GoddesszillaByAsukafan2001              Sakura was a normal girl. She had lived inTokyo her entire life. She like most Japanese was very studious. She kept hergrades up and she had tested into the top junior high, then high school and hereshe was graduating this year with top honors.

            Sakura had just gotten home from school whenshe saw her brother Kakashi watching television. She headed over towards himwhile running her fingers through her long dark black hair. She grabbed theremote from him and sat down.

 â€œHEY!!! I was watchin that!”             Sakura flipped on her favorite talk show andstarted to ignore her brother when his shadow cast over her. She looked just intime to see her brother begin to reach towards the remote so she easily dodgedhis hand.

 â€œHa ha, to slow” joyfully shouts Sakura while waving theremote in his face.

            This only angers Kakashi so he jumps onto herwrapping his legs around her back and starts grabbing for the remote. In amatter of moments he had Sakura pinned against the sofa.

 â€œTo weak sis” triumphantly says Kakashi as he gets up andwalks back over to his chair.

             Sakura gets up with her brown eyes casting andangry glare she flips her hair black hair back pounds off to her bedroom.

             This is how most days went for Sakura at home.

Kakashi always ended up besting her in the end.

 This is where our story starts. Sakura had gotten home fromschool late that day. She had gone out with some friends from school to buydresses for the school dance. Sakura was in a good mood so she wasn't going topick a fight with Kakashi today. She walked through the living room whereKakashi was watching television. Sakura not even looking over at Kakashi. Hescowled at her as she didn't even pay him a glance so Kakashi turned up thetelevision as loud as it could go. Sakura whipped her head around and told himto turn it down, Kakashi merely stuck his tongue at her and went back towatching television. This only angered Sakura who was competitive to start. Sheknew Kakashi was playing on her competitive nature and no longer cared that hehad won. Sakura leapt onto Kakashi and he in return pushed her onto the floor.

In a matter of moments they were wrestling around on the ground when the remotesmashed against the ground. An electromagnetic pulse shot through both therebodies aligning there electrons perfectly.

           â€œAre you Okay?” asks Kakashi in a concerned tone.

 â€œI don't need your pity” snaps Sakura             It was then she noticed Kakashi getting shorterand shorter with each passing moment. She glanced around and saw the entirebuilding closing in on her. Sakura ducked her head into her lap as she hadalready reached the ceiling.

 Kakashi who was still pinnedunder Sakura was reaching and grabbing at anything he could get his hands tryingto pull himself out from under his sister. Kakashi then looked up at his sisterwhile at the same time she looked down. Both their eyes met, Sakura smiled andflashed him an angry glare.

            It was at that momenteverything changed. Sakura's leg pushed through the floor of their apartment.

The Hayama family looked in fear at the gigantic ankle sitting in their livingroom. Sakura then pushed her leg through floor after floor of the 30 storyapartment complex. As her black dress shoes hit the concrete floor she knew itwas time. She pushed her arms out of the side of the apartment building and thenpoked her head through the roof. The apartment building crumbling like a cookiein her fist, while shards of heavy stone berated the ground smashing into carsand people below. The Hayama family had grabbed some knives and charged at theankle in their room. As the blades struck her skin they broke before everdrawing blood, other families kicked and bit at her ankle, while some ran fromthe room. Sakura only smiled knowing none of them could harm her.

Kakashi was in absolute fearhanging onto his sisters tied scarf that went with her school uniform, her everymovement caused the scarf to sweat from side to side, her blazer would smashinto the scarf and him nearly sending him tumbling to the ground with every hit.

Sakura grew more and more, soonthe building collapsed upon itself. As the building crumbled the cries of painand fear echoed throughout all Tokyo. Sakura looked down at the pile of rubblewith shock realizing what she had just done. The full weight of the women andchildren she had just killed hit her like a sack of potatoes but most of all herfamily, her mom, her dad and even Kakashi, she couldn't believe she had killedthem all. Sakura knelt down and started sifting through the pile calling out forher mom and dad. Tears were streaming down her face as she continued to grow. Asshe sifted through the pile of rubble she would toss the stone shard behind herwithout care. The stone shards smash into the buildings around her and into thecars. As this happens Sakura starts to hear the sirens of the police and carealarms going off. She quickly turns her head causing her hair to fly up into theair. As this happens her long soft black hair slices through a neighboringapartment building like a hot knife through butter.

