The Dance (tenative title) - Northgate (1996)Things had been going well for him. Moving in with his girlfriend was the bestmove he had made. He had seasonal work and her steady white collar income madelife easy. They could get by on her pay and his addition allowed them luxuriesthat neither could have afforded before. He didn't have to worry if the jobsdidn't come to him. He had a comfortable cushion. She was great in bed and hedidn't have to go far to get her. Before moving in, he had to travel across townevery time he'd see her. He really hated that ride especially when the trafficwas heavy. O.K., it really was her apartment and most of the stuff was her's,but he was happy with the situation.

She didn't quite see things the same way. Sure she really loved having himaround and when they played together it was fantastic, but he came with faultsand plenty of them. In the beginning things were fine. As the months past, hebegan to take her for granted and she would see less of him. He hadn't workedfor the past two months and she never saw him around. He'd sleep late while shewas at work and every night he was off on something else. "I've got a ball game,I've got to catch up with my friends, or I was chasing down a job prospect.",he'd tell her. By the time he'd get home, She'd be sleeping. When she confrontedhim, all he'd say is, "Sorry babe. But I guy's got to get out occasionally.""Son of a bitch.", she thought, "What am I? Furniture or something.". She wasgetting suspicious of him too. Nothing definite, but he could easily have a girlon the side. She thought about following him, but that was just to paranoid forher to do. Their play even seemed to change. She thought it was shorter and itseemed less frequent. He'd roll over and fall asleep before she was even done.

She found herself always thinking back to how good it was in the beginning. "IfI could only recapture that time.", she mused.

This week had been the worse so far. He had been out the past three nights andshe hadn't even seen him at all. Now he was getting ready for another night.

"Can't you stay home one night?", she whined to him. "It's my buddy's bachelorparty. I can't miss it.", he told her as he continued to get ready. "But I neversee you anymore. I miss being with you.", she continued. "Sorry, I've got to gotonight. We'll have plenty of other nights", he answered. "This was really toomuch.", she thought, "Tonight, I either convince him to stay home or else.". Hecontinued getting ready as he ignored her. She went to her closet to change outof her work clothes and into something more convincing. "This should do thetrick.", she thought looking at the outfit she picked out. He left the room asshe undressed and began looking around the apartment for things he wanted totake with him. When he got to the door to leave, he had a big suprise waitingfor him.

She was standing in the doorway wearing a silky translucent robe. Underneath shehad on the sexiest bra and panties he had ever seen. "This is great.", hechuckled to himself, "Now only if she looks like that when I get home, I thinkI'll have enough left over for her.". She spoke first. "Come on honey. Why don'tyou stay home and we can have some fun by ourselves", she coaxed. "I told youI've gotta go.", he answered again, "This bachelor party will be a once in alifetime opportunity.". She put her arms around him and began to softly kiss himon the neck. She moved to his ear and nibbled on it gently. "Come on, I promiseit'll be great. I'll make you feel great.", she whispered in his ear, "I wantyou so bad, it hurts.". Before he could answer, she moved down to his mouth andkissed his bottom lip. "Maybe I ought to stay.", he thought, "After all she doeslooks great and this feels great." She continued kissing him on the mouth withher tongue fast at work. She stood on her toes to reach him since he had a fewinches of height on her. "If I don't show, I'll be a laughing stock.", hethought, "I can hear it already. They'll be calling me pussy whipped. All I needto do is blow this party. I can have her anytime, but this is a one timeparty.". "Come on, pleaseee. I really need you. You haven't been around fordays.", she continued. He pushed her away. "I gotta go. I'm late already.", hemumbled as he went for the door. The push had hurt her pride but she didn't showit. "He'll get his lesson", she thought. "Wait a minute.", she said, "I've gotsomething for you before you go. Just give me a second to get it from thebedroom" and she ran back to the other room.

He stood by the door for a minute waiting for her. He was getting impatient andhe didn't want to put up with any more of her crap. Just as he was ready to turnaround and open the door, she came back in carrying a small atomizer. It was cutglass and contained a clear liquid that looked like water. "It's a specialcologne I got you. It was suppose to be a suprise, but I think you can reallyuse it tonight.", she said as she sprayed with two squirts to the neck. Hesmelled the air. "I don't smell any ... AHHHH!", he said when he whinced inpain. His muscles contracted and ached. He felt dizzy and closed his eyes.

Everything around him felt heavy and he wanted to black out. He felt like he wasfalling but he knew his feet were in the ground. He closed his eyes and tried tothink straight.

She watched in delight. He had reacted in only a few seconds after she sprayedhim. In only a few more seconds she began to see a difference. At first, hisclothes began to look big and baggy. Next, she noticed that he was alreadyshorter than her. Within a minute, he was half her height and still shrinking.

