Can't ComputeByAsukafan2001 I always loved computers, I loved to build them, I loved totinker with them, I loved to use them for all there various functions. I couldremember the first time I ever saw a computer. My feelings could only bedescribed as that feeling you got just after you learned how to ride your bike.

That feeling of freedom and knowledge that there is a world beyond your blockthat you can now travel to, a place that is beyond what you call home. Thatlove, that exploration that has pushed man to want more since the start of time.

The sole purpose behind the finding of North and South America, the secretknowing that there is more out there, that just getting by isn't enough, thosesimple truths are why I fell in love with computers. They unlocked a world thatI hadn't ever imagined, for the first time I was connected with the world. Icould talk to people from anywhere in the world, I could buy things from anywhere; there was so much to learn, so much to do. I found myself immersingmyself more and more as days went by. I began hating to go to little league, andpop warner football because it took away time that I could spend with mycomputers, but my parents pushed and forced me to continue playing sports.            It wasn't so bad that they did, because they didI had lots of friends, I have had girlfriends and even have one at the moment. Iam known around the school, I wouldn't call myself popular but I wasn't anobody. Since my parents did push me I learned to balance my time betweenpleasure and business, between fun and duties which taught me values thateveryone should know.

           However, fate decided to intervene in myotherwise dull life. I was coming home from school, I had to make it home beforemy parents so I could at the very least get 30 minutes of computer time beforethey started cracking the whip. The old metaphorical whip, one of the many joysof living at home, no matter how old you are, you still have chores and rules.

You would think that as you get older that you get less and less rules andchores but since you get older you only get more and more. The so calledresponsibility that you have always wanted is forced upon you and find out onesimple truth. Responsibility sucks!           As I made it home that day, I looked down at mywatch, it was 3:15. That time is engrained into me as it is the time that I willnever forget. The time that fate wont ever let me live down. As 3:17 approachedI was already in the computer room booting up the computer. As the computerloaded I looked out the window, seeing the driveway still empty I knew mysister, well sort of sister wasn't home. I love her like a sister, and most ofthe time I don't even think about the fact that she was adopted but that isreally beside the point, like I was saying, I looked out the window and saw thatCaroline or Cary as we call her wasn't home and neither were mom and dad. Ismiled as this ideal pleasure would be mine and mine alone to have. The computerloaded and I clicked on internet explorer. As I clicked I felt surge passthrough my body. My body was lifted up off the ground and I slammed against hardfloor.

           I awoke not realizing I had even been onunconscious for the better part of an hour. I sat up expecting to see thecomputer monitor and I did see it only it was huge, huge doesn't really describeit more like magnamous. Yes Magnamous describes it well because the word doesn'texist. The size of thing just cannot be conveyed by words. It just kept going upand up, and up. I couldn't even see the end.

           One would think that this alone would be enoughto give fate a chuckle and its jollies but no, fate needs more, fate is likeorphan boy Oliver saying please sir may I have some more? Fate,  begging andpleading for more, and much to my demise it submits to its own will.

           A low rumble rolls across the floor like a coolbreeze coming off the ocean. It's not that noticeable at first but it increasesin volume and power almost like clock work, it's always at the same time, samepace, like a machine. The rumbling was all I could hear while my legs were goingnumb from the shaking. I find myself at the mercy of the beast. Fear, panic,excitement, all run through me as I catch a glance at the computer monitoragain. I still can't believe how huge it is. The rumbling and shaking ceases allat once, almost as if time itself had stopped, the air was thick, it was thicklike my pea soup. The ground was filled with tension like it was about to burstat any moment. I darted my eyes around nervously catching the magnitude andvastness of everything around me as I turn 90 degrees I catch a wall of pink inthe corner of my eyes. Still a bit puzzled as to what has happened to myself butknowing full well that there is nothing pink in this room my curiosity peaks. Istart to turn faster as both my eyes focus on the pink structure in the cornerof my eye. As I turn my vision fills with more and more pink. Then I hear ashrill, it almost sounds like an air leak followed by a grinding noise.