Meanwhile, Kakashi was in stateof shock as his sister continued to grow taller and taller. He now found himselflooking down at some of the tallest buildings in Tokyo as she knelt down. As sheflung the rubble that looked more like small pebbles in her hand about Kakashinervously wondered if it was best for her to find him like this? What would shedo to him?It was at that moment Sakura'shand bumped against Kakashi. Sakura looked down at her body saw her now minutebrother looking up at her. Sakura was over come with a joyous feeling knowingthat all of her family was not gone. She held Kakashi up to her face and smiledwarmly at him.

 â€œYou truly are my little brother now.”                      Sakura stood up with her hands cupped around her brother and began to walktowards the outskirts of town. As she walked down mainstreet she could see thousands of thousands of ants looking up at her. She beganto notice blockades and the tiny ants fleeing from her as she carefully steppedaround cars and people.

 â€œThey are so small Kakashi. They look like bugs…Iwonder….?”             Several of the pedestrians looked up seeing adark shadow hanging over them. The once orange sky from the setting sun wasreplaced by the underside of Sakura's shoe. It all happened in a matter of asecond, just like she saw a spider in her room. She lifted her shoe up andslammed it down onto the pavement crushing the people below. A sea of red leakedout from under her black dress shoe. Sakura looked down astonished at what shehad just done. It was somehow different then before. Sakura remembered just abit ago when she accidentally crushed her apartment building and her parents shewas horrified she felt different this time. She was puzzled by what it could be.

She lifted up her foot again and kicked a car like it was soccer ball. It flewseveral hundred yards before plowing into a skyscraper. The force that the carslammed into the skyscraper sent the 100 story building to its knees.

 â€œSakura, what are you doing.” Screams Kakashi horrified bywhat his sister has done. However she doesn't pay attention to his voice nor canshe hear it. This only anger Kakashi who livid in her hand is jumping and downand beating against her stomach but he doubts she feels anything through all herclothes.

 â€œIt's there fault I am this way. Its all there fault.”            Sakura's voice booms shattering the glass ofall the windows around her. She whips her head around looking at the peopletrying to run. This only makes her smile with a single stride she overtakes themand lifts her foot up Just as she is about to lower her foot down on them shehesitates and sets it down in front of them. Sakura then bends while at the sametime closing her hand around her brother. Once her face is level with the groundshe opens her mouth wide open. This causes everyone to run the oppositedirection. As they run in terror from Sakura smirks and begins to inhale. Shewatches them start to lose progress. Then as she began to inhale harder thepeople lifted off the ground and fly into her mouth. Several crashed into hertop row of teeth and dropped to the bottom row ending up sliced in half by thesharpness of her teeth. While the lucky ones who manage to make it passed theteeth got sucked all the way into her mouth hitting the back of her throat andfreefall into her esophagus.              As Sakura stands back up she begins to realizethe power she has over these ant's as she continues to grow taller and taller.

The people literally look like ants to her scurrying about her feet hoping andpraying for survival. She lifts her foot up this time taking a step withoutlooking at where her foot is about to land. As her foot explodes onto thepavement hundreds of scared voices are silenced instantly.

 â€œLook at them bleed Kakashi” excitedly says Sakura as sheopens up her fist so her little brother can see.

 â€œSakura, you didn't? How could you?” â€œThey wanted to be like ants so I treated them like such”             Sakura continues to walk down the street withbrother remaining silent. Kakashi cannot believe his sister has changed so muchso fast. Just yesterday he could remember them wrestling around in the familyroom and now she has murdered people. How could this be the same girl who criedwhen her parents were crushed.

            Meanwhile Sakura had started spitting down onthe pedestrians below. As she spit down she watched her saliva smash into theground leaving deep crevices in ground. Her eyes narrowed onto a group ofpedestrians. She spat down in there direction. Her eyes lit up as she could seethe look of total fear in their eyes. As her wad of spit struck the group, shewatched them leave the ground and splash down in the newly created pool ofsaliva. The group swam to the edges and struggled to pull themselves out of theheavy saliva.

 â€œMaggots” bellowed Sakura as she spat down on the samegroup again laughing as the new ball of spit pushed them back into the olddeepening the whole and making it more difficult. She noticed this time therewere less heads coming up then before. A new feeling pulsed through Sakura'sbody. She hadn't ever remembered feeling this way before. Her body yearned formore, she was getting off on all of this. Sakura a bit taken aback herself bythe new found sexual urges. She then pulled off her panties and set them down ona nearby building giggling slightly at the thought of draping her panties over askyscraper.

