CHRISTY              I had missed the last few weeks of work atthe lab because of a case of bronchitis. There was a lot of catching up to do.

Christy, my lab partner, said that she would copy the notes for me and give meany assignments that needed my attention. I enjoyed her frequent visits. Ihadn't shared with her the fact that I was attracted to her. I thought thismight interfere with our professional relationship. Christy was a true goddess!She stood a towering 6 feet in height with big blue eyes and long coal blackhair that draped over her mountainous bosom. She almost always wore at least 5inch heels which definitely made her stand out in a crowd! Her clothes werealways somewhat on the conservative side, but when she would come over to visit,she would usually unbutton her top just enough to send my fantasies into highgear. Compared to my own 5 foot 6 stature, she was already a giant! Before I wasstricken with the illness, we were working on a project dealing withbiochemistry. Our goal was to stimulate growth in vegetation and possibly otherfood sources. Throughout the period of my illness, I spent much time surfingaround the web researching subject matter in biochemical alterations,(when Iwasn't checking out GTS/shrinking stuff).

             About thesecond week of my illness, Christy came by around 7:00pm.She was dressed tokill! Donned in a black dress that could've easily been two sizes too small forher voluptuous body, a pair of 5” black platform heels, and her long, flowinghair completely let down.   She brought the usual stack of paperwork, a bottleof champagne, and a case of equipment from the lab. When I opened the door, shethrew her arms around me and pulled me towards her, shouting in a joyful tone,“We did it, Jack. We did it!!” I then knew that the project was a success. Afterreleasing my head from her pillowy bosom, Christy strolled in and plopped downon my sofa. "Let's go out and get smashed!” she exclaimed. I told her I neededto go take a shower first. As I was showering, Christy decided to go online withmy computer. When I was finished dressing, she was back in the living room,stretched out on the sofa with two glasses of the bubbly and a great big smileon her face. It was one of those looks the cat gives you after swallowing thecanary. I didn't ask and proceeded to sit beside her and sip my champagne. “Ihope you don't mind Jack, when I got on the web, I thought I'd check out some ofyour favorite little places to visit”. I quickly gulped down the rest of myglass in an embarrassed state and then proceeded to say nothing. Noticing mydiscomfort, Christy cooed, “Hey, its okay. Everyone loves different things. Ibet you didn't know that I have a thing for aaaammmmm, how would you say, littlemen.”             I becameimmediately turned on. This was too good to be true! We poured some morechampagne and discussed our fantasies for what seemed like hours. Because of herheight, Christy said she always wanted to see what it would be like to be anactual giantess. The idea of having a pocket sized husband or boyfriend excitedher. “When I was younger, I fancied stories involving little men, ya know, likeGulliver's travels and Jack (giggle) and the beanstalk”. She stated. We wrappedup the discussion with myself stating although it would be pretty neat toexperience this, it could only be a dream. Just then, Christy began looking ather watch with sort of a mischievous grin on her face. “You know Jack, I have alittle confession to make. While you were ill, I've been kinda sorta monitoringyour online how should I put this, uuuhhhhmmm, travels? And I decided to dosomething that may very well bring both of our desires to life”. “In fact, thefun should be starting right about now!” As she said this, I began feeling quitedizzy, as if the whole room was spinning around me. The combination of thechampagne and Christy's beauty and intense conversation had intoxicated me to anintense degree of lightheadedness. Or so I thought. I must've passed out, butwhen I awoke, I thought myself to still be in a dream state. For when I openedmy eyes, I found the strangest thing had occurred. I was still on the couch inmy livingroom, but everything around me, including the sofa I was lying on hadgrown! I mean really grown!! The sofa appeared to be at least a hundred yardslong! My coffee table, chairs, television, and the room itself was of giganticproportions! It seemed like I was at an Epcott center exhibition or a Hollywoodmovie set of sorts! I rubbed my eyes intensely in total disbelief. As I wasdoing so, I heard a large thud. Then, another, and another. Suddenly, I heard athunderous great bellowing voice coming towards me from what appeared to be thenext room. “FE, FI, FO, FUM! WHERE'S THAT MAN THAT'S AS BIG AS MY THUMB?” Istood frozen in a swirling combination of disbelief, curiosity, and fear allrolled up in one. Suddenly, I looked up to see the most amazing sight yournarrator's eyes have ever looked upon, and I do mean Upon! There staring downbefore me stood my friend and lab partner Christy. She had to be at least ahundred feet tall! Once again I rubbed my eyes, thinking that the hallucinationwould disappear. But it did not. Then, I immediately realized that althougheverything around me was now of these mass proportions, they hadn't grown. I hadshrunk!               I took apratfall right on my ass almost passing out! I took several deep breaths andlooked back upward at the marvel of Christy. She was enormous! She stood therewith both hands on her hips and peering over her hill-like bosom, smiled down atmy tiny body. “WHAT DO YA' THINK?” she cooed. I don't know. I replied. WELL, IJUST CAN'T HEAR YOUR TINY LIL' VOICE FROM WAY DOWN THERE. NOW, I'M JUST GONNAPICK YOU UP AND BRING YOU A BIT CLOSER SO I CAN HEAR YOU. OKAY? Before I couldeven respond, Christy reached down with her now wall-sized hand and gentlyscooped me up, tumbling me over her long French manicured nails and into herhuge palm. She elevated me slowly upward. As she did, all I could do is stare inawe. Her dress was a courtyard of black. Her waist and chest looked like a steephillside of quivering land! Finally up to her giant smiling face, it looked asif I was at a drive-in movie, just a few feet from the screen! For a fewmoments, Christy held my tiny body directly in front of her eyes, ogling mealmost like a child does a small pet mouse! Then she softly whispered, “IS ITALL YOU HOPED FOR, AND MORE JACK?” Finally coming to terms with the situation,“yes!” I shouted. “much, much, more!” “But how?” “Why?” I queried? “ IT WASN'TEASY. I'VE BEEN WORKING LATE AT THE LAB MOST NIGHTS, AND I THOUGHT JUST FOR FUN,WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I REVERSED THE SEQUENCE IN THE VEGITATION PROJECT? IEXPERIMENTED ON A FEW OF THE LAB ANIMALS FIRST. THEN I SECRETLY TRIED IT OUT ONONE OF THE PAID VOLUNTEERS. AND EUREKA!! HE SHRUNK!! AND OF COURSE DISCOVERINGYOUR LITTLE ANTICS AT THESE GIANTESS AND SHRINKING SITES, WELL, I JUST THOUGHTSINCE YOU'VE BEEN A BIT UNDER THE WEATHER, I'D BRING A LITTLE, giggle,EXCITEMENT TO YOUR DAY.” “SO, HOW YA LIKE ME NOW??” I HOPE YOUR NOT AFRAID OFTHIS GIANTESS. ARE YOU?”             “ Nnnnnnnnnoooo.”I nervously mumbled. “Hey Christy!” “What happened to the other guy you uuummshrank?” “WELL, THAT'S A BIT COMPLICATED. I'M TOTALLY LIKE, NOT SURE. AFTER THEPROCESS TOOK PLACE, HE ENDED UP ABOUT AN INCH TALL.” (unlike your narrator, whostood a whopping two inches!) I HAD TO PUT HIM SOMEPLACE SAFE WHILE I PUT AWAYTHE EQUIPMENT. SO, I PLACED HIM IN THE CANDY DISH ON MY DESK. WHEN I CAME BACKJUST A COUPLE OF MINUTES LATER, I ENCOUNTERED BECKY AND TAMARA.(two of the otherlab workers). AND THERE THEY WERE, GOBBLING UP THE LAST PIECE OF CANDY IN THEDISH! SO, EITHER THERE'S A LILLIPUTIAN LOOSE IN THE LAB, OR HE WAS DEVOURED BYONE OF THE GALS, I DUNNO.” I was very stunned and afraid at her sudden carefreeattitude about the ordeal and began to shiver at the mere thought of actuallybeing eaten by a woman. Sure, in fantasy, it seemed cool! But just looking atcavernous mouth of Christy's made me a bit nervous. “OH WELL, NOW LET ME SEE.