           I look upward nervously part of me not wantingto but most of me not sure why I wouldn't want too. As I look up my excitementdissipates into complete shock and fear. It's Caroline! She's just damn big isthe only way to put it. The computer monitor I couldn't describe but pictureabout 12 of those indescribable computer monitors sitting atop of each other andthat's about what I am seeing. It is now the full realization of what hashappened to me passes through my brain. I shrunk, and while I had realized thatI shrunk accepting it was still well off, which put barely being able to see theunderside of Caroline's chin not anywhere near the realm of ready to undertakeacceptance.

Upon seeing Caroline like this Ifound myself with the knowledge of my size. I had to have been microscopic asthe distance from where I was to her the underside of her chin looked to beabout the distance from Earth to the Sun.

I had absolutely no idea how Iwas going to get her attention. I must say that jumping up and down like alunatic seemed like a logical thing at the time but as I look back at it. It wasprobably one of the top ten dumbest things I have done in my life.  As I leaparound like a lunatic screaming and shouting hoping that somehow my voice wouldfall upon Cary's ears I began to pay less and less attention to what was goingon around me and more and more attention how to get her attention so as I leaptup I cared not where I landed only if my plight would work however as I landed Irolled my ankle and found myself tumbling off the side of the desk.

Everything whizzed around me butthe fall was much shorter then I had suspected.

I landed on something grey, it was a plastic grey. In themiddle of there looked to be some kind of writing but I couldn't make it out. Istood up a bit shakily from the fall. As I looked around I could see row afterrow of similar elevated platforms with writing on each of them. I spun around acouple more times before it dawned on me. I was on the keyboard. Upon thisrealization there was decompression type noise which told me that Cary had satdown, and to make matters worse it was at the computer. Everything around mebegan to shake as she lifted the keyboard up. I found myself sliding off the keyI was on. I grabbed the side of the key as my body slid over the edge. Myfingers grinded into plastic, as my muscles strained trying to pull me up but Iknew it was futile as I could never lift my own body weight. My adrenalinestarted pumping through my veins as my body clings to the side of the key.

Something tempts me to look down but I force myself to look ahead not payingattention to my desires. I begin to think that I just might make it as I holdon. I start to swing from side to side hoping I can get one of my legs over theside. As I swing I start to just get my toe over the side of the key as Carylets the keyboard drop the last inch onto her lap.

           My body slams into the hard plastic. At first Ithink that I just might have made it back onto the key but as I look around Irealize that I have not. Plastic posts stick up into the air like trees of aforest as I look around. The only difference I find is instead of a canopy ofleaves I see a canopy of the keys of the keyboard. I take a few steps to theleft so that I can see between two of the keys literally a mile or two above me.

I can only manage to make out Cary's pink top as I stare up at her from betweenthe keys.

           As she types I can hear the clicking andclacking of the keys resonating through my world. I cover my ears as I runthrough the maze of plastic posts looking for a way out. I wander around forseemingly hours as I can hear Cary in her usual position. I have seen it so manytimes, her head tilted to the right pressing her cell phone into her shoulderwhile she talks to one of her friends, she has her legs curled up under her andthe keyboard resting in her lap as she chats to more friends online.

           I finally come across some a droplet of soda. Ilook up to see Caroline setting down a can diet coke. Any other day I would beyelling at her but today I am thankful for her constant disobeying of the rules.

I tare my clothes off and roll around in the sticky soda. I then throw myself atone of the plastic posts and smile as I stick. I can't believe my luck. I slowlymake my ascent back onto the top of the key.

           As I make it to the top of key I find Carolineand gone and darkness shrouding the room. I couldn't believe how long it took. Istruggle to make out any of the objects at first but as my eyes adjust to thedarkness everything begins to come into focus. I find that the keyboard isresting in chair probably where Cary left it.

           The door the room then bursted open, the soundof my mother's voice filled the room she was chatting with someone. I couldn'tsee either my mom or who was with her but I knew I was in trouble.

