Eric's New PerspectiveBy Mini EThere he was, standing in front of Lisa's door. About to give her asurprise visit. Eric and Lisa were the best of friends. They were neighborssince elementary school, so they were always together. Even throughout highschool and now during college, they remained very close. They had chosendifferent colleges, but were only 30 miles apart. Occasionally they would calleach other to catch up.

Eric stood there, pondering what would happen. A small box in his hands. Itwas not a present for Lisa, but something he wanted to try. He hadn't openedthe box again since he bought it the night before. He wasn't expecting to havesomething like it. His car just happened to die in front of the strange store.

And he just needed to use the phone. But the odd shopkeeper surprised him withhis knowledge.

~~~~"Hello Eric," the old man greeted.

"What? How do you know my name?" a confused Eric replied.

"I know a lot of things. And I have just what you need." He placed a blackbox on the counter in front of Eric.

"What are you talking about?" Eric was just about to leave. But he was justtoo intrigued by what the old man said and what the black box contained.

"Why, this right here," he tapped on the box, "will provide you withincredible strength and stamina."Eric stood there even more confused. "I don't understand. I don't needthat. What are you talking about old man?""You will need this," he simply retorted. "When you are three inches tall,you need all the strength and stamina possible.""What? I'm getting out of here. This is too weird." He turned around andwalked to the door.

"You wouldn't walk away from fulfilling your fantasy, now would you?"Eric stopped under the doorway, the door half pushed open. "And whatfantasy is that?""You know the one I speak of." Throughout his whole life, or at least asfar as he could remember, Eric had a fantasy about being in a giant world. Onewhere everything was much bigger than his body. And that was the one that cameto his mind. "That's the one," the old man said.

Eric now walked back into the shop. "And this box will do that to me?""No, but what's inside the box will.""Is this some type of joke?" Eric questioned.

"I assure you this isn't a joke.""Wait a minute. How do you know all about me?""Like I said before. I know a lot of things. So, do you want the box?""Let me get this straight. That box, I mean, what's inside the box, willshrink me?""Exactly. So, do you want it?""I'm not sure. How can I trust you that it works?" Eric was no dummy. Hedidn't just jump into things without giving it much thought.

"Tell you what. I'll give this one to you. Come back when you want somemore.""Wait, how long does it last?" Eric was starting to believe the man now,since he offered the box basically for free. If this thing did work, then Ericwould be coming to the man again that's for sure.

"Twelve hours exactly." Eric placed his hand on the black box. The old manplaced his hand on Eric's. "Be sure to read the instructions.""Okay," he said as he grabbed the small, fist-sized box and exited thestore. He entered his car and placed the box on the passenger seat. He saw theold man smile through the car and store windows. Eric put his key into theignition, eager to try out the box. He completely forgot that his car had justdied until he turned the key. And much to his surprise, his car started. Itshowed no problems at all. Eric didn't think much of it and drove home.

As soon as he entered his single-bedroom apartment he sat down on his couchand placed the box on the coffee table. He looked at it both excitedly andnervously. He pulled back the flip-top box to see a small vile and a piece ofpaper, which probably were the instructions. He took both of them out and setthem on his table. He barely glanced at the paper and it read "Drink entirecontents." Eric didn't bother reading the rest of the paper. He took the vile,took off the stopper and brought it to his mouth. Then he paused. This was nothow he wanted to do it. He wanted someone with him when he shrank. While hethought that it would still be fun seeing the world at three inches, it'd bebetter with another person. The only problem that Eric had was that he was notseeing anyone at the moment. And he couldn't think of a girl he could call outof nowhere to come visit him. There was no way he was going to do it with oneof his ex-girlfriends. He could not trust any of them, especially how sour allthose relationships ended. There was only one person he knew he could trust.

~~~~And that brings us back to Lisa's door. Today happened to be Saturday andhe didn't expect Lisa to be busy the next day. So this was, in Eric's opinion,the perfect time. Eric had so much trust for Lisa that he actually confessedhis fantasy to her. Although he didn't entirely mean to. They were both drunkat Eric's apartment last year when it slipped out. Lisa didn't too much of it.

It actually intrigued her a bit, and that only increased his trust for her.

Eric took a deep breath and knocked on the apartment door. His heart beatfaster with each second. Then the door opened and there stood Lisa. Her blueeyes gleamed with delight. She outstretched her arms and gave Eric a warm hug.

