Faerie TrapBy t'SadeCopyright (C) 2002, t'SadeA playful breeze swirled around Jinatha, Jina for short, before dancing throughthe sun-dappled trees. Brilliant green leaves fluttered briefly before settlingdown. To her right, a creek babbled happily over rocks, giving a sense of peaceto the woods.

Jinatha was a medium-height girl leaning slightly toward the overweight. Hercurves were delicate and her breasts were two full mounds straining against thebodice of her forest green dress.

Carefully stepping over a patch of mushrooms, she pushed her brown hair awayfrom her eyes. Her fingers caressed the fibers for a moment, staring criticallyat the red streaks that ran through her shoulder-length hair.

Sighing with a touch of regret, she stepped into the woods, searching forsomething. After a few millid of searching, she found it with a smile.

It was a simple hammock. The worn cloth strips were hanging loosely between twotrees. Two heavy strips of wood held it apart, to prevent her from hitting theground if she crawled into it. Delicately, she stepped over to it and gave it atest push. It swung back and forth a few times while she looked around.

Seeing no humans watching her, her fingers flew up to her bodice and she beganto untie the gold-streaked string holding it tightly against her breasts. Herfingers easily loosened the string and she smiled, looking around again.

Taking a deep breath, she reached down and gathered up the bottom of her dress.

Pulling it up and over her head, she tossed the dark green fabric on one edge ofthe hammock, to act as a pillow.

With the dress gone, she was bare to the world, except for a pair of simple,white panties. She hooked them on her thumbs and pushed her panties to theground, kicking them a few feet away with a slight giggle. Her breasts hungslightly down with their size and weight, but she was happy with them. Herfingers cupped the smooth mounds for a moment before looking down.

Her stomach pushed out slightly, but her hips rounded her out. Below, she couldfeel the breeze teasing the tiny hairs covering her womanhood and she smiled atthe sensations.

She crawled in the hammock and made herself comfortable. Her legs pressedtightly together as she looked up into the sun-colored canopy above her.

Sighing, she closed her eyes and thought back to why she was a prisoner of thiswonderful forest. About two hectods before, almost the entire spring season, shespent time with Klive Charlin, the eldest son of Marrin Charlin, the Duke ofWestgate. Klive and her spent a lot of time together, mainly in the bedroom.

Her fingers trailed down to her breast, teasing the hardening nipple as sheremembered Klive's fumbling. Her other hand trailed down to rest on her stomachas she continued to remember.

She got pregnant. This normally wouldn't have been a problem, but Klive wasalready intended to be married to someone else and her family couldn't affordthe child. And his family couldn't afford the scandal. So, without giving her achoice, they forced her to have an abortion and shipped her out here, to herUncle Roawan's.

Sadness frowned her face as she thought about the quiet, tense trip and how hermother almost shoved her out in front of the two-story building before orderingthe carriage to return to the city. Uncle Roawan was there, but that didn't helpthe scared girl of nineteen winters.

That was three days ago.

Uncle Roawan spent most of his time in the villages he lorded over, all three ofthem, so she was left alone. Sewing bored her and gossip bothered her, so shetook to long walks alone in the woods. For Roawan's comfort, she promised to beback before sundown every day, otherwise he would send his guards out lookingfor her.

The hand caressing her breasts moved down to join the one on her stomach as atear squeezed out of her eye. She missed the sense of life inside her. The swellof her body and the knowledge she would be a mother meant something to her, buther family cared more about politics then her own needs.

More tears began to slide down her face as she began to sob, her eyes stilltightly shut. Her hands stroked her stomach as she tried to remember the senseof life inside her, but it was already fading into a dull ache that left hercold inside. Slowly, her tears stopped flowing and she drifted to sleep in thewarm air.

Jinatha woke up with a start as she felt a breeze push against her. Her handswere on her stomach, but she didn't move them as she strained to hear a noisejust on the edge of her hearing. The faint smell of jasmine teased her nostrilsas she slowly cracked open one eye.

Above her, fluttering brilliant green wings, was a faerie. He was a tinycreature, about three centimeters in height, but he was perfectly proportion.

His tiny penis was soft, but it dangled between his legs as he peered at herwith eyes the same color as his wings. Jinatha couldn't seen pupils or the whiteof his eyes, just the green color staring at her.

Catching her breath, she watched as he fluttered around. She became aware ofmore of them, male and female, hovering around her. Bold colors, blues andgreens and oranges, filled the air as she stared at them, careful not to makeany sudden movements. Each one, she noticed, had eyes the color of their wings.

A few of them were smaller, with more muted colors, while the older ones hadstreaks of black in their wings and eyes. None of them were over fourcentimeters in height as they fluttered around her.

