The Crystal TalismanVolume III:Mark Bryanby Dr. MusicPart 1: Mark and SheilaMark Bryan sat in his living room watching tv, his head nodding now and then ashe fought to stay awake. It was getting late, but something was nagging at him.

It was as if a voice within his head kept telling him not to go to bed yet.

"Just a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes," it would say.

Mark idly wondered why it was so important for him to stay awake. He felt as ifhe were expecting a guest. He looked at the clock and saw that it was just pastmidnight. A guest? Probably not.

He had just about decided to silence the nagging and head off to dreamland whenthere was a heavy knock on the door. Absently scratching his hairless head, Markstood up and approached the door.

The knock resounded, and Mark jumped as he saw the door shake on its hinges. Hebroke out in an uneasy sweat as his mind began to race with who or what could beoutside. It was late, could be someone in trouble. Could be someone lookingfor trouble. He didn't think he owed anyone money, and even if he did, itwouldn't be to the sort who would send someone to break his legs, would it?Mark shook his head to clear his mind. This is insane, he thought.

There's no hulking hench man on the other side of the door. No crazy lunaticlooking for someone to feed his bloodlust. No axe-murdering....

Mark shook his head again, dislodging the thoughts that had begun to run rampantagain. He waited, but there was no more knocking. He waited some more. Stillsilence. Cautiously he approached the door and peered through the peephole.

Nothing. No one.

He kept looking, waiting to see if whoever it was had just stepped aside so thatMark couldn't see him. Nothing happened. For a moment, Mark considered lettingit go and just going to bed, but his curiosity and need to prove to himself thatthere was nothing to be afraid of got the better of him.

Slowly and as silently as possible, Mark unlocked the door and turned the knob.

Then, with one swift motion, he threw the door open, the breeze made by theaction ruffling his beard and mustache for a moment.

Nothing. No one.

Mark stuck his head out and looked to either side of the door. Still no one wasto be seen. Shrugging and feeling a slight chill in his spine, he hurriedlyclosed the door and locked it back. Then he went back to the tv, shut it off,and turned around. He stopped dead.

On the cushion of the chair he had left a couple of minutes ago sat a smallcrystal. It wasn't very noticeable, about the size of a marble, and Mark wassurprised that he had seen it at all. Curiously, he picked it up and looked atit closely. It was transparent with a smoky hue. Then, a glimmer of lightwithing the crystal caught his eye. As he stared at it, the light split intoother lights, and those into still more, until the crystal was glowing brightly,filled with flashing lights. Then the lights left the crystal and began to flyaround Mark.

Mark was so startled he almost dropped the crystal, but he was held fast by themulti-faceted beauty before him. The lights swirled and danced around his head,around his entire body. Then at once, they flew directly at him and into hishead! They actually permeated his skin and entered his body.

Mark's head spun with a sudden rush of cold, like he had doused it in a mountainspring. The chill traveled down his neck and into his torso. Then, with a flash,the lights left his body through his chest and went zipping out before him.

There, on the chair in front of Mark, the lights began to coalesce and take aunified shape. The shape grew and spilled over the seat of the chair onto thefloor. Mark thought he was beginning to see a form appear in the shape, afamiliar form, a tantalizing form. There was a sudden rush of air shooting pasthim and into the center of the form, and then a flash like a bolt of lightning,and what Mark saw next almost made him drop to his knees in astonishment.

In the chair sat a beautiful woman, her blond hair curling down over hergraceful shoulders, her blue eyes staring into his hazel-green. She was dressedin a tight, white sleeveless shirt, the shortest cut-offs he had ever seen,black kneesocks, and was shoeless. But, the most striking feature about thiswoman, despite the way her sparkling eyes seemed to bore into his soul, was hersize. She would have been athletic yet small, had Mark only been judging her forher build, but she dwarfed the plush chair in which she sat, indeed her amplehips strained the chair's arms and threatened to break it. She was gorgeous, awonderfully firm, rock-hard body, but she must have been at least....

"Ten feet tall," the woman finished his thoughts for him in a lilting, sultryvoice. "And, you're drooling, Mark."Mark blinked and felt his eyes sting. He must have had them open for some time,unblinking. Quickly, he wiped at his beard and cleaned off the drool. Then hebegan to stare again.

