Hello all, been a little busy lately but here isthe next installment of my deep freeze series. This ones going to be a bitbloody and a little different from anything I've written before. But it's my newfavorite, I hope you enjoy and comments are welcome. Normal warnings and so on,Enjoy. BTW Asuka, I don't mind my stories being in your archive at allDeep Freeze: Large problemsThe ancient Romans had a saying, it went something like “there is nothing moredangerous than a bored rich man” They were wrong.

Emma was very excited. After months of preparation it was almost time to begin.

She could hardly wait. Emma was a stunning young lady. She was 6 feet tall withlong golden hair. Her eyes were the kind you could fall into and lose yourself,and her body was perfect, that was the only word for it, perfect. Unfortunatelyher outer beauty in no way showed her personality. From a very early age Emmahad been spoiled rotten. Her father had never left her wanting for anything. Itwas easier for the world's richest man to buy his daughter anything she wantedrather than actually spend time with her. Emma had been raised by a number ofmaids and nannies, but there was never any doubt who was in charge, even whenshe was a young girl, one word to her father and her caretaker was fired. WhatI'm trying to say here is she was really, really spoiled. When Emma was 18 herfathers private plane crashed, and she found herself the sole heir to herfathers 100 billion dollars. She went wild of course, now everyone answered toher directly and set a record for the most money spent in a month. Sheeventually got board with spending money (hard to believe as it is) and set offlooking for more sources of amusement. A few years later she found exactly whatshe wanted.

When the government started selling the mini people Emma bought a few and playedwith them, it amused her for a while but got old for her. The she had her idea,she immediately set a small army of laborers to work on her newest fancy. Sheset the entire power of her companies' research faculties to rediscover theprocess she would need. They complied without a word having long since learnednever to question her. She also made arrangements with the department in chargeof selling the little people for what she wanted; they were shocked to say theleast. The preparations took months, even with her considerable funds. Every daythat went by made Emma all the more excited, she thought she would burst beforeit was done, but now she was only a few hours away from her goal. She was justsitting there with Katrina, her personal assistant watching her creation.

Katrina sighed, she just wanted to get this over with, asking herself for themillionth time why she still worked for this girl. She was a young woman (24)and very different from her boss, She was beautiful in her own way, She had darkHispanic features. She was shorter than her boss, standing about 5'6” and whilenobody would ever call her fat, she was a few pounds overweight. The physicaldifferences were not the thing that separated the two women, Katrina was nice,she got along good with others and did not like hurting others, an activity Emmadelighted in. She turned her attention back to the window, It really was animpressive accomplishment and she thought she was beginning to see movement inthere. Emma must have seen something too, “In another few hour we go in,remember you stand off to the side, its all mine” she breathed heavily. Katrinacould sense the excitement in her boss.

Chris woke up with a huge headache, he didn't remember drinking last night, as amatter of fact he didn't remember anything at all about last night. The lastthing he did remember was his wife breaking down when the doctor had given thenthe news. Try as he might he couldn't remember anything after that. He raisedhis head with considerable effort and looked around. “Great” he thought “wherethe hell am I” He was in a huge room, some kind of gym he thought and it wasfull of people in various states of consciousness. Everybody looked confused.

There must have been a thousand people in this room. He got up slowly and walkedaround. People kept asking him if he knew what was going on. “There has to be adoor some where” he thought to himself. Going to the back of the room he foundit. Others were going out too. Once outside his confusion only grew. He was insome kind of city, it was definitely not Boston, his home town, it was too cleanfor that. Everything looked clean, and new. The sky looked weird too, the cloudsweren't moving and for some reason he couldn't put his finger on the sun lookedodd too. The skyscrapers rose hundreds of stories all around him but none ofthem had any lights on. Chris turned around; more people were coming out of thegym. He decided to “borrow” one of the cars lining the street and go lookaround. He was surprised to find the car he picked unlocked, nobody who lived inany city ever left their car unlocked. When he got in He was even more shockedto see there was no keyhole, only a button where it should have been. He pressedthe button and the car roared to life. Chris began driving around. He saw otherbuildings like the one he had awoken in, all with people streaming out of them,some tried to flag him down but he just drove on. Others were discovering thecars too and traffic started to increase. He also noticed that lights werestarting to come on in some of the buildings; people must be going into them.

