Geri the GiantessSteve Crandall c. 1993I started to wake up with a ticklish shudder that ran from my feet to the nap ofmy neck. By the third time this happened I was nearly awake and rolled over tostretch and rise. I found myself in a forest of fine blond ropes as I opened myeyes and I remembered that none of this was a dream. There was a giggle and theforest of blond withdrew to the sky revealing Geri's smile and twinklinggreenish-blue eyes. She bent down to kiss me and I stood up to meet her lips.

I kissed her nearly three foot wide lips and noted that she must have beeneating blueberry jam for breakfast along with milk as she lightly returned thekiss. She then kissed me lightly on the chest and blew lightly on me raising mynipples. As she stood back up the shifting of my bed knocked me over. "Whoops-- I'm trying to get better at that... " She turned to go back into the kitchenand I went into my bathroom to clean up for the morning.

It had been nearly three months since Krysti shrank me to one eighteenth mynormal size. Krysti had great magical powers and was deeply involved instudying them and their application. We had become good friends, but herstudent Geri and I had become lovers and best friends. Geri and I moved intoher new apartment and had been living as a couple almost from the beginning.

Krysti shrank several objects to my size and I had a reasonable little study andbathroom - my sublet from Geri. I was still studying astrophysics and doingsome contract work over the phone lines while Geri was studying with Krysti aswell as working in a health food store. Like many young lovers we wereinseparable. Unlike other lovers we found it very easy to be together.

I finished cleaning up and came out to find Geri returning with her half eatenpiece of toast with blueberry jelly. "Want some?" I nodded and she broke off aone foot cube of bread and jelly to hand to me. As I took her "crumb" I wasagain glad that both of us were vegetarians. It would be difficult living withher if she pieces of flesh bigger than me.

I put on my jeans and my "Size isn't Everything" t-shirt and felt the gust ofwind as she shook out her t-shirt and pulled it over her long torso. We hadtried many ways of traveling together. My first experience in traveling with agiantess was being wedged into the cleavage of Krysti's breasts when she firstshrank me. Although she isn't as tall as Geri (she's nearly three feet shorteras far as I can tell, but that makes very little difference with women who areabout one hundred feet tall in the first place) she has much larger breasts.

That night she also had a bra that forced her cleavage into a size that justallowed me to fit between her more than seven foot in diameter tits. As shewalked the motion of her breasts squeezed me so tightly that I had to time mybreathing to coincide with her stride. Geri and I tried this kind of travel andher breasts are small enough that I'm not squeezed into her cleavage. The bigproblem is that she has to wear a very loose top so I don't create an observablebulge. Geri likes tight little tops and bra riding will be rare until theweather gets cooler.

The worst way to travel if you're small is in a giantesses' handbag. It isdark, bumpy and you get bounced around with all of her personal belongings. Thefirst time we tried it was also the last time. I managed to find a condom shewas carrying (as if that would be important to us now) and cut the wrapper withmy miniature Swiss Army knife. I then pulled it over my legs up to my chest andwaited for her. When she opened the bag I said "we can't go on meeting likethis" as she pulled me out with the big condom loosely attached. She tookcontrol of the situation and lifted me close to her lips. Opening the condomshe shook it lightly until I slid in deeply. She then blew in lightly and herhot warm breath managed to get me horny. I took off my clothing and passed itup to her. She continued to hold the latex bag and was intent on watching myhardon press against the size as she lightly touched it with the tip of herindex finger.

By now she had pulled off her t-shirt and her great breasts were exposed. Shelightly touched the condom with me in it to herself and I felt her nipple hardenand expand as my erection brushed against it. All of a sudden the condom rippedopen and I found myself between an enormous thumb and index finger with my asslightly rubbing against her nipple. Then, as quickly as we started, she put medown on the table near my work area with a wicked grin. Both of us were veryhorny and we would be much hornier when we finally made love five minutes later.

But back to basic transportation. When you're in love with a giantess like Geriit is very easy to get side-tracked. Geri's hair is so long and thick that wetried tying some of it around my waist so I wouldn't fall and having me stand onher shoulder. Again the movement tends to be a bit much, but the view iswonderful. Geri has extremely sensitive ear lobes and it is fun working over tothem and causing her to shudder and even orgasm as she walked. This was clearlythe best thing about traveling on her shoulder. She was usually not in aposition to do anything about it and she would spend the rest of the walkthinking of things to make me squirm - actually to make both of us squirm.

