French Quarter Giantessby B. TweenercheeksThe company I worked for rewarded all the up and coming salesmen by sending themon a seminar in New Orleans every year. It usually turned into a wild, drunkenparty. Generally the young, aggressive guys were chosen. At 33, I was thedinosaur of this group. I was bound and determined to show these young men thatI could still keep up with them.

Their first night on Bourbon Street they did not pace themselves. By 3:00 thelast of my young co-workers had faded back to the hotel. Perhaps to make a pointI continued on into a multi-stage strip joint. Just the place to nurse one lastdrink and check out some hotties. The music just about crushed everyone'seardrums as a dozen or so really drunk men tried to act non-chalant in front offour beuatiful, naked dancers. I pulled up a chair close to one of the stages,ordered a an over priced beer and sat back to watch.

The song ended and the dancers rotated tables. A hand pushed off my shoulder asa coffee skinned leg stepped directly in front of my chair and up onto thestage. She reaked of perfume. This long legged hispanic girl had huge, dark,almost pupilless eyes. Her firm but bouncey breasts sat high on her chest. Adark, thick but well trimmed bush reached out from below a tiny waist. Her heelsmade her look at least 6'0" tall. She had full lips and a wide, confident smile.

Like all the dancers in this place I though she was pretty damn hot. Then shepierced me with a look. Her sultry eyes comanded me to stare. She couldn't havebeen even 21 years old, but by her mannerisms you could tell she lived fast.

"I'm Niki" she yelled over the music. "I'm Jeff" I answered, quickly embarrassedthat I even told her my name. Niki laughed. "Do you like my dancing, Jeff?" sheasked. "Yeah, it's great" I told her. "Then why don't you tip me?" Niki asked. Ismiled. This I was good at. Sure, she was gorgeous, but I had the cash. Shewould have to earn it. I pulled out a twenty and rolled it into a small tube. Istuck th small tube into my mouth, and smiled. Niki danced foreward and pushedher tits together towards my face. "Oh no, girl, turn around and get it." Nikidanced away towards another patron then returned, swiveling her ass towards myface. I hadn't noticed her ass. It was small, but round and firm. It reminded meof two ripe peaches, side by side. Niki tossed her hair over her shoulder andlooked back at me with a knowing smirk. She was a dirty little tart. She backedtowards me in the outfielders stance. Inches from my face she jutted her cheeksout and rocked her ass up and back. I gently stroked her crack from her pussy toher bunghole with the twenty and sniffed deeply. She smelled of cheap perfumeand sweat. Niki clenched the twenty with her cheeks but I wasn't done. After abrief tug o' war I relented and she pinched off the twenty.

I slugged a huge gulp of beer down. She kept talking to me. She almost seemed tobe flirting. "You really like my ass, don't you?" "I'd be there all night if Icould" I smiled. "It can be pretty nasty, you know" Niki teased. "That's why I'dlove to be there all night long." I intimated. Strangely, Nikki looked confused,shrugged and finished dancing. When the song ended she went on break. I saw hergo behind the bar and talk to a waitress. Niki pointed towards me then they bothgiggled. A minute later the waitress brought me a mixed drink. "This is fromNiki" she said. I looked towards the bar and Niki was gone. I waited a while andtook a couple of gulps of the drink. It was pretty strong and kind of metalictasting, but what the heck it was free. When I din't see Niki around anymore Icalled it a night.

I staggered back to the Hotel Monteleone. I was way more drunk than I thought Ihad been. Reaching my room I was shocked to find that I had lost my door key. Imade my way to the front desk for a second key and returned to my room. When Ifumbled the door open and there was Niki. She hung up the phone and sat at mydesk chair with her legs crossed, wearing a tight white t-shirt, faded jeans andthe same high heels. She was still sweaty from dancing. 'So what took you solong, Jeff?" "What are you doing in here?" I demanded. "You invited me here fora night cap. You gave me your key...I'm sorry. I'll go" she replied. "No, stay.

I must be drunk. Sure, we'll have a drink" I offered. "Good, cause I've allreadymade them. Here you go, Jeff" Niki said, handing me a mixed drink. I sat down onthe bed next to Niki. "Thanks" I said as I threw back the drink. "Hey, where'syour drink?" I asked.

Suddenly I felt myself floating. A chill ran down my spine to my toes andfingertips. I felt asleep. I woke up naked and cold. It seemed like was in theAstrodome or something. Green cloth exteded in every direction around me. Istruggled to remember where I had last been. I remembered. Then I took a carefullook around. I was still on the bed. To my horror I was just under an inch tall.

I panicked when felt what I thought was an earthquake, and something appeared.

Niki had taken off her jeans and now sat in the desk chair in only her thongfrom dancing and her white t-shirt. Her tanned leg stretched onto the bed. Hersweaty foot towered 12 or 15 stories above me. She rummaged through my clothesin her lap, finally finding my wallet. "Here we go, this will do nicely" shesaid. "Oh, you're awake. How was your drink? Can I get you another? Maybe thenyou can hit on a microbe" Niki laughed. "What did you do to me? I screamed.

"Only what you asked for, my love. I saw how you leered at me. I've seen yourtype before. I've been in New Orleans for a few years. A girl learns things toprotect herself against middle-aged predators like you. Maybe even picks up somevodoo..." Her voice was getting louder and angrier. "The first drink sorted youcells out. the second drink restacked them into a better organized, spaceconserving order. Your cells are still all there. You're just permanantlyrestacked." Niki stood up over me. She stared at me with those same piercingeyes that she had earlier. The look had been lustfull and mysterious at theclub. It looked heartless, vacant and aggressive now. "You need to get what youdeserve, exacly what you've asked for. So tell me Mr. big stuff, where was itthat you told me you wanted to be all night long?"Hands on her hips, Niki leaned over me. In her tirade she apparently blamed mefor everything that men had ever done to her. She was going to get her revengethrough me. As she went on and on I found it difficult to pay attention to whatshe was saying. Maybe it was still the booze. I found myself distracted by myview of her body as I lay on the bed. Her dominant posture, hands on her hips,feet apart, cussing and belittling me, turned me on. I stared at her thongcovered crotch high above. I watched her mouth, those thick, gigantic lips asshe lambaisted me. "How would they feel on me now?" I fantasized.

Niki asked me some question that I didn't hear. "Huh?" I responded. Her Latinatemper flared out of control. "I said you never answered my question. Where didyou say you wanted to be all night long? It was my butt, right?" I nodded yes.

"Great line, Romeo. Does that work? Is that how perverts like you lure women?How disrespectful. How gross. You are a sick old dude. I sit on my ass. I fartout my ass. I @!#$ with my ass. Why the hell would you want to pay $20 to sniffmy crack? And yet you have a wallet full of money. So you can roam aroundsubjecting women to your perverted, fucked up fantasy. Well now that you're thesize of my little toe you won't be needing money anymore." I could not take anymore. "Hold on a second." I protested. "You don't even know me and..." "Shut upnow!" Niki growled, her eyes seething.

