A Dollman to Play WithBy Warren VehecTwo giantesses and a tiny manUpdate: 10/01/1998 to giantessLisa Lips walked out of the ladies' room, with a sigh. Shewas exhausted and pissed off. It was a long day at theconvention center for the strippers. The blonde woman tried tobe sociable, but all day she has been dealing with jerks who beeither stared at her enormous tits and made rude comments aboutthem or couldn't keep his hands to himself.

The 5'8" tall woman couldn't understand why she let herfriend, Wendy Whoppers talk her into this. Wendy said it wouldbe good for their publicity. She remembered from the last showin a different state. Both of them almost went to jail forassaulting a sailor who couldn't understand that neither one ofthem were interested in fucking him. He couldn't take 'NO' foran answer, so he kept on pressing her. That was when he start tograb the both of them. Lisa lost her temper that moment and lethim have it. The sailor went to the hospital with one eyescratched out and a couple of crushed nuts.

Lisa straightened her black leather outfit with a biker cap.

She liked getting attention from the men, but too much of it canwear on her nerves. Her leather boots clicked on the marblefloor as she weaved through the crowd back to her table withWendy. She'd gotten a few whistles as she went by. She ignoredthem. As she rounded the corner towards her table, she stoppedin her tracks and groaned.

Wendy Whoppers was sorely pressed by a 5'10" tall man. The5'8" woman could tell her 5'1" friend was trying to say no, buthe pressed on not giving her a chance to. But who'd blame himthe way she was dressed, wearing a red tight knitted dress whichform her massive breast and slender figure. Her red pumps gaveher legs the mile long look even though it didn't make her muchtaller.

She inched away from him every time he tried to run hishands up against her bare arms. She was close to giving in, Lisacould tell by the way she fidgeted by coming her long lush blondehair. Lisa debated on whether or not to get her out of this jam.

He backed her into a corner, his chest was press up againsther huge breast. Shit!, she thought to herself, she out ofcontrol! I gotta go do something. Raged started to fill hermind, until she remember the word 'control'.

Earlier, one of her old friends had given her a vial ofliquid. She said, "Just mix this into any man's drink and havehim drink it. Soon, I guarantee you that you will be able tocontrol him. He'll be so scared of you that you could easilysquash him like a bug!" What she meant by that, she doesn'tknow. But her friend refused to clarified and she disappearedafterwards.

Lisa Lipps made up her mind and decided to give it a shot,even though she has no idea what it will do. She put on her bestcome-hither look and strode towards their table. She could hearher friend trying to talk her way out as she came closer.

"Ahem!" the 5'8" blonde clear her throat when she came upbehind the man. "What d-," he stopped in mid-sentence as heturned around to face who ever was coming between him and histarget. His mouth hung open, stared at her as he was loss forwords.

Wendy was stared in shock at her friend. She had seen herfriend act like this before, but not when she was in a bad moodbefore she went to the bathroom. Ordinarily, she wouldn't evenbe thinking of picking any man up, so she must be up tosomething.

After the man failed to say something, Lisa rushed himthrough the process of picking Wendy and her up. She gave himthe hotel's name and number they were staying at. "Don't keep uswaiting, or we'll just find someone else to have fun with,"warned the blonde. He just stood there with his head bobbing upand down like an idiot.

"C'mon now, Wendy. Let's get back to our rooms. I wanna beready when he come by," she grabbed her friend by her arm andlead her away.

"I can't believe you just did that! You trying to get usinto trouble again?" hissed Wendy.

"Don't worry about it. The cops won't even hear about thisone," she lied to keep her friend worrying too much.

"'Don't worry about it' she says! We don't even know hisname yet and he could be some kind of wacko or serial killer andyou want to invite him into our room for a fuck?" she almostyelled at her.

Well so much for trying to put her friend at ease. Thebusty women walked back to their rooms at a leisurely pace.

* * * * * * * * * *I stood there for some minutes, before I realized that thebeautiful ladies had left already. I don't know what had cameover me. I behaved like a total idiot, but Lisa seemed like shereally wanted me. I knew who she was the moment I saw her.

I quickly made my way out of the convention center, knockinga few people aside in the process. I paid them no heed. In ahalf an hour later, after stopping at a liquor store for a packof condoms and a 12 pack of beer, I knocked on their door.

