Entrapment chapter oneI'm David Clevencho, I'm 38, a camera man for an afternoon television show. Iwas quite lucky to land such a sensational job. My amateur camera work wasspotted in a short documentary, and the producer of the network gave me a studioaudition. In a small sense, my life has gone from rags to riches!I've only been in the industry for a year, and I've met various people in themedia, I've even been lucky enough to have spoken to some of the celebrityguests too. Through my contacts, I've also been offered other camera work forvarious other companies, including glamour work, which I have to say is afavorite. I've filmed some of the most beautiful women for magazine promotionsetc. Its an exciting occupation and I can't believe how my life has turned out.

When I was married, I was just a freelance camera operater, waiting for my bigbreak, and for some reason it came 6 weeks after I divorced.

Since the divorce, I have really got my life back together and I'm now lookingforward to a bright future and a prosperous life. The only bad thing about mylife at the moment (and its always on my mind) is not seeing my kids enough.

The divorce was hard because my ex-wife Kate (32) gained custody of thechildren. So this means I only get to see my son Michael (6) and my daughter Amy(8) at weekends. My job makes it impossible for me to see them through the week,thats why I was looking forward to picking them up from the baby-sitter afterwork.

We have a new baby-sitter. My ex-wife just hired one without even discussing itwith me. I like to know who my kids are with, I've told her that before, and Ithink she plays these juvenile games with me because she's still mad about thereason we divorced.

She had an affair with some guy from where she worked. It was going on fornearly six months, she was very clever at deceiving me and when I finally foundout, I was so mad, I went out one night drunk and had it full on with this girlfrom a bar! I don't regret doing it, but what I do regret is going home thatnight and telling her all about it!! I explained in detail what happend just tospite her and that is something I wish I'd never done.

Since then, she's always found ways to play these stupid games with me.

Another thing thats probably the cause of all her antics is the fact that I'veput an appeal in to try and gain custody of my kids. My lawyer told me that Inow have a realistic chance of winning, considering my good financial positionand my luxury accomadation.

During the divorce, I was not in any position to win. My weekly earnings weresomewhat poor and I only had a small apartment.

Now that my my ex-wife has recieved a call from my lawer regarding the legalproceedings, she's started to find more ways to get at me, and does things toannoy me. She seems to go out of her way to make things more difficult.

I often think about all these things during filming in the studio, its hard notto, but that will have to change since my work at the moment has nearly doubledand I really have to concentrate. This is due to one of the other camera menleaving yesterday, meaning that I have to do extra shooting in between my ownwork.

It had been a tough week and finally it was now the weekend. It was fridayevening and I finished filming for the day, looking forward to a couple of daysrest. I packed some of my own equipment away and then carried my heavy bags tothe parking lot where I was relieved to place them in the trunk of my car and beon my way to collect the kids.

I knew it was going to be a long drive because not only was the Newyork trafficas busy as always, I also had to find the baby-sitter's address from thedirections my ex-wife gave me. Jeez, she knew how spent I'd be after work, andnow this. It took nearly three hours to get there and I stopped the car and satthere for a minute, looking at the house.

It looked like a nice house and I'm sure the baby-sitter was suitable, but Ijust wish my damn ex-wife would have discussed this with me first before hiringsome stranger to baby-sit. You can never feel completely sure unless you knowthe person.

I stepped out of the car, feeling tired after such a crappy drive, then I walkedtowards the house and knocked on the front door. Moments later, a girl with longdark hair answered the door. She only looked around 18.

'Hi I'm David, I've come to collect my kids.' I told her. 'Oh hiya, I thoughtyou'd never get here!' She said to me, in a chuckle.

'Yea, thats Newyork traffic at this time for ya, and I did have to find thisplace!' I replied, feeling a little annoyed because I was tired.

She gave a friendly smile then motioned for me to come in, so I stepped into thehouse. The girl led me from the hall into another room. My kids were nowhere insight and I assumed they must be upstairs playing or something. 'Sit down if youlike, and I'll make you a coffee.' She offered. I really did'nt want to hangaround, I was tired and knew that I had another fairly long drive ahead of me.

'Thanks but I better not.' I replied. 'Well I'm Kelly, nice to meet you.' Shesaid, offering me her hand.

She seemed nice enough. 'Yea, you too.' I replied back, shaking hands. 'So erm,where is Michael and Amy, I should be getting them home now.' I insisted.

The girl smiled. 'Oh they were out like lights, they were playing all afternoonand then they started falling asleep on the sofa, so I said they could sleepupstairs for a while, they're fast asleep in the spare room.''Right, I'll go and wake them, ok.' I said, motioning to walk out the door.

'Well actually, they've not long gone up there, could'nt they have a little kipfirst, look, I could make you something to eat if you like.' Kelly offered.

That was a tempting offer. I never had time to eat, rushing straight here fromwork. I thought, what the hey, I was starving. 'Well that would be very nice,thankyou.'Kelly smiled and walked out the front room into the kitchen. 'What would youlike?' She shouted back in. 'Oh... anything, I'm easy.' I responed, sitting downon the sofa. 'So is this your place?' I asked. 'Hang on.' She shouted, returningto the room. 'Well I share it with another girl, its owned by a privatelandlord.' She explained.

'Are you a student or something?' I asked her. 'Yea, I'm studying biology andthe laws of physics.' Kelly responded, with a proud kind of look. 'I'mimpressed, there very intresting subjects.''Oh its pretty cool, you can learn a lot of secrets about the human body, thatsfor sure.''Well you seem decent enough to mind my kids, I was'nt sure at first, you know,because your a stranger and all.' I explained. 'Oh I understand, you can't betoo sure these days.' Kelly said. 'Right, how about a lasagne?' She suggested.

'Sounds good to me.'Kelly smiled and left the room and I have to say that she was quite anattractive younge lady dressed in those tight denims and wight lace top, notthat I was attracted to her myself. I was old enough to be her father, but Icould tell she probably had lots of young men flocking around her.

A minute or so later, Kelly returned with a coffee. 'Thanks.' I said, before shesmiled and walked out again. I was parched and was happy to sip the coffee. Iswitched the tv on as Kelly kindly prepared my meal. I watched some crappy talkshow for a while until Kelly shouted in to me with a tune. 'Ready, eat it whileits hot!'Feeling my stomach rumbling, I happily stood and went into the kitchen to eat.

