Camping in MinnesotaByAsukaFan Chapter One: Introduction to Terror“So Bob, what exactly did you call me over here to see? It better be goodbecause I have to work early tomorrow morning.”“It is, It sure is, Well do you remember how Sarah and I have had that fightabout how I never go out side the house and go hiking, or camping, or raftinghow I use too.”“Yeah I remember, Do not tell me you called me over so we can talk about thisagain. I told you we are both busy guys its only natural that we cant do all thethings we use to do.”“Oh no, its not that I just developed away to do it. Well at least I think. Ihaven't really tried it out but it's a shrink ray Steve. I figure I can shrinkmyself down to a couple inches in height and do some exploring from my own homeeach night and that will get Sarah off my back.”“Real funny Bob, I am going home. I have to work tomorrow and I really don'thave time for one of your so called Inventions that never work anyway.”Carelessly tossing the gun towards the dresser bob starts to turn around andfollow Steve when the beam from the gun spreads around them. Before either caneven make a peep they are bodies are broken down and put back together moleculeby molecule.

“Bob what the hell did you do. Tell me you did not just shrink us.”“Well, it was a mistake. I just tossed the gun and I guess it went off. I amsorry.”“Well no harm is done just un shrink us and we can toy with this some othertime.”“Well you see that is the problem Steve. Since I wasn't planning this I neverset the dial to the proper size. I would estimate our size being around 1/16thof an inch by the way the carpet rises above us. I just installed the dial. Ididn't pay attention to what it happened to be on. I wasn't planning on using itso there is no way I can bring us back. Even if we got to the gun there is noway I can turn the dial and press the trigger in. I have it set so a man at 5inches tall can easily press the trigger in but we are far from five inchestall.”“Tell me we aren't stuck like this. Just please tell me this is one of yourhorrible jokes and”In mid sentence both Steve and Bob both feel an earthquake speeding acrossthe floor. The ground starts to rumble softly with dust particles which oncewere minute now look like pieces of dirt that are being kicked up into the air.

Both Steve and Bob start coughing profusely as they both stare towards the door.

Bob and Steve see the largest Colleen that they have ever seen walk into view.

Her brown hair dangles slightly across her face while the rest of her hair dripsdown to her shoulders and then curls up. Her yellow tank top hugs hers body.

They both stare up at her legs that's go on and on like a highway reaching intothe heavens. Lastly they focus in on her bare feet. Her baby blue painted toenails rise far above them as Colleens foot crashes into the ground sending Boband Steve flying uncontrollably through the air. Her toes dig into the carpetwith each step as she draws nearer and nearer to them with the tremors gettingstronger and stronger. All they hear in there heads is the thud, thud, thud ofColleens bare feet hitting the ground echoing inside them. There stomachs aretossing and turning from not only being thrown around like a rag doll but byfear alone. Than all at once everything stops. Both Bob and Steve stare up atthe massive Colleen.

“I could have swore they were up here. I know I heard both Bob and Steve uphere earlier. Hmm that's very odd indeed. Well Sarah I don't see either of themnow. Yeah well I will give bob your message when I see him talk to you laterbye.”Colleen effortlessly tosses the phone on the bed and turns walks out of theroom with both men in awe of what has just happened. Both men are not sayingmuch as they walk towards each other. A look of amazement crosses over Steve'sface while more terror and shock falls across Bobs face. Finally Steve breaksthe silence.

“That was awesome. I can't believe that was your girlfriends younger sister.