Niki stepped back from the bed. Her mood changed dramatically. Becoming quiet,almost robotic, she seemed to collect her thoughts. In a matter of fact tone shestarted again. "Anyway, you're a pretty sick pervert Jeff. Be that as it may Iguess you know we have a problem. Somebody who didn't know better might call youa witness. I don't want to worry about that. Not that I'd have to I suppose.

People walk all over in this room. The cleaning lady vacumes every day. I don'tyou'd even be able to get out of this room. You'd be killed before long anyway.

" As Niki continued I slowly walked towards the opposite side of the bed ascasually as I could. "I just need to know you are dead. Since I'm not a bitch oranything I'll let you die by what turns you on." That was my cue. I turned andran as fast as I could. Niki laughed hysterically. "That's as fast as you canrun?" A three story hand blocked my path. I turned and ran the oppositedirection. A second hand blocked my escape. The two hands corralled me into acircle. "Stop running Jeff. I'll make your final fantasy last for you."My fate sealed, I surrendered. I collapsed onto the bedspread exhausted. "If I'mgoing to put on a little show for you I can't keep chasing you" Niki said. Withthat she pulled up the bed spread and formed it into a bowl like valley toprevent my escape. Mountains of folded bedspread surrounded me.

Niki turned away from me. I rolled onto my back to watch her. Her tanned, silkylegs stretched on forever. I looked up longingly at her cheeks. The warm lamplight formed subtle shadows under her cheeks. Her entire crack was enshadowed.

Niki swayed side to side. Her hands gently stroked from behind her knees, up theback of her thighs, to the outline of her ass. In a sexy, whispering voice shebegan to sing to me "dum, dum, de-dum, dum, de-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum." Nikilaughed. She had sung the funeral dirge. The odd part was that I didn't care.

She could taunt me all she wanted. If this was how I was going to die I coulddeal with it. As I stared up I was mesmerized by the view. Her dark skin seemedto glow in the soft light. Niki's long dark hair swang back and forth justbehind the beat of her sway. Her hands began to circle her cheeks, hips andcrack. Ever so slightly, Niki began to crouch her ass over me while swaying. Herblood red fingernails playfully swept up and down her darkened crack. As shelowered her ass towards me, the light of the lamp was eclipsed by her ass. Istrained to see in the darkness. I immediately recognized the smell of herfragrant crack. The perfume had faded to leave the intoxicating scent of sweatwith a hint of @!#$. As she continued to lower her ass towards me Niki lookedback at me betwwen her legs. As I looked at that upsidedown face her hairtumbled from her shoulders and dangled freely. The same knowing smirk grew asshe half closed her eyes and continued to sway. Her rounded but cheeks flexedand twitched as she was only a few inches from me. Her white thong peeked outfrom deep within her crack. As she lightly swept her soft buttcheeks across mybody felt soft downy hairs and slight normal pimples brush by. I reached out tofeel her smooth, warm, soft cheeks as she swayed back and forth.

Niki said "bye-bye Jeff. Don't worry about a tip. I have all the money I needfor a while. End of show." Suddenly Niki stood up off of me slightly and slammedher ass onto me. It felt like I'd belly flopped off the high dive. Everythinghurt. I struggled to breath. She began to twist back and forth on her ass. Mybody was being pushed into something textured and wet. I recognized theperfumed, cheese-like smell of her ass. I also felt presure squeezing my sides.

I realized I was lodged under her thong in her crack. I was able to free my armsand I tried to struggle. I heard a giggle and a muffled "that tickles." Nikibegan to bounce up and down on me. My world alternated between light and dark,air and no air, presure and release. Every time she landed on me my face slammedinto her thong and I was squeezed between her cheeks. As I began to losecosciousness Niki stopped bouncing and stood up. I decided to play dead.

Suddenly I heard knocking and a male voice yelling. Niki muttered "that @!#$. Ifhe thinks he can just come back here and ask for forgiveness he's nuts." Shestomped towards the door. Niki and some guy screamed at each other in thedoorway.

Now was my chance. I struggled to my feet. On nothing but adreniline I rantowards the pile of bedspread. She had flattened it enough for me to climb. Icrawled over the bedspread and searched for someplace to hide. During Niki'sbouncing the sheet had come undone. I climbed under the sheet as far as I could.

She'd never look for me there.

I hid under the sheets in the hotel room bed while Niki argued with some guy inthe doorway. Struggling deeper and deeper between the sheet and bed I realizedthat I should be dead. Mt Everest in a thong had just flattened me with her ass.

I should have been crushed. I should have suffocated. I felt woozy, but I had nopermanent injurys. Perhaps I didn't suffocate because I didn't need all thatmuch oxygen. I was tiny. I only required a relatively miniscule amount. Why,then , wasnt I crushed? Niki certainly exerted enough force to do it. Yet I'mfine. My size didn't provide much surface area to crush. Maybe it was becauseshe couldn't hit me with full force because I wedged in her crack. Still, atsuch a small size I should be easy to squash. Then I thought of the specificterminology Niki had used to describe the process: "Your cells are all stilthere...they have just been restacked in a better organized, space conservingorder." I thought about 50 crumpled pieces of paper. They take up a large amountof space. If you step of them they are easily crushed. What if you organize 50pieces of paper into a stack? They don't take up much space. Yet if you step onthem they will not be crushed. Niki tried but couldn't crush me. Perhaps in mynew form I was not as weak as I thought.

Niki screamed at the guy and slammed the door shut. She turned around andimmediately changed he tone of voice to sugary sweet. "Now where were we mylittle ass-pervert? Let me finish our little dance." Niki saw I was gone. "Comeon Jeff don't prolong this. I've been kind to this point. I could make thispainful. Come on out." From underneath the sheet I saw Niki's shadow begin tofranticlylook around the room for me. Niki attempted to hide her smodering anger by sweettalking me. "Come on out. O.K. I won't hurt you. I just want to see you again.

You can be my pet." she said while over enunciating the words in an attempt atsincerity. Niki ripped the bedspread off the bed and shook it. She moved thepillows and looked inside the cases. She carefully looked all over the bed. Notnoticing the untucked portion she moved to the floor. After crawling around Nikistood up and walked to the full lenth morror in the bathroom. She turned around,lifted her t-shirt, pulled her butt cheeks apart and pulled her thong to theside checking for me. "Where the hell are you? Look, you better come out now.

