THE GINGER HAIRED BOYPauline was feeling exited, as it was 4.0 clock, the time of day when little boycame past her window on his way home from school, the little boy had brightginger hair.

It was the colour of his hair that really attracted, and today she had decidedto lay a trap for him, so she could satisfy her desires, she would wait at thegate and entice him into her house, as her parents were at work.

Pauline was 17 years old and had long dark hair, she was at college studyingfashion, but she had taken a day off today to carry out her plans.

She made her way upstairs to her bedroom, this is where she would bring the boy,and she slipped off her casual clothes and began to dress in the appropriateclothes for the occasion.

She took out her Cream panties, which had white lace on the waist, and legs,then slid them up her legs. She then took out her white suspender belt andclipped it around her waist, tucking the 4 suspenders down through her pantylegs; she then opened a pack of sheer black stockings. She slid one up her leftleg, fastening the front toggle then the back one checking they were straight,she then slid a stocking up her right leg and fastened it the same. She then puton her short pleated skirt and a white blouse; She was now ready to carry outher plan.

'Hullo there' said Pauline as the boy approached the gate 'hullo' he said 'oneof your school friends told me you were a expert with radios' 'well' he said 'Ihave built a short-wave radio from scratch' 'Really, that's fantastic' saidPauline.

'By the way I 'm afraid I don't know your name' 'its Stephen' came the reply,'well would you mind having a look at my Radio its been crackling a lot lately,'no problem said Stephen', Pauline thought he's took the bait, her panties werestarting to get wet already.

In Pauline's bedroom Stephen bent over the Radio, Pauline was Towering behindhim, like a snake ready to strike, in fact she was about 12' taller thanStephen, he would be easy to over power ' how old is your radio' said Stephen,their was no reply. Stephen turned around and before he realised, he was laid onhis back on the carpet, with Pauline sitting astride him pinning his hands tothe floor with hers.

He tried to fight back but she was to strong for him, 'don't struggle' commandedPauline, 'you will only make thing worse for your self' ' why are you doingthis?' Asked Stephen ' because I want to dominate you, and keep you for my Sextoy' said Pauline, with that Stephen struggled even more, but it was no good,she had tied his wrists with a stocking. And she then turned around with herbottom towards him, her panties right against his mouth nearly suffocating him;she then tied his ankles and his legs with more stockings.

She now stood up, and towered over Stephens head, she looked down he was trussedlike a turkey. Stephen looked up at Pauline he could see her black stockingswhich ended at the top of her thigh with soft white flesh, and the whitesuspenders which came from beneath her Lacy panties.

' Do you like milk?' Said Pauline 'no' said Stephen, ' too bad because I'm goingto make you drink my milk, its lovely and creamy', with that she knelt down overStephens face and adjusted her panties to one side, she felt his mouth pressagainst her pussyShe pressed down as Stephen struggled, but it was hopeless for Stephen, she hadhim all to her self and she wasn't going to let him ever get way.

Stephen felt her soft wet tuppence against his mouth, and was very frightened,Pauline shouted, 'now you must lick it', 'no I won't' said Stephen, 'if youdon't I will sit completely on your face and stop you breathing'. With that shemoved forward and sat down again directly over his nose and mouth. Stephen couldnot breath, he struggled but he was bound too tight, he was terrified. Paulinelifted up slightly, and shouted 'now lick me', then she came down on him again,Stephen did as he was told, he was now completely under her control.

Pauline felt his tongue licking at her pussy, it felt so good, but she new itwas going to get better, Stephen could hardly breath he felt so helpless laidthere bound by the stockings, but he had to lick her or she might suffocate him.

Pauline was about to come, it felt so good, then it happened, Stephen wasflooded with her juices, he gulped and swallowed otherwise he would have choked,but it tasted ok he thought, not what he expected.

Pauline stood up, she felt so good, and also powerful, she went over to her drawand took out the small bottle, she would soon have him where no one would everfind him, and he would be hers forever.

She walked over to where Stephen lay, he looked completely helpless, and she saton his chest and spread her legs either side of his head. Stephen just looked upat the large thighs, and her lacy panties, 'Please don't sit on my face again'he pleaded, 'don't worry' Pauline said, ' soon you won't have to worry aboutbeing sat on.