My favorite place to travel is on her hips. Geri has rather small breasts, butshe has a very tiny waist and a beautiful butt. The difference between herwaist and hips is accentuated when she wears jeans that are cut more for menthan for women. They grab her tight at the hips and are very loose as they risetowards her waist. One brand of jeans has nearly two feet of slack at the topof the four feet they rise from her tightest point. I can easily stand in themand duck down when necessary. When we do this she usually wears a top thatcomes down into the jeans as her bare mid-rif tends to grab considerableattention.

I've now finished what I'm going to of my toast and have taken my milk. A fewweeks ago one of Geri's friends came in with her infant. Geri played with thekid most of the afternoon (frustrating me as I wanted to play with her -- atleast I got some work done that day) and gave me a big surprise that evening.

As her friend left she rushed back into my room and pulled off her shirt andbra. She bent down with one of her nipples right in my face and commanded "suckit!" It was very hard and the tip of the nipple was covered with her hot milk.

We had played in the past with her covering her nipples with warm cream (as wellas chocolate at times), but this was her milk.

Now sucking Geri's breast is a non-trivial thing to do if you're as small as Iam. First of her aureole is about thirty inches in diameter and her nipple isnine inches tall and seven around when she's excited. As started to tongue hertip and nibble as I stroked her aureole she pushed me onto my back with herbreast. "I'm going to have to help you out..." She started kneading her breastjust behind her aureole with her long fingers in a rhythmic fashion .. "suck it,suck it!... A few new drops appeared from an opening and I moved to cover theopening pulling on her nipple with both of my hands. "Yeeesss!" It must havebeen a tiny amount of milk for her, but it was over a gallon. My mouthcompletely filled and I had to pull back as it squirted all over my face andchest. I was so startled that I didn't know quite how to react. I looked ather and she now had that horny demanding look on her face as she pulled awayfrom me. Those big fingers came up and I quickly found myself at the otherbreast. "Are you still thirsty or can I play with your ass?" I felt her tightnipple rubbing against my ass and was glad that it was bar to wide to slipinside of me. She flipped me around and demanded that I play with her with myhands and erect penis. We often rubbed my penis against her big nipples. Shehad a very hard orgasm as her milk shot against my crotch and I exploded intoorgasm at the same time. She was quietly gasping as she raised me to her mouthwhere she licked my crotch lightly. "Its salty ... thanks for coming ... its sosexy..." She completed licking me off as much as she could and put her bra andt-shirt back on to handle any customers who might come into the shop.

Many women are sensitive about some physical aspect of themselves and Geri, likemany tall thin women with small breasts, was upset with the size of her tits.

She took particular delight in the fact that they were overwhelmingly big to meand enjoyed having me rest or sleep on them. They weren't that small even for anormal sized person, but society puts lots of pressure on women to fit theproper mold. Together we invented a variety of erotic games to celebrate herbreasts - breasts which she was now proud of.

When she lies on her back, Geri's breasts rise about two and a half feet aboveher chest and are nearly seven feet in length and width. When she stands upthey come out another foot or so and can get another nine inches when hernipples are hard. One of my "jobs" is to wash and oil her breasts, a job thattakes about a half hour and brings both of us to a very excited state. She alsohas been trying to teach me how to walk a tightrope by running several threadsbetween the twelve foot span between her nipples. The problem here is that therope tightens and loosens with her breathing. She sometimes tries to keep ittaunt by pulling her breasts apart with her hands, but somehow we both find thisfunny. Let me tell you from experience that the breasts of a laughing giantessare not the most stable platforms in the world. After about two seconds I'mdown on her chest with both of us in hysterical laughter.