Wendy opened the door. I was surprised to see that shestill wore her red dress. I had assumed that they were going tochange into something a bit more exotic, apparently not. Maybe,they needed to clean their rooms before inviting guest in. Butthat's kind of odd, especially when their hotel is one of themost expensive one in town, is usually equipped with cleaningservices.

"C'mon in! Oh! I see you brought some beer too! We stoppedat the store and picked up a case of beer also," she chimed.

"The more the beer, the more merrier," I responded. Wendylaughed at the old joke.

I looked around the large room. There were couple offurniture with coffee tables and end tables. A large TV screensat against the wall, playing a porno flick that stared bothWendy Whoppers and Lisa Lipps. Off to the side as a doorway intothe bedroom, where I could see a king-size bed with severalluscious pillows.

At that moment, Lisa Lipps walked out of the bedroom stillwearing the same outfit she wore at the convention center. Istill acted like a complete idiot in front of her. Her friendgiggled like a school girl.

"Alright! Let the party begin!" the 5'8" woman sang. Shedid a short hop towards me and gave me a long hot kiss. Whateverthis woman was, she came with a loaded cannon to knock me over.

I could feel her huge breast mashed up against my chest. Herhigh heel boots boosted her height 6 more inches, which has hertowering 4 inches taller than me. I craned my head up to reachher full lips.

Her strong arms held my head tightly in position as I slowlysnaked my arms around her waist. Before I could hug her close,she broke off the kiss, leaving me light headed. Both of theblonde women grabbed my arms and lead me to the couch in front ofthe TV.

I took a quick look at the screen, which showed Wendy andLisa fondling each other. I sat between two gorgeous busty womenand wondered if I was ever going to wake up from this. Might aswell live it to the max.

Turning to face Wendy, who was on my left side, I reachedfor her massive globes, but her hand intercepted mine.

"Why rush? We got the whole night to explore each other.

By the way, what is your name?" she purred.

The smile she gave me, reminded me of a cat who's toyingwith a mouse under her paw. Right now, I felt like I was themouse she's playing with. What harm can these two women do tome?"Warren," I replied.

"Well, Warren. What do you think of me and my friend,Lisa?""I think the both of you are the most incredible ladies Ihave ever met. I don't even know if this is a dream or not."That comment put a smile on her face. She circled my chestwith her finger, which sent a chill down my spine. I heard a canof beer popped open. I turned to the sound and Lisa thrust a caninto my hand.

"Well, maybe after this night is over, you'll wished thatthis is a dream," giggled the blonde on my right side.

"Oh I don't think so," I took a sip of my beer, not wanting toget drunk too fast.

Something I totally would have never expected to do, we satand talked for a good hour. We talked about ourselves, what wehoped to do in the next ten years and a little bit of our dreams.

As I sat between the ladies, they pressed their huge breastagainst my arm, driving me insane with lust. Their legs wrappedaround mine, preventing me from opening my legs to rub at myhard-on. And at the same time, using the edge of their shoes,they scratched lightly at my shins, sent shivers up my spine.

Their hands roamed freely over my body, while mine remainedtrapped under their hips. I was hot and horny as timed pastedby, I was getting frustrated that I couldn't touch them.

Lisa kept giving me sips of my beer as we talked. Slowly, Icould feel my bladder pressure building up. Soon I felt like Iwas trying to hold a dam. I have drank four cans of beer withoutonce going to the restroom. At this time, I was ready to leavethem just to relieve my pressured bladder.

"Uh...Sorry, ladies, but I gotta go to the bathroom, unlessyou want urine all over the floor," I stammered.

They laughed and moved away from me. I was a little tipsyas I walked to the bathroom. Before I left the room, I heardWendy asked,"Now?" and "Now," replied her friend. My hopebrighten that I get a piece of ass from them finally.

After I got back, they had to go as well. We talked somemore, but every time I tried to take a drink of my beer, one ofthe busty ladies would divert my attention by revealing a goodportion of their cleavage.

But when both of them returned to the couch. Lisa suggestedto play a game. Name of the game was "Tops". It involve a fullpack of cigarettes. The object was to the person was to flip thepack onto the top of the table. If the pack lands on it's sides(narrow part) the flipper get to choose the person to take adrink. If the flipper manages to have the pack landing upright,he would choose the person to drink half of the can of beer, butif it lands upside down then the flipper picks someone to drinkthe entire can. However, if the pack falls on it side (widesection) the pack would be passed to the next person. This wouldgo on until most of the players are too drunk to sit up.

