Health DrinkbyHaley Jogging back to the house, I enter the back yard and do a few cooldown twists and turns before opening the sliding door and going in. Ishould have known leaving Amy out of her cage would be a bad idea,but I had to let her prove to me that she could be good while I wasout. After all I did not like leaving her caged up like some animal,even though she was more of a pet now then anything else. Some partof me still wanted her to have a life but another part of me lovedthe control I had over her life.

My addias went crunch as I stepped inside the kitchen through thedoor. Looking at the floor I saw chocolate chips and bits of cookiescattered about. Looking over at upturned tray of cookies on thefloor I saw Amy fast asleep in the mess. The cookies that were stillintact all had little bites taken out of then. It didn't take a genusto figure out what had happened here.

Trying to control my temper I yelled out ‘Grrr AMY!' my voice echoedin the air as I bent down to start picking up the chips. I moved myhand over a few of the cookies picking them up and righting the trayto put them on. As I squatted my running shorts showed off my assnicely to anyone that would be behind me. "Look at the mess youhave made, and taken a bite out of each of the yard sale cookies! Youbad girl!" I scold her but I know it wouldn't do any good.

"Mom...” Amy stammered, “It wasn't ME!" She said as sheslowly woke up realizing where she was. "It was... was Jenny! Itmust have been her! She's doing this to get me in trouble! You toldme not to! Why would I do this?" Her little voice squeaks as shepleads with me, knowing she's going to be punished for what she hasdone.

Tossing the broken cookies and chips into the trash I adjust mysports bra looking down at her. "Sigh why do you always blameeverything on your poor sister? You know she would never do anythinglike this... you on the other hand WOULD." Shaking my head Iturn and grab a glass from the dish rack and then walk to the fridge.

I pause a minute and look back at Amy then the glass. Slowly an evilgrin comes across my face as I turn my attention back to Amy who'snow standing on the counter. "You know something sweets... Ithink I could go for a drink after my run.”Turning, I open the fridge kicking off my running shoes, the smell ofmy stinky feet soon fills that air. Looking inside I start to digaround for things. Looking back at Amy I see she's now sitting on thecounter looking at my ass. Smirking I think to my self ‘I never knewshe liked mommy. To bad that's the last thing she's going to see whenI flush her.' Smiling to myself I turn my attention to the fridgeonce more.

Humming to myself I reach in, get the yogurt, orange juice,strawberries and a banana. ‘This should be enough' I think to myselfstanding back up setting the items on the sideboard. Moving around Ipush the fridge door closed with my hips, if only they were smaller Isigh. I am a fit girl but I always like to improve my looks for theboys, as well as the girls. I move over near the sink and reach upopening up the top cupboard and getting out the blender. “Shit Iforgot the ice cubes.” I say under my breath.

Setting the blender near Amy I return to the fridge and get out a fewice cubes for my drink. Turning back I see Amy looking up at me witha few tears in her eyes. Could she know what I have planed for her?"What do you want now?" I ask, not letting her on to myplan, but wanting to know what she is up to.

"I.... I am sorry Mom... but I NEVER did this... why don't youbelieve me?" her eyes almost in tears as if she can guess what'scoming or... maybe she really didn't do it. Sigh the moral dilemma ofbeing a parent. When are kids telling the truth or when are theylying to your face. For Amy I will never know. Its to late now and Iwant that drink.

"Because Hun... those are little bites and you were here...

so... if the shoe fits wear it! And if mommy wants a drink she'sgoing to have one!" Grinning I drop the ice cubes and yogurtinto the blender and then look over at Amy. Amy watches on withinterest still sniffing a bit from her little cry act earlier"Hmmmm you know... you would go good with this" I say as Ipick her up and rub her in my fingers “Yup very juicy to… your reallygoing to make this drink special for mommy sweetie.” I say as I dumpher on top of the yogurt.

