Bossladyby Mr. FloorPart IYesterday at work, I was sitting by the 'employees' lounge' enjoying a cup ofcoffee with my fellow telemarketers. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, crapjob; whatever, it pays the bills. I heard my name called and looked up from mylazy break to see Charlene, the assistant manager, leaning out of her office,beckoning me with her hand.

'Later, dudes,' I said as I downed the last of my cup of Joe, wincing at thebitterness of the shit they try to pass of as coffee to us lowly workers. Iwalked into Charlene's office and as I did, I took a quick glance down at herfeet. Tan hose today, my favorite. She has her shoes on, though; 'oh well, herankles and legs are nice enough to look at when her feet are covered,' Ithought.

I sat down next to her at her request and stole another quick glance as shecrossed her legs. At this proximity, I could smell the nylons as well as hearthem as her legs slided on one another. I looked up and saw her looking directlyat my face; uh-oh, she saw me staring at her feet, no good. I must have blushed,because she said: 'That's okay, I know you like looking at my feet.''R-really?' I was blushing furiously now, and my palms began to sweat.

'Yes, and I don't mind. In fact, I bet you'd like to touch them, wouldn't you?'She let her shoe come partly off and dangle from her lovely toes. It hungprecariously for a second, and then she let it fall, exposing her beautifulnyloned foot. The smell of hosiery was awfully intoxicating.

I took a chance, 'Yes, I'd love to touch your foot.' And I did, taking it in myhand and stroking the sides gently. Her toes were only about a foot from myface; oh how I wanted them touching my face!She read my mind: 'I bet you want my foot on your face, huh?' She smiled andwiggled her toes. I couldn't resist. As I let her bring her foot gently to myface, I saw a peculiar gleam in her eye; maybe amused, maybe malicious, I don'tknow. I didn't care.

I got down on my knees and let her lovely nyloned ped run up and down my face;it felt absolutely insane as she traced by cheeks, nose, lips with her silkytoes. I enjoyed this for no longer than ten seconds before it happened; I don'teven know if I was aware of it or not. All I remember is Charlene's toes over myeyes, a bright flash and then, well...

After the bright flash my eyes took a second to adjust to the dark; then my mindtook a second to adjust to my eyes. The smell of nylons was heavy in the air. Iwas still on my knees, but Charlene's foot was no longer on my face. Before mewas a huge wheel, half as big as myself; I realized with amazement that it wasthe wheel on the bottom of Charlene's office-chair. Then I saw her shoe, lyingon it's side where it had fallen, only now it was large enough to be a canoe. Istared at the large article of footwear in awe for a second, not fullycomprehending the significance of the situation.

I looked up just as Charlene's foot came down on me, gently, sending me tumblingbackwards. There I was, beneath the lovely tan-nyloned foot of my boss Charlene,with her toes just above my face and about the same size.

'What shall I do with you now?' She said.

Part II'What should I do with you now?' she asked me as I lay on the ground beneath hernylon-covered foot.

I was still to stunned to speak; my arms were pinned to the ground by themassive ped, resting gently but firmly over my entire body. Only my head wasexposed above her lovely toes. She smiled down at me and asked again, 'Whatshould I do with you now that you're only 6 inches tall? I could make you doanything I want, you know. For instance, I could keep you in a shoe box as a petand have you forever. I could make you into my personal foot-server, only takingyou out of your box when I wanted a nice foot massage after a long day in highheels. Or when I just wanted you beneath my feet, kissing them.'With that, she brought her foot up, covering my face with her toes so that Icould only see her face through the tan mesh of her pantyhose. She smiled andsaid, 'Kiss my toes,' and I did, gladly. The smell of the nylon my growing senseof realization at my situation combined to arouse me tremendously. Her toes wereabout the same size as my head; the big toe (the one I was currently kissing)was more than twice as big. She let me kiss it for a minute or two, then pulledher foot down again below my chin. Her lovely foot again covered me whole, butfor my face. I decided to speak.