With that she leaned forward she gripped his head with her thighs and pinchedStephens nose, he tried to cry out and struggle but it was no good, he wastrying to breath though his mouth. Then Pauline poured the contents of the smallbottle into his mouth, he had to swallow or he would have choked, in no time atall he had swallowed the contents.

Now she sat up and waited, as she looked down at Stephen the mixture started towork, Stephen was terrified, 'help me ' 'help me ' he cried, but it was no good,Stephen watched as Pauline's thighs got bigger and bigger, he thought she wasgrowing, but no, his clothes were getting bigger and bigger, 'oh no' he cried,Stephen had shrunk to 2' high and was surrounded by giant clothes, his clothes,Pauline sat there with a contented smile on her face, and thought now I have myStephen to play with forever.

Stephen stood there naked, he felt so helpless, he looked up at the giant thighsand stocking tops, Paulines suspender toggles where about 2 feet wide to him, hewas so tiny.

Pauline scooped Stephen up in her hand and sat on the bed, she told Stephen,' ifyou do everythig I tell you will not get hurt ,OK' Stephen nodded, he was sofrightened he could hardly talk.

Pauline had to make sure Stephen did not try to escape so she laid him on herbed, and took some silky pale blue panties out of her draw, she cut a smallsection of the materiel from the panties, and turned to Stephen, who was stilllaid there petrified.

'I'm going to keep you warm and secure Stephen, so do as I say,' put your armsby your sides and your legs straight' she told him, she then proceeded to wrapthe silky mateiriel around his body leaving his head free, she then secured themateriel with sellotape, making sure she wrapped the tape around Stephen a fewtimes.

Stephen felt a little warmer, but he was still helpless, he felt his self beinglifted and felt he was being slid into a sleeping bag, but then he realised hewas in Paulines stocking top, just at the side of her suspender.

Pauline stood up, held her pleated skirt up and looked down at her stocking top, she thought that will keep him safe while, with that she put her skirt back,and walked down stairs.

Stepehen was now quite warm, he could fell the gentle movement of Paulines legs,and could just see the floor beneath Pauline skirt, and could hear the swish ofPailines stockings rubbing together.

Pauline needed to buy some better underwear so she could keep Stephen just whereshe wanted him, so she decided to visit the shopping mall, where there was somenice lingerie shops.

Pauline paid her fare on the bus, and made her way to her seat, she could feelStephens body moving slightly in her stocking top, it felt really good, in factshe was starting to get wet. she thought, I will deal with my frustation when Iget to London.

Meanwhile Stephen realised Pauline must have sat down, as he was now laid flatinstead of upright, and Pauline pleated skirt was now laid across his faceWhen the bus arrived in London, Pauline knew she had to head straight for theLadies toilets, the ones in the shopping mall, she was now quite wet having feltStephen struggling slightly all the way to London, meanwhile Stephen was awarethat Pauline had got off the bus, he hoped she would let him out soon as it washot and resticted inside Paulines stocking top, he looked down from his prisonand at the bottom of her stocking he could see the pavement moving a long waybelow , Pauline entered the cubicle and locked the door, she hitched up herskirt, and there he was, still snug in her stocking top, ohh she felt so exited,her pussy was beginning to open and starting to throb, Stephen suddenley sawbright light, and could see a giant toilet roll holder, he then reliased wherehe was,Pauline began to pull down her panties, Stephen felt a jolt at some lacyelastic passed over his head, he then felt his body going down into the lyingposition as Pauline sat down on the toilet seat.

He was now looking up at the ciling of the toilets, above Paulines toweringbody.

when Pauline had sat down she slid Stephen out of her stocking, and laid himdown on the seat ,in between her thighs, Stephen now looked up at this powerfulgirl who now was in complete control of him, he felt so helpless, Pauline leanedover slightly and said, ' you will be having a drink of my milk soon', but firstI will be having a wee, she picked Stephen up and held him so he could see thestream of yellow liquid gushing from her pussy, she then laid him down again onthe seat, and lifted up slightly, to dry her pussy with toilet roll, when shedid this she was directly over the top of Stephen, he was really scared as hewas inches from her giant pussy, as she moved her hand back and forth till shewas dry,'Right Stephen does it look dry' she said ' you are very close so tell me,'Stephen said ' yes I think so but it still looks a bit slimy and the hole isgetting bigger' 'thats ok ' said Pauline, that will make it easyier for me todeal with you, 'please don't make me drink it again', Pauline replied 'you haveno choice, I will make you do anything I want.'She then sat back down on the toilet seat and started to massage her pussy with2 fingers,. Stephen was getting nervous, as he was afraid of the giant pinkpussy so close to him it, he could feel the heat from it and he was frightenedthat Pauline might move forward and swallow him up.

