A Dreamy Night With Jenny by Mini E I was not too sure of what happened last night. It was very strange to saythe least. Although it very much seemed like a dream, it felt all so real. Somethings are hard to describe. Dreams are usually blurry upon recollection, but Ican recall everything that transpired. Here's how I remembered it.

I woke up on some rough terrain. I didn't know that I had fallen asleep. As Istarted to regain my vision, it looked like the material I was on went on formiles. It was also extremely cold. I had no blanket to cover myself. In fact, Idid not have anything at all! This had to be a dream. I never sleep naked. Muchless naked without anything to cover myself.

I decided to look around a bit, to find out just where I was. Nothing madesense though. Although I was in a very spacious environment, I wasn't outside.

Instead, I was in a gigantic warehouse of some type. This was different though.

Warehouses are normally dull and cold. This place seemed warm and inviting. Infact, it very much resembled my house. The colors on the wall and the ceilingwere similar to my room, only magnified greatly. Yet, it also didn't seem likeit was my room. I was pretty sure that this looked my sister's room. ‘Huh, howstrange.'I was on some type of black carpet. The texture was very strange to me. I'venever felt carpet like this before. I moved along this black fabric and it wasnot very stable. It was actually quite difficult to walk on it. That's when Isaw her.

It was Jenny. My sister. My gigantic sister. She seemed to be over 100 feettall! I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. Not only was she huge, she was inher bath robe. She was drying her hair with a towel as she stood before me.

"Jenny!" I cried up to her. No response. "Jenny, I'm over here!" I yelled,this time waving my arms. Still nothing. "Damn, she can't hear me."Jenny finished drying her hair and dropped her towel beside me. It seemedthat she was looking in my direction so I started waving my arms once again. Andonce again I was ignored. What happened next froze me. Jenny removed the robeand let it fall out of site.

There she stood, completely naked. Observing from my point of view, she wasamazing. Her body resembled that of a goddess. I could not believe that this wasmy sister. I was so amazed by her body that I couldn't move a muscle as herhands focused on the black fabric underneath me.

I was lifted high in the air, at least it seemed high to me, then back down.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. When everything slowed down again, Iopened my eyes. I saw something that resembled the trunk of a redwood tree. Iturned around and saw the similar light-brown object. It was when I looked upthat reassured my guess.

In less than a second, I was pressed tightly against my sister's pussy. Icouldn't believe I was there. In what dream do you find yourself shrunk to lessthan two inches and in your sister's underwear?As Jenny moved about for a good five minutes. Every step she took felt likean earthquake. This did not feel good. When it finally stopped, I was relieved.

I can only assume that she got in her car. This only lasted for about tenminutes though. I once relived the repeating earthquakes for a few minutes more.

Once the earthquakes stopped, I noticed a pair of voices. It was too hard forme to determine who the voices belonged to. The voices were very distorted.

As my sister continued her conversation, I became extremely bored. No, thatwasn't really true. Who could get bored in my situation? At first, it was amoral issue. If it wasn't Jenny's underwear I was in, then I'd be having funalready. But this was not the case. I wanted to "experiment" but, I preventedmyself from doing so. It would be morally wrong.

Well, that kind of thinking gets you nowhere. And, being that this is adream, I can pretty much do anything I want. Pushing the moral thing aside, Ibegan fondling Jenny's giant lips.

I rubbed her labia with each hand. Gently stroking up and down. Only a minutelater, a clear liquid covered my body. Well, I had to find where this liquidcame from.

I forced both of my legs inside. The warmth felt great against my bare skin.

I wanted to feel it against my entire body. Deeper and deeper I forced myselfin. When I was up to my hip, I saw an enormous finger approach me. I thoughtthat I was going to be pulled out. The finger stopped just a foot shy from myhead. I saw the finger rub the giant clit in front of me. "Don't worry sis, I'llhelp you out!" I yelled out.

As I started to force myself inside, I felt the slick walls of my sister'spussy pull me inside. My whole body was inside! This was incredible. The feelingwas intense. The pulsating walls kept squeezing me powerfully. I was in a stateof bliss.

I know it was a dream. Because when I was inside, I could see everythinginside the living cavern. The pink muscular walls kept squeezing and massagingmy entire body. It became hotter and wetter and I could not contain myself anylonger. As I was about to climax, I made sure that Jenny enjoyed it as well. Irubbed everything around me passionately as I was in ecstasy. Then came therelease.

Well, apparently Jenny was not done. In fact she was just beginning. As I wasfalling asleep, I felt something push on my head. I opened my eyes to findsomething that my dream into a nightmare. Although oversized, I had no problemrecognizing the giant penis head right in my face.

I scrambled frantically to get away, but it was no use. The walls were tooslick to get a grip on. I tried pushing the giant head away, but that didn'twork. The giant prick pushed me all the way back to Jenny's cervix. There was awhole lot more space now. I managed to get myself in a sitting position. Fromhere, I watched the monster moved back and forth inside my sister. This was notsomewhere I wanted to be. But I was stuck. Covered in my sister's juice and soonto be covered in this guy's juice. This went on for what seemed an eternity. Iwished to awakened now, but that wasn't granted. Instead, it became worse.

I don't know what they did, but I found myself in a new position. I was safeat my other position, no contact came my way. But now, I was in full contact. Mywhole body was trapped under the giant head. With my face directly in front ofthe giant slit. My body slid up and down the tight muscular walls as the couplehad sex. Faster and faster I went. As this continued, I could feel Jenny's wallssqueeze me tighter and tighter. She was squeezing me so tight that I was aboutto blackout. Then everything stopped. I knew what was coming next. I closed myeyes and felt Jenny crush me with her vaginal walls.

Then I woke up. My heart was beating incredibly fast. I was back home, on mybed. Everything was back to normal. Oh, man. What a dream! Never had Iexperienced something so real. Then the door opened. It was Jenny.

"Hey there little bro," she said. "Thanks.""What?" I had no idea what she was talking about. "What are you talkingabout?""Thanks for helping me out." She smiled at me and left.

‘What the hell did I do last night?' I asked myself. I got off my bed to usethe bathroom, when I noticed I was naked. But I never sleep naked. The strangestthought popped into my mind. I wondered if Jenny had anything to do with thedream I had yesterday. Maybe it wasn't even a dream. No, that's not possible. Ithad to be a dream. Right?...