CAPITAL PUNISHMENTby MaxHowardAugust21,2165 — ManhattanThe musty old courtroom was so silent one could hear itsancient timbers creakand the heavy breathing of the more than 300 souls who had crammed themsevlvesinto this humid oven of a place. Only two of them were male, and thesestalwarts,dressed in their finest ceremonial uniforms, stood trembling, with their backsto the massive female audience. Facing an equally all-feminine jury and judge,they grimaced as the moments ticked by until the jurors finally nodded to thejudge.

"Ladiesof the jury. Have you reached your verdict?""We have, your honor. We find General Howard Bonnard andGeneral MatthewDann guilty on all counts of war crimes against the Women's World Republic,including 11 instances of genocide. We recommend the death penalty for thesecrimes, not only as fitting retribution inflicted against the World All-MaleExpeditionary Force but as an appropriate symbol of our triumph over matesthroughout the globe. With these two leaders paying the ultimate tribute, andwith a11 other males now captive and subservient to our invincible forces,we shall now show at last how female supremacy can bring a permanent peaceand lasting justice to this planet."The entire throng of spectators, most of them garbed inuniforms of the Women'sWorld Republic Army, burst into loud applause and excited chatter. After afew moments, Judge Nora Simmons banged her gavel and brought the room toorder.

"The defendants willapproach the bench." Each gripped by two Amazon femalesargeants, the two generals were ushered to a spot below the bench.


"Generals Hoard Bonnard and Matthew Dann. Do you have any final wordsbeforesentencing?"The twostoic soldiers stood silent.

"If not, then it is myjudgment to inform both of you that you are herebysentenced to fleath, by execution to be carried out on Saturday eveningAugust 30 at 8 pm in the center ring at Madison Square Garden, by means ofour standard reduction injection, followed by methodology at the discretionof your executioners."Once again, the audience burst into cheers bordering uponhysteria. All of thewomen, old and young, knew the full meaning of reduction injection -- the mostdegrading of all executions -- which instantly reduces the condemned victim tothe size of a human thumb, permitting the executioner to then put the victimtodeath through a wide and fascinating variety of methods. The audience wasbuzzingwith a span of possibilities as Judge Simmons once again called for order.

"Will Generals Deborah Prentice and Kathleen Conwayplease rise and step forwardto approach the bench."Once again an excited cry went up from the crowd. These two were among themostawesome heroes of the Women's Army, as well as being two of the mostincrediblybeautiful of any in the officer corps. Everyone knew what the judge^s wordsaeant.

"General Prentice, I herebyappoint you an official executioner of GeneralBonnard. Do you accept the assignment?""With great pleasure, yourhonor" said Debbie Prentice, her sparkling blue eyesstaring holes through the general.

"And by what method have youchosen to perform the execution, general?" askedthe judge.

"My first choice, yourhonor" she stated, staring at her prey," is to slowlycrush the general to death beneath my foot."Howard Bonnard's face was contorted in horror andhumiliation. What an incredibleway to go1. That bitch; The audience was spellbound, thendelirious.

"Done," said the judge. " General Hoard Bonnard, on theexecutiion evening,you shall receive a reduction injection, be placed upon your back on aplatformin center ring, Madison Square Garden, and be crushed to death beneath thefoot of General Deborah Prentice. And now. General Kathleen Conway, I heerebyappoint you official executioner of General Matthew Dann. Do you accept theassignment?""I do, yourhonor," Kathy Conway said at the top of her lungs. "I shall relish it.""And by what method have you chosen. General?" "Your honor, my first choice would be to cook the general alive," she statedcalmly, peering sweetly at Matt Dann as he shook in terror at the news, " him."As Kathy grinned and watched her victim virtually meltbefore her eyes, as histwo guards propped him up to a standing position, the audience went insane.

Cooked alive?  What a thought;  What an exciting, fabulous thought; Andthen...

eat him? Eat him? Fantastic? Yes Fantastic; The idea; Yes; The ultimatetriumphof female over consumption; The crowd could not be contained. Thecheers and screams went on for an eternity, as the women poured out of thehot courtroom not really knowing if the rivers of perspiration were from thesteamy room or the visions of bizarre vindication conjured up by the twosentences. The next week and a half would be excruciating, awaiting the finalevent;And perhaps most excruciatingof all was the feeling of excitement withinDebbie and Kathy during those endless days as they pondered their big momentof retribution in the Garden, and the feeling of total horror within the twocondemned males as they contemplated the unbelievably gruesome fate thatawaitedeach of them.