Lisa and Wendy decided to throw in an extra rule. Should Imanage to land the pack correctly, and choose one of the ladiesto take a drink. They would be allow to bribe me by eithertaking an article of clothing off or should all of their clothesbe taken off already, I would be allowed to fondle any part oftheir body for however long I choose to do so. That set my cockhard at the thought of tit fucking those beauties.

I knew right away these busty ladies were out to get medrunk. I was determine to strip both of them stark naked. I letthe blondes go first, trying to be a gentlemen. Right off thebat, neither of them could get the pack land on the edge. On myfirst try, I got a downer, which was the pack landing upside downon the edge.

I choose the smaller blonde to drink her full can of beer.

Wendy glared at me as she reached for her can. Without anydifficulties, she downed the can of beer.

I flipped the pack again. It landed on its side, I chooseLisa to take a drink. She surprised me by taking of her leatherdress. Her huge naked globes fell into my view, my eyes widenhungrily. She laughed as I tried to reach for them, but sheslapped my away.

The 5'8" blonde turned and waggled her shapely ass incasedin white frilly panties at me. "Can't touch me, unless I havethese off first, Warren," she taunted me.

"Don't worry about it. Those sexy panties will be minesoon," I challenged her. She laughed harder.

I picked up the pack and tossed it again. The rectangularpack fell on its sides. I cursed as Wendy reached for theobject. This time, she managed to land it on its side. Pay backtime, she choose me to take a drink. I shrugged my shoulders andtook a drink. As I drank my can of beer, there was a slightafter taste as it went down. It was a bitter taste, it almostburned my throat as I swallowed it. The girls laughed when Icoughed. It didn't taste too bad, but it did burn, so I let itgo.

Wendy flipped again and lost. It was passed on to Lisa.

She landed the pack facing up. She picked me to take a drink.

Both of the busty ladies inspected my can of beer, before I tooka drink, to insure I drank at least half a can of beer. I drankmore than it was necessary to.

There was a loud buzzing in my ear as I set the beer down.

The room spun as I tried to steadied myself. I saw the blondes'eyes widen as something happened to me. I wasn't sure what. Ifelt my head and body, it felt normal. My bladder suddenlytighten, I got up and ran into the bathroom to relieved myself.

After I came back, I noticed my clothing felt loose. I hadto hold up my pants as I walked to the ladies. I didn't thinkanything changed, more as of I thought it was my imagination. Myclothing were always loose to begin with, but I didn't think theywere that loose.

I sat down with the strippers. They seemed a little bitbigger than before. I shook my head.

"Ready?" asked Lisa. I nodded my head in agreement.

The blonde stripper flipped the pack and lost. It was myturn. The little box felt a little big as I fondled the box. Istared at it questionably. I gave it a flip. To my amazement,the box landed up-side down.

To Wendy, I said, "Guess what, your turn to take a drink."She groaned, "You stinking little bastard." The smallblonde stood up. With both hands, she grabbed the hem of herdress and pulled it over her head. Her small sender body stoodnaked before my eyes. My hands itched to feel her body. Shewore no panties. My eyes riveted from her bald pussy to herenormous tits. I didn't know which one I wanted to taste first.

"I'm gonna get even with you, Warren" she said. Her smallhand pointed to the cigarettes pack, indicating for me to get onwith the game.

Flipped the pack again. I went into a double shock. I gotanother downer. I pointed to the taller blonde. She looked downat me as she stood up. With one leg at a time, she removed herlacy panties. Her mohawk bush came into view. She giggled asshe combed her small span of pubic hairs. She bent over andplaced the under garment on my head as if it were a hat. My eyeswiden when I noticed how loose they were. Lisa gave me a longhot sizzling kiss, before I could say anything.

My mind spun as she broke off the kiss. "Your turn again,big man," she said huskily. I grabbed the box without realizingI had and tossed it in the air. It fell on its side.

I was in a daze when Wendy snatched the box and twirled thepack in the air. The busty women could have told me it was adowner and I would never have realized it. For the next threetoss, she managed to land the box on the side. I took three sipsof my beer. I never noticed the changes that came over me. Iwas too busy looking lustfully at Lisa Lipps. The smaller blondelost on her next turn and passed the box on.

