The Birthday GoddessA Goddess Sarah adventure!Chapter 1: The Coolest WishSo yeah, it's my birthday.  I'm 19!  Finally old enough to doeverything legally!!  When Iwas 18 I was old enough to play the lottery and vote, but not old enough todrink, exceptin Quebec.  I sat around chilling with my friends, not a whole lot of us,just a few: me,(I'm Sarah), my other friend Sara, Zabrina (we call her Zabbee), Alicia, Emily,Christina(who we call Chris), Hannah, Angela (Ange), Kristi, Melanie (Mel), Victoria(Vicky),Jessica, and Megan (Meg—we don't like using full names).

Don't worry.  It's not a test to name them all.  You're gonna get toknow them all verywell REAL soon.

We were all sitting around, shooting the shit waiting for the boys to come over. Mmmmmm…yummy!!  We're going clubbing tonight.  Like I said, it's thefirst time Ican do it legally!  I love it.  Of course, we started partying early. Molson flowed likewine.  Gino beats oozed from the speakers, the windows pulsing with theelectricrhythms.  Vicky rocked in a hypnotic trance nursing her Molson. I stood,giggling atsomething Chrissy said, trying to hold my feet and keep the world from spinningwhenKristi bounded up to me.  She too was obviously totally trashed already. I saw her mouthopen and her words spill out like a badly dubbed Japanese movie.

"So what did you wish for?" I was like, so fucking confused.  Wished for?  Maybe I should havelayed off the Molson. It sorta clicked to me that I was the one that was totally trashed.  Mynose wrinkled inconfusion as I asked her, "Whaddya mean?""You know!"  Kristi pushed a blonde lock from her teddy-bear cute face. "Birthdaycake?  Candles?  Blowing it out?  Make a wish Sarah?  Any ofthis ringing a bell?"I didn't even think that she would have remembered earlier in the day.  Oh! The cheapass pre-party party with a cake and sang happy birthday.  I made a wish. I got a littleembarrassed – people aren't supposed to ask you this question!  I thoughtback on it andsuddenly laughed, remembering my silly wish at the time.  I couldn't stopgiggling as Itold Kristi her answer, and I couldn't wait to see the expression on herinnocent face.

"I said I wished that we were fucking huge Kristi.  It's da dope shit, Ithink."Kristi's expression of bewilderment was the perfect compliment to herway-too-blondelooks.  "Fuckin' huge?  BUP!  You weren't even drinking then. What are you talkingabout?" I tried to explain it to her.  It's been a fantasy of mine for over a year– a silly idea that Ilove dearly, the idea of being big.  I mean REAL big.  Like, biggerthan the biggestbuilding big!  "Ma, you stupid troia…what don't you get?  I wanna beHUGE…so hugethat we can do whatever the fuck we want, when we want, and nobody can stop us. Ithink it's an awesome wish.""Eh, I still don't get it."  She was obviously going for a blonde-momentacademy award.

I slopped down another drink of cold Molson, the bitterness sliding across mytongue asif I had just licked the outside of an orange. "Think of the freedom to dowhatever wewanted!  Just do what we feel!  Go anywhere we wanted, step anywherewe wanted,nothing could stop us!"I didn't even notice a tall, thin, dishwater blonde girl sneak up from me frombehind. "YO!  LISTEN UP!!!  SARAH WANTS TO BE FUCKIN GODZILLA!!" My friendHannah shouted loudly, right in my ear, over the Stevie B. music, making my earpound. Everyone cracked up laughing except Sara. Sara smiled, pursing her thick ruby lips as she actually thought about the ideafor amoment.  "I think it would actually be pretty sick," she said to all thegiggling girlsaround her. It was like someone farted in church.  Everyone stopped to look at her now. "Sick, why? I think the idea is pretty weird", Chrissy said.

"I agree with Sarah.  I mean…being able to go anywhere…being able to pickpeople upand toy with them like insects…plus," she smiled, with a mischievous lookcrossing herdark-haired face, "Plus you could have sex with anyone…or anything!""Yeah, having sex with an insect gets me hot," mocked Chrissy.

 "That's so disgusting!"  Hannah's eyes rolled up in her haid. "Having sex withanything?  God Sara…you're such a burn out.""Don't be such a biatch Hannah, I think it would be cool too." Zabby chimed in.

Zabby'svoice bellowed out over the din of the music and party, a surprising sound fromsuch atiny person.

 "God Zab, you're just saying that because you're so small."  Hannah lookedat Zabby'sdiminutive form a bit condescendingly.

"Well, I've always wanted to be taller," said Zabby wistfully, "…and being hugesoundsbitching!"Silence fell over the room, except for the pulse of the music.  Vickylooked down at theground, as if envisioning tiny people running around her slim ankles.  Sheput a finger toher thin lips as she gazed down at her imaginary living dolls and a slow smilespreadacross her face.  Ange hoisted her Molson into the air like she was heavinga tree trunk. She gripped the dark brown bottle tightly, half expecting it to crush under theimmensepower of her imagined strength.  It's a shame that dream's don't come true,because Iwould love to be a giant.  Soaring up into the skies, the world tremblingwith each step ofmy monstrous foot, my voice booming out over creation, reaching every crevice ineveryapartment in every city in the entire province.

Hannah's frown lines furrowed deeply as she looked around the room at all of us. "You're all thinking about it, aren't you?"  she said with disgust. "If you were that big,where would you shop?  You'd have to get Molson by the keg…and you know howguyshatedating girls taller than them…"Then, everyone looked around the room.  The chair under Sara's round bottomfit hermore snugly.  Ange's dark hair suddenly brushed the ceiling.  Zabbyand Chrissy hardlyfit on the couch anymore, their legs bent up at an odd angle.