"It's okay," the woman said with a smile, "you don't have to say anything, Iknow your thoughts. Your name is Mark Bryan, and I am...the most alluring womanyou have ever seen."Mark could only nod.

"My name is Sheila, and I am here to grant you your fondest wishes."Whether from the lack of blood to his head caused by the ample supply beingrushed elsewhere or from lack of sleep, Mark's eyes rolled up into his head andhe passed out.

Part 2: Six wishes before dyingMark was awakened brutally by a strong force striking him in the face. Hecringed and opened his eyes to see what it had been. Kneeling over him, lookingrather annoyed, was the beautiful face of his dream goddess. But, it seemed atthe moment that it hadn't been a dream.

After she saw his eyes open, Sheila rose to her full height to stand over Mark.

From his vantage point she looked absolutely titanic. He stared up into thetowering façade of Sheila, and then a sharp odor caught his attention. Turninghis head, he saw that she was standing with her toes practically touching hishead. The smell was coming from her exposed socks, and the strength of it nearlycaused him to lapse back into unconsciousness.

"Oh no you don't!" Sheila growled, and stooping over, she hauled Mark to hisfeet.

Mark now stood with his head eye-level with Sheila's crotch. He stared at it fora moment, and then slowly looked up at her towering form. She smiled down athim. "I told you, I'm ten feet tall. Why so surprised? Oh, I had to wish theceiling higher, I hope you don't mind.

Mark simply stared. At his height of 5' 10", Sheila was nearly twice as tall ashe. He felt his legs sway, and Sheila reached down, placing one huge hand on topof his head, and steadied him.

"Now," Sheila began, "as I said before you went into la-la-land, I'm here togrant you your fondest wishes. But, since you passed out, I'm rather angry withyou. Therefore I will grant your wishes, but at the same time I will grant oneof my own. Any questions so far?"Mark could do nothing but gaze up at her dumbly.

"I thought not." Sheila made sure he would remain on his feet, and then backedaway, swaying her gigantic hips teasingly. Then she sat down in the groaningchair and crossed her right leg over her left knee, passing a huge foot in frontof Mark's face.

A wave of odor wafted about Mark's head, and he breathed deeply. It wasintoxicating.

Then Sheila stretched her long arms high over her head, and then slid her lefthand down the length of the other arm. Mark watched in fascination as the dimlight of the room glinted off her lush, bristling arm hairs, each silky hairspringing back to attention after being flattened to her skin by her sweepinghand. She repeated the process with her left arm, slowly grooming her arm andstaring devilishly at Mark as if taunting him with something she knew he loved.

"Oh," she said childishly, "I have an itch." Reaching down, she pushed aside thetop of one of her kneesocks to reveal as much, if not more, hair growing on theskin there. Slowly, she scratched a spot just beneath the sock. Mark listened tothe raspy, scraping sound her hairs made as they were upset by her fingernails.

"You're drooling again," Sheila said slyly.

Mark didn't care.

Sheila shrugged, and then proceeded to rub her flat stomach which peeked outever so coyly beneath the hem of her tight shirt. "Oh, I'm soooo hungry!" shecooed in a deep, sexy tone.

"W-would you like something" Mark could barely speak.

Sheila gazed at him with a gleam in her eye. "Why Mark, that's the smartestthing you've said all night." Then she chuckled wryly. "That's the onlything you've said all night.""I've got some leftover pizza." He couldn't stop staring at her arms and legs,though her sock was back in its place.

"Well," Sheila began, looking him up and down hungrily, "I had something alittle more filling in mind."Mark gulped.

"Exactly," she said with a toothy grin. "My time is valuable, Mark. Well,actually I have all the time in eternity, but that's beside the point. Let mecut to the chase. I am going to swallow you whole and alive, and soon you'll besliding down to my belly to be digested alive. Do I have your attention, yet?But first I am going to play with you and tease you with my body, mouth andtongue. Before we start, I will grant you six last requests. But none can be formore requests or for me not to nourish myself with you. You see? I'm not reallybacking out of the deal. You're fondest dreams get to become real, and my needfor this evening does, also."Mark nearly fainted again. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to die, but hewasn't sure if he had any choice in the matter.