Figuring out how to play together to make use of our size differences has led tosome unusual sports. Geri had Krysti shrink some roller blades down to my sizeand we started practicing using her as a landscape. She is in remarkable shapeand her skin is tight. We practice after she has exercised and is very hard andsweaty. If she lies on her stomach and supports herself with her elbows hershoulders there is a thirty degree slope about twenty feet long to the small ofher back. From there you find what must be a forty five degree climb aboutseven or eight feet up one of her ass cheeks followed by a gentle twenty fivefoot slope to the back of her knees (as far as I've been able to stay on sofar). We've had some interesting incidents - like the time when I missed hercheek and skated down into her cleavage. The feeling must have startled her andshe pulled her legs apart causing me to fall between her thighs, which are overnine feet high at that point. "Now that you're down there..." , her legs spreadslightly further apart and she propped herself up a little at the hips. Oralsex is great when your woman is one hundred feet tall.

Another sport that often is a precursor to bedroom activities is para-gliding.

We've found some very fine silk and have built a small para-glider for me. Thetrick is to keep it inflated. Geri holds it open with me dangling beneath ashigh as she can and walks fast enough to inflate it. When it starts to lift shereleases it and I can glide. She lies on the floor and I'm supposed to land onher. With practice I've gotten very good and can land next to an ear, on abreast, or near her crotch with ease. We've also had some experiments withchildren's helium balloons...

Recently we've gotten into some very light bondage. Of course she can easilyoverpower me with her size, but she is incredibly gentle by nature. She willtie me down with some of her long hairs and sometimes ties me to her wrist whenshe will tickle me with a feather until I come. She has some small leatherstrips which are tied strategically around the room. She will lie on the floorand stay go to sleep for several hours. My job is to tie her up Gulliver style.

Of course she is usually awake while this goes on and it makes her very horny.

Once she is tied down I tickle and lick her at many of her sensitive spots untilshe comes. She could easily rip out of the bindings, but she loves thesensations so much that she remains tied up, sometimes for hours on end.

When I'm tied to her wrist she often puts me to her crotch were it is clear whatI'm supposed to do. Her labia are quite sensitive and she can be brought to theedge of coming very slowly if I am careful as I play with her. I occasionallytease her by rubbing my feet against the opening to her vagina, which is verysensitive as well as uncovering and lightly touching her clit - which isincredibly sensitive. When it is time to get very serious I lightly finger herfive inch clit. Even minor touches cause her to explode into orgasm with wavesof ecstasy shooting through her body. Then I move in with my tongue. She hasdifferent types of sensitivity on different regions of her clit and it is likeplaying a huge organ. I breathe heavily and run a finger tip against one sideas she whimpers and flick the center with my tongue. Moving to the right edgeusually triggers her quickly, while the left and bottom sides make her squirm.

I have to be careful as we both worry about her possibly getting carried away.

If she feels she needs to get back in control she usually pulls me away andholds me up over her. The sight of her squirming and coming is very erotic andall I want to do is get back to her. As she calms down she usually places me onher stomach and allows me to go where I want.

Geri walked over to my table and lowered herself slightly to allow me to climbaboard. We're getting to be old hands at this -- she knows exactly how toposition herself and I know how to climb aboard. I sat sideways in the warmperch that formed between her body and jeans. She had recently showered andsmelled very fresh. The high today was forecast in the low nineties, so Iexpect lots of sweat from Geri today. I find her sweat smell erotic, the onlyproblem is that I tend to get drenched by her.

"OK?" comes the question from above. I look up and see her finishing up withher lipstick. Some of her long straight blond hair cascades over her breastsand falls to within ten feet of my level. She sweeps it over her back with acombined motion of her hand and head as she moves toward the door.

It is already well above eighty and the air is still and heavy with the smellfrom the flowers on the porch. She picks a few flowers and drops some petals inwith me. "Well, we're off..." Geri starts off with her forty foot stride andI get into the rhythm of riding along with her as you would ride a horse. As weapproach people I lean back so I won't be seen.

Soon we arrive at the store and Geri opens it up. The mail contains a manilaenvelope left by Krysti with some new shrunken text books for me. She isfinally remembering that I'm one three times six smaller. At first there wereproblems with books too large and too small. She asked Geri if she wanted meany smaller - it turns out she can shrink things, but can't restore them totheir original size. Geri thought about it, but the next size down would be twothirds of an inch. We both agreed that there were some interestingpossibilities, but that would be too small for us to have a normal relationship.