WHAT SHALL WE DO? HMMMM, OH! I KNOW, HOW ABOUT WE UNDRESS FIRST, OKAY?” I triedto hide my fear, and my sudden erection at the same time! Nervously, I noddedyes. “I'M GONNA STRIP YOU JUST LIKE AN ITSY BITSY DOLLY. With that, Christy slidher long index fingernail up my shirt, and with one swoop, ripped it from mybody! “MMMMM, LOOK AT THAT TINY MAN STANDING IN MY BIG OL' HAND.” “NOW I SEE HOWYOU COULD EASILY BE MISTAKEN FOR CANDY, YUMMMM YUMMMM.” She purred. She stuckher tongue out past her giant luscious red lips and began licking my chest, upand down. “DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY JACK, BUT YOU ARE AWFULLY TASTY!”             I felt like Iwas about to explode! Her warm, wet slithering tongue at one point, almostenveloped my whole body! I resisted the dangerous urge to throw myself intoChristy's open mouth and just fell back into her palm like a tiny ragdoll.

Suddenly, I felt like I was descending downward. I was! Christy lowered her handand stopped right at her chest. My jaw dropped in amazement. I had seen herplunging neckline before, but this was incredible. I know she's at least a 40DDto the average sized person. At my new size, they were like thirty feet DD. Hercleavage was more than three times my size! And that's with her dress on! Ilooked up again to see Christy's beautiful smiling face, once again peering downat me as she moved me right up against her dress hem. “NOW HANG ON LITTLE JACK.

I FEEL LIKE DANCING!!”HA HA HA!                                ………to be continued                                                                                     jonthumb