"Eric! What a surprise! Come in," she waved him in. When Eric entered, he didnot say a word. He was busy imagining what the blonde would look like as agiant.

Lisa motioned for him to sit down on the couch. Lisa saw that his face wasnot one of joy. "Are you alright? You look a little nervous?""Oh, no. I'm fine." Actually, Eric was nervous as heck.

"Okay then, would you like some tea? It'll relax you a bit""Yeah, sure. Thanks."Lisa walked into the kitchen, just next to the living room. "So, whatbrings you down here?""Well, um...," he staggered, "You uh... remember that fantasy I told youabout a while back?" he asked with a crack in his voice.

Lisa thought about it for a while as she prepared the tea. "Oh, you meanthe one where you are tiny?""Yeah, that's the one." Lisa had her back to him as she opened thecupboard. "Well I think I can do it," he said as he opened the black box andremoved the vial.

"Huh, what do you mean?" she asked as she reached in the cupboard for thetea bags.

Eric removed the stopper and brought the vial to his mouth. "Here goesnothing." The vial only contained about a teaspoon of the liquid. He tipped itupside down and swallowed. It tasted just like water. For a second, nothinghappened. Then everything turned blurry for Eric. Although he didn't feel it,he was rapidly shrinking. In a span of two seconds, Eric went from 5'10" to amere 3 inches. When Eric regained his vision, he was under a huge white drape.

He soon realized he was inside his shirt. It worked! He quickly ran to the topof his shirt to exit. When he got out from the giant shirt, he was amazed atthe sight. What used to be a small apartment, was now the size of a metropolisto Eric. He then heard Lisa's voice boom from the kitchen.

"WOULD YOU LIKE BLACK TEA OR..." she turned around to see her childhoodfriend missing. "ERIC?" Her voice now showed no resemblance to the petite girlEric knew. Lisa put down the tea bags and moved back to the living room. Thereshe saw the clothes that Eric was wearing when he came in. When she movedcloser to see what was going on, she saw him. "OH MY GOD..."Eric looked up and finally saw what he had waited his whole life to see. Abeautiful, giant woman towering above him. She bent down to get a good view ofEric.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" her voice sounded like an explosion. Eric covered hisears in pain.

"Not so loud!" he yelled back.

"OH, SORRY," she said, this time whispering. However, it still sounded loudto Eric. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" she repeated. . She brought her face closer toEric, since she could barely hear him yell.

Eric had an incredible view. Every single feature was magnified more thantenfold. "Uh, I shrank myself," he finally answered.

"HOW DID YOU DO THAT?"Eric informed her on what happened the other night. He even mentioned whyhe decided to shrink in the presence of Lisa. "THIS IS TOO MUCH TO TAKE IN.

ALTHOUGH IT IS FLATTERING THAT YOU WANTED TO SHRINK IN FRONT OF ME, IT WOULDHAVE BEEN NICE TO TELL ME FIRST.""Yeah, I'm sorry. I got too excited and well . . . ""HOW LONG WILL IT LAST?""The old man said twelve hours.""SO, AT 8:00 A.M. TOMORROW, YOU'LL BE NORMAL AGAIN?""Yup," he nodded.

"I GUESS I'M GONNA HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU THEN." Eric simply noddedagain. Wow, did those blue eyes ever looked so beautiful. "YOU MUST BE COLD.""Huh?" Eric had completely forgot that his clothes didn't shrink with him.

He was too astonished by the scenery to remember that. He quickly covered hisgenitalia from his best friend in embarrassment.

"HEE, HEE," she giggled. "DON'T WORRY. IT'S NOTHING I HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE."She grabbed a tissue off the coffee table and handed it to Eric. To Eric, thetissue seemed like a towel. So he wrapped it around his body as so, coveringhis lower body. "SO THEN, WHAT ELSE DOES THIS FANTASY OF YOURS CONTAIN?" Ericlooked away from the giantess slightly embarrassed. He wanted to tell her, butcouldn't bring himself up to it.

Because Eric and Lisa were such good friends, they decided to just remainfriends. They did not want to ruin their long friendship. But, both of themwere attracted to each other and it was hard suppressing their feelings.

"Well, I kinda want to be... played with," he said, the last two wordsalmost inaudible to himself, let alone Lisa.

"WHAT WAS THAT? I DIDN'T GET THE LAST PART." Lisa was very intent onlearning more about her friend's fantasy. Especially since he was living itout.