The next two turns, she landed the pack on it side and Itook two long sips. Lisa lost on the next try. I received thebox. With one casual flip, it landed right side up. This time,I pointed to Lisa, who laughed.

The tall blonde stood up and, with the aid of her friend,moved the coffee table. I sat on the floor with my back upagainst the sofa. Noticing for the first time, she looked almostgigantic as she stood over me.

She lowered herself slowly as if anticipated a pleasurewaiting for her. Her shapely posterior rest itself slightlyabove my legs. Her legs looks immense as I ran my hands alongthe inner thighs. Lisa purred and grabbed my head with one hand.

Some thing was trying to kick me in the head, but I couldn't tellwhat.

I compared her thigh to mine. Shit! Her thigh was easilyfour times the size of my legs. I put my hand in the center ofher palm. My hand look more like a child compare to the size ofher hand.

I quickly stared up at the giant Lisa who towered over mein her kneeling position. She laughed and slammed my face intoher deep cleavage. As much as I tried to fight her, but she wasdefiantly too strong for me. Her hand grabbed the back of myhead, pulled my slightly off the floor.

I felt one of her nipple at the corner of my mouth. Itslowly moved to the center of my mouth. I couldn't do anything.

My nose smashed flat against her giant hooters. I couldn't drawin a breath of air with her nipple jammed into my mouth.

"Suck, damit! What do you think my nipple is in your mouthfor?" She pulled my head back and slammed into her heavy breast.

My face rocked with pain. I barely could focus on her nipple.

Licked and sucked her hard nipple to with my limited restriction.

I heard her moan, her grip on my head slacken, but not enoughwhere I could sit back down on my ass. I tried to knead herbreast, but it was hard as a rock to my touch, so I diverted myhands elsewhere.

Her large cunt quivered to my touch. Used my first threefingers, I pried into her thick labia and found her clit. Irubbed hard into her clit using my thumb. She shrieked withdelight.

"You little devil!" she screamed, "Harder! Harder!"Furiously, I rubbed her clit up to the point that I was using myfingernails to scratch it. My teeth bit into the fleshy nipplethat was dripping with warm lubricate. It tasted of warmcondense milk. It got warmer and warmer after each drop. Ateach drop, I sucked hard.

Suddenly, her milk duct shot a stream of milk into my mouth.

I almost gagged on it, but swallowed it the best I could. Someof it dribbled out of the corner of my mouth.

"Oh, baby! Keep sucking it, you little fucker!" she'dhowled. Her giant hand held my head in place. I wanted to sitdown more than anything.

I increased the tempo of my hand, thrusting in and out ofher cunt. Slowly, her tunnel tighten, until I no longer was ableto pump my arm. I felt something warm oozed on to my arm,trickled down my forearm to my elbow.

Lisa let out an earth shattering scream as she climaxed. Myarm, suddenly, popped free. She released me from her embrace andI slid down to the floor. Seconds after she released me, shedropped her ponderous ass onto my lap.

I screamed in pain as I tried to push her off, but nosuccess. The giant blonde laughed and rolled off. I sat therepanting for breath. I bent both of my legs to pump the bloodthrough it. Nothing felt broken or dislocated, I was relieved.

Something metallic was shoved to my lips. It smelled ofbeer. I looked up. It was Wendy Whoppers giving me a can ofbeer.

"Here, drink this. It will make you feel better," she said.

Gratefully, I took a small drink. Ugh! It was the same can Ihave been drinking all night. My shirt slipped off of oneshoulder. I had to go to the bathroom. I stood up and my pantssuddenly fell down to my ankles. For some reason, I stumbledwhile trying to pick up my large pants. Lisa and Wendy roaredwith laughter.

I sat up and looked around. Every thing looked so big,including the two busty woman. Not giving me a chance to asksome question, Wendy trusted a pack of cigarettes into my nowsmall hands. My small hands could barely circle the box. Iprayed that I would not win again. To my aguish, the box landedup side down.

Wendy jumped up and said, "My turn!" She grabbed myshoulder with one huge hand and pushed me down on my back. Thesmall blonde looked positively enormous as she stood over me.

She turned around, so that I was looking up at her shapely ass.

Before I could react, she squatted down on my face. Hertree size thighs trapped my arms to my sides as she knelt on herknees. I thrashed, kicked my legs, and used my now small arms tolift her off of me, but no avail did she move. A pair of giantfemale hands grabbed my flailing leg and pinned to the carpet. Icouldn't move under her superior strength.

