EVY By ChelgiHer little finger was bigger than my entire leg, and her massive tits.... Sheheld me gently in the enormous fingers of one gigantic hand while the other handbegan plucking at my shirt, but one tug from her giant fingers ripped it like itwas wet tissue paper. Again I began struggling and fighting her, but turning andtwisting my body effortlessly with her enormous powerful fingers she was like agrown woman undressing a soft flexible doll, not even noticing my futilestruggles. Tenderly and carefully she inserted her long red nail into the frontof my pants and stripped them off. They ripped easily under her massive muscles,she was trying to be gentle but was just simply so huge that the cloth of myclothing was as delicate as spider webs to her. She continued undressing me likea tiny doll, until in moments I lay naked in the palm of one giant hand whileyard long fingers, soft and warm, explored my naked body. Softly and gently shecaressed and fondled my body, tenderly squeezing and rubbing as she held me likeI was some kind of a tiny pet. Gently extending one giant finger she slowly andsensuously let her huge fingertip slide across my chest and linger at my crotchas she examined me carefully and completely. She lifted my prick on the tip ofone finger, laughing at the tiny instrument as it lay limply on her hugefingertip. "Please, Evy, please be careful, don't hurt me. I know you intend tobe gentle, but please, you're so big and strong, you don't realize how powerfulyou are." "Don't worry, little one, I certainly don't want to hurt this. It'sthe tiniest little prick I've ever seen, so tiny and delicate. I love it! Youreally are a grown man. But so tiny and delicate, I can hardly believe you'rereal. Do you really have little women to use this on, it seems so tiny I can'tbelieve that it would do any woman any good." I couldn't believe her. I hadnever been so embarassed in my entire life. Me, the stud of four planets.... Sotiny...? But then I looked up at her. Her little finger was bigger than myentire leg, and her massive tits.... well, I was sure that either one of themweighed several times as much as I did. God, she was huge...! I stared at hermassive bosom for a few seconds and wondered if her earlier offer to play onthose enormous mountains of hers still stood, and the answer came almost as Ithought about it. Engulfing my naked body in her titanic fingers she rolledslowly over and lay back on her gigantic bed. Her titanic fingers caressed meerotically as sheplayed with me like a toy, and I found my prick was no longerlimp, but was responding to her beautiful body and the gentle minstrations ofthis titanic, gorgeous giantess. Completely naked, I dangled from her fingerslike a doll. An erotic doll, for my prick now stood out like an iron rod. Shebrought me up to her enormous glistening red lips, and her massive writhingtongue darted out between those great plush red lips to me. I was totallyhelpless as her massive, softly rough, tongue effortlessly thrust my legs apartand probed at will. She licked up between my thighs, and I never felt anythingas sensuously erotic as the warmth of that huge sensuously rough spearingbetween my thighs. Her great tongue was a sinuously writhing mass of eroticmuscle as she dragged my body to her hot cushiony red lips for a kiss thatengulfed my entire midsection. The huge tip of her tongue flicked down andlifted my prick and balls into the tremendous mass of her heavy plush lips. Myprick and balls were engulfed completely in the warm softness of her massivelips, and the hot wet lips gripped half my body as she sucked gently, and hergreat erotically rough tongue played with my prick. She was holding my hipsbetween her giant thumb and index finger like I was a child's doll as shepressed my hips against those enormous, lusciously soft and warm lips. As thevelvety soft roughness of her giatntic tongue continued to swirl sensuously onmy throbbing cock, she sucked gently. For her gently was relative, at more thansixty feet tall, a gentle suck from her cavernous mouth could easily inhale aman completely, and if she felt playful, there wasn't a damn thing he could doabout it, he was going into her mouth, however she wanted him to; whether hewanted to or not. But today, she felt sexily playful, and wanted to feel meshudder and blow my stack, and seconds after she started playing with me withthat wonderful tongue, and sucking so gently, that's what she got. My cock,already as stiff as a board from her attention, swelled even more, then explodedinto her huge mouth. I shivered, writhing and heaving as she gently pulled on mythrobbing cock with her lush, red, foot thick lips, and licked me with thatsinuous writhing tongue that was as big as I was. I exploded again and again,sending floods of hot salty cum into her mouth. Lifting me away from those greatluscious lips she grinned down at me. "MMmmm.... that tastes good. Do it again!There was so little, I could hardly taste anything." I realized that my massiveload of cum wasn't anything more than a tiny drop on her huge tongue. Barelyenough for her to even taste. But, 'Do it again!'? She had to be teasing me, Iwas limp as a rag doll, totally exhausted from her luscious sexual play with mybody. Bringing me down against one massive tit, she lay me on the hot bare fleshand squashed my naked body deeply into the soft yielding firmness. Her fingersgrasp my hips and slowly and sensuously rubbed my hips in a circle on theenormous nipple. As she rubbed my naked body on the vastness of her giant titthe hot softness of her bare flesh sliding against mine was fantasticallyerotic. I felt her great nipple slowly grow between my legs as I moved over it.