While the days seemed like eons to both women and bothmen, they evaporatedsteadily until that fateful Saturday evening was at hand. Speculation had beenrampant among the entire female society and tickets to the executionproceeedingshad been bid and bid up to astronomic prices. Many women --especially thosethat had served under one of the two Women generals or had suffered in battleagainst one of the two Male generals-- travelled from all points of the globetowitness this event.

Madison Square Garden wasliterally packed to the rafters. In every section,there loomed a huge screen that would give spectators live closed-circuit TVimages of the events taking place in the ring, on an ultra close-up basis,as was always necessary during reduction injection style executions.

The sounds of excitementfilling the great chamber reached fever pitch asthe executioners and victims entered in a processional led by Judge Simmons,and soon virtually everyone was on her feet screaming. The Republic had neverseen an execution quite like this one. The tension was almost unbearable.

The five entered the ring along with several femaleassistants. A large 6 by 6 footmarble platform was placed in the center of the ring. The attendantsceremoniouslyrolled up the sleeves of the male generals' uniforms and, as a drum rollsounded,plunged a needle into the arm of each. The room burst into cheers, and thenoise level continued as the two men rapidly withered. As the reductioncontinued,the attendeants removed each article of clothing, until finally the men werestark naked before their captors, and continuing to shrivvel. Within minutes,to the hysterical cheers of the crowd, they had diminished to thumb size.

Whileboth of the men had a powerful urge to panic and run, they stood their groundwith all the pride they could muster, trembling with cold fear and utterhumiliation.

With another drum roll, anattendant grasped Howard Bonnard, lifted him andslowly carried him to the marble platform, placing his nude body face up inthe exact center, and then gentlytaping down his tiny arms and legs to •immobilizehim. Petrified with terror, he gazed up at the blazing white lights far abovehim,then craned his neck around to see General Deborah Prentice, shapely andstatuesquein full battle gear, slowly begin to walk toward him in measured steps. Anevilsmile crossed her lips.

She stood over him, savoringeach second as she watched the tiny shaking bodybeneath her.

"General Howard Bonnard, I hereby concemn you to death." she spoke into awirelessmicrophone, with her gaze trainedon the victim below. Very slowly, she raiseda highly polished combat boot and gradually brought the rough sole down uponhim, while the cameras captured every nuance of the event, conveying to theraptcrowd the quivvering little body and giant sole descending. As Debbie's bootsole barely touched the victim and the screams of the audience far drowned outthe trity screams of her captive general, Debbie suddenly stopped the motion.

Stepping back, she viewed her prey, paused a moment longer, then grinned,reacheddown and slowly began to unlace her boot. Then she removed one, then theother.

Amid cheers from the fans, she stood there in stocking feet, peering down athercvictim, then stepped forward and once again raised a graceful foot. Slowly itdescended upon the concemned man, reached his body, and began applying actualpressure upon his face, stomach and outstretched limbs. The cameras gave thecrowd every detail of his struggles until he^ disappeared beneath herstocking.

Suddenly, Debbie once again raised her foot, revealing apanicked but still intactvictim.

"This isstill too dignified a death for you , general" she finally announcedto the fascinated stadium. "It is only fitting that you perish in totaldegradationfor yourcardinal sins. It is only fitting that you die...under my bare foot;"The crown went wild. "Yes; Yes; Bare feet: Bare feet:Bare feet:" the chant wentup throughout the hall. How appropriate: And what a she-devil:Debbie stood over him, her hands on hips, pertly grinningat the enemy she wasabout the crush like a bug beneath her bare foot. Fiendishly, she removed herstockings, revealing two beautiful, slim, pink-nail pedicured bare feet. Shecastthe stockings aside with a flourish and excitedly peered down at her preyagain.