I'm about to give up looking. It's almost daylight and I'm tired. I was justkidding about the killing thing. If you come out now I'll give you the antidotte."I knew not to trust her. She had made her intentions clear earlier. While Imight not be as easy to kill as she thought, it would still take littleimagination on her part to do me in. Suddenly, Niki went bipolar again. "Lookyou dirty little man I'm not looking for you any more. I hope you get steppedon, poisoned when they wash the floor or eaten by a rat. I dont care."I struggled to a vantage point where I could see Niki without being caught. Nikigrabbed her purse and sat on the bed. She pulled out a couple of items. "Perhapsthe antidotte was in her purse" I thought. She placed the purse on the t.v. andturned the t.v. on. Niki had a ceramic bowl and a baggie filled with pot. Shecarefully packed the bowl. Using my lighter she torched up the bowl and inhaleddeeply. The room soon smelled of pot. Niki fired up the bowl over and over. Soonher big brown eyes were red slits. She had trouble sitting up, slowly leaningone direction then the other. Finally she flopped back onto the bed.

I waited to make sure this was not a trap. Soon Niki started the rythmicbreathing that could only be sleep. Now was my chance to get out of here. Butwhere should I go? Niki was the only person who had the antidotte. If I left theroom I had at best a huge journey in front of me. And where to? Niki was right;I would probably get killed before I got too far. I only had one choice. I hadto somehow stay with Niki, but without her knowledge. She was clearly passedout. Now I had her at an advantage. I couldn't get across to the t.v. to herpurse, but perhaps with Niki's help, I could.

I climbed up Niki's shirt and intended to attach myself to the back of it sothat she would not see me. Climbing was much easier than I thought. I seemed tobe stronger. Perhaps Niki's shrinking process had made me stronger. Arriving atthe neckhole of her shirt I sat and rested. Somehow I couldn't sleep. I keptlooking t her now massive breasts. They didn't go flat as she lay on her backlike most women. I longed to see them. "Oh what the hell, she's passed out" Ithought. i climbed under her shirt towards her breasts. The light from the t.v.

illuminated the white t-shirt in blue. I was stunned by the beauty of her tits.

Niki had put sparkle make-up on them. They twinkled blue in the t.v. light. Ihad to climb to the nipples. It was kind of fun! My hands and feet slipped onher sweaty, soft tits. It was soft of like climbing a giant, wet, water balloon.

Her nipples were enormous.

Surounded by a few sparce, bristly hairs, her areola were soft, wrinkly, andrubbery. The nipple was tougher and redened. Surface skin flaked off as if theyhad been recently vigorously chewed. Her half inch nipples rose to my waist. Ifound myself drwn to gently massage them with my hands. When it was clear thatNiki was out, I began to hump her nipple. I felt my erection grow. Faster andfaster I pumped. Her nipples began to swell and grow. Soon they were almost myheight. I was ready to come when I felt her t-shirt move. Niki's hand was behindme. Niki was squezzing her nipples in her sleep. I watched as Niki twisted andstretched her nipples. She panted shallow and quickly. She stopped and rolledtowards one side. I tumbled into her shirt and ran across her side. Soon I wason Niki's back. She had rolled over.

The small of Niki's back was amazing. It was tanned and as soft as velvet.

Knowing what lay below thrilled me. I struggled under Niki's shirt until I cameout at the bottom. Stepping free I saw her thong clad ass again. I might dietomorrow. I had to experience Niki's ass. Crawling down to the top of the crackof her ass I noticed that her ass was relaxed. The thong now laid loosely on hercrack. As I continued down I noticed her fragrant bunghole again. As young asshe was she was no stranger to anal sex. Her butthole was stretched andpartially open. Pills of sweaty cotton, the remainder of close fitting clothesfrom earlier, studk to her crack. I had to do it. Her bunghole looked so huge. Istuck my face in. It stretched easily. I felt warm and tight. I came instanly.

Suddenly I was sruck. Just a few hours earlier I had been stroking this holewith a rolled up twenty as she wiggled it in my face. Now her I was here again,and liked it more. I laid down, only inteding to rest. Soon I slept.

Niki's butt made a damn erotic place to sleep. While my room at the hotel wascold, heat radiated from her crotch. The first few times Niki fidgeted in hersleep I was ready to jump from her ass for cover. I soon learned that she was asomewhat restless sleeper. Most of the night she slept on her stomach with oneknee bent ad pulled toward her chest. A few times she shifted, turned her headand pulled her other knee up. Each time she adjusted her position she finishedby clenching her butt muscles, then relaxing. Each time for a few seconds herass clamped me tightly in a smothering embrace. Then slowly she released. hercheeks would slowly seperate and roll open. Then her tightly puckered bungholeslowly rose and protruded slightly. The entire time I remained warm andcomfortable snuggled by her cheeks.

I awoke sweating. The morning sun peaked through the window and slowly creepedits way up Niki's body. Niki's torso and face were still in the shade. Her skin,cool most of the night, had warmed up considerably in the New Orleans sun. Icrawled out of her crack onto her ass.

I looked over at her purse on the T.V. It was so far away. "Was there really anantidotte or was she baiting me to come out so she could eliminate me as awitness?" I thought. An antidotte was my only hope. How could I live like this?There was potential danger in so many things.

Reality arrived with the morning sun. The sheets were still dishevled, and thebowl, weed and lighter were still in the bed. Niki still sprawled beneath mepassed out. Much of her heavy make-up wore away over the night. A string ofsaliva slipped from Niki's mouth to a large drool stain on her pillow. Shesnored quietly. She had been a schitzophrenic, homicidal vixen just hours ago.

Now as she slept she looked like a beautifully sweet, innocent angel.

If I did not live through the day I should get one more taste of what I haddesired. Niki was still out. I climbed back down towards her bunghole. There wasthat smell from the club again. It made my eyes water. I became hard. I hadwanted to bend her over when I met her at the club, why not now? "It might beexciting to give it to Niki from behind whil she slept - sort of secret justice"I thought. I tried to mount Niki's manhole sized butthole. While I could getsome sensation by putting my dick between two wrinkes in her anus and humping itwas dissappointing. Part of the excitment of assfucking a girl is that you areinvading her. My miniscule dick was certainly no invasion to Niki. I had anidea. I stood over Niki's brown hole and looked. I could tell she shaved hercrack by the blunt ends on the short, stubbly hairs. I reached my foot to whereher anus had been stretched and partially gaping. Pushing both sides open Islowly lowered myself up to my waist into her bung hole. It felt warm, stickyand snug. I began to bounce and pull myself in and out of Niki's hole. Herrubbery, elastic sphinter began to grip me tight. My feet and legs slippedaround inside her, wet, loose and warm and covered in Niki's crap. I pushed andpulled myself in and out deeper and faster. Finally I blew by load. "Ha! Nomatter what I still came in her ass!"Part of me didn't want to leave this place. Between this gorgeous Latinas twobeautiful, tanned cheeks. I looked all around, savoring the experience. Suddenlya shadow loomed overhead. Four blood red fingernails dropped from above. Nikifelt my movement and started to scratch her ass. Raising both my arms overhead Iretreated by slipping down into her @!#$. Only my face peered out. Niki dug hernails deep as she tried to satisfy the tickling itch she felt deep in the crackof her ass. As she began to rub her brown hole hard, I pulled myself incompletely. The scratching stopped. I felt myself roll upside down. Niki hadrolled onto her back.