             The group below looked up as a dark shadowappeared over their pool of Saliva. They could only stare up at the pussy largethen them. The women in the group already knew was what was coming. They couldsee it struggling to contain what was inside of it while the men only stared upin awe making comments like “I wouldn't mind tapping that” and “I could show herwhose boss” the girls only rolled their eyes mumbling “typical guys” under theirbreath. That is when it happened a sea of white came down upon the group. Alltheir eyes bugged upon seeing an oceans worth of cum heading down towards them.

            The cum smashed into the ground creating acrevice 30 feet deep then splashed up into the air a good 20 feet. The sea ofcum ran down the streets over running most of the single story buildings such asgas stations while sealing and trapping people in most other buildings. Theystruggled to push the doors open they somehow new it was hopeless cause if theydid gallons upon gallons of cum would be waiting to greet them.

             Meanwhile Sakura was laughing seeing peopletrapped and drowning in what looked like to be nothing more then a small puddleof cum.

Sakurathen strolled down the street picking up cars just to see how far she couldthrow them, sometimes throwing the cars onto groups of people just to watch thegas tanks explode burning the people to death. She did this for sometime untilshe came across a building she recognized. It was the building of one of herteachers. Sakura peeked in window after window. She would blow on the windowsfogging up the glass, sometime she would poke her finger through the glass andknock the tiny people over.

            She finally came across her teacher'sapartment. She could see Mr. Wells, an American who was teaching them history.

She always hated how he thought that he knew it all just cause he was American.  â€œOh Professor Wells!” bellowed Sakura. Her voice shatteringthe glass, she easily spots her teacher cowering under the kitchen table.

 â€œOh god she found me” mumbled Mr. Wells as he looked at histitanic student. Her thick meaty finger looked more like a redwood tree trunkthen a finger. It was just her pinky finger he thought to himself. He marveledat how easily it could bend up and down. It was then he realized it was comingfor him.

“No, please no!!!” Sakura's finger bent inward and thenflew into chest of her professor. Sakura laugh rolled down street after streetas with a single flick of her finger had sent her professor through a wall.

Sakura stood up to her full height so she could look down the opposite side ofthe building. She frowned a bit as she saw a small red blotch which was theremains of her professor.

            Sakura's attention then turned towards a rathertall but narrow building a few blocks down the street which meant that it wasonly a few steps to her. As headed towards the building she squeezed Kakashi inher fist and felt him squirm so she knew he was still okay. She desperatelywished she would have had her purse or backpack with her when she enlarged sothat she could put him inside a pocket but her thoughts were interrupted as sheapproached the building.

            The people inside the building looked seeingonly a wall of white which made  up her socks. They couldn't believe the simplesocks of a girls school uniform could be so high, so huge, they couldn't evensee her face. The wall of white started to bend and they could see her kneescome into view. The people on the top floor let out a scream as they saw whatfirst what the others in the building hadn't yet known. This girls giganticpussy enveloped around the building.. They could only watch as her lips easilyspread around the building. The steel girders which supported the building beganwail at the pressure being put on them. The pussy lips screamed passed the topfloor and soon was halfway down the building. Sakura's eyes lit up feeling apleasure she had never felt before. Soon 3/4ths of the building was inside herwhen she felt she couldn't take in anymore. She then began to stand up thenlower herself back down, this happened again and again faster and faster.

            The people inside the building could only watchas they were forced to watch the very intimate detail of her pussy. As shelowered and raised her cum started to rain down the side of the building, theynervously watched on as they knew this was only but a dribble having seen whather cum could do on the news none of them looked too pleased. Sakura was nowlowering and rising her self at a frantic pace her smile only grew more andmore. Then she felt herself release. The people inside knew it was about to cumthey felt her body lurch, the girders give way and her cum stream down the sidesof the building as it collapsed. Sakura stood up to her full height looking downat the fallen building sealed beneath a sea of her own cum.

 â€œThat was amazing, I need to try that again sometime.”             Meanwhile Kakashi was hot and sweaty beingencased in a tomb of flesh that was his sisters fist. He knew his voice was muchto small and weak to make it to her ears but more so he knew not what to say. Hedidn't want her mad at him, not with her this big.