'I done some salad too.' She said, sitting to eat her own meal. I sat oppisiteKelly and immediatly began eating. 'Very nice.' I complimented. 'Its my very ownspecial recipe.' She told me, with a large smile.

'Did Michael and Amy have anything?' I asked. 'Yea I made them some pizza, theyfinished it all!''Well with food this good, I can see why.'Kelly smiled and then the conversation suddenly swung, and she started talkingabout my ex-wife.

'I don't mean to pry, but how are you and Kate getting on, she looked a littleupset earlier, and she said you were angry on the phone, I'm just concernedabout her.' That came right out of the blue. 'Well, I don't really like talkingabout it.' I stressed. 'Oh of course, its just that, well, she was crying a bit,she's one of my mum's best friends and I was just wondering if she's ok.' Kellyexplained.

I have to admit that I was a little angry with Kate for not discussing the newbaby-sitter with me. I did'nt really like talking about it with this girl Ihardly knew, but the whole conversation was making me a little uncomfortable soI thought I'd get it over with. 'Yea well I just like to know who my kids arebeing looked after. She hired you without letting me know.'Kelly stared for a second. 'Oh is that what it was, I see, I suppose I canunderstand that.' We continued eating in silence. For some reason, I had thefeeling that Kelly knew more then what she was letting on. She seemed to askthese questions in the hope that I would give her more imformation then what shewas asking for.

I finished my meal and stood. 'Thanks very much, I sure needed that.' Kelysmiled. 'Why don't you relax for a bit in the front room, I'll make anothercoffee.' She offered. 'Thanks, I'm just gonna check on the kids first.''Ok, but won't you wake them?' Kelly asked. 'Nah, I'll just sneek in.' Iexplained. 'What room is it?''Straight up the stairs, first door on the right.' She directed.

I walked out the kitchen, and on towards the stairs. As I started climbing theflight, a strange sensation slowly began spreading around my body. I thought itwas probably because I was so tired, and I continued walking up the stairs. Itdid'nt go away, infact it felt like it was getting worse.

I carried on walking up the stairs but the strange feelings became so intense that I had to stop for a minute. Its amazing how all this suddenly cameover me. I've never experienced anything like this before. It now felt like thatpins and needles effect that you get when you've been awkwardly leaning on apart of your body for too long, only it was tingling around my whole body.

What the hell is going on?!It never went away and I was starting to feel scared now. Was this the beginingof a heart attack? My god, I've got to do something. Shall I go back down toKelly? No, god I don't know what to do. I ended up dragging myself up to thebathroom to check my reflection.

I found it and looked into the mirror. I was fine, my color was perfect. So whatare these feelings I'm experiencing? After a short while, the odd sensationsbecame bearable. They never subsided but I got used to it.

I thought maybe that this might be some sort of...well... hell I don't know, I'mlost!!I splashed some cold water onto my face, and decided to carry on with what I'doriginally planned, and go check on my two kids. I crossed the small corridor atthe top of the stairs, and immediately, the wierd sensations started intesifying.

It seemed the more I moved, the worse it got.

I stumbled towards the spare room where my kids were sleeping, and opened thedoor. To my complete horror, I found the bed to be empty!! What the fuck isgoing on?! Where the hell are my kids? I was just about to turn and shout downto Kelly, when I realised that I could'nt even speak. When I tried to shout,nothing came out.

Oh my god, what the hell shall I do?! I stumbled back across the corridor, and Isuddenly fell forward. Luckily my hands fell towards the wall and I managed toprevent myself hitting the ground. My legs felt like jelly, my body glowing withan overwhelming power of numbness.

I was stood up against the wall, facing it, my hands pressing to keep mestanding. When I focused on the pink flower patterns on the wallpaper directlyinfront of me, they looked they were actually getting bigger and bigger. Notonly were they getting bigger, but I saw the patterns moving upwards as if theentire wall was slowly rising up.

As I looked down to the ground, I realized that the wall was'nt rising, but Iwas actually falling. The pink carpet looked like it was getting closer andcloser and I felt myself falling down even though my feet were still firmly onthe ground. How can this be possible?My hands slid down the wall and an incredible wave of fear shot through me as Isaw that carpet not only get closer, but bigger! Too much bigger. Infact, as Ilooked to my side, a field of carpet was begining to create itself.

My hands now left the wall and it started getting further and further away as Icontinued getting lower to the floor. It did'nt take long for the wall to bemetres away.

Fortunately, I was now able to stand freely.

The floor was starting to look like a vast pink football field spreading out inall directions. Impossibly, my feet were still firmly on the ground, the carpetfeeling much softer beneath me, and I now looked up at the ceiling in horror tosee that it was nearly a hundred feet above me.

During this whole occurance, when I saw and felt myself falling even though myfeet were still on the ground, I guessed what might be happening to me, althoughI never wanted to believe it. But now when I see how high that ceiling is, wayup in the sky, it leads me to believe only one thing, I am actually shrinking!I've always tried to think of a logical explanation to most things, but alllogic now seems to have completely disappeared.

I looked at the wall infront of me and realized that it was now around ten feetaway as I continued getting smaller and smaller.

Everything around me became more and more magnified, and my whole surroundingswere exanding out.

I felt the carpet get softer and softer below my feet, and I looked down to seemy shoes slowly burying themselves into the fibres of the thick pile. Thiscontinued for about a couple of minutes until the carpet fibres completelycovered my shoes.

I fell backwards onto the extremely soft pink carpet and felt my body sinkingslightly into it. The numbness and the feelings that I'd felt earlier slowlystarted to subside, and after couple of minutes they had completely faded away.

I think my shrinking had stopped. As I lay on my back, I took one look around atmy surroundings and was completely awestruck by the sheer magnitude ofeverything. I stood awkwardly, and looked forward. All I could see was a vastplain of pink carpet and I looked up at the ceiling to see that it was somethree hundred feet or more above me.

The wall I had been leaning against must be twenty feet away, and I stood there,looking around at the magnificence that expanded in all directions.

After about two minutes of silent awe, I actually started to realize thesituation I was in. My god judging by the size of everything, I cant be morethen two inches tall. I did'nt know what question to ask myself first. How couldanyone even begin to understand this predicament.

