The Bottles of Al'Qazrby AborigenChapter Two: Mark's PartyMark got out of his old car and walked up the sidewalk, thinking very hard aboutsomething. A few birds still chirped in the late evening setting; businesseswere closed yet parking was scarce on this block due to the huge party beingheld at his friends' house. There was no cause for celebration, just aget-together with a bunch of people who liked to drink and dance.

He wore a pale green t-shirt and plaid vest. For security, the green and bluebottles were slipped into his front jean pockets. These were not bottles ofalcohol, smaller than even airline sampler bottles. They were small,colored-glass bottles with eye-droppers in them and a very specific purpose tothem. Mark had paid a lot for them and was intent on trying them out at thisparty. They were not drugs, either, like the herbal ecstasy crap some of hisfriends had tried to market a few years ago when the rave scene was under fire.

Each one held a magical fluid that complemented the other in a bizarre way: ifwhat he'd been told were true, and if his money was worth anything, the contentsof the blue bottle held a potion that would shrink its taker down to adiminutive size, between four to six inches. The green bottle, likewise,contained a potion that would restore a shrunken person to his formerly largesize.

This promised to be a magical night. Whether it would keep that promise remainedto be seen.

He recognized a few people immediately at the party and made his glad tidings tothem, blah blah blah. Someone pushed a drink into his hand and assured him hehad to try it, and he did, and it was quite nice. He knocked it back, however,because he had another mission in mind, someone he had to find...

The crowd in the entryway surged and pushed him into the living room where oneof the house's tenants was playing CDs; people jumped and gyrated to the music,waving drinks and cigarettes overhead - despite being relatively early in theevening the party was already hitting a high and nearing critical mass. If itdidn't get busted, it could go on like this for hours. Mark was musing about howhe'd never heard of such a thing when the crowd surged again and someone shovedinto him. They were obviously pushed but their drink splashed upon his shoe andhe spun around angrily. "Jesus Christ, look where the-..." he started, haltingwhen he saw the perpetrator.

"I'm really sorry!" the young woman said, her eyes wide with surprise and alarm.

She happened to have a paper towel in her hand from trying to clean up anothermess, so before Mark could say anything she ducked down and sopped up the spillhastily. "It really was an accident, the crowd just pushed me. Don't worry, it'smostly water.""Hey, it's okay, they're very rowdy." Mark felt very bad about feeling anyvehemence to this obviously considerate creature. He led her off into thekitchen where relatively fewer people were hanging out - a couple die-hardsworking at the blender and some giggly underage girls trying out the drinks theymade up on the spot, but that was it. Mark started her talking by thanking heragain. "You're very thoughtful, apparently. Do you live here?"The girl smiled. "Nope, I'm just here partying like everyone else," she saidlamely. "I wish they'd take better care of their house, but no, I don't livehere." Her curly black hair was bobbed fetchingly and she wore an intriguingblack lace blouse with a short black skirt and purple-and-black striped tightsthat ended in functional, unpretentious black boots, an interesting contrast tothe rest of the ensemble. When she noticed he was checking her out, she clearedher throat loudly.

When he noticed he was checking her out, he blushed furiously and changed thetopic somewhat. "I'm looking for a friend of the people who live here.""A friend of Scot and June's? Who?""Oh, you know them? I don't know if you'd know her," he shouted over the music.

"I don't know how else to describe her, but she's got spiky orange hair, a largeass, and she's really bitchy."The dark girl laughed out loud - musically, thought Mark. "I know exactly whothat is! That's Cari!" She laughed some more and got herself some more waterfrom the sink. "That's so funny that she can be described so simply! It's likeshe's a cartoon character or something."Mark also thought that was funny. "Hey, do you not drink or something? Isn'tthis the second water you've had?"She looked at her cup. "Yeah, I don't drink much. I had a couple shots ofTequila Rose earlier, so I decided to chill for a couple hours. I'll have somemore around midnight, I'm sure.""Religious reasons?""What?""Religious-... do you not drink because of your religion or something?"She laughed. "Oh, no! I just don't like to get sloppy drunk," she said, and justat that moment some burly jock ambled past and slipped in a drink someone hadspilled. When his meaty torso hit the linoleum the room thundered like a cannonhad hit it. From the floor the besotted reveler only howled and hooted about thegreat party going on until his friends helped him up. His breath stank likevomit, so it was likely he was on his way back from the bathroom. The girllooked back at Mark. "Not that getting sloppy drunk isn't eminently attractiveand charming, of course."Mark laughed very hard at that, charmed and impressed by this intelligent,well-spoken young woman. "Hey, my name's Mark. What's yours?""Angie," she chirped, her eye twinkling. "But you're looking for your friend,and I've got to step outside for a breath of fresh air, so... oh, there she isnow. Cari!" She called across the kitchen to the orange-haired virago justentering from her turn at the bathroom. Angie hopped up and down to get herattention; Mark noted she hardly made any noise at all, jumping on the floorlike that.

"Hey, Ange, what's... oh, you." Cari's tone went from false to flat when sherecognized Mark. "Well, I know what you're here for. Find me in an hour orsomething like that, I'm here to party first." Without another word or glanceshe wandered off into the crowd, her huge, round ass swaying back and forth witheach stride, until the churning mass of bodies engulfed her. Mark stared afterthat ass until it disappeared from view, then turned to find Angie staring rightat him, one eyebrow raised and a petulant smirk creasing her lips.

Mark felt a little cold but didn't know why he suddenly felt he should justifyhimself to this new girl. Changing the topic, he asked her, "'Ange'? Do youprefer that?"Angie's face grimaced. "I hate it," she said sourly, "but she doesn't listen towhenever I correct her, so... whatever." She made off towards the front of thehouse, pressing unenthusiastically into the press of sweaty bodies. "Maybe I'llsee you around, Mark.""I hope so," he said quietly, waving listlessly at her. He had no idea what shethought of him now, but he imagined it was quite dim. Upset, he made his way tothe dining room table where all the bottles were and mixed himself up somethinghazardous, going into the living room to sulk on the couch.