Deep into her rectum I experienced complete darkness. The temperature soonseemed unbearably hot and humid. The little air that existed stunk like a crossbetween hard boiled eggs and lindberger cheese. The cute tan little latinapooper that I had earlier fantasized about now held me gripped tightly as shenow lay on her back. Moving my body made things worse. Niki's sphinctor muscleswere like slippery belts that circled my body. As I tried to crawl down towardsher bunghhole the belts imediately tightened around my shoulders, waist, andlegs, and pulled me deeper into her. The feeling of being trapped upside-downcaused me to panic. Closter phobia began to set in.

I had to think of something else. I distracted myself and tried to thinkclearly. "I have to get out before she wakes up. Otherewise she will eitherdiscover me or I will have to escape when she goes to the bathroom. That's toorisky. At least I have a little time. Nothing will happen right away. Niki justfell into her pot induced sleep a few hous ago. She just rolled over a fewminutes ago. She's not back to being completely asleep yet. Niki's sphinctormust be clenching when I move assuming she has gas or something. Once she fallsdeeper into sleep she won't react as mush to outside stimuli. I'll wait a while.

She'll fall back into a deep sleep. Then I'll move very gently and get out."It was hard to gauge time. I figured a half an hour went by. I remainedperfectly still. Her sphinctor completely released it's grip on me. I hadintended on waiting a little longer before I started to move when I noticedsomething. My feet were standing on something large, hard and lumpy. It pushedtowards my feet ever so slightly. Niki would soon have to @!#$! It was time toget out. I wriggled to one side, then the other inching my way down. Hersphinctor clenched lightly a few times, but seemed to concentrate on theenormous turd that was behind me.

A slight glimmer of light shown ahead. I pushed through her anus too quickly,forgetting about the concentration of nerves there. Out only up to my waist,Niki clenched and puckered her assshole. Her cheeks caved in all around me. Ithought she was going to pinch me in half. Then, she relaxed. She was stillasleep. I grabbed the sheet and pulled myself the rest of the way out. Pushingher thong string outof the way and sliding on my stomach, I slithered out frombetween her cheeks. 20 stories above me her pussy towered under that thong. Shelooked magnificient.

Covered in Niki's crap I was a mess. I had no time to clean up. The antidotteshe spoke of in her purse. I ran between her tanned legs from her crotch pasther feet to the edge of the bed. There was no way to get to her purse. Sure, Ifelt stonger but the floor was a hundred feet down. Even if I got off the bedher purse sat on the T.V. I had an idea. I ran over to the baggie of pot. Iclinbed in and burried myself. I waited for Niki, but the night had taken it'stoll. I drifted off to sleep.

I heard a thud. Looking through the haze of her celophane baggie I saw Niki.

Still in her thong and t-shirt, she quietly crawled around on all fours with oneof her heals in her hand. She moved something, then reared back with her heal toswat. Dissappointed, she continued on with her search.

Content that she would not find me I relaxed in my hiding place. Occasionally Iheard her sweetly beg for me to come out so that she could make love to me. Thenext minute she ran into the bathroom, return with my deoderant and try to gasme out from behind the desk while swearing.

Opening the closet, she went through my suitcase. Finding the extra stash ofcash I had brought she put that aside. She then put the contents back, rezippedthe suitcase and put it in the closet. Niki then entered the bathroom and closedthe door. I heard the shower water run. A while later she opened the bathroomdoor. Steam bellowed out. Except the towel that wrapped her hair on top of herhead, Niki was naked. Her incredibly exotic latina body looked no worse for thewear of a long night. She placed one foot onto the bathroom sink and painted hertoes. Leaning foreward towards the mirror she spent a half an hour putting onmake up. She posed, pushing her pouting little butt out the entire time. Fromtime to time I caught her scanning the floor in the mirror out of the corner ofher eye. Then she would reposition her ass and put on more make up.

Finally Niki slipped back into her thong, jeans, t-shirt and heels. Afterscooping up her cosmetics and dumping them in her purse she begang to lookaround the room again. Suddenly, she looked at me and said "there you are!" Ithought I had been caught. She picked up the lighter and bowl in one hand andthe baggie in the other. She threw the lighter and bowl into her purse thenturned to me. Holding the baggie out she shook it down. Then her thick lips,brownish with lipstick and trimmed in black, rushed towards me in the baggie.

"Oh my god she's gonna eat me!" I thought. Niki stuck out her wide pink tongueand licked the opening of the baggie in long strokes to seal it. She carefullyrolled the baggie up. Then she dropped it into her purse and zippered it shut.

Before she left Niki said "O.K. You won. You get to die a differently then byyour fetish. Nobody will probably ever see you again. If they do they'll thinkyou're a bug and stomp on you so I'd hide if I were you. On the other hand, Iguess then you'll starve to death or die of thirst. Maybe you're still on thebed. Some highschool kids will probably come here to @!#$... Maybe you'll windup stuck to some girl's ass in come. Whatever. Bye, Jeff."The door slammed. I laughed from inside her purse.

Rolled up like a mummy in Niki's bag of weed, I struggled to pry my way out. Themore I pushed the two sides of the bag open the easier the baggie became toopen. Finally, I got to the saliva smeared opening of the baggie. The two sidespeeled apart and I was free to roam her purse. "First things first". I thoughtas i grabbed a kleenex from the bottom of her purse. Soaking up some of Niki'ssaliva off the kleenex, I scrubbed away the remants from my trip into her anus.

Niki's purse swang up and back in rhythm with her strut. I heard the clicking ofher heels as she walked out of the Hotel Monteleone into the street. The pursesmelled of leather and the sweet, baby-powdery smell of cosmetics. Man, therewas a ton of make up in her purse. I had to climb around all sorts of lipstick,eye liner, all sorts of stuff. And it all moved around as she swang her purse.

As she walked down the street, Niki changed her voice dramatically dependingupon who she talked to. One minute she would coo a sexy "Good Morning!". Musthave been a good-looking wealthy guy. The next minute she barked "Hey, there's aline for coffee, assshole!" Must be some regular mope.

After awhile, I realized how hungry I was. It had been almost 18 hours since Ihad eaten. I searched around for food with no luck. As if on cue, I heard herzipper whine open overhead. An enourmous hand shoved half a muffin into thepurse, and then rezippered it. "Breakfast!" I thought as I ripped a piece of thestill warm blueberry muffin off and stuffed it into my mouth. I knew that Imight not get too many oppurtunities to eat decent, fresh food. I ate as much asI could.

