Climbing Deanna's Legs.

Deanna is a tall beauty. Five foot 8 with gorgeous athletic legs. She came towork wearing a light gray business suit with a short skirt, beige pantyhose andblack suede casual pumps. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to climb her legsand feel that sheer silkiness against my skin. I just had to be patient and waitfor the opportunity to present itself.

I heard her tell someone that she was going to get a cup of coffee. Here was mychance. I hurried to the kitchen area and made sure that no one was around. Ishrank myself down to a half inch tall and waited under the counter. I couldfeel the ground shake as footsteps moved closer and closer. Then just ten feetin front of me was what I was hoping to see, a black suede pump. I heard her sayto herself that there was no more coffee. She would have to make some. Thatmeant that she would be there for a few moments. I stepped out from under thecounter and walked to a point between her shoes. My gaze followed her shoe to aslender ankle, then up perfect, shapely silky beige legs that met beneath ashort gray skirt. I couldn't wait to start climbing.

I climbed up on the toe of her shoe and moved quickly to reach the flap. Idropped down and landed on her foot just below her instep. I took of my shirtand tied it around my waist. I lay there for a few moments and pressed my barechest against the softness of her stockings, caressing them with my hands andkissing her foot. I could stay where I was forever, but I knew there was more ofher legs to experience and enjoy. I reluctantly picked myself up and keptmoving.

I reached her instep and sat down to take off my shoes. Luckily, she hadn'tmoved much.

Once again I momentarily caressed her stockings and kissed them. I started myvertical ascent up her slender ankle, her shapely calf, finally stopping to restat a point just above her right knee. Even at my current size her leg wasincredibly soft and smooth. 'God I love legs' I said to myself. I was suddenlybrought back to the moment at hand when her leg began to move. I then realizedthat she was heading back to her office. I clung tightly to her stocking as shestarted to walk.

The world around me moved up and down quickly as Deanna's gigantic legs carriedme back to her office. The rush of wind and the sound of nylon on nylon rustlingfilled my ears as held on as tightly as I could. Fortunately, her office wasonly a short distance away for the office kitchen. I looked up and watched thehem of her skirt swirl over my head and then the world became horizontal as shesat down in her chair and swung her legs under her desk. I looked around at thevast plain of soft smooth nylon around me and once again started caress and kissher silky nylon covered leg.

After a little while I got up and started walking up her thigh. I got about halfway when the ground started to move. As I was lurched upward, I recognized thenylon rustling sound I heard could mean only on thing. Deanna was crossing herlegs. I have always loved that sound, and to hear it up close and at my currentsize was like music. I moved down the incline of her leg to a point just beforethe hem of her skirt. I climbed down the inside of her right leg and ended up atthe point where it crossed over the left. I knew that all I had to do was wait alittle while for the next part of my adventure.

I didn't have to wait long. Deanna's nylons rustled as she uncrossed her legs. Isat down and slid down the smooth nylon to a point between her legs. I had toget her to cross her legs again, so I began to caress her nylons once more.

Slowly at first, the a little more vigorously. I had to be careful so she wouldnot detect me. It worked. As her gigantic left leg crossed over her right. I wastightly pinned between her legs. I began to move my body all around and againstthe nylon mesh that surrounded me. I felt the warm, moist heat from her legs. Itwas like an incredible massage as Deanna shifted in her chair.

When Deanna uncrossed her legs, I felt the cool air rush in from the outside. Ibegan to climb the nylon back up to the top of her thigh and made my way downher leg to her knee. I turned and took a last look at her magnificent legs andstarted my descent down her left knee, past her shin to her shapely ankle. WhenI reached her ankle, I saw that she had removed her shoe. I made my way down herlovely foot until I reached her toes. They looked so incredible encased in thesheer beige nylon. I laid down on her big toe and began to kiss it all overwhile at the same time caressing it. I climbed down the side of it and restedfor a short while against her shoe. I thought to myself yes, with my ability toshrink myself, I was going to do a lot more climbing. I Love Legs!!!