I knew Kelly must be responsible for this. She lied to me about my children, howcan I trust her? She must have put something in my food or coffee. The bitch!What the hell has she done to me?! More importantly, how the hell did she do it?And my clothes, they've shrunk with me. How the how has that happened? Maybe itwas the contact with my skin or something. Jeez, I have to be thankful for that!I knew I could not answer these questions, so I decided to make a move and findsomewhere to hide. I did'nt want to be squished underfoot.

I started running across the carpeted floor. It was extremely difficult becauseeach time I took a step, my foot would sink in between the fibres and it took agreat deal of effort. As I continued running, I looked around at my gargantuansurroundings and realized that I was hardly making any ground atall.

I was too tiny. The open door that was up ahead looked gigantic but it did'ntseem to be getting any closer. It must have only been a few feet away, but to meit was like a hundred metres. As I carried on running towards that door, myplace of salvation, I realized that I could'nt keep going for much longer. I wassoon out of breath, and fell onto the soft carpet to have a rest.

Just at that moment, a series of incredibly loud thumping noises completelyshocked me and made me jump. They continued, THUMP.... THUMP... THUMP... THUMP.

I stood in complete fear, and started running towards the door as fast as Icould.

THUMP... THUMP... THUMP. The thunderous noises continued and I carried onrunning for all I was worth. The noises stopped for a moment then theycontinued, only this time they were much louder and I could feel the groundshake as I ran. The Incredibly loud booms got louder and louder, the floor shookmore voilently but I daren't look back.

I was now bouncing off the floor from the tremors and it suddenly stopped, and agigantic shadow fell apon the carpeted floor all around me. It got wider andwider and I stopped running in complete fear. I froze, too affraid to turnaround or even take my eyes off the floor. Another even more prominent shadownow fell apon me getting darker and darker.

'There you are, I knew you would'nt get far!!' Came the boom of Kelly'simpossibly loud voice. I bit my lip, turned around, and looked up. The mostterrifying sight that my eyes have ever allowed me to look at was now before me.

The whole sky was now a vast plain of wrinkled flesh that expanded across in alldirections. I could see bits of fluff and dirt clinging to the glistening flesh.

The enormous underside of Kelly's foot hung there, looming menacingly and thefoul smell enveloped me.

It then slightly glided across, and I gasped as I watched the five gigantic toeswiggling around about six feet above me. I swear I could hear the noises theymade as they rubbed together.

'Now, what shall I do with you?' Kelly boomed down to me.

To be continued........

 Entrapment - Chapter 2Her sole slightly glided across above me, and I gasped as I watched the fivegigantic toes wiggling around about six feet above me. I swear I could hear thenoises they made as they rubbed together. It was deafening, and it made merealize just how small I really was to hear toes wiggling so loudly.

'Now, what shall I do with you?' Kelly boomed down to me.

------------------------------------------Chapter 2Her booming voice was terrifying because it sounded far too amplified, and itcertainly was an accurate reflection of her great immensity. I was stood there,frozen solid, staring up at the sky of wrinkled flesh, completely awestruck bythe way that it loomed a good six feet above yet still looked huge.

A sick feeling had overcome me as I saw the remains of what ever Kelly had stoodon clinging to the emmense sole. As her toes wiggled around, I caught glimpsesof her pink toe nails and some of the nail varnish had flaked away. When thetoes were spread, I'm sure I saw dirt between the dark crevices. I was coughingslightly as the air all around me was polluted by this enormous foot.

The shadow that was apon me seemed to cover acres of ground. I was shaking withfear, wondering if this was going to be the end for me, crushed beneath thisgigantic smelly foot.

Suddenly the vast sky of wrinkled flesh flew away at an incredble speed, thehuge foot landed on the carpeted floor around ten feet infront of me, right nextto the other one. I've never seen anything move so quickly and I felt the groundshake as it stomped down, making a loud thumping noise.

I was still shaking with fear when I heard loud giggles coming from above.

Slowly, I craned my neck and looked up at her magnificent denim-clad legs thattowered like great redwoods, and then further up to her hips which were a good80 feet above me. Looking even further up, just above her flat tummy, were herfirm breasts prodtruding out, and peering down over them, was Kelly's face some200 feet in the air.

She was grinning down at me and I was shaking with fear. 'Hello... what have wegot here? A tiny little man!' She gave a little giggle. 'So, how do you likeyour new size?!' I started shouting up at her in desperation, waving my armsaround. 'What the hell have you done to me, you've got to put me back to normal'Kelly's grin grew wider. 'Are you trying to say something little guy? If youare, then I'm affraid I can't hear you.' The enormous girl placed her hands onher hips. 'Now, what am I going to do with you, more importantly, what are yougoing to do for me?'What the hell can I possibly do for her? Look at the size of me! Kelly justcontinued grinning down at me, her face was glowing with devilry and mischief.

'I'm sure we're gonna have a lot of fun together, well, at least 'I'm' gonnahave a lot of fun anyway!' Kelly laughed and I trembled with fear at what shesaid.

As I continued looking up at her grinning face, my neck was starting to ache. Itwas fully bent back and I had to strain to look directly up at her. I wasexpecting to see clouds floating around her head it was so high up.

I decided to start shouting again in the hope that she'd hear me, this timeusing all my determination and effort. 'PLEASE, don't hurt me, you've got toreturn me to normal... please I'm begging you!' Kelly laughed as she watched mejumping about and flapping my arms around in desperation.

It was no good, she could'nt hear me. Even she could, she certainly did'nt seemas though she was going to be giving me any help what so ever. All of a sudden,I saw Kelly's face rapidly descending as she bent down towards me. It wasterrifying, and I fell back on the floor in shock.

Lying on my back, I looked up to see her gigantic hand extending towards me andher tree trunk fingers started closing in. Giggling constantly, Kelly closed herhand around me, and clenched her fist so that my whole body was trapped in hervice grip with my head sticking out the top.

I instantly felt the body heat from her warm slightly moist palm and was findingit hard to breath because her hand was squeezing me so tight. I then felt mybody ascending with extreme speed as kelly brought me up to her face. She wasnow fully standing and I was just able to look down slightly. My eyes widenedwith fear when I realized how high I was suspended off the floor.

Kelly's gigantic face was right before me and her huge, wide grin petrified meas I saw her massive pearly teeth. Her deep blue eyes looked incredible. 'Nowlittle man, what were you saying?' I felt her warm breath flow over my face asshe spoke. 'Please Kelly, whatever you did to me, you've got to reverse it!' Ishouted as loud as I could. 'Hehehehe your voice sounds so squeaky, I can'tquite understand it.'Kelly brought me around to her ear, and the opening looked as wide as a car tyre.