           “Thank you Mrs. Sanford for letting me use yourcomputer. Ours is getting fixed”           “Oh it's not a problem, the kids aren't aroundtonight and I never use it, just make sure you lock the doors when you leaveGrace.”           “Alright Mrs. Sanford thanks again, I appreciateit”           It was Grace from next door, I would be lying ifI said I hadn't ever had a wet dream about her before, because I had, quite afew actually. She has the most luscious ass, the cutest smile, a little heavybreasted something I never really liked but no one is perfect, I always enjoyedthe way her brown hair swept across her face. I had seen her millions of timesbut as she came into view I wasn't ready for how magnificent she looked. She hadon blue jeans and a black sweater with a baby blue zig zag pattern across thecenter of it and on the sleeves. As she grabbed the key board I found myselfsliding off the keys for the second time today as she grabbed the keyboard bythe cord. I screamed for Grace as I slid off the key and fell. I was freefallingwithout a parachute and no hope for survival.

           I didn't think I would survive the fall but Idid somehow. I didn't even fall unconscious. I was just staring up at grace whohad her back to me. I looked around seeing the padded cushion of the computerchair stretching out infinitely in all directions. Then her ass started loweringtowards me. My eyes bugged out and mind began to run amuck. I take off runningtowards the edge but its almost like I am not even moving as Graces ass onlylooms closer and closer. I keep looking up hoping that this will all be somekind of horrible dream that I am going to wake up from but now I can smell thescent of Grace in the air. I put my hands up like I could somehow push her upand off of me if I wanted too. My body began to sink into the cushion as Gracesass pushed me deeper and deeper in until I had no where else to go. The cushionwas at its maximum absorbance so it was no the chair itself forced to thecushion the blow. My ribs cracked and my eyes bugged out. I tried to scream butI had no air. I felt my legs break and smash first then my hips, I was unable tomove a muscle but I found that nothing else was breaking. I used my hands tofeel around and I found what had led to my survival. As Grace sat down I was inprocess of running to one of the button holes in the cushion, a small amount ofluck finally fell on my side, however fate once again stepped into things. Graceslide her butt from side to side a bit trying to adjust and get comfortable thatI was all it took. One my smashed legs got caught into a small microscopicthread loop that was jutting out from her jeans so as Grace adjusted herself Iwas drug of the button hole. As Grace rolled her weight back over towards me Iknew this was it. I was going to die.

           That was exactly how I got here. It's funny howwhen you are about die that everything leading upto your demise runs throughyour head. I could feel the weight of Grace steadily increase as I could faintlyhear You're a God by Vertical Horizon. How fitting, I think to myself. It is atthe very moment “I hear You're a god, and I am not….”I feel my body begin to expand agrow, at first the growth is only slow and gradual and soon its fast, I begin toget bigger and bigger, not now no not know I scream in my mind. As I get biggerand bigger the pressure on my body gets greater and greater, my chest finallybursts open spilling my blood and guts onto the seat cushion.

I find myself immobilecompletely. I realize this is death. I see Grace's but dart up as she feelssomething, its me I think to myself. As she stands up and looks down at myremains I find myself still looking up and down at myself. This must be whatdeath is. I look down at my destroyed body. My legs are mashed barleyrecognizable, my chest looks more like someone took a hammer to potato and myhead is no where to be found. I was completely crushed by her ass, unbelievable.

It then dawned on me, I was dead.

I begin to cry as I look soley look up at Grace as its much to painful to lookdown at myself. I then see her walk away, but I cant see where. I am not surewhere I am but I seem to only be able to see this one spot. As Grace returns shehas something in her hand but I can't quite make out what.

“Thank god they scotch guardedthe seat cushion. I would have felt bad if it had gotten stained, but it servesthe dumb bug right. Crushed by my MIGHTY ASS” jokingly laughs Grace.

I couldn't believe it. A Kleenexcame rushing down towards my body. It was like at that moment I was forced backinto my body as I all I could see was a canopy of white but I had no clue what Iwas looking up with or how. As the Kleenex mashes against me I can feel it beginto push all around me as she balls the Kleenex up.

“Perfect not even a stain. Thankthe lord of scotch guarding”I felt Grace toss me into thewastepaper basket next to the computer. I couldn't believe that my body couldn'teven penetrate the scotch guarding of the cushion.

Over the next few hours I slowlysuccumb to death losing consciousness once and for all.