"Yes, general. I want to feel you die beneath me. As mybare foot crushes everybone in your body, I want to feel your final struggles and know what you areenduring in your last minutes on earth. And now...before you die...I want tofeel you beg forgiveness for your heinous crimes, beg forgiveness from a11womankind, whose sisters you have so mercilessly plundered and murdered.

Now... your last act of total humility...before this audience witnessingyou...I want you to kiss my foot. "Debbie raised a dainty foot and let it descend again,pink toes wrigglingplayfully, until they almost reached her victim's upturned face. The tipof her big toe then slowly descended to his face and pressed down upon it.

Sick with fear, the general finally broke down in sobbing and pleadingoutburst,and the TV cameras picked up every desperate motion of his mouth as heferventlykissed the giant toe above him and babbled out pleas for mercy.

 "Yes: Yes, general I" exclaimed Debbie with glee. "Kiss my big toe! Kiss itandbeg us for the mercy you know cannot be yours. Kiss my toe, general! Yes!That's It. Mow..lick it; Lick my toe. Long, wet strokes, general. Yes....

now pay the same respect to my other toes, one by one. You may forestall yourdeath my many minutes; Yessssssss. That's it. Lick: Lick:"The audience sat spellboundas the commanding officer of the World Male Forceslay there petrified beneath the frail young girl --a giant above him-- as sheforced him to pay homage to each of her bare toes with his miniscule tongue,and then forced him to slowly perform the same service upon her left foot. Shethen forced him to worship the entire length of her feet, from toes to heel,leaving his lips and tongue raw and bleeding. The crowd screamed with sheerdelight.

At last a countenance of pureevil swept across Debbie's pretty face. She sigheda deep breath of pent up emotion, grinned at the helpless Boannard layingthere before her. He knew instantly that his time was up. He screamed in histiny voice, picked up marvelously by the floor mikes, and begged one last tirofor his life. But he knew. And she knew he knew.

"This is your momentgeneral. This is our moment. You are about to die undermy bare foot. Are you ready?"She nodded and the drums begainto roll. One attendant took each of her delicatehands to dteady her as she slowly raised a graceful bare foot for the lasttime.

Down it came, by inches, by centimeters. Howard Bonnard lay paralyzed as hesawthe immense, soft pink sole and wriggling toes descend. Centimeter bycentimeter.

Now he could see each crease and crevice in the sole and could begin onceagainbecoming overpowered by its musky aroma. Soon the spotlights above werecompletelyobliterated, the darkness was coming upon him. Soon, the entire world waspink.

His vision beheld nothing but that relentless sole and wiggly toes above him.

Debbie's face had disappeared just after she blew him a goodbye kiss, a winkand an evil smile. Now her foot was gracefully arching. The heel went up. Thegiant ball and toes kept descentng. His body tensed. The TV cameras caughteachportion of his final sobs as the soft ball of her foot reached his chest andtorso,enveloping him. Then he watched in horror as, in a final indignity, Debbie'sbig toe covered his face. The musky aroma of her bare foot bathed him it itsaura, dulling his senses as he steeled himself for the inevitable anguish ofherfull weight. But the pressure came so gradually, so evenly, that he hardlyfelther downward motion. He knew what she must be thinking, how devlishly she wasapplying just the slightest amount of weight. Slowly, the ball of her footbeganto move, a gradual rotation, like a high school girl crushing out a cigarette.

The ball applied more and more weight to his tiny fragile chest and limbs,slowlytwisting, grinding, squishing his helpless body. The pain began to build.

Meanwhile,Debbie casually lifted her big toe from his face for a moment, twisted herfootso that his face protruded between her big toe and second toe, and suddenly hecould look up and see her elated, grinning face above him, savoring her finalmoments of victory.

 "Bye,general." she whispered.

She then proceeded to gradually slide her big toe backover his face and pressdown firmly. The cameras recorded his final disappearance into the determinedpink flesh of her toe as she resumed the slow twisting motion of her slimankle,bearing down again on the ball and building up greater pressure than ever.