"We're not thinking about it," breathed Jessica, admiring her own curvy,increased form. "It's fucking happening!"Chapter 2: Tiny TorontoWe had all been so lost in the moment that we hardly even noticed the roomsqueeze shuton us as we expanded into it!  Chairs dwindled into kid's furniture. Vicky stepped andsmashed a solid oak coffee table.  The room was cramped like being trappedinside aMcDonald's kiddie plasyroom!  Even the doubting Hannah grew, looking at herownswelling, lengthening arms in horror.  Mel's pretty face looked terrified,her curly brownlocks lengthening and cascading around her face.  She was hunched over atthe waist tokeep from knocking herself against the ceiling, and suddenly she couldn't takeitanymore.  She planted her giant hands against the ceiling and pushed – itgave way as ifshe were simply lifting the top off of a trash can.  Wood fractured asstick-sized lumbersplit and showered around us.  I didn't care, I could finally stand upagain!  We all did,huddled in the room like we were trying to set a record for the most number ofgirls tosqueeze into a phone booth.  I couldn't believe that we were actuallygrowing andgrowing so fast.  I mean, when I looked down, I could see the groundgetting further andfurther away.  Trees had shrunk to the size of bushes, and I had to dodgethe telephonelines crossing the house.

With a resounding THUD, Alicia pulled a thick leg over the wall and set it onthe ground,followed by her other trunk-thick leg.  She had a wild look in her eyes asshe examinedher swelling fingers. "What the fuck is going on?" she boomed loudly enough forthewhole neighborhood to hear.  She realized the size of her own voice, butcould not helpher volume.  "How big are we gonna get?"Hannah also took a step over the step-sized, crumbling wall.  "What theHell are youdoing to me?" she said accusatorily.

Kristi had long, sandy blonde hair, and stroked it with her fingers, lookingdown at theground, grinning and smiling like a kid in a toy-store.  "I think I'm gonnagrow as big asa tree so I can pick up people and hug them like teddy bears!" she giggled.


Zab looked around, and then looked up to the sky.  "Don't think so small,"her voiceechoed.  She smiled at it, as if realizing a secret dream come true. "I don't wanna stop attree-sized – I want to be as big as an electric tower."  She flexed herarms.  "I'm going toimpress everyone who called me shorty or shrimp.  They won't talk to melike thatagain!"Emily put her hands on her hips, her feet spread out in a stance of confidenceand power. "20 stories!" she chimed excitedly, "so I won't have to walk up any steps in anybuildingever again!"Sara let out a deep, resilient laugh, her t-shirt jiggling with the ample curvesbeneath it asshe sucked in gallons of the evening air, and continued to grow.  Shetilted her head up,as if  speaking to the soft clouds above her head.  "As big as askyscraper," she boomedloudly, "so I can squeeze a building between these with a hug it would neverforget!"  Toemphasize her new size, her hands cupped her envious t-shirt curves and shepushed herbreasts together as if forming a dune-sized sand castle.

Me, well, I really didn't know when our growing would fucking stop.  I justknow that ifit were up to me, I would want to be twice the height of the CN Tower, thetallest thing inToronto, and the tallest structure in the world.  "I want to be so big that all the peoplelook smaller than ants and I would be a goddess.""Well all I can say is that I'm glad our clothes are growing too, or it'd befucking cold outhere," said Emily, her arms crossed beneath her chest, looking down at thedwindlinghouses at her feet.

And still we kept growing!  Alicia, just a bit on the chunky side, wavedher thick fingersin front of her dark hair and eyes, creating a rush of wind with each pass. Trees shrank tohand-sized sponges of clover-like leaves, and continued to close in onthemselves.  Wefinally could stop worrying about all the phone lines – Ange kept tangling themup in herankles and snapping them like fine spider silk.  Emily bent down, her blueeyes fillingwindows as she tried peering into the tiny structures that she could hardlybelieve werethree and four story houses.  We grew so fast that if people saw us andscreamed, wecouldn't hear them anymore, or hardly noticed. Toronto, once a huge fucking city that you could get lost in, with it's rows androws ofskyscraper after skyscraper, became smaller and smaller.  As it shrank andgrew smallerands smaller, it grew more and more to look like a toy, a model, than an actualcity. Buildings looked like fragile stacks of wooden chips.  The freakiness ofthis all wore offand curiosity rushed in to fill the mental void.

"We've done it," I said.  I couldn't believe how my voice seemed to echo,like rollingthunder in a storm!  "We can really do…anything," I said with a bit ofhunger thatsurprised even me.

Sara and Kristi were the first to experiment with the toy town.  Sara beganto walktowards all of Toronto's steel gray skyscrapers, and Kristi followed.  Eachof Sara's stepswas slow and deliberate, like she was walking on the moon.  Her buxom bodyshook witheach step – and the ground – holy shit!  Beneath her sneakers, water mainsburst.  Tinyspouts of water shot up through cracks that formed in the asphalt at her feet,and firehydrants popped like bubbles.  She squeezed her hips between buildings andwalked upto the CN Tower…it's 1500 feet tall.  Well…to normal ppl.  To us…well,it was a toy. We were like, twice it's size.  Yeah, that's right..  Me and myfriends were 3000 fuckingfeet tall.  My wish came true.  Who would have thought that ahalf-assed birthday wishwould come true? "What should I do with these tiny things?"  boomed Sara.  Her voiceshook the glass onthe tiny steel structures.

"Anything you want," I said back to her.  My heart pounded with excitementand energyand power.  "There are no rules…except da ones dat we make."Sara bent her body at the waist as she had to get lower and lower to try to seeinside ofthe tiny structure.  It formed a needle at the top, with a spinningrestaurant, about the sizeof her fist.  Beneath the restaurant and observation deck, it slimmed backdown into afragile needle that grew into the ground like a slender fern.  Sara bentlower and lowerand got her face close to the glass.  "I can see tiny people!" shewhispered excitedly.

Kristi followed her to the toy-sized tower.  A giant hair band held herblond locks inplace as she bent to take a closer look.  "They are definitely too smallfor teddy bears,"she giggled, glass cracking at the rush of her voice.

Suddenly, Chrissy began laughing.  She let out a booming hurricane ofgiggles thatspread over town, echoing down streets.

"What's so funny?"  Kristi's girlish voice echoed back.

"Look at you two, you think you could have worn a little lower neckline? You're givingthose insect people quite the show!"Sara smiled and shifted her weight from side to side, jiggling a bit and givingthem theirmoney's worth.  I glanced at the ground while they bantered back and forth. If I lookedreal hard, I could make out tiny insects all over the street – people shapedinsects –covering their ears in obvious pain, running like a swarm of ants, pointing andscreaming. I wanted to laugh so loud that it would break every window in the city.  But before Icould, I was interrupted by Ange giggling behind me.