Try as he might he couldn't find any roads out of the city. That wasn't thestrangest thing either, every building was multistoried. None were shorter thanthree stories. There were no shops either, no gas stations, in fact none of thebuildings were marked with any kind of sign. Finally he gave up and stopped at agroup of about 100 people. They were discussing their various theories on whathad happened. Chris discovered that most of them had gone into cryogenic sleep,when they mentioned it, it seemed to remind him of something, but he pushed itfrom his memory. Most people seemed to think they were kidnapped by aliens andone guy kept insisting they were in some kind of futuristic zoo. One guy, aformer general or something like that, had taken charge of this group and wasasking people he had sent into nearby buildings about what they found. Theanswers were all about the same. The buildings were either office or apartments,all fully furnished and with running water, but no food. Chris told the groupwhat he had seen and the general took it in without saying a word. “Have younoticed the sun?” the old man asked “I've been awake for about two hours and ithasn't moved at all” Chris thought he was lucky to be with this group, the oldgeneral seemed to know what he was doing and had kept everyone from panicking.

The general was splitting people up to forage for food when screaming could beheard off in the distance. Chris was chosen with 3 other men to go see what wasgoing on. Somebody must have found some kind of PA system for the city becausehe could hear a woman's loud laughing coming from the same direction. Drivingwas not as easy as it had been before a lot of people were driving or runningaway from the screams and Chris almost hit more than one of them. It took allhis concentration. As he got closer to the edge of town he saw people juststanding on corners and sidewalks staring up. He tried to look at what they wereseeing but the car top blocked it out. Finally he stopped the car and convincedhis new friends they should continue on foot. He had gone only 3 paces from thecar when he noticed nobody else was moving, only staring to the sky. He lookedup and almost wet himself.

Standing about half a mile from him were two gigantic women. The one that hadbeen laughing and was still just smiling down at the little people was abeautiful blond, she was wearing a string bikini and was barefoot (Chris noticedthese things) she had to be at least 1000 feet tall. The other woman was alittle behind her and a bit shorter maybe only 920 ft tall, she was wearing abusiness suit and red pumps, with nylons. Chris just stared at her, she wasn'tmoving, just staring at them with that smile, it reminded him of a cat lookingat a mouse. He didn't know how long he looked at her before she finally spoke.

It was impossible to take his eyes off her. “Hello little people, my name isEmma this is my assistant Katrina, but you don't have to worry about her. I hopeyou all appreciate all the trouble I went through for you, This city was builtjust for you, Not to mention all the money I spent getting you just the rightsize and buying 5,000 of you wasn't cheap.” For some reason the other womanlooked very uncomfortable all of a sudden. “Now don't worry about paying me backI'll take care of that myself” the giant woman, Emma finished with a laugh.

Chris noticed the predatory look in her eyes, she took a giant step forward.

There had been a small group of about 50 men and woman who had been going out tomeet the woman. Her foot came down right in the middle of the group. The poorlittle people never knew what hit them. One second they were walking towardsthis goddess and the next they were under her. Almost all of them died outright,making a pleasantly warm sensation under Emma's foot. Seven of the people werestill alive, though six of them had some kind of crushed limbs, one little manwas gone from the stomach down, and pulling himself away with his arms, Emmaseeing this twisted her foot and brought her heel down on him. One of the grouphad escaped without any injury and was standing there next to her enormous foot.

Praying silently not to be noticed. He was. “Watch this Kat” Emma said to theother giantess. With that she picked up her bloody foot and pointing her toes atthe little man slowly lowered them towards him. The poor guy was too scared toeven move and fell to his knees. He thought his prayers had been answered whenthe big toe and its neighbor parted right above him and hit the ground to eitherside of him. Then they came back together with him between them. The pressurewas painful but he thought he might be alright as he was lifted into the air. “Igot him” Emma reported gleefully” unfortunately in her excitement she let hertoes come together a little more and crushed the poor man. “Darn” she pouted“Little things are too weak this size, oh well I can still have fun” Chrisfinally was able to tear himself away from the sight of this woman and began torun, as he ran he heard the giantess speak “Get ready for the biggest game ofhide and seek ever!” Chris wanted to cryEmma was really excited. She had know this would be good but not how good,playing with the others before had been nothing compared to this. Her heart hadskipped a beat when she had crushed all those little people. The feeling oftheir warm blood between her toes as she wriggled them had almost driven her toorgasm. Knowing the little man who had been between her toes life had counted onher control had done nothing for it. She was sure she could have picked him upwithout killing him, but had wanted too so badly it wasn't even really a choice.

She wanted to get a good crowd of them together, thousands if she could,watching them scurry before her only heightened her excitement, they had alreadyjammed the roads making the cars she had for them useless. She nodded to Katrinaand began her slow walk to the center of town.