Eric looked the other way when he blurted it out, "Played with." Uponhearing this Lisa rose from her position. She looked down on her friend,shocked. She could not believe her ears. The only thing Eric mentioned when hetold her of his fantasy was that he wanted to view the world at three inches.

From Eric's view, Lisa looked incredible towering over him. Seeing her likethis again brought him an erection. Luckily, it was masked by his tissuetowel. When he saw the expression on her face, he regretted telling her. Hermouth was slightly opened and her eyes were very alert. This expressionchanged quickly though. Her face now showed a slight smile.

"YOU WANT TO BE PLAYED WITH?" She crouched down once again so she couldhear the tiny man. "IN WHAT WAY?" Eric was too embarrassed to tell her. Hedidn't have to. It didn't take Lisa long at all to realize he meant sexually.

"I THOUGHT THAT YOU JUST WANTED TO BE FRIENDS.""Well, yeah, but under these circumstances... Well I just wanted to liveout my fantasy. And basically you are the only one I can trust.""AWW, THAT'S SO SWEET." She placed her hand next to Eric, palm facing up.

"HOP ON LITTLE MAN. I WANT TO BETTER LOOK AT YOU." Eric happily obliged. Heknew that he would be in no danger with Lisa. He could see every intricatedetail. He placed his knee on her palm. The firm cushioned platform resembledthat of a leather couch. When he got to the center of Lisa's palm, she broughtit up to her face. "YOU LOOK AWFULLY CUTE LIKE THIS," she said, her eyes evencloser than before.

"And you look amazing. I cannot describe how beautiful you look." Eric washoping that charming Lisa would allow him to explore his fantasy. Eric knewthat Lisa was a sucker for compliments.

"IS THAT SO? WELL, I GUESS WE COULD DO YOUR FANTASY THING... BUT I'LL HAVETO TALK WITH MY BOYFRIEND FIRST . . . " Eric had completely forgot about herboyfriend. He had met him the last time Eric visited. "BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW IFHE'D LIKE THE IDEA OF ME BEING WITH ANOTHER MAN. EVEN IF YOUR ONLY THREEINCHES." At that moment, Lisa heard the sound of keys just outside her door.

"SPEAK OF THE DEVIL . . . "In walked Michael. He had just finished his nightly jog. Eric was amazed bythe sight of him. Michael had a very athletic body. He was 6'3" tall andweighed 230lbs. It was as if he was molded out of clay. When he stood next toLisa, he dwarfed her 5'3" frame. But that was the type of guy Lisa went for.

And with her looks, she could get pretty much anyone she wanted.

"OH, HEY BABE." He went over to kiss his girlfriend, as usual, but Lisabacked off. "WHAT'S WRONG? WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR HAND?" His voice forced Eric tocover his ears once more.

"NOT SO LOUD," she whispered. "OKAY, THIS MIGHT SHOCK YOU A BIT. YOUREMEMBER MY GOOD FRIEND ERIC?""YEAH, I REMEMBER," he said, this time in a much softer voice. Michael wasnot sure where this was going, so he was pretty confused.

"WELL, HE SHRUNK""WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" Michael only became more confused.

"HERE," she simply showed Michael her palm. When Michael's eyes recognizedthe tiny figure, they only got wider.

Eric waved at the colossal giant and greeted him. "Hi Michael."Michael rubbed his eyes. He could not believe what he saw. "ERIC IS THATREALLY YOU?" he asked, not keeping his voice down. He saw Eric cover his earsand nod his head. "OH, SORRY ABOUT THAT."Lisa and Michael sat around the dining room table while Eric sat on it.

Lisa explained what she could about Eric shrinking. And that was not much.

"WOW. THAT'S INCREDIBLE. I DIDN'T KNOW STUFF LIKE THIS EXISTED." He kept hiseyes on the miniature person sitting in front of him. "BUT, WHY?" The giantasked. Lisa and Eric glared at each other for a minute, neither replying.

Then Lisa finally answered. "WELL, IT IS ERIC'S FANTASY TO BE LIKE THIS.""ABOUT BEING TINY?" Another "WHY?" escaped Michael.