'What about them?' I asked, meaning our coworkers out in the main room. I jerkedmy head (the only mobile part of my body) in the direction of the door toindicate my meaning. 'What will they think when I don't come out of youroffice?''You figure it out; if I can make you a tiny little toy by just putting my footon your face, don't you think I can keep it a secret too?' She smiled again andwiggled her toes on my stomach, making me laugh. 'I've got everything undercontrol.'She slowly caressed my body with her toes, much in the same way she had my facea moment earlier. I was really loving this; screw work, this is awesome. Ienjoyed kissing her toes and ankles for a few more minutes before her phonerang. Instinctively alarmed at the interruption, she covered me wholly with herbeautiful tootsie and answered it. Her attitude of alarm shifted to one ofdelight during the course of the short conversation, the length of which I waspinned gently to the carpet by her nylon-ped. She uncovered me and reached downwith her long-fingered hand, picking me up ever so gently and holding me in herpalm. She brought me to her face level, smiling gayly.

'We're going to have a visitor!' She said happily, 'my friend Michelle is comingover from the other building for lunch, and she's dying to see you.''Great,' I said as she placed me back on the floor next to her shoe.

'Why don't you hide in my shoe until she gets here,' she said, softly marshalingme toward the opening with her toes, 'it'll be fun to surprise her.' I offeredno resistance, just happy to have her giant foot touching my body again. I satinside the canoe-shoe and kissed Charlene's foot and waited for Michelle.

Part IIII felt like I was sitting in a ride at Disney World; Charlene's high-heeled pumpactually seemed larger than any of those rides to me then. I sat with my feet inthe toe section; I was about half as long as the shoe. Resting here in theleathery smell, underneath Charlene's desk chair, I thought:"Well, this has been my fantasy for quite some time now; am I happy about it?"In answer to my internal question, I looked up at the underside of Charlene'sthigh as she stared at her computer screen, apparantly working. She seemed tohave forgotten about me for a moment, so I called to her loudly, "Hey! Rememberme? Your foot-worshiper?"She looked down without moving her head, smiled and uncrossed her legs. Her hugeand sexy foot was lowered over the shoe, covering the opening entirely, sealingme in. Her feet smelled warm, felt soft and warm, and I answered myself, "Yes,this is quite alright by me!" Then I kissed her sole.

She uncovered me partially, revealing my head and arms, stroking me gently aboutthe chest. Her toes were magnificent, and I couldn't resist the urge to touchthem constantly. I kissed each toe while I rubbed her foot with my hands andarms. A knock at the door.

"OK," she said, smiling gleefully, "lay down in my shoe, this will be great!"I did as she commanded, lying prostrate, my head only coming about half way tothe heel of the shoe. She turned the shoe about with her titanic foot andwhispered, "Listen, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want this to be a surprisefor Michelle." And with that she inserted her beautiful foot wholly into theshoe, covering my entire body in exquisite nylon pleasure. She made sure not toput her foot in too tight. I felt my world lift into the air: she must becrossing her legs, I thought.

I heard voices:"Come in!""Hi Charlene. What is it you want to show me, my lunch break is almost over.""Well, remember that young man who works in my department, who you said wasstaring at your feet that one day?""Yeah. I didn't see him when I walked in here, though. Did you fire him?""Hardly. I...well, look for yourself."My world again lurched violently, and I tumbled into the light. Charlene had lether shoe dangle from her toes - as she had earlier, when I was still normal size- and I was precariously seated in the heel. I looked up at my new onlooker.

Michelle had been right that day; I had been looking at her feet, for they areabsolutely exquisite. Normally she wears pumps, but occasionally she wouldtantalize me by wearing a strappy sandal. She was as tantalizing as ever today.

Michelle was seated across from Charlene, wearing a black mini-skirt dressthing, with black sheer pantyhose and those awesome sandals I love so much. Shenearly shrieked with joy when she saw my tiny form. Charlene raised her foot tothe couch and let her shoe - and me - fall on to it.