I shouted as loud as I could into the opening. 'Look Kelly, I don't know how youdid this, but I'm begging you, you've got to change me back.' She brought meback around to her face and giggled, nearly deafening me from the sound.

'I have'nt GOT to do anything! Your hardly in any position to be giving meorders are you?! I mean look how small you are, I could crush you in my handright now, or maybe even stamp on you, and you would'nt be able to do a singlething about it!'Kelly laughed out loudly, causing my ear drums to rattle. 'Besides, the effectson your molecular structure are irreversible, so I'm affraid your stuck likethis forever!!'After I heard those words, I knew I was doomed and was in serious danger. Istarted shouting at her again, and before I could finish my sentence, shebrought me around to her ear again. 'Why the hell did you do this to me, and howdid you do it,?' I asked her, before returning me to her face. 'You'll find outthe answers to those questions soon enough, in the mean time, I think its time Ishowed you what your life is going to be like from now on.'I did'nt like the sound of that and Kelly now had a very serious face. Shestarted walking, keeping me suspended infront of her face. I felt the bumpymotions of her steps as we entered into a bedroom. She placed me on a smallcoffee table and I was relieved to feel the release of her iron grip.

Kelly sat on a small sofa of which the table was infront of. 'Now, I've decidedafter all, that I'm going tell you why and how you've ended up in thissituation.' She said, as I sat on the table. 'Besides, I think it will be morefun if you know all the reasons.' She grinned. 'Your ex-wife Kate explained tome what you did to her before you divorced, she also told me about your appealto gain custody of your children, I know how much she loves those kids and Icould see how upset she was.' Kelly paused, reached into her pocket, and pickedout a ciggerete and lit it.

'I happen to be working on a very special project in the laboratory at themoment, and when I heard the news, I thought this project could be the solutionto Kates problem.' Kelly took a puff of her ciggerette and then blew the smokeonto me making me cough uncontrolably. The bitch laughed down at my struggle tobreathe.

Once the cloud of smoke had dispersed and I started breathing normally again, Ithen considered what Kelly had said. Why was'nt I suprised to find out that itwas my ex-wife who was the reason for all this?Kelly continued. 'Kate did'nt need me to baby-sit today so she called it off atthe last minute. However, I told her not to let you know and let you come allthe way here anyway, Kate liked that idea and thought that would be prettyfunny!!' Kelly had a huge grin. 'It was the perfect trap, and I think you fellinto it rather nicely, don't you think?! I have'nt told Kate anything about ityet, I thought it would be a nice suprise for her!' I just looked at Kelly indisbelief. I could hardly believe my own ears, and was I going to be handed overto Kate? That thought gave me a deep sinking feeling, I really was in tremendousdanger.

'From tomorrow morning, you will belong to Kate!' My god I'm screwed! My worstfears were confirmed. I can't believe whats happening, its all too much for meto handle.

'And until then, your going to be my little slave! You'll do anything I say, andif you don't... well lets put it this way, I can be quite a nice person, but geton the wrong side of me and I can be one cruel bitch!!'I started shaking with fear as I heard these words. 'Now, I thought long andhard about what you possibly could do for me, really, at your size, there is'ntmuch you CAN do.' She paused and then suddenly swung both of her feet onto thecoffee table right next to me. They crashed down onto the polished oak causingme to bounce slightly.

Kelly had a huge grin. 'I thought, he could take care of my feet, thats a dirtyjob!' My heart sank when she said this. I started feeling sick as I looked atthe gigantic pair of smelly feet infront of me. 'You see, I've been on my feetALL day, and now I come to think of it, they did'nt get any attention yesterdayeither, so, I think YOU can clean them for me!!'My face went green and Kelly noticed my obvious discomfort and started laughing.

'Come on, get to it!' I hesitated, staring up at her in disbelief. 'Get lickingslave!' She commanded, in a stern tone. My god she can't be serious, there's noway I can clean those huge, smelly feet with my tounge. I tried shouting at herfor mercy but she simply pointed her finger at her feet with a very sternexpression. 'Lick them, or I'll do something very nasty to you!'I trembled with fear, and seeing no other choice, I slowly approached Kelly'sgigantic feet. The closer I got, the more intense the smell became, and the moreI felt the heat that was being emitted from them. I walked up to one massivesole, and the dirty wall of flesh instantly turned my stomach. My eyes wateredfrom the terrible stench and it was also a completely disgusting sight. Thegargantuan foot towered above, and to me it was around twenty foot high. I guessit was around five foot wide at the heel, and then got wider and wider.

It would surely take me days to lick clean both of these enormous feet. The heelof the foot was slightly blackend and I could see the dirt stuck in the printsand lines on the surface. There was small callouses around the edge of the heeland they were slightly discolored. Kelly flexed her soles, bending thembackwards and forwards creating large wrinkles and crinkles to form on the sole.

'I can't feel you licking slave!' Kelly boomed down to me. I squinted my eyesand grimanced as I placed the tiny tip of my tounge onto the enormous sole, andstarted dragging my tounge across the sweaty surface. I instantly felt likethrowing up. It was a vile taste, and I could feel sweat and bits of grimesticking to my tounge.

'Hey that feels pretty good, I can feel your tiny little tounge tracing about. Icould definately I could get used to this!' I then heard Kelly sigh. 'Itsprobably gonna take you quite a while to finish your job but I don't care,you've got all night to clean them, and then you can paint my toenails!'I carried on licking, feeling like I was in hell.

To be continued........

 Entrapment - Chapter 3The minutes dragged by, and it did'nt take long for my mouth to be full of dirt.

The strong stench was burning my nostrils and my eyes were starting to sting.

Tears were rolling from them as if I were chopping up onions.

On and on I licked, tasting Kelly's foul foot sweat, feeling the dirt slide downmy throat. I felt sick inside and I was beginning to wonder how long I couldkeep this up before I ended up vomiting.

I have'nt got a clue how long I've been licking Kelly's gigantic foot. It couldbe hours for all I know. It certainly seemed it.

Kelly has'nt said a word for ages. She's been relaxing in her chair reading amagazine and smoking ciggerettes while I've been down here, licking away. Theonly kind of acknowledgement I've seen is the odd sigh or flex of her sole,probably to indicate thats she's injoying the feeling of my tiny tounge lappingaway.