As the giant toe enveloped his face and the ball groundhis body beneath itsmounting weight, Bonnard for the first time began to feel his ribs crackslightly,then his nose. The pressure mounted. It was incredble, far more hideous thanhe even imagined during those days in his cell, dreading his weekend fate. Hesuddenly heard his tormentress scream into the microphone: "Oh my God; It'sfantastic! I'm actually hearing his bones begin to crack;"Hertwisting, grinding ball became more relentless asDebbi'e, with supreme control,applied a bit more weight upon her squashed victim as the minutes ticked byandthe drum rolls continued. Benaath her foot, as he heard her shrieks of joy andfelt his rib cage finally give way, Bonnard incredibly and spontaneouslyexperienceda monumental ejaculation. As it took place, Debbie could control herself nolonger and began to place her fullweight upon her twisting foot. She knew shehadto crush him to death now.

As Bonnard slowly died, hefelt the total collapse of his chest and limbs fromthe immense grinding pressure, while the skin of the toe bbove him crushedsteadily down upon his face and crunched his head like a grape.

As the crowd reached anunparalleled frenzy, Debbie stood erect with her handsoutstretched above her head, her bare foot still squishing the lifeless bodybeneath it. She exulted in the rapture of the adulation. After a few deliciousmoments, she spun around, left the crushed and splattered victim on the marblebehind her, and walked out of the ring to resounding applause.

Gradually the crowd grew hushed again as everyone began to realize that themain event was at hand. Soon all that was audible was the cry of souveniersaleswomen moving up and down the aisiis hawking xchocolate figurines ofthe two male generals , female victory pennants and posters of the two herloneexecutioners.

A single thought raced through everyone's mind. Theaudience, mostly womenwho had taught so valiantly against the Male Forces foe and seen the gruesomeaftermath of the atrocities committed under direction of these two despisedgenerals, would now witness the second and most dramatic phase of this eveningof gala retribution. They would be privileged to see the mastermind of theirhated enemy stand naked in tiny formbefore them and be broiled alive anddevouredby one of the most beautiful and beloved generals of the entire Women'sForces.

General Matthew Dann stood there nude, shaking, in hislittle plexiglass cage,perched upon a table before General Kathleen Conway in one corner of theGarden center ring. He was especially chilled because she had had himmeticulouslyshaved that morning, shorn of every trace of body hair, and then had her chefgently rub flavoed oils into his skin, prior to the reduction injection.

Kathy sat regally upon her special thronelike chair, staring at him throughthe plexiglass, grinning, and licking her thin, prettyhds.

 Then the drumrolls sounded againand the chefs appeared, bearing a small cast ironcharcoal brazier which they set upon a gleaming white pedestal upon the marblein center ring. The audience burst into excited applause as it watched thechefslight the charcoal, which flared for a few moments as the fluid burned off andthe embers began to glow.  Atop the brazier was a small spindle and crank,whichrotated a tiny spit. After a brief pause, the chefs stood at rapt attentionwhilethe Chief Judge intoned over the stadium speaker system:  " General MatthewDann, you are hereby condemned to be put to death for your crimes againstworld womanhood, and executed by being consumed by General Kathleen Conway."Thestadium resounded with cheers as the chefs lifted the silver spit off therack and approached Dann. Suddenly the pert slim figure of Kathy Conway arose.

She was radiant, her soft brown hair shining, her brilliant green eyestwinkling,and her wgite teeth sparkling. She was garbed for a barbeque: white tee shirt,a white bib around her neck, blue jeans, and sneakers. Majestically, sheraisedher hand, instructing the chefs to halt their proceedings. Reaching into thecage, she grasped the thumb-sized general between her own thumb and foreflingerand raised him above her head, to the delight of the crowd. Then slowly sheloweded his helpless body to eye level, and spoke both to her captive and toher vast audience throughout the stadium and on world-wide television.

"My sisters everywhere. My beloved sisters; It is mypleasure to announce toyou a major change of plan in this ritual. So great and so heinous are thecrimesof General Dann that even my initial choice of execution is too benevolent amannerin which he should die. You have come to watch me consume the general, andconsumehim I shall. But for him to perish first on the cookfire is to brief andimpersonal a death for him, and too impersonal an execution for me to conduct.

I want him to be there, with me, during the entire meal."The audience was hushed and baffled. Dann peered at his captor, trembling andstupefied.

