Fed UpbyRally ChampionbrI would like to stress that I am not copying the idea of the story titled"Friends for Dinner, I had already written this story and it was soon to beuploaded onto Stories.com, but when I read tha story I changed mine so it wasnot the same.

pictures at https://uk.photos.yahoo.com/rallychampiongbrclick on album called "fed up"FED UP!Joanna was organising a party for her friend Michelle's 21st birthday. She wassat in her room writing out all the invites. She was inviting 13 of the sexiestlooking boys from college.As she was a wild girl who enjoyed Earlier that dayshe had gone to town and bought all the food for the party. Among the food was abig box wrapped up with sellotape. It was red in colour and had the words'DANGER THIS EQUIPMENT IS TO BE USED IN THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES, ANYONEWHO FAILS TO COMPLY WITH THIS WARNING WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED'Tania saw the box "What's that for?" she asked in curiosity"It's a surprise present for Michelle, it will be used later when the food isbeing served." said JoannaPeter picked the envelope up from his doormat, he opened it and read it eagerly.

It read:Dear PeterI am inviting you to Michelle's 21st birthday party which is to be held at myhouse on 21st July. The party will begin at 6:00pm and end late. Bring your ownbooze but all food has been dealt with.

Looking forward to your arrival. See you at the party.

If you can't make it then e-mail me, my address is: [email protected] JoannaPeter put the letter on his desk and then continued with his work.

A few weeks later, the day before the party Joanna looked at the list of invitesshe had compiled. She smiled as she read the names listed. In all 20 people hadreplied, even though only 13 invites had been sent out.

Next morning Joanna got up early and began preparing all the food for the party,she made Michelle's cake and set out all the food on the tables in the kitchen.

As it approached 6:00pm Joanna was ready for the party, she had brushed her hairand looked gorgeous. She was wearing a pink dress which covered up to herarmpits so her shoulders were bare. She had a blue hairband with white dots on,big earings that dangled from her ears and a pink paper chain round her neck.

There was a sharp knock at the door followed by the bell ringing. Joanna wentdown and answered it. 10 people stood on the step.

"You look nice tonight" said Martin sweetlyCome on in lads." said Joanna"It smells lovely, I can't wait to tuck in I am starved!" said Jack"You already are, look at your stomach, it's bulging like a full fridge whichhas been packed so tightly that the door won't close." said John"All right, enough of the insults, let's go through to the garden and begin theparty." said Joanna"Where's Michelle, is she here" asked Sam"She'll be here about 6:30 as she is at work till then. But she'll be here whenshe has finished work." said Joanna"What have you got Michelle for her birthday Joanna?" asked Martin"Oh I can't tell you, you'll have to wait until she arrives before I show youwhat I have got her." said Joanna with a big grinJohn was stuffing himself with food and suddenly he began to feel dizzy. Hecollapsed backwards onto the floor.

As Martin was about to speak he too began to feel dizzy. Followed by the rest ofthe guests he fell to the floor. Joanna was stood by the desk in the middle ofthe room trying to keep a straight face.

She kelt down and put her huge fingers around the group of tiny boys on thefloor. She held them infront of her face and smiled showing them her beautifulsmile.

"What the hell have you done, bitch?" screamed John"I have shrunk you, when Michelle gets here I am going to give her the presentshe has always wanted." said JoannaJoanna walked in and hung up her coat. Joanna heard her come in. "Hi Michelle,Happy Birthday.""Thank you very much, how many people have come." asked Michelle"13, but they are as tall as a needle." said Joanna"Why is that?" asked Michelle"Go and change into the clothes on my bed then come into the garden." saidJoanna20 minutes later Michelle came into the garden wearing a blue v neck blouse ayellow necklace and big white earings.

"Right tip your head back, open your mouth wide and close your eyes. I am goingto give you your present." said JoannaMichelle closed her eyes, tipped back her head and opened her mouth wide.

Joanna took the box with tiny boys in and tipped the contents into a bowl ofcherries. The boys landed in the bowl and then looked scared. They could see 3blurry visions above them but when their eyes had adjusted to the light theycould see Joanna above them. She was huge. A giant hand came down towards them,two huge fingers clamped around a cherry and Martin's body. Martin felt himselfbeing lifted high into the air. He could see a blue dress but that was all. Heclosed his eyes as the rush of wind against his face was too strong for him tokeep his eyes open.

Joanna who had picked Martin up with the cherry put him into Michelle's mouthand told her to swallow. Michelle closed her mouth and swallowed. A bulge wentdown her neck and disappeared into her body.

John screamed in terror as he watched Martin being swallowed alive by Michelle.

The giant hand came down again and clamped around John, Peter and Geoff. Theywere taken up towards the sky and then saw a huge open mouth below them. Joannadropped them into Michelle's mouth and once again Michelle swallowed them whole.

Joanna spoke as Michelle swallowed. "Right you can open your eyes now."Michelle opened her eyes. "Well where is my present?" she asked"Feel any different?" Joanna asked"No not really now where is my...." Joanna stopped as she felt movement in herstomach. It felt like there was someone kicking and squirming inside her body.

"So you do notice something different" said Joanna"Yes I do, what did you feed me?" asked Michelle"Look down at the plate?" said JoannaMichelle looked down, she saw a plate of cherries and saw 9 tiny people crawlingover the cherries. "What do we have here?" said Michelle as she picked up theplateShe saw the 9 boys who were about the size of a needle crawling about among thehuge cherries. Michelle frowned "What are these doing in here?" she asked"There your present form me" replied Joanna"But what am I supposed to do with them?" said Michelle"Eat them! I thought as both myself and Tania are members of a Meneater club,you would want to be part of it as well." said Joanna"Oh, well then" said Michelle. She took the plate and picked the remaining boysone by one and swallowed them alive with cherries.

Once the plate was empty Michelle rubbed her now full stomach and uttered thewords"mmm they were so tasty, this is the best birthday party I have ever had."Then Joanna, Michelle & Tania went into the house and sat down in the livingroom to watch tv. Michelle rubbed her stomach as her body digested the boys thatshe had swallowed alive earlier