The air all around me was thick and musty, and it seemed to be damp from theheat and stench comming from the monstrous feet. I felt light headed from thefumes.

My mouth was dry and full of dirt, and and my tounge was forming blisters fromthe constant licking. I was exausted and out of breath, so I stopped for a rest,studying the enormous, towering sole that faced me.

I just could'nt believe that kelly actually expected me to lick it all clean.

Even if I managed to clean it, I then had another one to face!How on earth am I going to lick clean a pair of feet the height of a two storybuilding?! I've thought of trying to escape this terrible situation, but thetable I was standing on was far to high off the floor, and there was no way Iwas jumping.

I studied my progress so far. From my point of view, I had removed a fair amountof dirt and sweat. But all I'd actually done is licked a tiny patch on the heel.

It was useless, my situation was absurd.

All of a sudden, Kelly's huge foot lifted a metre(to me) off the table andinstantly came crashing back down again. I bounced with the vibrations. 'Heyworm, what do you think your doing, this is'nt summer camp ya know!'I jumped with fright. 'Get that tounge busy slave!'Not wanting to displease the girl, I placed my tounge back on the grimy sole andcontinued licking. 'Thats better, and don't stop licking!'As I licked and tasted the horrible dirt and sweat, I started thinking about thelife I used to lead, and how absurd my life has become. When I woke up thismorning I was a professional photographer with a luxury apartment, a Lexus, andtwo wonderful children. Now I've been shrunk down to two inches tall, I waslicking the sweat and grime from an enormous foot, and tomorrow I will end upbelonging to my ex-wife!I can hardly believe how my life has turned out. Its all too absurd for words.

It had only really just occured to me that my two children are now without afather. My god! Oh, how I will miss them dearly.

As all these thoughts were rushing through my head, I stepped back from theenormous foot and took one look at the foul sight. My life is over. Whats thepoint in living anymore? It was all to much for me to handle, and I instantlybroke down crying. I could'nt help it. I fell to my knees and weeped and weepedas the entire situation was completely overwhelming me.

How can I carry on living? Theres just nothing to live for. As I continue cryingin despair, I feel the ground shake and a gust of wind fly over my body. From mykneeling position, I lifted my head to see Kelly grinning down at me between herfeet. 'Whats the matter slave, is it all to much for you? Are my big feet toomuch for you to handle?'I looked up at her with her tears streaming from my eyes. 'Look, I was'nt reallygonna make you clean them all, I was just having some fun. Come on, we'll goover to my bed for a while.'Boy was I releived to hear that! So she does have a heart after all. Kellylifted her enormous feet off the table, and then bent down towards me. Shegently picked me up around my waist with her thumb and fore finger, and thencarefully placed me on her other palm. Her flesh was warm and soft, and I felther standing up and walking accross the room.

'There, have a little rest for a while, and then we can have some more fun!'Kelly said, lowering me down onto the soft, silky quilt. I did'nt like the soundof 'more fun', but I was happy to have this much needed rest. Kelly walked outof the room, and I was left there on my own.

My weeping had stopped, and I started to feel a little better now that I wasaway from those horrible, frightening feet. Maybe I should try this crying thingmore often.

I was positioned on the centre of the bed, and I looked around at the vastchurch-sized room. Above me, the ceiling was a good 250 foot or so up, andstraight across from me, the wall on the other side of the room looked milesaway.

As I looked behind me, I saw that the bed was up against the wall, and hugebill-board sized posters where pinned to the wallpaper. I then looked to my leftand saw something at the far end of the bed near the pillow. When I focusedproperly, I realized that it was one of Kelly's sneakers hanging on the edge. AsI started crawling towards it to get a better look, I noticed that one of thelaces was hanging over the edge.

I thought for a second and an idea popped into my head. If that lace is hangingfar enough down to the floor, maybe, just maybe it could be a way of escaping.

If I was ever going to avoid falling into the clutches of my ex-wife, then nowwas my chance. With new hope, I stood and ran towards the sneaker as fast as Icould.

The silky quilt was quite springy, and felt a little funny as I ran across it,hopping up into the air slightly. It took me a minute or so to reach thesneaker, and as I started getting closer, the air began to get very stale. Thesneaker was on its side and I saw the heel of the worn insole through theopening. A putrid stench surrounded the entire sneaker, and I had to cover mynose.

I approached the edge of the bed very carefully and tried looking down it overwhere the lace was hanging. I could'nt get close enough without falling off tobe able to see if the lace touched the ground. It was like standing on the edgeof a cliff. I lay down on my stomach and slithered towards the edge, wraping myarms around the thick rope of lace with extreme caution.

Edging closer, I lost my grip on the thick lace and started sliding down on thesilky quilt right where the rounded edge was! My god, fucking hell I'm going tofall off! My heart was in my throat.

Just as I reached the point of no return, I desperately reached out and wrappedmy whole body around the rope. I was now hanging off the edge, my legs danglingdown beneath me. I looked down and nearly died with fright when I realized thatI was suspended around 50 feet off the ground! My arms were starting to ache andif I hung here for too much longer I would almost certainly lose my grip.

Looking up, I realized that I had fallen too far down for me to be able to climbback up. With no other choice, I slowly and very carefully started abseilingdown the verticle surface. It was incredibly difficult as I had to move down bitby bit, using my whole body to manoeuvre myself.

I eventually reached about half way, and my arms were aching immensely, my handsburning with the friction. I stopped for a rest and looked down towards the endof the lace. Yes, thank god! The lace appeares to be a safe distance from thefloor. With a new hope, I continued down the side of the bed. When I finallyreached the end of the lace, I felt a relief that I'd never felt before.

I jumped down about seven feet to the floor, slightly hurting my ankles as Idid. Regaining my composure, I stood a little awkwardly on the blue carpet, andcaught my breath. I then started running alongside the bed and was on my way tofreedom! It was quite difficult considering the extremely soft carpet and thethick carpet threads shooting out over my shoes.

My plan was to somehow find a safe hiding place until I could think of somethingelse. As long as Kelly does'nt find me, I should at least be able to live a lifewhere I'm not teased and tormented.