I mean she was huge, I haven't in my life witnessed anything that large and sofast. Its like my eyes couldn't keep up with her or my brain couldn't comprehendwhat was going on or something. It was so incredible. I know I was upset beforebut you have known since fifth grade that being shrunk like this has been myfantasy. Wow, wait till the guys at Giantess Magic forums hear about this. Theywont ever believe me.”“Don't you get it Steve. We could have been killed by Colleen. She wouldn'thave even noticed if she stepped on one of us. We are nothing to her, absolutelynothing at all. This isn't my fantasy or dream here. I mean I didn't plan onthis machine ever working. I never have wanted to be shrunk, I mean I made itbut I never would have used it. Shit, what are we going to do. I don't want tolive out my life in this house.”“Calm down Bob, Calm down, I have read hundreds of stories okay. Gettingupset and irate isn't going to help any. Here is what we do. Since I am theexpert here how about you listen to me. Now all we have to do is go to someplace where we can easily be seen. Now where does Sarah always go no matter whatbefore she goes to bed? The bathroom, and we happen to be right next to it wellwe were right next to it now it will probably take us a good 45 minutes to getthere but all we have to do is go the bathroom, climb onto the sink and thenwait. When she brushes her teeth she has too look down when she spits and that'swhen we jump wildly and wave our arms.”“Does this ever work in the stories? I mean do they really see the guy whenthey wave there arms like that.”“Always, just trust me, I am the expert here.”After the rather uneventful trip to the bathroom the two men easily makethere way up the to the counter top by climbing the hand carved design on thecorner of the bathroom counter/sink. About 2-3 hours have passed in all butfinally they are atop the counter awaiting Sarah, Bob's girlfriend to enter.

Finally the door to the bathroom swings open but not from Sarah's bedroom butfrom the other way.

“Oh shit, I forgot that Colleen's room is right next door. The bathroom joinsthe two bedrooms together.”Before anything else could be said Colleen is standing directly before thetwo men. They turn there necks straight up looking at her magnificent size. Boband Steve both start jumping wildly up and down. Colleen sets her toothbrushdown right next to where the two men are standing. They both try to reach forher hand but its gone before they even get a chance. They can only watch as shevanishes out the door.

“Shit, great plan Steve. This is always works. We just wave our hands yousay. She just spots us and saves us you say. Well maybe things don't work outlike they do in the stories online because this is real fucking life. Don't youget this. We aren't in some game or fantasy land this is our lives here. Wecould die and no one will ever know. What part of that don't you seem to get.

You have been acting like this is a”Before Bob can even finish Colleen walks back into the room. Bob and Steveboth watch what happens next. Everything happens in slow motion yet so fast atthe same time. All Bob and Steve see is a gigantic tooth brush falling towardsthem. They both take off running as fast as they can un fortunately they bothend up stuck to a wall of toothpaste. Steve and Bob struggle to free themselvesfrom the sticky toothpaste but they end up only able to watch as they toothbrushcomes nearer and nearer to the Colleens mouth. Both men are held like a flystuck to a piece of flypaper as the toothbrush is shoved into Colleens mouth.

Before either man can say his goodbyes they are brushed and raked acrossColleens teeth. The toothpaste quickly turns into a runny liquid which goes intoevery crevice in Colleens mouth. The seconds tick by like years as they both menfight for a ounce of air but find nothing. They are sent hurdling towards theback of her mouth to sides and then to the very edge of her tongue. Steve spotsthe endless pit which is her throat but before he has a chance to try tomanuever away from her throat both men are sent speeding out of her mouth butBob crashes into the something hard and then becomes stuck as Steve is spit outof Colleens mouth. He watches as a waterfall is hurdling towards a another pit.

Steve watches as some of the toothpaste that was spit out before him is sweepaway in the strong current. Fortunately for Steve he ends up in one of thedroplets that miss the sink and land on the counter top. Steve watches from hislake of saliva and toothpaste as Colleen walks away.

Meanwhile Bob however looks around at his surrounds. He quickly realizes heis still in Colleens mouth. Darkness is everywhere he looks for any sign ofsomething to tell him where he is inside the mouth. All he can smell is the hotminty air that resides in Colleens mouth. Her lips start to part ways and lightshines in. Bob quickly looks around at his surrounds and sees that he is lodgedin her braces on the bottom row of teeth. He tries to squirm and pull his wayout but he is firmly stuck with her tooth at his back and her braces pressingagainst his chest. Before the mouth closes Bob quickly yells out“STEVE HELP, IM STUCK IN COLLEENS BRACES”Steve stares up at Colleen thinking about what bob had said earlier aboutthis not being a game He then hears Bob yelling for help. Steve stairs up at hermouth and then watches as Colleen shuts the lights off and leaves.