Michelle was obviously excited about this new development:"Charlene, you've got to let me borrow him! Oh my god, this is insane!"She rested her sandalled foot to rest on the sofa, not 10 ft from where I lay,looking up at the two goddesses. Her feet smelled of nylon and leather. "Sure,"Charlene said, "borrow away."With that, Michelle moved her foot toward me, until it was nearly upon me. "Hithere, little one," she said, "would you like to come to my desk for a littlewhile?""Yes," I said plainly, looking achingly at her toes, wanting to caress and kissthem. She saw my want and said:"Go ahead, enjoy yourself." And I did, kissing and smelling her feet, justvisible through the dark-colored hose she wore. I was in heaven. After a fewmoments of this, Michelle removed her foot from my presence, much to my chagrin.

"I have to get back to my desk, I'll bring him back to you before 5, OK?"Charlene smiled, "Sure." She then looked down at me. "Little guy," she said,"I'll see you soon." And with that she put her foot on top of me again,commanding me to kiss her goodbye. I kissed the ball of her foot, worked my wayto the heel and ankle, and then finished on her toes.

Michelle gently picked my up and placed me in her house-sized purse. Before shezipped me up, she looked in and winked, "You're gonna love serving my feet,little slave."Part IVI sat in the rumpled leathery darkness that was Michelle's purse, waitinganxiously for whatever would happen next. It had been a pretty hectic morningalready; my manager Charlene had lured me into her office, and had then shrunkenme somehow with her foot. Her lovely, lovely feet. Not that I minded beingminimized to six inches tall, far from it. This had been my fantasy for a longwhile, and I was going to enjoy it for as long as it lasted (hell, for all Iknew, I could be dreaming during my lunch break, head down on a table, droolpuddle forming next to my pleasantly smiling mouth).

Anyway, here I was, in the purse of Charlene's friend, Michelle. I had ogled her(and her feet) often during my many trips to and from her department in theother building. She had an exquisite set of legs on her, and she liked to showthem off. The last thing I remember seeing before she put me into her purse washer long, black hose-covered legs, crossed at the knee, dangling seemingly 50feet below me. Way down there, I could see her dainty feet, clad in a pair ofblack strappy sandals, ever tantalizing.

The excitement was getting to me, and I became more anxious. The externalmovement came to an abrupt halt, then, and the baggy room I was in experienced aharsh jar, then all was still and quiet. I waited with butterflies in my gut forsomething to happen; perfectly still in the darkness.

The unmistakable (yet uncommonly loud) noise of a zipper in action drew myattention upward, where a large strip of light had begun to form. The zipper wasdrawn halfway open, and a huge hand was inserted, widening the opening. Amassive face could be seen looming behind, grinning. It was Michelle, herbeaming expression framed by curly blond locks.

"Hi there little one," she whispered, "how was the trip?""Fine," I said loudly, in hopes that she'd hear me. I smiled back up at her, butI don't think she saw me. She nodded her reply to my answer, and whisperedagain.

"I can't take you out right now, too many people around my cubicle. If you'rediscreet, though," she said, grinning wider, "I'll let you play with my toesfrom inside the purse. Would you like that?"Would I ever! I thought. "Would I ever!" I said.

She smiled again and her face retreated out of my vision, and I was left staringout of the purse at the bottom of her desk. Suddenly a large leg swung into myfield of sight, as she crossed her legs, right over left. Her impossibly largesandaled right foot hung directly over the opening to the purse. She nudged hertoes into the opening, filling the purse with the scent of her magnificentnylon/leather covered foot. I sprang into action, kissing and massaging thoselovely toes, pressing my face inbetween them, inhaling the nylon smell. Ienjoyed a few seconds, when the foot retreated slightly. Michelle's face met myglance upward.