"MOM!” Amy screams out as she tumbles and lands on the coldmixture in the blender. “NO! What are you doing?" I watch her asshe tries to stand up, flopping around in the yogurt her feet hurtingbecause of the cold ice. She makes it to the side of the blender andstarts pounding on it for all she's worth “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” shescreams up at me.

"Well hunny I can't do that… you see I am making a AmyStrawberry banana smoothie, and guess where I got that namefrom!" I say as I slowly pour the orange juice into the blender.

I get down on the counter and watch her floating, clinging to an icecube covered in yogurt. “You know you do look very yummy hunny.” Isay licking my lips slowly as she bobs their shriving in fear, orit's because of the ice cube.

I watch her struggle for a few more minutes, screaming and yelling atme to get her out of there. I just giggle and reach for my Walkmanand put it on listening to the tape and singing along. I chop up thestrawberries and start to peal the banana as I hum looking at Amy nowfloating there crying. I move my hand and scoop up the banana andstrawberries and dump them in with her, and move my headphones off myears.

"You can't do this! Mom! Its murder!" I smile at here as Ilean on the counter looking into the blender and watch her. Amystruggles but climbs on top of one of the bigger chunks ofstrawberry. "I can and will... and its not murder Hun... your mylittle berry, and are going to taste good! After all I need a healthdrink!" It's all I can do to keep from rubbing my self as I feela warm feeling build in-between my legs. I really get off on thepower and control I have over her, knowing I am about to end herlife.

I reach over, pick up the lid from the sideboard, and snap it ontight. Looking back into the blender I say, "Wouldn't want tohave Amy all over my kitchen now would we?" I laugh at my jokeas I look down at the controls. I move my finger until its rightabove the lowest setting then turn my eyes back up to look at Amy.

"You Ready Amy?" I smirk as I see her clawing at the sidesof the blender.

"NO!" I hear her yell... "What was that? GO?" Ireply, "Ok... if you say so…" I press down on the buttonand watch what happens. The blender starts spinning the sharp bladesand I hear Ice being turned into chips as it works. I watch as Amyscreams as she's tossed around and almost slips under the liquid andinto the blades. Amy grabs onto a near by Banana chunk only to haveit sucked down and away from her into the blades. Before she goesunder I turn off the blender and watch things settle down. Amy treadsthe liquid floating in amongst chunks of fruit and ice. The look onher face lets me know she's scared.

"MOM HELP ME! STOP THIS PLEASE! I AM SORRY ABOUT THECOOKIES!" Her little hands bang on the side of the blenderclawing at it trying very hard to get out. I almost cried right therebut then I though back to all the problems she cause, and even todaythe cookies that were for the bake sale. No I had to go through withthis. I moved my finger over to the highest setting “Bye hun… youplay nice with the blades.” Pressing the button I watch as theblender starts to turn, things moving faster now inside as I watchAmy struggle to keep afloat and then it happens. Amy's little body ispulled under the liquid. A few seconds later the blender makes afunny noise as the liquid, though read to begin with becomes a bitmore reddish.

In the drink as things are mixing I see a few of her body parts flyby, a leg an arm. I smile as I see her head pop up but then its takenaway aging, down into the blades to be chopped up into bits. I turnmy attention to the counter and let the blender work as I put thingsaway. ‘Serves her right for giving me all this trouble.' I mumble asI press stop on the blender after 3 minutes.

I grab my glass, unhook the top from the motor, and fill my glasssetting the rest back down. I move the glass to my lips and take asip "Mmmm Amy you make one hell of a smoothie!!" I say justas Jenny walks into the kitchen. “Hey Mom, what are you making?” Sheasks as she too grabs a glass spying the left over drink. “Oh just ahealth drink sweetie… you want what's left over?” I ask grinning asshe walks over picking up the container. “Sure!!” She says lickingher lips at the smell. I can't help but giggle as I walk off to myroom, careful not to spill my drink.

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