Hello, my name is Chris.  My life turned completely upside down.  Iwent from being the shy guy in school, to being Angela's pet.  Idon't know how this happened, but I've been trapped for about amonth. This morning, before she went to school, she told me thatthis was my last day alive, and that my time is up and she is goingto crush me like a "bug" tonight.  I know she is serious,because I always used to see her torturing and crushing bugs underher bare feet. She would tease them just they way she tortures me.

This is my story, I hope somebody finds this because I want them toknow what happened to me...

High school was a great time for me, even though I didnt have manyfriends. I thought it was so much better than middle school.  Now Iam in tenth grade.  I always liked feet, and every class period Iwould glare at girls feet in my classes.  One girl i was very fondof.  Angela.  Her feet were incredibly perfect.  Smooth skin,plumptoes, tanned but not too tanned.  She had the feet of my dreams.  Shewould always wear flip flops.  I sat next to her in Spanish class.  Iwould stare down at her feet constantly.  She was always flexing hertoes and playing with her flip flops.  One time, she dropped atpencil and it landed in front of her desk.  I watch with intent onwhat she would do.  With her bare foot, she reached over and graspedthe pencil under her toes, scrunching up her toes so the pencil wouldbe in place, she pulled it back under her desk slowly. My heart wasracing!  This was the perfect day!  She continued playing with thepencil with her toes, rolling it on the  ground with her plump big toe.  She had pink nail polish on, and itwas glistening from the lights on the ceiling. She kept playing withthe pencil, now rolling it under her foot with all her toes, andscrunching her toes in.  I watched the wrinkles form under her soleas she flexed her toes up and down on the pencil.  I wished i wasthat pencil.  I just imagined myself pinned under Angelas feet.  Dayby day, I would watch her feet.  I could tell she really likedplaying with them.  The girl next to me noticed me watching her feet.

 So the next day, I got to class early, as usual.  She was alreadysitting there. It was just me and her, Abby, the girl who noticedme.  "Like feet huh?"  Abby said.  "uhh... what areyou talking about?"  i said nervously. "I saw you looking at Angies feet yesturday for pretty much thewhole period.""I was just staring into space at the floor!"  i didnt knowwhat to say.

"well i have a nice suprise for you"with that, she raised her pen, or what i thought was a pen, and aflash of light came and suddenly i was somewhere, i didnt know where.

 I looked around.  Then i saw them, Abbys shoes.  I must havebeenone or one and a half inches high.  She took her socked foot out ofher sandal.  Then the other. "time to play" she said with a devilish grin. She removed her left sock slowly with her right foot.  Her heel wasexposed.  She kept pushing her right foot and now it was halfway downher sole.  Then she popped the sock off, giggling.  Some otherstudents were walking in, and she quickly covered me with her barefoot to hide my presence.  I just saw her foot comming towards me,and the hover over me. I could smell the sweat comming off her foot.

 It smelled so bad.  She then lowered her sweaty foot over me, and iwas laying sideways under her toes.  I was excited, but alsoterrified as she started to pull me back under her desk.  I felttrapped, and hopeless. She slid the other sock off with her left foot.  then as i wasfinally under her desk.  she lifted her sweating, smelly foot off me.

 She looked down with an evil smile. "Oh boy we are sure going to have fun today!" she said.

"please don't hurt me!"  i begged.  I thought she was goingto crush me right there. "hmmmm should i just crush you like a bug now?  or should i playwith you?"  she said teasingly.  she scooped me up with hertoes, then dropped me onto her sock, laying next to her shoe.  i fellon the soft surface.  After about 3 seconds, i noticed the awefulsmell. God it was so bad.  Then i looked up to see her bare foothovering about a foot above me, more like 15 feet to my standards.

she set her foot ontop of me, and the smell was so horrible i wantedto puke.  She set her toes on me, and wiggled them and flexed themontop of me.  She tortured me like this for about 15 minutes beforeshe lifted her foot off me.  It felt so good to breathe normal airthat didnt smell like sweaty feet.  She reached down and picked me upwith her thumb and index finger, and set me on her lap.  she reacheddown and grapped the sock. "now, i don't want to you get hurt, or taken, so i'm going togive you a nice home."  she said"now lets see, since you are a bug, you belong under feet.  so,i think my sock will be a great home for you."She raised her sock, and picked me up again.  She dangled me abovethe socks hole.  I looked down at the yellowed toe section. "Bye bye for now"  she said and dropped me in.  I wenttumbling down. then i hit the toe section with a thud. "oh no" i said. maybe it wasnt such a good thing to betrapped by a girls feet after all.  She started giggling as shelowered the sock to near ground.  I then saw a horrible sight. Hertoes.  They were at the mouth of the sock.  I looked up in horror.

they started to creep in slowly.  Then they hit me.  Her big toe camecrashing into my stomach.  then she wiggled her toes a bit, until iwas underneath them, in a small space where i wouldnt get crushed todeath under the weight of her giant sweaty foot.  i saw through atiny whole in the sock that her shoe was comming nearer.  I couldfeel the heat of her shoe as her sock entered in.  it became dark.