It seemed to take forever to reach the end of the bed, but when I did, the mostterrifying sight I have ever laid my eyes on, was right up ahead. About tenmetres infront of me, a gigantic spider walked out from under the bed!!!! Oh mygod, fuck, what the hell am I going to do! I froze, looking at the hugecreature, watching its eight legs move, its pinchers moving around like icepicks!I was so scared, I did'nt know weather to move or not, and luckily it startedwalking away from me towards the door. Fuck, thank god it never saw me. Just atthat moment, the door swung open, and in walked Kelly. As soon as she walked in,she suddenly halted. 'Ewww, pesky little thing!' She said, before stamping downhard on the spider with her slipper! 'That'll teach you!' She finished, whileshe twisted her foot as if she were stamping out a ciggerette.

I saw the remains of the spider sticking to the sole of her pink slipper as shestepped away.

She had a confused expression as she looked down at her bed, and thinkingquickly, I sprinted in the oppisite direction. I ran as fast as I could, for allI was worth. After running ten metres or so, I suddenly felt my body rising offthe floor, and my legs were dangling around helplessly.

I felt Kelly's fingers pinching at the collar of my shirt, and then she liftedme right into the air.

I felt my body rising with incredible speed, watching everything flash past in ablur until Kelly brought me up to her face and dangled me, swinging me from sideto side. She had a very angry expression, I was terrified. 'And just what do youthink your doing you little shit?! I let you have a rest and you try this littlestunt!' My ear drums rattled with pain. 'Don't ever try to escape me again oryou'll be very sorry. Remember, I CAN be nice, but if you ever cross me again,I'll do something very nasty to you... like wear you in my shoe, ALL day!!'The thought of that turned my stomach, and I went white with fear. Her loudbooming voice was extremely terrifying and as her breathe blew over me, itsmelled of garlic. I assumed she must have eaten. She placed me back on her bed,and I felt my heart sink and all my hopes dissapear. All my hard work was fornothing.

Kelly sat down on the bed away from me, kicked her slippers off, and brought herlegs up onto the quilt. 'Actually, just for doing that, I think I'm going tohave to punish you. I WAS going to let you sleep in a box of soft tissuestonight.' She leaned across and picked her dirty sneaker up. 'But after thatlittle stunt, I think its only right that you should spend the night in myhorrible, smelly old sneaker!'My face went green, and I instantly felt like being sick. Kelly saw this andstarted laughing. 'Yea thats right, my smelly sneaker. That will teach you neverto disobey me again, wont it?!' She grinned evily as she lowered the giganticsneaker onto the quilt infront of me, and turned it on its side.

The air all around me immediatly filled with the disgusting stench emanatingfrom this foul peice of footwear.

'Get in there now worm!' Kelly commanded, in a very stern tone. I looked up ather for some sort of pity, but she simply pointed her finger at the opening. Istood and slowly walked towards the vast opening, the stench becoming moreintense the closer I got. 'Well come on, I have'nt got all day ya know!' Kellywarned.

Feeling like I was in hell, I hurried to the edge of the opening, and steppedinto the foul, horrendous cave. Kelly immediatly tipped the sneaker back up, andthen tipped it forward, sending me tumbling down the moist insole to thetoe-section. I heard her laughing. 'Now, I'll see you in the morning, sweetdreams, or should I say, feet dreams!'I heard Kelly laughing at her own joke, and then my whole world lifted up and Ifelt it moving until it suddenly stopped.

I was now left there in this disgusting new world. It was pretty dark, with justa little light shining through the opening. The foul smell was so thick that itdid'nt take me long to start feeling very dizzy. The putrid stench was burningmy nostrils, and tears started streaming from eyes from the intensity.

I felt my body sticking to the moist, sweaty insole, and I looked around at thethe toe-section to see deep indentations were Kelly's toes had pounded into theinsole. I then realized that I was actually sitting in one one of them! It wasthe biggest of the five, and I studied it to see that the material was wearingaway thinly.

I could'nt believe that I was actually in a gigantic sneaker. It was absurd. Howwill ever get to sleep in this foul, putrid environment?I decided to lay down on the sticky, sweaty insole, and curled myself up intoball, resting my head on my arm. I lay there for hours, feeling my lungs fillwith the polluted air. I don't know how long I was lying there, but eventually,I fell asleep.

To be continued........

 Entrapment - Chapter 4I am in a field of very short, pink grass. Its everywhere, stretching out in alldirections. At least I think its pink grass. Actually, its starting to look alittle more like pink sponge. The air is thick, very thick. Infact its so thickthat my lungs are tightening up. I walk, looking around at my weird environment,when I suddenly hear.-'Little man, little man!' Comming from above.

I look up at the sky. Its a pink haze, no clouds, just an illumination of frostincrusted pinkness. 'Little man, little man!' The voice gets louder as thefeatures of a giant face are starting to materialize, taking on a form withinthe hazey sky above me. I now see the face clearly. Its a girl. A familiar face,yet I can't quite place her.

'Little man, little man!' Came the voice, getting louder and louder, as I sawher lips move. 'LITTLE MAN... WAKE UP!!' My whole world shook violently. It feltlike an earth quake, and I felt my body rolling around. I saw the face becomeclearer and clearer, and the entire sky started collapsing in on me, gettingcloser and closer. The face also got closer and closer, which suddenly turnedfrom a pink haze, into a normal human form......

The next thing I know, I'm looking up at Kelly's gigantic face, hovering aboveme. Although I think I'm still half asleep. 'Wakey, wakey, rise and shine!' Shesaid, slowly bringing me back to reality. Shit, she must have just rattled thewhole sneaker, because I felt it in my dream! I lay on my back in the heelsection, and looked up at her grinning down at me above the opening of the shoe.

'Hope ya slept well, lets get you out of there shall we.' Kelly smiled. 'Movedown the insole a bit little guy.' I slowly picked myself up, and walked downfurther into the shoe. Kelly extended her hand into the opening, and carefullylayed her palm down, facing up.

'Hop on!' Kelly told me, before I walked over and stepped onto her palm, and saton the soft, warm flesh. She slowly lifted me out of the foul smelling sneaker,and immediatly, I felt the clean, fresh air filling my lungs. It was now that Irealized just how thick and smelly the air inside that sneaker actually was. Thecool, fresh air breezed over my body, sending shivers down my spine. Boy was Iglad to be out of that rotten sneaker.

Kelly cupped her palm to keep me from falling off, and carried me out of theroom. The journey downstairs was quite bumpy. I thought at one stage that Imight fall off, but Kelly placed her other palm over top of me until we reachedthe bottom. We entered the kitchen, and she placed me down on the centre of thedining table. Without a word, she started preparing breakfast.