The room was full of more dancers and drinkers, churning and heaving to the beatof the music... more or less. The partiers were predominately white and didtheir best to stay in time to the music, but now and then the music made themslip out of beat. Mark amused himself by watching the breakdown of syncopation,but eventually got caught up in the people themselves, mainly the women. Theroom quickly grew hot and humid, despite attempts to open the windows andinstall fans, and many of the women found relief in showing up in babydoll tees(which Mark personally hated) or changing into shorts and going barefoot (whichhe preferred). In fact, as he nursed his powerful alcoholic beverage, hepermitted himself to stare at the various women as they jumped around, bouncingand heaving when they had something to heave and bounce. He even allowed himselfto lapse into his fantasy of being a shrunken man around normal-sized women.

Sometimes he was in the rear pocket of a pair of jean cutoffs, pressed against adenim-clad buttock... sometimes he was in the panties, riding the crotch of theshorts and being wedged up between the firm young cheeks of some heavily buzzedundergrad chick. Sometimes he was nestled into the bra of a particularlydeveloped woman, and he tried to imagine the soft, tender skin of her breastwelling up and covering him as the bra cupped him neatly against it, as shenear-literally poured her breast into the bra cup and overwhelmed her with hertremendous boob. And then she would dance, and he tried to imagine the sensationof gravity growing stronger and heavier as her hot young body jumped and heavedto the rhythm of the music, and her breast swelled and heaved against him. Wouldhis head be placed near her nipple? Would it grow harder against the side of hishead? He would most definitely be splayed spread-eagle against her breast... Howmuch would his limbs dig into her skin if he attempted to hug her tit?And then, ultimately, he would inevitably fantasize about being a tiny littleman tasked with the impossible mission of crossing a room packed with barefootyoung women dancing all over the floor. He would start out underneath the couch,he imagined as he sipped his drink, noticing how the ice cubes were starting todilute the booze. From under the couch he would stare across the landscape ofcarpet - plush, in here - and at all the huge, tender paws of these women. Someof them jumped up and down on the floor, and he imagined they would bethunderous crashes to him as he approached hesitantly; some of them just dancedand swished their feet back and forth, and those would be difficult to dodge aswell. Not only would he have to dart beneath the tender soles of young womenmomentarily aloft, rolling out from beneath those huge feet as they fell back toearth toward him, maybe getting an arm or leg pinned beneath their flexing toes,he also had to be on guard against a smooth, slender, shapely foot sliding rightinto him. It might knock him on his back, or it could even just run right overhim. And possibly it would continue to glide over him, the dancer not evennoticing him as her feet planted on either side of him and he stared up into thedark recesses of a giantess' skirt. Or possibly her foot would stop right on topof him, and he would have to bear the weight of a woman dozens of yards tall(from his perspective) until she decided to move. And who would know when thatmight be! She could suddenly pause, he thought as he tossed back the rest of hisdrink and crunched ice cubes, and hold a conversation with a girlfriend, neverknowing that her tremendous sole completely embedded a tiny man, and she wasmashing him into the carpet! No use trying to bang against her foot to alerther, he couldn't move his arms! How much could he endure? How much time would hehave before the air in his crushed lungs ran out?Suddenly an enormous black shape blotted his view, and he realized with alarm itwas a huge ass! Two huge, spherical buttocks in black stretch pants, stretchingthem to capacity, wobbling into view and backing up into him! He was alreadytiny, and a huge woman was about to sit on him! Too shocked to cry for help hebacked up ineffectually on the couch as the ass grew closer and closer, finallygrinding into his face...

Immediately the butt lifted up and away, and Cari awkwardly reached for the armof the couch to pull her upright again. "Oh, sorry about that," she laughed,"someone pushed me into... oh, it's you." She smirked to herself, tumbling tothe couch beside him. "Bet you didn't mind that at all, huh?" Her laugh wasraucous and harsh, and Mark noticed she had a cigarette in hand.

"Yeah, it was magical," he grumbled. "Could you act a little less happy to seeme? I still feel some vestiges of self-esteem you've yet to shit on.""Hey, dude, this was your idea." She took a long drag and blew it out for toomany seconds. "I'm totally like, whatever. This is your kink we're entertaining,man, I don't owe you any favors."He grew angry at her dismissiveness. "Well, fuck, maybe you'd like to findsomething better to do, you know? If you're going to be a shit throughout thewhole thing, I'd rather not have you there. I'd rather do this with someone whoknew how to have a good time and get into the experience, not someone who's justgoing to bitch and moan and snipe all night long, what the fuck."Cari laughed at getting him all riled up. "Calm down there, studmuffin. I agreedto go along with it and if you want, I can be Suzy Cheesecake through the wholething if that's what turns your crank."He just stared ahead of him, unable to even enjoy the nubile dance crowd beforehim.

"Come on, let's go do it now. It's not like you'll find anyone else to help youout with this, huh? I mean, your kink and all." She grinned wolfishly, clearlydrunk, and leaned in close. "Your special little secret and all.""Hey, back off," he said, feeling defensive. "I just shared that secret with youabout my fetish because..." He faltered, unable to come up with the one goodreason he knew he must've had for confiding in this shrike.

"'Cos you like my ass," she completed for him. "You like my huge ass, and yourlittle head did all the thinking for you when you thought it'd be a good idea totell me all about it." She laughed some more, leaning back and having anotherdrag of her cigarette before dropping the butt into someone else's drink. Markstared at her in surprise at her rudeness; she didn't seem to notice. "And totell you the truth, I'm really curious about it. I mean, fuck it, even if thisstuff doesn't work... maybe it's like liquid ecstasy and you can share some withme, and I'll be all nice to you and stuff anyway. Wouldn't you like that?"Mark hesitated, sensing himself drawn in but not knowing to where. "Yeah, that'dwould be nice, to be able to have a pleasant conversation with you for once,instead of you making me feel like shit all the time." He touched the bottle inhis right pocket, hoping that it wasn't simply ecstasy for the amount he paidfor the stuff.