"No, no choice whatsoever," Sheila supplied. "And hurry up and make your sixwishes, I'm hungry."Mark started thinking hard. He had always dreamed something like this wouldhappen, so he already knew what to ask for, but for some reason he couldn'tremember anything. Then that scent touched his nose again, and he suddenlyremembered.

"First," Mark began shakily, "I want to be able to smell you knee socks."Sheila grinned. "Why, isn't it lucky for you that I happen to be wearing kneesocks tonight? Hmm...what a coincidence. Sit down in front of me."Mark fell to the floor where he was standing, and watched with unbearableanticipation as she raised her right foot in the air. Stretching out herimpossibly long leg, Sheila pushed her huge foot into Mark's face.

The odor was so strong Mark's eyes watered. His nostrils burned with the pungentscent of her foot, but he was in ecstasy. The sock itself was warm and damp withsweat, and Sheila was shoving her toes practically up his nostrils. His wholeworld was that smell. It permeated his other senses until he could no longersee, hear, or feel anything but that odor. It was as if all his senses had giventhemselves over so that his sense of smell could be the strongest. His head swamand he felt intoxicated. His body grew numb and his mouth watered as if he hadcaught a whiff of the sweetest ambrosia and had grown unbelievably hungry forit. Mark new he had. This was his ambrosia.

Sheila kneaded Marks nose with her foot, grasping it between her toes, shovinghis nose deep into the sock itself. He breathed deeply and felt as if he hadinhaled some narcotic. He felt lighter than air and wanted it never to end. Butjust as he had that thought, Sheila took her foot away, leaving his face moistwith her sweat and suddenly cold.

"That's enough of that," Sheila said, almost evilly. "What is your next desire?"Mark took a moment to clear his head, though he desperately wanted the feelingto last. He could still smell her foot, the scent embedded in his flesh. Heshook his head and tried to remember what he wanted next. "I...I wish to feelyour arm hair."Sheila smiled again. "My, but you are an odd little man, Mark. Well, come uphere and have all the arm hair you want."Mark couldn't stand, so instead he crawled over to Sheila's massive feet. "Aww,how cute. Here, let me give you a 'leg up.'"She slid her foot between Mark's legs and beneath his butt, and then lifted.

Mark felt the pressure between his legs grow as he rose into the air. Sheilahoisted him up until he was well above her lap, and then he began to slide downher leg. It seemed like a long way down, and Mark was reminded of those hugeslides in the parks that kids love, and then he landed in her lap with a thump.

He felt like a small child compared to her.

Sheila raise her left forearm in front of Mark's face. He smelled her scent andalmost went cross-eyed staring at the silken hairs on the arm. Teasingly, Sheilabrushed the end of his nose with the hair, tickling him and nearly causing himto sneeze. And then she said, "Well, are you going to feel, or am I just goingto have to sit here and rub my arm on your face all night?"Eagerly, Mark reached up a hand and ran it over the soft hair of Sheila's arm.

It was even softer and silkier than he had imagined. Lush and thick, it tickledhis palm. He pressed harder and felt her satin skin beneath. It was smooth andin stark contrast with the hairs which he rubbed in the wrong direction. Then hebrought his hand gliding back, smoothing down the hair he had disrupted byrubbing it in the direction of their natural orientation.

Barely able to contain himself, Mark began using both hands, feeling and pullingat the hair. And then Sheila sent him into ecstasy by turning him around bodilyand wrapping her arms around his head. Her forearms muffled his face and he hadan extremely closeup view of her arm hair, it clouding his vision. He felt it onhis nose, tickling his nostrils, on his lips. Tentatively, he stuck out the tipof his tongue and felt the hair with it. He was in heaven. He could die now ahappy man.

"No," Sheila said, "not yet. You still have four wishes. Time for the third."Not wanting to let the moment go, Mark slid his hands over both her arms onelast time, feeling every minute hair with his sensitive skin. And then she drewthem away from him.

Mark took a deep breath, gathering himself. "Okay. Now I want to feel your leghair."Sheila raised her right leg so that it was at an angle in front of Mark (he wasstill facing away from Sheila.) Then she reached her arms out (Mark stole aglance at the hair again), and slowly rolled down each sock, revealing the thickhair beneath. Mark all but dove onto her legs.