"I hope the dosage was right", she thought as he disappeared into his clothesthat then turned into a heap on the floor. She began to worry, stepped forwardand carefully lifted his shirt from the floor. He was kneeled over underneaththe shirt holding his head. His eyes were still closed. "There's my man", shethought, "I bet he's not even six inches tall.". "Are you staying home now,honey?", she asked aloud.

His head began to clear and the weight he had felt on him was gone. He couldhear her voice but he still wasn't listening to the words. "staying home now?",she repeated, "I'm ready to party.". "I told you. I'm going out.", he told heras he lifted his head and opened his eyes. Everything was wrong. No, everythingwas gigantic. No, he was tiny. He looked ahead at a pair of bare feet in frontof him. His eyes followed slowly up her legs which were visible with hersee-through robe. He followed up past her bare tan belly, past her huge breasts.

These two monstrous breasts way above him filled him with a rush of emotions.

Awe, followed by lust, followed by fear. His gaze continued upward till he mether face looking down at him. She smiled a sly smile back down to him. "Guessyour plans are cancelled and you'll be spending the evening with me.", shegiggled. "Don't worry, I won't break my promise.", she continued, "We can stillhave fun by ourselves tonight.". He stammered, "What the hel...". She wasbending down and reaching for him with an open hand. He turned to run but shewas too quick for him. She grabbed him in her fist and he quickly rose from theground. He felt like he was on the fastest elevator in the world as her facecame into view. Only a few inches away and her face was larger than his wholebody.

She looked him over carefully. " Umm, Yummy. A cute naked guy for me to playwith.", she said followed by a kiss from her across his face. "Come on, let goto the bedroom and get started.", she continued as she carried him into theirbedroom and placed him on the bed. He was now much higher off the ground but hestill felt just as small. She backed up and streched in seductive poses in frontof him. As he watched her, his cock began to get hard. When she noticed hisreaction, she came close and brought her head down over him and started kissinghim. He quickly fell over and she followed bringing her mouth over his entiregroin and licked his shaft. "You are yummy.", she exclaimed, "But I havesomething even better planned.". She pulled back and turned a CD player on. Whenthe music started she began to dance in front of him doing a slow strip tease.

She would dance back enough so that he could see the entire view of her act butshe would come in close over him and brush him with the edge of that silky robe.

By the second song she dropped the robe and continued her dance.

He couldn't believe how good she looked. The idea of her towering over himreally turned him on. She swooped up close, within inches of him and formed akiss with her lips and let out a little puff to blow it to him. Her warm breathraised every hair on his body and sent a chill down his spine. He grappedhimself and began to jerk off. She smiled and watched him for a moment beforeshe resumed her dance. She watched for a while and then slowly removed her bra.

Her breasts fell loose and she brought one up to her mouth and licked it andgave him a knowing glance. He was so into this show that he became unaware ofthis situation and motioned for her to come closer. She reponded by coming upagainst the bed and looking down at him. As he looked up to her she smiled andhe began to realize the consequences of his simple action. She came down stilldancing until her one breast was directly over him. Slowly, she lowered herbreast until her nipple was directly in his face. "Kiss it.", she ordered andwhen he didn't respond immediately she rubbed the nipple across his hairy chestwhich aroused her more. Again she pressed her nipple against his face. His timehe got the message. He tried as best he could to place his arms on each side ofthis huge breast and kissed and licked her nipple. She loved the feeling of histiny tongue on her nipple and she kept him busy. When she was ready to have himwork on the other side she lifted him in the palm of her hand and stood up. Shepressed him against her other breast to have him continue the treatment. She wasloving the feeling and continued to slowly dance with him against her mammothbreast. When he finished, she placed him between her breasts and crossed herarms in a hug to hold him in place while she danced. He could barely breath,encased in a warm wall of soft flesh. He almost passed out from a lack of freshair when she released her hold and he tumbled out onto the bed. She gazed downat her tiny spent lover and giggled at the sight. "Too bad ... Too bad he won'tstay like this.", she thought.

"Now is the time for the real fun", she thought as she pulled back and continuedher dancing. He recovered and moved back in position near the edge of the bed.

When she saw him move back she removed her panties as slowly and seductively aspossible. She flung them on to the bed and they landed directly on him coveringhis entire body. He scrambled out from under the panties to find him self facingher wet hot pussy as she danced directly in front of the bed. She had shaved itinto a neat horizontal strip that was closely cut. He could smell the scent ofher juices as she moved even closer, with a few inches of his position. Shebrought her hand down and began to finger herself directly in front of him. Thismade her even more wet and her smell intensified until he began to be overcome.