"Yeah, and maybe if you're real nice, I'll let you touch my bottom! Would youlike that? Would you like to touch my bottom?" She threw back her head andcackled. She attempted to climb up out of the couch and nearly lost her balance.

To "help" her, Mark planted his hands on her ass and pushed upwards, getting twobig handfuls of her buttocks and setting her up on her own two feet. She sneeredat him, "Thanks for the lift, big guy. Come on and let's get on with this thing,anyway." She lumbered out of the living room, barely managing to stay uprightpast all the dancing people, and he followed after her, not knowing until risinghow strong his drink had been. He managed to weave his way out into the fronthallway and into one of the house's bedrooms. He didn't notice Angie peeking infrom the porch - she studied the mocking smirk on Cari's face and the downcastgloom of Mark's expression, but said nothing.

"So," Cari said, once the door was closed behind them, "how do you want to dothis? You want me to strip down, or...?"Deciding quickly that beating around the bush would get them nowhere, Markagreed. "Sure, just strip down on the bed now, rather than later, and... do youmind if I tie you down with something?"She laughed. "Oooh, kinky!" she said, which is what all boring people always saywhen someone mentions tying someone else down. "Go for it, you big stu-u-u-ud.

If this stuff does what you say it does, you wouldn't want a big girl like mecrushing you like a grape!" She laughed harder and unbuckled her shoes, peeledoff her socks, and went to work on cinching out of her stretch pants while Markalso undressed. He endured her mocking hoots and catcalls, just focusing on thetask at hand - getting shrunk with a willing participant. Particularly this one,with an overlarge ass: Mark had a thing for large asses, and Cari's was anexceptional specimen. While he did not kid himself that it must have bloated fatcells that would make her bare ass look somewhat pockmarked, or "cottagecheese"-like, as was the popular comparison, he was irresistibly drawn to thesize and shape of it in her black stretch pants which she generously wore forthe party.

If it hadn't been for the risqué nature of the last party - one which involvedseveral girls making out with a lot of alcohol and a video camera - he wouldn'thave dared approach Cari, someone he barely knew, with his idea. However, hespotted a window of opportunity when she seized up a nearby action figure, atthat other party, calling it her "boyfriend" and grinding it into her crotch.

She never removed her clothes but was quite graphic as to what she would do witha tiny man like that, so Mark took her aside and led a very pointedconversation. Over the course of the next couple of weeks he took her out fordrinks on several occasions, spending a lot of money to get her loaded (at herbehest) until she understood the breadth of what he was asking of her and thereality of his fantasy. It just so happened that she was single, relatively openabout sex, and was going through a horny streak during the last few outings tothe bar, so she agreed as long as he promised to get her off one way or another.

He readily agreed, his mind flooded with images of her copious lubrication,swimming in her vulva... and now they were at zero hour, when all the actionwould happen and fantasy would become reality.

All they found to tie her, though, was some kite string. They agreed it waspretty pathetic, but Cari was sport enough to permit it and lay down on herfront as Mark lashed her wrists and ankles spread wide to the bedposts. On topof the pile of his clothes Mark set down the green bottle of growth. "Are youready, Cari?" he asked, unscrewing the blue bottle.

"Ready as I'll ever be, lover," she smirked, grateful for the cool of the pillowupon which she rested her head.

Nodding, Mark hastily gave himself a few drops of liquid, screwed the dropperback into the bottle, tossed it down next to the other bottle, and scrambledover to the bed. The potion instigated a very tingly sensation spreading fromhis stomach through his bloodstream into all his limbs. The whole process tookabout a minute: even in the little time it took to secure and drop the bottleand make it over to the bed, Mark noticed a difference in his height: he had tohoist a leg up to crawl onto the mattress, his small hands gripping Cari's largecalf to brace himself. She stared at him in amazement, cheering the success ofhis purchase, as he ambled over her plump leg and kneeled between her thighs. Hestayed there and watched as her legs grew fatter and fatter, rising up aroundhim yet spreading in distance... Looking down, the weave of the blanket's fabricbecame more distinct. Looking up, the ceiling flew away from him at anincredible speed and seemed more like sky than anything else. Stucco sky.

Far beyond him, Cari's rosy heels poked upwards as the string held her anklesmore or less fast. He was no taller than her knee, he noticed with wonder, andstrove to control his racing heart as he stared up between her thighs into theenticing crack of her ass, a deep crevice originating from twin mounts of hugebuttocks and leading down between her tender inner thighs into what now seemedlike a perilous, engulfing vulva, the opening of an intimidating, moist, andendlessly deep vagina...

He was stunned. His fantasy was real. He was really small, and lying between thethighs of a bitchy yet largely physically attractive young woman who was willingto lend her gorgeous ass to him for an evening. What were the odds!"Hey, Cari," he called up to her.

Her spiky orange head of hair - and he could see little else above herprodigious ass - turned and she craned to look down at him. "Wow, man, I canbarely hear you... HA! Look at you!"He stood up to make it easier for her, and leaned against her knee. It took hisbreath away to even touch her at this size, and he could only stare at her innerthigh ad the back of her knee as he yelled up to her. "How do I look?"She cackled. "Good enough to eat, my man!" she said, smacking her lips andmaking as if to snap out of the string bonds. His heart froze as he hadn'tconsidered the possibility, the very real possibility, that she might suddenlynot cooperate. "Kidding, kidding! I'm just tripping. You're all small and shit.

That's amazing."He looked down at himself. He was still appropriately proportioned for himself,but beside the leg of a goddess, he felt terribly inadequate and yetsupercharged-horny at the same time. "You wanna start now?" he called up to her.

She shrugged, and her huge, bare shoulders heaved to block out her face for amoment. "Let's go ahead, man, it's your game." She rested her head against thepillow again and let out a long breath. "Man, I better get something out ofit...""I appreciate you going along with this," he said, after the tingle of shrinkingdown had worn off. The heat coming off her thighs was overpowering - her bodywas quite warmed up from the alcohol and she was more than a little aroused -not necessarily aroused towards him but horny in general. Her hips groundreflexively into the mattress, tugging at the sheets and yanking them frombeneath his feet. He laughed nervously and stood shakily again.