"Hehehehe" her lilting giggle lit up the sky.  Ange was always quitephotogenic, withdark hair and smooth tan skin, thin but curvy enough to make the guys takenotice.  Sureenough, it looked like she had collected a small following.

"Look!  It's a Global News helicopter!  It looks like a mosquito!" she giggled.  It circledabove us.  Yeah, they were already swarming up.  Global News, CityTV,CTV, CBC,even CNN, FOX, and NBC.  "Look at this!" she shouted over to us.  Herskyscraper-longarm snaked up skywards with a surprising quickness, and between oak-tree thickfingersshe snatched the Global News helicopter out of the air, holding it at the tailas if holding afly trying to escape.  She addressed the fraction-inch people inside. Maybe Peter Kentwas inside there, I don't know and I don't give a fuck.  "Yo, dudes…isn'tthis freaky?" She zoomed them towards her giant, tan moon-face, pursed her lips in a kiss,then pulledthem back away, them pushed them in closer.  "How do you like that closeup?"shegiggled.  She moved them to one giant chocolate brown eye, then the other. "Is this mybest side?  Or this?  Or this?"  Back and forth she toyed withthem.  "Whoa…you peoplehaving fun?  Hope you're not too freaked out.  I don't think myfriends will cause a lottadamage.  We're harmless…hehehehehe".  Her giggle filled the sky, andquite likelydeafened the tiny people inside the copter for life.

"Here's the deal, ok?  I'm gonna use your copter as a video camera…torecord ourlittle…outing, ok?  Make sure you guys record EVERYTHING."  Sheflicked the rotorsoff with her fingernail, and started buzzing the trees with it, zooming themdown streetsand up alleys.  She came across the thick black sole of Emily's platformshoe, and beganzooming the helicopter up over her leg.  She followed every curve ofEmily's black jeansoutfit, over her calf, along the tightly covered thigh, and up over the curve ofher bottom. Emily swatted at Ange – if she had hit the tiny helicopter, she would havepulverized itlike a speck.  "Go film somebody else's butt," laughed Emily.

I took a step.  My breath caught with excitement as the ground shuttered,letting out alow, bass rumble that I could feel more than hear.  One step.  Twosteps.  I stayed to theroads, the pavement cracking and snarling under each step.  I grew bolderand bolder, andsuddenly didn't care what – or who – I stepped on to reach my goal.

I walked over to the Toronto Dominion Centre, slowly, carefully, methodically, agreatquaking step at a time.  Fuck I hate that place.  It made the citylook so ugly.  Twofucking huge (not to me, to the little dudes) black towers.  Who buildsblack towers? Plus…it was where the Toronto Dominion Bank is headquartered.  All thosefuckingbillionaire bankers.  I HATE THEM.  $30.00 for an NSF charge. That's how they madetheir money.  I can feel the smaller buildings crumble beneath my feet as Iwalk over tothe TD Centre.  My foot raised up, came down, feeling floor after floorcave way likestacked crackers as I put my full weight down, thousands and thousands of tonsof pureGirl power.  I wondered if there were any people stuck in the grooves of myshoes? Funky thought, eh?  Sucks to be them if they were.

I reached the black, ugly towers.  Small, pathetic, flimsy looking, uglyblack steel. Smooth like oil.  My hand wrapped around the base of the tower on theright.  It wascold.  Weak.  My fingers curled and closed, tighter and tighter, butnot crushing.  My armflexed and the roots of the building began to whine and complain.  Mightysupportssnapped, and slowly the infinitely fragile tower raised into the air. Chunks of debris felldown and smashed into the ground below, leaving deep craters in the sidewalk andcovering the shiny, bug-like cars with a fine layer of gray dust.  My heartpounded in mychest as I held the Toronto Dominion Center's  West Tower in my right hand,before myface.

"Sarah," asked Alicia, quietly from behind me as she observed my carefulactions. "What are you going to do with that?""Anything I want," I smiled.  "It's a miracle that it stayed in once pieceas long as it has."My fingers began to contract as I willed my muscles to squeeze.  Glass andsteel foldedas easily as if I were squeezing Styrofoam.  My head lolled back and Ilaughed.  Hard. Tighter and tighter I balled my hand into a fist, catching falling debris withmy otherhand. I cupped my hands together to hold the remains, and I saw teeny tiny peoplemoving inthe dust between my fingers.  I thought about the people probably stuckunder my feet onmy shoes…it was kinda cool…the thought of living people…living…being alive onyou. So I poured the debris in my hair.  Ya, I know it sounds fucked, but Ithink thebillionaires make pretty funky hair sparkles.  They glow in the dark y'know,all theirfuckin bling-bling shimmers in the light nicely. I wonder what they werethinking now,clinging to my hair like that.  I let out a laugh.  King Streetdoesn't look the same with theWest tower gone.  Oh well.  Like I give a fuck what the fucking Kingand Bay streetersthink.

"That was fucking awesome," whispered Alicia in my ear.

Chapter 3: A Night on the TownSara and Kristi admired their own giant reflections in the tiny glass of the CNTower.

Chrissy kept her arms crossed and watched the two of them.  She frowned indisgust asthe two girls gazed and admired themselves in the shiny glass, as if seeingtheir faces andfigures for the first time. Sara teased the tiny people a bit more by cupping her hands beneath her breastsandlifting them up, nearly catching the circular restaurant in her cleavage. "I've been builtlike this since I was 16, even then I had 30 year old guys trying to pick me upat theclubs," she said proudly to the observers in the circular glass. Kristi swatted Sara's arm playfully.  She wriggled and bent and exposed herneckline too,and as shapely as she was, she was still no match for Sara.  "Well youshouldn't havebeen going to those clubs with your fake ID's you slut!" she said playfully.

"Give it up to Sara and her amazing Gazongas!" cheered Chrissy, clapping, addingjust apinch of attitude.  "Don't terrify the tiny people too badly with them. I mean if they'rethat big to us now, imagine what the little insects at your feet must think.""Like twin Mount Fraser's!"  Sara's laugh filled the sky.  Then in amoment ofinspiration, she put her fingers down at the bottom of her tight pink t-shirtand lifted it ,exposing her near-bursting bra.  She shimmied and shook from side to side,her curvyflesh jiggling in an unreal fashion, slowly and ominously, like watching twomountainsshake in an earthquake.