He didn't notice as her hand swayed away and moved directly behind him. Her hotwet middle finger come against his ass and between his legs while her otherfingers cradled him on each side. Her hand moved swiftly forward, so that hisface was directly in her pussy before he could react. She moved him aroung herpussy gently as the hair of his head and body stimulated her. His body gotcoated in her juices as he struggled against her fingers to get free. The onlyeffect his struggling had on her was to intensify the experience causing her topress him deeper into her. When she orgasmed, he panicked thinking that he wouldbe crushed to death. Suddenly, she lifted him up in her palm to her face. Hertongue kept darting in and out as she licks her own juices from him whilecovering him with kisses. Finally she deposited him on a pillow and resumeddancing around the room. Totally exhuasted he quickly passed out on the pillowas she continued dancing with a smile on her face.

The sun shined on his face as he felt his aching body in a half unconsciousstate. As his thoughts cleared, he recalled the incidents of the previous nightand the state he was in. He quickly snapped into reality and woke up. His eyesopened to see where he was. "Wait a minute, Everything's normal.", he thought ashe surveyed the room. "Was it all a dream? Could it have really happened?", hecontinued. Then he spotted the it. The perfume atomizer from the night before onher night stand and it still had plenty of liquid in it. A moment later he heardnoise from the kitchen. "She must be making breakfast.", he thought as he pickedup the atomizer, "Well, turnabout is fair play. Maybe she should get a taste ofher own medicine." He quickly threw on a teeshirt and pair of gym shorts andheaded for the kitchen with th evial in hand.

"Good morning", he said as he entered the room. She turned around and replied,"Great, you're up. I'm making breakfast.". She wasn't wearing anything except arobe which was partially open and exposing her cleavage. She started toward himand he raised the vial in front of himself. "How about some perfume with yourbreakfast.", he said grinning. He gave the atomizer a good squeeze hitting herwith the liquid square in the chest. "Let's see how much you like sucking agiant dick or riding in my underpants you bitch.", he said with venom in hisvoice. "I don't believe you", she replied as she backed up to the counter, "Ishow you a good time and all you can think about is revenge. Is that what youthink of me?". He smiled and countered, "That's just the beginning of whatyou'll be doing.". She reached back and picked up a quart container from thecounter. "One problem ...", she countered, "That stuff doesn't work on me. Thisis only the activator. You ate the shrinking potion over a week ago.". She stuckher fingers in the container and whished around the liquid inside. "See what Imean.", she continued as she withdrew her hand, "However you on the other hand...". She flicked her wrist sending several droplets of the liquid through theair and across his face.

He felt it working immediately. As soon as he recovered from the initial shockhis only thought was to get her and he tried lunging at her. The potion hadalready begun to work and she pushed him back easily. He recovered and came ather again. By this time his face only came up to her pussy and she put her handbehind his head and pushed it into her exposed bush rubbing his face tostimulate herself. His puny punches were barely noticable and stopped when hewas losing oxygen as she pushed him in tighter. A moment later his feet weredangling down as she held him and the shrinking continued. Finally she releasedhim and he fell to the ground in a heap. She stood over him with her hands onher hips as she watched the process finish and for him to recover.

As he regained his senses, he saw her towering over him waiting and he wasn'tabout find out what she had in store for him. Without any hesitation he got upand began running for the dining room to hide. He didn't get to far when hetripped and fell across her giant barefoot. "Going somewhere?", she asked. Hepushed off her foot and began running in the opposite direction. "I don't thinkso.", she answered as she grabbed him up in her fist. "Let me explain this toyou so even your tiny brain will understand.", she told him as she held him upin front of her face, "You ate the potion that was absorbed and remains in yoursystem. When you're exposed to the activator you shrink. The more activatoryou're exposed to the longer you stay tiny. Now the first spray I gave youlasted six hours and the dose you just got will last even less ....". Suddenlyshe smiled. "I know what you need.", she exclaimed as she carried him back tothe counter top. "You need a nice bath.", she laughed as she dropped him intothe container of activator. Each time he tried to climb out she would push himunder with her finger. "Feel free to drink up.", she cooed, "With this much inyour system, who knows how long it will last, maybe forever."After a few minutes of this treatment, she lifted him out and dried him with thecorner of a kitchen towel. "I think it's time for a change around here", shesaid as she circled him around the chest with her thumb and index finger andlifted him in the air. "I've been spending months doing everything I can thinkof to try and please you, up to and including the whole performance lastnight.", she continued as she brought him up to just below her face. She lookeddown at him and said with a smile, "Now on, we need to try a new approach withour releationship. Your new full-time jab will be to please me. You can use yourlittle body to please me, your mistress.". She stroked his head with her finger.

"Come on, I can't wait to get started with you.", she exclaimed as she tighedher grip into a fist around him and headed back to the bedroom.