The giantess (to him) looked over her broad shoulder and sneered down at him.

"The pleasure's all yours, I'm sure," she said. Her speech was a little slow andher words a little slurry from the liquor. "There you are, standing in front ofthe greatest ass of your life, probably got a little hard-on goin' on, and I'mlying here tied up just barely and not gonna feel a damn thing. Well, whatever,let's get it over with." She moaned and buried her face in the pillows, wagglingher hips invitingly.

At his size, the gyration of her hips was a massive quake and her buttocks,already large at normal size, were tremendous fleshy hillsides in tumult. Markspread his legs to secure his stance while one enormous buttock raged againstanother and the deep crack of her ass swayed to and fro before him. Far ahead inthe distance he heard her mocking laughter; her spiky orange hair rose above hershoulders as she raised her head, and her laughter muffled into the pillows whenit fell again. "What's the matter, lover?" she asked, drunkenly snide. "A littleintimidated by more woman than you can handle? Come and get it, hot stuff."Her taunting did nothing to reduce his arousal, and his tiny cock stood straightout like an arrow towards the temple of lust before him. As the party raged onoutside the bedroom door he sidled over to her left thigh and placed a tiny palmupon her skin. She mused aloud that she felt him doing something. Experimentallyhe ran his hand back and forth against her skin and her huge thigh twitched andbucked slightly, throwing him back a step. She sounded surprised to realize howsensitive she was - "Maybe this won't be so one-sided after all," she muttereddarkly. Challenging her, he stepped forward, trailing his left hand along herthigh, drew back his right arm and struck forth, plunging his diminutive fistdeep into her fleshy crevasse. He followed through until the innermost tuck ofher ass pressed against the side of his face and the right half of his chest wasabsorbed between her cheeks. He heard a delighted shriek and cackling laughteras he spread his fingers and squirmed around to feel exactly where he'd landed.

Judging by the sparse pubic hair just meeting his fingertips he estimated he'dplunged just northern border of the perineum, the "taint," and her labiastretched beyond. That would place her anus about a foot up from where he was,he guessed...

Cari clenched her cheeks together, laughing riotously, and shook her body up anddown on the mattress, tantalized by the ticklish little sensation in her ass. Inso doing she seized upon Mark's arm entirely and yanked him up from the sheetsupon which he stood and flailed him helplessly against her inner thighs. Sheshrieked and made comments about broncos and Spanish phrases gleaned fromSaturday morning cartoons, while his tiny body caromed off walls of cellulitic,fake-baked flesh. A sticky dew of womanly sweat spread up his arm and over hischest and back, adhering him to her buttocks and preventing him from falling tothe mattress.

"Cari!" he called up to her. "Knock it off, you have me trapped! You're - erk -slamming me around!" He attempted to pull himself out of her ass, but onlysucceeded in mashing his left fist deep into her left buttock, kinda like tryingto K.O. a bag of Jell-o. She must have heard his protestations, however, for herlaughter subsided to the giggles and her hips came to rest upon the mattressonce more. With a little effort she bent her knees and spread her thighs alittle wider, parting her buttocks long enough for him to peel his arm off herskin and tumble to the bed. The string holding her ankles pulled taut but thecouple of loops held them fast yet.

He sat up and rubbed his arm, his bare feet a yard or two (to him) from the darktunnel formed by the mattress and her hips that slid down to her bushy nest ofmoist pubic hair. He called up to her, "I take it you enjoy that, then?"Again, one cruel eye poked up over her huge, smoothly curving shoulder, and hervoice marinated in sarcasm said, "Oh yeah, baby, more than you could possiblyimagine. Please stick your toothpick dick up my ass again and thrill me somemore!""That was my arm," he said, wounded, "not my dick. I shoved my arm up your assjust to see how far it could go.""Whoa, you are a little romancer, aren't you. What next, jam one of your legsinside me? Gonna fuck me with your foot or something amazing like that?"He grumbled to himself about doing just that, but instead set to task for whathe wanted her for in the first place. He scanned up the steep incline of herbuttocks, then over her thighs looking for a likely place to begin scaling herass. "You know, your attitude doesn't exactly make this any easier. Do youalways have to be such a bitch?" he asked, quite bluntly.

Her massive shoulders shrugged. "Hey man, why not?"He stood up and leaned against the narrow little tuck of her buttocks down bywhere he was while getting his footing again. He called up to her, "Because itpisses people off! It makes people hate you, you begin to build up enemies,people who want to fuck your life up. What makes you feel so good about makingpeople feel bad?" He cast his gaze about and decided the best way to startclimbing would be to press his back against one thigh and stretch his legsagainst her other leg, and cinch his way up with his hand in the crack of herass for security.

She laughed, and her buttocks rumbled beside him; he froze in his tracks,waiting for the quake to subside. She told him, "Why would I care who I pissoff? What're you gonna do? You're just this tiny little bug to me right now. IfI wanted to I could stomp on you and crush you flat, or just wad you up in sometoilet paper and flush you down the toilet. Ha, or maybe even take a shit onyou!" She laughed some more and Mark had to anchor himself with his hand deep inher butt crack to keep from falling down. She asked him how he'd like somethinglike that, and spoke right over his low moan as he imagined that situation:while her feces held no appeal for him, there was something to be said about thesight of her ass spreading above him and slowly descending to embed him. Hewondered if, after a few more drinks, she might not agree to sitting on him,especially if this little experience worked out well.

"Well, you should care, because like I said, then you've got one more personpissed at you," he returned. The higher he got, the more the buttock beside himbroadened so he retracted his legs from her thigh and placed them in the crackof her ass, righting himself upwards so as to more conventionally scale hermassive cheek. "You never know who you'll need a favor from or something, andsay someday your ass is in a sling and the only person who can help you issomeone you were bitchy to."Cari shrugged noncommittally, saying, "Oh well, then I guess I get what Ideserve." She felt him crawling up her left ass cheek and shuddered slightlywith ticklishness, her wrists tugging at the thin string bonds as her handsclenched into fists by the headboard. "Until then, man, people should just staythe fuck out of my way when I want something. I don't owe anybody anything...

least of all you, little man," she added, giving her ass another shake. Shesmirked as she felt his tiny fingers digging desperately into her skin to keephimself attached to her ass.