Not to be outdone, Kristi but her fingers down to her the bottom of one of hersignaturemid-riff exposing tops and lifted the tiny thing away from her body.  "Ibet you tinypeople never saw anything like this," she giggled innocently with a delicatevoice thatrumbled for many city blocks.

"You're gonna make every teeny weenie peenie in the city explode if you keepthat up. Well for the guys you don't accidentally squish, that is," sighed Chrissy. Slowly shestepped away to check out other parts of the city, watching each step as shetrieddisrupting as little of Toronto as she could.

I don't know if it's because Emily was tired or she was just having fun, but Iglancedover my shoulder just long enough to watch Emily look for a place to sit.

"How about here," she giggled.  She wiggled her black-jeaned bottom over abuildingthat came up to the middle of her thigh.

"That's the Manulife Centre," chimed Ange, still filming the scene with her tinyhelicopter camera.

"Ummm…so?""Well right now you're flashing your bottom to everyone looking at theToronto.comwebcam," she smiled.

"Oh!" squealed Emily with delight.  She ran a hand over her pert bottom,teasing the tinywebcam she envisioned below.

"Yeah," said Ange.  "It's a webcam that people can zoom and control, spinaround andstuff – and right now I bet it's pointed at your city-block sized behind!"Emily giggled more.  She wiggled her hips from side to side, slowly, as ifdoing a lap-dance from one of those 'gentleman' clubs on Yonge street.

I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of the Webcam staring up at Emily'sbuttblocking out the sky.  "Dudes, I'm telling you.  If anyone is watchingthat webcam, theyare gonna be freaking out when they see Emily's ass coming down on top of them."The Manulife centre didn't stand a chance against Emily's ass.  As shelowered herselffarther and farther down, it began to collapse.  Hey, I guess the worldwasn't built for3000 ft. girls.  Emily smiled as she felt it give way and she sunk fartherand farther intothe city, molding the buildings into her own little throne. As I watched Emily wriggle on top of the remains of the Manulife Centre with herbottom, I looked around and said aloud, "We've only been here an hour or so andalready, the city's downtown core is crumbling.""Yeah," said Emily, getting comfortable.  Her voice was already low andsoft, a tone thatmost of the boys seemed to like.  At her size now, it must have soundedlike a GreekSiren calling tiny men to their deaths.  "I guess you could say the scoreis girls 13,Toronto zero," she laughed with a mix of seduction and mischief.

It was so awesome watching people in the city trying to flee.  With all thedebriseverywhere, it was just about impossible to escape.  Footsteps from all ofus girls coveredthe ground, leaving holes in the pavement that entire cars fell into. They'll probably dietrying, since there were 13 of us and the chances of them getting stepped onwere prettyhigh.  I guess the people in my hair were lucky…at least they got to live,right?Near the University of Toronto, another one of my friends, quiet at first,deciced to havea bit of fun.  Jessica always wore 4 inch black heels, nylons, a blackskirt and a whiteblouse.  It was her look, and with her blonde hair and bright hazel eyes,she carried it offto perfection.  For a long time she simply stood there, her legs apart,staring down at thetiny people looking up and ogling her.  Then, having finally decided whatto do, hermassive, cruise-ship sized hand reached down to the Earth.  Peoplescattered in everydirection, terrified to the point of insanity.  Between her thumb and indexfinger, Jessicapicked up the Spadina Bus.  She had to use painstaking care not to squeezeit's fragilesteel hull accidentally as it lifted higher and higher in the air.  It musthave been loadedwith university students, since it was just leaving the University of Toronto. Jessicapulled the bus to her bright Hazel eyes to peer deep inside the tiny candy-sizedvehicle. Teeny, tiny eyes peered just over windows, trying to remain hidden, and yettrying to seetheir fate.  Girls and guys inside screamed alike, though Jessica'sgargantuan earscouldn't hear them.

She lowered the bus to her shapely breast.  The ruffles of her blousecaught the mirrors ofthe bus and tore them off as she began to tease the bus over her curves. Up and down,hundres of feet in the air, the people inside the bus must have felt like theywere riding anelevator up and down that never let them off.

Jessica let out a moan of delight.  "Ooooooooohhhhhhh," she called as shelet the busslide up and down the fine cloth that covered her.  "I bet you don't likethis as much as Ido, do you, little things," she cooed to them.

"I've got a special treat for you," she added softly, almost whispering.

"I know how much men like this body, I can see it in their eyes."She teased the bus over her taut nipples, her excitement growing visibly as theyformedtiny hills through her white lacy blouse.

"You little people are going to have the privelege of becoming a part of thisperfectbody," she said dramatically.

Not giving them a moment to react, she pushed a fingernail through thewindshield of thebus, and with a mighty groan of angry twisted steel, she pulled the top away. Tinyscreams erupted from the  bus as she peered inside.

"Yes," she added, lost in her own fantasy.  "I have worked hard, exercisingandnourishing this perfect form, now it's your turn."  With that, she slowlytipped the bus toher lips.  Her mouth opened like a chasm.

I started to freak, just a bit, as I saw the first person fall into her mouth asif she wereeating a bag of skittles.  Another, and another fell.  Her lips curledinto a smile.  Some ofthe tiny people missed her mouth and bounced off her lips and cheek – THAT was apretty freaky sight, too!  Soon they were all engulfed in her mouth. I saw her lips closearound them.  With a smile, her cheeks moved as she must have swished thetiny treatsfrom side to side.  Then, her throat muscles convulsed, she arched her neckback, and sheshuddered as she squeezed the tiny treats into her vast body.  She let hermassive fingersrub her tummy.  "Mmmmmmmmmm, Toronto has the best Chinese and Italian intheworld," she giggled.

Alicia's voice whispered again in my ear.  "Man, that was so cool what youjust did!" shesaid to me.  I was totally dazed.  (hey, gimme a break…I was drunk,remember?)  I thenrealized that she was complimenting me on how I destroyed the TD Centre's WestTower.  We both kinda giggled and admired the sparkly billionares in myhair. Alicialeaned close and watched tiny, fraction-of-inch men in multi-thousand-dollarsuitsstruggle to get from strand to strand in my hair. "Can I help?" asked Alicia.