Katrina was not having fun, she didn't even like stepping on bugs and this wasjust plain cruel but she didn't want to lose her high six figure salary so shehit the first button on her control pad and followed. The buildings surroundingEmma's path telescoped down into the ground, opening up enough space for her towalk though without damaging anything. Katrina didn't want to even think aboutany people who had been hiding in those buildings, they were now flatter thanpancakes. “It's there own fault anyway” she thought and watched Emma. Emma'scruelty was enough to make her forget about her own problems. The woman waswalking slowly herding the people to the center of town where the next littlesurprise waited. The money wasn't the only reason Katrina stayed with her, noteven the most important. Katrina Loved Emma and hated herself for it. Emma wouldnever reciprocate the love, even if she was into woman. Katrina knew Emma couldonly love herself. She had seen her boss toy with enough men, leaving thembroken shells when she was done not to know that. Emma was going slow but shewas still stepping on a few here and there to encourage the rest of her toys,like she really believed they weren't running as fast as they could. Katrinastopped for a moment to look at a little woman who was half squished. The womanwas shouting something at her, but Kat couldn't hear her. She just stared at thelittle woman for a minute. “I can't leave her like this it's crueler then thealternative.” So with no ceremony at all Katrina lifted her foot on the heel andpivoted the toe section over the woman. Katrina thought she could hear thewoman's faint cry for mercy. “This is mercy” she muttered as she dropped her toeonto the woman smashing her instantly. She even heard the little crunch it hadmade and shuttered to think that the woman's last sight had been the sole of hershoe coming down. She looked up to find Emma staring at her with thatinfuriating smile. “I didn't want her to suffer” She told her boss. “Emma saidnothing, just kept smiling and for a second before she turned around andcontinued. Katrina continued showing her mercy to others Emma had left behindwithout even thinking about it. “They were really just toys” she told herself“and if I don't do it Emma will and it will take longer.” “It really is thekindest thing to do” she convinced herself. She was so busy snuffing out onelittle guy who kept trying to run away she almost missed Emma's signal for thesecond surprise, pushing the button just in time. “You almost got me in trouble”she whispered to the little man with the broken arm and stomped on him.

Chris was still running, it seemed he had run miles, he knew the Giantess shouldbe catching up with him but whenever he looked back she was still the samedistance behind him, his mind wouldn't even let him think about what that couldmean. He had been lucky. When she started moving towards him he had run towardsthe nearest building just as he was about to enter it the Giantess had saidsomething he didn't catch and the building had fallen on itself. He had lookedin horror as it fell, even seeing a few people through the windows as it wentdown. As he looked around he saw other buildings going down, staying just highenough above the ground that he knew he had no chance of getting off the road hewas on. For some weird reason it seemed people could enter the main road fromside streets, but could not turn off onto them. They could only run in twodirection, toward the giantess or away from her, and nobody with any brains wasrunning towards her. Up ahead Chris heard the same sound as when the buildingsfell and figured she had done it again, until he heard the frightened screams ofpeople ahead. He kept running of course, anything was better than what wasbehind him. He ran into a huge circle, with buildings all around. Everybodyaround him seemed to stop. “There's no escape we're all doomed” somebody next tohim shouted. “They have blocked off all the exits” Chris couldn't believe it,wouldn't believe it until he tried. He didn't want to hide in a building but ifit was either that or stay out here in front of the Giantess he would take hischances in the buildings. With a lot of effort he fought his way around thecircle, it seemed the giantess had raised all the roads out so that there was noway they could go that way. He sighed and tried the building door, only todiscover it was painted on. There was no way in and no escape he turned to facehis executioner.

Emma was pleased, everything was going according to plan, even Katrina. Peoplelooked at her and thought she was dumb, even when she put them in there placesthey still couldn't believe she was smarter then they were. She had left somelittle half-crushed people for two reasons, Their suffering amused her, and sheknew Katrina would finish them, commanding somebody to kill her toys was almostas much fun as doing it herself, in Katrina's case more, because even thoughtKatrina probably believed she didn't want to kill the people, Emma knew better,she knew it was impossible for her assistant to look at the tiny creatures andnot feel the same thing she did. Emma had been right of course, Emma was alwaysright. She turned her attention to her little trap. She knew she could have justput all the people here, but then she wouldn't have had the fun of rounding themup, from the looks of it she had almost all of them crammed in that littlecircle, by now they knew there was no escape, even the path they had come intowas blocked off. She would have to ask Katrina how many were left, the woman'spad could tell her how many were still alive and where exactly they were. Thelittle people were staring up at her, even at there size Emma could see the fearon there tiny faces, Her games weren't over yet, but she had to restrain herselffrom just jumping right on top of them and rubbing them up and down her body.