Mark gave up the argument and his current tack, choosing to slither up herthigh. Once on top of the back of her leg, climbing up her hilly ass was noproblem and soon he was at the peak of her cheek. He looked around, astounded athow broad her buttock spread around him, staring at the equally impressive moundof flesh just next to it. Her hips shifted and he had to scramble backward acouple steps to stay on top of her ass, his tiny feet poking into the yielding,soft flesh as he grappled for traction. He glared up at her and found herstaring at him over her shoulder. "You're done now? No more of this," shefoundered for a suitable word, "philosophical debate?"He waved her off and said it was over as far as he was concerned, commenting onthe pointlessness of it: "We're obviously arguing from two different valuesystems and there's no way to make the other person appreciate our values. Wemight as well be speaking two completely different languages." She shrugged andasked him what he was going to do now. He jumped up and down on her buttock fora bit, studying the tiny ripples he caused in her fat, how much the flesh gavebeneath him. He stopped when he was going to reply, but she interrupted.

"Do that some more," she said. "That was kind of cute, that jumping."Mark looked up at her to see that she was staring at his antics; her expressionseemed to be more playful than anything else. Figuring he caught her in a momentof drunken lucidity he was more than happy to oblige and began jumping aroundsome more, this time going for height. She laughed but did a fairly good job atholding still for him. She seemed momentarily charmed with the concept of a tinylittle man bouncing off her buttock like an enormous trampoline. He started toslow down, but she ordered him to continue and he started to feel a littleawkward just jumping up and down like that; however, he decided he'd better keepit up until she tired of it, which turned out to be soon afterwards. "Get onwith whatever you were gonna do," she muttered with a dismissive wave of onebound hand. She rested her head against the pillow and just breathed.

Resentment started to well up in Mark - he knew she was heavily buzzed andbitchy anyway, but her personality was really starting to grate on him. Why didsuch a snotty bitch have to be gifted with such a wonderful ass, he wondered. Hecautiously strode over to the crack of her butt and knelt down astride it forthe moment. "Hey Cari," he called up.

"Fuck that," she snarled. "As long as you're tiny and fucking around with me,you're going to call me 'goddess,' because I'm your Goddess of Lust." Shelaughed hard at this, and he had to fall to all fours to brace himself for herrumbling fit of laughter.

"Fine, goddess," he relented. "Could you help me out here? Spread your cheekslike you did before, I want to go down here."Her globe of spiky orange hair rotated once again and her evil eyes glared downat him across the smooth, orangey-tan spanse of her back. "And what do you thinkyou're going to do down there?" she asked, warily.

As much as a tiny man could do, he leveled a gaze back up at her. It feltridiculous, being that he was bent over on all fours and clinging to herbuttocks, barking an order up to a woman hundreds of times his size, but histemper was shortening. "I'm going to fuck you up the ass," he clearly stated,"and you're going to take it. Now, spread 'em."She stared at him in disbelief, the tiny little action figure mountedprecariously on top of her big, fat ass, this man who was only a fraction of herown buttocks, much less her entire body. This little toy of a person wasordering her around and talking dirty to her. She wanted to just snap free andgrind the little brat into a pulp, but some morbid curiosity in the back of hermind took over. The left corner of her mouth crooked up in a half-grin and shenodded slowly. She bent her knees and spread her thighs as much as she could,even raising her hips in an effort to spread her tremendous buttocks as wide asthey could go. "Thank you," he said quietly, breaking her gaze and focusing hisattention upon the chasm widening beneath him. Her anus was a few feet below andhe figured he could slide down and catch it, but if he missed he would tumble tothe mattress and have to start all over again... if she let him. He could easilyimagine her nailing him to the bed with her hips, burying him in her curly pussyhair and grinding into him, getting herself off while he fought for space andair. Tenuously, he extended one slender leg down between her buttocks until histoes found her anus.

It immediately puckered at his touch and she shrieked at him, "What are youdoing!?" He plunged himself between her buttocks to withstand the agitatedrumbling of her ass as it shook. Ignoring her, he lowered himself down furtherand slipped his foot inside her anus, getting a solid foothold. It wasn'tdifficult as her asshole was puckering wildly and clamped around his foot - notenough to seize it, but enough to hold it secure. He lowered himself down andstretched his arms up over his head, digging his tiny nails into her ass in aneffort to hold himself fast. He called up a request for her to tilt her hipsforward and she obliged reluctantly. It was enough: he could lie in the abyss ofher butt crack and not slip down to the mattress. To further secure him (orperhaps she was just tired of holding the position) Cari straightened out herknees and closed her thighs a little, and her buttocks rose up and around him.

Mark suspected that if she were to get up and walk around, he wouldn't even fallout, so secure was the grip of her ass on his entire body. With that out of theway, he extracted his foot, stretched his legs down, and nudged his tiny hipsagainst her anus.

His cock rose to the occasion and it was nothing for him to guide it inside.

Cari's fluttery clenching action only encouraged him and he began thrustinginside her in earnest. He doubted she could feel anything, and her hole was ofcourse too large to exert any pressure upon him, but it was still an excitingexperience. It grew more exciting once her hips began to writhe and twitch.

"Jesus Christ," she cried, "I can feel you doing something down there, it's justreal ticklish. Get in or get out!" In an effort to feel him better she beganrocking her hips back and forth: she was able to feel the solidity of his tinybody as each buttock rumbled and rolled over him, but she still felt that vaguetickling going on in her asshole and it was driving her crazy! She yelled forhim to stick a leg in or something, or at least scratch her where she wasstarting to itch. Apparently, she was yelling too loud because someone at theparty began knocking on the door, yelling over the music to see if everythingwas okay. Cari craned her head irritably toward the door and asked, "Who thehell is that?""It's Angie," said the knocker. "I heard you yelling, I don't know what, but Iwanted to make sure you were all right. Can I come in?"Mark froze in his gyrations, froze between Cari's very warm buttocks. Hecouldn't imagine how this little tableau would look to anyone else, and wasn'tprepared to introduce anyone else to his little secret. He stroked the inside ofone of Cari's buttocks what he hoped was soothingly. "Please don't let her in,Cari, please don't let her in," he whispered urgently.