"Help with what?""Well, I wanna sorta…y'know…play around with the other building here."   "Nothin wrong with that!  Let's take this down!" With asickening crunch as our kneesdug up the asphalt for many feet below us, Alicia and I knealt down on oppositesides ofthe East tower so it was between us.  Our shadows covering the black towermade it evendarker and more depressing.

"Hey Alicia…don't you think this tower needs some cheering up and some love?""Sure!""Awwwww…gimme a hug!!"Alicia slowly put her massive arms around me, and I put my skyscraper-sized armsaround her.  The steel of the tower chilled my chest as it came between us. The windtossed my hair to one side.  I felt fucking invincible!  I started tolaugh.  I guess thebuilding couldn't take that much love and humor, I could hear glass cracking andsnapping in the building making the sound of popping popcorn, only thousands oftimeslouder.

"C'mon, gimme your best squeeze!" I encouraged Alicia.

The building started to deform between us, steel bending in.  Girdersstarted to snap andbreak, and I could feel the tiny skyscraper begin to buckle and crumble betweenus.  Isqueezed Alicia harder and harder, I was determined to crush this ugly littletoy once andfor all.

"No more Friday Afternoon Clubs," I giggled, my voice rolling through downtownlike abomb going off.

"No more three martini lunches!" chimed Alicia.

"No more Employees of the month," I said, squeezing Alicia a bit harder. "There's anew CEO in town!""Two new ones," laughed Alicia.

"We're making our own policies…daily Goddess worship…glowstickin' Fridays…andSaturday afternoon crush clubs…"The last of the tower gave away and fell like fine dust between us.  Glassand micro-desks and itty bitty computers and file cabinets covered the front of ourshirts, rollingover my boobs and tumbling off towards the abyss of the city below.  Icould even seetiny people trying to hold onto my shirt.  Some of them rolled and rolledand rolled as iftumbling down a dunes.  They clung to the edge of my boob, and then Igiggled and theylost their grip and started falling down to the ground, only making me laughharder andharder.

Alicia and I let go of each other and it felt like we had squeezed a sandcastle. Thebuilding fell away into nothing.  I don't know if we were laughing 'causewe were drunk,or 'cause we were powerful, or 'cause of the fact that we destroyed this towerand allthese lives was actually funny.  All I know is that destroying that finaltower wasn'tenough.  Again I saw more people fighting their way through the debris. If the huge hugAlicia and I gave the building didn't kill them…then I had another idea.

I stood up – which must have been quite an awesome sight to the little bugs. I leanedover and pursed my lips.  Saliva formed and I let it fall, a giant glob ofspit hurtlingtowards the ground.

Tons of my saliva hit some of the tiny survivors like a flood.  God it wascool – I was sopowerful that even my spit could kill people! "Look little people, it's raining!" giggled Alicia.  She joined in thecontest, looking for asmall, scurrying insect, taking aim, and sending gallons upon gallons down uponthehapless creature.  Alicia and I kept on spitting until there wasn't a dryspot left in thearea.  Our mouths were kinda dry ('cause we were drinking), but the goodnews is thatnobody was moving around.

"I wonder if they got drunk from the Molson in my spit," I said, and Aliciastartedlaughing so hysterically that she caused a small earthquake that threatened toknock overseveral other large buildings.

Chapter 4: Lust for SizeWhile Alicia and I made it rain Molson and saliva on the TD Centre survivors,Hannahcontinued to confound us all by doing her best to not have any fun.  Shestood there, rightin the middle of downtown, not far from us at all, watching us all, with herarms crossedand a scowl on her face.

"I don't see what the big thrill of all this is," she muttered.  "I mean,look at us, we're alljust a bunch of big freaks," Hannah's voice rumbled through most of the area. Jessica, who was working to find her third bus of student snacks, looked up asshe chaseda tiny bus down a choked, wrecked city street.  "But look at us – I mean wecan doanything.  Nobody can stop us.  Nobody can tell us what to do. Laws don't apply to usanymore!"Hannah turned her body sideways and started to inch down an alley that was far,far toonarrow for her.  "We can't walk anywhere without breaking every damnedthing," shesighed.  "Where are we supposed to get new clothes?  These blackstretch pants are goingto be my last pair of pants…ever!"  Her leg brushed against a building shewasattempting to sneak past, causing chunks of brick and mortar to crack off andtumbledown to the pavement below.

"Look at yourself Hannah," said Jessica with a smile as she put her hand down tostop herprey, the speeding bus.  "All the power in the world at your fingertips,and all you can dois bitch about your pants.""It's not just that.  What about eating?  I mean what if busloads fullof students make mewanna puke?"  Jessica just smiled at that as she scooped her tiny bus intothe air andsmiled at the terrified passengers inside.  "Where are we going to sleep? And what aboutguys?j"Jessica gave her prey-bus a playful kiss, and flicked it with her tongue, givingthepassengers a glimpse of their fate.  "The city is filled with millions ofguys," she said. "Pick one.""I don't want to go out with a bug-man that I might lose in my shirt pocket." Hannahfinally made it into a larger area where she didn't have to squeeze betweenbuildings. She looked at the cracked pavement at her feet, and slowly sank down.  Shesat, herround bottom gradually settling, crunching cars, trucks, street lamps, levellingnearly anentire city block beneath her.  "Jesus, I'm trying not to think of what I'msitting on now,but I'm just too damned tired to stand anymore."Sitting, Hannah leaned closer to a window-covered building.  A few minutesago it wouldhave seemed tall, fifty stories or more.  Now it barely came up to herknee.  She leaned incloser and closer as she tried peering past the glass to see deeply into thetiny holes of thestructure.

"What are you looking at?" she demanded of the tiny inhabitants whose ant-sizedformsshe could barely make out in the windows.  Her face must have filled thesky to them! Each of her blue eyes must seem like Moons that have come down to visit theEarth. "Haven't you little creeps ever seen a 3000 foot girl before?"  Even thoughshe barelywhispered, she could see the tiny ant-humans grab their ears as the windowsrattled fromher husky voice.  She idly began poking windows out in the building, as ifpoppingbubbles in bubble-wrap.  The glass fractured as easily as if it were simplymade fromfrost.

