he story ''Evil Wife'' is Completely fictional and all names,places, shops and companys are fictional, link between the above iscompletely a coincidence.

It all started when Michael Lacumber moved to a city called LiberityCity, run by a corrupt Mayor and Police Force. He works as a Doctorfor the City Hospital. One day he is in his office when a nusrsecomes in with a chart and the latest medicine.

''These are for you Doctor Lacumber, announced his Nurse, Mary Friel.

She looked stunning even in her uniform, she still had that flame, henoticed she was wearing new black heels that had a 4 inch heel, andshe was wearing vey dark stockings that did not quite match heruniform but were really sexy looking.

''Thanks, Mary,'' he replyed to her.

''Mary, do you want ot go out for dinner later?'' he said and waitedfor a reply.

She walked over and pared her nice ass on the side of his desk...

''Ok, let me see..its 3 o'clock, you check through the medicine andI'll look over the patients one more time, and tell Doctor Ashlandthat you have to leave off early.

''Ok, I'll do that,then I'll fuck my wife at 4 to shut her up, andwill meet at ''The Ritz'' around 8 o'clock.'' he answered.

''Ok, I'll se you later, I hope,'' she replyed and left.

He sat there thinking about his wife, she was also very sexy,but, was into that trample/crush fetish thing that he did not likemuch. Other than that she was a fine woman, with massive breasts thathe loved, and long slender legs that she loved to have licked andkissed.

He then noticed something in the box of painkillers and drugs,Anti-Depressants he got a glass of water and took the recommendeddosage. Everything went black.

He woke up, everything was huge, he realised he must have shrunkfrom the pills, from the size of his chair he thought he probablywould'nt be visible even on a micro-scope! He climed his desk and laydown beside a ruler he was only about 1 inch tall! He almost fainted.

How could he get home, he was only 1 inch, and there werehundreds of nurses walking around the corridors and wards in thehospital all wearing killer heels or crushing tennis shoes.

If he tried to walk into the corridor he would become a stainon some nurses shoe, or worse be impaled on a spiked heel, he thenmust make it to the car park and face being run over, then he mustget home and face his wife, who may know about his affair and mughtbe wearing high heels also!He made it off the table and into the corridor, there was about 20nurses walking around not even looking at the ground... he made a runfor the carpet at the end og the corridor, he ran along the sides ofthe corridor to avoid being crushed. On the carpet he saw it.... atennis shoe lowering fast he feel back instantly, he was crushed intothe soft carpet, he escaped uninjured.

He now saw a chance up ahead was a trolley, he climed it asquickly as possible, he started bang on the side of it with a emptyinjection needle, 4 nurses came to it and looked at him.

There were murmurs of disbelief and astonishment, one of the nursestold them to be quiet and she will get him home, but first, he mustbe put in her high heels with her feet in her sweaty stockings forthe complaint he made against her last week. He now regreted thatcomplaint! So, he climbed in and sat at the point of the shoe, hwere hertoes would not be, the smeel was unbearable she thne started walkingtowards the car park with him in her shoe.

He was inside her shoe after she had been working a nine hourshift and the sweat from her stocking was like rain falling on hishead. She got into her car and let hime out of her shoe when she tookoff her stockings...he was then put back in and when her barefoot wasput in, she told him: ''I will drive you home, during the drive youmust lick the sweat between my toes as if it was the finest wine inthe world, if you find ant boils or spots on my toes you must burstit and eat it as if it was a choclate cake''.

After the 30 minute drive he was returned home to his wife,the nurse smiled. Suddenly, his wife open a door and out cme MaryFriel.

''So, you fell into the trap, the pills were actually shrinkingpills,' laughed his wife, we stole them form the hospital labratory,and now we plan to split you in three, I want your torso to crush,Mary wants your head to keep in her panties, and this nurse herewants the rest of you to be stained on the inside of her high heels.

He now knew his fate, it would take divine intervention to stop it.

Suddenly it came.

There was a knock at the door, he heard a loud voice say: '' Openup, this is the Police, Mrs. Lacumber, we have a warrent for yourarrest. Suddenly the door burst open, a SWAT team came in,Micael Lacumber ran as fast as possible, under the couch he hid, asshotguns and machine guns fired from all over the place, next aDoctor came in a spayed the area with a vacince, Michael quicklyregained size. He quickly raised hsi hands and told what happened,afterwrds he looked around, all the women were dead, and his wife wasin custody.

The End.