Celeb Photographer Pt1Stan entered his boss's office, a tired, almost bored look on hisface. Dale, his boss and editor and chief of Celeberty Nude, wassitting behind his desk, smoking a Havanah cigar. Stan threw a largetan envelope on his desk.

"Here you go. Mrs. Supermodel Gloria Chambers bare feet at a beachparty in San Diego. It took me hours to get these shots."Dale nodded. "How'd they turn out?"Stan shrugged. "Typical. There half-assed. Just like most of theothers.""Well, the foot-freaks love 'em. BARE SOLES is our hottest section.

And you make it happen."Dale threw Stan a white envelope. He opened it to reveal a check. Helooked at it for a moment, then put it in his wallet.

"Not enough?" Dale asked. "I mean, if you need more, we can talk. Ineed those pictures. And you get the absolute best."Stan shook his head. "The money is fine. Its just me. I'm bored ashell, and tired of taking these types of pictures. And bye the way,I am one of those foot freaks."Dale put out his cigar. "Really? You like feet?"Stan laughed. "You think I do this just for money. I enjoy it. Atleast I used to. But if i were buying this magazine, i would be alittle put of by the lack off quality, in depth shots and closeups.""These celebs ain't gonna pose. But you do fine. Take a couple ofdays off. Get laid. Come back recharged.""I don't know if it will help much, but i could use an extendedweekend."Stan turned and left. As he reached the door, Dale called to him.

"You really like feet?"Stan turned and smiled. "You don't know what you're missing."As he was headed home, Stan put in a call to Lindsy, his former girlfriend and now just close friend, minus the girl. She still shouldbe at Maetrix, a lab she worked at that dealt with complex chemicaland physics development.

As it turned out she was there, and she invited him to come pick herup for an early dinner.

He met her in the lab, where she was hovering over a microscope. Shedidn't even notice him come in, and he came up behind her and puthis arms around her waist.

"Damn!" She screamed, whirling around to see Stan. She was a pretty,thin brunette with an olive complextion and deep, intelligent eyes.

She smiled at Stan, then slugged him in the gut.

"Jerk off. You scared the hell out of me."Stan smiled. "That was the point. Whatcha doin?"She smiled. "Making the world a better place. More than I can sayfor you. How is the foot picture business going?"Stan shrugged. "My conscience is clear. That offer still stands.

I'll make your feet famous, beautiful.""No thanks. I still can't believe what i let you do to them in thebedroom.""You know you loved it."Lindsy smiled again. "Yeah, maybe a little. So you want to reallyknow what I'm working on?""Sure?"She pointed toward the microscope. "Take a look."Stan looked through the scope, and saw what appeared to be a verycomplex looking machine.

"What is that? How small is it?""Its a cardio-regulator-transnuration-nanoprobe. Its about the sizeof a redblood cell."Stan's eyes widened. "A nano probe? You mean you guys actually builtthat tiny thing?""Thats what is so amazing. We built it, but originally that machinewas about three feet long and a foot wide and weighed over twohundred pounds. Now its small enough to travel with the blood cellsin the veins and arteries, clearing cloged passages and evendelievering electric shocks to the heart. Of course many thousandsmore would be injected into the body.""Amazing. But what do you mean this thing used ti be big?""What I'm about to tell you is priviliged information. You've got tokeep this quiet, okay?"Stan nodded.

"I shrunk it.""How?""Come with me, I'll show you."They entered another room that was empty save a large cylinderhanging from the ceiling and a large table underneath it. On thewall a large control panel flickered and twitched.

"That is, for all intents and purposes, a shrinking ray. Actually,its a complex machine that emits a laser focused beam thatessentially reconstructs the very molecular makeup of anything. Itbasically lets us take all the air that is between the atoms thatmake up matter away as much as we want, allowing for us to shrinkthe object. By taking all the air out of something, we also make theobject considerably denser."Stan laughed. "You're telling me you can shrink anything? No way."Lindsay smiled. "Get on that table and I'll shrink you down to myideal size.""My ideal size? Sounds like you've put some thought into this. I'llplay along." Stan walked over and laid down on the table, looking upat the large cylinder. "Hey, this looks like that thing from themovie Goldfinger."Lindsy laughed. "I'm just kidding. You're a pest, but making youmicroscopic seems a bit harsh.""Then make me about three inches. You can do that, right. And theprocess is reversalable."Lindsy shook her head. "You don't believe me, do you.""Of course not. You can't shrink things. That's Sci-fi. Now whatdoes this thing really do?"Lindsy walked over to the control panel and punched some buttons. Ascreen flashed, ans Stan watched as a countdown initiated.

6-5-4-3-2-1-A great white light washed over him, and for a moment he was dizzy.

He opened his eyes and sat up on the table. "Cute. I'm blind. Letsget something to eat."He swung his legs over to get of the table, and was surprised thathe didn't find it. He looked over, only to see the edge of the tablewas nowhere in sight. He was on a surface that streched forever inall directions, and he stood up, confused.

Then her shadow fell upon him, and at first he was afraid, then herecognized Lindsy. Except now she was gigantic, like some ancientGoddess from mythology. She was smiling, and she reached down withone enormoud hand and scooped him up. Lindst opened her hand andlooked at Stan, who lay curled in her palm.

"Don't be afraid. Its still me."Stan composed himself and stood up, meeting her gaze. "You're sohuge."She smiled. "Not really. You're just tiny. Now let me show yousomething really cool."She placed him on the floor and took off her shoes, exposing herbare, pale feet. Stan looked at them in awe and smiled. If only ihad a camera he thought. Then Lindsy raised one of those incrediblefeet and placed it over him. He yelled to her.

"Lindsy, what are you doin?!""Just stepping out you, teeny."Her foot came down with impossible force, leaving stan in smotheredin her sole.