Moving slightly I caught the now aroused nipple between my thighs and squeezed.

Her fingers tightened and squashed me deeply into the massive softness of hergigantic tit. "MMmmm.... Now, you're getting the idea." Her voice was softrumbling thunder. She moved me down slightly and brought my face against theawesome nipple. "Lick it.... Kiss it, and suck it, little lover, you might beall right yet..... MMmmmm.... I love it...!" I licked, I kissed and sucked, eventhough I could never get more than a tiny portion of that gargantuan nipple inmy mouth at one time, and licked some more. She was right, I liked big girls,and big tits... and God... these were the biggest ever. Massive mountains,greater than my arms could span, so huge I lay like a toy soldier on one of themgrasping the giant nipple in both hands as I licked and sucked at it. My prickwas as hard as possible now, and I was thrusting and rubbing against the massivehot softness of her one titanic tit while I rubbed and nuzzled my face on thegiant nipple. I loved the feel of her tremendous fingers holding me, pressingand squeezing my body, the great long nails prodding me sensuously, spearingbetween my legs and caressing me erotically as she played with me like a toy.

Cupping a hand over meshe covered my entire body with one gigantic hand andsquashed me deep into the yielding softness, crushing the air from my lungs androlling me back and forth in the massive softness. Her titanic fingers suddenlyclosed on me and lifted me from the tit. "Ohhh... you wonderful little doll....

you're great... The cutest little man I've ever seen, so tiny and delicate...

but now it's time for you to make love to me. God, but I'm hungry for that tinylittle body of yours." Her voice was teasing laughter as she lifted me in onehand like a child's toy, squeezing me playfully. I cried out in pain at thepressure of her playfull squeeze as she spun me about and lowered me into hergreat hairy crotch. I was struggling now, squirming and fighting ineffectuallyin her giant grip. My hands clawed at her imprisoning fingers trying vainly topry them loose, but she seemed not to even notice my pathetic little strugglingand squirming as she poised me over the awesome chasm and spsread her giganticlegs. "Let me go...! Please! ....I don't want to..." She laughed at my sobbingpleas, "What's the matter? Don't you think it'll be fun? You can start bylicking my cunt.... Just bury your head in it and eat me out good. Remember howsoft and warm my great big titties were? Come on now, you'll like it in there,it's even warmer, and softer, nice and warm, and wet... and sooo... soft.

MMMmmmm...." She moved me down slightly and brought my face into the awesomechasm. "Lick it... Kiss it, and suck it, little lover.... MMmmm.... I love it!""Please, don't... I'll do anything you want, but please don't... You'll crushme.... I'll drown in there... please.... please.... please." Playfully she graspmy head between her massive thumb and forfinger like it was a grape, and thrustmy face against the hot wetness of her giant pussy. "Little man, you don'tunderstand! You're my little toy, I know you'll do anything I want, whether youwant to or not. I'm not asking you. I'm telling you! She centered my face on herenormous cunt and adjusted my face to her enormous clit, and rubbed my facegently back and forth across the soft mass of hot wet flesh. I tried to rise,and one giant finger squashed my head down burying my face in her massive labia.

I began slowly licking the great masses of hot wet flesh engulfing me. I couldfeel the long strands of wet hair scraping over my body, and her huge fingerssqueezing and pressing on my body, guiding me as I licked. I grasp one massivefold of her huge fleshy labia in my hands and pulling myself to her, licked upone side and down the other. Her voice was soft rumbling thunder gone feminine,"You like that, little lover? Come on now, I can hardly feel anything at all.

