Blueberry flavored toesYou find yourself running from the giant bristlesthe size of redwoodtrees of the brush, as it slides across the half mile long toenail ofJulie's big toe.  You don't knowif she knew she was about to paintyou onto her toenail, but at this point, it didn't matter.  All thatmattered was reaching the freshly cut ending before the blue paintreaches you and coats you in it's thick film.  Still running at fullspeed, you were still 500 yards away from the  edge of the toe,you'll never make it in time.  But then you realize, 500 yards to youis almost not even visible to Julie, and you watched as she liftedthe brush away from the toenail, unfortunately blowing you the restof the way, and only allowing you enough time to grab the edge of hernail before you feel themile and a half drop to the floor.  Her toeswiggled about, but the 2 yard edge of her toenail kept you hangingthere through the entire Earth shattering experience.  Eventually itcame to a stop, and you were able to pull yourself ontop of her toe                                                                           again.  And suddenly, you hear a voice. "Blueberry flavoried                                                                                           edible nail polish,  yoru favoriteAimee."  You would have recognized this to be Julies voice, ifit wasn't for the fact it almost defeaned your ears.

"Great!" Shouted another female voice, only higher pitched.

A volcanic rush of hot wind blew you over as you now came to realizethat you were now face to face with Aimees lips.  the two girls weregoing to have sex, and Aimee would start her foreplay by suckingJulie's toes. You scream in this realization, and get ready to run,but realizde then that your barefeet are stuck in abnormally thicknail polish.  There was no running out of this one, and you can onlywatch as Aimees lips part, her tongue running over them, ready toaccept Julies nice invitingly smooth, blueberry flavored toes.   Thatincredible tongue quickly came out of her mouth and gave her big toea quick lick, and Aimee gave a seductive smile.Julie wiggled her toesin delight, and things grew hot once again, as Aimee lifted Julie'swarm,tender foot into the air, up to her lips, and parted them just enoughto allow her to breathe between them.  Her breath are like tornadicwinds blowign across you, and you are forced to close your eyes.

Eventually Aimee began breathing through her nose again, too far awayto reach you, and Julie's big toe closer to her lips, enough that itwould graze agaist them.  As she did this, her tongue slipped quicklyout of her mouth and ran across the tip of Julie's toe.  To them,this is a simple playful tactic, but to you, it is as if a huge,mountainous wave of oversoaked towels decended apon you, all in onemassive plump, all moving in unison.  It only lasted for a minutebefore the weight was lifted, but left you soaked.  You heard a softgiggle, well, soft to an average sized human, and you turned to seeAimees mouth wide open, and your inhabited big toe heading directlytowards it.  The most you can do is scream, but of course, it'sfutile, as saliva splashed everywhere when  Julie's toe landed on the                                                                       surface of Aimees tongue.  Gasping inpleasure, Julies wiggled her toes inside Aimee hot steamy mouth.  Alllights are cut out as your capturess closes her mouth over hergirlfriends toes, and begins to suck the tasty blueberry candytasting paint from them.  Of course, you being there as well, are nowbeing dislodged from the toenail, and tossed about inside the viciousworld of heat and saliva.  Eventually, the toes leave you to yourown, and Aimees mouth opens just a bit.  From your spot lodgedbetween two of her teeth, you can see Julie's grinning face, hereyes, her nose, and suddenly, her mouth, as it gets closer.  They'reabout to make out, and all you can do is pray to God that you survivethis, as the girls tongues wrestle about you between each of theirsexy humid mouths.