot forward slowly inching up his body until she stopped at his neck. Billycould see her foot in front of his face. It was a mountain of black nylon. Hishead was being pushed to the front of her shoe. His whole body slid forwardunder the pressure of her on top of him. She wasn't pressing very hard and for amoment, Billy thought she might spare him. Then it happened. She covered hisface with her gigantic foot and applied pressure. Her foot slid into her shoe asBilly became smothered and pressed into her foot. His scream became muffled asKaren's entire foot entered her high heel. And then she pressed harder, andharder. Billy's bones started to crack as he was still conscious, and theabsolute horror of him under her foot gave him one final erection. His mindraced with terror until she turned him into a greasy spot inside her shoe. Andthen it wasover.