A cushion for mombyCrushed2Mush*note this was sent incomplete. does anyone have the rest?My mom works in a research center in Houston and she and a group ofother women had been working on a very top secret project for severalmonths. My mom was especially excited this morning when she got upand got dressed for work. I was only 8 years old and didn'tunderstand what all the excitement was about. "Today, we get totry out the new experiment project we've been working so hard on forso long!" She told me excitedly. I just smiled and said,"that's nice." My mom was 32 years old and a veryattractive lady. She was 5'8" tall and weighed 130 pounds, withthe little amount of excess weight in her hips and thighs. She hadshoulder length blond hair and a very smooth, silky but slightlytanned complexion.

"I know!" She said, still with the excitement in her voice.

"Instead of taking you to the babysitter today, why not come towork with me and I'll show you what we've been doing and you can seethe experiment we've been working on, first hand." "Sure,whatever." I answered, not too thrilled about it, but not toothrilled about spending another boring day with the babysittereither. School was out for the summer and I had absolutely nothingto keep me busy. We got into her car and drove to the center.

Inside, my mom introduced me to the other 4 women that were engagedin the project with her. They all smiled at me and I couldn't helpbut notice how attractive they all were, even at my young age. The first couple of hours they were all busy getting the equipmentset up for the experiment. I walked around bored and looking forsomething to do. Finally my mom called me over and said, "we'reready to try it baby, isn't it exciting!" She said almostbursting with anticipation. I walked over and Mom said, "howwould you like to be the very first to try it out?" I lookedand there were two shiney steel plates on the floor, surrounded bytall mirrors on three sides of each plate. There were also a numberof wires and different weird looking gadgets attached along the sidesof the mirrors. "Come and stand on this platform and we'll getstarted." My mom instructed me. "What's it supposed todo?" I finally asked Mom, now somewhat interested, since I wasthe first to try it out. "It's a surprise," she said.

"You'll see in abut 5 minutes," she added. I stepped up onthe small platform. The other women began attaching gadgets on mywrists, around my neck, and ankles, ano!ther object was attached to my waist, and then a funnel shaped gadgetwas placed on my head. Another lady then slipped a pair of dark sunshades over my eyes. The fourth lady brought in what looked like acushion and placed in on the platform to the side of me. Then thewomen placed the same gadges around the cushion. I saw my mom walkover to a control board and begin to push buttons and flip switches.

A fan started and several lights began to light up. "Okay baby,now hold your breath, because here we go!" I took a deep breathand suddenly very bright lights began blinking and reflecting off themirrors and all kinds of funny sounds, like little beepers could beheard. In a matter of seconds, I began to feel very dizzy andexhausted. Then suddenly intense heat flooded me almost to the pointof being unbearable, but I found myself unable to even move. Then Isuppose I blacked out. When I regained consciousness, I knewimmediately something was very wrong. I coul!dn't move! I had all my senses, because I could hear, see, smell, fMom walked over smiling down at me and said, "well, our projectis a total success!" She picked me up and held me up to themirror. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was as flat as the cushionthat was placed on the other platform. It was like my body hadmelted down and my face was right in the center of my molten body!"I want to thank you for volunteering to be my cushion,baby!" She said still smiling. I tried to speak, but couldn't.

"Oh, don't worry baby, you dont have to thank me now. Thecomfort you're going to give me will be plenty thanks enough!"She said. She and all the women laughed. "Now for the ultimatetest. We'll see how you hold up." She said taking me over to achair. She placed me in the seat of the chair. "Now this isgoing to be very uncomfortable for you, but I promise, no matter howhard or how long I squash you, you will be just fine. It'll hurtlike everything, but you will not be permanently harmed in anyway.

You're my little baby cushio!n from now on!" With that said, she turned around abruptly andsat down on me. I could feel my flattened body conforming to thecurves of her butt, immediately as I squashed under her weight. Iwas unable to move, or hardly breathe or anything except lay thereand be my mom's cushion. She sat on me and squirmed and twisted onme, and then finally she raised up about 2 feet. I thought she wasgoing to let me up and turn me back into her son again. Instead shepractically fell down on me as hard as she could. I thought I wouldburst wide open under her tremendous weight.

After sitting on me a couple of minutes, she got up. "Wow, youmake an excellent cushion to sit on baby!" Now, I'm going toattach the shrinker to you and make you much smaller so I can seewhat kind of heel cushion you will make for me." She thenattached another funny looking gadget to me and flipped a smalltoggle switch on it. I began to feel very weird again and in only afew seconds I went from about 12" in diameter, to about 2 inchesin diameter. I was about 1/2 inch thick now, but still had the samecushion shape. I heard my mom call "Vanessa, come over here andtry out my heel cushion. You're wearing clogs so all you have to dois raise up on your toes so I can put him under your heel. Then tellme how he feels." Vanessa immediately walked over, eager to tryme out. She raised her heel off of her clog about an inch. I feltmy mom lowering me to her foot. She laid me on the heel portion ofVanessa's clog and I was immediately looking up at the flat bottom!of her heel. "Okay, mash him flat." I heard Mom tellVanessa. Vanessa lowered her heel on to me and immediately I felt mybody being squashed out around all sides of her heel. It was like ahuge piece of plywood that just kept pressing me and pressing meflatter and flatter and flatter. The pain was excruciating. Vanessastood fullweight on me for a few seconds and then bounced her heel upand down on me a few times. I heard her say, "Um-m--m, veryvery nice!" All of the women were eager to try me out since theytoo had a real part in the project. Mom agreed, so for the next houror so, I went from being under one heel to another, being stood on,walked on, and even stomped on. Finally I heard my mom's voice.

"Okay baby, come hop in Mommy's shoe. You're mine now, allmine!" Suddenly I felt myself being picked up and lowered intomy mom's pump. Then I watched as her foot began inserting into it.

Soon I saw the flat bottom of her heel coming down on me. Then I w!as squashed flat. For the rest of the day, Mom stood on me, walked