A good misunderstandingbyAlexoboyIt was a great day on July 2nd. I was with riding my bike along the street whenI noticed something odd. I lived in an apartment in the business district, inPortland for three years now. But I'd never seen this building. It wasn't small,but not necessarily big either. It was a light gray color, with dark green trim.

On the front was a sign. It read, "GTS - The future of tomorrow today!" I, beinga tech buff, assumed it was a computer soft/hardware company. I took my bike toa near by rack and locked her up. I took my wallet and crossed the street to thebuilding.

When I opened the door, I didn't see anything at all what I expected. There weredoors all around the walls. Numbers were printed above them. 1-10, I noticed awoman sitting at what seemed to be a front desk. She was gorgeous. "Hello, I'mJohn." I reached out to shake her hand and she obliged "I'm Kristine, are youhere because of the ad in the paper or did a friend refer you?" Now I never liketo look like a tool in front of a beautiful lady, and she was no exception.

Kristine had beautiful black hair with pink streaks, thick black eye glasses toaccent her dark blue eyes, a tongue ring, and she was wearing a black dress withpink trim that barely went to the top of her thigh. She had her feet up on thedesk, she was wearing pink flip-flops and her toe nails were a dark blue. "Thead." splurged from my lips. Oh man what was I getting my self into. "Great, allyou need to do is sign this waver here and I can get you started." Her smilefazed me for a second as I felt the pen nudge my hand. I signed the waver andshe stood up and took me to the first door.

"The process is simple you'll go in, and I'll come in after, you will pay forthe service when your done." She handed me the clip board the were 2 sets ofboxes on the sheet of paper. ~Check as apply~ read above the boxes. The first 5read, gradual, set (2"), on demand, random, and reverse.

I checked on demand. The second section read "If you enjoy these check themplease" Mouth, breasts, vagina, butt, feet, legs, other. I checked them all.

What was going on?? "I see, how long will this service be?" I didn't understandthe question she opened the door and pushed me in "How long john?" Um? "Thelongest you provide I guess" As she was closing the door I heard her say "5 daysit is see you soon John."The room was so dark. I seemed to have found a chair. No sooner did I sit down Iheard a low hum. The hum increased and I got a sinking feeling. Then there was abright flash. I had blacked out.

When I awoke I was still very groggy. I looked around. It appeared that I was ina bed room or something of sorts. I was on something soft, with thick rope likefibers. Just then the ground began to shake. I jumped up. This wasn't a bed. Itwas that chair I sat in! I looked around and saw Kristine. But she was huge! Shewalked straight towards me. "I SEE YOUR AWAKE JOHN, DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?""Yes,..." What the hell was going on?? "GOOD NOW ITS TIME TO MAKE YOUR GTSDREAMS COME TRUE, AT ANY TIME YOU CAN BECOME ANY SIZE YOU WANT, YOU CHOSE ONDEMAND, AND I WILL USE ANY BODY PART I WANT TO PLEASE YOU. I MUST WARN YOUTHOUGH I LOVE TO PLAY WITH MY FEET AND I GET A LITTLE KINKY" With that shepinched me between her fingers and raised me to her face. Damn she wasbeautiful! "SO LITTLE MAN YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR ABOUT HALF AND INCH TALL, I CAN'THURT YOU THE SHRINKING PROCESS INCREASED YOUR STRENGTH MORE THAN 300 TIMES, SODON'T YELL, CAN I START THE SERVICE NOW JOHN??" I nodded my head, then I felt asinking feeling again. "OOO YOU WANA BE THAT SMALL JOHN? YOU LOOK ABOUT AN 8THOF AN INCH TALL LITTLE MAN! WELL, GOING DOWN." She began lowering my body, Inoticed she wasn't wearing the flip-flops any more. "HOPE YOU LIKE MY TOES!" Herfeet were perfect. She wore a little silver anklet, and the dark blue nailpolish was great. They were a little tan, and her toes were semi long. Her toenails came just to the tip of the toe. I was now on the ground in front of them.