They did not seem afraid of her, as they hummed around her. Listening, she triedto hear speech, but they appeared to be mute but beautiful creatures. One ofthem, the green-winged male she first saw, landed lightly on her stomach,standing on her thumb. His weight was barely noticeable, a leaf, as he walkedacross her with his bare feet.

Jinatha stifled a giggle as she felt him walking on her, looking down with mutecuriosity. She noticed that her legs had parted in her sleep. One knee wascaught on the edge of the hammock while the other was on the other side; with ablush, she realized she was exposed to these creature's vision. Quickly, shenoticed they didn't seem to care, but judging from how they randomly moved, sheguessed they were just simple creatures, with no language or pattern to them.

The male faerie drifted up her stomach and stopped at the mound of her rightbreast. His tiny hand reached out and stroked the pink aureole. It began toswell at his touch as she felt the delicate touch as pleasure. His other handreached out and grabbed it, tugging it lightly. Jinatha moaned softly, starlingsome of the faeries that began to land next to her head. They fluttered away fora second before drifting back. Many of them caught themselves in her hair; thyseemed fascinated with it as they wrapped it around their bodies or tugged on itdelicately.

More faeries landed on and next to her, teasing her legs and feet with theirfluttering wings and light touching. A few more landed between her legs,stroking her inner thighs with the same animal curiosity they others possessed.

Jinatha felt her heartbeat begin to quicken as the feather-light touches as theyexplore her body, touching and caressing with fingers slightly more insistentthan the breeze.

One of them managed to land next to her sex and gently tugged at her pubichairs. She could feel the warmth begin to grow at the delicate touch and shemoaned softly. The faeries stirred at her noise, but didn't fly away as theycontinued to touch, caress, and stroke her from all sides.

The one between her legs pushed it's tiny hand past her curls to stroke againstthe soft flesh of her opening. The red lips were already puffy with herexcitement as she felt moisture gathering on them. Her breath came quickly,startling the faeries, but after a few moments they returned to their curiousexploration.

Jinatha forced her body to relax, but kept her hands on her stomach, as the onebetween her legs got more curious and used both hands to massage her lips. It'sfingers caught briefly against her clitoris and sent a shiver of pleasurethrough her body. She gasped with the faint pleasure, but forced herself not tomove.

Continuing to touch and explore, the faeries seemed to settle down. The smell ofjasmine grew stronger and she realized it was coming from the faeriesthemselves. Quite a few of them managed to tangle themselves into her hair, butseemed content to just struggle weakly, if at all. She could feel a few of themsucking on the ends of some strands but her focus was centered on the onepushing against her.

The tiny tongue sent a shiver of pleasure through her as the faerie stuck it'shead between her curls and licked at some of the moisture. She moaned again.

Spreading her legs very slowly apart, she gave the curious faerie more access toher body. A smile crossed her face as she realized that very slow movementsdidn't bother the simple creatures, just loud noises and fast movements.

Feeling a sudden need, she began to creep one hand down toward her aching sex.

The few creatures on her stomach stepped over the hand or stood on it as shemoved down, being careful to keep her movements very slow. Four of the faerieswere stroking and tugging at her nipples, fluttering their wings as they liftedup slightly and landed back down.

As her fingers brushed through the short curls on her womanhood, she felt thefaerie pulled back and grab the tip with both hands. It's skin was soft anddelicate, a faint warmth blushing her senses. After a few curious licks, itreleased her finger and went back to exploring her sex. She could feel thewarmth inside her building up as the faint smell of her excitement teased hersenses.

She pushed her finger down, rubbing against her clitoris. The faerie tugged ather finger, trying to pull it away. She resisted at first, but it seemed almostupset at being denied access to her slit and she lifted her finger. Immediately,the creature ducked underneath her finger and returned to it's licking andtouching, teasing her but not enough for the pleasure she craved. It's butterflywings caressed her finger as it wiggled further underneath her finger.

The tiny creature nuzzling between the folds of her sex sent a tiny spear ofpleasure down her spine. It's tiny, warm body was pressed against her opening asit stroked and licked at her clitoris. Without thinking, she stroked her fingerdown the back of the faerie, putting a light pressure on it.

The faerie pushed harder against her sex, wiggling up between her wet lips asshe gently pushed it against her. It continued to lick and caress and she moanedsoftly from the pleasure building inside her. One of it's feet lifted slightlyto push against the opening of her sex as it tried to regain it's balance.

Jinatha gasped with pleasure and cupped her hand against the faerie's back,holding it against her. It's butterfly-soft wings fluttered against her palm asit began to struggle slightly. It's foot, a soft warm thing, slipped deeper intoher wet orifice. The other faeries began to shift as the trapped one's wingsbeat against her hand. She watched as they stared at the beating wings andrealized what was disturbing them.