Then a slight smile cracked Hannah's serious face.  She spied a window,pushed it in, andpressed her nail in deep, turning it over and scooping out the contents. She had to bringthe contents close to her eye to even see it all.  Amid the rubble on herfingertip – bricks,wires, a chair, maybe a TV or a computer monitor – she spied what she waslooking for.

"Ahh I've found one, a tiny little man.  Why, look at you, you're not evenas tall as thetip of my finger."  She gazed at the tiny man, unable to hear is minutevoice.  "Jessicaseems to think you can be my boyfriend.  What do you say, think you canplease thisbody?"  Hannah used her other hand to make a grand sweep across her 3000foot frame.

"I mean, how could you possibly live up to the challenges that this presents…"She lethim take a long tour of her body by lowering him down it, seeing her from almostgroundlevel, then raising him back up to her face.  "It'd probably take you andeveryone in yourbuilding to satisfy me," she said with a frustrated look in her face.  Shecarefully placedthe little man on her chest and started to let her finger drift lazily up anddown thebuilding.  Mockingly she said to the building, "Oh, all you tiny people inthere turn me onSOOO much," she said.  "I love your little tiny features looking at me infear…I love thefeel of this steel structure and the bricks and concrete and glass.  Oh youmake me sohot!"Hannah raised up slightly, turned around, and began rubbing her very curvybacksideagainst the structure, ever so slightly as not to damage it.  "Oh yeahright there," shecalled up to the heavens.  "You know how I like it.  Touch me baby,touch me…" Sheundulated slowly, the black stretch pants over her ass teasing the structure,knockingloose bricks and cracking even more windows.

"Hey, that does feel kind of nice, actually," she mused.  She looked downat the terrifiedman on her chest.  "Hang on little fella," she said, as she rocked her hipsup and down,teasing her bottom with the delicate structure.  "It gets wild from here,"she smiled.

Her long, gigantic fingers began caressing her thigh, slowly up over herstomach, cuppingher breast.  "Maybe…maybe a girl could learn to like this," she said. Then, she raised up,over the building, and settled back down to place it directly between herthighs.  Shesqueezed her legs together gently, trapping the building against her.  Andshe started torock.  This time, the tiny building with its tiny occupants touched her insuch interestingplaces.  She arched her back and formed an "O" with her giant lips andsighed and gaspedup into the sky.

By now she had all of our attention.  The whole city watched Hannah'sperformance. Flexing muscles, rising up and down, her titanic body slamming into thepavement,cracking and shattering the asphalt as her excitement mounted.  Her breathcame in greatgasps, her moist exhales forming clouds over her head in the darkening sky ofthe earlyevening.

"That…mmmmmm does feel…oooohhhh…"The city shook in rhythm with her gyrations.  As her body struck theground, cars andbuses leapt into the air, fell back with a crash, and settled just in time forher to repeat,each thrust more powerful than the last. She planted her hands behind her, crushing a store under one hand and a theatreunder theother.  Her back arched higher as her gasps grew in volume.

"I can't…mmmm control myself, something about…..ahhhhhhhh….this all feels sogood…sooooo good…"The building between her thighs shook and shuddered as her legs squeezed ittighter. Bricks from the building fell like buckets of water in a rainstorm.

"I'm gonna give…mmmmmmm…you all the ride…of a lifetime…"Her voice raised in pitch and volume as her excitement built.  The townseemed to gosilent as it watched her pump up and down, rubbing the structure harder andharderagainst her.  BOOM…rise…BOOM…rise…BOOM…"So close…so close…sooooo…AHHHHHHH…"Hannah lost control.  Her body spasmed and she bit her lip, squeezing hereyes shut.  Sheshuddered and moaned wildly.  Her arms lost control, and suddenly hertitanic framebegan to fall onto the hapless buildings below.  Climax and crushing. Squealing andscreaming.  Building after building fell prey beneath Hannah's fallingform.  She hit theground hard, sending a shockwave that shook the foundations of the city.

There was a long pause as Hannah lie there, licking the sweat from her lip. Her chest fellup and down, and she finally noticed the little speck-man still clinging to it.

"Was it good for you too?" she smiled to the little man.

Chapter 5:  Golden ShowersI didn't quite know what happened to them, but after this all happened, Meg andMel andVicky told me what happened.  They had split off from the group toinvestigate the cityon their own.  At their size, it didn't take them very many steps to findthemselves inYorkville.

Meg raised a half-finished Molson in the air and giggled.  "Look at themall down there,so tiny…I can't believe we used to be that size, just a little while ago."Mel sat down, not caring on what or whom she sat.  She put her bottle toher lips. "Thank God our beers grew too, I don't think I could handle any of this sober!"Meg and Vicky joined Mel sitting on the ground.  For awhile they evenforgot that theywere gigantic, and the world tiny around them.  Half of Yorkville wascompletelydestroyed beneath their asses.  Nope.  No fancy shops here.  Infact, I think Royal deVersailles and Tiffany and Co. were stuck to Vicky's ass.  I think it's apretty safe betthat the Yorkville dwellers were not thinking that today was gonna be the daywhen theyhad 3 giant drunk girls almost passed out in their fancy neighbourhood.

Meg kept tapping her foot as she lay along the length of Cumberland Avenue. It musthave been a funny sight seeing her like that, street signs that say "CumberlandAve" butno street in sight, just her giant, mixed blonde and brown hair covering thestreet, her3000 foot body sprawled for blocks and blocks and blocks.  Her foot tappingcaused aconstant vibration to all the little dudes, bouncing them and their houses andbelongingsup and down every few seconds.  Parts of buildings cracked off and sliddown with therhythmic torture.

Mel watched this for awhile then got an idea.  She stood up, her thin formlooking like awell-dressed radio tower in the evening sky.  She watched a group offleeing people for alittle bit.  They were running so far and so fast, and yet, all she had todo is reach overand she could scoop them up or swat them with ease!  She put her Molson toher lips,took a long draw, smiled, and then began to pour it out onto the fleeing crowd. The cold,amber liquid splashed over the lip of the glass forming a waterfall, likeNiagara BeerFalls, splashing down on the fraction-inch people and scattering them in agolden flood.