The smell was aweful, and the heat was starting to make her feetsweat more than they were earlier.  I was soaking with the god awefulstench of her foot.  She wiggled her toes periodically to make sure iwas still there.  I could hear muffled sounds of her giggling. Theni heard a bell.  I could tell she got up because there was sudden pressure from her foot. The insole of her shoe acted as asponge when the sweat of her foot squished out as she took steps.  Itwas a nightmare.  My fantasy had turned into a nightmare.  I knew shehad gym next hour with Angela. I didn't want to go through gym inAbbys hot muggy shoe.  As we entered the girls locker room, the smellof sweat and perfume filled the air.  Well, not like i had any air,but i could smell it.  Abby took off her shoes and socks.  i fellout, and was covered in foot sweat. "oh no do my feet smell?  oops.  oh well looks like you hadfun"  she said with a grin.  she taped me on the head with herbig toe.  "hmm i really want to crush you, but i think i'm goingto give you away." "huh?" i said"well, i have an idea."Angela was gone, but she left her shoes and socks.  Abby took hersocks. When Angela came back, she noticed her socks were gone.

"Darn it where did i put my socks?"  she said.

"i dont know Angela, but i'll let you know if i see them"Abby said.

"Ok thanks" Angela said thankfully.  "i guess i'mgoing to have to go barefoot in my shoes.""Eww" said Abby, "you're feet are going to REEK""i know hehehehe"  said angela, and she put her shoes on.

"i found you're new home" Abby said to me as Angela left.

"I'm going to put you in Angela's socks."  She lifted onesock to her nose.  Sniff* Sniff*  "eww these smell HORRIBLE!  ihope you have fun for an hour sitting in these.  She dropped me in.

"Nooooooooo" i screamed as a hit the toe section.  Thesmell was aweful.  I couldnt beleive it.  But at the same time, iliked being in there. Abby bunched up the end of the sock so i could not escape.

"this will keep you in there!  ha ha ha!  I cant wait to tellAngela i found her socks!  I'm sure you will be so happy!"She set me down, and left.  I was forced to breath in the smell.  Iimpaciently awaited the time when Angela came back. An hour had gone by and i was awoke by the sound of Angela's voice.

"Thanks so much Abby, I'm glad i found them.  My feet aresoaking!  hehehe"She unbunched the sock.  I saw her perfect toes entering the sock. "oh god" i thought as her toes pushed me to the very end ofthe sock.

She noticed the uncomfortable thing in her sock, so she wiggled hertoes to get me to a place where she was comfortable.  Then she puther shoes on and left.

I passed out from the smell.

I awoke on Angelas desk in her room.  She was staring down at me.

"i wondered what that was in my sock. hehehe i'm going to havesome real fun with you!""huh? what?  oh god!  noooo!!"  she lifted her bare foot ontop of the desk, and lifted her toes off the desk.  then her handcame down and pushed me.  it just kept pushing me towards her foot.

"uh oh you're in deep trouble" she said as she was pushingme with her hand.

her toes were lifted up as if they were welcomming me to them. shepushed me under her toes. i was lying face up under her toes. "how about you start smelling my feet, or I will crush you likea bug"I started to get hard. Then i started smelling.  After about 15minutes of her giggling and me taking in the smell of her feet, shelowered her toes down, trapping me.  She pulled her feet toward theedge of the desk, where her hand was waiting for me.  she scooped meup and placed me in a sock for safe keeping.  Every day, she wouldmake me smell and lick her feet.  She said i only have one week tillshe would crush me like a bug.

The week was over, She took me out of her sock once again, then saidit was the time"time for you to be squishy squishy under my toes."she raised her foot up above me. "bye bye little buggy" she said as her toes pointed down atme, wrinkling her soles.  her foot came down.  then rested ontop ofme.

"squish the bug!" she said as she pressed down and grindedme under her foot.  she twisted and wiggled her toes so i was nothingbut a smear on the carpet.  My life was over.