Stephen need not have worried, as Pauline wanted Stephen to be fit and well forall the things she had planned for the future, when Pauline came, floods ofwhite milk appeared from her pussy. some ran down the toilet,and some was on theseat near his bound up feet.

Pauline looked down at Stephen as she came, she felt fantastic, so powerfull anddominating, she decided to just give him a little drink and not drown him, soshe picked him up, and moved him towards her still throbbing pussy,Stephen wasshaking his head shouting 'please no' Stephen saw the pink wet sides of herpussy coming towards him, and then his head sank into Paulines soft clitoris, heheard Pauline say 'use your tongue or I will press you in hard and suffocateyou', Stephen started to lick, Pauline felt his tiny tongue, it felt good.

Stephen started coughing and spluttering again , so Pauline moved him upto herGiant face and looking at him said' Stephen you had better get used to this, asyou will be doing it for the rest of your life' Stephen was still shouting andstruggling, so Pauline decided she would have to silence him, she laid him backdown on the seat between her thighs. Altough she had bound him tight withsellotape, she had not gagged him straight away because she wanted to feel histongue.

Now it was time to put the gag on him,which she had made earlyier. She reachedin her bag and retreived it, It was a small piece of white satin with a peice ofwhite lace either side, Stephen was still shouting has she put it over hismouth, she then laid him on his front and tied the lace at the back, then laidhim face up again.

He looked so sweet and helpless, and she felt so exited and sensual, in factlooking down at him laid there, her pussy started throbbing again, but she mustget on, she had things to do.

Pauline picked Stephen up, he had quitened down, and was n't struggling, butlooking at his eyes she could tell he was still frightened, she opened her legsand gentley slid him down the top of her left stocking, making sure his head wasjust showing, so he could breath.

Stephen was now resigned to the fact that he would never be able to escape, ashe lay there, trying to get comfy, it had really frightened him when Pauline putthe gag on him, but he was powerless to do anything, he wonderd what elsePauline might do to him, only time would tell.

Pauline stood up from the toilet seat, and started to pull up her panties, shethought about putting stephen in them, but that would come later, she wanted toget some strong panties before she put her little prisoner in them, she thenpulled them up to her waist, straightened her suspenders, made sure Stephen wassecure, put her skirt back down in place, and left the cubicle.

Stephen once more felt his body going upright and the lacy elastic pass over hisbody, he knew her panties were now back in place, then his little world wentdarker again, as he strained to look down at Pauline feet, he new they wereleaving the toilets, but where was she taking him now? he would have to wait andsee.

Pauline enterd the lingerie store, and headed for the pantie section, she wantedto see what kind of panties would be most suitable for her little prisoner, shestarted to browse through a rack of full briefs, and there they were!! just whatshe had been looking for, she was so exited, they were pale blue nylon, with alacy panel at the front, they had nice firm elastic around the legs, which wouldprove very useful if Stephen tried to make a escape, and also they haddetachable suspenders, which would save her using a suspender belt, Pauline hadworried if he ever got loose in her panties he might try to slide through thegap where her suspenders threaded through her pantie legs, now that would beimpossible with these strong panties.

She took the panties and asked the assistant if she could try them on, theassistant asked to please keep her panties on, for hygiene reasons, Paulineclosed the curtain in the cubicle, and unclipped her skirt stepped out of it andplaced it on the chair.

Stephen was glad when the skirt came past him, he was getting quite hot, helooked and saw his reflection in the changing room mirror, he looked so tiny,wedged there in Pauline's stocking top.

Pauline gently slid Stephen our of her stocking and placed him on the chair withher skirt, she then proceeded to undo her suspender toggles and slid off herstockings, finally she unclipped her suspender belt and slid it clear of herpanties.