Her big toe towered over me. This wasn't a computer place this was better! "YOUBETTER RUN JOHN!" Her big toe raised above me slowly and I took off. The toeslammed down and sent me flying about 6 feet my scale, maybe ... an 1/8" of aninch hers. She then lifted her foot above me as I rolled on to my back, and sentit down with a ton of force onto my body.

I was under the ball of her foot as she rolled it back and forced me under hertoes. It was amazing I was so tiny and yet I was totally unharmed. "MMM I HOPEYOU LIKE MY TOES LITTLE MAN!", came booming from above as I saw her second toerise and fall onto me repeatedly. Of course to her she was just wiggling hertoes, but to me it was like watching a house rise and fall over and over again.

She then moved her foot off of me completely and laid it to rest about an inchher scale away from me. "MMMMM JOHN YOU LOOK SO SMALL FROM UP HERE, I BET I LOOKVERY LARGE! I BET EVEN ON OF MY TOES IS QUIET IMMENSE WHAT DO YOU THINK?" Icould only nod. I don't even think she saw it. She then nudged my body with herbig toe and slowly rose the toe over my body. She then began lowering it onto mesoftly. Once it hit, it was like a body massage. She slowly and softly rolled mybody under her big toe. It was immense. It was so soft. I could feel thedetailed grove lines of the under side of her toe as I was rolled back and forthand to and fro under it. "MMMM I BET THAT FEELS GOOD DOESN'T IT JOHN?". She wasright it felt great. I had an erection that even she could see if I were closeenough.

Her toe rose off my body and she stared down at me for a moment. Then her leftfoot rose, I noticed her toes were semi long and a little chubby on the ends. Iloved those toes. She lowered her foot so that I was between her big and secondtoe. "JOHN GROW A LITTLE BIT SWEETIE I WANA PUT YOU SOMEWHERE!" I closed my eyesand instantly I was about twice as tall as before. I'd guess 1/4". Slowly thetwo walls of toe that I was between began to come together untill I was tightlypinched between them. I was then raised between her toes and dropped. I landedon her skin and rolled a bit. "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SHRINK AS SMALL AS YOU WANT,I HAVE YOU WHERE I WANT YOU TO BE HEHE!" I thought small, really small. When Iopened my eyes I was on a hard vast surface of dark blue.... Her big toe nail. "HEHEWOW YOU LOOK LIKE A PIECE OF SAND FROM UP HERE." I was amazed. I could see thetiny grooves in her nail, they looked like waves. Just then I looked up. He leftfoot was hovering above me. Slowly her heel came down on me. I was pressed downon harder and harder. It felt like a million pounds but remarkably I was fine.

She raised her foot again and lowered her big toe onto me and her nail. I waspressed flat against her beautiful toe nail.

"JOHN MAKE LOVE TO MY BIG TOE I KNOW YOU CAN MY TOES ARE SO SOFT JUST DO IT" Islowly began moving my body up and down faster and faster. All the while her toepressed down harder and softer. I began to get into the feel of it. All I couldsee was the bottom of her big toe. It was all I needed. She began to roll megently around on her toe nail, being careful not to knock me off of it. "JOHNGROW A LITTLE I WANA BE ABLE TO FEEL YOUR CUM" I closed my eyes when I openedthem I was still under her toe but I was about half an inch tall. She thenrolled me onto the floor and began tapping her big toe down on my littleerection."MMM I CAN SEE YOUR HAPPY" And I was. Finally I began to blow my loadonto the bottom of her toe. She kept massaging me under her toes for about 5minutes. She'd go through each on and slowly and softly roll me under it. Thenher foot rose from my body, and two giant fingers snatched me up from thefloor.....

to be continued, please tell if you like it. There will be different types ofcontent other than feet as the story progresses