She would own them completely before she released them to death.

Despite herself Katrina was actually excited; part of her hated herself for itbut it seemed that part was as small as these people, They were so helpless andthat was exciting, The small part of her did still try to fight but she crushedthat as easily as she had crushed the tiny people Emma had missed, towards theend even if they were not hurt she had crushed them, and enjoyed every second.

She had even left a half crushed man of her own, a glance over her shoulderbrought a smile to her pretty face, he was still alive and moving aroundpathetically. She couldn't let Emma know about it though, Her boss was alreadyinsufferable. Katrina eyed her boss, excited to watch the rest.

Emma was just letting the little people stew; they had long since stopped movingand just stared at her. Se tried to make eye contact with each of them but itwas impossible, even though she was sure they didn't think so. “Katrina dear howmany?” she purred. Katrina already had the number for her “321 dead, 8 injured,opps make that 322 dead and 7 injured” Katrina said. Emma could hear theexcitement in her assistant's voice, she had won again. “And 4,432 in thesquare, that leaves 229 hiding around the rest of town ma'am” “Very good nowlisten carefully little people, and I will tell you how you may continueliving.” Emma was pleased she had there undivided attention. “Only those who getdown on there knees and beg me to step on them will live.” The people lookedconfused and didn't move, “I mean now people WORSHIP ME” Slowly at first thenfaster the people began to fall to there knees, barely noticeably from Emma'sgreat height. She reached down quickly and plucked one of them up. Knowing herhuge fingers had to have injured some of those around him. She really had noidea whether he had been worshiping or not, and didn't really care one way orthe other. “This is what happens to those who refuse me as their Goddess” thenwith 4,432 eyes on her she lifted the man above her head and slowly tilted herhead back. Then the little man seeing what she was about to do fainted. Slowly,she lowered his little body to her lips and stuck it between them. She tiltedher head down to show him to the little worshipers who redoubled their efforts.

Emma then slurped his tiny body into her mouth and played with him on hertongue. She moved it from side to side, banging him on the roof of her mouth,until he awoke. When she was sure she could hear his little screams she placedhis body on top of one of her bright gleaming molars. He tried to jump off buther jaw closed too quickly for him. She grinded him between her teeth and made ashow of swallowing. The rest of the little people only began chanting louder,The chant of “Please step on us goddess” was easy to hear when they got into arhythm. She looked down at them and said “How can I refuse my worshippers” andstepped right into the middle of them. People began to scream and run away fromher but there was nowhere to go. Emma looked up at Katrina and said “Join me?”Katrina's heart skipped a beat when Emma invited her. She was sick of being thenice one, being nice was only letting others walk all over you. Now it was herturn to do the walking. She stepped to the edge of the town square and slowlylifted her foot over the edge when Emma told her to stop. “What are youthinking, if you wear those heels, some of them might survive.” Katrina laughedand kicked off her heels into the middle of the crowd. They went skiddingthrough the crowd maiming anyone not lucky enough to get out of the way. Thisbrought an approving nod from Emma. That little voice inside her head tried onelast time to let her know it was cruel to do this. Katrina considered it for allof a second and made her decision. Katrina Stepped into the crowd as one wouldstep into a pool, testing it first with her toes. When she found it to herliking she stepped in with the other foot and began walking towards Emma, whoonly smiled at her. Emma's smile was not cruel to her now, it was beautiful, andKatrina knew she had one a reflection of it. As the met in the middle both girlslooked down to see the destruction they had wrought, and they both laughed.

In the crowd and still alive Chris was no longer afraid. He knew he was going todie and there was nothing he could do about it. He thought of his wife andprayed she was not here somewhere. The two Giantesses had just wiped out arounda thousand people, just by walking towards each other and neither of them seemedto care at all. They were just standing there happily chatting about all thepeople they had just killed. Chris had held out hope that the shorter one mighthelp them, she had seemed at first disgusted by the other's display, but thathope had melted when she kicked her shoes into the crowd. A pump the size of alarge Yacht had rolled right over him, he was lucky, but many around him werenot. It was still as tight in the town square as it had been before the womanstarted there killing spree too, the people there didn't want to go anywherenear the bloody footprints the giantesses left. That gave Chris an idea, hewould have to be one of the last ones alive to try it, but it just might work.