"Therefore, " Kathycontinued,"it is my intention that the general shall notbe cooked."Kathypaused, relishing the moment. "It is my eat the general...raw!"Raw??? Raw??? She's going toeat him raw? Incredible; Her sisters sucked in theirbreath and she continued.

"My sisters." said Kathy with mounting excitement, " I intend to eat thegeneral...alive;The stadium burst into pandemonium. The thousands ofwomen stared at each otherin disbelief. Eat him alive?  Kathy's going to eat him alive??  It was tooincredible:But then, as the full realizationdawned upon them, they went virtually insane withglee. The thought of what they were about to witness turned the entire eveninginto a sensual orgy of vindictive lust.

"Yes, mysisters," said Kathy joyously, "I am going to eat General Oann alive. This...

this...willbe our most fitting retribution. "Uponhearing the words. Matt Dann stiffened in sheer panic. For days he hadresolved in his own psyche the horrendous image of ending his life on a spit, beingcooked to death for this fiendish female executioner. But this; This wasnever even contemplated, never imagined; To be eaten alive?  Eaten alive bythis beautiful cannibal giantess bite by bite?  The impact was overwhelming.

He gazed helplessly into those giant green eyes before him, pleading silentlyfor mercy.

"And now General, before our triumphal feast begins, you shall have oneopportunity to beg forgiveness to the world's entire female population. Thisshall be your one last act of contrition..."Kathy stepped to center ring, set the tiny man upon thefloor and regally strodeback to her throne, upon which she reclined.

"In total humility, in totalhumiliation, you shall perform this one final act,general. shall begin crawling...crawl general...crawl to me andkiss my foot. Beg the world's womankind for forgiveness for your sins. Crawl;"Dann was almost delirious with fear. He tood there in hisnakedness, watchingher as she began to lean back and stretch out on the throne impishly,grinning,and extending her slim legs and sneakers. He began to crawl. ON hands andknees,shivvering in terror, Dann crawled to his executioner, his eyes transfixed onhers. As he did so, she slowly begain to wriggle her feet and kick off hersneakers,revealing two exquisite, slim bare feet, toe-nails polished blood red. Shewriggledher toes playfully as he continued his crawl. Finally he was before her rightfoot, on his knees. Slowly his tormentress began to tip up her foot and moveittoward him.

"Kiss it; Kiss it, general, and beg for the mercy that you never gave any ofourdeparted sisters: Yesssssss. Kiss the sole; Kisssss;  Now get that face ofyoursbetween each of my toes; Yes, that's right. Pull them apart gently and lick:Lick;Lick, general; Lick the toes of the giantess that is about to eat you. Payfinalhomage to the avenging giantess who is about to secure the ultimateretributionfor all womankind, everywhere; Lick; "Hysterical with terror now, Dann frantically reached upand pull apart each hugetoe , plunged his face desperately in between and licked. He sobbeduncontrollably,begging for forgiveness, for mercy, for compassion. The audience, watchingeverymovement through the zoom lens of closed cirtuitry, continued its frenziedcheers.

Finally in one swift, harsh, elegant sweep of her foot,Kathy kdeked her victimaway, landing him sprawled on his back on the canvas. Arising in queenlyfashion,she stooped to grasp him. In a paiiic,, Dann arose to his feet and triedvainlyto dash away from her. With ease, she took one bound and swept him up in herhand.

Grandly, slowly, she walked with him into the spotlight focused on centerring.

Raising him high in the air she stood their triumphantly, her bare feet spreadapart. The drums began to roll.

Speaking once again into her lapel m1ke, she said to her followers and to hervictim:"This is mymoment. This Is our moment. This is your moment, general. The final feast is about to begin. I'mgoing to eat you now general. I'm going to eat youalive. And bacaaae I purposely have fasted for a day and a half, I'mstarving;I'mfamished; And I am ever going to love this;"Dann struggled desperately and with total futilityagainst the delicate femininefingers holding him tightly. Giggling, she drew higi closer to her mouth andopened it to reveal those fabuldus white catlike teeth and a teasing pinktongue.