Not wanting to scare off the other faeries, she slid her other hand down andcupped the wiggling faerie against her sex. Her palm pressed the wingsunderneath her hands.

The effects were amazing.

Even though the creature was beginning to struggle with earnest underneath herpalms, the others resumed their curious stroking; if they didn't see movement,they didn't worry. The trapped faerie's wings beat against her labia, sending arapid series of pleasure across her body. Her fingers could feel her sex almostdripping with excitement as she moaned from the rapid, feather-light caressesagainst her most sensitive of openings.

Her moans were almost constant now, a soft sound of noise that barely stirredthe simple creatures but spoke volumes as the trapped faerie struggledunderneath her hand. Trying to get away from her palms, it wiggled furtheragainst her sex, half slipping deeper into her soaked opening. She cupped hersex tighter, forcing the creature deeper in her body.

She could feel the delicate wings beat against her inner lips as the creaturecrawled into her sex. She could feel the wiggling body stretching her opening asit continued to flee her palms.

Feeling the warmth growing inside her, she pushed the creature further in. Herfingers curled up, pressing inside her body. They brushed against the strugglingfaerie and it crawled further into her body. It's wings beat for a few moreminutes before they drew into her vagina with a slick pleasure.

The incredible sensations of the tiny creature crawling into her body send ashiver of pleasure through her. Her entire body felt hot as her fingers plungedinto her soaked depths, pushing the creature further inside. As her two fingersreached their limit, she could feel the faerie finally crawl into her uterus andstop; it beat strained to beat it's wings inside her, teasing the inner wallswith delicious agony.

She stopped moving, feeling the struggles inside her body sending a frenzy ofpleasure through her system. With a sudden crash, she felt every muscle tightenas an intense, but quiet, orgasm slammed into her. Her back arched, castingfaeries aside as she gasped for breath. Her fingers continued to press insideher, but she was lost in the intenseness of her orgasm.

The orgasm seemed to last forever, sending hard waves of pleasure with everytwitch and shift of the creature buried inside her. She gasped and moaned,wiggling under the intense sensations until she finally slumped with exhaustionagainst the cloth of the hammock.

Before she opened her eyes, she could feel the faeries landing back on her. Thesimple creatures didn't seem to notice one of them had disappeared into the wetopening of her sex.

Slowly, she moved her hands away from her sex, half expecting the faerie tocrawl back out, but it did nothing but twitch inside her; she almost feltanother orgasm from the intense sensations but she pushed it back.

Resting her hands on her inner thighs, she relaxed. Her thoughts turned to whatshe just did, shoving another creature into her body. The poor things wasprobably suffocating but it continued to twitch and wiggle inside her, longafter any creature would have died.

Slowly, she relaxed some more, feeling the sensation of life inside her onceagain. To her surprise, she suddenly felt another light touch against her sex.

Looking down, she gasped in surprise as she saw the green-winged male faeriestroking her inner thigh. It seemed to be caressing a faint blue powder thatdusted her lips; probably the dust from the faerie still wiggling slowly insideher.

In her mind, she begged for it to repeat the first one's actions. Holding herbreath, she watched as it leaned over to press against the swollen lips of herwomanhood. Inside, she felt the first faerie twitch before curling up. A briefwave of pleasure rippled through her body as the green-winged faerie pushed it'shead past her pubic hair to lick against the moisture of her labia. With a gasp,Jinatha forced herself not to move.

The faerie became more curious, pushing up against her opening as it nuzzledagainst the drops of her juices that collected on her folds. Slowly, Jinathamoved her hands behind it and cupped the creature against her body. It began tostruggle almost immediately, but she already covered it from the sight of theother creatures.

Like the first, it's wings beat against her labia and she felt a rush ofpleasure course through her, filling her with a warmth she thought would set herafire. Her fingers curled up, gently guiding the soft warm creature against hersex until it also began to crawl inside her.

Her legs shivered with another orgasm as she felt the faerie wiggle inside her,pushing against her inner walls. Her fingers pressed harder against it, shovingit deeper into her body until it became to crawl inside to avoid them. It'swings were soaked with her juices as they were pulled inside and she came againfrom the sensations of the tiny creature struggling inside. Both faeries insideher began to struggle more as they brushed against each other. Their franticmotions sent wave after wave of pleasure through her senses as she moanedloudly.

The faeries around her flew off as she lost herself in another orgasm. When sherecovered, they were already gathered around her, as if nothing happened. Thetwo tiny creatures inside were still struggling, brushing against her but nevercoming close to slipping out of her body. She gasped for air as she felt thebreeze slip along sweat-soaked skin.