“What do you want to do now boss” Katrina asked Emma, “Well all this work hasmade me tired Kat I think I need to sit down, and call me Emma” was the reply.

With that Emma plopped right down there in the middle, squashing hundreds underher perfect ass. She then spread out and laying on her back beckoned Katrina tojoin her. Katrina didn't have to be asked twice, Relishing every light touch onher body that signified another tiny victim. She leaned on one elbow so shecould face Emma, who looked even more beautiful then ever to her. “Are youhungry Emma?” Kat asked innocently, “You should eat something” “Why yes I amhungry” “Emma closed her eyes and played along relishing in the frightenedscreams that surrounded her, “but there is no food here, what could I eat?”“I'll think of something” Katrina assured her. And with that she plucked a tinyman out of the crowd and lowered him into Emma's mouth. Emma chewed for a momentthe stuck out her tongue, “Yuk their clothes taste crappy” she complained. Don'tworry dear I can take care of that” Katrina sounded confident. The next personshe picked up, a tiny woman who was screaming and kicking, was stripped whenKatrina ran her sharp fingernail down the tiny woman's backside. She laughedwhen she saw the little woman's back had been split open too and slipped themorsel onto Emma's waiting tongue. This went on for a while, with Katrina alwayssplitting the little people open with there clothes. One poor man was cut inhalf when Emma goosed Katrina as she tried to remove his clothes. FinallyKatrina couldn't stand it anymore and put 5 little people in her own mouth. Shethen bent and kissed Emma on the lips transferring the hapless people to Emma'smouth. Emma's eyes opened in shock, but the kiss was good and the little peopleshe was now transferring back to Katrina felt even better. The poor people musthave drowned the kiss lasted so long, finally Emma ended it with the littlepeople in Katrina's mouth. Katrina just chewed and smiled. Emma told her tostand away for a second there was something she had always wanted to try. AfterKatrina stepped back a few paces Emma began moving her arms back and forth.

“Look Kat I'm making a people-angel.” Kat laughed when she saw what her boss wasdoing, she had done that as a kid in the snow, but this looked like more fun.

Finally Emma stopped and asked for the toll. “Lets see oh my 4,411 dead in thecircle now” Emma was spent. “Ok lets just stomp around and get any stragglersthen I got to go take a shower, I got a date with Jeremy tonight. If he doesn'treally please me I'll use the on him and call you” Katrina was hopeful thematter reducer was what they had used to shrink the little people even smaller,but it would work on a full sized human as well, Emma had proven that when sheshrunk anyone who knew of it's existence.

Chris watched the two women get up from his hiding place, if his luck held out alittle longer he would escape. He knew it was just chance that had taken himthis far. He was hiding inside Katrina's gigantic pump. It was lying on its sideand it was no trouble for him to climb in. He couldn't see both Giantesses rightnow, all he could see were the blond's bare feet stomping around. He watched asa little man who must have had the same idea as him came running towards theshoe. He cursed the man, why didn't this jerk think of this sooner, while theywere busy, if one of them saw him now they would probably check the shoes. Justthen he saw both of the blonds feet leave the ground. They came down togetherright on top of the little man. “I think this one was heading for your shoesKat” Chris heard, and then both women laughed. Finally Chris felt the shoe hewas in being picked up “Thank God” he thought. He had hoped, since her nylonswere so bloody she would carry her shoes out and not want to get them dirty. Hehad rolled down into the toe section but he didn't care. He was safe. Even beingbanging back and forth in the shoe as she carried them didn't dampen his mood,until the movement stopped and he felt himself being lowered. “Why didn't youjust put your shoes on there” Emma asked Kat as she sat down. “I didn't wantanymore blood on me when I took off my nylons, I got a long way to go for ashower” Kat answered. “No you don't” Emma replied slyly. Chris gave up, he knewhe was done for; he curled himself into a ball and waited for the inevitable.

Katrina slipped her shoes on and stood up barley even noticing the small ballunder her big toe that she unconsciously began to play with, rolling it aroundunder it. “Opps almost forgot, lets see 4331 dead in the circle, hmm one musthave escaped, must be that injured one right there.” Emma looked at the display,both legs, and arms broken? Naw he won't last five minutes.” With that bothgirls exited the room talking excitedly about the next time they do this. Theywere wrong about Chris though, even with all his limbs broken by the ruthlessprodding of Katrina's toes, he lasted a few more hours. Katrina without eventhinking about it played with him the entire time and long after he died.

Chris's last wish was that she at least knew he was in there so his deathwouldn't be completely a waste, at least it would be know, was unanswered.