Her Science Projectby Number 10He woke up that day feeling rather tired, and wondering where he was. The wirebars of the cages looked familiar, but not the surroundings. Then he remembered:It was science project assignment day. He was going to be assigned to a 15-yearold high school student for study.

His blood grew cold as he wondered who it would be. And why a high school?Wouldn't a science lab with grown professionals be better suited to this job?When his eyes focused, he looked around. There were the other experimentsubjects, all male, in the same type of cages, and in the same generic uniform.

He thought back to the beginning of this nightmare, not so long ago...

He was down and out. Lost his job, home and car, in that order. Desperate formoney, he agreed to be a test subject at a nearby medical laboratory. Signed alot of legal papers, but didn't read them. Who cared about fine print? He justwanted the money, and quick.

At first, things seemed to go normally, with routine tests similar to a physicalexam. Then came the injections. He was confined to bed for these, andimmediately went into a stupor. The nurses who gave the injections seemed to begetting larger, and the bed smaller. Then he was transferred to a smaller bed,and finally to a cage. The same cage he was inside of today.

None of the giant nurses would answer his questions, or even talk to him.

Talking to the other subjects was forbidden. So he sat in solitude, waiting forthe next step. Waiting for today.

He now found himself in a high school classroom. At first there were no giantsto be seen, but then, a young woman entered the room. The teacher, he thought.

She was an attractive brunette, with her long hair fashioned into a braid goingdown her back. She smiled as she bent down to look though the wire bars, justtwo inches from the cage. Her eyes were very large and friendly.

He was immediately excited. "Please take me home, let me out, please!" If he hadto be this small, he wanted to be in this lovely woman's possession. But hersmile disappeared, replaced by a sad and sympathetic look. It was not to be.

A bell rang. A thundering herd of giant students entered the room. They seemedto be mostly female, and of all types, fat, thin, plain, pretty. One in thefront row had a curiously flat, dull expression. I hope it's not her, hethought.

The teacher got everyone's attention. "As you know, today we are starting a newscience project for the semester. It will be like last semesters' in manyrespects. But this time we decided to use a fresh batch of test subjects."A fresh batch? They've done this before? Unbelievable, he thought.

The teacher went on. "This time, I expect you to be more responsible with yoursubjects. We had a few accidents last time, and we can't afford to lose any moresubjects that way. So please take care of them."These words left him numb with horror. Accidents? His mind turned over thepossibilities. Why are they doing this again? Madness!PatriceThe assignments began. The teacher assigned each subject/cage to a pair ofstudents, who then decided which of them would take the tiny test subject home.

Unfortunately, he was assigned to the girl with the flat expression. Damn! Itwasn't that she was ugly, she wasn't. But her face was completelyexpressionless, like an android. No emotion at all. This scared him. Her namewas Patrice.

It turned out that Patrice's science class partner was home sick that day, so hewound up going to Patrice's house that afternoon. She walked in the front door,carrying her cage. "Mom, I'm home!" she yelled, and then whisked him upstairs.

He would meet Mom later. Patrice carelessly dropped the cage on the desk in herbedroom. For the first time, she really looked at her captor.

"What are you going to do?" he asked the giant face.

She looked slightly annoyed. "Study you, of course. That's why you're here.""B-But what about the last...er..subject? What happened to..."Patrice cut him off with a harsh look, and said, slowly and quietly, "That'snone of you're business. You better stop asking questions before I get mad." Shecontinued to glare at him for a moment, then stood up and walked from the room.

Shit, that was close, he thought, and decided to keep mum for awhile.

She was gone for a long time. Based on the delicious smells coming fromdownstairs, he guessed she was having her dinner. What about him - he wasstarving! A short time later Patrice did reappear, with some crumbs of food forhim.

It wasn't enough. He asked for more, but Patrice only said, "Sorry, it's againstthe rules." She went to refill his water bottle and settled down to regard himonce more.

After a moment of thought, she spoke. "I guess I'll have to call you something.

You're just a lab rat, you know, and lab rats don't have names." A tag on theupper corner of the cage caught her eye. "Let's see, subject number 18. That'sit. From now on you will answer to Eighteen."He didn't like the sound of that. He used to have a name. But what was it? Theinjections must have erased a chunk of his memory. Oh, well. Better to be calleda number than to be called nothing.

"Okay, Eighteen, this is what you will do. Leave your cage, walk straight to theedge of the desk, take a few paces back, walk in a wide circle, then stand incenter of the desk, at attention, facing me." She took out a notebook andflipped the latch to his cage door.

Where's the science in this, thought Eighteen. He did as he was told as she tooknotes with a pencil. When he was finished and standing at attention, she wasstill writing and did not look at him for several minutes. With a sigh, Patriceclosed her notebook and said, "Back in the cage."He went back in, and was locked in by her giant hand. Puzzled, he watched herleave the room. She did not return for what seemed like 2-3 hours. Then she camein, got undressed, and put on her nightclothes.

It was all so matter of fact, as if he were a goldfish. Eighteen got a smallglimpse of her body, but it reminded him of her face, flat and unremarkable. Hewouldn't bother to look again. She turned out the lights and went to bed.