She had no more desire to have someone come in and find a tiny man lodgedbetween her cheeks than he had for someone to find a tiny little him buried insomeone else's ass. Even at normal size this would have been an embarrassingsituation, but with him shrunken like that, lodged up her butt, and her wristsand ankles feebly tied to the bed with string, it was more than ridiculous. "No,everything's fine. Don't come in right now, I'm just a little drunk. We're justtalking, everything's cool," she called out to the concerned member.

Angie seemed to accept that. "Don't be afraid to come out and ask for help ifsomething's wrong," she offered, and left.

Mark's sigh of relief, while tremendous, was nothing compared to the hugedeflation as he rode this tremendous ass upwards, as she inhaled, and descendedrapidly, as she exhaled. "That was too fucking close," she growled, "hurry upand get done with whatever you're doing down there. I'm starting to loseinterest.""Well, that's fucking arousing," he said sarcastically, but in truth hiserection hadn't diminished in the slightest and it was nothing for him to resumepumping into her enormous anus. The edges of her excitable orifice stretchedfrom his mid-belly to just above his thighs, completely covering his hips. Usinghis arms and legs to draw him back, he thrust as hard as he could into herasshole, grinding his aroused cock against the sides of the orifice to gethimself off. The more she clenched and fluttered around him, the more aroused hegot. The more her hips thrashed and rocked around, the more aroused he got. Itwas a completely exhilarating and overwhelming experience, and the only thingthat could have made it better would have been some affection between himselfand Cari, something more than his one-sided lust and her overt jaded, cynicalpose. Regardless, he was able to immerse himself in the raw sexual act and enjoyjust being between these tremendous, beautiful buttocks, losing track of therest of the world and knowing nothing but his goddess' glorious ass.

Suddenly her anus clenched around him and didn't flutter open again. "Dude," shemurmured, "you better get on with what you're doing and finish up." It soundedlike a threat.

"I'll take my time and I'll get done when I'm done," he growled back up at her.

He resumed plunging into her tightly puckered sphincter.

"No, man, you better hurry up and get outta there." The treble increased in hervoice and he wondered if she were smiling as she spoke, but there was no way hecould see anything beyond the two huge walls of ass rising around him.

"Why, what's the big deal?" he asked. "If I come, you're not gonna get pregnant,don't worry about that..."She was laughing, and she laughed as she said, "This is your last chance to getout of there, little man, before I make you get out. I'm warning you, you're notgonna like it!" He was starting to get really irritated and continued fuckingher anus, asking her what she thought she was going to do to him. "Fine, Iwarned you," she said cryptically, and before he could say anything else heranus burst open with a tremendous fart. The explosive passage of gas roaredaround his tiny body and threatened to sever the moorings between his body andhers (i.e.: a thin scrim of sweat that pasted him to her ass cheeks). Shelaughed and laughed, causing the fart to squeeze out in powerful bursts whichfinally blasted through the moisture. He clawed at her skin, trying to anchorhimself desperately to her ass, but tiny little Mark flew out of her buttocks,tumbling through the air to the mattress between her thighs.

He lay there dazed for a moment while she laughed it off. She'd craned around towatch him and thought it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. She shared herhilarity with him, "Oh man, it was like you were already in my ass and I justfarted you out! Like you're a little butt-fairy and you flew out..." Shecollapsed into helpless laughter, her fists clenching as the thin string bondsbarely held her arms in place.

He stared up at her enormous buttocks rumbling with laughter, heaving eroticallybefore him, but he hardly felt erotic at all now. The stench of her intestinalgas still lingered about him and, as a matter of fact, it was more than a littlefrightening to be fucking her tender anus like that only to see it openalarmingly wide. He could actually see passage into a dark tunnel beyond thewidened sphincter and his mind raced with the horrific thought of tumblinginside. Of course that was impossible, but as he cartwheeled headlong throughspace his thoughts weren't exactly clear. "That's just like you, bitch," hecalled up to her, scooting backwards to avoid sliding down into her crotch.

Cari paused in her laughter long enough to take a breath. "What's your problem,little man?" she asked him, fairly cheerful after this incident.

"That's just like you," he continued, "to purposely not hold onto your gas," shebroke into laughter again, "and blast it all around me. Never mind that I'manother person, never mind that I'm trying to have sex... that just you allover. Crude, insensitive... just a complete bitch, no redeeming qualities."This kind of talk started to upset her, but she was still able to laugh at thetiny little tyrant. "Big talk for a butt-fairy. If I have no redeemingqualities, why were you so intent on crawling up my butt like this, hmm? Are yougoing to pretend you don't like my ass anymore?" To accentuate her point shewaggled her hips, and her tremendous buttocks swayed fetchingly before him.

Against his will, his cock immediately hardened again in response to theglorious sight.

He brushed himself up and stood up unsteadily. "That was just genetics," hesaid, "that was no action on your part. Well, no more action than it takes tosit on your fat ass and watch TV or get drunk in a bar night after night." Hewas so pissed off he failed to notice her laughter abruptly stop. He added,"Screw this... I'm going for the big potion, getting dressed and taking off. Youcan free yourself after I leave." He waved her off and started walking away fromher ass, toward her knees. He intended to crawl under her ankle and hop off theedge of the bed to his clothes, where the enlargement potion waited for him.