"Try unbuckling my sandal, little guy. Then you can really please my tiredfeet." She said this smiling, stressing the words 'tired feet.'Then she used her toes to force the purse to open wider, placing her entire footonto the pile of cosmetics, etc., on which I sat. I caressed the side of herfoot, smelling and kissing the ankle and lower calf, as I reached for the bucklejust above her ankle. It was half as big as my head, and wouldn't budge for mypuny attempts. Michelle noticed my problem, and inserted her massive hand to"help me get it started," which meant unbuckling it for me. I quickly removedthe strap and began to unwind it from her foot, crawling over and under her footin the process. She helped me along with this too, raising her foot slightly toallow me to slide under. She then brought her exquisite ped down on me, softlypinning me under it, as Charlene had done not one hour earlier.

I acquiesed to the enormous foot, allowing myself to enjoy every moment ofpleasure beneath her toes. I kissed the underside of her foot, from the ball tothe toes. I must have drifted off to sleep in my state of immense bliss...

Ten minutes later, Michelle was staring blankly at her monitor, smiling faintlyas she felt the still body of the tiny telemarketer under her foot. To thepasser by, she looked rather odd with that dreamy look on her face as her bare,nyloned foot rested in her purse beneath her desk. One passer by stopped; it wasMichelle's supervisor, Maria.

"Michelle, are you busy on those invoices?" asked Maria in a rather harsh toneof voice, her naturally tanned forehead creased down the center. Maria's Latinatemper was well-known around the office, and Michelle snapped out of her reverieinstantly.

"Y-yes, Ms. Lopez; I've just got to..." she fumbled around with the papers onher desk, while she tried to surreptitiously, and in one stroke, remove her footfrom her purse, and push the purse farther under her desk, out of Maria's sight.

"What are you doing with your purse, Michelle?" Michelle's heart sank; mine wasfine, I was still in dreamland, despite my foot-blanket having been removed.

"Michelle, what's in your purse there?" Maria bent down to reach for the purse.

"Nothing, Ms. Lopez!" Michelle reacted too quickly and loudly, lunging for thestill open purse. Maria noticed the hint of panic, and reached faster, beatingMichelle to the punch,, purse.

My dreams disintegrated as my surroundings shook violently. I forgot theminstantly, as I do always. I opened my eyes, and my dreams reappeared. MariaLopez, one of the top 3 'hotties' in the company (not to mention one of the 3most powerful) was staring down at me from a quite loftly vantage. A look ofshock mixed with keen interest covered her face; it became a beautiful smile. Ireturned it, hoping for the best to come out of this change in fortune.

"Michelle, perhaps you chould come into my office." said Maria as she absentlyran one red pump-covered foot up the back of the other leg. Her dark tan hoserubbed together, producing that magical sound. "And bring your 'purse' withyou."Part VMaria Lopez sat at her power-executive desk with her tan, hosed legs crossed,right over left. Her suspended foot swung idly back and forth. Across the deskfrom her (and in a much less comfortable chair) was Michelle. Michelle wasnoticeably nervous about her present situation; her hands were clenched togetherin her lap, and one of her feet was bouncing rapidly, poised on the ball - thatalmost unconscious rythm of the legs. Her legs.

I had had plenty of viewing experience with those legs, ogling them whenever Ihad the chance; her feet were divine.. Today I had had a fantastic opportunityto ogle them.

Just 5 minutes ago I was lying blissfully beneath her silky foot, inhaling thewondrous scent of her black nylons. My face had been resting comfortably betweenher big and second toes, pressed gently into the nylon. Every so often she wouldwriggle her toes ever so gently, just to see if I was still awake.

Now, though, I was on a desk - Maria Lopez' desk. Maria studied me as she spoketo Michelle, her dark eyes never once leaving my body. Her mouth was curled upat the corners in the faintest of smiles.

"Now Michelle," she was saying, "I can't have you playing with tiny men whileyou should be working. It's just not good for business.""I know Ms. Lopez," Michelle's voice quivered with fear, "but I - well, -" whatcould she say? How do you explain a 6 inch man in your purse, caressing yourfeet? She trailed off into mumbles.