Wendy leaned forward slightly, so that her pussy came intomy view. It was easily longer than my hand in length. Her muskyodor reached my nose. I felt my crotch hardening. My captorlaughed.

"My what do we have here," she said. Her finger outlined myhard dick. She cooed. Even through the bulky jeans I now wore,I could feel her nail scratching the jeans. All that did wasexcite me further. I bucked under her touch. "You like thatdon't you?" she cooed, "Well, I got something for you."Her long smooth legs unfolded itself and stretched out passmy head as her bald cunt slid towards my small face. Her giantbreast pinned my ankles to the floor as she lounge out to herfull height.

Her large cunt molded over my mouth and nose like a glove ona hand. The giantess's legs spreaded out and her labia opened upto admit my probing tongue. Wendy moaned under my smalladministration to her pussy.

My arms were too small to reach around her vast wasp-likewaist as she gyrated her hips in rhythmic with my tongue. Soon,she was banging her pelvis against my face. The weight of herbody became increasingly heavy after each stroke. My breath camein short gasp as the weight bore me down.

Suddenly, the weight on my legs vanished and her shapely asscame down on my face. I let out a muffle scream and began tobeat on her massive thighs, but nothing would move her.

Blackness floated around the edge of my vision. My eyes flutterclose as the darkness settled over me. Before I passed out,something hot and creamy splattered all over my nose and mouth.

Floating along in the darkness, I have never felt socomfortable in my life. Something cold and wet fell on my face.

I shook my face to free myself of the coldness. It didn't goaway. My eyes fluttered open.

I scrambled back from the sight that greeted me. Wendyloomed over me with a wet wash cloth, which was big enough to betowel for me. I tried to move further away from her, but a wallprevented me from going any further.

For some reason the wall moved. I looked up, it wasn't awall, it was Lisa! The blonde stripper looked even bigger thanher girlfriend. Her massive boobs dominated most of my view.

"Here, drink all of this. It will make you feel better,"Lisa said softly. A can of beer was brought before me. I movedaway from it, not trusting anything they gave me. That seemed toanger the blonde giantess.

With her superior strength, she grabbed the back of my headand forced the large can between my lips. I screamed in pain.

She roughly tilted the can into my face, nearly breaking my jaw.

The bitter tasting brew ran down my throat and down my nakedchest.

The room began to spin as more of the fluid went into mysystem. The giant Lisa released after the last of the beer wentdown my throat. My head fell on the carpet as I closed my eyes,hoping the spinning would stop. The dizziness only increased. Istood up, stumbling against the busty stripper. Her laugh echoedinto my ear.

My clothes immediately fell off of my tiny frame. I lookedup at the two ladies responsible for my condition as they grewtaller and taller. The small blonde giantess covered her gigglesusing her hand. Slowly, I was able to stand without stumbling somuch. I felt a tear in my eye form, stifled a sob when I askedthem, "Why?""You, men, needed to be taught a lesson on showing us somerespect. You were the closest one that really needed it,"replied the giant Lisa. I winced slightly at the sound of hervoice which sounded like a thunder shot from the canon. Sheseemed to sense that I was trying to estimate how small I reallywas.

Slowly the giantess stood up, as if she was trying toemulate her largeness. She's succeeding. With her black highheel boots on, she portrayed an image of a very dangerous giantvixen about to turn loose on me. With her four inch heel, I camehalf way up her shins. I estimated that I stood about 10 inchestall in the giant busty women's eyes.

Her giant form stooped down low with her arm extended like along crane. Her titanic hand grabbed me half way around my back.

I screamed in pain from her immense pressure on my lower back.

My spleen, liver and kidney felt like they were being crushedinto a ball. I tried to arch my back to levitate the pain, butshe held me tight in her hand.

My tiny naked body was brought up close to her billboardsize face. Her hot breath wash all over me. She smirked.

"That's what you are! A little doll for us to play with.

What do you think, Dollman?" she laughed. Using her enormousindex finger, she probed my expose crotch, which was saluting toher. Lisa laughed again and her tongue came out and flicked mytiny shaft. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. A small moan escapedmy lips.

"Wendy! Look at this! Dollman likes having his dicklicked," she exclaimed to her enormous friend. The smallerblonde giantess quickly stood up next to her tall friend. Shehad on an enormous glee on her beautiful face. Her tree sizefingers slowly made a circle around my chest and then down to mypenis. Using her forefinger and her thumb, she gave my shaft ahard twist. I screamed as I bent over to push her hand away fromme, but all it did was make her laugh and repeat the process.