He landed face first amid the hair, rubbing his face back and forth and feelingthe slightly coarser leg hair brush against his skin. The smell of her socks wasalso strong there, and he breathed deeply, inhaling anything he could. Mark slidhis body around, running his fingers through the hair, rubbing his palms againstit and feeling it glide against the sensitive areas between his fingers. Heburied his face in it, luxuriating of the feel on his lips, his nose, hisforehead. He pinched it between his fingertips, grinding away at it as with apinch of salt. It was wonderful and thick, and he couldn't get enough of it. Butthen he felt gravity pulling at him as Sheila lifted her legs higher and he sliddown toward her lap. But he could still feel the hair of her legs as his bodyglided over it. And then he was down. He rolled over onto his back and looked upat Sheila.

"What next?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"I want to be scissor locked between your thighs, squeezed between you sexylegs," he said.

Sheila's face glowed. "Ooh, I like this one."Mark felt her left leg shift beneath him and she raised it up and swung it overhis body, bringing it heavily down upon his torso. The air was nearly knockedout of him, but he didn't mind. Then she began to lightly squeeze him. He feltthe warmth of her thighs and his eyes rolled at the sensuous pressure she gavehim. His stomach was pressed into his body as she squeezed, and he felt itnearly touch the other beneath him. But it didn't hurt him. On the contrary,each squeeze caused a moment of rapture.

Sheila rhythmically scissored her legs together, each time forcing the air fromMark's lungs and treating him to the comforting, firm embrace of her thighs. Thewarmth permeated his body and he was lost to the pulsing of her legs. Then shebegan to slowly squeeze harder, not letting up this time. Mark tensed hisstomach and pushed back playfully, but she was too much for him. He saw her faceform an evil smile as she bore down on him.

Mark felt his insides shoved everywhere but where they were supposed to be, andhis face grew hot as blood was forced up through his neck. He groaned, but inpleasure. This was one of the most sensual experiences of his life. Just as hethought that he would be cut in half, Sheila let up and removed her leg from ontop of him. His vision blacked out as he experienced a monstrous head rush. Hisbreath came to him in great gulps of air, and he lay on Sheila's huge lap,exhausted and worn.

"Now?" Sheila asked.

Mark wearily looked up at her, but he wasn't licked yet. He was willing to keepit up for eternity. "Now," he nearly choked, "now you can eat me."Sheila looked a bit confused, though somehow knowingly so. "But you still havetwo more wishes.""I know," Mark said, "and that is my fifth wish. I wish for you to eat me like asnake would. Start with my feet and slowly pull me into your body. But I want tobe totally aware of myself being digested and absorbed into your body."Sheila grinned widely as she thought about it. "And your final request?""I want to be made a part of you. Your arms, legs, body hair, and feet. I wantto be absorbed into your body and be made part of those areas."Sheila shook her head. "That shouldn't be a problem. Now, I am very hungry.

Shall we get on with it?"Mark trembled in anticipation. He could only nod.

"Well then," Sheila said with a radiant smile, "let's begin."Part 3: Here comes the snakeMark was caught off guard as Sheila suddenly wrapped her great hands about hiswaist and lifted him into the air. With barely discernable effort on her part,Sheila upended Mark, holding him upside down, and opened her mouth.

"Wait!" Mark cried.

Sheila paused and looked up at him. "What is it? I'm hungry."Mark wiggled in her grasp, the blood rushing to his head. "I wanted you to eatme feet first! Why are you doing it head first?"Sheila smiled her evil smile. "Because I can, silly."Apparently that was supposed to be enough answer.

Mark struggled against her strong hands and began to protest, but Sheila gavehim a great squeeze which silenced him. All he could do was hang in the air,staring down at the colossal, beautiful woman that was about to make a meal ofhim.

Sheila had her eyes closed and her mouth open, ready to savor her chosendelectable. As Mark watched, her mouth grew wider, unnaturally wide, and hecould see down into her gaping throat. To him it looked like a dark cavern withslick, hot walls and that belched singeing breath up at him. The mouth grewwider again, but this time it was because Sheila had begun to lower him towardher lips.