"Michelle, where did you get such an," her smile became more pronounced as shesaid, "oddity?"It was obvious that Michelle was nervous about revealing her source. She didn'twant to implicate her friend Charlene in any kind of wierd goings-on; Charlenewas still on her way up the corporate ladder, and Michelle was at the bottom,hoping for a hand from her rising friend. Maria, however, was on top.

"Well," stammered Michelle.

"Never mind that right now," said Maria, her eyes remaining glued on me, "we'llwork that out later. What I want to know is: what were you doing with him?""Well, you know," Michelle's tone became more relaxed as she thought of her timewith me, her temporary footslave, "he was, you know, pleasing my feet."Maria's eyes widened slightly, remaining intently watching me. I heard thatmystical sound again as Maria uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

"Pleasing your feet, huh?" she said. "What exactly does that entail?""Well, you know, the usual""No Michelle, I don't know what 'the usual' is." Her tone was decidedlyperturbed; Michelle quailed.

"If I may elaborate," said I, loudly, to be sure Maria Lopez heard me. "I wascaressing, massaging, smelling and kissing Michelle's feet. You know," I smiledat the beautiful Puerto Rican power-executive, "the usual."She smiled back at me and said to Michelle, "Your little friend here is quiteabrupt for one in such a precarious position." To me she said, "Don't you knowmanners, little one?"My heart began racing, and I stammered, "I-I-I'm sorry, Ms. Lopez, I was justtrying -""Relax, little one," she said, "I'm not that easily offended. What I was reallyafter here was a demonstration, if that's OK with you Michelle?"Michelle looked puzzled at this, but had no intention of disobeying hersuperior. "Sure," she said, "where?""Right where he is on the desk will be fine."My excitement grew to fever pitch as I watched Michelle adjust herself in herchair, preparing to put her feet on the desk. She reclined and crossed her feetaround 10 feet from me (OK, around 14 inches). She had put her sandals back on,and her feet looked absolutely exquisite in them. I approached her massive,lovely peds with a hard-on the size of the Indian subcontinent. The black nylonsmade her feet almost shine. She wiggled her left foot - the one on top - andsaid, "Go ahead, little guy; show Ms. Lopez how good you are at pleasing feet."I needed no instructions from Michelle this time; I immediately went for thebuckle on her sandals, determined to take them off by myself. I heard a chucklefrom the direction of Ms. Lopez as I struggled again with the implement. Ilooked at Michelle and she leaned over and got it started for me; then shegently patted my head and laughed, "He needs help because he's so small.""Thanks for the wisdom, Michelle," said Maria sarcastically, "I can see that."Once the buckle was undone, I again unwound the straps and the sandal fell offwith a bang! onto the desk. Michelle smiled at me and flexed her ankle as Imoved to her arch. I pressed my face directly into the underside of her foot andinhaled deeply. Life is good! Kissing rapidly, I began rubbing her exquisitearch with my body; her silky foot was my world. I moved around to the instep andstraddled her ankle. Standing up, I began to stroke the tops of her toes, givingeach one special treatment. I began with the pinky toe, kissing it and rubbingmy face on it. By the time I got to the big toe my universe was on fire; herfeet were everything to me.

"I've seen enough," said Maria Lopez abruptly, "you can go now, Michelle.""But," Michelle hesitated, "but Ms. Lopez, what about ... him?"I peeked around Michelle's foot and saw that foreboding, exciting smile reappearon Maria's face. "He'll be staying here," she said.

"But-""No 'buts' Michelle; you may go back to your desk now."Unfortunately for me, that meant that Michelle's heavenly feet were to leave mypresence now; I longingly watched her strap her sandals back on. She looked atme once and left in a hurry. The door slammed and I turned back to Maria. I wasgreeted with the sight of her legs, crossed on the table as were Michelle'smoments before. Her red pumps were still on, but the right one (on top) wasajar, hanging seductively.

"Would you like me to-" I began, but was harshly cut off.