Feeling full, I realized I still had a mission to acomplish. Where was theantodotte? I felt around blindly for anything that resembled a container thatmight hold the antidotte. It was too dark. There were too many items in thepurse. I needed to wait for the right chance. I ripped off a piece of muffin thesize of my head for later. It made the most sense to hide until my chance came.

I buried myself deep into her purse.

I could tell that we were no longer outside. Clanking of glasses, laughter andloud music filed the air. I instantly smelled cigarette smoke. We were in a bar.

"Hi Niki!" a few women's voices chirped. "Hey girls, how'd you all do lastnight?" Niki asked. "Not bad. Dianne did the best. She cleared 500." A voiceresponded. "God I hate you blondes" Niki replied. The women all laughed.

"Could someone get me a marguerita?" Niki asked. "I got it. Speaking of drinkshow did the drinks I made for you work out last night" A voice replied. "I'lltell you the details later. Let's just say you made my problem very small." Twowoman hooted in laughter. "Hey Niki, you go on in 10 minutes." a male voiceyelled. We were back at the strip club! "I know." Niki snapped. Hey Niki, yougot a lighter?" another woman asked. "Sure babe, look in my purse." My chancearrived. The zipper opened up. Suddenly, the entire purse tipped sideways andshook. "Where is it?" The female voice asked. While frantically trying to hide,I scanned the contents of the purse. On the far side of the purse I saw them.

Two viles with old rotten corks stuck out from the mountain of make up. "Shesaid vodoo. Those must be the antidote" I thought.

"Niki, you're on in two minutes!" A male voice bellowed. Without zipping Nikigrabbed her purse back. "Gotta go!" she said. Everything in her purse bouncedand moved as Niki ran backstage. She threw the purse in front onto a dressingtable of a large, lighted mirror. I looked up at Niki as she go ready. In apanic, Niki grabbed all sorts of different make up and put it on. She reappliedlipsick and lined the outline of her lush mexican lips in black. She dabbedsparkle makeup onto her breasts and applied silver star pasties on to hernipples. Pulling on a red thong, she turned to check the view from behind. Shegrabbed a large bottle of spray perfume and blasted her stomach, crotch ad ass.

Niki threw all her makeup back into the purse. As her purse fell over onto it'sside Niki ran towards the stage.

I had had no idea what view awaited me. Mirrors and dressing tables encircledthe room. A dozen or so gorgeous strippers prepared to go on, all checkingthemselves out in the mirrors. Women of all different looks. Biker chicks,ghetto girls, cheerleaders, corporate woman, athletes, trashy babes, all of themwere there. All of them scantily clad. All of them doing the personal thingsthat men never see beautifull women do. Other women, apparently on break, sat oncouches smoking and talking. Just then a tiny, petite blonde, barely 18 yearsold walked towards me. She was maybe 5'2" She wore silky pink panties. Her paleskinned, skinny but well defined legs rose into her micro-rounded butt.

Everything about her was slender except one thing. Her enourmous, almostcaricaturesque boobs squeezed into her tiny sheer pink bra like a fat guy in ahammock. She first leaned foreward and smiled to check her teeth. Her mega-boobsswayed over me precariously. "Anyone got any floss?" She screamed. Somebodythrew dental floss to her and she flossed furiously. Getting courageous, Istepped closer towards the opening of the purse to watch. Suddenly she liftedone foot onto the dressing table, withing an inch of the purse. Jutting out herpussy she began to pick at it while looking into the mirror. She brushed herneatly trimmed pubic hair, then turned and stuck out her butt. She pulled hercheeks side to side, checking her crack. Reaching towards Niki's purse sheopened a jar of cover-up and smeared it onto her finger. She dotted a few spotsonto her butt and rubbed it in. Then she sauntered away.

"Maybe I could stay here a while..."I eyed the young blonde stripper's butt swivel as she walked away. She had lefther large wicker handbag next to Niki's next to the mirror. Then I rememberedthat Niki would be back when her dancing was done. I wanted to enjoy the views,but I had to get out of Niki's purse. She wanted me dead. But somehow I had totake the viles of antidotte with me. Each vile was double my height. Havingnothing to lose I tried to lift one. I shocked myself with my strength. It was astruggle but I could lift it. The "reorganizing and restacking" of my moleculeshad made me proportionately much stronger than I had realized. I dragged eachvile out of Niki's purse. Once on the top of the dressing table I looked aroundfor a place to hide the viles. "Blondies' bag!" I thought. Her wicker bag,stuffed full of stuff, bulged open. I threw the viles into the opening. "Shewon't see them in this mess" I thought.

I turned around and looked around me. "Disneyworld" I thought to myself. Iactually started to like my new size. In a sense it was an advantage. My newstrength amazed me. I could satiate my fantasies. Plus I didn't have to pay toget into a strip club!I walked over and hid among the make-up to get a good view. Soon a mahoganyhaired long legged Irish looking lady dragged herself in, exhausted. Pulling upa pair of super tight nylon shorts on, she turned her butt towards me and leanedagainst the dressing table. That was all I needed. Despite my one inch size, mynew found strength made me feel invincible. I marched right up to her ass as sheleaned back, her elbows over her head pulling her hair into a pony tail. "Niceshow Maureen" another girl yelled to her. Maureen crackled a drag off a freshlylit cigarette and exhaled a "thanks." Beads of sweat rolled down her back andshoulders. The sides of her ass flattened out as she leaned against the table. Inoticed the triangle gap of her crack. Instantly I became hard. "Right there" Ithought. I knew it was a tremendous risk, and yet I didn't care. I moved to thevery edge of the table in the crux of her crack. The tangy stench of her sweatybutt enticed me. Almost involuntarily, I humped my tiny cock against her silky,warm green shorts. I came quickly. She took another drag off her cigarette.

Temporarily satisfied, I returned to hiding among the cosmetics. Soon Maureenexited the room. A while later I heard a whispering voice say "Niki! You let himget away? What if someone finds him? Directly to my left the bartender from theother night and Niki bickered. I ran back to blondies' wicker bag and jumped in.

"Don't worry about it. Nobody will find him. He's probably dead by now anyway."Niki assured. "How could you let this happen? It's almost too cruel. You shouldhave just killed him off" the bartender laughed. "I know" Niki replied. "I triedeverything to lure him out. I even started to tell him about the antidotte.