"Oh God,Kathy, no;" Oann sobbed. "No, please no; Don'^ eat me alive; Oh God,please,please;"Despite the faintness of his tiny voice, his proximity toKathy's lapel mike wassufficient that the whole world of women heard his final pleas.

"Oh yes, my general," Kathy whispered excitedly. "That'sexactly what I am goingto do. Get ready to die now between my teeth, bite by bite. In slow agony.

I want the full sensation general, as you squirm and scream inside my mouth,dying by millimeters; This 1s It, general; Are you ready to be eaten????"The audience was hushed once again and the only sound wasthe general's tiny sobs.

Kathy slowly began to lower his struggling body toward her upturned mouthuntilher soft lips could grasp one outstretched arm. In a flash, she sucked it inbetween her lips, bringing his terror-wracked face within an inch of hers. Hissobs and pleading grew ever more frantic. Then, gradually, he felt her frontteethgently grop his shoulder. The pressure grew. She grinned, revealing to thezoomTV camera lens the hapless sight of a struggling nude man whose right arm hadfully disappeared between two magnificent rows of perfect teeth. Kathy's jawsgrewtaut and she bit down harder. Bright red blood spurted from Dann's shoulder,sprinkling her teeth and lips. The teeth bit harder. Dann screamed in agony ashefelt the teeth go through flesh and then bone, and finally snap off the arm atthe shoulder entirely. Kathy had to shake her head a bit to finally snip offthe Umb.

"Oh my god.'" she exclaimed as she excitedly chewed andcrunched his flesh andbones. "Is this fantastic; Is he ever delicious; "She held her prey aloft for all to see, blood gushingfrom the shoulder. Then,with an evil grin, she was back for more, hungrily eying his squirming frameand listening to his waiting cries. In a twinkle she brought him to her lipsand quickly sucked in his left arm, gripping between those relentless teethh^er prize, biting down gently, and peering into his little twisted face. Onceagainm, she took her time, several minutes, savoring the moment, biting awaygradually, heightening the pressure, and finally snipping off the limb andrelishing the mouthfull.

The frenzy of the audiencewas at fever pitch, as it gazed upon the grisly,erotic spectacle in awe. New cheers went up as the young heroine skillfullysucked in a dangling leg and began the slow relentless bite once again. Dannwas now in complete panic and agony as he watched a third limb lost betweenthose sultry lips.

"Yummmmmmmmmmmm;" murmured Kathy into her lapel mike as she slowly masticatedthe limb. "It's incredible;" Chewing slowly, Kathy watched her tiny victim with glee, occasionally bringinghis tortured body down close to her lapel mike so that the entire female worldcould clearly hear his screams. Then, as he struggled vainly. Matt Dann gazedin horror as his hungry goddess once again lowered him to her waiting lipsand sucked In his last limb, snipping it off smartly with a loud crunch.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm;He's fantastic'." Kathy murmured as she munched him.

"And now,before the grand comes the most symbolic morsel of all;Are you ready general? Ready tolose your manhood? Your precious manhood? Watch,my sisters;"With an evil grin, Kathy drew the squirming, screaminglittle quadraplegicman toward her gaping mouth, his blood spurting freely from the four stumps,showering her white bib and chin. Incredibly, Dann's organ was extremelyerect.

Stupefied by the thought of what was coming next, he begged her in tinysquealsfor mercy. His tormentress gave him none. Down she drew him while the cameralens zoomed in to witness this remarkable scene of emasculation. When hearrivedat hercavern, suddenly out flicked her pink tongue to lift his teeny penis justslightlybefore capturing it between her vicious teeth. Their eyes were stillmeeting,transfixed. She revelled in his agony and terror. Slowly her teethbit down,gradually, with precision and delicacy. His shrieks resounded intothe soundsystem and around the world, and were met by --and drowned out quick1;yby— theinsane cheers of the audience. Every set of eyes was locked upon theTV monitors,presenting every detail of the grisly scene.

XKathy drewout the proceeding to a full five minutes, before finally snipping offthe littleorgan. She closed her eyes and savored the morsel.

When she opened herglistening eyes again they were filled with a look of pure,majestic evil that even Matt Dann had never observed. It was a countenance ofsatisfaction mixed with lustful anticipation and supreme triumph.