Geri lowered herself so I could reach the table as she shook the little booksonto her palm. I took a dry towel and mopped some of her moisture away.

"Better take 'em off and change" She always enjoyed watching me shed my clothesand usually offered up some strip tease music. I usually obliged her with ashow and today was no different. She filled a glass of water to the eight footlevel and dropped me in as she wiped herself dry. After a few seconds I tookher outstretched pinkie and she lifted me out and rested me on a towel. Hernipples make it clear she was getting horny, but that would have to wait as weboth had a lot of work to do today.

Lunch time came and Geri arrived with some salad and dressing. She cut a cherrytomato into quarters and gave me a watermelon sized section. I made the mistakeof asking for a little pepper not thinking that she might be playful. She heldthe grinder over me and gave it a few rotations. I was covered with pepper andsneezing while she was in hysterical laughter. She picked me up under myarmpits with her thumb and forefinger. "Pull off your jeans." I asked whatwould happen if I said no. "Your jeans might get a little wet and yuckie." Ihave learned not to second guess a playful giantess and dropped my jeans intoher waiting palm. She dropped them on the table and dropped me knee deep intothe Russian salad dressing. The next thing I knew her lips were around mythighs and she was tasting the dressing . "Not bad, but I want to see what thehoney mustard is like." She repeated the operation and I found myself gettingan erection as my legs went between her lips for the second time. "Those briefslook a little tight to me, you should really take them off.." She had alsonoticed my erection. I asked her if I could try some dressing and she compliedby putting a dab of it on her earlobe. When Geri asked to have her earlobesplayed with she is usually seriously horny and today was no exception. Withinten seconds of my touching her ear she exploded into an orgasm and went to thefloor in a semi-controlled fall. She placed me on the table and staggeredtowards the refrigerator.

The butter was already somewhat soft as she cut off a few hundred pounds whichquickly disappeared into her vagina. I quickly found myself on the floor withmy giantess performing a belly dance over me with her hips grinding away. Hertop came off and she teased me with her tits and erect nipples. She croucheddown blew gently on me. I could smell her warm erotic smell even as she stoodback up before laying down next to me. "Better take 'em off mister.." I pulledmy t-shirt and briefs off as she carefully watched. Again she took me andplaced me on her belly. "I'll open myself up for you, it should be about rightby now." One problem we had in the past was the fact that I was so small that Ididn't fit well into her. The trick was the pound of butter. I climbed to herwaiting vagina and stroked her labia and fingers as she parted her folds for me.

"Better get in before I get too horny!" I took a handful of her blonde pubichair for support and let my right foot and calf slide into her two foot wideman-hole. She propped her ass to give a better angle and I slid my other leginto her and slid in to my ass. The butter was at her body temperature andcompletely occupied the space around me. She ground her hips slightly and I waspulled up to my armpits by the resulting vacuum. This regularly happened and Ileft my arms out so I wouldn't fall completely into her. That happened once andit wasn't easy getting out past her slippery folds. "Ready" she giggled as shestarted grinding her hips in a slow clockwise motion. She was very careful notto crush me, but she also was very orgasmic. She came lightly a few times andthen warned that she was building up to a big one. The butter comes in veryhandy for such occasions as it forms a reasonably good seal and I become apiston in her big cylinder. "Yeeeeeeessssssss! GOD YEEEESSSSS!!!!" Some ofher muscles contracted and I came halfway out of her. I started rubbing herclit and she exploded into orgasm again.

She now was greedily tonguing me as I was now in her mouth up to my armpits.

Her tongue seems to know exactly what to do and I was on the verge of comingwhen she took me out onto her palm. "Do you want to do it on my ear?" SomehowI sort of imaging this was coming. Geri had this remarkable symmetry to herlovemaking -- she liked to finish things up where they started. Without furtherwords she raised me to her ear and tilted her head. My erect member feel intoher folds and she shuddered with a score of tiny orgasms. I told her I lovedher and came against her ear as she had another enormous orgasm.

Both of us were covered with sweat. She dropped me into the glass of wateragain and I was fairly clean. She, on the other hand, could only towel off anduse a sanitary napkin to keep all of the butter from coming out and flowing downher legs. "You shouldn't do this to me when I have to work!"