"Speak only when spoken to," she said, "when I want you to serve my feet I willtell you. You are my slave now, and you are going to do exactly as I tellyou." Again my Indian subcontinent became engorged. "Is that understood?""Yes ma'am.""Good," she adjusted her right foot, flexing the toes and easily throwing offthe red pump; it hit the table and tumbled away. "For being so obedient, you maykiss my foot."God, what a woman! Her immense, tan-hosed foot loomed large in my vision as Ineared. The smell of hose was everywhere, mixed with leather and sweat. Iwatched as her toes wiggled beneath the nylons; she separated her big and secondtoes, stretching her beautiful foot, as if it were weary with walking.

"I hope you know how to massage well, slave, because my feet have been hurtingtoday," she said as I buried my face between her toes.

Part VIMaria's foot was still warm from being inside her shoe; she had lowered her toesslightly to allow me to reach them, owing to the fact that I was about 2 feetshorter than her lovely peds. I obediently kissed the underside of her heavenlybig toe, moving to the second and burying my face in between. The intense warmthenveloped my entire head in the scent of hosiery and sweat; I would gladlysurrender myself to that smell forever. Maria Lopez was a Goddess to me then; Iwas her willing footslave, my only goal to please her tired peds.

"That's enough," she said after only a moment of ecstacy, "stop kissing my footnow."I was caught off-guard by this, and forgot her admonishment of a moment ago,when she said only to speak when required to. "Why?" I said, foolishlychallenging her authority.

She quickly sat upright in her office chair, removing her exquisite feet fromthe desk in the process. Her massive red pump was still on the table, though,about 15 feet to my left as I stared in awe at the freshly enraged Goddess. Sheleaned in close with her face as she chided me for my insolence.

"Tiny slaves mustn't speak unless asked to," she said, her face mere feet fromme; her breath was hot and damp as it washed my whole body. "Tiny slaves mustonly worship, nothing more, understand?"I remained silent, afraid to speak.

"You may answer," she said.

I fell to my knees. "Yes, ma'am; I want nothing more in this life than to followyour every command; serving your feet is my only desire, Ms. Lopez." I had neverspoken truer in my tiny life.

"Call me Maria," she said, softening slightly, "Goddess Maria." shesmiled that tantalizing, dark smile again.

"Yes, Goddess Maria," I said, relieved, "as you command.""Good," she said, reaching for her discarded pump. She held it up before me, averitable foot-canoe from my miniscule perspective. She looked from the pump tome, and said, "This is going to be your new bed, slave. How does that make youfeel?""Wonderful, Goddess," I said, "I desire nothing more.""Get in and try it out," she said, placing it on the desk next to me. I climbedin at the toe, because the heel was too high for me; I had never been any goodat pull-ups. I sat down as I had done before in Charlene's shoe, with my feet inthe toe section, like I was in a roller coaster. "Hold on," she said as shelifted the shoe from the desk. I didn't need to be told; I had no intention offalling 40 feet to the floor and missing out on some prime foot worship bydying. No, life was better right at that moment than it had ever been; I was thefootslave to a Goddess.

She lowered the shoe to the ground and placed it beneath her desk. My eyes beganto adjust to the relative darkness of my new surroundings and I looked around.

Three blank walls of solid varnished oak, and on the fourth side, the legs of myGoddess, covered in silky tan nylons. She pushed her chair back a bit so thatshe could bend down and see me.

"I have some important work to do now, slave," she said, "so while I'm busy, youwill shine my shoes; is that clear?""As crystal, Goddess Maria.""Good," she said as she pushed her chair back in, removing her other shoe in theprocess. She casually shoved the shoe in my direction with her foot, almostsmashing me with it in the process. I was still in her other shoe, wondering howI was to shine such massive housings, when several queen-sized tissues werehaphazardly tossed beneath the desk.

"Make them sparkle, slave, and I'll let you massage my toes."I didn't bother answering; she hadn't asked a question and I had learned from myfoolish mistakes. I leapt from my bed and grabbed the edge of one of thetissues; tearing off a towel-sized portion, I got right to work, shining the redleather. While my hands worked the shoe, my eyes remained glued to Maria's feet.