Eric decided to take over from here. "In all honesty, I really don't knowwhy. But just the thought of being tiny amongst giant people is exciting.""THAT'S AN INTERESTING FANTASY YOU GOT THERE. SO HOW COME YOU DID IT OVERHERE?""Well, I wanted to be around someone when I shrank and Lisa was the onlyperson I could trust.""I SEE. BEING THAT SMALL LEAVES YOU PRETTY HELPLESS, DOESN'T IT?""Yeah. I knew that I had to be with someone I could trust to do this.""SO WHAT ELSE IS IN THIS FANTASY?" he asked.

Lisa saw that Eric did not want to say what he told her earlier. The moreLisa thought about his fantasy, the more intrigued she became. She decided tojust tell her boyfriend. Lisa leaned closer to Michael and cupper her hand infront of his ear. "HE WANTS TO PLAY WITH ME," she told him. Michael looked athis girlfriend with shock.




Michael stood silent for a while. "I DON'T KNOW IF I'M TOO COMFORTABLE WITHTHIS..."She had to pull out the wild card. "PLEASE HONEY? FOR ME?" Her eyes toldMichael that she really wanted to do this. Not only for Eric, but for herself.

"ALRIGHT," he finally broke down. Eric was bursting with joy. He could tellthat Michael was a really nice guy. Michael would probably do anything forLisa. And Eric was glad that he was Lisa's boyfriend. She deserved a good guylike him.

"Thank you guys. This really means a lot to me.""SURE THING, BUDDY," she said with a warm smile. The three of them remainedsilent for a little while. "SO," Lisa began, "WHAT NOW?"The two giants looked at Eric to see what he wanted to do. "Uh, I don'tknow," he replied. There were so many things he wanted to do, but he didn'tknow where to start. "Um... I don't know where to start...""OKAY... WELL IT WAS PRETTY NEAT HAVING YOU IN MY HAND... HOW ABOUT YOU HOPON?" She placed her hand on the table and let Eric climb aboard. She broughther hand closer to her face as Michael observed. With her other hand, Lisagently stroked Eric's chest. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE A MAN IN MY HAND," shestated happily. The meres touch from this giantess brought Eric at fullsalute. "SO ERIC, HOW DO YOU WANT TO START?"Eric finally thought of something he wanted to do. "Can you place me on thefloor next to your feet?" he nervously asked.

"OH, SURE." She stood up and moved back to the living room. In a clear openarea she set Eric down on the carpet floor. She was eager to see what herlittle friend would do. And so was Michael. He moved in closer to get a betterview. The giant couple viewed Eric walk up to Lisa's feet.

Her feet were small, but not compared to Eric. To Eric they were theenormous. The carpeted floor provided Eric a challenge. There were countlessbumps he had to run through to get to Lisa's bare feet. But nothing was goingto stand in Eric's way. He couldn't believe it, he was about to play with ahuge beautiful foot! He ran up to the big toe and immediately started rubbingit. He caressed it using his arms and chest, embracing it as if it was anotherperson.

"SO YOU HAVE A THING FOR FEET?" Eric heard the giantess ask. He had to tilthis head far back to see her face. From this view, Lisa looked more like abuilding than a person. Eric looked back to see a very excited Michael lookingintently. "WHY DON'T YOU JOIN IN?" Lisa motioned for her boyfriend. AndMichael hesitated a little before finally joining in. In Eric's fantasy, itwould only be Eric and Lisa. But he knew that he wouldn't get everything hewanted. Michael was nice enough to let Eric play with his girlfriend, so hedidn't mind too much.

Lisa slowly began descending, finally sitting on the floor with her kneesarched. Eric was enjoying himself on her right foot as Michael went for herleft. Eric saw Michael's giant figure kneel down in front of Lisa's foot.

Viewing something like this was incredible. He saw Michael grab her foot withboth hands. Using his big, rugged hands, he massaged the sole of her foot.

Eric stood in awe, admiring how great a position he was in. "GO ON LITTLEGUY," the male giant spoke. Michael seemed to get more comfortable with Eric'sfantasy.

Eric went back to work on the giant toe in front of him. After giving it agood rubbing, he moved on to her second toe. There was something that amazedEric. His stamina. He had expelled so much energy in to Lisa's big toe, yet hestill had a lot left in him. He then remembered the old man saying somethingabout having incredible stamina and strength. This made Eric even happier,knowing he'd be able to do this for a long time.

He looked to see what Michael was doing now. He saw the giant sucking onher toes! Eric was very excited to see this. He watched the giant stick outhis tongue and wrap around her toes. While Eric was turned around, Lisa spreadher toes then trapped Eric between her big and second toes. Eric's arms wereon each toe as the foot rose high into the air. He was now eye level with themale giant. Michael then released Lisa's left foot and focused on the right.