LydiaEighteen had a rough night's sleep. When Patrice woke, she showed no signs offriendliness towards him at all. When he asked for breakfast, she said, "Sorry,only one meal per day." He was starting to not believe her so-called "rules."She got ready for school and went downstairs. A short time later he could hearthe front door open and close as Patrice left for school. She didn't even saygood-bye, thought Eighteen.

Eighteen lay in his cage and wondered how he would spend his day. He didn't haveto wonder long.

He began to hear loud noises downstairs. Then they grew louder, a sound likegiant feet pounding the floor. Someone was coming up the steps! Was it Mom? Aninstant later, heavy footfalls made the floor and furniture tremble, as acolossal Giantess barged into the room.

Eighteen was stunned at the sight of her. She was a huge woman, somewhatoverweight, and almost completely nude. Her dirty-blond hair was unkempt and herface puffy, as if she had just rolled out of bed. She had large, saggy breastsand a round stomach. Her huge thighs were made to look small in comparison toher titanic ass, barely covered by an old pair of panties.

She seemed to be looking for something. "Now where in hell does Patricekeep...." She came to a dead stop when she noticed the cage.

Eighteen knew it was inevitable. The cage was still on Patrice's desk, in plainsight. He felt numb with fear as he waited for discovery.

"WELL, what's THIS!" she shouted, a large sickening smile coming to her face.

She crouched down for a better look at the little man. Lydia didn't waste anytime. She quickly undid the latch, opened the door, and squeezed her massivehand into the cage. Eighteen backed up in disbelief as the rough hand grabbedhim and pulled him out. Lydia brought the little man closer to her fleshy faceand the smile grew wider.

"A new man-toy for Lydia to play with! Why didn't Patrice tell me? Well, nomatter. We're gonna get to know each other real well, starting now!"She held Eighteen a bit lower, while the other hand pulled out the waistband ofher panties. When Eighteen was in the correct position, Lydia let go, droppinghim into the crevice between the panty material and her fat mound of pubic hair.

When he stopped sliding, his face was jammed against her hairy mound. She pulledthe panties tight to prevent his escape.

For 30 long seconds she held him this way. He became aware of her smell, acombination of stale urine and sweat. The smell would only get worse if were toslip further. He silently wished this ordeal would end soon.

Finally, she pulled open the panties, took out her new toy, and got a good look.

"God you're incredible. I could just eat you up." She brought Eighteen closer toher gaping mouth. "Yummy little man," she breathed. She hadn't brushed her teethyet.

Of course, she wouldn't eat her new toy, so instead she held him against herhuge stomach. "First thing we do is take a shower," she said. Together? hethought.

Yes, together. Lydia's shower stall was rather narrow, so Eighteen stood on theshower floor with an amazing upward view of the giantess. He had a moment ofconcern when Lydia squatted down to soap between her legs, her massive asscheeks hovering right above his head. If she slips, he thought, I'm dead.

Eighteen soaped himself with whatever suds fell off the giantess, and tried torinse off. When the shower was over, Lydia toweled him off. Although he feltclean and refreshed, he wondered what Lydia had in store for him.

The heavy giantess strode into the living room, hair still wet, still naked, andplopped her weight onto the couch, still holding Eighteen. She held the littleman to her face and said, "You can call me Lydia. Since you are living under myroof, I have only one rule: You will do everything I say..."Eighteen soon found out what she meant. She started off with Pussy Games,progressed to Ass Games, and eventually came to Foot Games, to use Lydia'swords. They never left the couch, except to eat or use the toilet (heaccompanied her everywhere). She remained bare-skinned all day, keeping an oldbathrobe around, just in case.

When she got tired, she would doze in front of the television, with Eighteenbetween her breasts. His survival instincts told him not to move. She could wakeup at any time, expecting to begin the Games again. If he were not where sheleft him, there would be trouble.

Just as Eighteen began to feel real exhaustion, Lydia woke with a start. Shespied the clock, and hurried to clean up her toy before her daughter came home.

She gave him a long, wet kiss before popping him back in his cage. "See youtomorrow, lover!" she said. Then he watched he tremendous ass and legs thunderfrom the room.

DarleneAlthough Eighteen did manage to rest for a short time, it wasn't long untilPatrice came home and walked into the bedroom. She was followed by another girl,around the same age, but very different from Patrice. "Darlene, this is our newscience project. I call him Eighteen." Darlene was a skinny girl with a coltishbody and a horsy kind of face. She had warm brown eyes, flared nostrils, andmetal braces covering her overbite.

Eighteen liked her right away. After the cold Patrice and horny Lydia, hedesperately needed some warmth. His brain began working. How do I get her totake me away from this place? It was a long shot, be he had to be prepared.

"Okay, Eighteen, come on out." As he repeated the exercises of the night before,he looked up for a moment at Darlene. She gave him a smile full of metal. Hesmiled back. That's when he felt the blow.

Patrice had seen the exchange between these two and instantly knocked Eighteenover with her index finger. He fell down hard on the wooden desk. As he foughtto catch his breath, he heard the quiet, dangerous voice of Patrice. "Get up andwalk, with eyes front, Eighteen." He did so.

