The giant PerspectiveByVarious Authors  Yourname is Jake, you are eighteen, and a senior. You wake up, groggy and grumpy, inyour hot room. You sweat a little, as you pull on your undershirt and jeans,wiping your forehead with your hand. Your friend, Brandon, lies in his boxers onthe ground on top of a sleeping bag. He lazily pushes back his disheveled blondehair and remains asleep.

You step over him, and go into your yard to grab the paper as you usually do.

When you leave the house, you curse, you forgot your shoes. Grumbling, youtrudge out into the grass, wet stalks wiping against your bare feet as you walkand pushing up between your toes.

You stop where the paper should be, and, looking down, see what appears to be asquirt gun instead. Not really registering on your half-a-sleep mind, you pickup the gun, and examine it.

It has two settings, it would seem, a shrink and a grow. You rub your chinlooking at it.

 Youpoint it at yourself, still half asleep, and pull the trigger. Everything aroundyou suddenly seems to shake and twist. You black out while standing, and whenyou open your eyes again, you seem to be standing in your yard still, but yourhouse is gone.

You blink to take the edge of sleep away, and look around.

You suddenly realize your house didn't vanish, it shrunk, everything did! Youlook to be around 200 feet tall.

You think of what to do next, your house sitting at your bare feet, your toespulling up clumps of dirt from your once large yard.

Already people on the street are looking at you.

 With anevil grin on your face, you walk from block to block, thinking of what thedestruction you could cause. Stopping at one block in particular, you go over toCeclia's house, she was a cheerleader who always made fun of you. She waswalking out to get the paper, when she noticed you standing over her. Shescreamed, and turned to run. Easily, you lifted her into your hand and.....

 You putCecilia in your mouth. You run your tongue over her fine body. You hearscreaming inside of your mouth. What are you thinking? Youhold Cecilia in your mouth, rolling her on your tongue as you walk down thestreet, thinking. A little kid came rolling down his sidewalk on a power wheel,looking up at you just to find himself disappearing under your bare foot. Youfeel his little body and car flatten under your sole, and stick for the next fewsteps, until finally falling off.

You move Cecilia into you cheek and almost without a second thought, bring yourteeth down on her, chopping her in half. With a little smile of satisfaction,you continue walking, a warm, coppery taste filling your mouth.

You stop, planting your foot on a house and slowly grinding it down to matchsticks, working your toes through the debris while you think what to do next.

You could go smash something or kill someone else, I mean, the cops might comeafter you sooner or later and you could just deal with the threat now. Or maybeyou could use the gun on something.

 Youlift your foot from the rubble and head towards the local police station,bringing down your feet on houses and unaware people alike. You find your barefeet don't make too much noise, except for the crunching of homes and thecracking of the pavement. As a whole though, people weren't running blindly, butinstead just running back into their houses.

"Jake!"You stop and gaze a few houses down, seeing the school, and make a mental noteto head there later. A ways to the right is the police station. The cops don'tseem to have mobilized yet.

"Jake! Hey Jake!!"You blink and look down. A girl was waving from her second story window. It wasAmanda, one of your best friends. She was in great shape, being on the volleyball team, and had long, black hair and brown eyes.

You grin lazily and bring your face to hers. "Hey there little lady."She smiles back, though a little nervously. "Hey, can you make me big, too? Thatlooks like so much fun! And it's not like you can just walk around on your ownright?" She gives you a scared wink, trying to be confident.

You just smile and stand to your full height, looking at the ray gun.

 Youthink it over, and then grin, making sure the selection is on "grow." Meanwhile,Amanda was already standing in her yard, wearing really short shorts, a blousethat barely covered her breasts, and flip-flops. She rocked back and forth,visibly excited about her change to come.

You laugh. "Stand still, I don't want to miss!" She grins and tries to remain inone place, but can't.

You aim carefully, pulling the trigger. After a second Amanda is as big as you.

She giggles excitedly and hugs you, wrapping her arms around you with a littlekiss on the cheek. "Oh, thank you so much Jake, this is so cool! Where tofirst?"You reply, still hugging her. "I was thinking of making sure the police don'tbother us.""Great idea!" She says, and when she pulls away....

 Shepauses after the hug, and pushes you back a little with her hand. "One sec,Jake, there is something I need to do."She turned and stood up straight over her now small house. "Mom! I know you canhear me, and I have a little something to tell you!"She looks back at you and grins wildly, and then back at her house, from whichher mom was now emerging. The titanic daughter wrapped her mother in longfingers and brought her to her face.