He smiled at Eric and began massaging Lisa's foot.

"OOH," Lisa moaned lightly. Eric was glad that these two guys were enjoyingthis. He was already thinking about doing this several more times.

As Michael kept rubbing, Eric saw his eyes close. He then let out a moanjust like Lisa's. Eric looked down and saw Lisa's left foot playing withMichael's hardening cock. Lisa then brought her right foot down, bringing Ericwith her. Eric was released from her toes and saw Lisa sit up and kissMichael. They were ready to get it on. Eric wanted to join in, but decided tolet them have the fun now. It was early in the night and he knew he would haveplenty of time to further explore his fantasy. Right now, he was about toenjoy the show of a lifetime.

Lisa stood up, giving Eric another marvelous view. She then removed hershirt. She was not wearing a bra, since she just woke up when Eric knocked onher door. Eric couldn't see her face anymore. He could only see the bottom ofher breasts. Things were only to get better for Eric. With her top off, Lisaquickly slid down her shorts and panties. Eric was in heaven. Lisa kicked offher clothes and walked over Eric to her boyfriend. Although very brief, Ericgot the most incredible view of Lisa's goods. As his eyes followed Lisa, hesaw Michael towering above him, also completely nude. The couple locked lipspassionately for a good minute. Lisa pulled away and said something inaudibleto Eric. He then saw Michael lie down on the floor about fifty feet away.

Lisa then kneeled down next to Michael, facing Eric. She was sitting nextto Michael's chest. Eric ran toward the two for a better look. As he made hisway through the uneven terrain, he saw Lisa's giant hand wrap around Mike'scock. He continued to watch Lisa rub the massive cock up and down. Michael'seyes were closed and he was moaning softly with pleasure. A couple more timesthe hand went up and down. Then Lisa crouched over Michael's lower body andhovered her mouth over his cock. Her tongue protruded out of her mouth andcircled around the head of the cock. Her mouth then opened wide to permit thecock to enter. Eric could see Lisa's mouth stretch as it took in the hugeshaft. He was getting incredibly aroused and could not stay still. He removedhis towel-like tissue and began stroking his own throbbing cock.

Up and down Lisa's head bobbed. She only wanted to get him at full salute.

With her mouth around the huge member, she noticed Eric all by himself. Anidea popped into her head. She wanted Eric to enjoy the view from a much morepersonal vantage. She removed her hand from her lover's cock and wrapped itaround Eric. The unsuspecting Eric was brought to the air before finallylanding on Michael's hard stomach. He was a mere 15 feet from the action.

Lisa's mouth finally let go of the throbbing cock and she stood up. Sheplaced her right foot on the other side of Michael. Smiling at Michael, shelowered her self onto him. She sat on his lower abdomen, barely missing hertiny friend. Michael's dick touched upon her lower back, while Eric just aninch away from contact. Her feminine aroma seeped into Eric's nose andintoxicated him. Eric got the best view one could get. The neatly trimmedblonde hairs pointed to her love canal. He could see that she was already wet.

Her liquid seeped through, coating her labia. Eric reached out to touch it,but just as he did so, Lisa moved out of reach.

Lisa moved just slightly up and back. She lowered herself again, this timethe pulsating dick in front of her crotch. Her arms were placed outsideMichael's legs. Her legs were spread wide to provide the balance needed. Thiswas a sexual position that Eric had never tried. From his view, it lookedimpossible for Lisa to take in the huge cock to the hilt. Then a huge handcame into Eric's view and grabbed the tremendous cock. Lisa rose once more anddescended on top of the large shaft assisted by Michael's hand. Eric could notbelieve the view he had. This was the most incredible thing he about towitness. To view two people have sex, in his position and theirs, was toomuch. He saw Lisa's lips part as the head of the cock entered slightly.

Simultaneously they both moaned from the pleasure. Lower and lower shedescended, engulfing more of his giant prick.