"What's the matter, baby? Did I hurt you?" Wendy talked asif she were talking to an infant. "Well, it should hurt! That'show it felt when you men treated us that way," she screamed atme. She flicked her forefinger into my puny chest. The airwhooshed out of my lungs.

Lisa dropped down on her knees and deposited me on top ofthe table. I fell onto my back, still clutching my chest. Theother giantess did the same.

"C'mon, let's finish the game! Since Dollman can't play anymore, We'll finish the game," said the taller blonde. The painslowly faded away, I got up on my feet and looked around. Thecan of beer looked to be the size of 50 gallons drum. Wendyopted to go first, snatched the pack of cigarettes and flippedit. It landed in a up right position. She smiled sweetly at theother blonde giantess.

"I don't feel like drinking. Is there any chance I couldbribe you?" asked Lisa.

"Depends on what you have to offer," said seductively thesmaller blonde.

"How, about this?" she moved in closer to her friend. Theirlips slowly came in contact. Their eyes were close as theyslurped one another.

"Mmmm...This is nice," Wendy moved closer with their giantbreasts rubbing together.

"Omigod...Your breast feels so big and firm," the tallerblonde ran her hands over her girlfriend's boobs. Her handskneaded the mountainous flesh as it shifted side to side underher administration.

"They're not so big like yours...That feels so good!""No, they're not! Yours are bigger"Suddenly, both women broke off and turned to me. My headtilted far back as they moved closer to me. They were less thanan arm length from me. Their hands reached up to fondle theirbreast.

"Which one of us is bigger, Dollman?" Wendy boomed in herloud voice. For some reason, being a judge to tell these titanicladies which tits is bigger made my knees knock with fear.

Wendy's monstrous hand swept down and scooped me up in asingle fluid motion. My tiny body was brought up close to hergiant breast. Her body odor assaulted my nose as she pressed mebetween her hooters.

"Feel my tits. They're nice and soft, aren't they? C'mon,now. I know you can squeeze them harder than that," shemurmured while I frantically struggle to break from her grasp.

She smiled at my useless attempts. Her giant hand moves my toy-like body from between her tits to her left side. Her big fleshyround globe gave away slightly as she pressed my body against it.

I threw my arms around her left knocker. Try as I might, Icould not squeeze her tit or get my tiny arms to grip itproperly. I heard her laugh at my ineffective attempts.

Suddenly, my back was pressed by another giant warm fleshyobject. I screamed as the weight bore down on me. I arched myback backwards to see what was crushing me. Lisa came into myview. It was her tit that was crushing me against Wendy's.

"My turn now," she thundered. Her hand smoothly snatched myminiaturized body from her friend's hand. She expertly rolled meover so that I was facing her. A huge round nipple slid by me asshe lowered me below her breast. All I could see was theunderside of her mountainous flesh called a breast.

I was taken by surprise as Lisa shoved me up into theunderside of the giant breast. Shit!! Her tit was heavy. Icouldn't move it or budge it at all.

"Can you feel how heavy my hooters are?" the blonde giantessasked. I grunted from the pain. I tried to shift my body, buther hand kept me firmly in place. It didn't take long for me tostart beating on her hard breast. Lisa took the message that Ihad enough and replaced me back on the table.

"Well, Dollman. Whose tits are bigger?" demanded Lisa.

I looked from one blonde to the other, trying to make mymind up. I was afraid that if I didn't answer, the bustygiantess would only repeat the demostration. With my handshaking, I pointed to the taller blonde.

Her beautiful face underwent a change into a masked fury. Iknew I had made a big mistake. The giantess stood up to her fullheight. With the sole of her black leather boots, she kicked thetable hard, which rocked it violently. The impact had knocked mefrom the platform onto the carpet.

"Ooooh! You made her mad, Dollman. You better run whileyou're still able to. There's no telling what she might do toyou," warned Wendy. I looked up in time to see Lisa walking inher long strides towards me. Her black boots making a 'whoomp'sound with each step she took. I took off running for my life.

No matter where I ran, the giantess always manages to flushme out from my hiding place. Soon, she had me cornered. Hergiant form stretching up high like a skyscrapper, she stoodakimbo with her arms crossed. I cowered in fear as I waited forthe punishment.