She was distractedly rubbing her right foot slowly up and down the top of theleft; that sound again! I found it hard to concentrate on my task as I listenedto nylon-on-nylon and watched her incredible feet as they writhed gently about.

Another sound, that of a computer keyboard being furiously typed upon, broke myreverie, and I realized that I had been standing and staring, and not doing mywork. I gave the tissue paper some elbow grease and tried by best to makeMaria's shoes shine for her. I worked hard for about 10 minutes and stopped,panting for air. I stepped back to survey my work, only to realize that I hadonly covered about half of one shoe. This is going to be a real pain in the ass,I thought disgruntledly. A quick glance at my Goddess' toes was enough to giveme incentive to continue, though. Just a few more minutes and I'll be allowed tomassage those divine digits. I leaned in close to the shoe and inhaled deeply,just to get the scent of Maria's feet in my nose again, and continued polishingwith my tissue.

Three quarters of an hour later, I was sweating profusely beneath the oakendesk; I sat down on the toe of Maria's left shoe, weary with toil. The pumpswere shining, though; shining like the sun. I caught my breath for a second andthen decided to get Maria's attention, to show her how good a job I had done. Ithought: If I yell she might get mad; she doesn't like me speaking unless sheasks me to. So, I'll just get her attention my tapping her on the (yesterday Iwould have said shoulder) instep. Tingling with anticipation, I turned to facemy new Goddess; her legs were crossed, and her bare right foot hung mere feetabove my upturned head, swaying gradually. I wouldn't be able to reach that oneeven if I jumped, I thought, so I made my way to her left foot. Standing next tothat fantastic foot, I paused. This is truly my lifelong fantasy come true: I amthe slave to a Goddess; I am a footslave! I tapped gently on her gloriousinstep, 3 times.

Without moving, she said, "what is it, slave? Those shoes had better blind me."She uncrossed her legs and moved her chair back, peering beneath the desk toinspect my work.

"Well," she said, with that famous dark smile of hers; it had taken me less than2 hours to recognize that smile. "Good job slave; those pumps are looking good,now. As your reward you may massage my toes."She brought her left foot up close to me, placing her nyloned toes against mychest and knocking me back. I fell on my ass and her foot pinned me gently tothe floor. I was covered from the waist down with silky ecstacy. I reached downand began to stroke her awesome toes, trying my best to give her a real massage,and not some weak 6" imitation. She brought her foot farther up my body andcovered me from my upper chest down. Her grandiose toes were just beneath myface, and the smell overpowered all other thoughts. With the better angle I wasable to better massage those toes. They were so close to my face, I decided togive one of them a little kiss while I massaged. I leaned my head down tosmooch.

"Did I say you could kiss my feet?" My heart froze as I heard her tone of voice,and I froze in mid pucker. Shit, I had fucked up now. "Slave," she went on, "youare here for one reason: to obey my every word, to the letter. Do I makemyself clear?""Yes Goddess Maria," I said meekly, "I am sorry for disobeying you. I onlywanted to please your divine feet with my humble face."Again that smile. She lifted her foot off of me and bent down slightly to speak.

"OK slave, since you did such a good job on the shoes and since you seem to be agood footslave, I will allow you to kiss my feet. Have fun," she said as shelifted her foot in the air above my head and brought it slowly down on me,smothering me in a silken dream. I kissed ravenously the underside of myGoddess' foot, writhing my body against it.

She gently brushed my face with her toes, side to side, giving me quite a goodjostle. She laughed when she saw just how helpless I was, knocked around by theslightest movement of her toes. She brought her foot to rest with my bodycompletely covered. All was the Divine Nylon Foot of my Goddess as I lay there,kissing her toes. I saw her face between her toes, through the tan nylon mesh ofher pantyhose; she was smiling, as usual. Needless to say, I was smiling too.