"Hello mom! Before I do this I want you to see something." Amanda angled hergrip so her mother could see the house and lowered her foot so the rubberyflip-flop now rested on the roof of the house, a few tiles dropped off.

The small woman cried out and put her hands over her mouth. The daughter justsmiled. "How many times did you confine me in this terrible place?" The footlowered a little bit, and the roof caved down a bit. "Telling me to stay in myroom? Telling me I can't go out." The second floor tumbled in on itself,Amanda's flip-flop pressing down further, debris and wispy dust rising aroundher toes. "No more!"The micro-mother cried out as her huge daughter's foot dropped through the houseto the ground, splinters of the house flying out everywhere. She rose her footand dropped in again and again, utterly destroying the building.

"And now..." She said, holding her mother close to her mouth. "You always saidpeople can see too much of my breasts, well..." She suddenly dropped her mother,the poor woman slipping down between the teen's well-developed cleavage. "Whatabout now mom, huh? What about now?!" The girl screamed down, and then let out asmug laugh. Her hands came up and she adjusted her boobs, moving them againsteachother and then pushing them up a bit.

A satisfied smile parted her lips. "Ok, Jake, let's go." She gave you a sexywink before starting towards the police station.

 As youand Amanda approach the precinct, she looks back at you, and, placing herslender hands on her sexy hips, blows you a little kiss. "Mind if I take care ofthis, lover?" She grins and strides over to you, crushing a car underfoot, herflip-flops slapping loudly against her feet. She embraces you again, giggling,and kisses you, this time on the lips. "I've got an idea for this one, but I'llneed the gun.""Well... I dunno..." You begin, but she presses her hips into you, her legslipping between yours. You let out a little yelp, and as she gazes into youreyes, you can't help but gulp.

 As allthis is going on, two police officers suddenly rush out, a man and a woman, andraise shotguns. Amanda forces her leg further up into your crotch, but her facebecomes more serious. "It's now or never, Jake."You relent to Amanda's beauty and charm, hand the gun to her. She gigglesexcitedly, and, licking her lips at you, switches the selector to grow.

Amanda, towering over the policemen that only come to her ankle, stoodconfidently, the cops holding steady. She aimed the gun...

Amandaleans over and blows you a kiss, while aiming the gun at her abdomen. "No wait!"You begin, taking a step forward. A few people who had gathered in theirbackyard unsuspectingly fell under your rough heel, which forced them flatagainst the ground.

"Oops! I almost forgot!" The giantess suddenly dug inbetween her breasts and dugout a shaking and terrified form - her mother. She dropped the small woman onthe ground uncaring, and lowered the rubber sole of her shoe down on top of herown mother, crushing her.

Without further delay, the gun went off.

 Youstand there gaping, barely concious, as Amanda's foot drops down on the precinctbuilding again and again. You only come up to her knee, and, in a way, must befeeling what all those people you stepped on felt. You stare up at Amanda'sincredibly sexy and now huge body, her long, black hair flowing behind her, andpart coming down in front of her ears ending in little points. Her hungery browneyes staring down at fleeing officers just as her foot stomps down, trappingthem, smashing them. Her long, tanned legs rising and dropping with incredibleforce, slender arms at her side, long fingers clutching the gun. Her small,chisled mouth in an evil smile. Everything about her was delicate yet powerful.

Like her finely sculpted eyebrows, yet, large, strong feet, dropping down, toesgripping the thong of her flip-flops. And her breasts, bouncing gently in theirslim, blouse cradle.

You were paralyzed with love and fear, watching your goddess go to work.

And then it was over, her eyes locked onto your small form at her feet, onlycoming to her knee. She smiled her special smile.

Amandastands over you, sexy, superior. "Thanks, Jake, I really like this power I have.

But I'm afraid you are the only challenge to that." She smiles down at you,sadly, yet in anticipation. "Don't try to run," she coos, "it will only make itworse." She rose to her full height, staring down at you over her breast,clearly amused. You get one last look at her black hair, her brown eyes anddelicate features, supple breasts, flat, exposed stomach, long tan legs.... Andher foot, rising above you, exposing the rubbing sole, which now lowers.

You turn to run, escaping her foot as it crashes down behind you. "I told younot to do that," she calls out to you, just as she pulls the trigger.

The beam hit you hard, pushing you to the ground and Amanda suddenly soared toincredible height. You didn't even stand one tenth of the way up the thick soleof her flip-flops, and as she rose her foot, it blocked out the sky.

The last thing you heard was her evil laugh as her rubber sole descended,smashing you flat.