Picking Stephen up from the chair she told him 'I am going to see if you fit okin my new panties', Stephen was now very worried and tried to shout but it wasno good the gag was to tight, when her plan was complete he would be spending avery long time in her panties, so she needed to feel comfortable.

Pauline placed the new panties on the floor, and then placed Stephen on thegusset, she then stepped into the leg openings and proceeded to gently slidethem up her legs, Stephen watched as Pauline's thighs and cream panties gotcloser and closer. He was very worried, next thing he knew he was being forcedinto the gap between the two pairs of panties.

Pauline glanced in the mirror, she liked what she saw, 'perfect ' she saidfeeling at the tight elastic around her legs, Pulling the waist elastic she puther hand down the front, and gently slid Stephen out, he was gasping behind hisgag. Pauline smiled 'don't worry Stephen, I will make sure you can breathproperly when you are down there permanently'. With that Stephen went into apanic and started to squirm in his bonds, and tried to shout through his gag.

Pauline just smiled and placed him on the chair while she re /dressed, when shehad finished, she hitched up her skirt. Pauline slid the still strugglingStephen back into her stocking top; she put down her skirt and went to pay forher Panties, what a fantastic day she was having.

Walking back to the bus stop, her pussy was getting wet again!!!, Stephen wasstill struggling and it felt good, she might even come in her panties if Stephencarried on, if only he knew.

Stephen knew it was hopeless but he felt he had to struggle to show Pauline thathe didn't like being bound and gagged, and trapped down here, but little was heto know if he carried on struggling he might get a drink of milk on the wayhome.

Pauline tried to take her mind off the movement in her stocking, as she wasgetting too exited, but she had to do something. She looked around to see ifanybody might see her, it was OK she was at the back of the bus and there wereonly 3 people sat at the front.

Stephen was laid there in the stocking he had slid round slightly so he wasnearer the inside of Pauline's thigh, he felt Pauline's legs come apartslightly, letting in a little light, then he saw Pauline's giant hand cometowards him. He watched as she slid her panties to one side, and then started tomassage herself. Stephen starting to feel the heat coming from Pauline's pussy,he was quite frightened at this, he wondered if he might get hurt as her handwas moving so fast.

The next thing Stephen saw was the familiar milk, which he had drunk in thetoilets, it was running down Pauline's fingers, Pauline was overcome with sexualpleasure.

While she had Stephen down there in her stocking , she felt she was in Sexualheaven ,it was causing her climax to get better and better, she thought aboutall the different ways she would use Stephen to give her these wonderfulpleasures in the future.

When Pauline arrived home, she said hullo to her parents, who were now home fromwork, then made her way to her bedroom, Stephen could feel the jolt as Paulineclimbed the stairs.

Pauline decided to let Stephen watch as she prepared his new home for him,hitching up her skirt she lifted Stephen clear of her stocking, she thoughtabout removing his gag, but was worried her parents might hear if Stephenstarted shouting,She laid him on her dressing table, and proceeded to take her new panties out ofthe bag,she held them over Stephen, 'I'm going to make sure you are nice and snug inthese' Pauline said. Stephen looked up, they were like a giant tent, he wasn'tsure if he liked the idea of being inside them, if only he could escape, butPauline was so powerful and he was so tiny.

Pauline opened her sewing kit, and with her scissors, cut the gusset materielfrom the inside of the briefs, then she took the piece fine netting she had beensaving, and cut it into the shape of the Gusset, she then proceeded to sew it inplace on 3 sides leaving an opening at the front.

This will be Stephens little entrance, she thought ,and took a piece of valcro,then sewed it around the opening, 'perfect' Pauline declared.

Stephen laid there watching Paulines handy work, but he was getting worried,behind his gag he tried to shout, it was no good it was too tight, he started tostruggle in his silken prison, Pauline noticied Stephen moving slightly, don'tworry my little one, you will soon be nice and safe.

Unfastening her skirt, she laid it on the bed, then she slid off her panties,followed by her stockings then suspender belt, she was now ready to christen thenew panties, Stephen felt the familiar pressure of Pauline fingers as she liftedhim gently off the dressing table, she held him to her face, 'listen Stephen,I'm going to remove your gag, but don't even think about shouting, or I will putyou inside my pussy, and guess what Stephen, you will suffocate'.