I watched the giant Kelly walking around the kitchen, opening cupboards andpicking out various items of food. It was amazing to see such an enormous girlmoving around, handling huge objects, objects that I could'nt even dream ofmoving, let alone handle. It was a very unnerving scene, and made me feel sovery insignificant. To see a fourty foot cereal box being lifted into the airand held with such ease, wow, it was almost magical.

On the table, about ten metres infront of me, stood a glass salt and peppercruet set. Each one standing around ten feet high. Across to my left was a Biropen, probably nearly twenty foot in length. The ball point looked lethal, thetip nearly the size of a baseball. I found myself in wonder by everything aroundme. Although scary and unnerving, it was also very facinating.

Kelly approached the table and placed a small, blue object right infront of me.

'Here's some cereal. I crushed it down with a spoon so you can eat it, and Iused a thinble as a bowl' She smiled and continued with what she was doing. Ilooked at my breakfast. Even this apparently tiny thinble looked too big to beused as a cereal bowl, though I have to be thankful for her kindness. I supposeKelly could'nt think of anything small enough for me to use as a spoon, so Idipped my hand into the warm milk and cereal, and took a taste.

It was suprisingly tasty considering my size in comparison. I continued eating,as Kelly placed another thinble beside me. 'Here, theres a drink for you littleguy.' She smiled and sat at the table to eat. I looked into the other thinble,and noticed that it was coffee. It seemed like she'd left it to cool somewhat,probably because of how small I was. I have to say that I'm quite grateful forthe way Kelly's treating me. Its as if last night never even happened. Why isshe being so nice?I glanced over at her, and noticed that she was watching me as I ate, a gentlesmile on her face. 'Ya know, I do hope you've learned your lesson after spendingthe night in my smelly sneaker! I don't enjoy punishing you, well, at least Idon't enjoy HAVING to punish you. If you just do as you are told, theneverything will be fine. I mean, you're gonna be my slave for this morning, andI suppose you think thats punishment, don't you?'She paused to take a sip of her coffee. 'But thats nothing compared to what Icould do to you!' Kelly's gentle smile turned into a grin. 'Thats why I punishedyou. To make you learn that being my slave is'nt really that bad after all, youwould certainly rather do that then face punishment, would'nt you! I suppose itsmy way of getting you to be a more willing slave. Thats why I'm being nice toyou this morning, because from now on, you'll do everything I say, and this ishow I'll treat you. Be a good slave, and I'll be nice to you, get it?!'I was speechless. Of course, even if I wanted to say something, she would'nt beable to hear me, but there was nothing I could possibly say to that anyway. As Ithought about it, what Kelly said seemed to make perfect sense.

If I do as I am told, she will be nice to me. If I don't, she'll do somethingcruel and wicked to me! Plain and simple.

The idea of being her slave for the rest of the morning did'nt sound toopleasant, but I know if I displease her, the consequences would be terrible.

What a horrible situation.

I was staring into space, contemplating my fate. 'Hey, eat up little one, I'vegot lots of things for you to be doing!' Kelly snapped me out of my littletrance, and I continued eating my cereal. I had'nt took a sip of the coffee yet.

The thinble, which was full to the brim, looked very heavy.

Feeling thirsty, I wrapped my arms around the bucket-sized thinble, andattempted to lift it slightly, to pour some coffee into my mouth.

I strained to lift it even a fraction, my face turning red, and it was just nouse. I heard Kelly giggle and glanced over at her to see that she was watchingme closely all the time, laughing at my feeble efforts. She seemed very amusedwith the whole scene of a man trying to pick up a thinble, something she couldeasily flick with her little finger.

She also decided to laugh at me rather then help, so I gave up trying anddecided to cup both my hands together, and use them as a coffee cup. I dippedthem into the warm coffee, and drank from my hands. The coffe tasted fine, butsomething that I found very intresting was how thick the liquid was. It appearsthat at my size, even liquids have more volume. Incredible.

I drank as much of the thick coffee as possible, before I started feeling full.

I then started walking over towards Kelly who was now reading a magazine. Iwanted to ask her about my ex-wife. Was she still going to hand me over to her?I noticed that she had'nt mentioned it this morning. In a way, I wanted to pleadwith her, no actually, beg her not to give me to Kate!Kelly saw my tiny movements out the corner of her eye. She looked away from hermagazine. 'What is it? You're finished huh, good, lets get you started.' As Ireached her, I started waving my arms around. 'What? You got something to say?!'Kelly's huge hand extended towards me, and she layed her palm on the table sothat I could step on.

She lifted me up to her ear, and I shouted into the giant opening. 'Look, I waswondering, are you still handing me over to Kate? I really don't want her toknow whats happened to me. She's gonna be real cruel to me, I just know it.

Can't I stay here with you?' It was wishful thinking. How desperate I mustsound.

Kelly brought me around to her face. 'I can see how scared you are of Kate, andrightly so. I also think its cute that you would want to stay here with me,but.... the thing is, you're only in this position because of how you've treatedKate.'Wait a minute. How 'I' have treated 'KATE'?! What about the things she's done tome?'I've shrunk you so that Kate can live a happy and comfortable life. If you hadgained custody of the children, it would have destroyed her. I mean, I don'teven know you, so why would I even care for your life, what would be the pointin me keeping you? I'm sure Kate deserves to know about your, um, unfortunateincident!'I started shouting in a fit of rage, and Kelly brought me back round to her ear.

'You don't understand. Kate had an affair, thats why we divorced, and you don'tknow all the other things she's done to me. She tried to make my life a misery.

SHE is the one who needed putting straight, not me!'Kelly brought me back round to her face. 'And do ya know what I say to that?...

Good! Its about time us girls started fighting back. You men... you think youcan get away with anything. You've been doing it for years. Well, times arechanging little man. I don't care what Kate's done to you, I'm more intrested inwhat Kate's 'going' to do to you!'Kelly laughed out loudly, rattling my ear drums, and sending a gust of windacross my whole body. After hearing Kelly's words, my heart sank deeper then Ithought possible. Even now that Kelly knows all the facts, she still takesKate's side. These fucking girls! What the hells wrong with them?! I've got totry and escape! I can't risk falling into the hands of my ex-wife. That would beworse then any punishment Kelly could possibly throw at me.