"Well,Matt,"she whispered, "This 1s the moment. The preliminaries are over.

Your finalexecution is at hand. I'm going to finish you now. Are you readyto betotally eaten? Are you ready to die between my teeth? Come on...beg me onelast timefor forgiveness; Yes; That's right. OK. Now stop your blubberingand take it like a man. We can never forgive your sins against us. This isgood bye,Matt;; Thislast mouthful shall be my greatest joy;  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm;"With that, her bright red fingernails pincered hiswriggling torso and dangled1t high above her waiting mouth. With grace and flourish, she slowly,tantalizinglylowered him toward her mouth, his final screams rendering a continuing wail.

Desperately he squirmed as he watched that insidious tongue roll out and begintodraw him inside. In sheer terror he felt the wetness against his nude, bloodytorso as it slowly slid down the tongue and into the cavern. He had one lastglimpse of the hysterical audience and his goddess's devlish eyes as his headfinally followed his torso past the lips and into the wet darkness. The lipssnapped shut and the blackness drowned him. Gradually, he felt that mercilesstongue begin to shift him. It rolled his searing body around, over and over,between the incisors, then back upon the lower molars, then forward again,rolling,rolling him, back and forth, side to side. It was incredible; There he was.

 inside her immense mouth, beingsucked and savored like a long lasting pieceof candy. His limbless body struggled against the relentless .swishing tonguebut to no avail. It swept him wherever her whims selected. And as he rolled andtossed, her lovely roiling saliva would gush upon him, half-drowning himas the minutes ticked by and the torture continued.

"ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" sheexclaimed while she shifted him from cheek tocheek and sucked his bleeding torso. And, inside her mouth, theutterancewas deafening to her tiny victim.

Then suddenly all motion stopped. She let him laythere, knowing the worst,anticipating the ultimate. Mischievously, her tongue began to gradually edgehis torso back to the rear and over to the right side, sliding him gentlybetween her lower and upper molars. He was on his back, helpless, his head andchest resting upon the tongue while his lower torso was caught firmly betweentheteeth. He screamed but no one, not even she, could hear. The giant molarsbegan to slowly clench. Delicately, they began to grind him, ripping the skin,then the flesh, then bone. Then her jaws would relax. She relished the morsel.

Her tongue flipped him and washed huge waves of saliva across his face. Thenhe was flipped back again and the giant molars descended, grinding his lowerbody more, and more. The full impact, the full concept of being slowly eatenalive was now overpowering him. The full realization that he was being chewedto death; Matt Dann lay there is the blackness of her mouth. He knew that sheknew he was delicious, and that this was a moment she wanted to last. She wasplaying with him, toying with him in an orgy of sadistic lust, like a catplaying with its prey as it endures its final death throes.

The audience sat there enthralled at this wondrous scene ofan exalted heroinemerrilly, ravenously eating alive a most despised enemy general, and listeningin awe as every bone crunched. And Kathy's bliss waxed only more and moreintense as she ate him. Her eyes were closed again in heavenly excitementas she chewed him, savoring every precious second.

Finally, Matt felt that huge tongue again begin to inch himsideways untilhis upturned face and chest were between her molars. He was fast losingconsciousness and the agony of his 11mb stumps and masticated lower body wasstrangely fading, with the onset of numbing shock. He lay there begging fordeath and knowing it was coming now. The tongue gently shoved him into finalposition. With incredible gradualness, subtle delicacy, Kathy's jaws tightenedagain and the molars gripped him. Then they began to grind. Ever so slowly,he felt the skin rip off his face and chest, then his nose came off. Thepressure built. The grinding became more severe. The upper molar plunged intohis face and, after another four minutes, began to crunch his skull.

Kathy knew when the moment ofhis death came. She could feel the little morselcease its squirming and panicky wriggling. It was lifeless now. With a fiendishgrin, she continued her feast and finally swallowed it. Her exhilaration wasboundless. She stood there in the spotlight, glowing, not bothering to wipeher chin, her arms outsretched  to her sisters everywhere, tears of joystreaming down her cheeks. Together, she and all of them everywhere shareda moment of true karma, exulting in the sheer succulence of ultimateretribution.