Lisa went as far as she could. In this position, she couldn't take the cockall the way. She slightly swayed back and forth. "MMM," she moaned. Ericnoticed that her moans were getting louder each time. Rhythmically, increasingthe speed each time she repeated. Eric found it hard to keep his balance, sohe lied down on Michael's sturdy abs. Stroking his cock, he admired the waythose giant breasts bounced. Her eyes were closed as she continued. Ericnoticed the couples' moans become quite loud. He assumed they were close toclimaxing. As Lisa swayed, Eric saw that the huge shaft was lubricated verywell. Lisa's juices were escaping her body freely all over Michael. Ericcouldn't contain himself any longer. He exploded onto Michael's stomach. Thenthe moans turned into screams.

Eric had to cover his ears when Lisa climaxed. He witnessed her musclestense as she did. Soon afterwards, the loud grunt from Michael affirmed hisclimax. Lisa then relaxed for a bit then got up and rested beside Michael.

Eric also got up and walked up Michael's chest. As his chest rose, Lisa's eyenoticed the tiny figure. She lightly fondled the little man with a singlefinger. "I'M SORRY ERIC, WE GOT A LITTLE CARRIED AWAY. She turned herattention to her lover, "YOU'VE NEVER RUBBED MY FEET LIKE THAT. IT WASINCREDIBLE.""JUST WATCHING ERIC RUB YOUR TOES GOT ME GOING. IT WAS SO EROTIC WATCHINGTHE TINY GUY DO HIS THING," Michael confessed.

"HE HE, YOU ARE OUR LITTLE SEX FAIRY," she joked. She placed her palm up onMichael's chest and let Eric on. She then brought him closer to face. "WE ARENOT USUALLY LIKE THAT. IT JUST FELT SO GOOD WHEN MICHAEL WAS RUBBING MY FEET.

WE KIND OF STRAYED FROM YOUR FANTASY A BIT, HUH?""Oh, don't worry about it. I never thought I'd experience something likethat before. Watching you two have sex was something I won't forget.""WELL, I NOW KNOW HOW TO GET HER IN THE MOOD," Michael joked.

Lisa smiled and kissed Michael on his cheek. Turning her attention to Eric,she asked him"WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO?"But before he could answer, Michael stepped in. "LET'S GET SOME FOOD FIRST.

I'M STARVING." Eric and Lisa agreed. They didn't want to cook or go out toeat, so they ordered pizza. Lisa and Michael put on their robes while Ericmade himself a toga out of a napkin. When the pizza came, all three of thempigged out. Of course, Eric only needed very little to get full. After thethreesome relaxed and let the food digest, it was about 12:00 a.m.

Then the question of what to do next came along. The two giants wereinterested in what Eric had to say. He had got them hooked into his fantasyalready and they wanted to explore some more.

"Well, watching you two earlier brought up something that I'd like to try.

It was almost as if you used me to get yourselves going. And I want to explorethat even more.""OKAY, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO THAT?" Michael asked.

Eric knew that he would have time to explore other aspects of his fantasylater. He wanted everyone to have a good time, not just himself. "Well, I'mgoing to offer you my services. That is, you can use me any way you want.""I THINK I'M GOING TO LIKE THIS," Lisa mentioned. "THERE ARE A FEW THINGS IWOULD LIKE TO TRY. BUT I'M NOT TOO SURE YOU'D BE ABLE TO SURVIVE.""Don't worry. I have a feeling that I can take almost everything you throwat me." Eric explained what the old man told him about the added strength andstamina. "So what did you want to try?""YOU'LL SEE." Lisa grabbed the tiny man and the three went into thebedroom. She set him down on the bed and removed her robe. Michael did thesame. Lisa climbed onto the bed and rested on her back. "PUT HIM RIGHT HERE,"she said, pointing at her crotch. Michael picked the little man up between hisfingers and set him atop Lisa's bush.

Eric was beside himself. He could not believe that she was being soforward. "COME ON LITTLE GUY, WORK YOUR MAGIC," he heard from above. Ericcrawled through the knee-high pubic hairs and stopped where Lisa's labia met.

He then started rubbing his hand against her clit. He had to use his entirehand to massage her clit. A single finger would no longer do her justice. Itdidn't take long for Eric to hear Lisa moan. This only inspired him to workharder.

Meanwhile, Michael got onto bed and kneeled beside Lisa. He caressed herhair as she brought his cock to life. Lisa then uncontrollably squirmed fromexcitement and sent Eric tumbling onto the bed.

Eric arose to see Lisa's huge, moist lips directing in front of him. Thearoma intoxicated Eric once more. Those lips were the same size, if not biggerthan Eric. He touched her labia, easily coating his hand with her wetness.