Feeling eager and flushed from excitement, she spread her legs and waited foranother. It came, a beautiful red-winged female with the same curiousexpression. It's eyes were streaked with black, but it didn't seem to noticeanything wrong until she cupped it against her sex with both hands. With someeffort, she managed to coax it inside her, experiencing another intense orgasmthat lasted forever as the three creatures wiggled and crawled inside her soakedsex.

Her entire body was trembling as she spread her hands again, waiting for thenext one. As simple as the creatures were, they seemed not to notice their kinddisappearing. In fact, the light dusting against her inner thighs seemed toattract more of them between her legs. She managed to trap two more inside her,one right after the other; her body exploded in an intense orgasm as the fivetiny creatures filled her up from the inside. Their actions started up a frenzythat sent hot waves of pleasure against her until she bit her tongue to avoidscreaming out loud.

Jinatha was beginning to feel a comfortable pressure against her uterus, asensation she hungered for ever since her parents forced her abortion. Her skinwas soaked with sweat and every muscle in her body trembled from the intensityof the orgasms that continued to crash into her with every wiggle, everystruggle, of the five tiny faeries inside her.

She opened her eyes and looked around. The other faeries continued to surroundher in a carpet of brilliant color. None of them noticed the moans anymore, nordid they seem to care about the shivers that rippled through her body. Insideher uterus, the continuing motion was making thoughts difficult as shecontemplated trapping one more.

Her decision was made when two faeries landed between her legs. They wereidentical twins. Both females had wings that was red on the top and faded into agorgeous orange at the base. Jinatha caught her breath at their delicatefeatures, then moaned as they both nuzzled up against her sex. They were drawnby the dust covering her sex.

Her hands twitched slightly and they hesitated. Clamping down on her fingers,she waited patiently for the twins to explore closer. Inside her, she felt thestruggling grow faster, more frantic. One of the trapped creatures began tocrawl toward her opening and Jinatha watched helplessly as the two tiny faerieshesitate.

Unable to bear losing one, she clamped down on her hands, shoving the twoagainst her sex as she partially sat up. The faeries around her flew off,scattering to the four winds as she forced the twins against her soaked opening.

They struggled frantically, beating their wings against her inner thighs,fingers, and labia but Jinatha was already orgasming from the intensesensations. Her fingers pressed against their tiny bodies until they began toslip into her stuffed entrance, pushing the escaping one back inside her. Hermoan echoed against the trees as she forced the last two faeries inside her, herbody exploding time and time again from the seven tiny creatures frenzyinginside her.

Her moans turned into loud gasps of pleasure as she shoved four fingers to keepthe creatures inside her. They filled her like nothing ever did before, pressingagainst all of her walls in struggling caresses. Her orgasm caught into her,slamming hard against her senses as she felt wave after wave crest inside her.

Somehow, she managed to keep her fingers in her opening and prevent the sevenfrom escaping. Their struggles began to slowly die down, with the occasionaltwitch or movement deep inside her.

Jinatha gasped and let her senses stop reeling. She looked down at her bulgingstomach and felt another shiver of pleasure ripple through her as she sawherself pregnant once again.

A feeling of warmth rushed over her and she decided she wanted to keep thesedelicate creatures inside her for as long as possible. With a sudden though, shelooked up as saw the sun beginning to set against the horizon.

Feeling panic, she cupped her hand against her opening, ignoring the flood ofjuices that slipped between her fingers, and rolled out of the hammock. Herfingers almost slipped, but she managed to stumble over to her panties and slipthem on with one hand. Pulling them tightly up, she felt the snug fabric holdher precious babies inside her.

Grinning, she located her dress and slipped it on before walking quickly backtoward the house. It took her almost an hour to return and the sun was sendingthe last ray of light against the door as she reached it.

Her uncle was inside, worried. He smiled with all the warmth in his eyes as hehugged her. His smile faded slightly as he saw her flush.

"Are you okay, my dear?"Swallowing hard, she ignored the wiggling inside her body, and nodded.

"Yes... uncle. I just had to run to make it back in time."He nodded, as if understanding, "Please be careful. Dinner is in about a decid.

And, if you are willing, I would like you to join me tomorrow as I do themid-summer head count."Wanting to return to her room as soon as possible, she nodded, "I... would lovethat."Jinatha was finding it hard to speak as the faeries inside her began to struggleagain. She could feel the fabric pressed against her opening was already soakedwith her juices as she looked up the stairs.

Her uncle frowned, "Are you sure you're okay? You don't have to go with me... ifyou don't want to."Putting on a bright face, she beamed a smile, "I'm sorry. I'm just excited aboutgoing. I already have butterflies in my stomach."END