Nothing worked. It's his own fault. I warned him." "So why are you off earlytonight" the bartender asked. "I'm working a bachelor party tonight with Barb."Niki replied. "She does those?" Asked the bartender. "She says she does." Nikilaughed. "If she doesn't she's gonna have a long night."Dragging the two viles with me I fought my way deep into the wicker bag. Therewas no way I was going to let Niki see me. Blondie carried all sorts of stuff inthe bag. It was pretty dark but I could see better than in Niki's purse. As Imade my way deeper I saw clothes, perfume, gym shoes, socks, bottles of flavoredlubricant, hairspray, a large beaded necklace, non-dairy whipped cream, a hugerubber snake, honey, all sorts of stuff. At the very bottom of the bag wassomething unexpected: a huge, rubber strap-on penis.

Sweaty from her time dancing Blondie grabbed the bag. Everything shifted around.

I became trapped under the other items. An enourmous hand with pink nails shoveda sweaty pair of pink panties and a bra into me. After digging around in thepurse and finding keys, the hand left. "Hey Barbie, you ready" Niki asked.

"Yeah, let's go." Blondie chirped. Blondie was Barbie.

Car doors slammed and an engine started. Barbie flung the wicker bag into theback seat. "Did you grab all the toys from my gym bag like i told you." Nikiasked Barbie. "Yeah, I put them in my bag. You say that guys like those things,huh?" Barbie asked innocently. Niki realized just how green Barbie was. It wouldbe fun to do things to Barbie for the first time in front of a group of drunkmen. Barbies' naivety made Niki hot. "I thought you said you'd done thisbefore." Niki snapped. Scared, Barbie replied "well, I mean I've had sex with myboyfriend before. It'll be like that, right?" "Oh, just like that." Niki teased.

Realizing Barbie was worried, Niki reassured her. She needed to keep Barbie onboard no matter what. There was money to be made. The contract called for a 2girl act. "Look honey,", Niki smiled sweetly, "it's an act. We'll be fine. I'llbe real gentle with you. There's nothing to be scared of. Nothing will hurt".

The hum of the engine had been on for only a few minutes when I fell asleep.

Barbies' pink panties and bra felt like silk sheets. The engine stopped. I heardBarbie ask "why are we stopping here?" "Because I don't want to get ready insome gross apartment bathroom at a bachelor party. Get yourself ready." Nikiordered. Barbie grabbed the wicker bag. I scurried to the bottom to hide.

Turning on the visor light both women began to primp themselves. Yanking the bagout of Barbies' hands Niki began to dig around asking "did you grap the oil?"Suddenly Niki stopped. She stared down into Niki's purse then at Niki. Theywidened with anger. Coldly, almost roboticly Niki asked "Were you going to stealme blind bitch?" "What are you talking about?" Barbie replied. Niki leaned over,grabbed Barbies' hair, shook her and screamed "you fuc**** bitch, I get you thisjob and you rip me off?" "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Barbie cried, "I only used alittle bit." "You what? Niki said, stopping shaking. "I only put a little on myass. I didn't think you'd mind seeing as though we were working togethertonight." "What are you talking about?" Niki said, releasing Barbies' hair.

"Your make-up. I"ll pay for it, O.K.?" Cried Barbie. "So I suppose you didn'ttake these" Niki said, pulling the viles out of the bag." "Old perfume samples?How did they get in my bag? I didn't put the there." Barbie said. Niki lookedinto the bag suspiciously. I crouched at the bottom. "I'll take the toys" Nikisaid, zippering the bag shut.

Arriving at the apartment complex I searched for a way out of the wicker bag. Icould not squeeze between the wicker. I had to hope that Niki didn't figure itout. Niki and Barbie swayed up to the door. "Just do as I tell you andeverything will go fine" Niki told Barbie. There was no place for me to hide.

Niki was going to open the purse soon. She'd find me and kill me instantly. Leftwith no other alternatives, I examined the sex toys. The huge rubber strap-onpenis was red/clear. The tip was realistic. Feeling it with my hands it had ahole proprtionately the size of a sewer. I crawled in and scooted down on mystomach.

I would be safe for a while.

Niki and Barbie arrived to a chorus of catcalls and hooting. Smiling andflirting the two made their way to the center of the living room. Twenty reallydrunk and rowdy guys yelled and cheered. Niki dropped the wicker bag next to thecleared middle of the living room. Music blared from a stereo. It was the samemusic from the bar off Bourbon street. For about twenty minutes the two dancedand stripped the same routine from the club. Barbie danced like a cheerleader.

She smiled, and bounced athletically oblivious to the leers of the bachelors. Itwas Niki, however, who was on fire. Her dark, hollow Latina eyes dared whoeverhad the courage to eye contact with her. Her tan ass gyrated rythmically. Thesmall room sweltered with body heat. It seemed to drive Niki hotter. Sweat randown the small of her back. She swung her thick black hair in circles around herhead, splattering the crowd in sprinkles of her sweat.

Soon the girls took a break to "freshen up." They used an empty bedroom. Bothprimped quickly. Opening the wicker bag Niki imediately grabbed for thered/clear strap-on in which I hid. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft shetipped it upside down. I pushed my arms and legs to the side to prevent slidingout the tip. Popping open a cap on the huge balls Niki filled them with whippingcream. Suction must have held the cream from running down the shaft towards me.

Niki quickly put the strap on down and applied more make-up to her chest. "Lubeyourself up good Barbie." Niki said. Grabbing the strap-on by the shaft Nikisaid "Wouldn't it be great if guys were really this huge?" "I guess so. It mighthurt though." Barbie replied. "Well, you'll soon find out." Niki taunted. Withthat she turned towards me as I looked out the end of the strap-on. Tipping herhead back her thick, shiney lips parted revealing perfect white teeth. Openingher jaw extra wide to accomodate this monsterous cock, strings of salivastretched from her tongue to the roof of her mouth. She inserted the shaft deepinto her mouth. MMMMMMM she moaned. Her soft tungue molded to the contour of thestrap-on. Her uvula passed overhead. Pushing me deeper in the light dissappearedbehind my feet. Slowly she slid the penis out. "You're gonna love it." she toldBarbie. As I watched Niki from the tip her eyes suddenly crossed and widened atme in the penis only inches from her face. "Where was it you wanted to be?" shesaid as an evil smile melted over her face...

"Gimme your cell phone." Niki demanded of Barbie. "Don't you say please?" Barbiechallenged.

"NOW!" screamed Niki. It's in my bag. Niki looked at me again through the tip ofthe huge strap-on penis. She smiled.

Tucking the strap-on under her arm she rummaged through the bag and pulled outBarbies phone and dialed. She turned away from Barbie and whispered. "Hi it'sNiki. Transfer me to the bar. Hey hon, guess who I found? You got it. Catch this- he's trapped in the strap-on. Look, I have to get rid of him I can'tjust shake him out and squish him. I'm still at the bachelor party and Barbie isright here. What would happen if he drank both viles at once? I don't care ifit's been done before, I just want him gone. Restacked and resorted? Over andover again? Infinitely? Sounds like a plan. Thanks. I know, I know. You'll getyour 50%""Who was that?" asked Barbie suspiciously. Oh, a friend. I was checking on her.

