CRAPPY STORYBy SquashIt wasn't to difficult for me to climb to the top of the toiletnow that Lisa got me this handy little latter. Was so much betterthan having her pick me up and place me, as she has in the past. Howembarrassing. Now at least I can pee like a man and with a bowl sohuge I can't miss... well.... hardly miss.

After relieving what seemed like a gallon my self esteem andbladder were both in tip top form, life was getting better and I feltgood about myself...well as good as a three inch man could. With mypecker put away and a good spit in the bowl I was ready to make myway back down .

Turning about in such a...yes.. “cocky” manner I briskly reachedout towards the latter but.. damn...I slipped , knocking the excaperoute to the floor... “OH...what am I to do.. GOD how stupid on mypart...” Well I'll just have to wait for Lisa to come rescue me frommy owe too stupid predicament.Time passed and no Lisa, minutes turnedinto an hour or two and finely I could here the rumbling of the flooras my world started to quiver.

Lisa was in one of her moods.. ya know... “I don't feel good andsome ones got to pay” That some one must be me..... “ Lisa thank Godyour here my latter feel and woul.......” “SHUT UP... WHY IS THIS MYPROBLEM... YOU MADE IT UP THERE ..YOU MAKE IT DOWN, BUT BE QUICK,I'VE GOT TO GO....” “But Lisa I can't get down” “WELL YOU BETTER JUMPONE WAY OR THE OTHER CAUSE HERE I COME”Looking down I could see that the height was way too far and inthe bowl I would run the risk of being flushed away. With only amoment to consider I came up with a third option . Yes it may justwork. At any rate I had to try. Quickly I jumped towards the front ofthe bowl,betting on holding onto the under rim and with luck....maybeI might just be able to grab on to her panties.. Well I had to movequick as her massive and well shaped rear was fast approaching,filling my sight and sapping the light of my vision.

Holding on for dear life my grip was startled by the release ofher gas . “GOD...Lisa...please my head was spinning from the toxicspray and just when I thought I might make it her bladder let gogushing me with the force of ten fire hose. My arms quickly gave wayas the flood washed me down to the bowl leaving me swimming for mylife.

“” but my cries where un heard as Ithrashed about in the pool of her waste. “Lisa.....HELP” I shoutedbut with no answer. “, Lisa...” Looking up I see my worstfears...............her bowel was about to releases. “Lisanooooooooo” but no sooner had I pleaded than her excrement camebombing down on me.

As I became physically expelled my only salvation was hanging onto her dropping. To winded to shout my only hope was she might see mewhen she got up. My head was getting faint as the gases pulled thebreath from my body.

Just as hope was fading some brief daylight shined down as herhand reached in and around,but hope was now hopeless for she justreleased the whippings from her ass ,witch fell down over me.

Desperately waving I had made eye contact with her just as shewas raising and spun around to hit the handle. “ help!” “OH, WHAT A MESSY LITTLE SQUASHY MAN......SERVES YOURIGHT....HA, HA.” “Please Lisa......please get me out....please?”“I'M NOT STICKING MY HAND IN THERE...HERE GRAB ON TO THIS TOILETPAPER”. With all the reaching power I had left, one good try and Iwas holding on for dear life. Covered most all over in her waist mytrip upward was a true feeling of reprieve.With the toilet flushingbelow me it was good to be moving out and on my way to a goodcleaning up . Looking up to Lisa's pretty smiling face I ounce againfelt wanted when all the sudden her expression changed to one ofsurprising horror as the paper life line tour into and I beganfalling. “NO...AAAA AAAAAAAA WWWWW.”Splash and into the shit vortex I went. guess that's the END of me.