Seeing no way to get what he wanted, Mark decided to make the best of thesituation. He stopped struggling and opened up each and every sensation to theexperience. The first sensation of course was the suffocating death grip inwhich he was being held. That soon became a loving embrace to him. Next was thewarm breath which enveloped his body. A sweeter scent could not have been madelest it came from Sheila's stocking feet. The moistness of the breath caused hisface to break out in a mock sweat.

Then he was at her lips. Darkness closed in as Mark's face was pressed intoSheila's lips and the light was cut off. Mark could feel the soft, wet touch ofher lips as they caressed his forehead and chin. There was a slight moment ofpain as her teeth grazed his flesh, but it was a good pain, one which herelished and luxuriated in. He could feel the inside of her mouth pressingagainst his head as he was shoved farther inward, and then Sheila's tongue waslathing his face, slapping against his cheeks and lapping at his nose. Thetongue was soon forced down by his head as Mark was pushed in even more.

He experienced a moment of panic when he felt her teeth close around his neckand throat. For a split second he feared that she would bite his head off. Itwould be another devilish trick on Sheila's part to change her mind and decideto eat him one bite at a time. But then the teeth opened again, and Mark felther mouth stretch even wider to allow his shoulders access. Now his face wasentering Sheila's throat. Thick saliva coated his head, and he was alreadyfeeling the first tinglings of digestion. The air was heavy and humid. Mark wasfinding it increasingly difficult to breathe. For a moment, he began to struggleagain, but with a shove, he was pushed in up to his elbows.

Mark's eyes were wide open and, though he couldn't see, he knew that if he couldhe would be staring down Sheila's throat to the sphincter of her stomach below.

From the feel of it, his face had shot passed the connection of her esophagus toher windpipe, and he was well on his way to digestion below. Then, just as hiswaist and all parts below were about to enter Sheila's mouth, there was a groan,a squeeze, and Mark found himself shooting back up her throat, through hermouth, flying through the air, and landing with a painful, if rather wet, thudon the floor in front of the chair.

Sputtering, Mark rolled over onto his back and found himself staring up Sheila'slower legs. She was still sitting in the chair, and she bent over, wiping salivafrom her chin and grinning down at him.

"I was thinking about things as I swallowed you, Mark," Sheila said to him, "andI've decided that you're right. I should honor your wish and eat you feetfirst."Mark could only offer a weak grin.

"Now, turn around and let me have your feet."Mark could only offer another weak grin.

Sheila sighed in annoyance. "Very well, I'll do it for you."Reaching her strong arms down, Sheila grabbed onto the waist of Mark's jeans andhoisted him painfully into the air. Then, with a slight heave, she sent himspinning into the air. The room flew sickeningly around Mark for a moment untilhe finally landed with an even more painful, yet just as wet, thud across theroom. When the world stopped spinning, Mark looked up and noticed that he was onhis back with his feet facing Sheila, who, since Mark was thrown across theroom, was now ten feet away. He lay perfectly still.

Sheila slithered to the floor and got onto all fours. Then, she slowly andcatlike began to creep toward Mark. Her muscles were sinuous and she kept closeto the floor, moving both gracefully and sexually. Mark could hardly containhimself.

When she finally reached him, Sheila kept her eyes locked on Mark's, and benther head down so that her nose was just above the toes of Mark's shoes. Then hesaw her open her mouth as wide as before.

Sheila's tongue snaked out and forced itself beneath Mark's heels. It lifted hisfeet and began to draw them into her mouth. There was a slight sucking noise asher lips closed around his ankles and he was pulled in an inch at a time. Eachtime his body was tugged into her, her mouth would open, she'd flash her teethand clasp them onto his legs, her lips would close, and he'd be sucked further.

Soon she was up to his knees, and Mark could feel his jeans moisten and his legsgrew warm. He imagined he could feel his feet in Sheila's throat, and he couldeven see her neck bulge as she took him into her. Suddenly he realized that shewas to the tops of his thighs and would soon be enveloping his midsection. Heallowed himself to close his eyes for a moment, and savored the sensation of it:his pelvis encased in soft, wet, warmness; slowly sliding against her tenderflesh; the jagged raking of her teeth against him; and then she was on hisstomach.