Eyes agape, Eric plunged his arm deep inside Lisa. The warmth, the naturallubricant, the aroma and the slick muscles almost brought Eric to climax. "OOOOH,"he heard from Lisa. Eric didn't see Michael's hand grab him by the waist.

‘Damn!' Eric thought. He was so close to experiencing the part of thefantasy he loved the most. "ARE YOU SURE YOU'LL SURVIVE?" the giant asked.

Eric was ecstatic. He could not believe Michael would let him play with hisgirlfriend's most sacred orifice. And that he was so concerned.

"Yes," he answered eagerly. The giant then brought Eric back down in frontof the massive cunt. Instead of leaving him on the bed however, the giant tookit upon himself to stuff Lisa's canal with a tiny man. Eric felt the giantfingers push him further inside, before leaving him in the dark. Eric bathedin Lisa's warm embrace. He could feel her with every part of his body. And itwasn't long before he was covered with her cum.

The feeling of having a tiny man pushing against her inner muscles was sucha rush. Lisa was squirming and moaning with delight.

Although Eric couldn't hear Lisa, he could very much feel her movements.

Using all the energy he could muster, he pleasured Lisa using his entire body.

Not to mention pleasuring himself. He lunged his cock against the oversizemuscles to get himself off.

Michael was now lying on his back, his long shaft pointing to the sky.

Although Eric was doing a good enough job by himself, Lisa wanted Michael tohelp her orgasm. She got up from her position, covering her wet cunt with ahand, just in case Eric slipped out. She then descended down on Michael.

Eric felt everything suddenly move. The vaginal muscles squeezed himtightly as the whole lot shifted. When it finally stopped, he didn't knowwhich way was up. All he knew, and cared about, was that everywhere was Lisa.

With Lisa on top, she got to work on Michael's cock. She stroked it up anddown, covering the glans with her mouth. With a hand on each cheek, Michaellovingly licked away at Lisa's pussy. He would lick up and down between thoselips. Then he'd concentrate on her clit. Lisa worked that member rhythmically,taking a break every now and then to let out a moan.

Eric didn't know what was going on outside, but that didn't stop him. Hedid notice that it was incredibly warmer since he had entered. Not to mentionthat those pulsating muscles were squeezing him harder. Occasionally, he feltsomething hit his feet. He assumed it to be a finger, but it was actuallyMichael's tongue. Eric had already ejaculated inside her. Now he concentratedon getting Lisa off, which wasn't far away.

Lisa stroked the rock-solid shaft harder as she felt herself about toclimax. The warm liquid filled her mouth in seconds. She had to swallow to letout the screams of her orgasm.

Eric felt the slick walls around him squeeze even tighter than before. Hefelt like he was about to die, but his frame held form. Even more of Lisa'sjuice joined him. This time though, there was not enough room to hold thejuice inside. As Lisa's muscles relaxed, Eric was flushed outside the livingcanal. He landed on the bed, doused by Lisa. He wiped what he could from hiseyes. As his eyes got used to the light, he looked up to see Michael, handinghim a tissue.

After cleaning himself up, Eric received another tissue, which he made intoa toga. Lisa was already sleeping peacefully, so he would just talk about hisexperience in the morning. He was tired himself, after being pummeled insideLisa. So he set himself between the two giants and dozed into the nextmorning.

When Eric finally woke up, he found Lisa and Michael looking at him withsome concern. "Hey guys," he said, rubbing his eyes. "What's the matter?""UM, DID YOU, UH YOU KNOW, RELEASE LAST NIGHT?" she asked.

"Huh? What are you talking about?""DID YOU CUM LAST NIGHT?" she asked back.

"Oh, yeah. Why?" he was confused by her choice of question.

"DID YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS?" Lisa asked with a stern face.

"Yeah," he simply replied.

"THEN YOU DID THIS ON PURPOSE?" she asked, this time a bit upset.

"What do you mean? I don't understand.""SHRINKING YOURSELF PERMANENTLY.""Permanently? What are you talking about?""IT SAYS RIGHT HERE, ‘RESULTS WILL BE PERMANENT IF USER EJACULATES.' YOUDIDN'T READ THAT?""You're kidding right?" Eric got up alertly as Lisa showed the giant pieceof paper. "Oh no..." He looked at the clock to the left. It was 10:23 a.m.,more than twelve hours since he drank the vile. "Shit, this can't behappening..."