"I should step on you for picking me having the largestboobs, but that would be too easy for you to get away," shegrowled down at me. "I think something better should teach you alesson that we're not a sex object. I think we still have somepotion left over when we poured it into your beer," her attentionturned to her friend, "Wendy, what did you do with the rest ofthe potion?" The flask was immediatly handed to Lisa.

The vial in her hand had at least a half a spoon left, whichwas easily a handful to me. While her attention was divertedelsewhere, I made a break for it. As fast as my short legs couldpump, I just wasn't fast enough to escape her attention. Herboot suddenly dropped out of the sky in front of me. My tinybody bounced off her foot onto my back. Before I could makeanother attempt, her huge hand immediatly pinned my body to thecarpet.

Her naked thighs surrounded me as I gasped under theterrible pressure the giant stripper applied on me. The thickjar was shoved into my opened mouth. I coughed and gagged on thepotion she pour down my throat, but it still went into my bowels.

The taste was ten times worst than when I was drinking it fromthe beer can.

Almost immediatly, my head felt as if a giant clamp had beenapplied to it. I screamed in pain. Lisa's hand began to growbigger and bigger. Her finger went from the size of tree limbs totree trunk. I closed my eyes and willed the pain to go away.

Slowly, the pain faded. My throat was raw from screaming.

Her fingers curled around me as she scooped me up. I closedmy eyes when the gravity disoreintation began to build up. Iquickly wrapped my tiny arms around her thick fingers. Suddenlyher fingers parted, allowing my face drop between them. Isquawked when I open my eyes. My fear of heights slowly creep upmy back as I tried to fight it back. All I could see was Lisa'sgiant black boots and her strip of pubic hair hundreds of feetbelow me. If I fall, it would mean my death.

Quickly, I scrambled back into the palm of the giantess'shand. I scanned around and noticed that her palm was easily thesize of king-size bed! Her fingers curled up slightly. I turnedaround and was greeted by her leviathan breast. Pass it was herleering monumental face looking down upon me as if I were someamusement toy for her personal pleasure.

Wendy stood next to her tall friend. She smiled, broughther finger up to her lips and her great big tongue slowly lickedit. Her wet finger lowered and brushed up against me, whicheasily knocked me over. I grunted from the pressure as itfollowed me. Slowly, as if she was trying to stir my dick tolife, which it did. I felt it leave a trail of wetness over myminaturized body. Slowly she wrapped her huge fingers around mywaist and tighten against me. Like a crane, her hand easilylifted me from Lisa's hand to her caverous mouth. She savored meas if I were some special treat. Her toungue washed over me. Ibatted it way the best I could, but she probably thought I wastrying to hold on to her tongue.

A moan escaped her enormous lips, as she lowered me to herbreast. Her attention was drawn to her friend, Lisa, who movedin closer from the side. Their lips clashed together, made loudslupping noises. I watched in bewilderness as the giantessesfondle each other. Their huge hands rubbing each other, shiftingto make each other comfortable.

Lisa's right hand disappear below me where I couldn't see,but I had an idea what she was doing. The blondes' moaningincreased in volume to a point where I thought I was gonna godeaf.

Wendy turned down to look at me and grinned. She insertedme between the towering 5'8" woman's breast. My tiny naked bodywas rammed up and down the entire length of her hooters. My backflairing in pain as she bent me backwards.

Suddenly both tits engulfed me as I was rammed upwards.

Then I was pulled down. I was allowed one short gasp of airbefore I was shoved back up into her clevage. Lisa's giant bodyheat slowly rose, sweat glistened, allowing me smooth traction inand out of her tight tunnel.

I could hear Lisa moaning how good this felt and Wendyagreeing with her. Sudddenly, I was transfered into Lisa's palm.

The short giantess lowered herself onto the floor and spreadingher legs wide. Lisa knelt between her long lusious legs.

Wendy's bare pussy glisten with white copish ooze running downher slit.

"In you go little man!" sang Lisa.

"No! Please don't! You'll kill me in there!" I screamed.

"You don't get it do you?" she murmered, "You are nothingmore than a dollman for us to play with and that's all you'llbe."I screamed as she brought me upclose to her friend's cunt.

The white ooze gagged my scream while I fought a useless battle.

The last thing I remember before I was put inside Wendy's darktunnel.

The End