'Right my little slave, I think its time we got you started on some littleduties. Its 8.30am. That gives us two hours before Kate arrives.' Kelly carriedme into the living room, and placed me on the coffee table infront of the couch.

She walked out of the room and I heard her running upstairs.

She returned a couple of minutes later, and sat down on the couch infront of me.

Leaning forward, she placed a black make-up box on the table and opened it.

'I've been meaning to do this for ages. I just have'nt had the time. Now I'vegot a little slave to do it for me!'My heart sank when she lifted out a bottle of dark-red nail varnish, and with ahuge grin, she placed it down infront of me. 'Now.' Kelly said, swinging hergiant left foot onto the table. 'Paint my toenails, and do a good job too!'I could smell the stail sweat from her huge foot. It was horrible. I looked ather in astonishment. How the hell was I supposed to do this? Kelly just lookedaway, picked up the remote, and started watching tv. I looked at the giganticglass bottle of nail varnish standing infront of me. I was probably the sameheight, but it was like five times wider! How am I supposed to unscrew the lid?I started waving my arms around, trying to get Kelly's attention, but she justcompletely ignored me. I knew she had to see my movements and was simply justtoying with me.

Realizing that she had no intentions of acknowledging me, I decided to try andsomehow unscrew the bottle myself. I walked right up to it and wrapped my armsaround the lid as if to hug it. My arms did'nt even reach all the way round, andwith all my strength and effort, I tried untwisting the huge, wide lid.

I felt my face turn red with strain. The giant lid did'nt budge a millimetre. Istopped to catch my breath, and as I did, I could actually feel Kelly's eyeswatching me. I knew she was looking, enjoying every second.

Thats why I was determined to succeed. I gave it a second shot, and this timeput everything into it. Sweat was pouring off me, my arms were aching, and myhands started to feel sore. It was useless. My efforts were not making anydifference atall. The damn lid never moved one bit, and I finally ended updropping to the floor, completely frustrated and exausted.

I looked up at Kelly and caught her looking, and then she faked suprise. 'God,have'nt you got that lid open yet?!' Her words were full of mockery, and I couldtell she was injoying every second of this. 'I don't know, do I have to doeverything, can't you even open a bottle of nail varnish?! You really are a weaklittle man, are'nt you!'I felt so humiliated, and angry with her for toying with me like this. Kelly'sgiant hand came down and picked up the bottle. She grinned down at me. 'Now,this is what you do. You put one hand here, and then the other here. Then yousimply unscrew the lid, there, thats not hard is it?!' She looked down at mewith a patronizing glare.

I looked up at her in disgust, and she placed the lid-brush next to her toes.

Then she routed through her make-up box, picking out a small peice of plastic,and placing it next to the lid-brush. She proceeded to pour some of the dark-redvarnish onto the plastic. 'Now, paint my nails, and this time, put some effortinto it!' Without another word, she turned her head and continued watching tv.

I was furious, and Kelly still managed to wear a slight smile as she relished myhumiliating situation. I looked at the nail varnish brush and still wondered howthe hell I was going to manage it. Kelly's bare left foot was around six metresaway from me and I could already smell the unpleasant foot sweat.

I walked over to the gigantic foot which was hanging on the edge of the table bythe toes. The smell got worse and worse as I approached the five enormousdigits. The air that surrounded Kelly's toes was very unpleasant, and I knewthis task was going to be even harder then I thought.

The lid, that formed the handle of the brush, was lying on its side, and I bentdown, wrapping my arms around it. With a struggle, I managed to pick it up. Itwas fairly heavy, but not too heavy, and I dipped the brush into the pool ofvarnish, shaking of the excess, and started to sweep it across the nail ofKelly's little toe. Kelly giggled a little when she felt my little efforts.

It was very hard to control and the thick, sticky varnish was incrediblyintoxicating. I continued sweeping the brush back and forth across the toenail,and then dipped the brush back into the pool of varnish to continue. By the timeI'd moved on to the next toe, I was beginning to feel light headed, and I don'tknow which was worse, the thick, toxic smell of the varnish, or the horriblestench of Kelly's toes.

Every so often, just to make my job even harder, Kelly would wiggle her gigantictoes, flexing them, and unleashing the stench from between them. What disgustedme more then anything, was the sight of toe-jam and grime stuck in between thecrevices.

After a while, my eyes started stinging as the terrible mixture of smells washaving a bad affect on me. Regardless, I carried on, trying to get the job overand done with. By the time I reached the big toe, my arms were aching and I wasbreathless.

I ended up carrying the brush on my shoulder for extra support, and withagonized struggle, I proceeded to sweep the sticky, cloying varnish across thebig toenail until at last, I'd finished. Well at least half my job was done.

I stepped back to study my work. I think I've done a pretty good jobconsidering. Infact, disturbingly, I was proud of the job I'd done!I placed the brush down, and started waving my arms around, trying to getKelly's attention. I knew she could see my little movments, and she just ignoredme, making me work harder to get her to notice me. She finally looked down witha little grin on her face. 'Oh, you've finally finished have you?!'I stood, looking at the job I'd done with pride. Kelly flexed her toes, wigglingthem around, and inspecting my work. 'Not bad little slave. You done a prettygood job. I might just have to keep you after all.' Her grin widened, and I knewshe was'nt being serious.

Kelly swung her other foot onto the table, and I was now faced with another setof toes to paint. Kelly said nothing and continued watching tv. I looked at theother foot and with a large sigh, I picked up the brush and got started.

It took me about another twenty minutes or so to the job, until at last I wasfinished. I slumped down and sat, completely exausted. I decided to have a restbefore getting Kelly's attention. After a minute or so, I heard Kelly sigh, andher gigantic foot shifted towards me. Her enormous big toe lifted off the tableslightly, and then hovered over my body! Mygod, does'nt she realize where I am? I might be crushed to death!The enormous pad of her big toe started lowering onto my body, and I had to lieon my back. I looked up with dawning terror as the sweaty flesh pressed down,pinning me to the table. The back of my head was being forced into the woodentable, my face contorting into the grimy underside of her big toe.

My god, is this the end? I felt my body starting to slowly roll from side toside to side, and the pain was excruciating. The dirt and sweat was being beingforced into my mouth, nose and eyes. I could'nt believe this was actuallyhappening to me. Please god... help me!As if my prayers were answered, the giant toe lifted off me. The only thng is, Inow fou