           â€œKakashi are you okay” Sakura then concentrated on her fistand felt him wiggle and squirm once again but she was still a bit concernedabout him. She scanned the area looking for a good place to sit down.

 Seeingthe perfect chair Sakura sat down and raised her hand to her face. Once her fistwas eye level she began to slowly open it up.

She smiled seeing her little brother curled up in a ballcowering in her grip. How she had waited for this moment for so long. Everynight she had prayed for the day to come when she bested her brother. Sakura nowrealized she had, and not only her brother but all of Tokyo. No one could stopher, not Kakashi, not America, not anyone.

 â€œIf you want to survive worship your new goddess.” Sakurastomped her foot cracking the ground. She looked on as everyone stopped fleeinglike it was the voice of god that had spoken them.

 â€œWell” Sakura shouted this time and watched a man walktowards her. The crowed eyed him like he was a famous movie star. Their eyesfollowed him as he knelt down and kissed her shoe. Sakura smiled down at him andthen looked at the crowd. She flashed them her look. Her look which made herprevious boyfriends melt in terror, her look that always got her what shewanted, her look which scared men who use to be much bigger then her and broughtthem to their knees. This time it brought a sea of people running towards her.

 â€œSakura, Sakura!!! What are doing? They are people notslaves” shouted Kakashi. Sakura saw her little brother was trying to saysomething and brought him to her ear. Kakashi tried to push her hair away fromher ear but it was much to heavy for him to move. Kakashi yelled into her eartelling her how wrong this all is.

 â€œI am a queen, I am the queen of Japan, I am bigger, I amstronger, I am cuter then all these little maggots. Tell them, everyone tell mylittle brother how great I am” Her voice rained down on them. In total fear theytold screamed up compliments not wanting to anger this giant.

 â€œSee Kakashi they love me” Sakura then looked down andmotioned for her them to part. They ran like obedient little lap dogs Sakurathought. She smiled knowing that you should show a pet compassion when they dowhat the master tells them to do.

Sakurastood and scanned the city of Tokyo wondering what she had left to see. She thenspotted Tokyo stadium. Sakura had known Kakashi had always wanted to go there soshe smiled down at her little brother ran towards the stadium. As she easilystepped over the walls, It was then she saw a tiny security guy, without much ofa thought she scooped him and dropped between two metal fences. She happilygloated about how she had put a security officer behind bars.

            It was here that Sakura's hold upon the peopleslipped through her fingers. In a moment of indecisions she decided to just walkthrough the wall of the stadium instead of step over it. Sakura easily steppedthrough the wall but when she went to bat the scoreboard out of the way herentire body was once again enveloped in electricity. The entire city of Tokyowent black along with several hundred power converters exploding all aroundtown. The mighty shock stunned Sakura who stumbled backwards. The security guardonly a saw a huge naked Asian ass descending towards him, he backed away as faras he could but he was trapped like a rat. Sakura never even felt him as her asssmashed down upon him.

            Sakura felt different. She looked aroundrealizing that she wasn't quite as tall as she was before. Not knowing what todo Sakura ran started running towards the outskirts of town. In a matter of aminute she was outside of town but she was now only 50 feet and dwindling. Herbody began to ache and scream as she was now miles from Tokyo and in the middleof no where. Sakura lied down in a field and drifted off to sleep clutchingKakashi in her fist.

 ~Epilogue~             It had been several months since her incidentin Tokyo. Luckily no one had gotten a good look at her face. The people of Japanwere slowly recovering from Sakura's devastation which she invoked. Sakura nowlived with her grandma in Hiroshima.             Sakura ran home from school that day. Shealways cut through the park. The fall air was cold, it was could enough whereshe could see her breath in the air as she ran. As she cut through the parkSakura had spotted a pile of leaves. She leapt into the pile of leaves andflailed around a bit looking up at the sky.

“Sakura,how could do this to me? You couldn't have let me go? I am only a few inchestall with no way to get back. I swear you did this on purpose.” â€œI'm sorry, I have told you several times.” Sakura thenrolled over away from her brother and smirked happily knowing she had at leastone souvenir from her ordeal. She stretched over grabbing Kakashi tightly stoodup.

 â€œI guess we will be watching my favorite shows againtoday.” Sakura happily skipped home to grandma's house knowing she had at leastbested Kakashi.