Meg laughed as she watched the torrent of alcohol sweep the tiny creatures alongthestreet in a wave.  "Oh that's so wild," she said, watching them from herstreet-level view. Vicky laughed as well, the sound of their voices deafening any of the littlepeople thatweren't trying to swim in the newly formed rivers.  Meg tipped her bottleand Vickytipped hers, adding to the frothy chaos. "Sorry it's not 'Le Fancy Beer' guys," laughed Vicky as she watched her Molsonraindown in a torrent.  Vicky then dusted her ass off from the debris ofYorkville that hadstuck to it.

Soon it was like every street in Yorkville was flooded with Molson.  Thethree of themcouldn't stop giggling.  Meg looked for fleeing crowds and tried pouringbeer in front ofthem, laughing hard as they would stop and see another flood race their way,then tryturning down side streets.

Cars began shifting and floating in the beer.  People tried swimming likecrazy againstthe current.  Street signs bent and tore loose.

"Look at you all weak and pathetic," snarled Vicky.  "You're all just abunch ofgoddamned ants!  Pathetic little toys for some girls to play with…here, geta little moredrunk and party!"  She emptied her bottle onto the crowds.  Then, witha contemptuousscowl, she threw the bottle Earthwards.

The colossal bottle fell from the sky like a falling Jumbo Jet.  It hit thepavement andcollapsed in a powerful wave, the bottom of the bottle shattering and forced inalldirections by the crushing multi-ton weight of the bottle.  A nuclear bombof glass andliquid quaked the neighbourhood.

Drunk and reeling in their power, Meg and Mel tossed their emptied beer down ontheterrified crowds.  One bottle crashed into a park, uprooting trees with ahurricane forcethat tore the roofs off of the surrounding houses.  The other bottlecrashed into a shoppingmall, blowing the walls outwards.  Cars and buses rolled and tumbled andtwisted in amass of metal from around the mall, mixed with the titanic debris of the mallcontents – aflurry of clothes and toys and jewelry and, of course, hapless mall shoppers whothoughtthat they were safe in the large structure.

"That's it," said Meg in an angry drunken tone.  "Run you little shits,run!  Be afraid ofthe power of three teen girls and their drinks!"  To emphasize her point,she raised hermassive foot in the air, and brought it down on the city street hard.  Herfantastic sneakerdug a fifty foot crater in the pavement.  Lights began winking out all overtown as sherealized she must have crushed some kind of electrical junction.

The three girls couldn't stop laughing, until Mel finally made an observation.

"Shit," she said seriously.  Meg and Vicky quieted down.

"What's wrong?""Those were our only drinks, we're going to sober up any minute now."Chapter 6: Worship me!You know, being 3000 feet tall kinda goes to your head.  But I have to tellyou something– it didn't affect anyone more than it affected Zabbee.

Zabbee had always been the littlest of our friends.  She got so annoyedwhen anyonecalled her 'cute' or 'petite,' taking it as an insult.  She had alwaysenvied me and Sara forour height, and she always said how she wished she were bigger.  Damn, shereally gother wish this time!While we were out parading through the suburbs and downtown of Toronto, Zabbeehadn't even left Forest Hill, the area where my home was.

She stood over it, mesmerized, hypnotized by her new found stature.  Shegazed down onall the teeny tiny houses, each one of them looking like those Monopoly pieces,exceptinfinitely detailed and intricate.  She could just barely make out tinyforms moving in andout of the houses, no doubt wondering about the commotion going on through thecity.

And, no doubt, wondering about the Goddess Zabbee that stood there in a tranceovertheir homes.

After many, many minutes of sizing each other up, Zabbee addressed the tinyForest Hilldwellers.

"Hello little people," she began simply.  She was so entranced with all ofthis that shenever heard Chrissy's  ground-shaking footsteps behind her, as Chrissydecided at somepoint to check on Zab.  "Come out…come out of your little houses," shesmiled down.

A frown crossed her face when she actually saw some of the little beings goinside. Obviously they chickened out when the Goddess rattled the heavens with Hermassivevoice and addressed them.

"I said COME OUT," emphasized Zabbee.  Then she lifted her foot in the air. "Or I'mgonna turn Forest Hill into the biggest damn parking lot this side of Quebec!"Chrissy shook her head in disapproval, but watched, anyway.

She saw small crowds begin to form in tiny pockets outside of their homes, andshesmiled.  Her face lit up with the realization of her power – an entiresuburbanneighborhood had heeded her wish!  She was no longer "little Zab" thatcould so easilybe ignored.

"That's better," she cooed to them.  "Now come closer.  MUCH closer. Come get a lookat me.  Come see Zabbee the Goddess!"  She smiled wider as she saidthat.

She then knealt down and did something completely unexpected.  She took offhermassive sneakers and socks, and stood there in her bare feet, holding herbuilding-sizedshoes dangerously in one hand.

"I want you all to come to me…NOW," she said for emphasis.  "Come so closeyou cantouch me.  Even you way out there, get in your cars and COME HERE – or elseI'mcoming there," she giggled.  "And you won't like it when I get there!"It took awhile, but the crowd gathered, slowly.  Her once-tiny feet nowcovered most of acity block.  She stood in a park, as not to crush any of the little houses. Hardly any of thehouses were even as big as her little toe!"If you take them off, they will come," smiled Chrissy, somewhat bemusedly, asshewatched the dazed and scared crowd approach them. "I'm going to give you little people a treat," whispered Zabbee.  "I'mgoing to let youlittle people touch a living Goddess.  I mean look at me – several times asbig as askyscraper, and powerful enough to pick up this whole city!  And you littlelucky onesmay…touch me.  Touch my foot."Zabbee moved a bare foot forward slightly, towards the edge of the gatheringcrowd.  Shesaw them retreat slightly from her advance.  Just as they should! "What have you gone mental or something?"  said Chrissy finally.

"Shhhhhhh!  I'm not used to being several thousand feet tall!""Like any of us are."Chrissy actually told me later that it was kinda cute watching the first tinypersonapproach Zabbee and kiss Her foot.

I don't know if he was lulled by her size and power, or if he simply liked thelook of Herfoot, but one lone little ant came forward.  He was smaller than hersmallest toe.  Shesimply could have arched her toes upwards, shifted slightly, and squished himwithouteven thinking about it.  She was careful, though, to hold every musclestill as she watchedthe brave little ant come forth.