Maybe you'll do better if I use all of you.... In you go now. Easy, now... firstyour head, nice and.... Don't wiggle so! You tickle!" Slowly she pressed me intothe deep softness of her pussy- flesh. Headfirst I was squeezed into her, rightinto her giant body, hot... hot... hot.... Terrific heat enveloped me. Wet andslippery flesh gave me no grip as I struggled in her the giant tunnel of hercunt. My futile struggles in her powerful grip were so insignificent she didn'teven seem to notice them as she became more and more excited, as I slid intoher. I could feel her fingers squeezing my sides and thighs as she shovbed me upinside herself. I couldn't believe anything so massive could be so soft andwarmly erotic to me. Rocking me back and forth she held me in the enormous gripof her giant cunt for several minutes, just far enough in for her to feel meinside herself. Then slowly and tenderly she began so slide me deeper and deeperinto the titanic cavern, carefully working me about in the massive muscles. Irealized she was being very careful and tender with me, trying to relax themassive muscles as much as she could to avoid injuring me. As I realized howtender and gentle she was being with me, I began to relax and enjoy theexperience, now that I was actually inside her, and found I hadn't been crushed,and could still breathe. I had been swallowed like a toy, completely engulfed byher enormous cunt. I couldn't believe how easily her giant vagina had swallowedme, it was like I was nothing to her. I was in and out, up and down, the worldspun and I was swimming in the hot wetness of her cavernous vagina, a greatfleshy tube holding me helpless, squeezing, pressing, kneeding me about likedough as she subjected me to her every whim. The hot thick juice of her vaginasweetly filled my mouth and ran down my throat with every breath. I was herliving sex toy, a full grown man used for a dildo, a plaything for this titanicgiantess, swallowed by her gigantic pussy like a man's prick in a normal woman.

As I lost my fear, I began enjoying my predicament, I was lost in the ecstasiesof touching, tasting, smelling, blending into the thick red mountain of hergiant flesh. I felt my whole body squeezed tightly in a moist warm caressingtube of ecstasies. Softness I had dreamed possible was all around me, holdingme, squeezing me, loving me. Her innermost mscles gripped me, hugged me, andshook me in a menner too wonderous to describe. Her internal muscles were asdexterous as a milkmaids hands, supple as a squeezing serpent. It was like beinggripped a thousandfold, being suctioned by a soft, hot, liquidly exciting vacuumcleaner. Evy's entire vagina seemed to ripple and undulate erotically, drivingme wild with desire, crazing me with lust, even as I was used as a sex toy tosatisfy this titanic giantess's lust. I was in complete ecstasy, no woman onEarth could take her place, she didn't use just a part of me in her wonderfulvagina, she used all of me. The hot wet inner walls pulsing about me, deep innermuscles of her vagina fondling me, the softness of her vaginal walls huggingevery inch of me. Suddenly she squeezed. What had been soft flesh was suddenly apit of great crushing muscles. My chest was crushed, my arms pinned helplesslyto my sides. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move. I screamed at the enormouspressure. She released the terrible crushing pressure, and I gasp for breath,gagging and choking on the hot, thick fluid that was suddenly all about me as Igleaned what little hot moist air I could from deep inside her giant body. Shesqueeze again, harder, then even harder. Quick hard shuddering squeezes drivingthe air from my lungs, and nearly crushing my ribs as she squashed me in herenormous muscles. Her massive muscles were gripping me in a tremendous grip,shuddering and shaking me in tight crushing squeezes, one after another. Irealized how easily she could crush me with the tremendous muscles of hergigantic vagina, and I knew I was going to die, crushed to death here insidethis titanic giantess. I lay in stygian darkness, my entire body engulfed in thedeep softness of her inner flesh, completely exhausted, and terrified of theplayfulness of this gargantuan giantess. She squeezed again, this time a longslow pulsing squeeze, I felt her shudder and heave, shaking me like a dogshaking a bone in her cavenous cunt. She held me clamped in the powerful musclesof her giant vagina, and I felt the shivering and heaving of her giant body. Herheartbeat had increased to a rapid thudding drumbeat. Heat built terrifically,and suddenly her hot thick cum engulfed my entire body. After a few moments ofsheer terror, when I thought she was going to simply crush me in the tremendouspowerful muscles of her giant cunt, it was all over. The great muscles relaxedand resumed their gentle, and very erotic squeezes all over my entire body. Ilay gasping in terror for several minutes, until I realized that it had been herclimax. God... what a fantastic finish, I hadn't realized what powerfulcontractions were involved in a womans orgasm. I shivered, and was very glad forthe deep soft flesh inside her gargantuan cunt, without that deeply soft flesh,she would have crushed me completely. Later I lay naked on the hot bare fleshbetween the giganitc mountains of her mammoth tits, ecstatic in completeexhaustion, as she petted me gently and fondled me tenderly. I was her tinyerotic toy, and she could do anything she wanted to with me, I was herscompletely, and loved it. In fact I was really looking forward to getting backinto the lovely, warm, wet, softness of her tremendously luscious vaginaagain... and soon I hoped.