While both girls were writing in their notebooks, Darlene paused to clear herthroat. "You know, Patrice, maybe I could take him off your hands this weekend.

He could stay in my room. It might be fun!""What do you mean?'" said Patrice, with suspicion.

"Well, you know I don't have a boyfriend. But I will someday. I thought thatmaybe I could practice, you know...kissing."Eighteen's heart leaped at these words. It would be a miracle. He would gladlybecome a kissing partner to this giant girl, if it would get him away from thesetwo psychopaths.

But Patrice nixed the idea. "Darlene, you are not taking him to your house, andyou are certainly not going to kiss him. Ugh. You don't kiss a lab rat."Darlene protested, but Patrice was adamant. Eighteen would stay in this house,for who knows how long. His hopes lay dashed, for now.

MaureenNext morning, the routine would begin again. Patrice would leave for school, andminutes later the Giantess Lydia would descend on him. The Games began to takeon a more disturbing side, becoming more intense, with more variations. All thetime Eighteen wondered about the other little man who once lived here. Was heone of the accidents? Was he dead?About two hours into the Games, something unusual happened. The doorbell rang.

Lydia jumped to her feet, still holding Eighteen, and quickly threw on herbathrobe. Then she put Eighteen into her left pocket, and went to answer thedoor.

Maureen was there. Another large woman, but attractive, with soft golden curlsaround her face. She was one of Lydia's oldest friends. After chatting a bit,both women sat down in the living room.

"So, Lydia," began Maureen, "what's this I hear about a new little man in yourhouse?"Lydia was stunned. How did she find out? "Well, there's no use hiding him fromyou, is there? Hold on." She reached into the ratty bathrobe to produceEighteen. She held him out for Maureen's inspection.

Maureen looked at the diminutive man and smiled. A perfect specimen, shethought. Eighteen was also impressed with Maureen. Her round face had a glow toit, with nice skin and features. He looked up at her with appreciation.

"I like him, Lydia. So what do you two do all day?" Lydia just smiled, butMaureen already knew the answer. Lydia had confided to her friend her activitieswith the previous little man. She had always felt that Lydia had been a factorin that unfortunate man's death. Maureen made up her mind to save this one.

"Lydia, let me hold him." Lydia reluctantly held out Eighteen. Maureen gentlyenclosed his body with her hand. Eighteen noticed how smooth and warm it was.

She held him even closer to his face, and looked into his eyes. One of hereyelids dropped briefly, then she put him down on her lap. She softly strokedEighteen like a pet as she talked to her friend.

Eighteen was enjoying this gentle treatment, but a hard look from Lydia told himnot to enjoy it too much. He sat quietly in Maureen's lap, and occasionallylooked up into her pretty face. It was almost too much to hope for, but hewanted to be kidnapped by this gentle woman. If it were only possible. But hetold himself it would never happen.

Lydia was getting restless. She wanted Eighteen back and her friend gone, so shecould resume her Games. Maureen, sensing this, got to her feet. "By the way,Lydia, I wouldn't mind looking after your little man anytime you want to go out.

I'd like to get to know him better.""I'm sure you would, Maureen. Well, good-bye!" Maureen stood up, took a lastlook at the tiny man, winked again, and headed for the door.

Eighteen remained behind as Lydia followed her friend to the door. She winked atme, he thought. Twice! What did it mean?Lydia was back. "You know, she's a dear friend of mine, but you just can't havegood Games with visitors in the house." Within minutes, Eighteen was deep intoPussy Games.

ConclusionAs Eighteen lay in his cage, waiting for Patrice, he thought about his new life.

Life with two Evil Giantesses. He would surely end up dead from the lack of careand rough treatment. He grew unhappy thinking about it. And yet, what aboutMaureen? Would he see her again?Suddenly, he heard footsteps approaching. Not the heavy pounding of Lydia, orthe light shuffling of Patrice, but a new sound. It was almost like someonetip-toeing upstairs and towards the bedroom.

A blonde head poked into the room. Seconds later the rest of Maureen appeared.

She was there on a personal mission. She saw Eighteen in his cage and steppedlightly over to him.

"Lydia is sleeping. Patrice will be here soon. We have to go now!" shewhispered. She undid the latch and waited for him to come out. "You can ride inhere," she said, indicating her roomy handbag. As if he were in a dream, heslowly climbed in. Then she closed the bag and prepared to exit the house.

In his jet-black world, Eighteen could feel himself bumping against Maureen'smassive hip. He prayed she would escape without detection. He depended onmuffled sounds to gauge her progress. Suddenly his world got still. He thoughthe heard an engine starting, and felt the motion of a car.

After a few minutes, he decided to investigate. With a strong push, he was ableto open the handbag and squeeze into the bright sunshine. He was in the frontseat of a car. Maureen was driving. She watched him out of the corner of her eyeas he crossed the seat, and climbed into her considerable lap. There he lay downin the shallow crevice between her legs, and gazed up to look at his new friendMaureen looked down with a wry smile, her hair gently blowing in the wind.

"Easy, big guy. We hardly know each other." She paused. "Maybe we should go on adate. How about dinner at my place?"The End