Mark opened his eyes and saw that she was still staring into them. Her eyesseemed to smile with a wickedness, and Mark thought that for a split-second thatthey had become reptilian, but he blinked and they were normal again. Wantinghis head to be the final thing to enter her body, Mark put his arms down at hissides and actually shoved his hands into Sheila. She moaned in apparentenjoyment, her eyes rolling into her head, and then resumed her eating.

Mark was up to his nipples after that, and then to the base of his throat. Hecould no longer look into Sheila's eyes, so he lay his head back and waited inexcited anticipation. He felt her lip upon his chin, felt the teeth dig inslightly, and then his mouth was drawn within. After that, his nose wasdevoured, and Mark caught one last glimpse of Sheila's eyes before his own weretaken. They were staring down at him in glazed rapture. And then, darkness.

Mark was once again within Sheila's throat. He felt the slimy walls slide passedhis ears as her throat muscles worked to draw him deeper down. He felt atingling in his feet and knew that within Sheila's stomach, the acids hadalready eaten through his shoes. He could feel himself being folded, his jointsbent and then re-bent as her stomach sought to compress his entire body intoitself. And then his head was pushed passed the stomach sphincter and inside.

And then the movement stopped.

All around him Mark could hear the beating of Sheila's heart, deeper and slowerthan his own. But then there was a new sensation: pain. His feet were beingdigested, and quickly, the pain was moving up his legs. The acids were workingfaster than he could have imagined, and soon his midsection was being eatenaway. He tried to scream, but couldn't find the air. In fact, all the air hadrun out. He was surprised he hadn't suffocated but knew that this was part ofhis wish, and Sheila was going to make the most of it, especially if it causedhim intense pain. She was going to keep him alive to face the ordeal ofdigestion.

Mark squeezed around until he could feel with his hands at his legs. They weregone. Higher up he felt and could feel only jagged bone and his innards slippingfrom his body. For a moment, he tried to push them back up, but they wereturning to paste in his hands. Indeed, even his hands were dissolving. His armswere quickly eaten away and the acids traveled up to his neck. After only aminute, Mark had been reduced to nothing more than a head. And a few secondsafter, that too was gone.

Mark was in blackness. At least the pain had stopped. And then there were flecksof light and color. He felt as if he were traveling at high speeds. Except itwas stranger than that. It was as if he were traveling in all directions atonce. It was intoxicating, frightening, exhilarating, every feeling all at once.

Then there was a blinding white light. When the light faded, Mark was seeing theworld through a thousand different eyes. Some eyes were blurred by what lookedlike a thin veil of hair, and others were darkened by cloth. He had no nose, buthis world was permeated by the scents of a woman: sweet, sharp, offensive,delectable. There were thousands of tastes, too. Some familiar, some not. It wasall too confusing.

And then Mark remembered what he had wished for: I want to be made a part ofyou. Your arms, legs, body hair, and feet. I want to be absorbed into your bodyand be made part of those areas.

He then realized that the hair was Sheila's body hair: her head, her legs, evenher pubic hair. And the cloth was her clothing, of course. The smells were everyscent her body provided, the tastes the same.

In one of his visions, he saw Sheila smiling down at him through a veil of hair.

He saw something rise up beside him and realized that it was her hand, as if itwere attached to him. He must be seeing her through her arm. Her other hand cameinto view and began stroking him, driving him into ecstacy. He could feel thehand stroking him as the arm, could feel the arm and its hair coming up to meethim as the hand. Then she stood, and he felt her immense weight bear down on himand knew that he was now her feet. Every time she move, he felt it as if he werea single part her body experiencing the immensity of the rest of her body. Itwas wonderful. It was terrifying. It was tantalizing, and it was painful.

Mark noticed another thing, then. His senses were beginning to deaden, hisvision to weaken. With a sudden sadness, he realized that his time in the world,both as Mark Bryan, the man and as Mark Bryan, essence of Sheila, was limited.

He was slipping away, and there wasn't a thing he could do about it. As thelight faded and he became no more, his last thought was that it was a good wayto die.

* * * *Sheila became depressed as she lost the ability to sense Mark throughout herbody. It was an exhilarating experience. And then she brightened, because sherealized that she could have that experience anytime she chose. And it didn'thave to involve a willing participant.