Cari was suddenly in no mood to take the abuses of an arrogant little pipsqueaklike him. Her toes clenched and suddenly the cheap bonds of string around herankle snapped. "Think so, butt-fairy?" she challenged, snapping her other anklefree. "I think you're going to stick around a while until I get what I want."Mark, witnessing her breaking free, froze in his tracks. "What... what are youdoing, Cari?" he stammered, staring in disbelief as his world closed in on him:she was closing her thighs around the tiny little man. He pitched forward andbroke into a run but never even made it to her knees before her thighs clampedaround him and he was caught between two walls of smooth, hot flesh, welling uparound him for all their sheer volume. A thinner girl might have just been ableto hold him out of the overpowering strength of her legs, compared to his totalbody strength at that size, but part of him would have poked out in that pinion.

Cari, however, was a heavier girl and her massive thighs squashed himcompletely, spreading above his head and below his feet.

It was nothing for her to snap her hands free and she took some time pulling thestring off her wrists and ankles before plucking the tiny little man frombetween her legs. She held him aloft, reaching backwards as she lay on herfront, and dangled him above the backs of her legs. "Nice view, eh?" she askedwith playful malevolence, rattling him between her thumb and forefinger. "Abird's-eye view of your goddess' body. I must look like a," she floundered forvocabulary again, "an entire landscape of lust for you."Mark clutched her thumb desperately, genuinely alarmed as to what the angry,bitchy giantess might do with him next. She smirked at his embrace and shook himuntil his arms fell free. "But now it's time for all birds to return to theirroosts. That goes for butt-fairies, too," and so saying, she dropped him from aheight of several yards (to him) to land smack on her ass again. He bounced offher buttocks once and caromed towards her legs, but this time her thighs wereclosed so the crevasse he tumbled into was nothing but flesh, no mattress atall. Laughing, her huge fingers reached back and started smacking into his tinybody, as if trying to spank him.

"What are you doing!?" he cried out, trying to fend off the huge, flat palm thathovered behind him, brushing him along like a dustball.

"Go back, go back," she said in a singsong voice to him, "time to go back,little man! Time to come home to your favorite ass, little butt-fairy! Go back,go back..." To the beat of her little song she smacked him with her fingertipsand Mark realized she was rolling him to her buttocks again. There was noreasoning with someone in a delirious drunken state like this so he tried toescape. His mobility, however, was hampered by trying to amble over her hugethighs, unsticking himself whenever her sweat sucked at him, and attempting tododge the huge silly hand swatting him up towards her ass. She got one goodswing at him and her fingers slapped his tiny body hard, lifting him upmomentarily and slamming him into her buttocks. She laughed uproariously atthat, tilting her hips ceiling-ward to part her cheeks and expose the tender,puckered little starfish of her anus. Mark screamed like a little girl whenCari's fingers rested upon his back and commenced shoving him inexorably towardsher asshole.

Screaming as he was, and laughing as Cari was, neither of them heard Angiequietly ask for permission to come inside, nor heard the doorknob twist. Whenthe noise of the party blasted into the room, however, they both paused in theiractivity to turn and stare at the intruder, standing aghast in the center of thefloor, beside Mark's clothes and the enlarging potion. Without taking her eyesoff the bizarre tableau Angie reached out to feel for the door and close itagain. "I don't know what's going on here," she started.

Cari laughed and covered Mark up with her entire hand, nestling him between herbuttocks. "Oh, it's nothing," she said." I was just getting a little hot fromthe party so I thought I'd relax in here and cool off."Angie shook her head. "Mark was in here with you though.""He left. Didn't you see him? He left just a second before you came in here. Ithought maybe you talked to him and-...""Shut up," Angie screamed. "His clothes are right fucking here. He didn't leavethe room. What are you covering up?" She stomped over to the obese woman inrepose and clutched at her wrist before she could protest. Yanking her handaway, she found herself staring at a tiny Mark sprawled in the tuck of her ass,his hair pasted partly to one buttock as his eyes looked around wildly.

Cari grinned and waggled her ass slowly. "What do you think?" she askedcheerily. "My own little ass-fairy. Isn't he cute? Now, it's time for him to goback home." So saying, she yanked her hand back from Angie's grasp and poked twofingers into Mark's midsection, more forcefully driving him between herbuttocks. He began to quite literally disappear between her cheeks, until hisarms and legs were sticking out, comically splayed.

Angie barely had the presence of mind to smack Cari's paw out of the way andspread the planetary buttocks apart, drawing Mark out from between them by hisarm. Immediately she scooped him protectively up into her hand and cushioned himagainst her breast, stepping backwards to where his clothes lay. "You insanefucking bitch," she stammered, grabbing Mark's shirt and pants. "I don't knowwhat the fuck this was all about... this is just impossible, but I'll sort itout later."Sitting drunkenly up Cari said, "No, Ange, you don't understand... c'mon, gimmethe little guy back, he has to come home. He's been a bad little ass-fairy."The noise from the party outside and the few drinks she had were almostoverwhelming to Angie, not to mention the added factor of holding a tinyshrunken version of an acquaintance she'd met not an hour ago at this event, buther fury at the heedlessness of the plump young woman on the edge of the bedclarified some of her thoughts. Scanning once more for discarded clothing shestuffed the guy's socks into his hiking boots and only glanced at the blue andgreen bottles for a moment before stashing them as well, just in case. "We'regetting out of here, Cari. You're way too drunk to be responsible for somethingthis..." She looked down at the terrified man huddled against the black lace ofher dress as it swelled out with her breast. "I don't even know what this is,but you could have hurt him and I don't think you even care."Cari put on a serious face at that point, and then a sad one. "You're right,Ange. I really was..." she struggled to find the word, "stupid, and I could havehurt him badly." She hung her head and tried to cover her small breasts with onearm as if suddenly ashamed of her nudity. "Could I please apologize?"Stone-carved was Angie's stern expression, but she relented. "Okay, apologyaccepted. We're going, now. I'm sure we'll talk about this later.""No, no, Ange. To him," she said, gesturing to the hand cupped against herbreast, holding the frail little man. "I really want to let him know how sorry Iam this spun out of control."This was a dubious situation at best: Mark, hearing every word, tried togesticulate wildly to Angie not to bring him near the drunken bitch, but Angiefelt it would at least soothe Cari's recalcitrant soul to make some gesture ofamends to the little guy. "Okay, just... briefly," she said. "You've obviouslyterrified him, but maybe this will help end it."Cari grinned toothily as Angie unfurled her hand from her chest to hold Mark outon display. He stared back at Angie, horror-stricken, who just noddedencouragingly at him. His heart beating wildly, he turned back to Cari as shestraightened up on the bed and folded her hands in her copious lap.