Some creep keeps stalking girls from the club. He's pretty gross. He told methat he wanted to be in my ass. What a sicko, huh?" Niki asked. "Guys are drivenby there dicks so much. They think that just because we are pretty and sexy thatwe don't smell just like they do. It'd serve that guy right if you really puthim in your ass. Maybe then he'd stop being such a pain." laughed Barbie. "Maybeyou're right, but we'll use your ass. He'd like mine 'cause my shiit don'tstink!" laughed Niki, staring at me with an evil smile.

The humor seemed to ease the tension between the two beauties. "Barbie do youhave a condom?" Niki asked. "Sure, look in my bag, but why?" asked Barbie. I sawNiki's index finger and thumb approach the tip of the strap-on. She unwrappedthe condom and unrolled it over the tip and down the shaft of the clear/redstrap-on. My front escape blocked I scooted down to the balls end of the strapon. No luck. Already a little cream had begun to seep into the shaft. Entomnedin my prison I was left to watch their actions through rose colored penis shaft.

"O.K., Barbie, Let me teach you a little about this business. I put the condomon to teach these guys about safe sex. They think were just tramps. But look,even we use protection. Get it?" "Oh that's so sweet." said Barbie.

"Here, I'll show you another trick. You know the two viles you thought wereperfume samples? Well they are a super lubricant and a clitoral stimulant. thereason i was so mad earlier was because they are so expensive. Here's how youuse them." Suddenly I hung upside down and slid towards the tip of the strap-on.

"What I do is put it right in with the cream. That way it'll get good and mixedup with the cream. When one of us comes on the other, work it in good. That waywe can go on and on." Niki explained. "Oh Niki" Barbie said throwing her armsaround Niki. "I had you all wrong. Thank you for teaching me about thebusiness." "No big deal." laughed Niki. "Hey, let's go. We're on." She wasfooling Barbie too.

Greeted with a huge cheer, the two strippers sashayed to the middle of theliving room floor. Niki had placed the strap on with other toys on the floor. Istruggled to watch through the red opaque shaft. The two rolled around on thefloor licking each other to the approval of the crowd. Niki stopped and comandedBarbie to "Lay on your back and fuck me, bitch!" Leaning close to me she scowledwith her angry Latina eyes and said "You're next. Think about it." Grabbing adouble headed monster dildo with both hands she raised it over her head. Theguys screamed in appreciation. Niki and Barbie scissored their legs. Each guidedthe monster head into themselves. Niki's went in with ease. With a grimmace, theless experienced Barbie struggled to stretch her lips to accept the gargantuanknob. Disgusted with her partner's ineptitude, Niki grabbed the slippery headand jammed it into Barbie. Barbie yelped in pain. Playing along, Niki ordered"take it all!" Suddenly, while still scissored, Niki grabbed Barbies' hips andpushed towards her hard. 6 inches of the monster dildo quickly slid into Niki.

Leaning up and looking at her counterpart's tight pussy in envy, Niki slammedonto the dildo like a pogo stick. Barbies eyes welled up with tears. Niki's fat,sensual lips melted into a wry smile when she saw the effect of her efforts. Shewas so into being evil. She clenched her teeth and pounded harder. Barbiewimpered with every thrust. Abruptly, Niki leaned up and yanked the dildo out ofBarbie with a hollow pop. Barbies' stretched pussy slowly shrivelled backtowards it's normal size.

Standing naked with her hands on her hips, Niki screamed to the guys "I thinkshe really needs to be good and fucked by me right now. What do you guys think?"The place went wild. Niki turned and looked at me and smiled.

There was finally light at the end of the tunnel. There was also a blonde 18year old cheerleader spead eagle on the floor. Niki stood up walked around thecircle of guys. Adding some more KY she began to feign masterbation to thestrap-on. I watched through the red tinted plastic as Niki's hand slipped pastme back and forth the length of her penis. Niki smiled as she walked from man toman, taunting them "Do you like my dick?" and "Is yours this big?".

Niki stared down at me. She smiled wickedly. She began to pant as her handslipped up and down the shaft of her strap-on. Her hips rocked up and back. I'msure that the bachelors thought that she was pretending to enjoy masturbating. Iknew better. With the grotesque mocking symbol of power that her strap-onrepresented, she was going to stuff me into a teenagers' pussy to die. Myhumiliation was her aphrodisiac. My torture would be her orgasm.

Niki turned towards Barbie. I thought about racing to the tip to jump. It wasthe the same as a forty story drop. What if I did survive. Where would I go?Niki would surely see me and discreetly smear me into the carpet. I needed aplan. Niki would soon shoot her come and the potion with it. I crawled towardsthe back of the shaft to to buy some extra distance. I needed to hold my breathto avoid swallowing more potion, and brace myself.

As she walked towards Barbie my view out of the strap-on was incredible. Barbielay on her back with her legs wide apart. She tipped her head up to lookingtowards me as Niki approached. Pulling her blonde mane back with her hands intoa make shift ponytail she layed her head back down. "Pick up your legs!" Nikibarked. Startled, Barbie awkwardly raised her legs off the ground. "I guess weknow who's the blonde here, guys" Niki joked. "Put your legs on my shoulders"Niki clarified. I lay on my stomach looking towards the tip. With the condom nowgone my view became astounding. Barbie's smooth young body approached. I watchedas Barbies pink painted toenails passed me on their way to Niki's shoulders. AsI looked down, her long, silky legs stretched down to her muscular thighs. AsNiki lowered into the missionary position, Barbies' crotch loomed near. Barbie'spink painted fingernails suddenly appeared and pulled stray light brown pubiesaway from her wet, lips. Her pussy approached. It was breathtaking. Though manytimes my size, her delicate, pouty pussy lips seemed to beckon me.

Nuzzling Barbie's pussy gently, Niki looked down at me. Slowly she penetrated,in slow short strokes ever slightly increasing the depth with each stroke.

Barbie moaned softly. Niki smiled at me. She wanted me to know that Barbieenjoyed this. She wanted me to know how small and insignificant I was. I wasabout to be crushed inside a woman who not only didn't even know I was in her,but who would orgasm shortly afterwards.

Soon Niki had worked the strap-on into Barbie deep enough to where I was. Atthat point Niki stopped increasing the penetration. Over and over she pushed thestrap-on in just far enough that I entered Barbie's pussy, then she pulled meout just far enough that if I looked over Barbies pubic mound I could see Niki'sface staring down at me. This torment seemed to go on for hours. Then suddenly,frantically, Niki forced the entire strap-on into Barbie. Except for pink lightthat came from the direction of my feet I could see very little. Shocked, Barbiecried out in pain.