With that she removed his tiny gag, she wanted that little tongue to be able todo lots of work, Stephen was glad when the gag came off, 'please don't put it onagain' he said.

'Well I can't promise, but after you have carried out all my commands, you mightbe begging me to put it back on again' with that a evil smile came acrossPaulines face.

The panties were ready, Pauline opened the net gusset with her finger and thumb,then slid Stephen down into his prison making sure he was face up.

Pauline was very pleased, she could see the netting was just right, his littletongue would slide nicely through the gaps in the netting, she then pressed thevalcro down with her thumb, he was now sealed and ready to be worn, ohh she feltfantastic.

She stepped into the panties and slid them up her legs, pulling them over herthighs, then up to her waist, she gave them a last gentle pull, and felt thegusset make contact with her pussy, when she felt his tiny body movement, shenearly came on the spot.

She had to keep control, she might drown him, and then she would lose all thatpleasure,Stephen laid there looking up through the white netting which was resting on hisface, he could see Pauline dark forest way way above him, then he started torise, the mound of black hairs was getting bigger and bigger. Now he was veryworried, then he felt himself being forced into Pauline pink wet tuppence, atfirst he couldn't breath, but the pressure eased and he looked around, he wasvery close to this giant pink object, which was giving off a lot of heat, andPauline black hairs were like lengths of wire.

But at least he was safe and still alive, Pauline picked her stockings up offthe bed, and put them on, as she fastned her suspenders, she whisperd to Stephen'remember no noise or shouting, or I will pull my briefs right up again andsuffocate you'Pauline pulled on her skirt fastening it at the back, then left the bedroom, asshe left the house, Pauline told her parents ,'won't be long just going round toMichelles'.

Michelle had been Paulines best freind since infant school, and they had shareda lot of secrets, she knew her secret would be safe with michelle, and Michelledid'nt have to worry about parents,as she had her own flat.

Stephen sensed he was moving again, but he didn't like this position, laid onhis back in Paulines gusset, he couldn't see the floor, and it was also a lotdarker, Paulines pussy was starting to get wet again, he would soon feeluncomfortable. so he hoped Pauline would not keep him down here too long.

Michelle answerd the door 'Hi Pauline, come in, what have you been up to lately'Pauline sat down facing Michelle, she could feel her pussy throbbing, 'well I'vebeen doing something quite exiting, do you want me to show you' Michelle lookeda little puzzled 'what are you going to show me?' 'its my little secret, youmust promise me not to tell anyone' 'OK Pauline, you know I don't disclosesecrets'.

'Well said Pauline here it is' with that Pauline slid her skirt up around herwaist revealing her pale blue panties with the attached suspenders and blackstockings, 'wow' said Michelle 'you look great in those, what a clever ideapanties with suspenders attached''Thats only part of my secret Michelle', Pauline then stood up and started topull down her panties till they were resting on her thighs, Michelle was frozento her seat, 'come and look in my panties Michelle' Michelle looked veryconfused, what on earth can she have down there she thought.

Michelle edged closer to Pauline, 'come Michelle, you must see this' Michellelooked down inside Paulines panties, she couldn't believe her eyes,'it lookslike a tiny boy, wrapped in silk, behind your gusset' 'Got it in one' exclaimedPauline exitedley.

Stephen heard voices , and then it started to get lighter, he was very relieved,he felt himself going down, then the movement stopped, he was looking up atPaulines thighs, he wonderd if she was going to sit on the toilet, then he sawit, oh no another giant face staring down at him.

Pauline gentley slid up her panties and straightened her stockings,then she toldMichelle about her day, and how she had captured her victim, Michelle was veryimmpressed, when Pauline told her about his tiny movements which made her wet,Michelle started to get rather jealous.

Because Michelle was such a good friend, she decided that she might loan Stephento her, but not yet, Pauline wanted to have a few more wet pussys before sheloaned him out.

'Well Michelle what do you think' 'Its fantastic' Michelle said 'If I had somepanties with a secret compartment like yours ,maybe I could borrow him' withthat Pauline got up to go,' well you could call round tommorrow after work aboutsix, and I'll let you know what I've decided' as Pauline headed for the door,she had a distinct feeling of Wealth and power, she knew life was on the up, andnow there would be no stopping her.