"Mark, Mark," she said, mock-endearingly. "This has been such a wild experience,hasn't it?" He was too shaken to reply; the warmth Angie's palm did nothing toassuage the chill that welled up in him as the huge, malicious giantess purredand cooed at him. "I never would have believed something like this could bepossible. You've shared a wonderful, unbelievable new world with me and I...

well, you can see how easily I got caught up in it. It really is an intriguingpossibility, to have you - all of you - inside me. It was almost like adream..." she said, trailing her voice off. Angie followed as best she could buther buzz was taking over again and she got lost in Cari's overly dramatic words,when suddenly Cari shouted, "A dream I'm not giving up!" Her hand lashed out andsmacked the bottom of Angie's hand, bumping Mark aloft for the split second ittook to snatch him out of midair with Cari's other hand. The air was crushed outof his lungs as she gripped him tightly. "Doesn't matter which way, you're justgoing inside me!" she laughed, opening her jaws wide and rushing the tiny maninto her maw. He screamed breathlessly as her huge head zoomed up and aroundhim, her glistening teeth racing past his view as her throat flexed wider toaccommodate the little man, above a moist bed of tongue...

Angie snapped out of her reverie just in time to yank Cari's wrist back andbring the flat of her palm into the drunk girl's nose. Yelping in pain, Caridropped Mark to the carpet and covered up her nose, shrieking into her palms.

Mark tumbled between the heavy girl's knees, her smooth calves zooming past asthe shag carpet caught most of the impact of his fall. Relatively uninjured, helooked up at the giantesses: Angie stood above and behind him, her boots justhemming his view as his gaze led unexpectedly up her stockinged legs and intoher short black skirt. Meanwhile, directly above him, as Cari fell back in painshe brought her right foot up off the carpet and sent it crashing down again,stomping heavily around the tiny man. Panicked beyond belief, Mark barely hadtime to dodge the first footfall, and his view of a horizon of plush carpet wasabruptly replaced with an upclose and personal view of Cari's slight arches. Upwent her foot again, as her howling keened off in the distance over the bed, andMark threw himself backwards to dodge the next crashing descent. His backslammed into her other ankle, however, and Cari reflexively raised her left footinstead of the other. Mark fell to his back and found himself staring straightup at the sole of her foot, and as it came down there was nowhere to roll.

The warm, fleshy sole of her foot crashed upon him and he was pressed back intothe carpet. The acrylic strands coiled like springs beneath him and gave as muchas they could, as the heavy giantess' foot drove him into the floor. If she'dbeen standing it would have been quite likely for him to crush him and break hisbones, burst his skin beneath her heel or the ball of her foot. As it was, hewas beneath the arch of her foot and she was lying on the bed with most of herweight, so he was left relatively uninjured. When her foot rose once more toattempt another stomp on the helpless little man, Angie was there to snatch himaway and, with his clothes, flee the room, leaving the evil giantess howlingwith pain and sobbing with frustration behind them.

She shouldered her way through the party animals, giving way in their drunkenstupor, and stormed through the kitchen to the hallway and finally to thebathroom. Locking the door behind her, she set the bottle and the tiny man downon the vanity and dropped the clothes to the floor. She found a beer bottle capin the trash and rinsed it out, filling it with water for Mark when he wasrecovered enough to drink. He thanked her emphatically as she sat on the toiletbeside the sink and stared at him, completely captivated. When he asked for it,she opened the green bottle and used the eye-dropper to administer a droplet forhim to suck down. Presently his size was restored and he dressed himselfhastily. As much as he wanted to thank her and take off, though, he felt he owedher some answers for the questions doubtlessly racing through her mind at thispoint. He leaned against the vanity, smirking at the bottle cap he tossed backinto the trash, and invited her to ask anything.

"Well, it looks like you really want to take off," she started, and he wassurprised at her sensitivity, even with a few drinks in her. "But... my God,what I just saw, that was amazing." He nodded silently. "Was that... did thatjust..." She paused to take a breath and collect her thoughts. "Do those bottlesdo what I think they do?" she said finally.

"They do. This one makes you small, and this one makes you big again," he said,holding up each respective bottle.

"What if you drink the green one first? Do you get huge?"He frowned. "I have no idea. It never occurred to me to try, honestly. I've onlybeen interested in... um, shrinking.""Maybe you could... sorry. Not my business." She blushed and framed the nextquestion: "Where'd they come from?"Here he sighed, trying to remember as far back as it went. "It's really a longstory, but... I've always had his fascination in tiny men or huge woman, and Iwas talking with some other people who had this interest as well, and one ofthem directed me to this source. It cost a lot of money, but," he grinned at thebottles, "it's worth it. It is so fucking worth it."She grinned at his customer satisfaction, then stood up and smoothed out herhair in the mirror. "Well, I, um... Of course I have a hundred more questions,but maybe they should wait for another time." She looked at him as he made toleave. "Would you be comfortable calling me sometime?"He was genuinely surprised by her forwardness, even moreso when she grabbed hisforearm and scrawled out her number in eyeliner. "Call me, Mark," she said.

"I... I will," he stammered, looking at his forearm in confusion. Unhappy withthat answer she spun him around to face him and very slowly, deliberately placedthe toe of her boot upon the toe of his shoe and pressed down.

The significance of this gesture was not lost on him. As his astonished gazeflew from her boot to her face, she said very quietly, "No, really. Call me."She stepped off his shoe and backed up, going back to sit down on the edge ofthe bathtub at the end of the room. Mark stared at her, his mind racing, andslipped quietly out of the bathroom, shouldering his way through the party andwalking off to find his car. The night air was particularly brisk and the starsshown with an intense brightness, he noticed, as he climbed into histransportation and took off for home.