Niki became relentless. She pounded away at Barbie, the entire length of theshaft penetrating like a piston. I heard a gurgle and braced myself. Hit by awall of liquid from behind my hands slid foreward on the slippery plastic.

Clenching my teeth and closing my nose I clawed for a grip into the sides of thestrap-on. The flow stopped.

I was blinded by bright light. Niki had pulled the strap-on out. Pumping thestrap-on in a frenzy Niki's eyes studied the strap-on. Submerging myself in thecream I attempted to hide. Niki began to moan and pant. Suddenly she reached tothe testicles of the strap-on. A huge gush of liquid caught me by surprize,pushing me to within an inch of the tip of the strap-on. Niki looked down andsmiled. Using the strapon she smeared the cream back and forth on Barbie'sstomach. Still playing along, Barbie rubbed the cream into her flat waist.

Tired from my struggle I neglected to hide. Looking up I saw Niki look down atme and shake her head in frustration. "Roll her over guys!" Niki said. "No way,that thing is too damn big!" Barbie protested. Looking at Barbie diabolically,Niki replied "you'll love getting it in your butt." "NO!" Barbie shouted.

Pretending to come out of character, and in her best stage voice Niki said"Barbie, the rape show only works if you really try to act like I'm raping you,O.K.?" Confused at first, Barbie realized that Niki had her trapped. She wouldgo along with this.

When Barbie Rolled onto all fours i go my first look at her ass up close. It wasstunning. Her long legs made her butt look higher than her shoulders. It wasround and smooth except for normal 18 year old blemishes. Niki knelt behindBarbie and moved close. Slathering the strap-on in KY Niki talked to the guys.

"I bet you guys wouldn't want to be right where I am, would you?" Then shedabbed the head of the strap-on into Barbie's crack. Small bristly light brownhairs glistened in lube. Niki worked the end in a circular motion to spread theKY. As Niki Pushed the strap-on foreward, Barbie leaned away. "Lean back!" Nikihissed. Barbie decided to cooperate. Spreading her legs further apart Barbie metNiki's thrust. Her wrinkly asshle puckered. Spreading more lube with the tipNiki pushed again. As I watched, the wrinkles in Barbies asshole began to smoothout. Soon her asshle became shiney and stretched. It divoted inward, then thehead of the strap-on slipped inside.

I thought i was going to come on the spot. As the tip entered I looked aroundme. Between two perfect, firm, tight asscheeks. Slowly being pushed into aknock-out girl's asshole. This was one way I didn't mind going. I looked up atNiki. She smiled and mouthed "bye-bye". Niki pushed deeper and deeper intoBarbie. Without warning a surge of fluid slammed into me. I slipped out of thestrap-on onto soft slippery tissue.

The strap-on went from my hiding place to my biggest threat. I attempted to wademy way away from the strap-on. Niki began to penetrate fast, hard and deeper. Iwas pinned against the wall Niki's rectum. The strap-on slipped over me againand again. Niki went on and on. My face and chest was being friction burned. Asthe lube wore off, I began to roll along the wall with each penetration. Thespinning made me dizzy. When I thought I could take no more, it stopped. Thestrap-on was gone. I looked back to see a round hole that looked much like themoon. Everything outside the hole was moving. The hole became smaller. I saw thefloor approaching. The hole closed.

Inside blonde Barbie's asshole darkness as I had never experienced beforeabsorbed me. Flailing my arms around it took me a moment to realize that she wassitting up Indian style on the floor. Upright inside her bunghole I defiedgravity as I was glued to the wall of her rectum in a slimey mess of cream andresidual shit. Realizing that the strap-om was gone, I finally could release mybreath. The one thing I had managed to do was to hold my breath. Not an ounce ofNiki's potion got into my mouth. Slowly I began to ooze down the wall of hersphinctor towards her anus. Barbie's butthole smelled different than Niki. Muchless gassy, and not nearly as caustic. I heard others talking. Concentrating, Icould make out Men's voices repeatedly asking about something. Niki's teasingvoice cooed back at them. Then Barbie spoke. Her smooth, young voice turned meon. The resulting vibrations inside hastened my descent. I felt aroused.

Thinking of Barbie sitting cross-legged on the floor, naked with me deep insidethose smooth asscheeks was too much. Reaching down, covered in Barbies' goeymess I soon came hard.

Niki pleaded with Barbie about something. Barbie was steadfast in herreluctance. Her deep, smooth voice reverberated "no, I didn't like that thing.

Why don't you Niki?" A muffled man's voice responded. Barbie said "$1,000? if Ilet the groom? Give me the money first. Well, O.K., but only for a minute." Themen cheered again.

Abruptly, my surroundings began to move. I stopped sliding down towards Barbie'sasshole. I was able to stand. She must have layed down. I heard Niki give whatsounded like instructions. "O.K. Barbie first. Clean it off. Go ahead, you'll begetting married soon. You'll never get to do this again." The guys laughedagain.

A "wooshing" noise started over my head. the noise seemed to rush from one side,over me, and past me. Barbie's rectum moved in concert with the noise. A bulgeraced up and down the wall of her rectum. Soon Barbie's soft sexy voice moaned.

Her rectum twitched and fidgeted with each "woosh". I felt Barbie arch her backand buck her hips wildly as she panted frantically. It became swelteringly hotin Barbie. Barbie let out a few rythymic, shrill, throaty gasps, then shestopped. I heard Niki's say "Fuck her in the ass next".

Imagining what was going to happen next, I tried to turned and run deeper intoBarbie's butthole. Suddenly, my path seemed to flip in front of me and I againbegan sliding back towards her asshole. Then I stopped. Barbie had sat up androlled over. I tried to crawl deeper inside Barbie for safety. Barbie was soslippery and rubbery that I contiually slipped and struggled. I heard Niki'svoice, but she seemed to be louder. Looking over my shoulder. I again saw lightshining through Barbie's asshole. As if to assure my fate, Niki stared atBarbie's butt and instructing the groom to "Just work it in. Barbie willcomplain , but she likes it hard and deep in her ass." To make her point Nikiextended her hand towards Barbie's butt and pushed her red painted index fingerright towards me. Niki reemed Barbie deeply, approaching within an inch of me.

As soon as her finger withdrew the red tinted Strap-on plowed back into Barbie'sass. I couldn't get out of the way. Grabbing squarly onto the tip I held on formy safety. The walls of Barbie's anal cavity blurred by me as the strap-onravaged her butt. Niki said "squeeze the nuts to come". A wall of cream slappedme in the face and knocked me off the strap-on. As I struggled to get up thecream came up to my waist. Wading deeper into Barbie, the strap-on thrust backin. The cream reversed direction. It became a rip-tide. The shallow but powerfulstream headed towards Barbie's anus. I heard a slurpi