The little ant-man put out his hand, and touched Her skin on her little toe. Zabbee had toconcentrate to even feel it!  Like the faintest of feathers brushing upagainst her, his tinyhands reached out and begin brushing the colossal grooves and wrinkles of Hertoe. Zabbee couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but Chrissy bent down for acloserinspection.

"Good lord," said Chrissy.

"What, what?" asked Zabbee excitedly.

"He's kissing your toe!"Zabbee giggled like a school girl.

"That's it," she said to them.  "Show some respect, I think I deserve it! I might evenspare your tiny houses and tiny lives now."More brave ants came forward and approached her foot.  Caressing andtouching, kissingand being all humble, they must have realized that a happy Zabbee might meanthat theywould survive the night.

Zabbee realized she still had her shoes in one hand.  With all herconcentration divertedto the tiny ant-worshippers, she set them down, not realizing that she wasputting themdown on a crowded neighborhood, crushing some of the ant-people and their homes. Hey, some people would rather die than go near Zab's funky feet, so it mighthave been ablessing in disguise.

As she knealt down, she saw in more detail that some people were keeping adistancefrom Her.

"Hey, you there, you are not worshipping the Zabbee?" she smiled at them. Then sheclosed her hand, pointed her thumb down, and lowered it slowly on thenon-worshippers. "Well what good are you then?" she said as she smashed them into the ground, aseasilyas squishing ants.  Actually, it would have been pretty cool watching herdo that.

Zabbee's attitude clouded over.  "I told you all to come here," she said,"and yet youdisobeyed?  Did you think I was joking?"  With her Colossal thumb, shecrushed moreand more of the tiny people as they began to flee.  "Kiss my feet youfuckers!" shedemanded with a terrible growl.

This drove people out of their homes in the thousands.  Running to Her tokeep frombeing squished, crowding in around Her feet to kiss and touch and worship. Soon it waslike thousands of people swarmed to kiss Her.  Along the sides, people wereclimbing herankles, and squirming between her toes to prove how loyal they were to Her. Every oncein awhile she would reach down and squish one just for fun, just to motivate therest.  Itdidn't matter how much they may have kissed or licked or worshipped their feet –theywere hers to do anything She wished!"Oh my God, Chris," she breathed to her friend, who watched the spectacle allthe whilewith her arms crossed.  "They're like, all over my feet!  I love this! I'm like their Godnow."  I kind of envied how Zabbee must have felt.  I wished that Ihad thought of thatbefore I destroyed the TD Centre, it would have been cool to have people bowingbeforemy feet and squirming between my toes.

Zabbee wiggled her toes, causing quite the commotion to the little ants thatwere on,around, and under them.

"Look at them between my toes!  And those over there, they're actuallybowing beforeme!" "Except for that one, there," said Chrissy, joking., motioning to a crowd thatwas havinga hard time getting near her.

Joking or not, Zabbee couldn't let disrespect spread.  She saw one antslowly walkingaway.  He learned his lesson.  She raised her foot up and hovered itover him.  He turnedas the shadow of Her foot enveloped him.  In a triumphant blow, she settledtons and tonsand tons of foot flesh on his tiny form, turning him into a stain on the bottomof her foot. Just like a lot of other people.

Chapter 7: Dance of the GoddessesIt was pretty dark by now.  The city was like, ruined.  After myadventure with the TDCentre, I needed a pick-me-up.  I felt like clubbing.  I grabbedAlicia and we startedwalking towards the clubbing district.  King, John, Richmond, Queen, rightwhere theaction is.  It was easy to spot, it was one of the few parts of town leftunflattened.

"Listen up fuckers," I said down to the lights and crowd below.  "Me and myfriendswanna dance and we wanna dance now."  I felt so fucking powerful like this– I mean, Ididn't have to be nice anymore.  Who would argue with me?I was gonna tell the DJ's to tune into z103.5 fm, but I knew that the radiowould not beplaying music at all.  Probably broadcasting news stories about us, if theywere still onthe air at all.  I quickly changed my mind.

"Rasputin – play it.  LOUD.  ALL OF YOU!  GET YOUR SPEAKERS GOINGANDBLAST IT!"  It was so cool!  Within minutes, Rasputin could be heardall acrossToronto.  We all stopped what we were doing and had to dance to it.

Imagine that site!  Girls, bigger than any man-made structure, ever, allmoving their giantfeet at the same time, lifting their massive legs in the air and letting themfall in perfectrhythm to Rasputin!  The city shook and pounded with the beat.  I letmy hair fall aboutmy face and shoulders as I whipped it around.  It must have looked totallyfunky with thebillionaires still sprinkled and clinging to it, shimmering in the moonlight.

I got bored of the old school music.  Hey, we're young.  I wantedsomething more ourspeed.  "WELCOME TO THE CLUB!" Chrissy demanded.  She must have gotboredwatching Zabbee create the new "Church O' Zab" and came to dance with us. I lovedthat song, almost as much as I loved jumping around the city, crushingeverything insight.  My feet were really getting sore and hot so I kicked off my shoedand flexed mytoes.  I don't even know where I kicked my shoes to – they must have landedwith theforce of an exploding bomb somewhere on the edge of town.  I wanted to keepmy sockson, though.  I just loved how the tiny cracking pavement felt beneath mysliding, sock-covered feet!I noticed a building – it looked like some kind of shelter or something. There were lightson and there were people just standing around.  I think they were crying. I wonder aboutwhat?  I bent over and asked them, but since I had to scream over themusic, my voiceshattered the glass.  Ooops.  That just seemed to upset them more.

"Upset with moi?" I smiled down to them.  "I can't tolerate that."  Icasually livted myfoot over the building and squeezed the top with my toes.  I could feel theconcretetickling my sole through the sock.  With the sound of crunching crackers,my footlowered, and I kept adding more and more weight, crunching through more and moreconcrete, until my foot was once again level with the ground.  So cool. I had the whole"worshipping Zabbee" thing going on, because when I lifted my foot, I could seepeoplestuck to my sock, caught in the threads.  Lucky bastards!  It wasawesome.  I watched fora bit, but then got bored again.  (I do that a lot!)I watched as some of the ant-people stuck in th